A sign-by-sign reading of this week’s cosmic climate, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A balloon floating in the sky. This is an important time for you to zero in on who you are, what you need, and where you are going. The next few weeks will bring a look to the past. What have you not been communicating? Where have you been ignoring your truth? This week, on Thursday’s New Moon, use your imagination to envision how you would like your life to be. Because of the New Moon making a square to Saturn, it may be easier to see what is blocking you from your vision. But Saturn blocks us because he wants us to stop and learn a lesson. The lesson for you could be about denying emotions, or issues with home or family. Or all of the above. Use this time to refocus your desire for self-improvement. Rediscover how you can best be of service to the world. Honor your process by giving yourself the support you need to blossom. Your regiment can include ritual, blessing, prayer, meditation, cleansing, healthy eating, exercise, a structured schedule, or time in nature. The “balloon floating away” symbolizes letting go. Let go of worries and anxiety. Create a vision and focus on that instead.

Libra :: Libra Rising
An orange sunset. Your sunset symbolizes your journey into the night. The night is the subconscious stories and patterns that are not always seen. Over the next few weeks you will revisit old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you. You may need to retreat. You may need to get very quiet so that you can see your deepest truth. Thursday’s New Moon gives you a chance to plant seeds for new habits and new behaviors. To create the new habits, you will have to look at the old habits. You are journeying into the night, into the mist, so use all of your senses and emotions as your guide. Thursday’s New Moon will square Saturn, so you may find that it’s easiest to see your subconscious patterns by recognizing where you are challenged. The challenges will be coming from your mindset (is the chatter of your mind too loud right now?) The challenges may also be coming from relationships with friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or siblings. Or it may be that you need to learn or communicate something important. Seek balance first by giving yourself empathy and creating a dialogue with your innermost self. Write yourself a letter. Journal. Ask yourself questions and wait for the answers. If you are having trouble making decisions it means that you need to pay attention to your true feelings. Watch the bright orange sunset and then journey boldly into the night.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Drinking a lemonade on the front porch as you watch the storm roll in. This symbol is about calmly watching a storm of emotion. A perfect storm is brewing. But you understand that the plants need the rain, that all of life is a cycle. You understand that the emotions must come through, must be seen, explored, observed. And that then it will pass. Right now your focus is on how all of humanity has the same experience, and how we can all work together to create a better future. The future starts with you. Over the next few weeks you may revisit how you imagine your own future. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Do you still encourage your hopes, dreams and aspirations? Can you still envision a better future for the collective? As you watch the storm of emotion roll in and you notice how people collectively react, can you stay focused on the solution and not the problem? Use the New Moon on Thursday to create powerful and magical visions and intentions for the future. For you own personal dreams and for the future of humanity. Live in the vision. Live in the solution. Give your wishes to the Moon and let her plant the seeds. The New Moon and Saturn will be square and this aspect creates a challenge that is meant to help you grow. The challenge you are facing comes from a need for security and a possible fear of scarcity. Notice where you feel like you don’t have enough. This feeling may be impacting your optimism. Find small ways to get your needs met. Notice and practice gratitude for what you have. Watch your emotions, learn from your emotions, and nourish yourself with optimism.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A camel on a long walk. The “camel on a long walk” symbolizes your quest and adaptability. Over the next few weeks you may find yourself going over your career goals and ambitions with a fine tooth comb. Are you on track to your destination? Have you gone off course? What details did you miss? What is your true ambition? Thursday’s New Moon brings a moment for you to refocus your career goals and create new intentions for how you want to shine out in the world. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow by challenging us. Sometimes this challenge feels like a block. Your challenge is about your identity and personality. Who are you really? Notice if you are getting caught up in public opinion or if you are worrying too much about what other people think. You may be taking yourself very seriously. Allow any challenge that may come up about who you are to help you identify who you want to be out in the world. Adapt like the camel—adapt to new vision of yourself. Then identify your career goals and proceed on your journey.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Tossing dice. Over the next few week you will be revisiting how you can be of service to the world. Maybe you need to take more risks, as your symbol would suggest. Maybe you need to travel more and find out who you are in relation to the world. Every trip and exploration that you take will be a discovery of something that was missed forgotten. You need to review so that you can move forward fully informed. Thursday’s New Moon happens in the area of your chart that rules travel, exploration and risk-taking. Put yourself out of your comfort zone. Do it so that you can rediscover who you are and how you can serve humanity. The New Moon on Thursday offers you a chance to set intentions for growth, risk-taking, discovery, adventure, exploration, expansion and optimism. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn creates a challenge that is meant to help us grow. Your current challenge comes from unexamined habits and patterns. If you feel blocked, pay close attention to your emotions to discover why. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Ask yourself where the feeling is located in your body. Ask yourself when the first time you had that feeling was. Try to rediscover the root experiences and memories that may be subconsciously creating your feelings. Investigate your subconscious so that you can create more conscious awareness and expand. Take two risks this week. One risk you need to take is to delve deep into the mysteries of your psyche. The other risk is to expand out into the world and discover who you are and how you can be of service.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A pig rolling in the mud. The boar or pig symbolizes spiritual strength. Connection to Mother Earth is strong in this symbol. Mud, like blood, can symbolize primordial substance. The next few weeks you may find yourself revisiting you own “mud.” Your deepest primal emotions. Your comfort with life cycles. Birth—Sex—Death—Birth. You may experience a personal rebirth. Thursday’s New Moon creates an opportunity for you to set intentions for letting go. Where have you been holding on to control? Roll in the mud and cleanse and heal yourself. Let everything that is not necessary fall away. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn presents a challenge that is meant to help you grow. The challenge comes from your current ability to believe in a bright future for yourself and the collective. Hold on to your highest hopes and aspirations. If you find it hard to get perspective, focus on the mud. Dig into your emotions and allow cathartic healing to take place.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Looking into a clear pond. You peer into the pond and see a clear reflection of yourself. Over the next few weeks you will be revisiting how you are in relationship to others. Do you ask for everything you need? Do you communicate? Are you seen and heard? Do you listen to others? Is there balance? Are you able to give and receive? Thursday’s New Moon will happen in your house of relationship, so this will be your chance to set intentions for your best vision of relationship. What exactly is your vision? Don’t ask yourself what you think is possible, ask yourself what you want. Then give your wishes to the Moon. Plant these seed intentions in your mind. Create affirmations for fulfilling relationships. The New Moon makes a square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow by challenging us. Your current challenge may have to do with how you are out in the world. You may feel blocked or stuck in your career or vocation. This is an opportunity for you to take yourself more seriously and create the exact career that you want. Part of your purpose is to help people evolve into the highest versions of themselves. Make sure to get enough time for meditation and retreat this week so that you can stay centered in your vision. Take very good care of yourself. Build up your strength as you usher in a new vision of relationship and career while maintaining your own center.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Fireflies. The symbol of the firefly takes us into the world of the insects. Insect symbolism usually points to tenacity, patience and detachment. All of these qualities are important to you right now. Over the next few weeks you will be revisiting the practical systems of your life. Muster up patience and systematically create better habits and organization for yourself. You will be reviewing the details. Digging into the “small picture.” Cleaning out the junk drawer. Thursday’s New Moon happens in the area of your chart that rules self improvement. For this you will need tenacity and detachment. Don’t allow self-improvement to feel self-critical. Instead, focus on setting intentions for healthy habits. Improve your productivity and work flows. Keep chipping away at what isn’t working and make adjustments. Frame these adjustments in a positive light. How would you like your daily life, work and health to feel? Saturn will be making a square to the New Moon. Saturn challenges us so that we can grow. Your challenge will be coming from your philosophies about life. If you are blocked right now, you may decide to review your beliefs about the world. Maybe it’s time to look at the big picture in a different way. Maybe a shift in philosophy will further your ability to expand. Seek out inspiration.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Ice fishing. Fragrant smelling begonias. The flowers are bright and delightful. Over the next few weeks you will revisit your relationship with your creativity. You may realize that you need to have more fun. The world needs your special gifts. This New Moon offers you a chance to shine. Set intentions to share your creative spirit with the world. And contemplate how you would like to have more fun and play in your life. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow by showing us a place where we are restricted. The challenge you face comes from the area of your chart that rules control and letting go. Where can you relax and become more playful? Maybe you can let go of old emotions by expressing them through your creativity. If you find yourself feeling very somber, it means that you have some digging to do. You need to dig into your deep emotions. Focus on the bright flowers. They can remind you of joy, beauty, and grace as you let go of what you no longer need. When you are unburdened it will be easier to shine bright in the full light of your creative self.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Eating grapes off the vine. Nourishing and nurturing yourself. Over the next few weeks you will be reviewing your sense of emotional security. How you take care of yourself. How you work with your emotions. The New Moon on Thursday brings you a chance to set intentions around emotions, home and family. Home can mean the home that you live in now, the home that you came from, your ancestors, or your roots. Family can mean the family that you came from and the family that you create. Think about how you want to process your emotions. Think about what you want your home and family to feel like. Then create powerful intentions and give your wishes to the moon. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn helps us grow through showing us something challenging. This challenge may show up in the area of relationships. Relationships can teach us so much about ourselves. If you are feeling a block or a challenge in the area of relationships, you may be able to work through it by setting intentions for emotional security. Feed yourself those grapes of nurturance. Take care of your inner child so that you are feeling secure. This can help you show up in relationship from a place of internal stability.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Swimming laps. Back and forth in the water. Laps symbolize repetition, practice, and health. Water symbolizes your emotions. You need create a practice that can support your mindset. You may be all over the place mentally right now. If so, this would be related to emotional ups and downs. Over the next few weeks you will be re-examining how you think and how your thoughts influence your emotions. The New Moon on Thursday can help you set intentions for learning and connecting. You may need to engage in a lot of conversations with your community. You may want to uncover all of the facts. Get really curious. Interview yourself. Ask lots of questions of yourself and others. But don’t get too attached to what you learn. Just let the learning flow in and see what you find. This New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn shows us where we need to grow by presenting a challenge. The challenge you are working with has to do with your ability to create healthy habits. A meditation practice will be very helpful now. Find a repetitive practice that feels grounding. Allow yourself to swim back and forth in the pool of your emotions. Notice what comes up with curiosity. Keep churning the waters without getting too attached to your thoughts. There is so much mental energy affecting you right now, notice what comes up in your mind and then let it all go. Set intentions to be lightly curious.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A blazing bonfire. The bonfire symbolizes a ceremony, a party, or a cleansing ritual. Over the next few weeks you will take a closer look at how you sustain yourself. Have you been meeting your basic needs?Do you believe in abundance? This New Moon offers you a chance to set fresh intensions for abundance and security. Build a big bonfire. Watch the leaping flames and burn away any fears of not having enough. Remind yourself that you are sustained by Mother Earth and by your own inherent resilience and creativity. The New Moon is square to Saturn. Saturn challenges us so that we can grow. You challenge comes from believing in your own light and creativity. You shine as bright as the bonfire, but right now it may be hard for you to see your path. You are going through a time period of re-examining how you share your creativity with the world. Use this moment to set intentions that will help you believe in your own worth and creative gifts.

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