Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Virgo / Virgo Rising – Two of Swords

For your birthday month I’d love for you to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Recent events have got you over analyzing even more than usual, and yes I do know your mind is your precious power, but you can still access that power when you release your grip just a little. I’m seeing a few decisions coming your way – not neccesarily life changing choices, but the kind that scatter across your path almost daily. And you are being called to begin viewing things in a more intuitive way, rather than listing out the pros and cons of everything.

The reason you’re being asked to work on this shift in perception over the coming weeks is to help you handle the future and your feelings about the unknown. Have you been future tripping a little recently? Wondering what everything means? I’m so sorry, but I have to inform you that the future is none of your business. It’s not yours to see, because that would take you way away from the present moment, which truly IS where it’s at. When you future trip you put a blindfold over your ability to assess the right NOW, hence why it can lead to all sorts of confusion.

Over the coming weeks, practice the art of stepping back in these constricted moments. Just stop for a moment and consider how you might be able to view your situation with a little more stretch, and a little less replaying things over and over. On top of that, don’t expect yourself to have all the answers. Perhaps there isn’t a solution to this perceived concern, maybe you’re supposed to just allow things to play out. It may be testing for you to truly surrender and allow flow, but it’s going to be an awesome skill to add to your set of superpowers. If you can master the art of letting go, you will feel so much more relaxed AND empowered.

Meanwhile, it is your birthday month, so the overall theme is really to just be gentle with yourself, less punishing, and more playful. Get witchy, create a solar return ritual for yourself, manifest, tune in, work with the moon cycles. Lean to your watery friends for inspiration and advice, and go the Peter Pan route for a little while – get in kid mode to tap into what you really feel.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Six of Wands

Woo hoo! Here comes the light after the latest shadow – this month feels accomplished, or maybe it’s just that you are truly a fan of September. I feel like you really LOVE that ‘back to school’ energy, and if so you can totally work it this month. The next few weeks you are being requested to turn any self deprecating or loss fearing thoughts on their head, and dive into a practice of self gratitude. It’s a ‘pat yourself on the back’ sort of month, and I feel like you need it as much as you deserve it.

You can work with this energy by simply shifting your perspective on ever-lingering negative thought patterns, beginning with your career and day-to-day life. If you’re mulling over something that appears not to have come into fruition (yet) or starting to judge yourself based on what other people are doing, then snap yourself back to the wealth of information you can get from the now. The reason you’re sitting here as we speak is because you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and you made it! You got to this point, which means you’ve already done plenty of work to be thankful for.

You may not be in a position where there’s someone to say ‘good job’ all the time, and yes, we all need this. But sometimes it’s up to us to gift this appreciation to ourselves. Take a positive scan of recent months and even years and admire what sequences and life events have lead you to this moment in time. Be proud of yourself for every time you moved through a challenge or put a daydream into action. It’s important that you don’t lock yourself up in the idea of wanting to ‘be successful’ because that ladder is never-ending.

Meanwhile, return your focus to some fun and energetic Fire energy – think: what is it that can fuel you forwards right now? You may be in that pre-birthday frame of evaluating the past year, hence why I wanted to dive in with the above. So as you celebrate your SELF, you can also celebrate the year ahead by choosing what kind of mindset to take forward. I have an idea for you – let it be an empowered one. Choose to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you the most. Choose to trust and believe that you are perfectly designed to be YOU. Choose to be on your own team, you are great, deal with it.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – The Knight of Wands

Yahooooo, did you know that Saturn is about to well and truly leave Scorpio in the coming few weeks? YES, that’s why the last few months have felt like a bit of a fear festival, all that gunge had to be hauled up so you could set yourself free to march on. And move on you will, as September feels pretty active for you and it’s time to dive in, speak up and absolutely have your own back.

This card is Fire energy of the best kind, and ushers in a great sense of confidence. Have you been feeling a little down on yourself recently? Perhaps doubting your skills or even you baseline self? There’s no need for you to be procrastinating at all, but if you are it’s time to check in with why. Once you identify the fears behind this self-induced halt in proceedings, you will totally be able to get on with the task in hand. So do recognize those fears? The niggling ‘what if’s’ and ‘I can’ts’? Locate them, write them down, get them OUT and then look at them in the light of day.

You see? What were you thinking? Of course you can do it, whatever IT may be! Of course your voice is needed, your feelings of value, and your skillset worth something. Get back into that ‘there is NO other me’ mindset and do your work. This is me bullying you back into your body and reminding you that there is supposed to be fear present when you follow your dreams, when you put yourself out there, when you do THAT thing. It is supposed to be there, but so are you and we need you. The more you can be present in your mind, body and spirit, the more you will be able to bring forth your best self. Whether you’re in a meeting, interview, audition or date – just do YOU.

So, now you’ve shaken all that off you can maybe step back into a little manifesting. Just pursue what feels good, and that will guide you back to what you really want, what you need. You may also want to keep the company of your highest vibe friends this month; smiles are a great thing to manifest too, you know. Also watch out for someone unexpected rolling back into town to knock you with great gusto out of your carefully guarded comfort zone, who knows what might happen.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Tower

What changes do you want to make in your life? Because this is your red alert that the time is NOW. The alarm has gone off, the whistle has blown, this is it! Before you panic, this doesn’t mean you have to do everything all at once. It’s just about taking that first step. The thing about personal changes, those ones you feel niggling at you, pushing you from within, is that if we don’t answer the call then often the change swings around in a manner we may not have chosen for ourselves.

Have you ever had that happen? When you really knew you wanted or needed to make a shift in your life, but sidelined it out of fear – and then BOOM something kind of made it happen anyway? This is what I call the ‘divine storm’, the cosmic shift…and we do have the ability to beat it before the winds storm in. So this is what September is all about, taking empowerment over the decisions you want to make, taking empowerment over the fears that are holding you back. This is all about you babe, and you’ve got this!

Change is actually our natural state, and as you are a human being, you are designed to evolve! Your mind, body and spirit know deep down how to handle the shifts, it’s just up on the surface it can feel like WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON. And, again, this is okay. Metamorphosis isn’t supposed to feel super relaxing remember, there is a squeeze within the process, and there is work to be done. So, get your Fire on and start manifesting with great intention. You see, as soon as we set an intention the ball is rolling, hence the reason you don’t have to ‘do’ it all at once.

It may be that you finally just say out loud to yourself: “I’m going to leave this job” or “I’m ready to really let go of this pain.” In fact, stating your intentions to yourself is super powerful, because it acts as a release, suddenly that dream is freed up. Try this out and note how you feel even just a tiny release of stress. For some of you it might induce a massive sigh of excitement, to actually connect to that inner power cable. Meanwhile, another great reason to stay expansive this month is so you can receive the unexpected, which, remember, is just as likely to be all the good stuff! Stay open and ready to say “yes.”

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Hierophant

It’s not been many months since we last saw the great spiritual teacher come up for you, so what lessons are you still working through? This month is going to be a call back to the big things you’ve been taking note of over the last six months, and now it’s time to wind it all up. On this theme of lessons, you may like to ponder on the idea that life is just a series of assignments, being handed to you to complete and return. That the whole experience we are having is something to work with. Sometimes it feels testing and sometimes a breeze, but it’s always unexpected right?

You kind of know what’s coming now, but you don’t really know how it’s going to play out or happen in real time. Over the coming weeks I want you to surrender up any sense of needing to know what will happen and get enthusiastic about letting things happen. It’s a loss of rigidity that doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable to you, and that’s okay. This is why I’m always nudging you towards asking for help when needed, even if you are totally convinced that you have ALL the answers. Sometimes you just need the same information given back to you in a slightly different language.

You will love the unexpected insights that arrive so keep asking questions. Knowledge is power remember, gather up all the info, and then let it all go and live it out. At the same time, remember that you are also your greatest teacher so pay attention to what advice you’ve been dishing out to others recently. Whatever it is that you’ve been bringing forth, you also need to give back to yourself. So if you’ve been helping a friend up their confidence and reminding them of their worth, then perhaps you need some of that value yourself?

Maybe you’ve been encouraging your partner to rest and de-stress, but you need to as well. Realize that help and abundance isn’t hidden in the active bells and whistles, it’s in the open arms of your intuition. Anything that comes with a gigantic puzzle of struggle is often fear led, so even in the bewildering times choose to look upon situations with an expansive eye. Finally, just choose to just soak it all up – life that is. Be amazed by Mother Earth and by yourself. It’s all yours for the taking.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Magician

You have a lot of superpowers activated right now my friend, the only question is whether or not you are tuned and tapped into them. I’m always working with the theory that we always have everything we need, that the answers are always within and rarely outside of ourselves. Those times when you resonate deeply with something are the moments where you just remembered something that you already knew. This month I want you to work with the idea that you are in possession of an invisible tool belt with all you need to take on the coming weeks. What are you taking on? Oh just yourself, at your best and most brilliant.

Seriously though, you are in a time of creative genius over the coming weeks and I want you to really stop to consider what is your most powerful source of life right now, and of light. The strength of this card asks you where you are going to place your will. Sometimes it’s good to start in reverse, and consider where you need to pull back some of your energy – what are you giving to that isn’t working for you any more? If you are pouring your love and guts into someone or something you just know either isn’t good for you or you don’t even care about – well it’s time to give it up.

So what dreams or situations would you rather place your power upon? What about that one person that shows up for you, aren’t they worth the hundred who don’t? To get this all going might require you to step a little out of your favorite self-sabotaging comfort zone and consider yourself as an equal player in the world.

Meanwhile, early in the month is the perfect time to throw out some dream fuelled intentions, spin a few plates, and roll some ideas into action. Your intention is fuelled with magic so speak up, so share with others what you are going to do so you have a little accountability in place. Alongside all this talk of magic and superpowers, as always I remind you to be lead by your intuition, not your skepticism – in short trust your feelings not your fears. You have a great ability to run your life with a little mysticism, which works perfectly alongside your brilliantly idealistic mindset. If you just allow it, you have access to great clarity whenever you so choose.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Ace of Cups

After Saturday’s full moon in Pisces you may start the month out with, lets just say, a LOT of feelings, and that’s not a bad thing. Let the emotions roll in and through you, feel EVERYTHING but stop to actually see what you are learning too, because this month is about soaking it up and gaining some “ah-ha” moments. Often it can feel like you are just cascading through life, missing some of the signs and symbols around you. The little things, like why that particular person still registers on your radar, or why it is you hold yourself back from certain things.

This occurs when you are disconnected from your psychic self and from the great teacher that is your subconscious. It’s kind of your job to make the magic happen and to not run away from those feelings. If you get caught up in the judgment of yourself or other people, you’ll miss the undercurrent of what it all means, and that could mean that you miss the great love and the great insight. So this month, tune in, be present, FEEL each moment. Don’t turn your back mid conversation, be less slippery than usual – trust that if you are there, then you are supposed to be there and each has something for you. Every encounter has a lesson, so stick around to discover what it could be.

On the romance front, the first couple of weeks of the month are full of potential. You may find yourself tapping into the last of Venus retrograde and feeling that unexpected karmic tie to someone from the past, or you may really and truly see what it is you need to let go of. Allow your mind to be open to being surprised and the answers will be right in front of you. It is definitely a time for you to trust in the synchronicities and symbols, so what do you keep noticing?

Everything is aligning for you to feel expansive and alive this month, ready to receive the bright and lightest energy of the Water element. Even if you find yourself in the depths of despair, you have the choice to swim to a new level now. In fact, this is one of your superpowers, the ability to shift through all the layers, and be aware of what you discover in each space. Choose to settle in the most positive place for you – choose that over the layers of self-doubt and you will be all set.

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Aries / Aries Rising – The Queen of Swords

This month you have direct access to all the wisdom that is held within your past. Are you ready to use it for your own empowerment? If you’ve been wavering around in victim mode recently then it’s time to check back in, and to stop waiting around for the sky to crack open and give you ‘a sign’. YOU are the sign, you’ve got it, and it’s all there waiting to be unraveled. Yes, it can be easy to obsess over that one thing, that one person, that one opportunity. But fluidity is really going to be your best asset over the coming weeks.

This fluidity is all in your internal world, because externally I want you to stand fully in your most confident and protected space. Think walls up, but not suspicious. You want to mean business and be able to totally trust in the important decisions you are being asked to make. Even if inside your confidence is wavering, on top you will totally have your shit together. So if there are any lapses in your strength, know that some situation from your past has the advice or learning you need. Perhaps you’ve had to deal with a similar type of person before, and this time you now know how to approach them. Maybe you can recognize that your worries are just linked to a past disappointment , but that right now in this moment, it’s actually okay.

Your shadows hold GOLD for you, so don’t be afraid to dig around a little and get comfortable in the uncomfortable. The only mistake you can make this month is to NOT own your story, because to brush aside your experiences or feelings like they mean nothing will only send you into anxiety or victim mode. Use this time as a chance to get really IN your body and embrace it for what it is and you for you, and to not put blame upon anyone or anything else.

You can check in with you fears by noting if there is anything that you always palm off on a memory or a person. For instance, “I’m like this because that happened” – think, how can you shift this sentence to claim the story back? How can you re-write these thoughts to something more empowering? It will do you good to stand right in front of some of your biggest fears and realize that you are more powerful than them. Don’t be afraid, dive in!

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Justice

As life has gained a little more traction recently – albeit a little slower than some of you may like – it’s a good time to note any discomforts that have surfaced. The Justice card likes to unearth our discomfort so that we can reset the scales – so where are you feeling disempowered or uncomfortable right now? These are the areas to put your focus of surrender on. In fact, surrender should be a daily practice for you, keep at it and you’ll see the benefits, I promise.

Balance is obviously the theme here, but this doesn’t quite seem like a strong enough word to use, so I’m going to go with Karma. Now, it’s important to not misjudge this word, it gets thrown around a lot to no positive avail. Karma isn’t about being threatened by the Universe, or about people getting ‘what they deserve’ – Karma is the law of balance, reminding us that what we bring forth has power within our own lives. So, if you go about your life with a focus on the negative then that is what you will SEE. If you show up, dive in, accept your lessons and pay attention to the good stuff, then you are likely to experience something a little brighter.

So, with this as a theme for the month, think about any un-earthed discomforts of recent weeks and how you can cast a new light on them. What can you use to reset your balance, to help yourself, to educate your path? The things you really don’t want to face will of course be the most mind-blowingly wonderful for you. Remember that just because you’ve always done something a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best way for you right NOW. If your body is calling out for nurture, then don’t disconnect from it. If your heart is shouting out for healing then don’t down play those feelings.

Fear is normal, change is natural, and you CAN feel better in whichever area you feel pain in. Something has to give, something has to shift for you to feel tapped into yourself again. Get stubborn about wanting to feel awesome and don’t back down! You are allowed to feel alive and aligned; but seriously, you have to believe it to see it. On a final note, watch out for spirit guides and medicine animals – what creatures are suddenly on your radar? They might have some wisdom for you to take forth for the coming months.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Ace of Wands

In comes a nice wave of fresh energy to throw you back into your body. If you really noticed the challenges over the last few weeks then know that the antidote to fear is…FUN. It feels nice to write that down and I am seeing it come up for a lot of people at the moment, a need for playfulness and a lifting of the spirit. It seems that we often sideline joy, deeming that we don’t have ‘time’ for it anymore, but the thing is that you need it to be able to do everything else! When we allow ourselves to do the things that make us laugh, that cause us to feel alive, we fill up our spiritual bucket. I think of it like a thread of desire that can gently pull you away from fear – if that thread doesn’t exist it’s easy for us to detour into our darkness at the drop of a hat.

So this month, use the coming weeks to fill up your spiritual bucket! Not exactly the worst task in the world, being to seek out the flames of desire. Start by asking yourself what strikes your internal match? This is can be found and thriving in every area of existance, so it’s not that you are taking a month long vacation from life. This is simply about making light the priority.

It’s also an exercise in opening yourself up to see the higher energy in all situations, to ask yourself what the most expansive viewpoint could be over a challenge, or simply “what is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?” Creativity and freedom are also themes that ride high over the coming weeks, and that kind of lightning bolt energy is yours to tap into. It’s easy to tell if you have some misplaced Fire energy as you may feel angry, bored or frustrated. This can be transformed by expressing it via exercise, passion, art or music.

But how can you express yourself in a way that is positive and NOT self-sabotaging? This creative lift is also wonderful for collaborating with those who are on your same wavelength. Could you do some co-working or brainstorming with the people who always light you up the most? You can multiply your own enthusiasm by hearing what others are excited about, and I encourage you to embrace this idea fully and with an open heart.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Four of Wands

After your recent intense healing phase comes a wide-open space to reconnect to a lighter and brighter energy. The sense of needing to tune back into innocent fun and playfulness is really strong for you this month, and I hope this will be something you are able to experience. I feel that you can start by tapping into some self-gratitude for what you’ve been processing recently, because it’s been pretty deep for many of you and you deserve to stop and recognize all that’s passed. Do you see how far you’ve come?

Even on a daily basis as you find yourself filtering through your feelings, learning, discovering, awakening. It’s all of purpose, all valuable and important, just in case you are in that “why why whhyyyy?” stage. Everything is taking you somewhere and with intent. You are wise, wonderful and inspiring – believe it. And back to the fun I was talking about? This is about celebrating life, and it can manifest in whatever way you feel you need it right now. Do you feel lacking in community? If so, this is the time to sign up for that retreat or take yourself to a group class, whether it’s dancing, meditation, a book wine appreciation club – anything that can get you out of your home space and speaking to strangers is GREAT. And recognize that getting out of your comfort zone will be an essential part of this.

You may also find yourself on the total flipside of this, and needing to hone in on the YOU zone, the internal awakening of passion and spirit. This may require a little internal inspection first, before you can emerge and take yourself to places that catch your spirit, light your brain and your body up. It can be so hard to find this space, but it’s there and an easy way is to just think about playing and getting MESSY. Make a mess, be spontaneous, experiment. Do things that are scare you a little, to get back into the idea of liberty and freedom.

What would life look like for you if you were able to truly embody freedom? Are there any major blocks to you feeling able to tap into the good stuff right now? Don’t ever think that joy isn’t available to you, it may just be that you are looking too hard rather than feeling. That sense of happiness not being a destination is important right now, so keep bringing yourself back to the precious present moment.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Star

Woah back to the star energy you firework! But for real, these last three months have been building and pushing you towards your highest self. Are you feeling connected to those super powers yet? I hope so, because it’s really time for you to show up for yourself. I want you to think about your inner Fire energy and the ways you bring it into your life. How often do you choose anger over compassion? How often do you choose self-sabotage over self-celebration? How often do you claim to be bored when you are just ignoring the callings of your spirit?

This month it’s time to take your toe out of the water and step fully in to the next stage of your ever-evolding life. Don’t be afraid of change, it’s here to assist you, so allow transformation to be your guide, and let yourself be lead forwards into the unknown, knowing that it’s safe to proceed. This is a magical energy and I’m not going to ignore that – you just have to get turn your inner pilot light to ON and start paying attention to it. There is no such thing as not being able to tap into your most wise self, and even your most psychic self; it’s only a matter of how practiced you are at it!

So, time to get schooled and start listening. Maybe you even want to consider taking some sort of spiritual schooling, a new meditation class, maybe start a coven…anything that gets you more into a daily practice of showing up and listening to your inner magic. Because now we’ve got that sorted, you ARE a magical being, and you have to own your super powers.

What next? Well we can touch on the darker side of things, because I can’t say that all of you are feeling incredible right now and that’s okay, it’s always okay. Amongst your shadows there is always golden light, and every tiny stab of pain has a purpose – to give you fuel to move forward. Don’t get preoccupied with finding the ‘reason’ for things or experiences, just know there always is one. By popping in some self-gratitude you create a torch for yourself that helps you in these dimmer times – even if there’s just one thing that you can admire about yourself right now, use it as a love beam to light the way ahead.

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