That whole drama about NASA and the 13th zodiac sign explained. PLUS what astrology will forever tell me about you and your sign, says Danielle PaigeArtwork: Kate Philipson

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I don’t know what’s worse. Waking up in the morning without your coffee…or waking up and finding out yesterday you were one zodiac sign, and today you’re another!

Yesterday Libra, today a Scorpio; one day a Gemini, and next a Cancer. Which is kind of what’s been going on since an article surfaced a few days days ago claiming that NASA had done some calculations and “changed” astrology by adding a 13th zodiac sign—Ophiuchus—somewhere between Scorpio and Sag.

Cue identity crisis #949349

But you can breathe easy, dear ones, for nothing has changed (except the fact that…everything is always changing, lol).

Before I explain in detail let me assure you that your Sun sign (aka what you know as your zodiac sign) has not changed—you’re still very much identified with the Sun sign you were born under. Which is good, since most of us are pretty comfortable with our sign and would much rather change the color of our hair!

So allow me to explain what’s really up with NASA and the 13th zodiac sign…

Every so often, an article comes out and the media jumps on this. Editors love to “shock!” You’d think they’d be focused on the violence in the world, and that little thing called the Presidential debate. But, lo and behold, like a moth to a flame we’ve all jumped on the hysteria band wagon.

I know, I know, it’s addicting. We crave drama. But this one almost had people removing tattoos. “Ummmm hi, mom, you’re right. I should have gotten a tattoo that said I love you instead of the Pisces symbol I got backpacking through Thailand in my 20’s…”

And yes, there is a wobble on the earth’s axis due to the moon’s gravitational pull. And it’s true that this has created a shift which means the sun doesn’t align exactly with the constellations as it did when astrology, as we know it, was discovered/defined. Turns out our universe expands, just like we do.


However, the type of astrology that we use (as in the majority of the Western world, and what you find in most mainstream magazines and articles) refers to what’s called the “tropical zodiac.”

This zodiac “system” does not take the minute shifts in the earth’s axis into consideration, since it is more symbolic and archetypal in nature, and it is also linked to the seasons (equinoxes and solstices) as a measure of time.

The articles that you’ve been reading which tell you about a change in your zodiac sign are referring to “sidereal zodiac”—a different system that does take into account the wobble/shift of the earth’s axis, since it’s measured against the fixed stars and constellations (vs. the seasons).

The sidereal zodiac is more often used by astronomers (not astrologers) who, if you ask any of them, will adamantly tell you that astrology is not a science. My response to this is that “science” is just a word, a label. It doesn’t even really matter. After all, the beauty of being a human equipped with free will, is that there’s always more than one way to see things…

As a professional astrologer, I use the tropical zodiac since over the years I’ve seen how accurate it is to help understand someone on an emotional level. It is also strongly based on cycles, patterns, archetypes, energy, and vibration. When we have dreams or get information from spirit it often comes through in archetypes, patterns, symbols etc. This is the language of the Universe.

I believe that since we have free will, astrology was never meant to be used as a tool for prediction. And so it’s the meanings implied by the aspects described by an individual birth chart that I focus on—for it’s this information that can be used to track cycles and phases that your soul is evolving under.

gemini illustration 13th zodiac sign the numinous


All of that was a fancy way for saying, you don’t have to worry, nothing has changed…yet, everything has changed! I know, it’s ironic, but such is the magick of life.

So for now, let’s have some fun. Here’s a reminder of what the tropical zodiac will always and forever tell me about you…

:: ARIES :: You still have no patience and already skipping to the end of this post to save time. Don’t worry; no one beat you to it but we thank you for being the bravest one around!

:: TAURUS :: You’re still stubborn, (but ohhhh so freakin’ loyal which is overkill at times!) and bounce between being a workaholic and lazy AF while your cabana boy feeds you good food, wine, and surrounds you with expensive shit (hi!)

:: GEMINI :: You’re still wanting to know the answers to EVVVVVVERYTHING and then sharing the info with all of us. (Social media was created for you Gemini’s!). Say hi to the twins for me, if they’re not too busy bickering about their opinion on something right now! You know how that goes.

:: CANCER :: You’re still very much an empath and self-protective because of it. Did I mention emotional? Don’t get mad. We see your soft heart underneath your tough shell. Thank you for taking care of all of us, we need you mama/papa bear!

:: LEO :: You’re still the life of the party and the best looking. Did I mention your mane is fab?! Okay for reals though, you’re super creative and a great leader…just need to get over that ego of yours and you can move mountains. (Did someone say ego? cough cough)

:: VIRGO :: You’re still analyzing the F out of this entire post and seeing if the data is accurate. You’ll get back to us on this after you think it through some more. Gotta make sure it all fits into some kind of compartment in your life…like the container store in your brain! Ty for your service…with everything!


:: LIBRA  :: You’re still dreaming about your perfect, balanced, harmonious, romantic relationship and yes still going back and forth trying to make a decision. Make it already! Newsflash…You can’t always be so “pc” but the Aries energy in me appreciates you trying.

:: SCORPIO :: You’re still seductive, mysterious, and obsessed with sex. (Drops mic…and pants!). And your poker face, yeah it’s a good one. We will never know what is brewing underneath but I can tell it’s a lot. Sorry for outing you but we can’t see you from behind the tinted windows so my Venus in Gemini had to relay the message.

:: SAGITTARIUS :: You’re still a freedom loving, travel/adventure junkie and definitely always right (I’ll let you have it this time…not gonna fight you right now, dear son of a preacher man). Btw do you know the point’s guy? He may just be your spirit animal.

:: CAPRICORN :: You’re still concerned with your reputation and rising to the top in business. Glass ceilings? Nah, there are none because you’ll take your sweet ass time but will devise a grand master plan to manage everyone from the ground up. Btw: how’s your new designer suit? Make sure we see the label.

:: AQUARIUS :: You’re still genius and eclectic AF (thank you for that!) Can you slow down though? Your time machine is a little too advanced for us mere mortals.

:: PISCES :: Well….you’re still zoning out somewhere dreaming of being anywhere but here. But don’t worry, we’ll rub your feet and allow you to cry a little. But seriously, thank you for having more compassion in your little finger than most do in their entire body! We heart you!

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Cast by Lindsay Mack, using The Starchild Tarot.


LIBRA :: LIBRA RISING – Awakening/Judgment, reversed

Happy birthday, dear Libra! The medicine of the Awakening, or Judgment card, is extremely advanced—the reversal even more so. The focus of October for you will be deep inner looking, particularly around the areas of self judgment, self loathing, and self doubt. When reversed, as it is for you this month, this card can feel like a hamster wheel of old patterns, particularly of the mind: the same setbacks, issues and problems can present themselves again and again.

But all of this negativity is coming to the forefront to be released, Libra. This particular karmic cycle of self-judgment is ready to be transformed into self acceptance, self love, and inner wisdom. You have all the tools within you to do this already, you just need to get curious. Ask questions of yourself. Look at your family lineage; the way they spoke to one another and themselves. It will be important for you to investigate why you get caught in these tough places, and how you can wake up from the patterns that keep you locked in pain and self-doubt.

This card is here this month because you’re ready for it. You asked for it. It’s not here as a punishment; it’s doing the most important, nitty-gritty work imaginable, clearing out the dustiest corners, the darkest rooms within you. You’re ready to live in your full truth, and this is only possible when we choose to see beyond our fear-based patterning. Which is really tough, but worth it. And really, October isn’t going to be bad; it’s here to make your life easier, shifting the patterns that have made life tough in the past.

Part of the awakening that is possible in this card’s energy is the willingness to see that these patterns and cycles of self-sabotage and judgment are simply a misguided form of self-protection. Your brain and body think they are keeping you safe, in a frequency that you are familiar with. That’s why it is important to review karmic family stuff when this card comes up, to identify what you were shown by example so you can consciously re-write the script, choosing a higher option for yourself. This is the awakening and the transformation that is possible for you, Libra. To become a loving observer of your thoughts, non-identified and free, eyes open to the untapped wonders within yourself.

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October offers you the opportunity to get some much needed grounding, Scorpio—to hit pause on the thinking and get back to the present moment. This is all in service of taking an inventory of your life: what you want to accomplish, how you want to do it, and where you might be drifting off your present course. Seven of Cups often comes to us when we are experiencing some form of distraction…that we may not immediately feel is a distraction. A perfect example is shirking a deadline because you feel you absolutely had to clean the house before you sat down to write. I know that feels like a legitimate requirement, but in truth, you just have to write—messy house or not.

The impulse to clean before we write is a lure, one that is so sly we might not immediately see how it is tricking us out of the one thing we really need to focus on. This usually happens because there is a web of discomfort and insecurity about how to actually focus on the issue at hand, the next most important step. Your job this month will be to face your resistance so you can move through it. This is certainly not difficult, and is very easily shifted!

The point is to get present, clear and curious—to catch yourself in those little impulses and when you do, hang out with them. Ask questions. Consider why they might be here. Deal with the discomfort and resistance at hand, and you will move mountains. This is about how to infuse your dreams with empowerment, bringing you from thought to action. Seven of Cups is inviting you to snap out of a fantasy you might be keeping yourself in so you don’t have to deal with the fact that you’re stuck on how to move forward.

The benefit to popping this daydream bubble for yourself, Scorpio, is to deal with the resistance and move from there. So be really honest with yourself. Make sure your actions and next steps are rooted in truth—and are what you really wanted in the first place. This sounds simple, but it wouldn’t be coming up for you if it wasn’t something to think about. If you want change, progress and expansion in your life this month, keep your feet on the ground and less in the clouds. More here, and less there.

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To truly appreciate what’s in store for you this month, Sagittarius, we have to consider the imagery in the traditional Five of Cups tarot card: A man, brokenhearted and robed in black, is mourning three spilled and scattered cups in front of him. He is deeply lost in his story, his heartache, his darkness. He feels, as Five of Cups can often feel, like nothing will ever be okay again, he will never be happy. This card can truly feel like a hole of grief.

However—behind this grieving man, are two full, standing cups. We can see them, but he cannot. He must turn around, leaving his story, to see what the treasure might be on the other side of his pain. The medicine and the invitation of Five of Cups is life-altering; to come out of our grief long enough to consider this turn of the spirit, turn of the heart—to see that we stand to gain everything we believe we’d lost, and more. This is a very powerful experience, one that heals regret, helps us trust ourselves, and brings us into the next steps of our lives, full and abundant. It’s a heart healer. This is the soul of the Five of Cups, the teaching that it brings.

But, of course, you have the Five of Cups reversed this month, Sagittarius, which is wonderful news, actually! The reversal, in fact, IS the turn of the head toward what is full, and away from what is empty. It is the leap of faith that comes when we move and seek in a way we never have before, bringing us into great joy and surprises. The moment we wake up and our pain dissolves. You are going to be seeing the two full cups everywhere in October; it is a very emotionally abundant time for you, indeed. Personal transformation is possible, and it is a time of new beginnings.

Dive deeply into the blessings at hand, courageously turn away from what does not fill you up—what has been lost, scattered, is no more. Bow to it, grieve it, bless it for what it brought, and truly move on. Create space for what you want to nurture in your life. Deep and powerful insights can be gained this month. It might feel more quiet, and that’s appropriate. The more you turn from pain, the more fullness you will see.

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This month is very important for you, Capricorn. You get to do a lot of really important work on the art of re-centering after a disappointment, especially one you thought would work in your favor. Doing so will help you to see the wisdom in your choices, and learn how to be lighter on yourself. It will also help you learn how to be more present and responsible for your actions.

Before you get bummed out: everyone on the planet needs to learn this at some point. It is absolutely a part of the human experience to make choices and have some of them burn—the genius in this, is that we get to learn how wisely respond with ease and grace.

No story. No victimhood, guilt, shame or fear. If you flush your medication down the toilet and start to feel really off, call your doctor and explain. If you ghosted someone and it makes you feel terrible, email them and apologize. If you GOT ghosted by someone who you were really excited by, mourn it, feel the loss of it—but don’t take it personally. While these can be painful emotional experiences, they do not get to drive the car, so to speak. If you can remember this, and have compassion for yourself, there will be the opportunity for major personal expansion this month.

The key to the energy you are in this month, Capricorn, is to investigate the source of these choices. It’s never just self sabotage, being unlucky, or being unable to commit. That’s lazy, and you’re worthy of more than this kind of emotional write off. That is why this card demands that we release our “story” about the situation, and get back to empowered action. There’s a reason why you made the choices that you did. Your opportunity is to dive deep and ask yourself why.

Were you looking for something external to fill an internal void? Is a certain amount of happiness and stability really frightening to you? If the answer is yes, it’s not a problem—it just makes you human. Shining, glorious, perfect in your imperfection. This re-centering is how people change, Capricorn. It is how people TRULY grow, genuinely evolve. This is how we can learn to forgive ourselves, and to forgive others. Drop the story, investigate, and gain softness in the face of your humanness.

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AQUARIUS :: AQUARIUS RISING – Six of Wands, reversed

Six of Wands reversed offers you the opportunity to look deeply at where you resist being seen, Aquarius—for your gifts and talents, by your family of origin, or with a lover. Wherever you shrink. This month’s energy is really acting like a cleansing wave for your fears, insecurities and old stories, all in service of expanding the soul rather than the primal brain, the latter of which is the part of you that wants to stay hidden. Check out where these cycles unfold within yourself, face your fears, and step forward: ready and willing to share your gifts, publicly or privately, on a new level.

This process will unfold really subtly. There are no big shocks, internal or external. It is really about you investigating where you keep yourself in hiding due to an old belief or story, pure and simple. The important thing to understand is that as this internal work is unfolding, life is going to be handing you bigger gigs, so to speak. A real love. The chance to be really honest with a more difficult person. A chance to shine brighter, to share your knowledge with others in a new way, in a way that is deeply fulfilling and exciting for you.

The potential opportunities that come in will be illuminating the evolution that is possible, so you won’t just be working on these internal issues in a vacuum. You are absolutely going to be in the hot seat at certain moments this month, where you’ll have to make a choice: staying small out of an old story, or expanding from your soul. Say yes to anything that makes you a little uncomfortable, that stretches you out of your comfort zone, intimately, publicly, or personally.

This card will be focused on clearing out what whatever isn’t true so that you can take up space in a renewed way—sure of yourself, secure in your gifts, and free of the voices within you that tell you to play it smaller. Your soul wants more than that, is ready for bigger than that. October’s energy will present the chance to release what stands in your way so you can expand, liberating your soul in a way that it is yearning for. You might experience some fear around this, but there’s no other way but up and out for you, Aquarius. You might as well get used to it.

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PISCES :: PISCES RISING – Transformation/Death, reversed

The Death card has graced you with its presence, Pisces: you are ready to move through a cycle of rebirth and renewal. This is amazing news, and always comes bearing a positive and wonderful outcome. The Death card is never anything to be scared of. It is, as the Starchild Tarot calls it, a transformation—an alchemical expansion of the soul, the voluntary sloughing off of some aspect of ego in favor of a deeper alignment with one’s self. Everything that dies off in the Death card becomes wisdom, food that nourishes whatever is ready to take root and grow in its absence. It brings nothing but goodness—even if it can be a little intense to move through.

The reversal of the Death card simply indicates a resistance to letting go. Why do we resist Death—and the resulting rebirth? There are a seemingly infinite number of reasons: the unknown, loss of control, fear that we will never have a better situation than the one we currently do. These are all things to question this month. The reasons we fear and resist the initiation of Death is always egoic, always brain chemistry—it is only these parts of us that fear the unknown, never the soul.

This is important for you to understand, so you can choose compassion for yourself as you explore why you might be less inclined to move through this cycle in certain areas of your life. Pour your attention and focus into the intention to surrender and trust. Surrender to the life/death/life cycle, remembering that there is no Death, no letting go, without rebirth. It is only a new beginning, never an ending.

The new beginning is here for you because you’ve worked for it! You’ve manifested, prayed, released, called in—now you’re ready to actually let go, and free fall into the Void. Whatever is leaving your life this month, Pisces—be it a job, a way of living, a relationship, an old pattern, a belief system—it is being replaced with something better and seriously upgraded. Period. Your job will be to foster the willingness to trust this, even if you cannot immediately see it. October will invite you to work on building this trust. In focusing on this, you will allow and make space for an easier death cycle, and a much more fruitful rebirth, transforming you in a way you never thought possible.

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ARIES :: ARIES RISING – Serenity/The Hermit, reversed

Allow this month to be an exercise in empowered solitary time, Aries. Take gentle space from social activities, carving out spiritually nourishing alone time. Go within, spend tons of time outside, connect with nature, up your meditation practice; get back to basics with food, ritual, and self-care. Take a vacation and turn your phone off. It’s very important to not assume that swaths of time will just present themselves for this level of personal practice—for you, there’s always something to do, and to focus on. And so you must maintain excellent boundaries this month, letting there be ample time for reconnection and just be-ing.

No accomplishing, no strategizing, just being with and by yourself in a deep way for moments at a time. October will offer you the opportunity, no matter how full or busy your schedule might be, to take gentle action on behalf of your spiritual serenity. Doing so, honoring that this is the most important thing for you to focus on, will greatly improve your overall quality of life, and will deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you.

Serenity, or The Hermit is the Tarot’s “sacred pause” card. There is truly nothing to do other than to go within when we are in this card—time almost energetically curves to support that. There is no booking of flights, no big movements, no huge decisions in this energy, and that’s totally aligned. The focus is always drawn within, to “chop wood and carry water,” as the saying goes. The Hermit is so important because it offers us a time to not only refresh, but to temper the ego and brain down so that we get the chance to stop taking action in a harried, desperate way. We can come to understand in this card that there is no rush—that everything happens exactly when it is supposed to.

The reversal of The Hermit indicates that you’re leaking energy, allowing your time and thoughts to be taken up with stuff that isn’t filling you up and serving you. It’s also why you’ve been asked to be very empowered and thorough with your personal boundaries—to practice pausing and tuning in before you say yes to anything this month. I mean ANYTHING. The more you speak and honor your truth, the more spiritually nourishing space you will have for yourself. Your time is deeply sacred; start treating it that way.

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TAURUS :: TAURUS RISING – The Empress, reversed

October promises to be a month of beautiful regeneration for you, Taurus. In general, most of your gas tanks are a bit low, and rather than continuing to push yourselves, it’s important to emphasize ease and grace in the upcoming month. During this time, you will be energetically encouraged to do anything that feels delicious to you: spending more time outdoors, getting away for the weekend, going out with friends, going out on dates, meditating, self-pleasuring, moving your body in a way that makes you feel fantastic—the sky is truly the limit.

The Empress reversed is asking you to remember who you are, Taurus: a sensual being, a lover of beauty, a seeker of alignment, ruled by Venus. You can’t be working 80 hour weeks without honoring those qualities in yourself on a regular basis! It just doesn’t work for you anymore. It never did. This month will offer you the opportunity to see how much more abundant, easy, peaceful and satisfying your life can be when you value self care over the grind. It is time to review your priorities.

The Empress is the embodiment of the sacred feminine; she is the divine mother, goddess, creator of all, and master of receptivity. She teaches us to remember that we are one with her in every way; she often comes to us reversed, as she is for you this month, when we forget this. You can reconnect with her through creativity and a gentle reevaluation of your self-care. Don’t be afraid to take this space, to be very clear with your boundaries this month, to go out of your way to make life a little more beautiful for yourself every day.

The other way back into The Empress is to dive deeply into any lingering issues around taking this sacred space—are you uncomfortable with too much goodness? Too much receiving? Has your heart been feeling more closed as of late? If so, what might be the reason? Many times, we can keep ourselves busy out of the unconscious desire to avoid some kind of worry, grief or anxiety. Is your busy lifestyle masking an emotional wound, or have you just gotten so busy that you’ve surrendered some of your sacred time to the grind? It is time to allow your life to be infused with just as much beauty, alignment and abundance as it is hustle and work. Ask the right questions, then take the first steps.

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Remember when I mentioned in your September Tarotscope that October would be a wild month for you? Well, I hope you took the invitation of Queen of Pentacles and rested a bit—for as predicted, you are in for quite a ride! Power, potential and prosperity are all beautiful descriptions of this upcoming month for you, Gemini. Ace of Swords is bringing a ton of good energy your way! Think new ideas, new projects, and amazing collaborations. This kind of mental space will be ideal for getting things off the ground, moving with your inspiration and taking action as desired.

This is exactly the kind of frequency that you organically thrive in, Gemini, so be prepared to really be in your element and zone of genius for the entire month. Don’t be afraid to be bold as you move in the direction of your dreams. Any Ace card is extremely powerful, as Aces are essentially divine gifts in whatever element they present themselves in. In the case of the Ace of Swords, this energy is centered in the brilliance, alignment and perfection of the mind’s capabilities.

When we are in this card, we become a kind of divining rod for intuitive receiving; ideas flow to us organically, we understand things we couldn’t before, the next steps reveal themselves, and we become unafraid to make our visions a reality. When balanced and primed, the mind is the most magnificent tool we have available to us. When unfettered by worries and fears, we become clear, able to sense and see the next steps of our path. This kind of perceptive power is where the Ace of Swords is going to live for you this month, Gemini—in this realm of new beginnings and potent visions. October will feel like, as the Starchild Tarot says, “a heightened state of spiritual and mental clarity.”

It is also worthy of repeating that this is an action-oriented card, just as it is a card of inspiration. Apply your focus to planting your brilliant ideas and helping them take root in the world around you. Anything you work on during this month will have absolutely incredible impacts on your world and those around you—all for the good. Be willing to be less social if that calls to you, and say no to whatever doesn’t excite you. This is such a special, potent month; make sure you are fully available for wherever your intuition takes you.

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CANCER :: CANCER RISING – Starseed, reversed

It is time, Cancer. Steel yourself, honor your fear, bow to your resistance, and leap into the great unknown. Jump, eyes wide open, into your next cycle of expansion. You know exactly what I am talking about—every one of you! You know the area in your life, the place in which you’ve been stalling on the edge of that cliff for too long. Well, there’s a “let go, or be dragged” kind of energy this month. Don’t wait to be thrown off the cliff—choose the voluntary jump. The leap is so much less uncomfortable than the resistance. So say yes, put your fear in the backseat, and just do it.

Are you tricking yourself into a kind of waiting game, Cancer? Are you taking your uneasiness, discomfort and fear as evidence that you shouldn’t jump into this next stage? If so, I’m here to shut that down for you completely. Anytime we experience profound uneasiness or extreme resistance toward an invitation to jump into our lives, assume that leaping is exactly the right thing to do. That kind of dance between brain chemistry and soul expansion is what we are talking about here, Cancer. The brain will do everything it can to keep you on the edge of that cliff—the soul is always ready to leap.

So, you must ask yourself: in which frequency would you like to live? Scared and stuck, or scared and willing? The answer to this is extremely important for you on all levels—karmically, energetically, spiritually and practically. Starseed, or The Fool, is a divine invitation to leap into the unknown. The Fool’s call is always a wonderful one, and there is never anything to fear from this card. The very essence of The Fool is magical; we are always in the right place at the right time with this card.

When The Fool is reversed, as it is for you this month, Cancer, it does not mean that the leap is ill-timed or unwise. It means that you may be afraid to look foolish—to fail or to regret your decision. It means that there is some divide between brain and soul, between fear and instinct. Remember that fear doesn’t equal truth. You cannot fail in The Fool. You’ve stood at the edge long enough—the only way out is forward. Take a breath and just leap.

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LEO :: LEO RISING – Knight of Cups

This month is full of amazing potential for you, Leo, especially in the area of creative expansion. Knight of Cups is a truly beautiful, heart-centered energy, and I encourage you to let it be your totem and North star this month. Do everything you can to make room for new levels of beauty, alignment and abundance in your life; open the doors to your heart and invite it in.

How do you want your life to feel? This is the million-dollar question. Whether it be romantic partnership, a greater quality of life with yourself, more nourishing friendships or more satisfaction with your creative pursuits, questioning how you want your life to feel will shift your day-to-day tremendously. Be willing to consider that this alchemical shift will be easier than you ever imagined it could be. Let alignment in, and let pushing and forcing go. Allow the more effortful parts of your life to be replaced with a surrender and a trust.

This trust will be challenging, Leo, there’s no doubt about it—but it’s a challenge that will pay off if you’re consistent. Be willing to dream a little bigger and aim a little higher. Look with a patient eye at the places in yourself that are stuck, scared or hopeless. This month’s energy will offer a healing, restorative balm to those spots. Knight of Cups is a truly lovely frequency. It is going to bring so much magic to your October. Romantic, sweet and clarifying, the energy of the card brings with him a kind of activism borne of beauty and clarity. He balances the heart and mind so we can be available for new opportunities, new expansions and new steps.

And those things are coming for you, Leo; Knight of Cups is showing you how to be available for it. The invitation of the month will be to allow this marriage of the heart and head to infuse into everything you do. Your life has the potential to change this month—all for the better. It has the potential to become easier, more aligned and more abundant. This is the time to take stock of what you’ve built around you, and ask yourself if it’s serving you. Either way, Knight of Cups is the perfect ally. Dream big, invite in more sweetness, and the next direction of your life will reveal itself.

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VIRGO :: VIRGO RISING – Strength, reversed

The Strength card is a spiritual, intuitive, psychological game changer. When it graces us with its presence in a reading, it is bringing an invitation to transform on a cellular level. Strength asks us to face something, in our internal or external world, that scares us. It asks us to choose to walk up to this thing willingly, rather than run away. The act of regarding our fears with such bravery, courage, and willingness is a quantum shift.

We begin to see that what we were afraid of isn’t anywhere near as terrifying as we thought it would be—the proverbial monster melts the beam of our truth, and we gain a level of self-awareness that is invaluable. We begin to trust ourselves at a level that is unshakeable—how could we not? The brain told us to run, but the heart and intuition told us to walk forward. When we honor this channel in a moment of such intense, primal conditioning, evolution occurs at soul level. We enter a new realm of intimacy with ourselves; life transforms.

Arguably the most famous image of this Tarot card is from the Smith-Rider-Waite deck: a soft, gentle woman dressed in white and draped in flowers has tamed a lion. She is regarding it with so much love and kindness, and it, in turn, is letting her pet him, tame as a kitten. This is what is possible in this card. The more we regard our fears with gentleness and love, the more they stop trying to hound us. We don’t need to muscle through our anxieties, trying to push them away. Our fears are not wrested by feats of strength like that. In fact, the more open and unarmed we are, the more powerful the loosening of our anxieties.

This is true strength. The wisdom to know that what we are afraid of is only a lost, broken, neglected part of ourselves, crying for our attention. This is going to be a powerful, powerful month for you, Virgo. Strength has truly blessed you with it’s presence, helping you to loosen the ties to whatever binds you. It is time to look at some part of your life squarely; it is time to be free from the prison of your fear. You already have everything you need in order to do this. The more you step forward into your fears with courage, the more your life will transform.

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The Libra New Moon is an invitation to seek balance, by fully embracing the needs of yourself and others, says Sandra Sitron


New Moon :: Friday September 30, 2016 :: 8.11 PM EDT :: 8 degrees 15 minutes Libra

The New Moon is a time to set intentions—and the Libra New Moon wants you to initiate balance. Libra represents connecting people and ideas. Take this moon as a reminder to listen and share, to give and receive. To breathe peace. Within this balancing act, acknowledging what you need is so important. This Moon is a reminder that you deserve to get your needs met.

But you also have a responsibility to expand your thinking to include the other person’s position. To become an expert at walking with one foot in your own shoes, and one in someone else’s. So be humble. But don’t deny yourself in your humility. Seek to be satisfied with yourself too. The Libra New Moon offers big bright bold expansive rays of love and joy. This moon wants to help you fill your heart with joy. And from that place of joy, do the kind thing for someone else.

Stretch yourself to be generous with your words. Look for ways to balance out injustice. This moment is a reminder to find joyful and exuberant balance. Just remember: balance requires discipline. Requires us to be steady. Through disciplined actions now, you can create a sense of balance that will help you to expand.


New Moon In-conjunct Neptune
The dart falls in the sand. 

So close to target, but getting lost in confusion. This aspect is important because it reminds us that we have spent the last year being prodded by the uncomfortable intersection between reality and illusion. The Libra New Moon reminds us that we are still coming to terms with our collective denial. The ills and unbalance that we have been denying in our society are being seen—and it is very, very necessary. This Moon reminds us that illusion is uncomfortable and we must demand truth. The scales of justice must be balanced. Denial is unacceptable.


New Moon Conjunct Jupiter
A frog’s bellowing love-song.

The Libra New Moon is so big and expansive, our hearts can grow three sizes now. We can use this energy to fill us up with so much love that we are truly able to see things with a new perspective. This aspect is about growth. Higher truth. Inclusiveness. Adventure. Generosity. Set your mind to your greater purpose. Use this lunation as a reminder that you are unlimited. This moment asks you to define your most inclusive and just philosophies on life. How can you show up as your best self?


New Moon Sextile Saturn
A pyramid glows in bright sunlight.

The Libra New Moon is a moment to seek stability. To judiciously create balance in your life. If there is a area where you seek moderation, this will feel like a practice of self-love, opposed to a denial. Discipline is your friend. Planning is your friend. Systems are your friends. There is real security to be found in this moment. This is wonderful time to get your goals figured out. To plan out your projects and start mapping the steps that you need to succeed.

In Summary

The Libra New Moon feels secure. You can allow yourself feel secure enough to simple be yourself. To connect to the part of you that is untamed. To defend who you are, and defend the rights of others to be themselves too. By knowing yourself you will be reminded to trust in the goodness of all humanity.



What can I do to be more emotionally open in my partnerships? Am I challenging my assumptions about what it means to be in a relationship?

What is one thing taking up my time and energy that is not a priority? How can I change it to become more efficient?

How can I make more space for fun in my life? Am I prioritizing this enough? Am I celebrating my success?

Am I naming my feelings as they come? How can I allow myself more space for all of my feelings?

How am I engaging mentally with the world? When was the last time I was playful? When was the last time I was curious?

Do I believe that life is about the journey or the destination? If it is about the journey, then how can I allow myself to feel rewarded in the moment?

How am I showing up as a leader in my life? Am I truly saying Yes to what I want and No to what I don’t want?

Can I give myself some more free time? Am I prioritizing time for meditation? How easy is it for me to do nothing?

How can I make more space for my hopes, dreams and aspirations? What is my brightest future vision for the collective?

Have I defined my goals and the steps necessary to achieve my goals? How can I link the steps of each project to a desired emotional outcome?

What enticing new philosophies am I being exposed to? Do I trust myself to speak my truth?
Or is ti time to re-evaluate some of my beliefs?

Am I feeling all my feelings? How can allow myself to surrender emotionally? What makes it safe for me to let go of control?


Libra season invites us to soften and play with polarities, say Cara George & Bess Matassa of Mojave RisingHomepage main image: Awave Awake


Libra season asks us to strap on our lightsabers, corral our unicorns, and celebrate both the ever-elusive quest and the already-realized ideal. It’s a month for playing with polarity, equilibrating between extremes, and recognizing that we contain even that which we claim to disavow.

The zodiac’s high-minded empress reveals both the perils and pleasures of building castles in the sky, as she switches between rose-colored glasses and magnifying specs. Her ultimate gift lies in the gap between sleeping beauty visions and early morning reality, where the full range of our humanness lives.

So let’s make a wish, grab each other’s hands, and take a leap across the cavernous divide with all our glorious, dynamic contradictions in tow. The good, the true, and the beautiful may truly be in the eye of the beholder. But we’ve got the compassionate courage to stand face-to-face.

The keyword: synergy.

The song lyrics: Hey now, hey now/Don’t dream it’s over/They come, they come/To build a wall between us/We know they won’t win”—Crowded House, “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” Check out our Libra season playlist, complete with aspirational anthems, synth stylings, and polarity points. 

pink shirt awave awake fall 2016 on The Numinous
Awave Awake Fall 2016

The color palette: sophisticated, clear-headed shades and ballerina pastels. Think gray, navy, black & white, icy mints, pale violets, and slipper pinks.

The style: French New Wave meets Royal bridal shower—clean lines, classic cool, and simple trench coats collide with white satin, velvet brocade, ruffles, and empire waists.  


The scents and flavors are eye-opening citruses, culinary pairs, and candied confections—lemon Pellegrino, sweet-salty snacks, and tea-time petit fours.

French fancies for Libra season on The Numinous

The healing: anything that’s energetically and aesthetically equilibrating—yin/yang yoga, art museum and topiary garden wandering, photography classes, and hot/cold saunas.


Sensuous Invitation of the Month: Weather Patterns (by sign below) With Mercury and Pluto stationing direct in earth signs, Mars entering Capricorn, and Venus entering Scorpio, Libra’s high-minded idealism gets an infusion of crystalline clarity, and the willingness to work with the “real” world exactly as it is. It’s a month for invigorating our sense of responsiveness as we use current climatological conditions to build our castles in the sky.

Libra season invites you to soften your gaze as you incorporate compromise that still feels courageous. Weather pattern: Morning mist—let yourself get a little bit lost in the haze as you experiment with slow navigation without forcing forward.

Libra season invites you to get full-on Venusian as you revel in the sweet sensations of ideological and sensual love in all its forms. Weather pattern: Blue skies—celebrate the majestic aesthetics of an absolutely perfect day.

Libra season invites you to settle some of your endlessly curious chatter and exercise judgment in a way that feels liberating rather than stifling. Weather pattern: Sunbeams—stand directly in the path of the sun’s rays and watch how these solar streaks illuminate a single patch of ground.  

Libra season invites you to adopt perspective on closely-held emotional narratives and to step outside your story without losing any of your penchant for poetics. Weather pattern: Crisp & breezy—let the subtle dance of wind inspire you to become gently unstuck.

Libra season invites you to loosen fierce personal identifications as you recognize the self in the non-self. Weather pattern: Partly cloudy—trust that the sun still lurks beneath the ever shifting white fluff, even when it’s unseen.  

Libra season invites you to experiment with the sweet sense of collaboration without always having to work it out alone. Weather pattern: Humidity—notice how its closeness to your skin can feel safely supportive rather than oppressive.

Libra season invites you to acknowledge the polarities that exist within you as you sample both ends of the spectrum with ease. Weather pattern: Daybreak—bear witness to the darkness that comes just before the dawn.  

Libra season invites you to balance your desire to penetrate beyond the veil with a little faith in wide-eyed magic. Weather pattern: Chasing rainbows after the storm—celebrate the gorgeous luminosity that can come after turbulence.  

Libra season invites you to fuse your penchant for emotional honesty with a truth-telling that considers the consequences for others. Weather pattern: Lightning storm—harness your electrical energy while understanding how these bolts work with the storm and lessen as it passes.

Libra season invites you to marry your keen sense of the difficult with a full-hearted celebration of goodness and ease. Weather pattern: Downpour—recognize the beauty in the overcast as sheets of rain soften and wash things away.

Libra season invites you to equilibrate your radical eccentricity with an occasional blending  that’s in service of the whole. Weather pattern: Nightfall—let yourself feel deliciously small as you witness the vast, star-studded sky.

Libra season invites you to celebrate the mystical beauty of your most ethereal dreams while moving towards coalescing them into solid form. Weather pattern: Hail—Investigate how these mysterious waters congeal into solid shapes.


A weekly horoscope for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology


Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Fruit growing on a tree. This is a time of resolve and a time of clarity. Get ready to usher in new understanding. Get ready to pick the fruit of knowledge this week. It brings wisdom about joy and pain. And it brings acceptance. Your focus is shifting from invigorating your sense of individuality to building stability in your life. Allow yourself to feel worthy. Feel valuable. Focusing on creating wealth and accumulating resources so that you can do what needs to be done.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Golden rings. Rings made of gold. Rings made of light. Rings symbolize connection and cycles. You will be connecting people and ideas. You will be making connections within yourself that help you know who you are. Stay on the look-out for more and more subconscious clarity. This week, open up to receiving important information from dreams and intuition.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A spiderweb. Imagine that you are walking through tall grass. Blocking your path is a spider in a web. She speaks and says: Stop. It’s time to honor your creativity. She is talking about the kind of creativity that comes without conscious thought. The kind that comes when you stop thinking. So, get the juices flowing and follow the creative path. It will lead you out of confusion.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Pegasus’ wings are made of feathers. It is time for you to be bold. You have the ability to reach new levels of creativity as long as you are comfortable with being unusual. Take a risk and embrace unexpected change. You have more ability to focus on your career than you have had for the past three weeks. Let Pegasus’ wings take you up to great heights. Reach for a broadened perspective. Another way of saying this is to suggest you stretch your mind.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Diving with dolphins. You are ready to expand in your career.  Your career success depends on the critical components of grace and camaraderie. So often it is easy to forget that. So often the drive is all that matters. You will be noticing how relationships are really the secret to success. Focus on play, love, and friendship. Let the dolphins be your example. Joy leads to all good things.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Looking for a cave in the side of a mountain. You are exploring. Seeking. Finding a new way. In your personal life this may feel as if you are fired up to travel or change your environment in some other way. It may feel like anticipation. Or a need to break free. Promise yourself that you will meet the itch by looking for new answers and new input. Look all around you for a trail that will take you to a to the thing you are hunting. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Newborn animals suckling life-giving milk. You are needing to nurture yourself. Give yourself lots of space and time this week. Let yourself be new. Be at the beginning. Allow yourself the shelter that babies need. You may feel fragile. You may strongly desire closeness. Give yourself these things. Sometimes you have to reach for it, but you will find it. Let closeness heal you.

Aries :: Aries Rising
A high five. This week it’s all about partnership and finding camaraderie. You will also want to keep reminding yourself about balance. About giving and taking. About union and walls. You may have a desire to really connect with another person. It might even be a strong or forceful desire. Just keep balance in mind. Lean toward another person and stay true to your own individual nature at the same time. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can meet in the middle.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Rubik’s cube. Ah, a brain teaser. How do you discover the correct algorithm to complete the puzzle? You just keep trying. As you practice, you learn the right way. Stay focused. This is your lesson right now. Dial it all down to the details. Settle in and look closely at how you are tending to your life. Are you taking very good care of yourself? Look around for ways to improve. Create order that allows you to build.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Friendship bracelets. You are ready to embrace love. Jump for joy. Go out and have fun. You are a playful creature, but it’s easy to become separated from that truth. In this moment you can actively remind yourself to have fun. Think back to how kids play in early childhood. That is the kind of fun you are shooting for. Just make it your number one priority. It will help you learn. Get your friends involved. Remember they are your rocks and they can meet you where you’re at. With true friends, you don’t have to be anything that you are not. Let them help you take yourself less seriously.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A waterfall. Lots of feelings this week and every feeling tells you a little bit more. Let your feelings teach you. Dig down into your gut and know your truth. Honor it. This is your work. Allow the waterfall to flow through you. Don’t build a dam. Feel your feelings, but be little bit clinical about it. Don’t get too caught up. The trick is to allow the flow of emotions, validate the emotions and discover what the emotions are trying to tell you.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Veins in a leaf. This week you will feel bright and lively, but slightly serious as well. You may be feeling very focused. Prioritize your connections and friendships. Be out in the world, circulating and learning what you need to learn from your peers. Gently balance between work and play. This can be a very productive week for you if you allow your curiosity to lead you on your path.

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What is Juno? The asteroid named for Jupiter’s “wife” represents our attitude toward relationships, including our jealousy triggers, says Shari ZollingerArtwork: Miyuki Sugimoto


Astrologically speaking, besides the ten planets, there are five major asteroids that help us deepen our understanding of ourselves: Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Lilith. These asteroids orbit the Sun in a belt located between Mars and Jupiter.

Juno, discovered on September 1, 1804 by Karl L. Harding was named (in the Roman tradition) after the wife of Jupiter. What is Juno in the birth chart? Juno represents marriage and partnerships and our attitudes toward commitment and equality in relationships.

Being the partner of a rather philandering god, Juno also tells us how to work with the shadow side of relationships like domestic abuse, inequality, possessiveness and jealousy.

Have you experienced that familiar feeling of jealousy? Does jealousy have any up side? When is it okay to feel jealous? HOW DOES JEALOUSY SERVE THE SOUL? These are questions we can ask Juno. And Juno can help us understand our jealousy triggers.

Jealousy is different than envy—envy is when we want what someone else has, and jealousy is when we fear losing what we already have. Juno’s jealousy often shows up in relationships, when something or someone becomes a threat.

In my chart, for example, Juno is in Libra. Libra is a social sign with a focus on balance: I am often socially competitive, expect people to behave in a certain manner, and am jealously triggered when someone tips the collective attention their way, especially my partner. Juno in Libra cautions me to work with a partner with similar social values and who is willing to become a social team rather than a competitor.

Juno through the signs helps us locate our insecurities, so that we can work to overcome them and become proud of our passions, our needs, and our strong feelings. Juno reminds us that when we feel jealous we are giving our power over to something or someone else.

Our jealousy reminds us to return to the self, to adjust and rediscover our unique powers. Our jealousies may even teach us about our boundaries.

And Juno is capable of great feats of forgiveness. She would ask us to consider our jealous tendencies, and bless us with strength to move through these intense emotions, anointing us as a tribe of initiated souls who dare to feel strongly. She would have us recognize jealousy as part of partnership, and encourage us to talk about it, work with it, understand it, and most importantly understand its place within the soul.

Where is Juno in your chart? If you don’t know please email Shari at [email protected]. Please include your birth information: Full Name, Birth Date, Birth Place and Birth Time. She will get back to you within 24 hours with the Zodiac sign in which  your Juno resides.

Once you have located Juno in our chart, here’s a look at her influence through the signs.

What is Juno in Aries
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of my own strength, confidence and natural juicy warrior-ness. I like my partner to exhibit a level of self-sufficiency and self-confidence. I will not diminish myself for a partner.

What is Juno in Taurus
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of my self worth. I will not let others dictate my worth. I revel in a partner who reflects my value back to me through genuine love, romance and gorgeous adoration.

What is Juno in Gemini
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of my need to communicate and my natural curiosity. I like my partner to feel curious about me, asking questions that get to the heart of my superbly interesting story.

What is Juno in Cancer
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of a sense of belonging and overall ability to care and be cared for. I desire a partner who views me as their tribe every single day.

What is Juno in Leo
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of my authentic, creative self. I am meant to shine. I yearn for a partner who encourages me to roar, and splash out onto the world with gusto (and doesn’t feel threatened by this).

What is Juno in Virgo
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of my ability to discern the truth. When things get messy I have the power to organize. I seek a partner who speaks as they mean and will follow through on promises.

What is Juno in Libra
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of symmetry, beauty and balance. I value social grace. I crave a partner who values social dexterity and balance and walks into a room with me as my equal. We shine together!

What is Juno in Scorpio
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of intimacy and my need for erotic pleasure. I pine for a partner who can keep up with me sexually as well as render themselves vulnerable at all the right times.

What is Juno in Sagittarius
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of my freedom and strong voice. I wish for a partner who speaks directly and with confidence, who dares speak for the truth and can march passionately and actively with me.

What is Juno in Capricorn
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of my inner authority. I am powerful. I need a partner who understands my ambition and thirst for success and encourages me to move toward my extraordinary dreams.

What is Juno in Aquarius
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of the big picture. I am good at watching and learning. I hope for a partner who won’t overwhelm me with drama and who values my gifts of rational observation.

What is Juno in Pisces
My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of the soulful. I like to melt boundaries and long to merge. I seek a partner who is unafraid of intimacy and who takes pleasure in creating a spiritual union.

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Sandra Sitron explores all the elements of this month’s Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, with suggestions for celebrations by sign…

Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on The Numinous little mermaid
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Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, September 16 2016. Exact at 3:05pm EDT


A whisper. A quiet murmur. Full Moons are usually loud and all fired up with the light of the Sun. Yet this Full Moon is a quiet and gentle offering that echoes through the mist. The whisper comes from your intuition. It says: look more closely, listen more closely, slow down, grow quiet. Let yourself dissolve.

This Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will offer many moments where you may want to instinctually push forward. Choose instead to step back. See what happens if you step away instead of push. If you meet a force, avoid the collision by bowing down and creating a blessing in your heart. If you are in right mind, you don’t have to be right. You can just be. Be connected to all things.

The Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings us a heightened sense of spiritual connection, along with a heightened desire to improve our physical experience through purification and service. It is here to let us know we are making progress in this, and to provide us with an opportunity to start fresh in these pursuits. We reset our intentions once more.

Every eclipse marks a time to reset. This one is in the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. Pisces is the container that holds the wisdom and lessons of all the other signs. It is the summary. As is the number 9 in numerology—and this Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happens right in the middle of the 2016 999 portal (9/9—9/27). And so, at this time, we come to the end of a long story about human struggle and growth. We pause here. We listen. We wait. And as we begin again, something is very different.


Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
The crow looks you in the eye and says “Don’t forget.”

Don’t forget what? Your humanity. Your desire to improve the physical world. (Virgo Sun) And your spiritual oneness with all that is. Your perfection in simply being. (Pisces Moon)

A Full Moon happens when the Moon is opposite the Sun. The Moon is in Pisces and the Sun is in Virgo. All Full Moons help us create greater awareness in our lives. The awareness we are learning now is about the balance between the physical world and the spiritual world. These are two sides of one ideal. Virgo teaches us how to improve our physical realm. Pisces teaches us how to improve our spiritual understanding—the understanding that we are already perfect.

The Virgo Sun asks you to get really tuned into your body. Do good things for your health. Eat right. Exercise. Meditate. And then do good things for your world. Offer small and big acts of service. Keep your body and mind active by helping others. The Pisces Moon encourages you to empathize and feel. Listen to and process your feelings. Remind yourself that you are loved. Remind yourself that you are connected.

Points of tension can arise when two luminaries oppose each other. The Virgo Sun is concerned with the details and can get caught up in analysis. The Pisces Moon has such deep emotions that empathy can overwhelm. If this happens it can become easy to slip away, like a fish. During this Full Moon, we have energy to define, yet a need to dissolve.

To create balance, we can slow down and make space. Lengthen the amount of time between action and emotional reaction with a mindfulness practice. Listen to your breathing. Slow down and grow quiet to allow the voice of the crow to come through. He may prompt you again. “Don’t forget.”

Don’t forget your humanity.
Don’t forget your spirit.

Who is the crow?

The crow is associated with life’s mysteries, with magic and transformation. He is also the embodiment of the trickster. This is very apropos for Pisces. With the current aspects, it is hard to know what is real and what is not. True clarity comes from deep within. Follow your intuition. Watch the crow for clues, as all the animals do. The crow will nudge you in the right direction if you slow down and grow quiet enough to interpret his voice.

The takeaway
Virgo Sun: Act in ways that are good for your body and your world. Think about purification and service.
Pisces Moon: Connect with your spirituality. Listen to your intuition. Feel all your feelings. Empathize. 


Sun and Moon in T-square with Mars
The deer runs from the hunter.

This is a dance, and an inevitable point of tension. Are you the deer? Tuned-in, agile, instinctual, pure, innocent. Or are you the hunter? Focused. Confrontational. Taking conscious action. Hungry.

You will be both in this T-square configuration. You will be asked to form opinions that are like arrows. You will be asked to dissolve those same opinions if necessary, and rush to the cover of another tree. You will find the same benefit from putting your opinions forward and from being open-minded.

This mutable square reminds that adaptation is the goal. There are always new levels of understanding to be reached and improvements to be made. Be wary of over-exertion, yet harness your drive to explore and take risks. Keep navigating toward the result that you desire. Stay out of conflicts. (This may be hard.) But remain confrontational with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Form opinions. Hunt out your truth. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

And at the same time acknowledge your true perfection. Be gentle with yourself. Remember your innocent and singular childhood purpose—to be alive.

The takeaway
Use Mars in Sagittarius energy to help you define your opinions, but don’t get caught up in unnecessary conflict.


Full Moon Conjunct Chiron
The clock chimes.

Time passes and feelings that were once too difficult to process bubble back up to the surface. This moment offers us another chance to heal. This is a chance for many of us to reprocess the past. Sometimes we must experience challenging emotions in order to process them. Encourage yourself to feel all of your feelings.

You may feel very tender. If you feel especially tender, think about why. Are you being reminded of a much older wound? Monitor your reactions. If you have an emotional reaction that you can safely say is out of proportion to what is going on, note that you are being triggered. Think back to the first time that you had the feeling you are having. Maybe there is a clue as to what is triggering you. Or ask yourself where the feeling is located in your body. That information may provide a different clue.

With Pisces, the tendency is to get overwhelmed by feeling and to try to distract away from it. This Full Moon would be the right time to watch what you reach for when you want to distract yourself. Just watch. Common things that we reach for are: drugs, alcohol, sex, disordered eating, work, TV, video games, social media, the internet, or talking too much. The list goes on, to include anything that is habitual for you and distracts you from your feelings.

All you have to do here is notice. If you are reaching around for different distractions, take it as a chance to interview yourself about your current emotional state. Ask, “What am I feeling?” “Where is the feeling located in my body?” “When was the first time I had this feeling.” Or, “Am I lonely?” “Am I sad?” “Am I angry?” “Am I afraid?” Dig in to these feelings as far as you can. The clock is chiming and it is time to process the feelings of the past.

The takeaway
Feelings may come up that are lingering from past wounds. Process them fully.


In summary, at this Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, it is time to end one chapter and begin the next. It is time to reset. Honor your humanity and your spirituality. Work to improve, but remind yourself that everything is already perfect. Take care of your body and listen to your intuition. Form and defend your opinions, but don’t get caught up in conflict that doesn’t serve your highest purpose. Seek cathartic healing of old wounds, so that you can move fully into the next phase.


These suggestions can help you balance your emotions during the Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you know what house in your birth chart 24 degrees Pisces is in, also read for that house.

Aries :: 12th house
Write down a dream or sit quietly in meditation.

Taurus :: 11th house
Get together with friends and brainstorm ways to make the world a better place.

Gemini :: 10th house
Create a plan to get super healthy, so you can be a more confident leader.

Cancer :: 9th house
Explore a new place and allow your intuition to be your guide book.

Leo :: 8th house
Tell someone you want to connect more closely to how you really feel.

Virgo :: 7th house
Invite somebody close to share in your latest project.

Libra :: 6th house
Tweak your schedule to make it more moderate, nurturing and balanced.

Scorpio :: 5th house
Do something creative that really ignites your imagination.

Sagittarius :: 4th house
Nest in your home space and hang out with loved ones.

Capricorn :: 3rd house
Enliven your mind. Learn something new and then share it.

Aquarius :: 2nd house
Put your bare feet on the ground. Literally—it’s called earthing!

Pisces :: 1st house
Step out of your comfort zone to make your mark. Do something that feels like a risk.

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A weekly horoscope for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

strong eye

Virgo or Virgo Rising
Tea leaves forming patterns. It feels so good to know. To have the facts. To step forward sure of your path. But right now you can’t know. You have to hold space for the mystery. You have to make room inside of you to allow for other people’s chaos. And your own chaos. And the chaos of the universe. Find your footing in the truth of your heart. Respect your intuition. Inspect the tea leaves. Even if you don’t know how to read them, you will know how to read them. All you need to do is listen very closely to the beating of your heart.

Libra or Libra Rising
A seesaw. This is a week to find balance. But you must use gravity to help you. You must not push too hard or you will disrupt the delicate order. You have to think about cause and effect. You have to tread lightly. Control only the things you can control. These things are logistical and mechanical. They have to do with cause and effect. Let go of the emotional and spiritual things that you cannot control. These things you can only witness. Show up as a witness but do not apply pressure here. You have two goals this week and they are on opposite sides of seesaw. One is to refine. The other is to listen. Your challenge is to fulfill each goal at the right moment.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising
Kittens eating food. The world needs your sweetness, your wildness, your generosity, your fire. Kittens are crazy, innocent, and fun. Be all of these things. Nourish your inner child. Push yourself to frolic. Let go of everything you’ve learned and focus on the part of you that is innocent and wild. Notice where you are being critical or judgmental and be creative instead. You need to express yourself now. It’s not always easy. We get caught up. We have responsibilities. We are sometimes habitually detached from joy. You can wash all of that off right now. Get joyful and nourish your inner wildness. Be courageous enough to give yourself the gift of freedom of expression.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising
Cross-country skiing. You are moving so fast. You need to be on the move right now. It’s healthy for you to explore your philosophies about humanity so that you can create new structure for your life. But this week offers you a chance to notice what grooves you are creating. What tracks are you following at breakneck speed? These grooves are foundational and they must be examined. The grooves in the snow are like the stories you tell yourself about life. Don’t tell yourself the story you don’t want to believe. Tell yourself the story you want to believe. Tell it to yourself over and over again. Make it into a love letter that you write to yourself. Nurture yourself with the story of your success.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising
Going through the tunnel of a slide at a waterpark. You are moving quickly through darkness. So much is unclear. So much is not yet understood. There is so much to be learned. It is time to tell yourself a different story. You can start by noticing where you are anxious.Your anxiety is really fear. And fear can be annihilated by changing the story that you tell yourself. Tell yourself a story in which you are safe. And brave. Begin at the beginning of the story. Begin fresh. Begin in the darkness.  You don’t always love the mystery of the darkness. You would generally prefer to be an expert, not a beginner. But right now you are learning the basics and nothing is as clear as you would like it to be. So champion your curiosity. Make this process lively, fun and adventurous.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising
Picking petals off a daisy. This symbol says something about hope. It’s a wish. “He loves me, he loves me not…” “She loves me, she loves me not…” A wish to merge. A hope to be together. This week you are reminded that you are always enough. And that you are always connected. Take the energy of your desire to be joined with another person and pour it into your own cup. Whether you are in a relationship or not, there is always an opportunity to feel more held by the universe. More safe and supported. So imagine the way it feels to be satisfied, fulfilled, secure and centered. Imagine these feelings with high emotion. Then fill your heart with gratitude for this experience. This is how you fill your cup. This is how your remind yourself of abundance.  Your task for this week is to sink into your rightful place on the crust of Mother Earth and to know through and through that you are enough. You are safe to be alive in this world and to be supported by it.

Pisces or Pisces Rising
Finding a path through tall grasses. Looking for a new path, leading the way. This week you lead. But here is the catch, you may be feeling more deeply and more intensely than usual. You have so much empathy for the experiences of other people that sometimes you can become overwhelmed. And when that happens you try to disappear. Don’t disappear now. Stay present. Keep listening closely for the voice of your intuition. That is the voice that will tell you where to lead us. It is the voice of your truth. It is the voice that you may have to be brave in order to hear. Trust your gut. There will be new heights of emotion this week. Conflicting emotion. But underneath all of that emotion, there will be the song of the truest part of you. Get quiet so that you can hear it.

Aries or Aries Rising
A unicorn’s horn. Something powerful and imaginary. Something ephemeral. This week you can experience a new flowering in the realm of your being that is concerned with faith. Are you a believer or a non-believer? Normally you prioritize reality, and reality is defined by the environment you can change at will. You believe in action. You believe in your own motivation. You believe in fire. But what about water? What about non-action? What about the void? What about the imaginary? What about the places that you can’t see, that you can’t change, that you can’t be certain of? What about the worlds that are behind the veil? The worlds that are made of chaos and dreams. The worlds that you can only guess at. The worlds that are too gauzy and vague to become the subject of your force. This vagueness must become the place where you focus your attention this week. Because in the vague and misty void you will find your new beginning. You may have to guess at it more than be sure of it. You may have to believe in it rather than see it. This week allow yourself to dissolve. Allow yourself to be unsure. Open your mind and surrender. Do this so that you can discover where to put your faith.

Taurus or Taurus Rising
Eating the highest leaves off the tree like a giraffe. Adapting. Creating innovative solutions. This week you can be gifted with a new solution. Something sudden and unexpected. Something that changes your future. But here is the catch— you have to be willing to receive it. And we all know how hard it can be to receive. You are meant to receive inspiration. To receive fully you have to get into your best receptive state. This is a state of gratitude. Begin with gratitude for the simple things. The air that surrounds you. The light through the trees. As you practice gratitude your neck will grow longer like a giraffe and you will reach a higher perspective. This higher perspective will help you receive inspiration. Your new solution. You can’t get to the solution from a place of lack. You must get to the solution from a place of gratitude. So go to the gratitude. If you try, you can easily put yourself there.

Gemini or Gemini Rising
A castle on the horizon. This symbol foretells of your dreams realized. Your stability. This week you are reminded that you must create a vision and then dig and in and work for it. Do the work. Roll up your sleeves. But keep your eye on the prize. This week you envision the ladder. You envision it rung by rung, step by step. See the structure that will take you where you need to go. Focus. Make a plan. It’s not always easy for you to do this. There are so many delightful places for the mind to wander. But keep batting away distractions and pour your heart into the vision of your destination. You have been on a bit of a roller-coaster lately. Now you need to feel your stability. Nothing offers stability like a very good plan. This is your chance to create a plan that you can repeatedly say Yes to.

Cancer or Cancer Rising
A spear flying through the air. When working with symbols, it is helpful to describe them the way you would to an alien who had never had contact with the imagery. “A spear flying through the air,” becomes “an object that is moving with force and is designed to impact the surface it contacts.” You are moving with force. You are moving toward knowledge. You are moving toward having an impact. You are philosophizing. You are hunting. You are seeking a new understanding and when you land, you will wish to change the nature of your environment with the thrust of your newfound opinion. This week you must go out of your shell and explore. Give up your safety and go. Let go of your container. Surprise yourself by being brave and vulnerable at the same time. You must soften your mind so that you can open up to new heights of knowledge. You will learn about your own humanity and the nature of humankind all at once.

Leo or Leo Rising
The long stems of a lily pad. Leo, this week you are learning how to open up and connect intimately with another. Whether you are in or out of relationship, you get to practice sharing your feelings honestly. This is how intimacy is birthed. Because of the nature of our society, sharing feelings is often a struggle. Often, it is not what we are taught to do. We must stretch ourselves to name our true emotions and share our true emotions. The stems of a lily pad stretch from the sandy soil at the bottom of the pond, all the way up to the surface. When they break out onto the surface of the pond, the lilies bloom in the full light of the sun. In just this way, you can stretch yourself to tell your emotional truth and breakthrough into full intimacy with another person. Take this risk. It is a practice that will help you share your light with the world.


With the lucky planet’s move into the sign of harmony, relationships and social justice, Jupiter in Libra will bring blessings for every sign, says Ash Bonelli… Artwork: Paula Duró


Jupiter, our cosmic Santa Claus, will enter the sign of Libra on September 9, 2016, and will stay here until October 10, 2017. Jupiter spends roughly a year in each sign creating a 12-year cycle. He basically vacations through each house of your natal chart giving you the opportunity to experience his qualities in each area of your life, and so each 12-year cycle signifies an all-encompassing period of growth. In astrology, each house also builds on and balances the one before it, bringing you experiences that help you gain knowledge and maturity with each passing phase.

Jupiter has been in the sign of its detriment, Virgo, for the last year. In non-astro speak, this means he’s been a bit uncomfortable. Jupiter wants to go BIG, and has the tendency to indulge if not kept in check. Virgo likes to look over each detail until everything is absolutely perfect no matter how long it takes. This past year these two opposing energies have made for strange bedfellows for sure! Jupiter has had to learn the art of pure focus and Virgo has had a chance to see the entire forest, not just the bark of each branch. Now that Jupiter is moving into the Libran area of your chart, life will run a bit more smoothly.

A reason to celebrate, since gratitude is the quickest way to usher in more gifts—which is what this planet is all about! Jupiter in Libra 2016 will highlight relationships of all kinds, which I will touch on below. Libra also likes elegance, balance, and fairness. Jupiter stands behind justice and equality. This transit will also highlight the other three cardinal signs, so you will also notice a boost to any area where you are Aries, Capricorn and Cancer.

This will be a welcome reprieve as the cardinal signs have been hit really hard over the last few years with the consciousness shifting Uranus/Pluto square. No matter where your planets reside you all have these signs in your chart so everyone will get a taste of Jupiter’s blessings! Listed below are some suggestions as to how Jupiter in Libra 2016 may express itself for your sign. If you have your chart, you can get a more accurate read of how Jupiter in Libra may impact your life by checking which house is ruled by Libra. Don’t have your chart? You can do it for free here—but you will need to know your exact time of birth to know which sign rules each house.

These are not rigid interpretations but rather some inspiration to get you thinking about that part of your life. Little jumping off points to help guide your free will and connect you to the flow of your path!

LIBRA :: LIBRA RISING (Jupiter in the 1st house)
Jupiter in the 1st house is about to expand possibilities around how you put yourself out in the world. This transit can add a nice boost to your self-confidence and can give your aura an extra sparkle. Jupiter in Libra can help you express yourself in a more successful way which in turn can bring about more opportunities for healing and growth. You may notice that you desire to be seen and heard more, especially in your personal relationships. You could use this transit to get more in touch with what you need out of your relationships and really be mindful of how your energy is given.

The 1st house also rules our bodies so this would be a great time to kick start any healthy endeavors that have been lingering about at the end of the to do list. You could switch up your diet to include more greens, start meditating to connect more to your higher self or start exercising. Whatever you choose to embark on will grow and most likely at a faster rate than usual but keep in mind that Jupiter can blow up even the negative choices. So choose wisely about your body, health and relationships this year!

VIRGO :: VIRGO RISING (Jupiter in the 2nd house)
This transit could amplify all 5 senses. You may feel the need to dive deeper into self-care and start a new routine around how you could love yourself more. The things in life that you value most could come up for review and this includes the relationship you have to yourself. Where and how you find pleasure will likely be more important in the year ahead. An emphasis could be placed upon your material world and how your possessions either make you feel more safe and secure or weighed down.

This transit can be a boost to your finances through a raise, promotion or career shift. This house usually doesn’t lend itself to quick abrupt changes though so the pace may move a bit slower than usual for Jupiter’s liking. Slow and steady wins the race though so enjoy the finer things in life without completely blowing through the extra funds you may find yourself having. Jupiter can blow things out of proportion so embrace what feels good while always keeping a foot planted on the grassy hills of reality. Also, enjoy the boost to your self-esteem and take time to figure out how you can create more stability in your life!

LEO :: LEO RISING (Jupiter in the 3rd house)
Jupiter is about to have a year long conversation with you. As he glides through your house of communication you might notice yourself becoming a bit more chatty. You may become more involved in your community or social groups. Your relationship to your siblings might be more prominent at this time as well. The 3rd house symbolizes our ability to express through teaching, writing and engaging so you may go back to school to catapult at new career path. Simply learning a new skill either through a structured program or a DIY book could capture your interest.

If you ever wanted to become a better public speaker, write an article for a magazine you love, start a blog or get involved with a charity, this would be your year to do it. Jupiter riding side saddle here can bring blessings that make us more confident and open. People seem to receive us in a really positive way which just builds on that amped up self-esteem! So get out and connect. Be open to possibilities such as fun weekend mini-trips, learning opportunities and all around growth in how you express you!

CANCER :: CANCER RISING (Jupiter in the 4th house)
Jupiter comes homes for you during this transit. The 4th house represents our family, our homes, our security and our roots. You may find yourself being more of a homebody than usual. Also, the desire to be more involved with your loved ones could grow stronger. This can also signify a time when a new member gets added to the family unit. Baby bells may be chiming! Home improvements or moving to a new residence could be in order. Jupiter wants room to grow and expand his independent intentions so you may need to work on creating more freedom within your family dynamics.

This could be a healing time for you, where you discover more about what you need to feel more secure and stable. Sometimes we have to grow past our comfort zones to really see what we are capable of and what we really need in our hearts. Elements of the past may come up for review as this house symbolizes our roots. You may discover more about your ancestry and get a better understanding of yourself via a new perspective and appreciation for the blood pulsing through your veins. Use this transit to connect deeper to someone in your family, blood or not and embrace what you need to feel more centered.

GEMINI :: GEMINI RISING (Jupiter in the 5th house)
Welcome to the party! Jupiter likes to enjoy himself in this house. This is traditionally the house of Leo so all things playful, dramatic, creative and expressive are going to be highlighted this time around. This is also the house of falling in love and dating. It’s the house where we flirt and the first flutters of romance are in the air. With the jovial king here you may meet someone new and have a passionate love affair. Considering this is a Jupiter in Libra transit, the potential for all romantic relationships will be highlighted. A jolt of new sparks could fly for the longtime couples as well so never fear if you are already happily paired up.

This could also be a time of heightened artistic expression. Keep in mind you don’t have to be a traditional artist to be creative, although if you are this could be an amazing year for you. Any hobby or craft already in your life could really grow in importance or you may find a completely new creative passion. This is also the house of indulgence so to keep from going overboard be respectfully mindful of the fact that Jupiter also enjoys the act of going over the top. He will big up anything he touches. So with that in mind embrace the fun and enjoy life but remember to keep your head above the water!

TAURUS :: TAURUS RISING (Jupiter in the 6th house)
Jupiter gets a new routine here. The 6th house governs over our bodies, our health, our need for perfection, our work routine and acts of service. Considering this transit is moving through Libra you may notice that you are paying more attention to the relationship you have with your body. This would be a great year to start eating more whole fresh foods, to start a new workout program and just be more aware of your mind/body connection. Another point of focus could be on your daily routines, (the little tasks that make life a bit dull) and how you could move through them with more efficiency.

The daily grind will either feel more fluid or you will recognize you need more freedom from certain routines. Now will be the time to correct your daily habits to better suit your needs. You may also see some success at work via a promotion or you may shift jobs entirely. Also, this could be a time where you get involved in some type of charity work that speaks to heart. Jupiter has faith in humanity and the universe so you may feel yourself naturally tap into that altruistic energy! Use this benefic presence to find perfection in the imperfections and to get healthier!

ARIES :: ARIES RISING (Jupiter in the 7th house)
Ah, the house of love! With Libra ruling this house, relationships of all kinds may always be a big focus in your life but with Jupiter moving in for the next year, he will be kicking things into high gear. This could be the year that you take your romantic relationship from dating to co-nesting or a bigger option, (remember Jupey poo likes BIG) wedding bells! With that said if you are in an unhealthy relationship this could also be the time that you cut those toxic strings and work on the love affair with your own heart. The Jupiterian energy will be there helping you to make big leaps that you may have been too scared to make beforehand. Just trust your heart and forge ahead with your head held high!

On the less love focused front, you may meet someone who would make the perfect business partner giving you the spark you need to embark on bringing those indie business dreams to fruition. Collaboration of all kinds could be major themes for the year! Get social and connect because you never know who is coming onto your path to help you out! We can meet our earth angels anywhere.

PISCES :: PISCES RISING (Jupiter in the 8th house)
Jupiter goes deep into the soul with this transit. This is the house of sex, death and taxes. The human shadow. Our spirit wounds. Our power and how we use it. You may find that you desire to have more control over your life in general and the positive energy now available with this transit is here to help you attain that goal. You may need to do some soul searching though because power is only a good thing when the intention behind it comes from a healthy and balanced place. You may start to see where you are out of balance when it comes to wanting to control certain people, situations or experiences in your life.

This is Scorpio’s house so stepping into the fire to come out anew is a dominant theme here. You may need to let go of an attitude, belief or person in order to overcome and heal. With the benefic energy here though you will have aid at your side. You will find the strength needed to evolve and grow past any self-imposed limits. This could also be a time of increased money in your pocket. This would most likely come  from an inheritance, property sale, legal issues being solved or any situation where the finances come from someone else instead of your job. Use this good energy to move past any soul blocks and come out on the other side with a happier healthier spirit!

AQUARIUS :: AQUARIUS RISING (Jupiter in the 9th house)
Jupiter loves the 9th house! This house governs all of his favorite subjects. Traveling, teaching, law, publishing, spirituality and philosophy. You may find yourself traveling or studying foreign cultures. Getting totally immersed in another language and lifestyle. Adventures are highly smiled upon during this transit. Also, education could be a big focus this year. You may go back and get the Master’s Degree that you’ve been dreaming about for years. This will probably be a year of thinking, understanding, learning, sharing and preparing. Like the 3rd house description above you may go to a traditional institution for your area of study or you may choose to teach yourself something new.

Either way, the amplified learning energy is there for the taking. Diving into a new spiritual practice or getting involved more intimately with your existing religious practices could be highlighted. Understanding your place in the world and understanding other people’s ways of life could provide valuable insights into your soul’s growth. Faith and optimism will be key features this year which you can apply to any section of your life for a boost of good energy. Use this auspicious time to learn more about yourself and your world! Learn a skill that you never thought you could before. Surprise yourself!

CAPRICORN :: CAPRICORN RISING (Jupiter in the 10th house)
Jupiter meets the boss! The beautiful benefit will be bringing the blessings to your career house. Polish up your public persona because you may find that you are in social situations where you are the focal point more often than usual. This is a good time to make your mark and put yourself out there for the world to see your greatness. You may get a promotion or venture into a new career field. This can be a very exciting time because everything you’ve been learning via Jupiter’s previous transits can be put to good use in how you express yourself. Think about any valuable lessons you have learned over the past year while Jupiter was in Virgo.

Those lessons can be applied into action steps now. You can also find a great new mentor during this transit as the 1oth house rules elders/bosses/authority. This could be someone who can help you shape up your goals to reach the next level. Be open to any opportunities to get in front of people because you never know who you will meet next on the path that could change your life! Jupiter is here to help you be in charge of your life. So get your GirlBoss on and go after your best dreams!

SAGITTARIUS :: SAGITTARIUS RISING (Jupiter in the 11th house)
Time to get social! This transit helps you expand your tribe. The people that you feel on a soul level really get you. All your unique traits are appreciated and even celebrated during this transit. You may have the desire to be way more social than usual. This always throws off the introverts, so never fear my little home dwellers, it’s only a year! Plus this isn’t the painful socializing we must do to “play the game.” This is fun, optimistic, heart opening experiences that make you fall in love with how awesome humans can be.

The 11th house is the home of hopes and wishes so it’s possible that your birthday wish could come true or something you worked very hard on over the past year while Jupiter was amping up your career house will come to fruition. You may also find a charity or cause that really speaks to your heart. You could find yourself giving back and discover a new way of being seen via really seeing others in an amazing, vulnerable way. Your attitude could also shift into more eccentric, unique and striking ways! Embrace your own quirky behaviors, have fun with your new friends and get connected with a cause that makes this a better world for us all!

SCORPIO :: SCORPIO RISING (Jupiter in the 12th house)
Jupiter goes undercover. This is more of an internally felt transit. After a year of Jupiter being in your social 11th house you may want this year ahead to be more private. This has a very healing, lunar, yin energy to it. You can use this time to integrate all of the experiences good or bad that you’ve had via your previous 11 Jupiter transits. This is a great time to start a meditation practice to let go of any unwanted gunk that has built up in your psyche. Restorative Yoga or Tai Chi would also be good choices to help cleanse the energetic body. Jupiter can bless you with the positive energy to work on your relationship to self-love and help you create new healthy practices.

You can think of this next year as healing prep for the new cycle that will begin when Jupiter moves into your 1st house and touches on your Ascendant. Shedding old skin and parsing through your soul’s needs so you can move ahead fresh and ready for Jupiter’s next 12 year sojourn. There can also be a focus on any health issues that have been buried or ignored that need addressing. Use this time to deeply check-in with yourself, find something to revere and honor in your life and allow the time needed to emerge from this blessed chrysalis!



How will Jupiter in Libra affect your sign? Get a reading of this week’s cosmic climate, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

strong eye astrology jupiter in Libra frog lily pad the numinous

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A frog leaping among lily pads. A frog represents transition. You are using your strong legs to propel you to a new environment. Strength and flexibility. Let yourself expand without fear. Sometimes it feels scary to change and grow. Just leap through it. This week you experience an unveiling that affects your relationships and your home/family. This unveiling has been building since November 2015 and now reaches a point of new understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in your relationship house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of home and family for the last year. Whatever has been coming up for you because of this face-off between idealized relationship and restricted home/family will work through its final stages over the next two weeks and the lessons may become more clear.

The frog symbol helps you remember to transition easily and naturally from tadpole to frog body and from land to water. Use this symbol to help you move easily through transitions. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves from your personality house to your house of self-worth this week to stay for a year. Over the last year, you have been expanding in your knowledge of who you are. You have been able to make your mark on the world. Now you move forward to expansion in your feelings of self-worth. This shift may even bring you financial abundance in the next year. You are entering a time of building your sense of security in the world.

Libra or Libra Rising
Stone steps leading through a garden. You find stable footing as you move through an enchanting and mysterious natural world. Stepping on the stones is like finding a solid idea to hold onto. You are trying to reconcile your conceptual ideas with your daily existence. Your daily habits may be feeling unbalanced, you may not be feeling grounded. Yet it’s not for lack of knowing how you want to your health and habits to be. This week you experience an unveiling that affects your mindset and your habits. This uncomfortable energy has come up a couple of times since November 2015 and now it becomes exact for the last time. Neptune (mystery) is in your house of health and habits and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of conscious thoughts or mindset. If you have been foggy about how you would like to feel in your body or in your daily health practices, this week marks the final tension between these two energies.

After September 20th the garden of your life will feel less mysterious and more practical. You will be better able to bring your ideas into practice. Yet, don’t move away from this time without learning your lessons, they may revolve around two questions: Where are your ideas about the world limiting your experience? and What are you in denial about regarding your health and habits? Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves from the realm of your subconscious and into your identity sector, to stay for a year. Get ready for a year of expanding your awareness of who you are. You are ready to be seen, noticed and remembered. You are ready to lead. Take yourself seriously this year. Use the information you gathered about your subconscious patterns to help you create the life you want. Learn about yourself and shine bright with your true identity.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A horse taking jumps. The enthusiastic horse approaches a new challenge. There is an energy of risk-taking, sport and abundant energy to this symbol. You’ve taken a leap and you’re just about to land. A successful leap is only possible when you have sure footing. Over the last year, you’ve been learning lessons about your stability in the world. Stability makes fun possible. This week you experience a new understanding that affects both your sense of stability and your joyful self-expression. This new understanding is a point of tension that has been building since November 2015 and now reaches it’s final apex. Neptune (mystery) is in your creativity house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of security. You must now reconcile security limitations with your dreams of self-expression.

After September 20th, you will have resolved the lessons of these tense energies. Take this time to feel really really safe. Embrace your sense of security and reaffirm your belief in the abundance of the world. If there has been fog or confusion around your creativity, let it burn away now. Question any self-imposed limitations. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into the realm of your dreams and subconscious to stay for a year. This year you’ll be able to heal karma and subconscious stories that are no longer serving you. Use powerful positive affirmations and hypnosis to shift your subconscious beliefs. Take leaps and jumps into a new subconscious awareness.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Scooping ice cream. This symbol is about independent choice (you scoop the ice cream) and self-nurturance (food symbols usually ends up being about nurturance.) Do you know who you are? And, how do you take care of yourself? This week you experience an unveiling that affects your sense of self and your home/family. This unveiling has been building since November 2015 and now reaches a point of new understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in your house of home and family and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of identity. This could create a friction that has to do with knowing who you are in relation to where you came from. Or it could be about expanding into your true personality while freeing yourself from a need to be a caretaker to others. You are ready to take yourself seriously. Now you need to reconcile that with your idealizations about your home and family.

Idealization is not inherently good or bad. We all need to have a clear ideal that we can navigate toward. But, idealization that’s a denial of reality is a problem. Find your stability. Nurture yourself. Create a stable sense of home for yourself by honoring your emotions. This week, Jupiter moves into your house of hopes and community, to stay for a year. Your dreams for yourself and for society get a boost this year. Tune into your purpose and your sense of social justice. You will gain the most expansion from sharing and connecting with large groups of people. Open yourself to inspired thinking that will help you re-envision your future.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A sling shot. Cause and effect. Pull back the sling and let physics take care of the rest. Aim true. This week you experience an tension that affects the relationship between your subconscious and conscious mind. This tension has been happening since November 2015 and now brings awareness to this issue one final time. Neptune (mystery) is in the arena of your conscious mind and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in the arena of your subconscious. The sling represents your subconscious mind. It is on automatic. Whatever action you apply to the sling, it will use the equal reaction to shoot. What conscious action will you apply?

Wherever you have been on automatic, you have been experiencing pain. In fact, look at the issues where you feel stuck. Those issues are where you will need to start to apply a new kind of conscious pressure. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into your career house to stay for a year. This is an excellent time for you to reach for your highest career goals. You will be supported in shining in the public eye. Use this time to align with your purpose and feel the satisfaction of social recognition.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Fairies in the woods. Fairies signify healing. You are being nudged to heal your sense of personal security and commune with like-minded individuals. This week you experience a tension that affects your sense of community and your sense of security. This tension has been building since November 2015 and now reaches a point of new understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in your security house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of community and future visions. You may have been learning how to reconcile your individual security with the needs and dreams of a tribe. You are learning to feel safe enough to be connected. You won’t lose any part of yourself by engaging with the group.

By September 20th, you will feel much more secure in the world and the limitations you have felt in either community or dreams for the future will take a different tone. Stabilize yourself by looking at the natural world for clues of abundance. Go out into the woods and commune. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters your house of philosophy, travel, and exploration this week. Jupiter is happiest in this house. Let yourself expand to the highest perspective you can find. Travel and explore to learn more about yourself. Broaden your horizons this year.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Crossed axes. The crossed axes are instructing you to stop and review.  This week you experience an unveiling that affects your career and your identity. This unveiling has been constant since November 2015 and now reaches a point of final understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in your identity house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your career house. This is a moment of discovery. If you have not felt quite clear on how to assert yourself in your career, the lessons will become more obvious. The fog is ready to burn away, but not quite yet.

By September 20th you will have more clarity about who you are and how you are making your mark on the world. If you have felt stuck in relation to career or identity, this influence is simply showing you what you are ready learn. Slow down and review your lessons. This week there is another major shift. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is entering the house that rules your ability to let go. This is also the house that signifies merging in emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual union with another person. Throughout the year your abundance will come from letting go of all of the things that no longer serve you. Allow space for all of your emotions. Feel expansion through trusting yourself and trusting your ability to merge in union with another.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Mountain climber. Climb higher to get a better view. Enhance your perspective. This week you experience a tension that affects your philosophies and your subconscious. This tension has been constant since November 2015 and now reaches a moment of new understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in your subconscious house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of philosophy and exploration. As you climb the mountain, you gain a larger perspective of the world. Right now you are learning through expansion of your mind. Higher learning. This is not always easy. You may be breaking through some out-dated mental constructions.

This is a time for you to notice where you feel mentally pinched. Is it time for a new philosophy? Is it time for more awareness about how your subconscious habits are affecting your life? This is a wake-up call. Get out into the brusque mountain air and find clarity and a new perspective. This week brings Jupiter into your house of one-on-one relationships. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and this year you are able to create more joy in partnership. Expand through understanding that you are supported. You are safe to be seen. Your identity is enhanced through partnership.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Leaves falling from trees. This week brings you to a tension about how you control your environment. You are being asked to majorly let go of control. Wherever you experience a need to have power, that is where you will need to dissolve. This tension has been present since November 2015 and is now exact for one final time. Neptune (mystery) is in your community house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of control/letting go. Your friendships, your community, how you interact with the world around you… all of this is changing color like the leaves of the trees and falling, falling, falling. You must let go. You must examine your emotions and surrender to the changes. Get your emotional needs met without trying to control your environment. It’s a delicate balance.

Over the last year you have had Jupiter moving through your house of creativity and self expression. Jupiter has brought you abundance and growth in these areas. Joy, love and creativity have been flourishing. Now Jupiter, the planet of expansion moves into your house of health and habits. You are entering a year of growth around health and efficiency. This year, set intentions for your most grounded and structured daily habits. Feel good in your body. Make your days happy and healthy. Learn about what habits would suit you best. Let go of whatever is no longer working for you and find new ways of living.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Dominoes lined up. The dominoes show how everything is connected. One moves and the rest move with it. This week you may experience tension that has been affecting your relationship and career since November 2015. This tension now reaches a point of new understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in your career house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of primary relationship. Relationships teach the biggest lessons. They are a mirror for self. You have been learning great lessons from relationship, and there has been some fog or confusion around it. Career has also been limited because the dominoes aren’t lined up correctly.

These lessons will reach final resolve by September 20th. Use this time to write about where you have felt limited. Jupiter enters your arena of creativity and self-expression, to stay for a year. Amp up your experience of joy. The key here is playfulness. Watch children play and emulate that kind of action. Expand through joy and expression.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A porcupine. Porcupine is helping you move from self-judgement toward imagination and innocence. This week you experience an unveiling that affects your habits and your philosophies. This unveiling has been building since November 2015 and now reaches a point of new understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in your philosophy and world view house and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your house of daily habits. Sometime we can be hard on ourselves. If you have been self-critical about how you live your daily life, it’s time to expand your philosophies. Find a more imaginative philosophical framework that will let you ease up on yourself.

This week Jupiter moves into your house of home and family to stay for a year. This is a year of building your emotional security. Be very gently with yourself. Nest and feel loved. Expand through your emotional support systems.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Sledding down a hill. Coasting. Blades cut through the snow. Cold air. Breathless. Letting go. Surrendering control to allow for joy. This week you experience a tension that affects your creativity and how you let go of control. This tension has been building since November 2015 and now reaches a point of new understanding. Neptune (mystery) is in the area of your chart that rules control/letting go and has been squaring off with Saturn (lessons) in your creativity zone. You may have been feeling restrictions around how you express yourself. You may have been feeling lack of clarity around your emotions and what they are trying to tell you about your psychology. You are being reminded to define and validate your emotions. Allow them. Let go of trying to control them. This week marks the final tension between your creativity and your need for control. Just let go. Get out of your own way. Let yourself be. Let yourself shine forth just exactly as you are. Coast. Fly free.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into the area of your chart that rules thoughts and communications. Jupiter will stay here for a year, helping you define your ideas and communicate your truth. It’s time to embrace the “beginner’s mind.” Your biggest growth will come from opening your mind, studying and learning. Rev up your curiosity about the world. Look at everything fresh. Speed up your thinking. Remember that children learn through play, so make your year of education fun and imaginative.


The Virgo New Moon Eclipse is an invitation to refine and redesign your world from the inside out, says Sandra Sitron. Artwork: Anastasia Borowska

Virgo New Moon Eclipse 2016 illustration girl The Numinous

We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo on Thursday, September 1st at 5:03 am ET

The New Moon is a chance to start fresh. And THIS New Moon coincides with a Solar Eclipse, which also speaks to new beginnings. At the time of a Solar Eclipse, we collectively experience a massive reset. If we want to follow the flow of this energy, it is a time to be quiet and feel into where we are ready to make a fresh start.

Occurring in Virgo, the cosmos suggests that this fresh start may be in the area of Self-Improvement. Virgo refines, refines, and refines some more. And Virgo practices. With each new approach Virgo makes practical adaptations and adjustments. Because Virgo is an Earth sign, the focus here is on improving anything that is of the material world. Our health. The environment. The work that we do to sustain ourselves.

I have the sense that this Virgo New Moon Eclipse as being like the moment just before conception. No plans have been made. The DNA has not yet been arranged. We are in the space between breaths; a moment that is at once empty and full of promise. Virgo is so practical, so earthly, and so full of thoughts. This New Moon offers a chance for the thoughts to stop and a door to open. So where does the doorway lead?

As you ponder this question, allow yourself as much space as you need. Know that you can change everything or nothing. Give yourself the gift of agency and of vision. Start asking yourself questions and writing intentions. Know that anything is possible. When you write an intention, imagine how it would feel if that intention were actualized. Muster up this feeling with high-emotion and sit with it momentarily.

These questions may help prompt Virgo New Moon intentions…

– What adjustments do you want to make in your habits?
– What adjustments do you want to make in your schedule?
– What adjustments do you want to make in your work?

If your body could talk, what would IT say to you? What does your body need? Write a letter addressed from your body to yourself. And now ask…

– What is the smallest change you can make to improve your health?
– What would support you most in creating positive changes in your life?
– What is one thing you can easily shift to make your life more efficient?
– What is one thing taking up your time and energy that is not a priority? Can you change it?


The Stellium in Virgo
The concentric circles of a ripple in water.
The Moon joins the Sun, North Node, Jupiter and Mercury, all clustered in the sign of Virgo. A grouping of planets and points like this is called a Stellium. A Stellium creates a powerful focus of energy. This energy says: In this fresh start we reflect (Mercury Retrograde,) we expand (Jupiter) and we align with our purpose (North Node). Underlying all of this, we are making practical adjustments that bring us closer to our Earthly ideals (Virgo).

The symbol of the ripple in water shows us how powerful and focused this energy is. What intention caused the ripple in the water? How far will it reach? For there to be a ripple in water, the water must be still. Virgo energy is hardly ever still. Mutable Virgo energy is represented by the spiral—continuous adjustments to thoughts and actions. Part of Virgo medicine is the practice of mindfulness. Stilling the waves of the mind through meditation is a critical piece in the Virgo story. This stellium helps us create mindfulness and set focused new intentions for reflection, expansion and alignment with purpose. Then we can watch the ripples change our lives.


The New Moon is in a T-Square with Mars, Saturn and Neptune. A T-Square is an aspect pattern (two squares and an opposition), that looks like an arrow in the sky. It is tension that provokes action. By design, it helps us motivate. The stimulus to motivation is the challenge.

The New Moon Square Saturn and Mars
An arrow flies into the wind.
The arrow in flight is us being brought to emotional action. We can no longer deny our needs. We can no longer deny who we are. We must come to some sort of confrontation with the wind. We are moving through the wind and yet it pushes against us, restricting and blocking. Through the restriction we grow stronger. We need the restriction. We need the confrontation. We need to move through it so that we can finally see the truth.

The New Moon Opposite Neptune
A jigsaw puzzle falls to the floor.
We see the truth but then it vanishes. Or we create a picture of the truth and then realize that it was not real. We need to look and look again. We need to pick up the pieces and decide how they fit together. Maybe they create a different picture than the one we thought we saw. We need to do the work of fitting the pieces together one by one so that we can move toward the big picture that we desire.

This aspect tantalizes us with fantasy. Fantasy is how we manifest what we desire. Yet fantasy is also a construction of our subconscious. If we fantasize without practicing mindfulness, we will falter. If we create stories that are based on unexamined and outdated subconscious beliefs we will be continuously starting the puzzle from scratch.


So in the dark of this Virgo New Moon eclipse, sit and quiet your mind. Create a fantasy that reflects your truth. This will be your vision. Put it together piece by piece. Watch as the arrow gains strength and speed. Watch as the ripples of your intentions cause positive change. Pause in this moment before conception, practice stillness, and then use the below mantra for your sign to practice the art of refinement.

Aries :: Aries Rising
“My habits feel healthy and mindful. I enjoy efficiency in my daily life.”

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
“I am a conscious creator. I live a joyous and abundant existence.”

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
“I create a warm and loving nest. I nurture myself and I feel supported.”

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
“I am curious and playful.”

Leo :: Leo Rising
“I feel abundant and easeful. I believe in my inherent worth.”

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
“I fan the fire of my individuality. I am just as I need to be. All is well.”

Libra :: Libra Rising
“I am always connected because all of life is connected.”

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
“I encourage my hopes, dreams and aspirations. I envision a bright future for the collective.”

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
“I align easily with my purpose. I am moving forward.”

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
“I seek new philosophies.”

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
“I trust that I am safe to feel my feelings.”

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
“I am supported in relationship.”


A sign-by-sign reading of this week’s cosmic climate, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

strong eye astrology august 29 2016 the numinous


Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A balloon floating in the sky. This is an important time for you to zero in on who you are, what you need, and where you are going. The next few weeks will bring a look to the past. What have you not been communicating? Where have you been ignoring your truth? This week, on Thursday’s New Moon, use your imagination to envision how you would like your life to be. Because of the New Moon making a square to Saturn, it may be easier to see what is blocking you from your vision. But Saturn blocks us because he wants us to stop and learn a lesson. The lesson for you could be about denying emotions, or issues with home or family. Or all of the above. Use this time to refocus your desire for self-improvement. Rediscover how you can best be of service to the world. Honor your process by giving yourself the support you need to blossom. Your regiment can include ritual, blessing, prayer, meditation, cleansing, healthy eating, exercise, a structured schedule, or time in nature. The “balloon floating away” symbolizes letting go. Let go of worries and anxiety. Create a vision and focus on that instead.

Libra :: Libra Rising
An orange sunset. Your sunset symbolizes your journey into the night. The night is the subconscious stories and patterns that are not always seen. Over the next few weeks you will revisit old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you. You may need to retreat. You may need to get very quiet so that you can see your deepest truth. Thursday’s New Moon gives you a chance to plant seeds for new habits and new behaviors. To create the new habits, you will have to look at the old habits. You are journeying into the night, into the mist, so use all of your senses and emotions as your guide. Thursday’s New Moon will square Saturn, so you may find that it’s easiest to see your subconscious patterns by recognizing where you are challenged. The challenges will be coming from your mindset (is the chatter of your mind too loud right now?) The challenges may also be coming from relationships with friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or siblings. Or it may be that you need to learn or communicate something important. Seek balance first by giving yourself empathy and creating a dialogue with your innermost self. Write yourself a letter. Journal. Ask yourself questions and wait for the answers. If you are having trouble making decisions it means that you need to pay attention to your true feelings. Watch the bright orange sunset and then journey boldly into the night.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Drinking a lemonade on the front porch as you watch the storm roll in. This symbol is about calmly watching a storm of emotion. A perfect storm is brewing. But you understand that the plants need the rain, that all of life is a cycle. You understand that the emotions must come through, must be seen, explored, observed. And that then it will pass. Right now your focus is on how all of humanity has the same experience, and how we can all work together to create a better future. The future starts with you. Over the next few weeks you may revisit how you imagine your own future. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Do you still encourage your hopes, dreams and aspirations? Can you still envision a better future for the collective? As you watch the storm of emotion roll in and you notice how people collectively react, can you stay focused on the solution and not the problem? Use the New Moon on Thursday to create powerful and magical visions and intentions for the future. For you own personal dreams and for the future of humanity. Live in the vision. Live in the solution. Give your wishes to the Moon and let her plant the seeds. The New Moon and Saturn will be square and this aspect creates a challenge that is meant to help you grow. The challenge you are facing comes from a need for security and a possible fear of scarcity. Notice where you feel like you don’t have enough. This feeling may be impacting your optimism. Find small ways to get your needs met. Notice and practice gratitude for what you have. Watch your emotions, learn from your emotions, and nourish yourself with optimism.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A camel on a long walk. The “camel on a long walk” symbolizes your quest and adaptability. Over the next few weeks you may find yourself going over your career goals and ambitions with a fine tooth comb. Are you on track to your destination? Have you gone off course? What details did you miss? What is your true ambition? Thursday’s New Moon brings a moment for you to refocus your career goals and create new intentions for how you want to shine out in the world. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow by challenging us. Sometimes this challenge feels like a block. Your challenge is about your identity and personality. Who are you really? Notice if you are getting caught up in public opinion or if you are worrying too much about what other people think. You may be taking yourself very seriously. Allow any challenge that may come up about who you are to help you identify who you want to be out in the world. Adapt like the camel—adapt to new vision of yourself. Then identify your career goals and proceed on your journey.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Tossing dice. Over the next few week you will be revisiting how you can be of service to the world. Maybe you need to take more risks, as your symbol would suggest. Maybe you need to travel more and find out who you are in relation to the world. Every trip and exploration that you take will be a discovery of something that was missed forgotten. You need to review so that you can move forward fully informed. Thursday’s New Moon happens in the area of your chart that rules travel, exploration and risk-taking. Put yourself out of your comfort zone. Do it so that you can rediscover who you are and how you can serve humanity. The New Moon on Thursday offers you a chance to set intentions for growth, risk-taking, discovery, adventure, exploration, expansion and optimism. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn creates a challenge that is meant to help us grow. Your current challenge comes from unexamined habits and patterns. If you feel blocked, pay close attention to your emotions to discover why. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Ask yourself where the feeling is located in your body. Ask yourself when the first time you had that feeling was. Try to rediscover the root experiences and memories that may be subconsciously creating your feelings. Investigate your subconscious so that you can create more conscious awareness and expand. Take two risks this week. One risk you need to take is to delve deep into the mysteries of your psyche. The other risk is to expand out into the world and discover who you are and how you can be of service.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A pig rolling in the mud. The boar or pig symbolizes spiritual strength. Connection to Mother Earth is strong in this symbol. Mud, like blood, can symbolize primordial substance. The next few weeks you may find yourself revisiting you own “mud.” Your deepest primal emotions. Your comfort with life cycles. Birth—Sex—Death—Birth. You may experience a personal rebirth. Thursday’s New Moon creates an opportunity for you to set intentions for letting go. Where have you been holding on to control? Roll in the mud and cleanse and heal yourself. Let everything that is not necessary fall away. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn presents a challenge that is meant to help you grow. The challenge comes from your current ability to believe in a bright future for yourself and the collective. Hold on to your highest hopes and aspirations. If you find it hard to get perspective, focus on the mud. Dig into your emotions and allow cathartic healing to take place.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Looking into a clear pond. You peer into the pond and see a clear reflection of yourself. Over the next few weeks you will be revisiting how you are in relationship to others. Do you ask for everything you need? Do you communicate? Are you seen and heard? Do you listen to others? Is there balance? Are you able to give and receive? Thursday’s New Moon will happen in your house of relationship, so this will be your chance to set intentions for your best vision of relationship. What exactly is your vision? Don’t ask yourself what you think is possible, ask yourself what you want. Then give your wishes to the Moon. Plant these seed intentions in your mind. Create affirmations for fulfilling relationships. The New Moon makes a square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow by challenging us. Your current challenge may have to do with how you are out in the world. You may feel blocked or stuck in your career or vocation. This is an opportunity for you to take yourself more seriously and create the exact career that you want. Part of your purpose is to help people evolve into the highest versions of themselves. Make sure to get enough time for meditation and retreat this week so that you can stay centered in your vision. Take very good care of yourself. Build up your strength as you usher in a new vision of relationship and career while maintaining your own center.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Fireflies. The symbol of the firefly takes us into the world of the insects. Insect symbolism usually points to tenacity, patience and detachment. All of these qualities are important to you right now. Over the next few weeks you will be revisiting the practical systems of your life. Muster up patience and systematically create better habits and organization for yourself. You will be reviewing the details. Digging into the “small picture.” Cleaning out the junk drawer. Thursday’s New Moon happens in the area of your chart that rules self improvement. For this you will need tenacity and detachment. Don’t allow self-improvement to feel self-critical. Instead, focus on setting intentions for healthy habits. Improve your productivity and work flows. Keep chipping away at what isn’t working and make adjustments. Frame these adjustments in a positive light. How would you like your daily life, work and health to feel? Saturn will be making a square to the New Moon. Saturn challenges us so that we can grow. Your challenge will be coming from your philosophies about life. If you are blocked right now, you may decide to review your beliefs about the world. Maybe it’s time to look at the big picture in a different way. Maybe a shift in philosophy will further your ability to expand. Seek out inspiration.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Ice fishing. Fragrant smelling begonias. The flowers are bright and delightful. Over the next few weeks you will revisit your relationship with your creativity. You may realize that you need to have more fun. The world needs your special gifts. This New Moon offers you a chance to shine. Set intentions to share your creative spirit with the world. And contemplate how you would like to have more fun and play in your life. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow by showing us a place where we are restricted. The challenge you face comes from the area of your chart that rules control and letting go. Where can you relax and become more playful? Maybe you can let go of old emotions by expressing them through your creativity. If you find yourself feeling very somber, it means that you have some digging to do. You need to dig into your deep emotions. Focus on the bright flowers. They can remind you of joy, beauty, and grace as you let go of what you no longer need. When you are unburdened it will be easier to shine bright in the full light of your creative self.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Eating grapes off the vine. Nourishing and nurturing yourself. Over the next few weeks you will be reviewing your sense of emotional security. How you take care of yourself. How you work with your emotions. The New Moon on Thursday brings you a chance to set intentions around emotions, home and family. Home can mean the home that you live in now, the home that you came from, your ancestors, or your roots. Family can mean the family that you came from and the family that you create. Think about how you want to process your emotions. Think about what you want your home and family to feel like. Then create powerful intentions and give your wishes to the moon. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow through showing us something challenging. This challenge may show up in the area of relationships. Relationships can teach us so much about ourselves. If you are feeling a block or a challenge in the area of relationships, you may be able to work through it by setting intentions for emotional security. Feed yourself those grapes of nurturance. Take care of your inner child so that you are feeling secure. This can help you show up in relationship from a place of internal stability.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Swimming laps. Back and forth in the water. Laps symbolize repetition, practice, and health. Water symbolizes your emotions. You need create a practice that can support your mindset. You may be all over the place mentally right now. If so, this would be related to emotional ups and downs. Over the next few weeks you will be re-examining how you think and how your thoughts influence your emotions. The New Moon on Thursday can help you set intentions for learning and connecting. You may need to engage in a lot of conversations with your community. You may want to uncover all of the facts. Get really curious. Interview yourself. Ask lots of questions of yourself and others. But don’t get too attached to what you learn. Just let the learning flow in and see what you find. This New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn shows us where we need to grow by presenting a challenge. The challenge you are working with has to do with your ability to create healthy habits. A meditation practice will be very helpful now. Find a repetitive practice that feels grounding. Allow yourself to swim back and forth in the pool of your emotions. Notice what comes up with curiosity. Keep churning the waters without getting too attached to your thoughts. There is so much mental energy affecting you right now, notice what comes up in your mind and then let it all go. Set intentions to be lightly curious.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A blazing bonfire. The bonfire symbolizes a ceremony, a party, or a cleansing ritual. Over the next few weeks you will take a closer look at how you sustain yourself. Have you been meeting your basic needs?Do you believe in abundance? This New Moon offers you a chance to set fresh intensions for abundance and security. Build a big bonfire. Watch the leaping flames and burn away any fears of not having enough. Remind yourself that you are sustained by Mother Earth and by your own inherent resilience and creativity. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn challenges us so that we can grow. You challenge comes from believing in your own light and creativity. You shine as bright as the bonfire, but right now it may be hard for you to see your path. You are going through a time period of re-examining how you share your creativity with the world. Use this moment to set intentions that will help you believe in your own worth and creative gifts.

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Virgo season brings an invitation to revel in the details, say Cara George & Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising

white caftan virgo season by Mojave Rising on The Numinous

Virgo season asks us to sharpen our tools, clarify our intentions, and get back down to the sweet labors of love that just feel good in our bodies. The zodiac’s so-called “virgin” is actually a fiercely self-contained sensualist who’s married to her own internal code, trusts deeply in her distinctiveness, and finds delicious divinity in daily detail.

It’s a month for relaxing into the subtlest material pieces of our lives—from savored flavors and ephemeral scents to watching the way the light hits the pavement just so—and for relishing in the feeling of processual work that moves with the rhythm of what is without having to prove anything at all.

The astrological Queen of the intricate and the refined reminds us that we are a part of every last thing that surrounds us and that every last thing absolutely matters because heaven is most definitely a place of earth.

The keyword is Alignment

The song lyrics are: “I’m every woman/It’s all in me/Anything you want done baby/I’ll do it naturally”—Whitney Houston, “I’m Every Woman.” Check out our Virgo season playlist, complete with considered lyricism, wild women, and pop gravitas.

The color palette: soft metallics and shifting sands: salmon pinks, rose golds, light caramels, and pure silver.

desert sand full moon virgo season by Mojave Rising on The Numinous

The style: 1930s Greta Garbo meets Southwestern naturalism: refined yet rustic glamor, caftans paired with high-heeled boots, intricate art deco jewelry, nude lips, loose braids and buns, copper lockets, and just enough coverage to spark the sensuous imagination.

red hair chanel jewelry Virgo Season by Mojave Rising on The Numinous

The scents and flavors: simple trusted tastes, herbaceous blends, and medicinal elixirs. Think rosemary, camphor, fresh bread, bergamot, tisanes, and hot cobbler carefully concocted with seasonal fruits.

virgo season

The healing: considered, refined, and earthily aligned. Try tasting menus, perfume making, Marie Kondo-style closet cleansing, or even the slowly revelatory art of burlesque dancing.

Sensuous Invitation of the Month: Interior Design (by sign below)

With Mercury stationing retrograde in Virgo, Venus and Jupiter entering Libra, and the final Saturn-Neptune square, it’s a month for getting our houses in order, making use of the materials on hand, and bowing at the altar of aesthetics. For letting the material world refine our values and bring us all the way back home to what we truly love. From Barbie dreamhouse jacuzzis to Southern country kitchens, it’s time to realign our environment with our interior selves, and to move majestically and naturally through the spaces that surround us.

Virgo season invites you to infuse some of your full-throttle thrill seeking with a careful consideration that strategizes before leaping and allows the world to sometimes have the first move. Design Inspiration: Release into the dazzling sensation of the world infusing the interior by clearing the area around your windows and treating them as pieces of art à la Julius Shulman’s iconic 1960 photograph of the Stahl house.

Virgo season invites you to trust that you already have more than enough of what you need and to tap into your ability to repurpose what you already have into something gorgeously useful. Design Inspiration: Channel the restored farmhouses of Taschen’s Country Interiors as you dig into your soul dirt by repurposing objects, reupholstering prized furniture pieces, and reveling in local rummage sales.

Virgo season invites you to return to the sensations of your body as you learn to read and value environmental cues as much as you do intellectual ones. Design Inspiration: Relax into treehouse dreams with Joel Allen’s British Columbia masterpiece sourced entirely from craigslist materials, and experiment with small seasonal shifts in your own space by mixing indoor with outdoor- even if it’s just tricking out your fire escape with sparkling lights or placing found stones in your sink basin.

Virgo season invites you to celebrate distinguished solitude as much as you do emotional relationship. Design Inspiration: Channel the DIY solitude of converted sheds by creating a space of your own—whether it’s affixing glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling for private night dreaming, or cordoning off a corner of shared space entirely for yourself.

Virgo season invites you to step away from the proscenium as you relax into behind the scenes labors without always having to show yourself. Design Inspiration: Conjure the inward-facing glitter and sparkle of the Madonna Inn’s bombastic Barbie bathroom by decking out your boudoir with jewel-encrusted toiletry boxes, and writing yourself impassioned lipstick messages on your mirror.

Virgo season invites you to rediscover the wild sensualism of your inner witchy woman who follows her own credo. Design Inspiration: Evoke the high-quality, woodsy wildness of the fur, fire, and open air bathtubs of Palm Springs’ Sparrows Lodge with a singular, luxe design piece made from natural materials like a marble slab, bamboo soap dish, or wool rug.

Virgo season invites you to discover the “beautility” in your world by blending your idealized aesthetic sensibilities with down-to-earth usefulness. Design Inspiration: Channel the majestically utilitarian Library of Congress with organizational pieces that are also decadent and gorgeous.

Virgo season invites you to marry your emotional intensity to material complexity as you investigate the intricate detail of the world that surrounds you. Design Inspiration: Explore the elaborate Art Nouveau design of the Parisian metro system by experimenting with patterned wallpaper or trompe l’oeil at home.

Virgo season invites you to take your passion and make it happen as you delight in the earthy sensation of grounding your most far-flung visions in the material world. Design Inspiration: Motor west with inspiration from Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico, and invite the open road into your space with 50s Americana kitsch design elements.

Virgo season invites you to celebrate the process of refinement without this having to match internally or externally imposed standards. Design Inspiration: Move towards the sensations of slow cooking and process-based work by conjuring warm Mediterranean-style kitchens through decoratively usable rotating spice racks, hanging fruit baskets, and dishes affixed to the wall.

Virgo season invites you to trade in some of your panoramic thinking for delicious attention to detail. Design Inspiration: Delight in the futuristic efficiency of the tiny house movement and play with proportion in your own space with terrariums or dollhouses.

Virgo season invites you to step out of the endless seas of possibility to practice the art of discernment. Design Inspiration: Strip down with spiritually-aligned Japanese minimalism and infuse this practice in your own space by cleansing one room, or building your design around a singular object or color.


A symbolic reading of this week’s cosmic climate for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

strong eye

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
At the bottom of a well. The well is deep and symbolizes your emotions, your connections with your family, your mother, your sense of security, your home. If, over the last few months, you have felt murky in regards to home, family, mother, ancestors, or emotions, then the lessons can now resolve and action will become more possible. You must spend time in the watery well. Practice allowing. Practice acceptance. Practice being your own best mother as you sit still with your emotions. Simultaneously this week, your mental faculties are keen and your sense of abundance is reinvigorated. Use these gifts to help yourself process and then act. Going down into the well of your emotions helps you come out stronger and more clear. Tend to your sense of emotional security.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Beaded necklaces. Baubles and gemstones lined up in a row, connected by string, talking to each other through their jingles and jangles. If you have felt as if you cannot speak, as if you cannot be heard, as if you are not seen, as if you don’t fit in— now is your time to feel connected. On certain levels, it may have been hard over the previous levels to communicate with others. This may have manifested in different ways, or a resistance to putting something important on your website, a feeling of being rejected for something about yourself, a shyness, an isolation. Find ways now to clear your throat chakra and speak out. Ask others to reflect back to you what they hear. Communicate. Write the letter or essay you’ve been putting off. This week will bring you an ability to connect better with your community. But you have to take it. The action will depend upon you. And there is a lesson here. The lesson is that you are worthy of being heard and seen. So, mingle and jangle and feel connected.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A canoe on wavy waters. Your big evolution of the last two plus years is coming to an end. You can finally let go. You can put yourself out to sea in the storm in a little canoe and trust that you will wash up on the right shore. There is finally a sense of resolve this week and its sweetness will move you all the way through to your core. How much richer life is now. How much more of the human experience you understand. If you have not allowed yourself full grief processing over the last couple of years, you may not be ready to land safely on shore. So use this time, while you are still in the canoe of your emotions, to allow yourself to let go. Ask yourself how you feel and let the waves take you where they will. Then you can land! After the storm, you will be on new ground, with a new perspective, and there you will be able to build a strong house. This new perspective will be sustainable and long lasting.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A feast cooked over a fire. This is your celebratory moment. You are able to finally take action. There has been murkiness and drudgery and lack of clarity. And now you can pull the trigger on ideas and projects that you have been putting off. This is time for a feast, to raise a glass, say okay—now it’s happening. Then get back to work. And work, and work. Because right now you are resolving parts of your identity. Embrace your new identity. You are finally pulling the trigger on thoughts and ideas that were previously just floating around in the ether. Say YES, say NO, and move forward. Make your decisions, form your opinions, and go. It’s time to celebrate and then shoot your arrow again.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A light ray that moves between dimensions. You are able to connect with another plane of existence somehow. Not you usual interest, but now, maybe? Find your ray of light and follow it through to a new way of thinking. A new perspective. Maybe even through the veil to your subconscious or a dreamtime world. You are now ready to make a deep and integral shift. What comes to mind? It could be a feeling, a habit or a behavior that you ready to shift. It could be a fear. Something is ready to resolve and you are ready to close a chapter. The shift will be deep, maybe even subconscious. When it happens, say a prayer of gratitude and then let it go.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Bumper cars. Here, there and everywhere. You make a move and then you move again. As you go, you bump into another person or idea. “Bumper cars” is a special arena, where everyone is equal and there are meetings. So, expanding this metaphor, if you have felt disconnected, you will now be able to connect. Connect to people who are like you and different from you. You may have dreams of social justice, dreams of a better future for everyone. Connect to those ideas. Any part of you that has felt pessimistic about dreams and visions is ready to fall away now. Do it because being pessimistic gets old. So don’t deny your vision of the future anymore. Now you can say, “Oh yes, I can do the things I want. I can connect with people in the way I want. We are all going somewhere together and I am going to help determine how. This is my vision of the future and I have agency over my little car.”

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Floral scented perfume. Your perfume metaphorically fills the room. It precedes you. You arrive before you arrive. Over the last few years you have been trying to negotiate how you stand in the public view. This may have to do with your vocation or work. If you have felt like you have been unable to make the kind of impact you have been wanting to make, now you’ll be able to break through into action. Your flowery symbol says that you need to be remembered in a gentle way however. So you won’t want to use force to get yourself remembered. Seep into peoples’ consciousness like a mist. Gain the attention of the world by being exactly who you are and trusting that it will all work out.

Aries :: Aries Rising
An egg in a nest. Are you ready to break through your eggshell? Now you can finally break through to a new perspective. Where you have felt trapped you can now expand. There may be a moment of force. You may actually have to work to break through the shell. The harder you work to break free and become more yourself, the stronger you’ll be. In your new world, you’ll need to be ready to explore, philosophize and form opinions. The time has come where you can synthesize your lessons and move forward to embrace a new philosophy. If you have a ping of anger or resistance this week— look closely to see what belief you are ready to upgrade. This shift will offer you massive freedom and a new perspective.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A mat made of grass. The mat is made of individual blades of grass. Merged, they become something new. Something stronger. You may have to open yourself up to merging. Merging in this context means— trusting and letting go. This could be about trusting in a relationship. Or it could be about trusting yourself to move to the next stage in your development. Trusting yourself to evolve. Letting go of something you have been holding on to. Letting go of control. Moving forward. If there has been any resistance or fear about the idea of merging over the last couple of years, this week offers you a chance to complete your lessons and break through. This shift you are experiencing could be about life cycles, grief and trust. Let go and become something new.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Parade of elephants. Two elephants walking, one holds the tail of the other with it’s trunk. Link up. Get comfortable depending on another person. Negotiate. Be diplomatic. The elephant is massive and can help you learn to take up space. Own your space, yet be comfortable leaning on another person too. This week, your relationships are shifting. Have you been learning the lessons of the last two and a half years? Now there will be some kind of resolve that has to do in the area of relationships. Some ability to take action. Don’t shy away from this moment. Push through. Discover how to ask for what you need while taking responsibility for your own emotions.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Beetles in the sand. It’s time to get really grounded. The best way for you to get grounded right now is to remember to nurture yourself. You are so good at taking care of other people. Over the last couple of years you have been learning how to do the same for yourself. This intention reaches an apex this week. Synthesize your lessons. Be gentle with yourself, but take action on your new healthy habits. Your emotions are soothed by lots of structure in your daily life right now. Wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time. Get the right amount of exercise. If you feel inspired to begin a program of self-improvement, take the opportunity. Now is your moment to invest in yourself, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A sundial. A sundial is a clock that uses the position of the Sun to tell time. It’s a simple tool designed to use the Sun’s light in a practical way. Maybe you are learning how to use your own light. Maybe the time has come for you to honor your creativity, your special individuality, your fire. How can you best funnel this energy? You have been learning how to be more yourself, to stand up straight and tall and share your light with the world. Synthesize these lessons. Don’t make yourself smaller than you are. If you take action this week, you may have a creative breakthrough. Radiate light, warmth and generosity. Focus on love and self-expression.


Shine your light to illuminate a collective effort and your manifestations will bloom…is the message for the Aquarius Full Moon, says Sandra Sitron.

Join our virtual Full Moon ritual! Click to sign up
Join our virtual Full Moon ritual! Click here or on the image to sign up

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 18th at 5:26 am ET

A Full Moon happens when the Sun and Moon oppose each other. They face off, and the Sun’s full light shines on the Moon’s surface. This week, the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in the opposite sign, Aquarius. This is a time of higher energy. All of the Moon’s emotional and intuitive power is amped up by the force of the Sun. It’s a time to act.

Think back to the seed intentions you set at the New Moon on August 2nd. Now you are harvesting some of those intentions. The next two weeks will be about reflecting on what you’ve learned and readying your soil for the seeds of the next New Moon, in Virgo on September 1.

A note about this Full Moon Eclipse

Is this an Eclipse, or isn’t it? In star-gazing circles there is some debate as to whether or not this counts. Because there are many different ways to calculate eclipses, some sources are listing this as an eclipse, yet others are not, including NASA. Earth’s shadow gets verrrrrry close to the Moon, but the shadow won’t be visible from Earth. I think that this Full Moon will feel like an Eclipse—meaning it will feel like a massive reset.

As such, this is time for change. A time to pull the plug and then plug back in. To close the book on a chapter. To start with a fresh perspective.

Use this powerful energy to fire up your body, mind, and spirit, and experience cathartic release. Cleansing actions are recommended now. Sweat. Cry. Dance. Take a salt-water bath. Laugh until you can’t breath. Spin in circles. Run. Howl at the Moon. Breathe. Get it all out!


“Waving a sparkler.”
Celebration. This Full Moon is helping you communicate what’s in your heart. So shine forth unapologetically, for all of us. The Aquarius Full Moon points us to a picture of the future—one in which humans are connecting through their gifts. Sharing, collaborating, working together. Individuality is healthfully elevated, not in a narcissistic way, but in a balanced and beautiful way.

This Full Moon can deliver this understanding directly into our hearts, if we are ready for it. If we have prepared the channel to receive the download. “Believe in the future” says this Aquarius Full Moon. Believe in your own light. Believe in the power of the collective. Give freely. Receive freely. Commune. Shed all of the stories that make you smaller than you are.


“An acrobat on a tightrope juggling fire.”
This acrobat is busy. Multitasking. A Yod (the shape formed by these aspects together) is like that too, as it is a combination of two very different types of energy. And what we have here are actually two Yods, so there is even more going on.

A Yod is an aspect pattern that looks like a narrow triangle. Because of this it’s also called “the Finger of God.” This moniker brings to mind the feeling of this aspect. It is a feeling of fated expectation. But this strong sense of expectation can be uncomfortable, when the outcome has not yet been realized. The planet at the tip of the pointing finger is called the Focal Planet. In this Yod there are actually two Focal Planets together, mindset Mercury and expansive Jupiter…

“The acrobat practices on the tightrope.”
With both Focal Planets in Virgo, this energy says: practice your craft, improve, do it well, and make it perfect. But, don’t, whatever you do, get caught up in worrying about potential problems. Don’t allow your mind to get stuck in a critical mode of thinking. Don’t be judgmental of yourself or anyone else. If you do, you will fall off your tightrope. If you look down, or allow anxious thinking to overtake you, you will drop the fire you are juggling. So stay present. Stay in the moment so that you can accomplish this impressive acrobatic feat.

Mercury and Jupiter are Inconjunct the Moon and Uranus. An Inconjuct is “almost there, but not quite.” So it’s a little frustrated. It doesn’t know what to do, exactly. But it knows it wants to do something. The Yod joins this frustrated energy with a pleasing and harmonious sextile between the Moon and Uranus. The message: you may not know how, just yet, but you can create a new and unexpected path for yourself.

It is tenaciously pushing you through frustration and toward your desired outcome. It is urging you past the risk and into the glory.
You will need to focus on the details. But by staying conscious of your emotions and staying open to inspiration, you will make it through.

“A clear radio signal.”
Uranus’ inspired thinking is coming through loud and clear. This is epiphany energy. Keep your mind open to new possibilities. How do you keep your mind open? Focus on the vision. Don’t overthink. Turn the radio dial to receive the signal and wait to see what comes through.

“A rare flower in bloom.”
The plant has stored up enough energy to create a rare and beautiful blossom. It has worked through obstacles and circumstance and allowed a cycle to come to completion. And it did so naturally. It did everything in it’s own perfect time. It let itself blossom. And it will let itself fall away. It moves gracefully through the cycle of life and death. This is exactly what Venus Trine Pluto offers you. The beauty of the cycle. The beauty of blooming in your own perfect time. Allow the process.

This is a moment to commune with others and share your light. Push through frustrations to glory. Allow inspiration. Allow the process.



Leo :: Leo Rising
Communicate something important to you to someone else.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Meditate. This is best action that you can take right now. You are in an especially productive frame of mind, so settling your mind and raising your vibration through meditation will make you unstoppable.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Give something. And ask the Universe to help you receive something.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Nest. Pay extra attention to your home space.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Mingle. Get out into your neighborhood and connect with your peers.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Do something luscious and sensual. Eat a beautiful meal. Get a massage. Do something that feels good.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Celebrate! It’s not often that we stop to be appreciative of ourselves. Take a moment to be ecstatic. Mark this moment in your favorite way.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Do some dream journaling. This is your time to connect with your inner symbolism and intuition.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Find out what everyone else thinks.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Work. This may be a big vacation time, but for you, this time period is best spent working.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Travel. Take a vacation. If you aren’t able to get away, explore a different way of thinking.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Create a letting-go ritual for yourself. Close a chapter.

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