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In this episode, intuition coach Betsy LeFae talks all about how to bring our intuition to our most intimate relationships. We can think about our intuition as an internal GPS system that’s permanently set to “home.” When we go off course, it’s often because our ego / thinking mind believes it knows a better route or a shortcut—based on the external programming we have received from parents and the wider society from the moment we were born.

And in no area does this external conditioning get more of a say than in our intimate relationships. When it comes to love, sex, dating, family dynamics, and close friendships, external beliefs about how these should look are often so ingrained we find ourselves operating on autopilot without even realizing it—leading to all kinds of dysfunction, frustration, and heartache.

In this episode, Ruby and Betsy also discuss:

-How to hear and trust the voice of our intuition over all the external noise

-Why it’s so hard to trust our intuition when it comes to love + sex

-How to use dating apps to practice intuitive intimacy + learn the art of trust

-Why being vulnerable in our friendships is the first step to attracting the partner we want

-Why emotional intelligence is the first step to living a more intuitive life

-How alcohol and other substances can separate us from our intuition

To learn more about Betsy and her work, and to book a 1-2-1 coaching session, visit and follow her on Instagram @betsylefae

Ruby Warrington

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