In the first installment of her new column, Ysanne Spevack shares a creamy faux Cappuccino recipe for you to sample some dreamy velvet beans vibes…

Like Jack’s magic beans in the fairytale, velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens in Latin) truly deliver. They’re one of the strongest herbal ingredients I use, and a favorite for total vibe-change. Pods that grow on trees in India, and used as an Ayurvedic medicine, they’ve been tried and tested over millennia, and are now available as an extract in the US, sold as a brown powder that’s water-soluble.

The main active compounds in velvet bean extract fall into two groups: antioxidants, and amino acids, of which the main one is L-dopa, and another is called trypatmine, for obvious reasons. Together, these phytochemicals work synergistically for neural health, and specifically relieve stress and melt our sense of boundaries. Perfect for Pisces season—the archetypal symbol of ego loss and dreams. There’s some research that links velvet beans to sexual health too, but that’s likely to be a result of their relaxing effect.

L-dopa is a precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline, which means it has a profound psychoactive effect. You can feel it working, stimulating a sense of dreamy deliciousness and allowing you a peak behind the veil of consciousness. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the grandeur of the Universe while you melt into your pillow, velvet bean extract is the high vibe ingredient for you. I recommend using it sparingly—a little goes a long way. Also if you’re feeling unstable, or if you’re pregnant, it’s best if you pass on this for now, as with anything psychoactive.

Here’s my recipe for a delicious hot ‘faux cappuccino’ that won’t buzz you like caffeine, and will guide you to feel a subtle oneness with the cosmos. It’s not a bedtime drink— the velvet bean stimulates adrenaline production. But it’s a fantastic way to space out with some music on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and swim in cosmic waters of the Milky Way…

The drink is comfortingly sweet, while the bitterness of the velvet bean and umami of the reishi are similar to coffee, hence the name. Nettles soothe the nerves, and keeps the velvet bean from being jarring while it takes you up a notch.

Imbibe to enjoy about a one hour of day-dreams, in a suitably Piscean way…


Pisces Velvet Bean Cappuccino Recipe
by The Conscious Cook

Makes one serving


1 coffee mug filled with boiling water
1 nettle tea bag
*1/8 tsp velvet bean extract
*1 tsp powdered reishi mushroom
*1 tsp tocotrienols
1 tsp raw unfiltered honey
1 tbs raw coconut oil

* Denotes ingredients that are available online at


Infuse the nettle tea bag in the boiling hot water in a large mug by pouring the hot water onto the tea bag as soon as it’s boiled.

Cover the mug with a saucer or plate, and set aside to infuse for 5 minutes.

Measure the other ingredients into a high-speed blender.

Remove the cover and tea bag, and add the nettle tea to the blender.

Blend on low, bringing the speed up to high, and then switching the blender to the maximum setting.

Blend on high for about 30 seconds, to create froth.

Pour into a large mug, spooning the creamy froth out with a spatula.

Hold the cup with both hands as you take sips, and finish it with a teaspoon to enjoy all of the frothy, creamy goodness.

Finally, relax and allow your dreams to unfold as you swim into the universal cosmos.

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A symbolic reading for your sign with our Numinous weekly horoscopes, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A koala bear. Koala bear medicine is telling you that this is a time to dream and rest. Step out of the daily grind and connect with yourself. The koala sleeps 20 hours a day. You need to recharge too. You are very empathetic and it’s very important for you to sequester yourself periodically. Now is one of those times. This week brings moments of processing old hurts. Let your feelings flow so that you can heal. Your challenge is to structure your work so that you have time to connect with yourself. It may feel as if work demands are especially high. Prioritize alone time so that you have enough energy to do what you need to do. Remember that time is not your enemy, although it may seem as if there are a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Go with the flow and listen to wisdom of the koala.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
An old portrait in a museum. You can use your imagination to step back in time. Your subconscious dream-world is kicked up into high gear right now. Pay special attention to signs and symbols. You can create meaning in ways that are more intuitive than logical. Here’s your plan of action: Create an invitation. Invite in the healing, understanding or motivation that you’re seeking. Then lean back and watch for a sign, a dream, or a ping of intuition. Gentle receptivity will take your further right now than direct action. If you find that you really need something to do, turn your mind to structure. Find a simple way to structure your freedom and your inspiration.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
The soft texture of sheepskin. You are yearning for coziness. Normally when you want to get cozy it’s fairly simple for you to curl up in your nest. The coziness you need right now is more like the comfort of truly belonging. Being able to be exactly yourself with friends who completely understand you. Feeling like there’s nothing to prove. Only the relaxation of knowing that who you are is reflected back to you. It may be time to heal old wounds around belonging. Let yourself rest. Admire and honor your friendships. It’s time to affirm for yourself that you have the structure to merge and belong. You are safe.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A swirling circle of color like a pinwheel or a giant lollipop. Follow the swirling colors in your minds-eye. The swirling colors symbolize an outpouring of love and experience. Play, lightness and fun. This is how you can step out into the world. This is the attitude in which you can be seen. You are a unique array of colored light. There is no one else like you. You are important and your skills are exactly what the world needs. Now is a time of confidence building. Step forward as yourself. Step away from the concerns of ego and let yourself shine bright. There may be old wounds around being seen or heard that can get cleared out right now. Blast through them.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Blades of grass blowing in the wind. The blades of grass describe the movement of the invisible wind. Think about wind. You are like the wind right now. You are a force. You are moving in an unpredictable direction. You are gentle or strong. You are able to contact the highest precipice or the lowest valley. Take this metaphor further by considering your current moment. Here are your questions for self-study: How are you directing the momentum of your thoughts? How are you validating your strength? How are you validating your gentleness? How are you finding inspiration? You may want to form strong opinions right now. Form them. Believe them. And be open to adjustment if the wind changes direction.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Braking quickly in a go-cart. What’s in your control? You may be stuck on the idea of being in the driver’s seat right now. Remember that this is all a game. All of life is designed for the purpose of expansion. You can’t lose yourself. Which means that there is nothing you have to control. These are tough lessons, but just play around with the idea of letting go. See how far you can coast. If you loosen your grip, you have more room for self-expression. The important pieces will still fall into place.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
An umbrella. Let’s link these ideas- protection, partnership, healing. There are a couple of possible combinations. Your self-protection allows you to form healthy partnership which leads to healing old relationship patterns. Or, allowing yourself to lean into the concept of partnership gives you the protection of “belonging” which can help you heal old fears. A third option is that knowing you are inherently safe leads to healing which can help you form or expand a conscious partnership. Maybe these options are not so different from each other. Take this time to play around with these different ideas and discover your next level of growth.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
A game of dominoes. Sliding the pieces into place. It’s time to get some of the basics sorted out. Cleaning your closet can lead to deep healing and growth. Scrubbing the bottom of the refrigerator can help your ancient wounds dissolve. But before we get too carried away, let’s remember that the symbol here describes a game. So make this fun! Create order and have a blast. Get grounded in practical daily habits and giggle about it. Let the details come into magnified view. Put everything into place and make room for your heart to expand.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Dogs howling at the moon. Dogs bring the medicine of loyal friendship and service. These precious friends are vocally directing you to connect with your innermost emotions. Crack open your emotional flow with a howl of self-expression. Maybe your howl take the form of an artwork of some kind; song, dance painting, etc. Maybe your howl reminds you to play freely like a child and let go. Maybe your howl guides you to your ecstasy. Your healing self-expression can help you remember that you are worthy.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Hot cocoa. It’s time to nestle in. Nurture and comfort yourself. Surround yourself with softness. Let your inner child come out and play. Find out what would make them most happy. You need to do some healing, so set yourself up with time, space and nurturance. Investigate your emotional security and bolster it up if need be. Any outer limitations are just reminding you to get steady inside. Your strong urge to take yourself very seriously can be tempered by giving your inner child some attention. Pick an age and ask that version of yourself how they are feeling right now. Give your inner child lots of room to express their feelings.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Geodesic dome. Connect the dots to create a new kind of structure. Something next level. Your mind is busy right now and you have lots of variables to consider. Pump up your meditation practice so that your mind is more clear. Slow down the thoughts so that you can apply more structure. This heightened ability to think and dream mixed with just the right amount of structure may lead you to a stellar innovation. Make sure you consciously understand the problems you are trying to solve, then step back and let your subconscious mind do the majority of the processing.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Handfuls of daisies. The bounty of the earth provides a lovely metaphor for you right now. You are rich. You are abundant. You can let your confidence bloom accordingly. Let yourself heal any old security fears by focusing on the moment. Love yourself now. There is nothing more important than your love for yourself. It’s the best security you will ever have. Give yourself handfuls of daisies to remind yourself that you are a child of the earth. In our world, it’s sometimes hard to believe in abundance. But remember this, activism is most effective when it’s rooted in self-love. It’s easiest to envision solutions when you feel that you are rich with possibility. As you work for progress you’ll find it’s easier to inspire others when you are rooted in abundance.

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The 2017 Virgo Full Moon beckons us to find the mystery & magic in the mundane, says Sandra Sitron...

Join a virtual ritual for the 2017 Virgo Full Moon on 3/12 when you sign up for Moon Club.

Full Moon :: March 12 2017 :: 10:54 am EST :: 22 degrees Virgo

Put your ear to the seashell and listen. Let your world expand beyond your current reality by noticing the magic in the details of life. To notice the details you have to be present in the moment. You have to harness the Now.

You may feel drawn to fantasy and escape, but keep bringing yourself back to the mundane. Keep watching yourself stir the soup. This is where you will find the real spaciousness. It exists in simple consciousness.

Sunday’s Virgo Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Pisces. Pisces and Virgo offer us two portals into spirituality. The Pisces portal is outside of the body—it’s “through the veil.” Pisces helps us move outside of boundaries and remember our “boundary-less” soul. We are light and universal love.

The Virgo portal is completely centered in the complexities of the body and life on Earth. To enter the world of spirit through the Virgo portal, one must go into the Now—into the moment. One must be present and centered. To create a stable foundation for this practice, it helps to refine the health of the body and mind.

The 2017 Virgo Full Moon has a lot to teach us. Because these are two mutable signs, we will be making adjustments to improve our experience. Contrast may cause you (or the people around you) to be more self-critical. There is a feeling of “I’ve got to get it right.” By navigating through these feelings of self-doubt and self-criticism, you can find your way to self-love. And you must. You must turn every critique into a declaration of love.

This requires you to listen to your thoughts. And it’s hard to listen to your thoughts if they are coming fast. So slow it down. A meditation practice will help with this. This process is gentle and gradual. Make tiny changes. Although the tone of this lunation is about small adjustments, don’t be surprised if you experience a major healing.


2017 Virgo Full Moon opposite Chiron and Mercury.
Sanding down a piece of furniture.
There is a lot of healing energy coming through as Chiron (the wounded-healer asteroid) joins the Sun (essence) and Mercury (mind). All three are opposite the Moon. Healing “Self” will be front and center. How does this happen? Look around for traces of your curriculum. If something pulls at your mind or emotions ask yourself, “is this my curriculum?” Ask yourself: “What is the deeper lesson here?” This may feel transformative, like sanding down an old chair. Small adjustments add up to big changes.

Moon trine Pluto
A polished diamond.
More healing. More adjustments. Polishing and polishing your inner diamond. Letting go. Letting go of control. Why do you need to control anyway? You are safe. You are well. It’s all okay. Let go and move on to a new level. You let go and you move away from ego. The inner diamond is the soul essence that is free from ego constraints.

Moon quincunx Uranus
And there is a little hiccup here. Uranus (the Great Awakener) tugs at the Moon uncomfortably. The Moon is trying to hang in there and do some healing work and Uranus is pulling away saying, “F*ck it. Let’s get out of here! I don’t have time for this! This is too hard!” (Or frustrating, slow, uncomfortable, etc.) This is all fine. It can be kind of fun to laugh at the urge to hit the eject button.

Get quiet. Guide your thoughts toward the present moment. Slow down the thoughts through meditation so that there is time to remember the point of all this: Love. Look for the lessons, let go of ego, and sit quietly through discomfort. Go through the portal.


Use the questions below to dive deeper into the lessons of the 2017 Virgo Full Moon. For a more accurate reading, calculate your chart for free here and see what house holds 22 degrees Virgo…

Aries or Moon in the 6th house 
If your body could write you a letter, what would it say?

Taurus or Moon in the 5th house
What does the concept of “self-expression” mean to you?

Gemini or Moon in the 4th house
How can you nurture yourself today? And every day?

Cancer or Moon in the 3rd house
What’s your current vision of your community? How would you like it to be?

Leo or Moon in the 2nd house
What’s one small adjustment you can make that will help you feel more grounded?

Virgo or Moon in the 1st house
Where in your life are you feeling called to be a leader?

Libra or Moon in the 12th house
Write a letter to your “Inner-Critic.” Offer your gratitude and make some gentle requests.

Scorpio or Moon in the 11th house
Are you ready to make any adjustments to your vision for the future?

Sagittarius or Moon in the 10th house
How do you best define your mission-statement for your career?

Capricorn or Moon in the 9th house
Which archetype within you needs more freedom?

Aquarius or Moon in the 8th house
What are you ready to let go of? Follow your feelings to work this out.

Pisces or Moon in the 7th house 
Can you get really clear about your needs? Can you do the same with a partner?

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Spoken word artist and Moon Club founding member Lisa Luxx, has a powerful message for International Women’s Day. Voice of Earth is a poem about sisterhood, mother nature and the history of womankind. Written at a Sisters of the Wild gathering.


Does the sound of another retrograde have you reeling? Chill! Venus Retrograde 2017 is a time for rediscovering where our true love lives, says Danielle Paige … Main Image: Carlos Bongiovanni 

Saturday, March 4th :: Venus Stations Retrograde :: 14 degrees of Aries

Sunday, April 2nd :: Venus Re-enters Pisces  

Saturday, April 15th :: Venus Goes Direct :: 26 degrees of Pisces 

Lovers. Love. Sex. Money. The Feminine. Self-worth. Intimacy. Values. Relating. Giving. Receiving. Ahhhhh yes … all of the above is up for RE-discovery, right now.

While our first reaction to the word “retrograde” might be to let out a sigh of frustration, these cycles are actually moments of deep review. Think of this as an opportunity to work with your shadow side, heal those parts that need to be integrated or purged, and upgrade your patterns.

But of course, it’s not all sweetness and light—doing shadow work prompts us to address things that have been pushed under the rug. There will be breakups and there may be confusion in your current relationships. Whether you’re pretending you have a perfect relationship when you know it’s not truly nourishing your soul, or are stuck in the same relationship patterns over and over, it’s an optimal time to get real about what’s no longer working. And with this realness, eventually comes clarity. 

Ex-lovers? Venus Retrograde energy always tends to dig up the past in order to end old cycles, so don’t be surprised if old flames pop back up. New relationships? This can definitely be a time where people enter your life for karmic work. Be aware that “karmic” doesn’t always mean roses and sunshine! These will be relationships that force you to confront parts of yourself that you’re suppressing.

However, the energy of Venus is two-fold. While she symbolizes how we connect with others, each relationship has everything to do with what we VALUE, since we often project our core desires onto others. Remember to keep this broader message of Venus Retrograde in mind. Ask, how are you working with your feminine energy? Does it need more balancing? What’s your relationship to money like? Are you having a hard time discovering your core desires and values? Now is the time to dig deep into your heart and explore all of these themes—without judgement!

And please, don’t force it. Simply remain mindful that after Venus goes direct, you may start to see things differently. Whatever happens during this time, trust that your heart always knows the way home!


Wondering where to start? Discover your Venus sign by looking at your birth chart and following the guide below. 

Collage: Mariano Peccinetti

:: Venus in Aries :: Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to reconnect with your courage and independence in a balanced way, instead of just diving in head first. You are good at pushing others to find their independence but sometimes that means you forget about yours—reconnect with your courage and your truth!


:: Venus in Taurus :: Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to connect back with your own sensuality and your core values. You are good at sustaining others in love but have you forgotten to sustain yourself as well? Take your time in love—you’re meant to go at your own pace.


:: Venus in Gemini ::Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to communicate your needs clearly, but to do so in a way that moves beyond the surface and gets real. It’s easy for you to skim the surface but what happens if you get a little deeper? You move beyond the shadow energy of Venus in Gemini and you may actually find something that doesn’t bore you!


:: Venus in Cancer ::Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to nurture yourself as you would a child. You spend so much time taking care of others, and with this Venus energy redirected, it can help you better care for your own feelings. You are the mamma bear of love but don’t forget that mamma bears need love too.


:: Venus in Leo ::Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to shine your love and light on the world in a way that motivates others, instead of only making it all about yourself. You have such an ability to show others the way—use it to serve, inspire, love, and cheer people on and raise them up! In doing so, you raise your vibration as well.


:: Venus is in Virgo ::Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to clean up your diet, health, and routine so that you can be of service to yourself in a way that you haven’t before. You are dedicated with your love, so make sure you are dedicated to yourself as well.


:: Venus in Libra ::Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to find the right relationship for your soul, not just any relationship. Libra enjoys partnership and can often lose themselves in one. Instead, this is a time to really get connected with what you need and desire in a divine partnership that lifts you up rather than simply fills a void.


:: Venus in Scorpio ::Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to connect deeply with those around you. Surface relationships are not your thing so if it’s not activating your heart then it’s time to go deeper or move onto something else. Out of all the Venus placements, you know when to purge a relationship or when it’s a call for deeper intimacy—trust that you know what to do!


:: Venus in Sagittarius :: Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to spread your wings! Go on adventures either with your lover or by yourself, because you never know who you might meet. This is the Venus sign that says “yes” to expansion. Have you been stuck in a rut? It’s time to explore and let your passport lead the way…


:: Venus in Capricorn :: Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to find your own inner authority. You are always very good at helping others rise to the top so now take the time to plan out your next steps for inner and outer success. In your uphill climb, remember that slow and steady wins the race for you.


:: Venus in Aquarius :: Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to play up your intelligence and your uniqueness. Often times, you may subconsciously hide these qualities because it challenges societal expectations, but thisVenus Retrograde is the time to tap into all that makes you, you! This is your path towards the free-spirited love you so desire.


:: Venus in Pisces :: Venus Retrograde is encouraging you to make sure you’re seeing love clearly. Pisces energy can sometimes focus solely on the good parts and ignore the red flags in relationships. Instead of focusing so much on others, this is also good time to be sure you are seeing yourself clearly as well. Are you ignoring your own inner flags? Refocusing on your own process will help you find more clarity in love as well.

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Get a symbolic reading for your sign with our Numinous weekly horoscopes from Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Fields of wheat. The wheat grasses dance in the sunshine. It’s ready for the harvest. Your current role is to bring in the bounty and sort out the good from the bad. You are organizing and improving. You may find yourself sorting out the grain. Sorting categorizing, analyzing— especially when it comes to your relationships. What’s good and what’s bad? You’re working with big energy right now. That energy may get you into a spin, especially when it comes to relationships. Your mind may tend to overanalyze or overthink right now. Here’s the bottom line. You are good. Other people are good too. Relationships are a mirror. Whatever is going on in relationships can show you exactly what you need to heal within yourself. Stay present when resistance comes up. Tell yourself, “I’m willing to change.” Find ways to get grounded so that your healing is supported.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
A whale at the bottom of the sea. The current theme is simplicity. Find it. Center yourself by getting all of the details of your life organized. As you simplify the everyday tasks of life you will feel more grounded. Maybe through this action you’ll be able to relax. And what happens then? If you can relax and let go of resistance, it’s possible that your feelings will flow more readily. Just let them. Your symbol this week is a wise, ancient, ocean mammal. It is deeply immersed in the experience of emotion. This whale is strong and solid and yet it sinks down deep. Completely surrendering to the ocean (aka feelings). Do you believe that you are strong enough to surrender to the feelings? Relax and see what happens.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Breaking bread at the long table. It’s time for you to enjoy. Have fun. Luxuriate. By playing, you’ll remember what’s important. What are fun things you can do that will push you out of your boundaries a bit? Do you know what you like to do? Get creative. If you make an effort to get creative, it will make your overall mindset more fertile, which will open you up to inspiration. And that’s a very good thing because it’s time to start paying attention to your vision. You can create more clarity about your dreams. Inspiration will flow in. And you can simultaneously heal old patterns that are blocking you from attaining your vision.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Pencil to paper, writing down notes in a ledger. See yourself as a beautiful baby, so bright and new to the world. How much would you love that baby? How much do you love yourself? It’s easy to believe that we need to be different than we are. It’s easy to think that berating ourselves will keep us on track. But what if you are perfect just the way you are? What if your trust in your inherent worth is the very thing that will propel you to meet your dreams? Begin to acquire data for how inherently perfect you are. Take your pencil to paper and quantify the splendor of your entire being—body, mind and soul. Your brain wants evidence in order to believe. So gather the facts.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A herd of zebra. It’s time for you to feel connected to community. This will feed your soul. Find invigorating ways of being in community. Maybe this means connecting with friends, siblings or colleagues. Maybe this means getting to know the people in your neighborhood. Look outside of your normal sphere for reminders that it’s good to be alive. It’s good to be here on this Earth plane. This is also an excellent time for you to find new solutions. How can you be more open to learning? Be careful not to obsessively scroll through your social media newsfeed. Instead, actively learn about something that is important to you and can expand your horizons. Your goal is to get inspired.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Swimming laps in a pool. You are so big-hearted. How often do you let your heart fill up with joy, excitement and love? It’s totally in your potential, but maybe you’ve learned to steel yourself against this much emotion? Annihilate any blocks that keep you from living fully in your heart center. It’s time to let go. The key to this process of “letting go” is knowing that you are safe enough to do so. Knowing that you are steady and secure and worthy. From that place of groundedness, you can open your heart. Opening the heart-space makes room for all the emotions to flow. So now you are in the pool of emotions and you can practice your backstroke. Practice and build up your strength so that you can adeptly flow with your emotions.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A snake moving along a path. The snake sheds it’s skin and is still the same snake. What has changed? It’s outer skin (personality) has been refreshed. It’s aligned with self. Updated. Defined. This can’t be an easy process. There is some struggle to wriggle out of the old, and say “here I am, this is who I am.” This is similar to your current moment. You have an opportunity to define yourself now. You can say, “This is who I am. This is what I stand for.” Skin is a boundary. You may have to set new boundaries in order to know yourself. Be objective and directed in this process. You have a gift for making the world a better place, but you can’t help everyone. Take care of yourself so that you are strong. This will help you find balance. Love yourself and make decisions from a centered place.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
A telephone operator’s switchboard. Your desire for illumination is high. Follow that urge. Let the old, habitual patterns be illuminated so that you can release them. Trust yourself. And notice your resistance. (For example, does this sound boring? aha! Resistance.) Your current urge may be to just have all of the moving parts of your life work. But the action you need to make right now goes deeper. You may want to look at the superficial, but healing needs to happen on subconscious levels. Close your eyes and pretend that you are looking at the switchboard in your mind. You are the operator. Use the wire to connect “I am” and “worthy.” Connect “I am” and “willing to change.” Make any connection you need to make.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A pizza party. So much excitement. Are you ready for the party? This is when you get to share your vision. It’s fun. Don’t make it serious. Open up to life and live in the vision no matter what scary data swirls around you. You get to share and shine and be in your element right now. You get to have fun. By doing this, you will make it so easy to live your dream. This is important for your health and wellness. See possibility in everything. Turn every story around so that it proves progress. It may be helpful to spend time with friends. Let them remind you who you are. Let them help you see your vision.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
The clear blue sky. You are seen. You are heard. Your truth matters. This is your time to be in the spotlight. Have faith that you can make a difference through your work. This might be a good time to connect to your ambition. Imagine yourself breathing in cool, clean air that will give you energy to work. Find yourself in sunlight with blues skies overhead so that you are invigorated. Imagine this feeling, even if it’s not your reality at the moment. Feel the energy of a beautiful spring day, and know that this energy can be yours right now. Use it to attain your goals.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
As the crow flies. You may want to find clearcut answers. What is The Truth? What is Right? What is Wrong? And yet, you also may be experiencing heightened mental activity that denies this simplicity. As much as you want clarity, your mind is still trying to worry the situation to death. Let go of obsessive thinking by knowing that you can’t control everything. You don’t need to. It’s not your job. But what you can do is get aligned with some “true” ideas. #1 You are well. #2 It’s okay. #3 You are whole. #4 Everyone can take care of themselves. Find the thoughts that give you freedom. Inspire yourself. Freedom to fly is what you need most.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A heavy scroll. Ancient feelings. You may carry your ancestor’s unprocessed feelings within. It’s historical. It’s lot of stuff. This may be a moment for you to open the scroll and begin to read aloud the details of this emotional history. By naming the feelings, maybe you can let them go? Spend some time wondering about the feelings your parents and ancestors may have had, but may have been unable to process. How might this relate to you now? There is a deep healing taking place for you now, and it’s affecting the very core of your being. Allow it. Approach the process with curiosity.

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The Gemini waxing quarter Moon is an invitation to integrate our emotional life with our communication in the world, says Jennifer RacioppiCollage: Seana Gavin

Gemini Waxing Quarter Moon :: March 5, 2017 :: 6:32 am ET

As the moon waxes, incrementally gaining light each night, she travels through the sign of Gemini while squaring the sun in Pisces. This combination of water (Pisces) and air (Gemini) asks us to honor our emotions, discern our intuition and apply it to our thinking. In the days, weeks, and even months following the recent eclipses, potent harbingers of change, it’s up us to discern the direction we want to take based on the information they revealed to us.

Further, with Venus having just stationed retrograde, commencing her journey to the underworld, our connection to our values (and sense of self) may feel even more obscured. (Venus rules our feminine principles and will be retrograde from March 4-April 15 in the signs of Aries and Pisces.)

So, now that we are at the waxing quarter moon let’s begin the digestion and integration process of Eclipse season, while simultaneously leaning into our emerging Venus retrograde experience. The dance between water (our emotions) and air (our intellect), elicits poignant directives, should we allow! Doing so will help us capitalize on the waxing gains of the Moon, as we move toward the manifestation of our heart’s deepest desires.


:: THE SUN ::
As the Sun moves through water sign Pisces at 15 degrees, he travels extremely close to Neptune and Mercury. This stellium (three or more planets in the same sign) produces an extremely sensitive and psychic influence. Meaning more than usual our supernatural talents may feel alive and extremely active. Awesome. At the same time, things may become VERY emotional. If so, give yourself permission to experience your feelings without becoming them. Let them pass through you with acknowledgment, passion, and grace without letting them take you over.

:: THE MOON ::
Excited to communicate, socialize and cross-pollinate the Gemini waxing quarter Moon asks us to stay focused on our deepest most heartfelt desires and verbalize our wisdom. Nimble and ready for the next big thing, the influence of the Moon in Gemini enables our versatility and capacity to move quickly. The Moon at 15 degrees of Gemini, may feel a bit impatient with the watery influence of Pisces. At the time of this square, the Moon also finds herself in a luscious applying trine to Jupiter, the planet of good luck, happiness and abundance, calling forth our evolving consciousness to manifest in new and exciting ways. The need to communicate and articulate feels paramount right now, so please express you!

The Sun in emotional, spiritual and empathetic Pisces making a square to the Moon in the social sign of Gemini asks our emotional body to give in to to our intellectual capacities for a couple of days, so we can makes sense of the changes that are upon us. The boundary-less depths of the Sun in Pisces may feel massive and confusing, especially given the emotional influence of Venus retrograde coupled with the recent eclipses. With the lighter vibe of the Gemini waxing quarter Moon making an auspicious connection to Jupiter, we are asked to articulate how we feel, and forge integrations in our inner world on behalf of our burgeoning manifestations.

Let the Gemini influence support you to articulate your feelings, draw conclusions from your experience, and verbally express yourself. Connect with your friends and tell them what’s going on in your world. If needed, seek counsel from your therapist. Bust out your journal and write it all out. Embrace the therapeutic powers of music, film, poetry, journaling, collaging and/or any other form of artistic expression. Pay attention to your dreams and if possible spend some time by the sea! Trust your sixth sense. Doing so honors the impact of Pisces while engaging the powers of Gemini.

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Jemini Wild invites us to strip down, break out the loofah, and engage all five senses with a ceremonial shower…

Alla Kostromichova by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Nippon, May 2010


Think about the last time you showered. Removing your clothes, adjusting the water to the perfect temperature, the sound of it rushing from the faucet … this might be the only solitary time you get all day. Why shouldn’t you make this precious time underneath the showerhead into a personal ceremony?

Ritual baths are all the rage—but can take hours to prep, requiring all kinds of special “ingredients.” Not to mention the time actually soaking it in!

Doubting whether a loofah and a bottle of conditioner can help you create a similarly mystical experience? Consider how water carries energy (check out the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto). Water molecules actually respond to words and music—creating beautiful crystalline shapes, like snowflakes, when words like “love” and “gratitude” are used. Imagine … a waterfall of love in your bathroom!

Water is the source of life itself. Cultures all over the world revere it for its healing properties. From the ancient Romans’ giant community bathhouses, to baptisms and Native American rituals, the act of bathing has had a long history of ritual and magic. And as the attention brought to the Dakota Access Pipeline has reminded us all, it is our duty to truly honor the waters of the Earth.

Ceremonial Showering is an opportunity to reconnect with this magical element in our modern lives and take a cleansing power-pause. Even better, when we show up for ourselves in these small ways, it allows us to show up more powerfully in the world. Read on for a simple ceremonial showering ritual…

This month we are also honoring Pisces season by inviting all our Moon Club members to join us in a 30-day Water Healing Ritual. Discover more here!


1. Set an intention before your foot even hits the tub. Hold the intention in your mind or say it out loud, and let the water carry your words into the Universe. Take long, deep inhale and exhales as you undress and turn on the water.

Some “Shower Intentions” to get you started: “May I feel stimulated & enlivened.” “May I feel warmth, rest, and rejuvenation.” “May I feel invigorated & refreshed.” Or how about: “May this water wash away all negativity from my day.”

2. Set the mood with some meditative drums or the Acoustic Concentration station on Spotify. Put drops of eucalyptus oil in a small dish in your bathroom—the steam will disperse it and a natural opening happens in the warm water. Yes, your skin actually relaxes! Or try one of my favorite mists, Jurlique Rosewater, or Zum Frankincense & Myrrh, to set the mood.

3. Shift the Routine. If you always start the water and then take off your clothes, try removing your clothes first. Routine lulls the brain to sleep and these small shifts will signal to your subconscious that something special is happening. If you always use a loofah, switch to a wash cloth or sponge. Buy a new shower curtain for a change of scenery.

4. Tune In to the sound of the water. Notice how the droplets sparkle. Where it hits your body first. Is it the curve of your calf, the pebbles of your toes, or the dip of your collar bone?

5. Stimulate Your Senses with texture and smell. Really feel that loofah, the squishiness of it. What color is the soap? Mine’s green—the same shade as pistachios and praying mantises. What things from the natural does your soap remind you of?

6. Receive. Above all, let the water flowing over you help you become conscious of your enhanced ability to receive. Many people have aha-moment in the shower. Open up. Let it in. You may be surprised by your revelations! 


Jemini Wild is a Visionist, Pray-er, and Magic-Maker. She believes the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves, and that digging in the mess that makes us human is the most fun way to spend a day. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for even more beautiful humanness.