A symbolic reading for the week ahead, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Popcorn popping. Your relationship zone is popping. Things are coming up. Maybe an important relationship is gelling and flowing. Or maybe the opposite is happening and you are getting triggered. Maybe a little bit of both. If there is no relationship stuff happening in your external world, study your internal world. Notice what thoughts are coming up about what a primary relationship is or isn’t. The emotional (aka reactive) Moon is lit up like a beacon in your relationship sector. This means that you’re watching emotions come up around how it feels to share, commune, give, receive, and face-off with a primary partner (significant other, potential significant other, business partner, best friend.)Appreciate the moments that trigger you. Getting triggered is an invitation to work with an old pattern. Wade through the high emotions and just sit with them. Question them. Take responsibility for them. Decipher the pattern that they represent. Take deep breaths and be present. Then talk it out with “I” statements. This Full Moon invites lots of talking. It wants you to flood your thinking with new ideas and create new patterns of communication. Stay light and versatile in your thoughts about relationships. Allow for new connections that help you break free of an out-dated pattern.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A fox moving steadily through the forest. You are building upon what you have started. It’s time to make your life, your projects, your work, your body better, stronger, faster, smarter. The adjustments that you are making now are integral and cautious. They aren’t sudden or disconnected. Fine-tune. What are the things that you can do that are no-brainers? What are the easy ways to make your life run more smoothly? Deep down, you know what these things are. Implement the ones that you’ve been putting off. The changes you’re making now may be micro-adjustments. They’re designed to keep you balanced. For example, you could add in an additional 10 minutes of meditation, or create parameters for how long you’re on Facebook. Whatever the changes are, it’s likely that you’ve known deep in your heart that you need to make them. Take some time to listen to the subtle language of your body. Receive inner guidance that will help you make practical adjustments to your daily existence.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
The periscope of a submarine. It’s time to break the surface. Extend your reach and shine your light. The periscope reaching up, up, up symbolizes perspective, elevation, joy and fun. It’s about getting a break from a life lived under pressure. This is your time to expand your creativity. What does it mean for you to light up? Whatever it is, do it. Express your heart through voice, movement, craft, paint, words, nurturance, cooking, an instrument, a DIY project— anything creative. Maybe you’ve been in a period of reserving your energy, that’s been fine, but it’s shifting now. Now you need to be able to restore and then expand. Receive and then give. The contractions and expansions you’re experiencing now are like breathing. In and out. Make sure you’re participating in both giving and receiving. Do all of this with a full and joyous heart. Be very generous with your spirit. You’ll be rewarded with positive attention.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
The fog lifts. Get cozy. Rest at home. As you rest and restore, You may find that you see something in a new way. New clarity arises. New information comes together. The fog lifts. It’s time to move from foggy denial to love and acceptance. You are a lover and you have to love. And loving means being present. Being in your body. Don’t mess around with half-truths or buried feelings. Participate fully. The key to doing all of this right now lies in emotional security. You have to know that you are sheltered and protected. That you are safe enough to feel your feelings. Put extra attention toward your metaphorical and actual home-zone. Cleaning up stacks of papers and dusty corners will help you feel clear. Cleaning emotional house will help you get clear too. These are inward processes. That’s why carving out some time for yourself will help you achieve clarity.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Arms outstretched. It’s time to make connections. Embrace your community, your friends, your tribe. Go after new ideas. It might be time to take a class. Engage. You are ready to participate in your world. Doing so will help you feel inspired. Or even fired up. Be done with the same old routine. You should be invigorating your mind. Shock yourself out of an old paradigm. This time for you is about opening your heart and your mind. It’s something you need to actually do. You can’t just assume that it will happen on it’s own. Keep pushing yourself to engage, arms outstretched. Throw yourself into new situations, with new groups of people. Remember that you don’t always have to be the expert, you can let yourself “enjoy the beginner’s mind.” Allow the energy to come from curiosity and wonder. Tap into these. Make them your resources.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Lifting onto tiptoes. You are trying to find new ways to excel. New ways to lift off. Study your foundation. Is it solid? Is it rocky or lined with cracks? The quality of your base will help you understand how high you can go right now. Think of your foundation as being the same as your self worth. If you want to reach great heights you have to have a steady sense of self worth. This week’s energy is helping you find security within yourself. What’s blocking you from believing in yourself 100%? It’s time to pinpoint this and let it go. You’ve got too much good work to do.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A drumroll. The drumroll is building anticipation. Are you ready to step out into the spotlight? What will be the big reveal? Most certainly you’ll be defining a part of your personality. Allowing a part of yourself to flourish. You’ve got to come out on stage larger than life. You’ve got to let yourself be seen and heard and understood. The important thing for you right now is to be confident. Don’t flicker or waver, just be you. You’ll have to have strong boundaries to be able to assert yourself in the way that you are being called to right now. Whenever possible, choose action over contemplation this week. Think of yourself as the contemporary poster child for “Just do it.”

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A sheepskin rug. There is some weariness in constantly maintaining a physical body. Which is why at this moment your focus is on the inner worlds—the emotional, spiritual, psychic realms. Shake of the drudgeries of the outer world and go inward. Curl up in a dream chamber filled with sheepskin rugs, incense and candles, then flow through the veil. What does this actually mean? It means that you need to carve out some mental or physical space that is devoted to your spiritual life. Build an alter, start a meditation practice. Go in. You need a break, and you need some inner wisdom. All the wisdom of the Universe is inside you. You just need to set up an environment that’s conducive for accessing it.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Jumping up and kicking your heels together. You could have a lot of information coming at you this week. A lot of dots will need to be connected. This symbol, representing exhilaration, reminds you to have a blast while being a boss. Your work needs to be hinged on joy. You’ll be bringing people and ideas together. You’ll be planning your future and honing your approach. Don’t let this process be separate from love, grace and faith. Let it be light and fun. The tendency is to get bogged down in the ideas or philosophies of whatever you are trying to do . Remember the symbol of jumping in the air and clicking your heels together, so that throughout the week, you can keep coming back to a sense of exhilaration. Regardless of the administrative or logistical tasks you are facing, you will be able to maintain your direction and your lightness.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Changing the thermostat. You are turning up the heat. It’s happening in your career. It’s time to make some adjustments.You are being granted a moment of expansion in your career. Are you ready to heat up your work-zone? Basically, you are being called upon to make adjustments in your work that will help you take it to the next level. You have to take action here, by placing attention on what needs to change. Don’t underestimate the help that a solid home foundation can offer you in this process. Your comfort and safety in your personal life is what will allow you to shake up your public sphere. Make space for yourself so that you can make the changes you need to make. No rushing or extra pressure. Spaciousness and calculated adjustments are what will allow you to soar.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
On an airplane with a guidebook and breath-mints. New horizons. You are getting ready to broaden your mind. Allow it to be gentle. Help yourself grow and expand in an integrated way. Bring your guidebook. Stay clean and minty fresh. Travel in style to the outer realms of your experience. Think of this expansion as “coming into your own.” You are ready, finally, to break free of old, out-dated patterns and upgrade your philosophy. Maybe you’ve gotten used to change being kind of hard. It doesn’t have to be that way! This change is meant to feel supported. So slide into it. As you allow yourself to grow mentally, physically and spiritually, simultaneously recognize that you’re already an authority. You are prepared. Now all you have to do is take the journey.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A handmade quilt. This quilt represents being comfortable enough with yourself to let go of the past. You are cleansing. Clearing. Getting rid of the old. And moving on to the new. It’s time for you to bow down. Surrender. Get on your knees and cry into the soil. As each tear falls, shovel fresh soil over it to consecrate it. You are clearing out your psyche of any outdated emotions, beliefs and contracts. Give them all to the Earth to be transmuted into a different kind of energy. This is a keen moment for you to practice a letting-go ritual. You could try writing down what you are ready to let go of and conscientiously burn the paper. Or let a stick or a stone symbolize a feeling you are ready to let go of and then throw it into a river. A ritual is a symbol, and symbols are the language of the subconscious. Use your powerful subconscious mind to help you create change in your life.

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A week ahead reading for your sign direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A needle pulling thread. The driving force behind progress. You need to find your driver. What is the philosophy that is pushing you forward? What is your mission? Look for clearcut understanding. Find the structure that you can use to help define who you are. It’s time to take yourself seriously. You aren’t being given much room to cut corners right now. You have to show up. If you experience conflict this week, it will be because you are trying to skip a step. It’s not any more complicated than that. Go back and check your work. See where you’ve been putting in less than your full effort. Check your stitches.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A fountain. The inner wellspring. It’s time for you to focus your attention inward. Your emotions are begging to be noticed. You have to rewrite your subconscious stories so that your reactions are more comfortable. You can back-engineer this process. When you have an uncomfortable emotion, start asking yourself lots of questions to get to the root of it. Interview yourself. Ask, where is this emotion in my body? When was the first time I felt this way? What does this circumstance remind me of? What are the personality traits of the people involved? Who else in my life has these same traits? Are the emotions actually about this other person? Start digging to reach the source of the deep emotional waters. You get to form new subconscious beliefs this week, start an excavation to see what is ready to change.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A flock of birds taking flight. You’re ready to reach higher ground. Everyone is going with you. You may need to mobilize a group of some kind— friends, work, volunteer organization, community board. Don’t shy away from this opportunity to structure your vision of progress. Use your organizational skills to take action on a higher level. Move. It feels serious right now. It feels like there is work to be done and you have both the flexibility and the dedication you need to make change happen. Stay upbeat and objective and keep your eyes on the goal.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Ferns growing tall. You are poised to unfurl your talents. You are reaching for a higher level with your career. This week, you can restructure how you think about your work. Allow yourself to step into the limelight. Think about how you want to be seen. Think about what you want to do. Then make some plans. Get really grounded in your intentions. Consider it a responsibility. The world needs your work. The world needs your special offering. Set yourself up so that you can deliver.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Running on new legs. Like Bambi. You’re a little unsteady, but excited and ready to move forward. Figure it out. How do you do this? How do you explore the world? What are you looking for? Where are you going? You are trying to re-orient yourself now. Things have changed and new direction is needed. Only you can hold yourself up. Only you can get yourself through this nascent stage of discovery. Keep yourself oriented toward gratitude and love as you make your way through a new world of unknowns. Don’t let fear creep in. Embrace the invincibility of youth.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A picnic basket. You have everything you need. You are prepared. So let go of fear of survival and step into trust. You’re safe enough to take the journey. Your work right now is to know that you are safe, know that you are prepared and loosen up your grip on control. Let go. Forgive. Flow. See where the path takes you. Make a promise that wherever you go this week, you will witness yourself. You will stand by, securely tethered to trust in yourself, but open to understanding and merging with the other person’s perspective. Witness your emotions so that you can hold space for another person’s experience. Take the journey toward union. You have what you need to stay safe along the way.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Kneeling in prayer. You can have lots of conversations this week that help you grow. Share yourself with another person. Share your mind, your heart, your trust. You will find support in relationship. But you may also have to remind yourself that structure in relationship can bring freedom. You just have to get over feeling limited. The stretch that you want to make is toward security. Stability may seem dour and boring, but you can make it light and expansive if you want to. Ask for the experience that you want to have in relationship and then trust that you can have it.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Penguins sliding down slopes. Make fun a part of your day. If you don’t, you may become fatigued. Truthfully, you are about to put a lot more structure and meaning into your daily schedule. The important thing is that the new habit you are creating need to come from within. So that they don’t feel forced. The healthy choices need to feel like an offering of love that you give yourself. Don’t shy away from structure. Meditate more. Eat the foods that your body needs. Plan to get enough sleep. Celebrate your accomplishments on a regular basis so that joy is a part of your daily life.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
A new kind of pottery. Something sculptural, yet utilitarian. Something wild and perfectly creative. This week, you take leaps and bounds forward with your self expression. You can be truly alive, exactly the way you want to be. You need to focus on it though. It won’t just happen automatically. You have to think it through. What kind of offering are you prepared to make? The world is begging for your light. What will you give? It can’t be random. It must be planned. It must be envisioned. Go to the drawing board and outline your plans for creative expression. Don’t get distracted from this task.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Birthday cake. A nostalgic moment. It’s time to make sure your inner child is really pleased. They need to be celebrated. Take them out on the town with you. Make sure they feel included and loved. Think back over each of your childhood birthdays and remember how they felt. Which ones were joyful? Which ones are forgotten? Which ones lacked something important? Give your child self whatever was missing, now, in your mind. If you needed attention, give yourself attention. If you needed understanding, give yourself understanding. Time doesn’t really exist, so this process is truly fulfilling. It will allow you the structure you need to move forward with emotional security.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Playing paddle ball. Watching the ball go back and forth. Watch your thoughts as if they are balls bouncing back and forth. The path is somewhat logical. This week you are making new connections in your thought process. Notice what you are thinking about with clarity and alacrity. If your thoughts are tending toward work, get clear about what you are working on. If your thoughts are dense with emotions, get clear about your emotions. If you are grieving, remember the five stages of grief and be aware of which one you are in at any given moment. Get clear. Think of yourself as a narrator— as you think, tell yourself what you are thinking about. This will help you define yourself and stay on track. You have a lot to do this week and you need to be operating at a high level of consciousness. Step up to take your place in the game.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A dusty letter. Epiphany. You are ready to uncover a hidden understanding. New realizations. Does it seem like self-discovery is speeding up? It is. You are in a fast and furious evolution. A new cycle has begun. It may be helpful to remember that you have resources that will protect you as you continue to learn about yourself. Your self-worth is intact. Do what you need to do to remind yourself of that. Do what you need to do to feel solid and structured. You are strong enough to grow. You are strong enough to see new parts of yourself. Trust in the process as you accumulate new knowledge and experience.

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Cast by Lindsay Mack using The Starchild Akashic Deck



:: Aries/Aries Rising :: Queen of Crystals

Happy birthday, Aries loves! Queen of Crystals is a divinely sensual, maternal energy – both Earth and Water, mother and lover.

For Aries, this month will bring much healing, releasing and re-nourishing, both in the physical body and the auric field. Aries’ nervous systems and adrenals are pretty fried from the last few months, and April will offer a sweet homecoming to restore them from the ground up through the nourishment of Planet Earth. Even if you’re still busy this month, look out for the organic invitations for you to stop, inhale and get in touch with your body.

Aries literally cannot be outside enough this month, as was true with March’s download as well. Walk barefoot as often as possible, allow there to be physical contact between you and the planet’s surface. Travel somewhere new; pay attention to the animal totems, flowers and medicine all around you. Eat locally and flood your body with sacred food and drink. Breathe deeply and become present. Allow this time to be a detox and an upgrade to your whole system.

From here on out, especially with all of the planetary shifts taking place, you must truly utilize the nourishment of nature in your daily self care routine dear Aries. This is a life shift, not just a passing monthly invitation, and one that Aries must choose. Rooting into and expanding a relationship to nature is going to help birth your next big expansion, part of which is enabling you to hold the intensity and shifting happening on the planet and not let it drain you of your resources. Once you’re no longer running on empty, it will create space for so much beauty to flow in.

Getting back to the sensual is also very important for Aries this month. A deeply sexual sign, you need a healthy access point to this flow at all times, and stress can limit this. Believe it or not, even something as simple as a mindful walk in the park can open this place up in Aries. A wellspring of healing and regeneration is available for you this month. Lean into the flow of the Queen of Crystals, and it will be life changing.

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:: Taurus/Taurus Rising :: Eight of Cups

Last month, Taurus was “awakening” with the Judgment card – and now that you are awake, you can no longer continue engaging with what you know doesn’t serve your highest good. For Taurus, April will be a month of sacred and powerful endings, in which you’ll be invited to walk away from all that doesn’t honor the truth of who you are. You’re not just leaving something behind – you’re actually moving on.

There are big shifts in karma and destiny available to Taurus this month; huge and beautiful upgrades are possible. But it needs to spring forth from you and your decisions alone. Do you want to keep spiraling in and out of what you know does not work, and perhaps never did? You alone possess the courage to step forward into the wild unknown, the landscapes of your life that you are not even aware of yet. This month, the door will be open for you to take that first step.

Eight of Cups is a card of transformation that arises from willingness. We must be willing to walk away. We don’t need to be gung ho, we don’t need to be ready, we don’t need to like it. We just need to have the willingness. If we can consider the possibility of moving on from what we’ve worked hard for, but doesn’t truly serve us, we will have room to receive something better. Even if we don’t know what we are walking toward, we need to start with that decision to move on. This is the step that will change so much for you this month.

For Taurus, this transition might be big or small. Whether it’s a relationship, your job or your beliefs about your body, space is possible. But, remember: the Eight of Cups is an empowerment card. YOU do the walking. It is only when we walk away from what doesn’t serve us that what DOES has space to drop in. When we stick around in relationships, situations or jobs that drain our soul essence from us, there is no room for anything to crowd it out. We just keep circling the drain. All of that can end for you in April, sweet Taurus. Take the first step, and just keep walking. Soon, a new world will be in front of you.

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:: Gemini/Gemini Rising :: Nine of Wands

Loves, you are at a crossroads. Do you keep pushing, grasping and draining your energy, or do you ask for more help, take more breaks and rest more thoroughly in your life? I recommend the latter path, and this month will provide the opportunity for you to really transform your life by choosing wisely.

Last month, you got to ride the waves of the energetic climax that was winter shifting into spring. This month, you get to master the reins of your energy, and control how thinly you are spreading yourself. It is possible for you to totally crack open this month (in an amazing way) and change the way you communicate. If you’re vulnerable enough to ask for help, to add people to your team, and to be truthful with your spouse/partner, co-workers, friends or children about what you need from them in terms of support and aid, it’ll be a game changer for you. Not only because you’ll be giving the people who love you the chance to hold space for you, but because you’ll prove your brain wrong: you don’t have to do it all, and it’s also wise not to. If you ask for support now, you’ll be so grateful that you did down the road.

Nine of Wands is an energy of choice, in many ways; we can go one way or another, as expressed above. It is very often described as being a climax – and you’re almost at the finish line, with some very important obstacle to surpass. For Gemini this month, it is this call for transparency and what it is you really need that is the mountain to climb. Nine of Wands can also hold this quasi-Shakti energy, a burst of intensity and pressure that can either overwhelm you or rocket you forward with energy to spare. Its totally up to you, the key is to just communicate whatever you need.

Finally, you are also being called back to your organic sensuality and sexuality this month. Play, dance, and infuse lightness into your life as often as you can. It is so important to ground your energy down so you can be in that easy vibe. Allow there to be less work and more play, even if you don’t feel its possible. Let yourself be surprised.

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:: Cancer/Cancer Rising :: Knight of Wands

Buckle up, Cancer, this month is taking you for a wild and awesome ride. The Knight of Wands builds on the momentum sparked by the Six of Wands, the energy you were surfing last month. There is SO much movement for you in April, all really birthing you into your next big steps, personally and professionally. The key is to trust it, and to try to keep up.

You’re changing, Cancer. You’re coming out of your shell more and more, saying “yes” to all of the encouragement from the outside world to do so. Feeling more comfortable with this exposure, even in little ways, will be a huge part of this month for you. Expect some really big evolutions in your professional life, especially if you are moving into doing more of your soul’s work on the planet. In April, it would be possible for you to move mountains with all of the energy available to you, so job changes are 100 percent possible, if that’s what you want.

Knight of Wands is a powerful energy for a sign like Cancer to be hanging out. It blends the elements of Air and Fire, and has a kind of a firework kick to it. It’s also an energy that’s very much “in process,” learning how to handle all of the energy it possesses. It’s going to keep encouraging you to grow, move, expand and be more visible in your work and life. Don’t be afraid! Step into what you’ve been dreaming of. Be ballsy. Use the energy of the Knight to propel you into the next level of your life.

Cancer will be balancing a flow of creative explosions and some exhaustion in April, which is totally appropriate. Take it easy and gently, be kind to yourself and find pockets of rest and breathing room in the wild ride of the Knight. You can call on your innate Water element to balance out all of the Fire and Air if things get overwhelming.

You are getting everything you asked for and then some this month. You can trust it! There is no other shoe, no rug that’s going to get pulled out from under you. Surf the waves and remember to have fun – enjoy this time!

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:: Leo/Leo Rising :: Knight of Cups

There is an intoxicating energy in the air for Leo this month, but you should take care to not get too swept away by it before you make decisions. April’s invitation to Leo is to travel beyond the realm of logical head or desiring heart, to the place of the soul’s deepest knowing, before making any choices.

The month will be full of beautiful offerings and opportunities, and you will be able to navigate the month gracefully if you make sure to only say “yes” to what is actually aligned for you. Be willing to travel deeply within, past logic or desire, to the soul’s truth. Listen deeply. This is the truly sacred and pure place that the Knight of Cups comes from when not swept away by emotion. If you accept the invitation to go above and beyond emotion or logic, there will be so much personal expansion and alignment as a result. A lot of inner doubts and indecision will fade, as well.

It is also wise for you to ground yourself consistently, and to bring a gentle inquiry to some of the bigger energies of the month. Allow yourself to go slower than you normally would, and enjoy the ride. And by the way, the Universe isn’t trying to throw cold water on your dreamy Knight of Cups fun, Leo. It is merely trying to get you more aligned with your deepest wisdom. The soul knows the truest truth, and to get to that deep place, we actually have to travel past both the head and the heart.

To be able to say an empowered “yes” or “no” to something that doesn’t ultimately serve us (especially if its something we think we might desperately want) is an amazing and empowering act. It gets us more intimate with our deepest selves and our intuition. If you are willing to move through this month mindfully, there is deep treasure to be gained – not only in terms of your personal energetic balance, but with your confidence in yourself and your intuition. Go deep before you commit, Leo – keep your feet on the ground, and see how far you fly.

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:: Virgo/Virgo Rising :: Ten of Cups

April is such a well of sweetness for Virgo. The work you’ve been doing so tirelessly and thanklessly has been paying off (whether you’ve been aware of it or not), and this month there is finally a yield on all of your efforts. Last month, Virgo was moving through the energy of the Strength card, and it cracked you open to your power in a huge way. Strength helps us to look our deepest, darkest places in the eye, so that we can be free of the false fear we carry around the unexamined parts of our lives. If we can look at fear face on, it no longer has control over us.

You needed to do this, Virgo, because you’re here to be of service and its time for you to wake up to your power and your innate intuition. So March was rough, but I can tell you that you passed the “test” with flying colors. The labor is over, and now you get to enjoy what you’ve birthed. Ten of Cups is a card that radiates deep love and gratitude. It is a harvest of what we have sown with the choices we’ve made on our journey.

As such, this is an incredibly important month for you, Virgo, because it will seal in you a full cycle of growth. You’ve been contracting and moving through so much intensity – this month brings the expansion, the flow and the ease. It brings the joy and the light. It brings the rest. It brings answers. You will see the “why” for all of your work, and if you’re awake and willing, it’ll blow your mind in such a beautiful way. April will truly peel back the curtain and welcome you into a world of understanding and discovery around your inner work.

So ENJOY this month in whatever way befits you. Whether this means some sweet rest or a lot of social time, give yourself whatever you need after this time of hard work. Shower yourself with gratitude, too! You deserve it! Be sweet, soft and kind to your body and your heart, let that crack you open in a totally different way. This is the end of a powerful and important cycle in your growth and evolution, Virgo. Celebrate every moment.

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:: Libra/Libra Rising :: Queen of Cups

Libra is in for a deep and dreamy month, aided by the beautiful flow of the Queen of Cups. She is bringing an invitation that will add tremendous clarity to your life and your inner self. Libra, the time has come for you to stand in the light of your truth without questioning or doubt. Your brain might swing you back and forth, but you can build a trust in yourself that is unshakable now.

To do this, you must be clear on why you hold doubt in the first place. Do you believe you’re capable of missing something, or of making an irrevocably bad decision in your life? If you do hold these beliefs, just cradle them gently and bring inquiry to them. Hang out with them for a while, anchored by the watery, intuitive depth available to you by the Queen of Cups. These beliefs may be real, but they are not necessarily true – and worthy of your attention to clarify the difference. With this, you will be able to honor yourself and your choices in a whole new way.

To slice through this uncertainty, you must be willing to dive; and the Queen of Cups will take you there if you choose to go on the journey. It’ll be a powerful month of psychic expansion and potent dreams for you, Libra, all helping you to stand in the light of your clear truth. Use this energy beautifully in meditation, in dreaming, in walking, in pausing before you speak, in expanding your intuition, in becoming more quiet. This may also be a month where you are alone more, or desire to be alone more. Try to honor it, embrace it fully and completely. Live on magical time.

It’s not often that Queen of Cups comes for a visit, so try and be present with her. Let her work on you from the ground up. You might not love every moment of April’s dreamy invitation, and may experience a desire to be more active and head centered sometimes this month. I recommend that you surrender to the flow of the moment, and bask in the beauty of the watery depths. You’ll be so grateful that you did.

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:: Scorpio/Scorpio Rising :: Two of Wands

FINALLY, a little relief for Scorpio this month! Scorpio is out of the contraction of old traumas and healing work for the moment, and will be spending much more time back in their personal power. This is actually helping to alchemize and direct all of the work you’ve done into something useable and useful to your path. It’ll be a wonderful month for you, and one with the potential for a lot of passion and inspiration.

Two of Wands is an amazing energy. You are suspended in a moment full of excitement, wonder and clarity. You are directing your focus, and essentially anything is possible. The world is in your hands. Psychic energies run high, and you have tremendously clear access to your ancestors. Scorpio will benefit greatly from tuning in with your invisible tribe of guides as often as possible, so that you can be directed on the next steps of you path. So get super clear on what you want and leave all of the rest behind.

As with last month, this is still an excellent and aligned time for you to quit projects that don’t serve you. Cut cords and bow in gratitude. It’s the same with relationships. You will know who I am speaking about, if this relates to you. If your heart says leave, do it. This month is also VERY sexually potent for Scorpios. It’s part of how you channel and hear your guidance, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Remember that your sign IS the birth/death cycle incarnate. You are 100 percent meant to survive and thrive through every intense shaman’s “death.” These huge contractions are not meant to slow you down or pull you off your path: they ARE your path. The more you embrace this, the more you will thive. All of this old intensity and trauma has been arising so it can be cleared away, enabling you to arise in a burst of beautiful, healthy fire. The Two of Wands brings so much healing, movement, evolution and balance to your door this month. Use it. Welcome it with open arms.

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:: Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising :: Wheel of Fortune

Sagittarius, this is an incredibly important month for you. SO important that you’re essentially being asked to do nothing. No big decisions, no huge leaps, just staying incredibly present. For this month all you desire is being baked in the oven, so to speak. It’s almost done, but its not time to take it out just yet. So concentrate on getting the recipe perfect, then walk away and surrender it. You’ve done your part, now let the Universe do its part. This tandem action is the heartbeat and life force behind the energy that is here for you this month.

Wheel of Fortune is a macrocosmic card, guiding the flow of the whole month for you. It’s a gentle, complex and subtle energy, calling us to both be co-creators in our destiny and to surrender to the divine flow of our life. Tricky, but an amazing feat. Believe it or not, there is no bad or negative turn on the wheel. Everything in life is medicine, so every turn on the wheel brings a different color, flavor or situation. If it brings one piece of wisdom for you this month, it’s to: BE PRESENT.

You’re actively creating what you’ve been asking for in April, so be here for it. Show up. Don’t half ass the baking process, so to speak. You cannot get a finished product if you aren’t there to put the pieces together. So be here now. There really is no future; we are birthing it in every moment. For you, Sagittarius, this idea is the key to your month. Just know that whether it looks like it or not, the energy of the month is calling you home to yourself, calling you home to the moment you’re currently in.

Being here in this moment is the key to allowing our destiny to unfold as it’s meant to. Things are coming that you need to be able to receive, so do the work in this moment to create the space for them to drop…by doing nothing at all. Just be here for whatever arises in the moment, even if it seems unrelated. This turn on your wheel will amaze you by the time the month is out.

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:: Capricorn/Capricorn Rising :: Transformation

Capricorn is moving into a totally new paradigm this month through the portal of Transformation, or the Death card. It’s a new state of being, understanding and experiencing, one that will really change your world. For Capricorn, this work is deeply important – as it’s about allowing old ego-based ideas, patterns and beliefs to fall away, birthing you anew into the next phase of your life.

Let’s first start with this: the Death card doesn’t bring any kind of foreboding, or any prospect or prediction of true “death.” It doesn’t mean that you or someone you love will be hurt, or that something you love and hold dear will be ripped from you. It’s a beautiful, helpful card – you can let your nervous system relax upon seeing it. It’s only here to do good work on you.

After all, there is no waste in nature; every “death” is compostable, given a new purpose and function, with what is dying away becoming sacred fertilizer for the new stuff we want to manifest and nurture in our lives. This is the cycle of all life. The only thing that perceives a problem in the Death/Transformation card is the Ego, so if you have a tough time this month, that’s actually a beautiful thing. The Ego doesn’t fight unless we are walking into a truly aligned and expanded place, so take it as a sign of great progress if that’s what’s happening for you.

The Death/Transformation card is here to help you compost something that’s no longer serving you. Very often, this is an internal thing. It’s related to an old set of beliefs, an old idea of what something is or should be, etc. It could mean a physical shift, too. Again, this doesn’t mean an ending or a leaving behind something we love. What this energy does is help the new seedlings in your life grow and be nourished. Trust this, and allow the macrocosmic energy of the month take what is no longer serving you. Allow it to take you through this sacred cycle.

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:: Aquarius/Aquarius Rising :: The Sun

This month is so, so, so beautiful for Aquarius! Having moved through the intensity of the Five of Cups last month, you’re heading into the expansion part of that contraction. The Sun is enabling you to see the “why” of that time, shining light and illumination on the answers you seek. Life is clear and things makes sense. Expect joy, movement and flow to be the cornerstones of your month.

Like so many of us, you have been moving through a lot of surrender. It’s been a little more intensife for you guys though, simply due to the fact that you aren’t like everyone else. You’re here to hold a certain level of space, and you have been energetically encouraged to take up that space as freely and as magnificently as possible. The planet needs Aquarians to be in their genius, to be the artists, intuitives and lightworkers you are.

To do this, you guys needed to simplify. You needed to get back to truth, emotionally speaking. You needed to seek, to heal yourselves and to shed what didn’t serve. You needed to explore and master the idea of loss, to shatter the notion that anything that was yours could be taken from you. In one way or another, subtle or not so, you have been stepping back into the purest surrender, allowing the Universe to direct you. April is about receiving the richness for all of that work. You were asked to wait, to hang on, to surrender and to slow down. Now you will step up into the why around all of that. A very exciting moment!

The other thing here for Aquarius this month is movement. Be prepared for some major moving around – and if you’re not actually moving spaces, I recommend that you move your body as much as possible. Channel and focus it into art, making things and being aligned with the work you love. Circulate the joy and the answers you receive this month back into the world – as you heal yourself, you also heal others.

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:: Pisces/Pisces Rising :: Page of Swords

It’s a big month of manifestation and focus for you, Pisces. What an awesome shift from the energy of The Hierophant last month! You’ve cleared up so much space, whether you’re aware of it or not. Now your feet are on the ground, your mind is open, and you’re ready to go. Page of Swords is here this month to guide you to just do the work. Do NOT worry about how anyone receives it or what anyone else is doing. Just go with your flow and do your sacred thing. So much energy wants to be birthed through you now – let it. Be fearless.

You might still be a bit shaky from the big energies of last month, so honor that. Allow your nervous system to relax, but still jump into the water with both feet. It is extremely important that you utilize all of the contraction and energy that’s been building in you through March in a way that’s helpful to others. Circulating it back out is very important. Your ideas are amazingly aligned, so believe in yourself and just make them happen.

The Page of Swords represents the eager, fearless student who wants to take on the world – and very well may! It’s a beginning time, a process of planting seeds and coming out into the world more than staying in. Honor your ambition, nerve and optimism, and again, don’t worry about the outcome. Your job is to just serve. Show up on this planet and serve. If you’re doing it out of competition, you’re fall flat. If you’re doing it out of spite, you’ll fall flat. If you’re doing it out of a desire to be of service, for the love for what you do, and because you know you cannot live if you don’t birth this idea out into the world, you will fly higher than you ever imagined.

Part of the medicine of the Page of Swords is having your feet on the ground and your head clear, so harness your focus on that. Let people say whatever they say. Just do your thing and keep your eyes on your own paper. Those who are meant to follow or go with you will do so. It’s your job to take the first step. Do the work you’re here to do; everything else will follow.

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Cast by Lindsay Mack using The Starchild Akashic Deck

:: Pisces/Pisces Rising :: The Hierophant

Happy birthday, sweet Pisces! WHAT a powerful cycle you have ahead of you. There is an abundance of Major Arcana cards for many of the signs this month, heralding some massive shifts and expansions for many of us. This is totally in line with the astro weather right now; we’re in Eclipse season, after all.

The Universe is doing some pretty major energetic housecleaning for Pisces this month. Your job will be to surrender to it, and allow it to happen as thoroughly as is required. The Hierophant is working with Pisceans in two ways: it’s facilitating a big clearing AND it’s aligning you more deeply with your soul path. This will reach a big peak for you on the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces on March 8.

It’s been a quietly tough few months for Pisceans. All seems well, but there have been some tremendous waves under the surface. This isn’t bad or good, just an acknowledgment of the energy you’ve been moving through. The good news is that while these waves might feel scary or overwhelming, they’re actually the contractions in the spiritual labor you’re in. They’ve been serving you the whole time, getting you ready to birth something new.

The Hierophant card is a big evolutionary energy, and is going to kickstart your labor, so to speak – inviting you to release some really, really old and outdated beliefs this month so you can make room for the new and the true. Why? So you can fully step up and be of service in a way you never have before (and for many of you Piscean healers, that is saying something).

The Hierophant is a clear channel for the Divine, which is important for Pisceans to understand. The key to hearing our guides, living in our channel and being aligned with our soul’s path is being able to distinguish the truth of our channel from the noise of the brain. Clearing up the chatter so we can hear the channel better is the actual word that’s being done for Pisces this month. There are going to be some amazing expansions as a result of all this clearing. Big career shifts, inspirations, new ideas and much more. Think a true alignment with your path and what you’re here to do.

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:: Aries/Aries Rising :: Six of Cups

Release the past and gently resist floating into the future. Be here now, and come home to the present moment. Ground down, open the heart, and let all that doesn’t serve you be released. March is a very intense month, but the intensity is totally appropriate. It’s spring! Buds are bursting, animals are birthing; and all this awakening makes for an uncomfortable, messy time, energetically.

Anytime we might want to get some answers as to why things feel so crazy, we need only to go outside and look around us. See the trees getting ready to bloom? Now consider all of the invisible activity facilitating this underneath the Earth’s surface. Nature is our greatest teacher, and we are all waking up now, honoring the organic rhythm of the moment.

This is such important medicine for Aries and Aries rising this month. You guys may want to move through the discomfort of this time quickly, but there’s nothing to do but BE RIGHT HERE. Trust in this, because this moment is all there is. When we drift off into the past or the future, we’ve dropped out of that energetic co-creation of our future with the Universe. There really is no future without our participation; we are birthing it in every moment. So if you float away, just keep coming back home.

How? Get outside and move your body as often as possible, no matter how cold it might be. Just bundle up and go for it! And make sure you’re really nourishing your body, keeping caffeine and anything that taxes the adrenals to a minimum. This is a VERY potent month for emotional excavation: sharing, laughing, crying, orgasming, walking, sweating, screaming – leave all the dead stuff in the winter.

Remember: healing happens in spirals and layers, and while we might feel as though we’re moving up and down, we’re only ever going forward. If ancient traumas or unpleasant memories arise this month, it is in the service of releasing some old shrapnel or splinters so we can be unencumbered in the year ahead. Your willingness to do so is the key to your journey and expansion in the rest of 2016!

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:: Taurus/Taurus Rising :: Judgment

In the Starchild Tarot, the Judgment card is known as AWAKENING. I can think of no better word for Taurus’ journey this month, since March is launching Taurus into an entirely new level of self love and self acceptance. You will be offered so many opportunities to rewire old beliefs and resentments, welcoming love and compassion in their place. It’s a huge evolution, bringing you back into the awareness that embracing your self is part of your birthright.

And when we love ourselves, we invite the whole world to love itself, too. It’s an energetic invitation that is so intoxicating, and Taurus, you are leading the charge for us all. This month holds some extremely important work for you – not only for your expansion, but for those that you love, teach and honor with your presence and friendship. As you evolve, you’ll energetically invite them to evolve, too.

You might come face to face with some old judgments about yourself or others this month. Don’t mistake this for a backward step – it’s coming up for you to rewire and rewrite the story. You must first acknowledge whatever is ready to be released, right? Hold this truth close to your heart this month as you navigate these old, cobwebby places.

Awakening/Judgment is a huge energy, and carries with it a supremely important truth: there’s only so far we can go without truly freeing ourselves from judgments of the heart and mind. This card’s energy is about the transition from judgment into love, and Taureans will see this on every level this month, both for yourselves and others. This is a necessary step for Taurus in the evolution of your year.

Expect some really big and powerful learning experiences, on a micro and a macro level. How you view your body, how you feed and nourish yourself, how you compare yourself to others – what others did to you and what you’ve done to yourself. Everything is up for review; everything is ready to be released, embraced, and forgiven. The invitation is to be free from carrying the weight of resentment, bitterness and old stories. Write a new ending to that story this month. Keep bowing and stepping forward into love.

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:: Gemini/Gemini Rising :: Page of Wands

This is a time of big movement for Gemini! Wow! At home in the buzz and excitement of early Spring, you guys are really going to flourish in the intensity of this month. You’ve been doing SO much clearing and releasing – now the spark and desire to move forward is really going to take root. Page of Wands is all about rushing into the future with the wisdom of the past. There is a youthful feel to this card – a fresh and welcome energy for Gemini coming out of winter.

Trust this time of movement. You guys live for this kind of electric energy, so use and infuse it into your life and what you want to manifest next. The Page of Wands is Air and Fire; the blending of the two creates these wild explosions, perfect for you this month. Create, have fun, and take big leaps. They’re going to pay off beautifully. It’s important to blend action with dreaming now, so get your hands in the dirt, so to speak. It’s a really good time for any business or travel ventures, too.

The only area to tread more cautiously in is the realm of crushes. You guys fly fast and hard with infatuations normally – all part of your charm and allure. This month, however, stay SUPER grounded with your love interests. Don’t rush into anything that’s not really rooted for you. This isn’t to say that if you’re nursing new feelings for someone it’s not going to work out beautifully. Just don’t elope – yet. Pour that passion and desire into your life’s work and into your self expansion.

Stay flexible, stay patient, and stay focused in the realm of fun and play. Be wary of impatience. Allow your mind, always brimming with ideas, options and thoughts, to be on the back burner this month. As you move and groove, you might find yourself thinking:, “Okay, well, this is awesome, but what’s next?! Can I get there faster?!” – and if you find yourself in this place, just breathe and come back to square one. You may have to do this a lot this month, but it’s going to be so good for you. It is deeply healing for Gemini to be in the present moment, even while stirring the cauldron for whatever exciting steps lies ahead.

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:: Cancer/Cancer Rising :: Six of Wands

This month is full of really fabulous expansions for you Cancer. Like Gemini, you guys have been working your asses off since the fall – now there’s some lovely sweetness on its way to you. Make no mistake: this month is intense for everyone, but Cancers can expect some really wonderful energetic rewards during this time.

These rewards, so to speak, come in the form of attention, respect and acknowledgment for your hard work. There is a sense of victory for Cancer this month, externally and internally. The Six of Wands offers us an experience of being celebrated or “seen” – and while that idea of being out there on display might sound like a nightmare for some particularly hermetic Cancers, fear not. This isn’t an uncomfortable way of being seen; no vulnerability or raw emotions are involved.

This is a joyful energy, and about allowing yourself to be honored as you move through an advancement. Whether you’re stepping up a level in your career, advancing in your field of study, or even taking a big leap in your work, love, or home life, you’re getting the news and confirmation this month that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you’ve been chasing.

For Cancer, this month is a mental game changer. An awareness in YOURSELF about how amazing and appreciated you are is the core of March. You can get excited! You can be proud of yourself. In fact, the hard work of the last few months has been in service of beginning to nurture a new sense of harmony within you, which is all about you being more aligned with your soul’s path.

You are born beautiful nurturers, but it has been crucial for you to start giving the same level of care and attention to your own needs. It’s been tough, but you’ve been saying “yes.” You’ll begin to really see this month that true nurturing is a wellspring that can only start from you. Keep going and enjoy!

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:: Leo/Leo Rising :: Two of Pentacles

Balance, balance, balance – and did I mention balance? You have full permission to be as spiritually selfish as it suits you this month, for you are in the beginning stages of some really crucial life path expansions. Whether this applies to you as a parent, an entrepreneur, an artist, or just as a human being, this is an enormously important soul path month for Leo.

What I’m talking about is nurturing unconditional self-regard in whatever you are currently moving through; not taking ANYTHING additional onto your plate unless it serves your highest good. If work, friends, family or loved ones take a backseat this month, that’s totally aligned for you. And if there are some loves in your life you’re used to offering energetic support to, let them carry their own weight this month.

Trust in this and keep going. Be gentle but firm with those who don’t understand – you’re simply mirroring a process of personal responsibility and an empowerment that’s probably not coming easily to them. In fact, you’re offering them a healing by letting them be a little uncomfortable!

The Two of Pentacles is actually a wonderful card; it speaks of fresh, new beginnings, and of much needed changes. Changes you have been working towards, so it’s a beautiful testament to your hard work. But this work is a balancing act. It is imperative that you only surround yourself with people who do not emotionally drain you. Bringing any heavy energy in now, everything will tumble. But if this does happens, simply re-center, pick everything up and start again.

Of course, taking care of yourself and getting proper rest and nourishment comes first and foremost this month. Again, be gentle and unapologetic. Take the time you need, whether for work or breaks. Your priority now is to develop a strong sense of self. This time is sweet and fleeting; savor every single moment of it.

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:: Virgo/Virgo Rising :: Strength

Between January’s Mercury retrograde and the Full Moon last week, Virgos have really been really knocked around by some major astro weather recently. This intensity is still hanging around for you in March, but the Strength card suggests you’ll experience it in a different way. Known mostly for your practicality, loyalty, and keenly critical eye, I think Virgos are often misunderstood, and in a fairly limiting way – even to themselves. All of those aforementioned qualities lie atop a powerful and innate intuitive ability.

Yes, you CAN see everything – you’ve just never known how to work with it. In fact, the intensity of Virgo insight can sometimes fry your nervous system, sparking up the self-criticism and paranoia that can be part of Virgo when it’s out of balance. It takes practice for anyone to distinguish between their brain chatter and their true channel. Once Virgo masters this, you have some of the clearest psychic connections of all the signs.

Strength is ushering this in for all Virgos, and it can’t come a moment too soon. Our fragile planet literally needs your sense of justice, specificity and care right now, which is why Virgos have really been stripped and rebuilt in the last year or so, most strongly in the last few months. It’s time to wake up to who and what you truly are; born healers and helpers.

Strength is inviting you to understand your magnificence from the inside out –speaking to an emotional, psychic, spiritual Strength. Soul Strength. The energy of the Strength card about knowing who you truly are and letting yourself shine. Strength can stand with the lion, unafraid, because her channel is clear. She knows it’s safe, even though it might look risky or scary to an outsider.

That is the perfect metaphor for what Virgo is moving through right now: a process of trusting yourself and your instincts in a way more than ever. But proceed gently, as you nervous system might be quite worn out. Take it one step at a time, getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water. You’re essentially being reprogrammed, so it’s wise for you to rest as much as possible while your new upgrade is being installed.

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:: Libra/Libra Rising :: The Sun

Joy, gratitude, and illumination are the key words for Libra this month. The Sun card is the invitation into the light. We are able to truly see our lives through objective and loving eyes. If life hasn’t made a lot of sense to you lately, lean into the Sun’s energy. Soak up its warmth, and say yes to its invitation. This is a beautiful shift for Libra following a few crunchy months. Life CAN feel a bit smoother this month – if you are willing to allow it to be.

The Sun comes after The Moon. It is the light of a new dawn after a period of darkness; the sight of land after a long journey at sea. And so this month is about coming back to Earth after a time in the Void, allowing the Sun’s energy to infuse your life with its wisdom and energy as you process the shift from air to earth. You’ve been learning and balancing, now you get to bask a bit and see the “why” behind all that effort.

The other invitation for Libra this month is JOY – as there’s so much available to you this month! Even in the moments you might be feeling shitty, joy will be an available and unlocked door for you. From joy, there will be yet more ease and grounding – letting your roots stretch down even deeper, while your branches soar ever upward. It’s a beautiful relationship, and one that will enable you to open to all the clarity and gratitude that’s currently swirling around you. You just have to open that door.

So consider how worthy and deserving you feel about embracing the Sun’s joy and light. Do you trust it? Are you willing to let the light in? Are you willing to truly see yourself and others bathed in this light? If any resistance arises, look at it with compassionate curiosity.

Any lack of worthiness or discomfort we feel in the face of our joy suggests an area to lavish some attention on. In order for you to move forward holding that well deserved joy in your heart, you have to check out the places that feel uncomfortable for you too. Smooth them out with the grace of your loving attention.

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:: Scorpio/Scorpio Rising :: The Star

March is a massive heart opener for Scorpio. This month is huge for you guys – a major energetic clearing. Scorpio, like Pisces, has been feeling the intense vibes lately, and has been privately moving through some big stuff. For many Scorpios, the last few months have been a time of big trauma resurgences. Know that all of this is coming up to the surface to be released; another layer of shrapnel gone.

For many of you, this is a beautiful time to seek a lot of loving support. Whatever that means for you, make sure you’re honoring yourself and sharing your experience as often as possible.

The Star comes after The Tower for a reason. It’s the cooling rain after a forest fire, and is the most profoundly healing card in the Tarot. It soothes our wounds, shining some beautiful maternal light onto us, inviting us to crack our hearts open and trust in life again. It’s in this heart opening that all of these old pieces and emotions can be released, washed away by starlight and healing water.

If the recent mood hasn’t been so intense for you, this is still a gorgeous opportunity for some sweetness and nurturing as you step forward into the next phase of your life, unburdened by anything you no longer need. For all of you, relish any time you are near water. Be IN water as much as possible. Baths, showers, pools, rivers, oceans, hot springs – whatever you gotta do, seek them out! And make sure you’re drinking a ton of it, too.

You can also hang out with lots of Rose Quartz and Aquamarine this month; soft pinks, blues and greens are going to be so lovely for your heart. Also, howl like wolves. Travel. See new places. Quit that job you hate. Get all of this old stuff out of you. The light is dawning on a new, lighter and more peaceful time for you, Scorpio – flow with this energy and the release will feel like a resurrection.

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:: Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising :: Ace of Crystals

March is a month for aligning your abundance with your soul’s path, Sagittarius – it’s a beautiful time for you! New and exciting beginnings abound. The Ace of Crystals is a gorgeous energy, signaling all kinds of abundance: financial inheritance of any kind, a new job, a baby (yes, a baby!), or any kind of “seed.” Each Ace of Crystals is a seed that contains the fullness of a beautiful and bountiful harvest. It will come in many different forms to you this month, Sagittarius, so be open and receptive.

In fact, receptivity is the key word for you this month. Be open to this new, beautiful energy. Trust in it. Walk through life with your palms open and your words full of gratitude. Let go of ANY expectations and let yourself be surprised by what drops in. Consider that the entire month will be full of this bounty. The Aces are a beautiful gift, but like all gifts, we must be open to receiving them.

And regarding that whole “aligning your abundance with your soul path thing”: the Universe means business with this. This month is really clearly directing you toward a whole new level of this energy in your life. But this is an Ace energy; it’s the seed. Remember: a baby grows in utero for nine months before coming Earthside. These alignments take time.

So this is the time for planting the seeds, for receiving the seeds. The Pisces New Moon eclipse on March 8 is going to be particularly potent for you too, and I highly recommend you harness its energy to direct toward what you’re manifesting in this new cycle.

If we water the garden of our dreams with our willingness to be receptive and abundant, there is NOTHING that can’t take root. And for you, it really can be that simple this month. No begging, no praying, no spell casting required: it’s all right there for you. You’re just being redirected back to the wellspring that is your energetic and abundant birthright. The question is, will you accept it without judgment? Will you trust that a lowly seed – perhaps one you weren’t even expecting – could be the one to transform your garden into a lush paradise?

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:: Capricorn/Capricorn Rising :: The Moon

You’re in for an extremely powerful month, Capricorn. You, like Virgo, are going through a big Earth sign expansion – coming even more deeply into your surrender, your shadow side, and your psychic abilities. This is such a good thing! Fabulous in fact, and I highly encourage you to lean deeply into the energy of the month. Let it gently crack you open, infusing you with powers and abilities you never knew you had.

This is not a month of big action for you, Capricorn. The Major Arcana cards cast a macrocosmic net over things – working on the big picture. The Moon is VERY big picture, but also very vague – much like the physical moon herself. The of overall energy you’re hanging out in this month is largely subterranean. It’s more feminine, more psychically charged, more deep and mysterious. So all of the external, active stuff coming your way this month will be steeped in this energy.

The Moon is a really potent card. It’s the card of the Void, or the unknown. Not a whole lot makes sense in the Void, because it’s extrasensory. That’s why this month is so powerful for Capricorn, internally and psychically. You must trust it. 1000 per cent trust it. Take a seat in the Void and pull up a blanket. Get comfy. Let your third eye adjust to the dark, much like a jungle cat.

SO much information is going to come to and through you this month. So as your guides whisper to you, quiet yourself enough to actually hear them. Work with Tarot cards, your pendulum, or crystals. Be outside as often as possible. Allow for lots of magical alone time. Totally surrender and abandon the need to have specific answers this month. Let them come when they do.

I think the key for hanging out in the Moon card comfortably, is practicing surrender. And then to embrace and even relish this time, knowing the medicine it brings. Remember this energy, like everything else, is temporary – so dive in while it’s here.

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:: Aquarius/Aquarius Rising :: Five of Cups

You’re moving through some wildly important and contractive energies with the Five of Cups this month Aquarius. Think “emotional mastery” on a whole new level! Five of Cups can come with feelings of loss, regret and grieving. It can spiral us into some pretty major emotional experiences. However, remember that experience is different from truth. When little children throw screaming tantrums because you take away their stuffed toy to be washed, they’re having an experience – real, but not TRUE. Well Aquarius will be getting a master class in this idea with the Five of Cups.

A screaming child is the perfect metaphor and teacher for working with this energy. Know that we CAN become the loving, patient adult who holds space for the child’s experience. We don’t have to match them, or believe them. In fact, this is exactly what the Five of Cups is teaching us to do, its true medicine, as it actually helps us to become the watcher of our feelings. To not be as identified with them. This is a beautiful life wisdom, and also something Aquarius is particularly ready to master.

For you, this month will be about the continual flow between having an experience to becoming the holder of that experience. It’s about knowing you are safe, that nothing is permanent, and nothing is ever lost to you that you are meant to have – these are all universal truths. So you can trust them, and keep scooping up your inner child and reminding them of this. Even better, every time we do this, we have the chance to literally rewire our brains.

So no playing the “what if” game with yourself this month. Just stay present, breathe, and know that a big expansion is coming, cresting on the wake of all of the growth and wisdom that you will gain from moving through the Five of Cups. Even if you are set on having a particularly light and lovely month, remember that even the smallest doses of moving away from identification and victimhood with your experiences will be POTENTLY transformative.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

:: Aquarius / Aquarius Rising :: The Three of Wands 

Happy birthday month babes! The good news is that this month is calling you back into the wide-open space of expansive living and thinking, especially if, like most of us, you experienced a little bit of January panic. I feel as though your new year overwhelm was purely down to an overload of ideas. Suddenly they all became a tangled ball of wool and…oh dear, procrastination set in? So, if you are currently feeling like you backed yourself into a cave, know that it’s time to move forward with action.

You are actually very brilliant at thinking expansively about life and your projects, so remember that panic mode isn’t your natural state. Also, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of your ideas is actually a pretty cool crisis to have – after all, you’re never going to run out of inspiration to put your vision out into the world. However, to be the thought LEADER that you truly are, you do need to practice a little focus. I also feel that over the course of the month, something that’s going to help get you into your most productive state will be sharing and collaborating.

When we are just recycling our thoughts over and over in our own mind, it’s easy to hit a brick wall – and it feels to me like you’ve got a whole heap of big plans to change the world that need some airing. They need an injection of breath and life. So who are the best people to brainstorm with? This is for you to figure out, but you will probably find that like minds exist in those who deal in similarly big ideas, those who prefer to question opposed to judge, and those who you find straight up inspiring. These people may be your BFFs, or they may be acquaintances hovering on the perimeter. Perhaps there’s even a mentor waiting in the wings.

Carry this expansive with you everywhere, so you don’t miss the conversations which are aligned to help you rise up and meet your highest and most compassionate “of service” self. There is an emphasis on FUN this month, so remember too that self care is always the remedy in moments of stress, and that it’s safe to follow what you are most excited about – rather than what you think you “should” do. Oh and finally – you may see the results of some major manifesting this month. Allow yourself to celebrate all that is YOU.

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:: Pisces / Pisces Rising :: The Ten of Cups

 We often associate feeling good with seeing physical things or results turning out the exact way we want them too, but restricting our expectations this way often leads to disappointment and a perceived sense of failure. Allowing yourself to receive exactly what you need, when you need it, is a big part of being at peace in the human experience. To feel “out of control” doesn’t mean you have become the victim of your experience, rather it speaks to being to rigid with your limitations. In fact, when you take the pressure off, you will instantly begin receiving a lot more than you even expected. You have entered a natural state of surrender – action combined with expansion.

I feel a sense of relief entering the Piscean sphere this month. This sense of ease will arise from the simple act of allowing yourself to be where you are, not where you think you “should be” – just being where you are, and making friends with the feelings that accompany this moment. To exist absolutely in the now, is an empowered and powerful act of self-care, and I want you to practice it this month using the mantra: “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

There is also a sense of movement and things loosening up a little. Emails you’ve been sending out may finally get returned, news you’ve been waiting on shows up, and things suddenly make sense. Hope arises from internal trust and clarity. I feel you can also practice the belief that you are supported in the coming weeks. For those of you who have a strong spirit-based faith, then this is the month to reconnect to your angels, guides and loved ones. If you want to and don’t know how, then try simply asking for their assistance, and thanking the energy around you for showing you signs and symbols to remind you that everything is perfect in this present moment.

You may prefer to keep your support system within the 3D realm, and use this month as an opportunity to share your story with others, to be of service, to bathe in the brilliance of friends who inspire you and to open yourself up to receive more connections for your highest good. Your energy this month is wide open and expansive, but as always, living this way is a choice. Don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable and open up – big old fears and all.

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:: Aries / Aries Rising :: Strength

Your theme for this month is reframing what the word COURAGE means to you. You may associate courage with bravery – but you may also associate bravery with weakness. If you see vulnerability as a weakness, and “toughening up” an act of courage, that is. To you, to be courageous may mean just getting things done, to keep on pushing, to keep your back upright, your face impassive. So what does courage feel like to you? What’s your relationship to this word?

Courage, if you choose, can be an active form of self-love and self-awareness. Courage arises when you fully allow yourself to be YOU, and not only when someone else approves of you. Courage creeps into your empowered set of feelings when you own the moment you are in. Courage ushers you through the door when you take a leap of faith into the unknown. You don’t have to become courageous; courage can be a constant companion.

So this month, I want you to feel FULL of courage, as if it is beaming out of you, encouraging you to go forth and make some big decisions and perhaps also release some things that aren’t working. You no longer need to juggle a million things that don’t feel quite right. Life doesn’t have to be about winning, or waiting for gold star that says “HEY! You nailed it!” Instead, you have to peel back the layers, simply trusting that what’s in front of you will lead to what you want to create in the future. You’ve been doing the work, you’ve been facing the fears, and you’ve walked amongst your chaos. Now I want you to integrate this, and allow yourself to really BE the evolved you, the ever evolving you.

This means no leaning on excuses from the past, or dipping into self-sabotage. The courageous you knows this isn’t the way forward. The future is in the hands of the powerful YOU that exists today, and decides to move forward based upon all the knowledge you have earned. I can already feel the weight that lifts when you let the past become fluid and drop any “should”s and the “if”s about the future. Ask yourself, what feels right today? And then explore that feeling and allow it to be the vehicle for your next adventure.

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 :: Taurus / Taurus Rising :: Prince of Pentacles

February brings a continuation of the “back to school” feeling that accompanied your New Year plans, and now you are in the subtle shift of ideas becoming action. The energy for you over the coming weeks is to take bold steps in the direction you are seeking. I feel that for many of you there may be a grounding of ideas that you’ve been toying with during the past year even, and now it feels as if it’s is time for something to land. You can think of this in a very simple and earthy way – what is it that you want to create in your material world? What do you want to see grow in your external environment?

The emphasis is on solid confident steps, so you probably won’t find much peace if you try and gallop ahead, blazing a trail. Instead, think about movement with intention, because equally you don’t want to fall foul of perfection / procrastination and get bogged down again. So, what do you want to put your focus on? And what ONE THING can you do that can get things moving? Is it making the phone call that’s been on your to-do list for months? Writing an email, or starting a spreadsheet? Your action may even just come in the form of committing to a decision, but somewhere out there a new beginning is waiting for you – and it’s only you will know what it looks like.

Meanwhile, if you had been toying with the idea of seeking some external mentoring or support recently then the time is now. This may come in the form of anyone from a therapist to a business sponsor, but it feels like there is some external force around you that could offer a helping hand if you open up to the idea that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

For those of you who have been feeling less than your grounded self recently, you will also thrive within the company of those whom you feel most safe around, especially if you feel your trust and faith in others has been wavering recently. Remember that the company of one person who feels good is better than coffee with ten who make you feel in any way less than; your job isn’t to be everything for everyone or to be liked by all. Trust in what you need and you will find that it is right in front of you.

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:: Gemini / Gemini Rising :: The Moon

When the energy of the moon comes up in our days we are always been called to look behind the scenes and pay attention to our internal dialogue. Your February is an encouraging you to dive a little deeper into the essence of WHY you feel what you feel, and WHY you do what you do. For some of you this may instantly feel overwhelming, the idea of facing deep, dark fears, or the thought of simply sitting with your feelings. But know that your fears only want your attention, just a wave hello and an “I see you.”

For those of you reading this going OH YES I’VE BEEN FEELING ALL MY FEARS…then know that you are also allowed to ask for help, and that no one is supposed to manage everything on their own. We all need a tool kit, and most of the time this means we need someone to teach what goes in there. Meanwhile, examining the underbelly of definitely does NOT have to spell dark times – going “behind the veil” is also about connecting to your intuitive or higher self. I feel this is a wonderful month to be doing some dream journaling and paying attention to lady Luna herself.

You can learn so much about your self just from charting the phases of the moon, so why not experiment this month and see what you discover. In line with these themes, I feel there may be some sense of relief as you connect with the earth and nature over the coming weeks, especially if you feel wired or anxious. This may mean taking a hike in the nearest spot of wilderness that you can find, but equally, you will notice that eating root veggies and a good old stomp down the sidewalk will do the trick.

As far as other people are concerned, this is not a month to be seduced by gossip or drama, and that includes sitting and imagining that people don’t like you or are talking about you. If you’re fearing judgment then retreat back to your self, and do some work on your side of the street – and when you do meet any fears, know that you can negotiate with them. If in doubt, understand that the part of your mind that says you “can’t” or you aren’t “good enough” is an illusion – your soul self would never speak to you in that language.

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:: Cancer / Cancer Rising :: Death

You have either just experienced a big change in your life or you are currently undergoing a transformation (or hey, maybe both!) – and I want to reassure you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I hope for many of that this month will actually bring a sense of RELIEF, since your energy over the last six months has seemed to be very stop and start – things appearing and disappearing, offers followed by rejections, the whole shebang. So, where are you at today? I want you to recognize that you have literally stepped into a new cycle. A cycle, because life is never about pass and fail, or about being broken or fixed, there is ALWAYS an evolution unfolding.

You are always moving and shifting, especially when you feel stuck. So within this time of change, I want to remind you that you must (as always) prioritize your self-care – and by this I mean practice a serious, mind-blowingly deep nurturing of your self. Please experiment with this, as in you literally cannot care for yourself enough – in fact, go WILD with it, and see how much better the world looks when you decide that you are deserving of the utmost kindness and care.

Allow this practice to also bring in some grounding, as you are in need of some earth energy right now. When you’ve felt like everything has been up in the air – whether this was because you were consumed by a new crush, shifting jobs, or in recent crisis – your feet are off the ground. It’s time to come back down to earth and settle. Eat earthy veggies, keep warm, hug trees, stomp your feet, body brush, self-massage, keep a piece of tourmaline crystal in your pocket, and literally visualize roots growing from your feet into the earth.

Alongside this, I want you to take on a considered view of the future, accepting the fact that you can’t know what is ahead. There is a beautiful element of surprise in your world, and if you open yourself up to the unknown as your comrade and superpower, you may see some light in the shadows. Know that no one is exempt from the tales life tells us, and you are not alone. You may enjoy being with a new community over the coming weeks, sharing stories and being uplifted by friends. Oh and LAUGH, for there is much to be grateful for.

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:: Leo / Leo Rising :: The Star

 This month there are abundant opportunities for you to take full possession of your skills and talents. This isn’t a time to be playing yourself down or feeling like you have nothing to offer – particularly relevant for those of you in a time of transition. If it feels like you are really STARTING OVER, you may find yourself asking, “can I even do this?” Remember that every moment of your journey has been leading to today, and every single experience has given you wisdom. Even if you feel no connection to your past right now, it is what brought you hers, and you are still alive and time is still your friend.

This means I want you to honor your experiences so far, and admire the things that you have learned along the way. So where does this inventory-taking make you feel talented and star-powered right NOW? If this is an uncomfortable question to ask yourself, then great! Discomfort is a call to action, and it may be a call for you to actively up your own confidence levels. Self-confidence has to be claimed, not earned – and guess what, you get to choose to believe in yourself and your projects.

Sitting around and waiting for someone or something to approve of you just won’t cut it. Make a list of the things you are grateful for about yourself; they may be physical or emotional, skills or achievements. Know that it is okay to pat yourself on the back! On this theme, I’d also like you to remember that you don’t have to dim your light in order to please anyone else. If you have people around you who react badly to your joy, then know that they may be going through a tough time, but you are still allowed to celebrate. On the flip side, remember to always collaborate versus compete. It’s so much more fun to share than compare.

Meanwhile, I feel this month may bring many reasons for you to feel abundant, so remember that success is not a destination, more so a FEELING. It doesn’t have to be extreme, and you’ll realize you are constantly experiencing tiny joys if you stop to tune into them. Opportunities for you to up your game and shine brighter are also in store, and if you are getting in your own way creatively, remember not everything is about you – but more about how you can be of service. 

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:: Virgo / Virgo Rising :: The Six of Swords

Considering the speed at which your year kicked off, it may be that you’re already craving some down time. This does not mean that you have to book a holiday and head for the hills, it’s more about the idea of inviting in a little stillness back into your days. The idea of “self-retreat” feels wonderful for you, and you may be able to experience this from simply upping your alone time.

It seems as though the last couple of weeks have ushered in a lot of opinions and external ideas, with everyone chiming in with their input. While you appreciate support, it’s also easy for you to get annoyed and overwhelmed by too many people and their thoughts. So if you are feeling a little like you want to tell everyone to just GO AWAY, or are wondering if you can just turn down the volume on the world, then this is just a hint to reclaim some of your own time – and of course to value it.

This can be in whatever form that works for you. If you have been feeling a call to start a meditation practice, then this energy is of course in support of that – but it may also be that you need to sit and just feel your discomforts a little more, and make friends with your brain chatter. Stillness is available to everyone, especially somebody like you who’s often convinced that you CAN’T tone down your thoughts. You can, but it might not be in the way that you think you “should” – remember that meditation does not mean having an empty mind, more so one that feels less like a galloping stallion. Try to pick one thing and focus on it, and make it something that’s beautiful or interesting to you. You could steady your gaze on a candle flame just as much as you could watch a YouTube video of a puppy yawning (HEY, WHY NOT!)

The main thing is that you’re required to just take a little pressure off yourself this month, and just allow yourself to do one thing at a time. If feels like there’s one task or one dream that requires your eyes and your heart right now. So gift yourself some one-on-one time with whatever this is, and also with yourself. Just because you aren’t crossing things off lists doesn’t mean that your time is being wasted. 

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:: Libra / Libra Rising :: The Hierophant

I feel a shift from being the student to the teacher for you over the coming weeks. Some of you have actually been in that educational space, taking up new skills and ventures, and others of you have just really noticed that sense of your life being its own educator. It’s now time to think how you might use what you’ve learned as a tool for navigating the unknown ahead of you. With this sense of building wisdom and knowledge, you may also find yourself bursting at the seams wanting to tell everyone EVERYTHING you’ve learned. This is a beautiful feeling, as it can remind you of how wonderful wisdom gained really is – but what’s important is learning how to direct your findings in a positive and useful way.

No one ever benefits from being preached at, in fact, it’s an energy that often repels people. However, to teach is a more subtle and delicate process, which can be begun by simply practicing and living within your discoveries. For instance, if you’ve recently had your mind blown by a new self-help idea, then you don’t need to push it on everyone you know. Rather, just absorb what you have learned, and then BE the knowledge that has transformed your life, and you will instantly shift your own energy to benefit your own experience and others’.

You can also consider how you might like to use your experiences to be of service to the world, your community and those immediately around you. Again, always start with you, by nurturing your own mind, body and spirit and then considering how and what from your experience you can share for the highest good. Some of you may be called to write; or you may want to a video, or hop on periscope, and so on. You may simply feel called to ask “can I help you” to a close friend in crisis. You will know where your compassion is going to be of best use in the coming weeks, and enjoy rising up into this spot of light.

On the flip side of the coin, do not go all OUT THERE if you are feeling depleted. Trying to help, share and care is difficult if you are feeling less than filled up yourself. If you know YOU can be of help, it also means that there’s someone out there waiting to help you right back. Be out and proud about seeking guidance when you need it – it is all around you.

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:: Scorpio / Scorpio Rising :: The World

Your energy feels as though it has met its highest match, since this card is raw phoenix rising – meaning you are at liberty now to embody all the aspects of this transformative time. You know you are experiencing a big shift, right? Of course, we all feel it in different ways, but I want you to focus on the pure energy of endings and beginnings. This is to suggest that it is possible to very gently nurture all that is closing right now and bid what needs to leave your life a happy farewell – for a new horizon awaits, and you need to claim that space.

Finding the courage to close one chapter and move forward is never an easy task, but I ask you to trust in surrender, know that rejection is actually redirection, and there are many opportunities to say YES just ahead. So, on to new beginnings, as this is what feels fresh for you right now. I can sense a slight shift in your priorities, which has possibly occurred after a dark night of the soul scenario (you know alllll about those). In those darkest hours we get clarity because so much has been stripped away. Sometimes the guidance we receive is glaringly obvious, sometimes more subtle – and this will tie in with the whole “letting go” thing as sometimes it is really hard to actually accept your own desires.

For instance, if you’ve been doing something that always felt like your calling for so long you just don’t love it anymore, then know that it’s cool to move on. You aren’t tied to your own creations, and everything deserves its own set of wings. Put your attention on the new and the wild, it’s time to move from toe dipping to full on deep diving.

It seems that the world is awaiting something you have in your hands, whether it’s a new project, a piece of guidance, showcasing the new you, or ANYTHING that you feel is ready to launch. It’s only natural that you may experience some resistance in the form of anxiety about the future. No one is free from this and I want to remind you to lean towards whatever sources of faith you have. For me, it’s a baseline trust in my journey, and that I am always exactly where I am supposed to be regardless of what is happening around me. You’ve got this.

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:: Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising :: The Queen of Wands

 It feels to me like February is actually the first month of the year for you, as I see you stepping into your highest state of empowerment and energy. The Queen of Wands always feels like pure Sagittarius to me, and here she is to remind you of your deepest soul truths. I see that you have an opportunity to really accept yourself for who you are and where you are at right now. Yes, we always want to change things about ourselves, but it’s time to quit it with any ideas about having to “fix” yourself, or avoid anything that you don’t like.

You do not have to get better or be better, but instead you just have to allow yourself to transform whilst you do the work that you want to do. There is never a finish line as far as self-development goes, and the coming weeks are merely a chance to allow yourself to be YOU. So, what parts of your own power do you really need to call in? What parts of yourself have you rejected? Where are you not standing in your true self? The parts of yourself that you feel challenged by, ashamed or unsure of are only an opportunity for growth. To accept the moment you are in also means being able to offer some forgiveness to the past, knowing that forgiveness is an act of self-care.

In regards to the external world and your actions this month, I feel as though there’s a lot that’s going to suddenly require your attention, with people coming at you from all angles with opportunities, ideas, new job offers and people desiring a piece of your time. Remember that to embody your fiery superpowers with regards other people, it’s always best to state what you want and need via a clear and compassionate filter, as well as allowing yourself time to breathe.

If in any doubt with how to deal with something – count to ten, RESPOND rather than react, and call a friend on the outskirts to brainstorm with. Finally – always go back within and check in with what your soul has to say before you throw yourself into anything that doesn’t feel good or 100 per cent right. You see, this “feeling good” is IT, the key to embodying your most naturally empowered and energetic state. Feeling good = feeling the true you.

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:: Capricorn / Capricorn Rising :: The Ace of Pentacles

 In response to last month’s theme of throwing it all out to the Universe, this month sees you called back to a decisive, abundant and productive energy. You are really READY to start something, and the days ahead are in support of this. A doorway seems to be opening, and is awaiting you because of the decisions you have been making over the past few months. I feel this is much more of a carefully constructed opportunity, opposed to someone handing you something on a plate.

With this in mind, I’m hinting at you being the fire starter, and the one to make the bold leap of faith. Don’t hang around waiting for someone to give you something when you could be out there and grabbing it for yourself. So, what are you interested in getting into gear? While your energy is often very much of the material world, I can also sense some big romantic moves may be on the horizon. Don’t be afraid to be present with the people who show up for you. Connections you make this month feel like they have a little magic to them, and that romantic partners, collaborators and mentors are all within your reach.

As always just trust in what feels good rather than go against your intuition out of fear. In regards the day to day, I can see there might also be an opportunity to restart something that never quite grew wings. Whether it’s an idea that you had to abandon due to other priorities, or something that just didn’t quite fit in the moment, second chances are favored – only if it still feels good of course!

On the self-care front, you may benefit from some grounding and a reconnection to your earthy natural state. However, don’t force yourself to do something just because you think you “should” – don’t drag yourself to the gym, when you know actually you enjoy walking more, or force yourself into the latest diet craze when your body is actually saying NO THANK YOU! Make space to stop and listen to your mind, body, and spirit. Oh and feel free to play. Taking positive action doesn’t mean you have restrict yourself. Big plans work really well when you allow them breathing space, and give yourself the freedom to make a little mess.

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The Full Moon in Gemini is an invitation to re-shape our reality and reorientate on our journey, says Hannah Ariel. PLUS Three essential questions to help each sign navigate the vibes

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.” – The Matrix

If there were ever a week to take the red pill, it’s this one. It’s high time to engage these days like a Gemini, restless in a your infinite search for more knowledge, more truth. Wanting to hear and see everything, life through Gemini eyes is like experiencing an endless discovery channel.

Gemini is MUTABLE energy. It can’t help but change course with every turn of a thought. Nothing thrills this sign more than to follow a new lead, comprehend yet another fact, connect another dot. At the Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday November 25th we’re beginning to realize we may have to take a few twists and turns to get to where we need to be going next.

In aspect to Neptune, this may not be at all where we thought to dream before. This Full Moon in Gemini illuminates how our lives are meant to change and mutate, to the point where they are unrecognizable at times, in order for us to explore a fresh vision. Cosmically, it’s a time where life can be stranger than fiction.

The Sun has just entered Sagittarius. We have survived the depths of Scorpio, and there is an unmistakable optimism in the air. And while Gemini is busy turning corners, Sagittarius always trusts there’s going to be a good time around the bend. Although these signs oppose one another in the sky, they actually make for lively partners in crime; Gemini points the way, and Sag has the good faith to follow the signs.

It’s a divine recipe for unlimited exploration, plain and simple. However, Mercury and Saturn have also joined the Sun in Sagittarius, creating a not so simple trifecta of nature. This Gemini moon is we don’t really have a reliable map. We can’t know which way we’re pointing without also investigating what we’re looking for, in good faith of course.

Thoughts and beliefs born of our experiences are our only reality right now. We can’t simply believe what we would prefer to anymore. Saturn in Sagittarius sees to this, as our beliefs will materialize opportunities in time and space faster than you can say Abracadabra. If you aren’t excited by the opportunities being presented to you in your life currently, check in with your third eye and ask: what do I envision for myself?

Reality is fundamentally mutable as this Full Moon in Gemini directly activates the first of three Saturn in Sagittarius/Neptune in Pisces squares – the first one on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th. When two slow moving outer planets square off it triggers shifts in consciousness that don’t come around very often. These heavy-hitters want to improve our circumstances, dissolving one boundary to re-create the next. We’re breaking through illusions we were unwittingly supporting while totally re-identifying with a new ride. Expect whatever vision you channel now to form and expand your reality.

When we look around we may be mistaken into thinking nothing makes sense right now; relationships are dissolving, re-locations are taking place, responsibilities are shape shifting, our identities and professions are being re-invented. With Neptune in the mix: surrender. Surrender to this Full Moon in Gemini. If what you thought was going to happen doesn’t, don’t flip out! Reweave the story. See to it that something else unfolds in its place.

As long as we keep the energy moving, the right situation will manifest at the right time, bringing treasures we did not know we were looking for. There’s so much we can’t possibly understand completely right now – the least we can do is open up to the journey. Surrender and feel free to experience a radiant sense of adventure in searching for where you’re headed. And above all, know you are not alone.

This Full Moon in Gemini will also reflect a particular paradigm-shift, based on your individual chart. Here are three essential questions to ask yourself, based on your Sun or Rising sign, to guide you through this Saturn/Neptune square – especially if at this Full Moon in Gemini you are struggling to make sense of what’s happening:

Aries :: Aries rising
Where is your community? How do you connect? Is there a spiritual purpose at work?

Taurus :: Taurus rising
Who are you really? What do you want more of? How can you expand your influence?

Gemini :: Gemini
How are you feeling? How are you healing? Who are you exploring with?

Cancer :: Cancer rising
Where do you fear? How do you experience peace of mind? When does it feel good to be in your body?

Leo :: Leo rising
Who do you inspire? How do you show love? What can you let go of?

Virgo :: Virgo rising
How many roles are you playing? Where are your roots? How can you see yourself more clearly?

Libra :: Libra rising
Do you see a big picture coming together? Which ideas fire you up? How can you put them into practice?

Scorpio :: Scorpio rising
Are you open to what is possible? How good does it feel to be you? Where do you experience love in your heart?

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius rising
What relationships are you attracting? Do you believe in yourself? How can you feel more at home wherever you go?

Capricorn :: Capricorn rising
What projects are you working on? Do you feel spirit supporting you? Which conversations inspire you?

Aquarius :: Aquarius rising
Are you having fun? Do you have an audience? What are you holding on to?

Pisces :: Pisces rising
What is privately coming to life for you? Where do you experience recognition? Do you feel your affect on others?

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King Neptune, planet of intuition, imagination and illusions, has begun its annual backward spin of the Zodiac. Ruby Warrington gets to grips with this elusive but powerful entity, and asks what this retro period will ask each sign to confront.

Neptune is the planet I find it hardest to get my head around – but then, that’s to be expected. Ruler of Pisces, Neptune is the dreamer and the empath of the cosmos, the planet ruling our imagination, our intuition and our ideals. One of the slower-moving celestial bodies (or “collective,” as their influence extends over generations), in the natal chart of anybody born between November 1970 to January 1984, and again briefly between June and November 1984, Neptune will be in Sagittarius, a sign where this deep-sea diver feels quite at home.

Sagittarius appreciates high ethics, prophetic thinking and spiritual seeking too, and has been working hand-in-hand with King Neptune to wire today’s thirty-something generation to idealize a broadening of our collective worldview. Welcome to the global village, baby, where the lure of escape into foreign cultures and spiritual codes is felt like the pull of the poles, altruism is aspirational and even the yoga or meditation practice we idolize is often seen as a gateway to a higher state of consciousness.

For Neptune the escapist and the mystic, mind-altering substances are another portal to the other dimensions that are always there in our peripheral vision. And with expansive, optimistic Sag on hand to pour or roll us another one, “go on, why not, it’ll be fun!”, it’s not surprising we found a stairway to heaven through ecstasy culture and invented binge drinking in the 1990’s. Or that addiction is the symptom of so many Neptune-in-Sagittarius casualties. Lucky we’ve learned to embrace the Neptunian notions of self-help and self-love too.

With Sagittarius rising, I have also have Neptune in my first house. Enter the body dysmorphia that led to an eating disorder in my teenage years, compounded by my controlling Scorpio North Node return – but also, Sag, for granting me the compassion to love myself out of it, allowing me to learn from it and refusing to let me take it too seriously. Neptune in the first house can also mean an effortless slide into the deeper reaches of the imagination, an alluring shape-shifter and a storefront displaying the mysteries of the Universe. So go figure, Numis…

Why all the Neptune research this week? On June 9, he began his annual retrograde cycle. Of all the outer planets, Neptune spends the most time treading water in retrograde motion – 158 days every 12.07 months – a fitting pattern for the planet that also governs subconscious memories of distant childhood and even past lives. In a Neptune retrograde cycle, the mysteries he usually conceals are brought to the surface for us to examine in real time. Our intuition is given more currency. Dreams demand to be interpreted. Illusions, and delusions, are exposed, and creative ideas that have been gestating come forth and begin to take shape in the material world.

Currently in Pisces, Neptune’s cosmic castle, I was curious to explore what this might mean for me in the coming months (he resumes direct motion November 16) and what subtly sensed waves his backward strokes will send across the Zodiac at large.

* For a truly accurate reading, get your birth chart for free here. As an Aries with Sag rising, I will feel ripples of Neptune retro in Pisces in both the twelfth and fourth houses. But as Pisces actually rules the third house in my natal chart, I’ll look here for the most meaningful and relevant insights.

Aries / Aries rising (twelfth house)
Here is your chance to dive deep and rise to the surface of your subconscious with that most highly valued prize: the truth. Pay close attention to the neuroses that occupy your thinking now, and be bold in seizing the opportunity for healing that comes with smoking them out. Avoid indulging in mind-altering substances. Be honest with yourself and embrace clarity as a tool for lasting personal development.

Taurus / Taurus rising (eleventh house)
Choose not to ignore your paranoia about issues affecting any area of your life where group dynamics rule. Demand to know the details of the political dealings you rightly sense are going on behind the scenes. Then, think not what your friends can do for you, but what you can do for your friends. Fall into compassion and fire up your humanitarian efforts. Meditate on the germ of a revolutionary idea, and watch it flourish.

Gemini / Gemini rising (tenth house)
Duties or responsibilities you’ve been avoiding can no longer be ignored. It’s time to take the reins and begin to steer your ship into deeper waters, however intimidating this might feel. Don’t be afraid to tap into your inner ball-breaker. Act “as if” you’re the boss. When the limelight beckons, don’t hide away in the shadows. Get real about the sacrifices you need to make if you want your career to take off the way you envision.

Cancer / Cancer rising (ninth house)
Come out of your cave and give in to your wanderlust. A spiritual awakening could be in store for you when you open your mind and put paid to fears you can now see are completely unfounded. Dive into your studies in the University of Life, and embark on a vision quest or spiritual pilgrimage. To achieve enlightenment, deal only in what you know in your soul to be the truth, and demand the same of others.

Leo / Leo rising (eighth house)
Like a butterfly, you are on a journey of transformation and rebirth. But now you’re being asked to come clean about wherever wallowing in your comfort zone is stunting your personal growth. Escape into obsession and control will only compound your sense of being stuck. Ignore your intuition at your peril, and pick up creative projects with Leonine gusto. A mystery about an inheritance or money owed could also be resolved.

Virgo / Virgo rising (seventh house)
Expect a breakthrough in your couple’s therapy sessions, as deep-seated fractures in your closest relationships come up for air and healing. Embrace situations that show your creative and business collaborators’ true colors, and resolve to accept what you see. Give in to the notion of compromise. See past your ego for ways for justice to be served. Accept that the skeletons in your closet could actually be good PR.

Libra / Libra rising (sixth house)
Any flaws in your logic will be exposed now, so arm yourself with a backup plan. Details you’d prefer to gloss over will demand your attention. Tackling mundane-seeming tasks could actually lead to the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for. Knuckle down. And no more excuses about your emotional over or under-eating. Your health and wellbeing is at risk if you continue to delude yourself about your diet. Be ready to redraft a creative project to perfection.

Scorpio / Scorpio rising (fifth house)
A clandestine affair or flirtation could come to light, or maybe you’ll be asked to play your hand in matters of the heart. Your secret vice won’t stay a secret for long. A creative project you’re personally invested in could come to fruition now, and this fertile creative phase could also see your parental urges kick in. Be wary of situations that allow you to escape into over-indulgence. A hidden talent for the performing arts could also be revealed.

Sagittarius / Sagittarius rising (fourth house)
Expect the unexpected from a family situation, as whatever’s been going on behind the scenes is unveiled. Family constellations therapy could prove especially insightful. In all other areas, embark on a Dream Quest to get to the heart of the matter, and let your subconscious be your guide. Now examine your daily habits. What nourishes you and what is holding you back will be clearer to you now.

Capricorn / Capricorn rising (third house)
Be ruthless in speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Allow yourself to hear the same in what others are saying. A hidden affinity with writing or speaking may come to light, embrace opportunities to explore this. Allow your logical mind to be infiltrated by your intuition. Journal about your dream life. False advertising won’t be tolerated. A sibling’s or neighbor’s secret may be revealed.

Aquarius / Aquarius rising (second house)
Get real about your finances and banish your credit cards to the back drawer. No more hiding your head in the sand and spending beyond your means, especially if shopping is a means of escape for you. Ask yourself; who am I without my luxuries and creature comforts? A creative way to add to your income may be unlocked. Look out for it, leave no stone unturned. Then act.

Pisces / Pisces rising (first house)
You’ll see past what’s in the mirror and view body image issues for what they really are: nothing but a figment of your insecurities. Now is the time for honest self-observation. Get real as you analyze your actions. In what ways do you allow your emotions to sabotage your personal vitality? Clean up your act. Insist on clarity of self-expression, no lying to yourself or your inner child.


Cast by Louise Androlia using The Rider Waite Tarot

Mercury Retrograde begins almost as soon as the month does – but please don’t indulge in the ‘OMG IT’S MERCURY RETRO’ panic, and instead make it work for you. Be kinder, clearer, nicer, and sweeter. Astrologers always say be wary of signing contracts and plans changing during this time, but you can’t put life on hold. If you are busy (and you are, I know) just double check everything and don’t dive into things that don’t feel fully aligned with your highest self. You’re smart – you know what to do. I’ve included a tip for this astro energy within your scope and feel that it’s going to be quite a nice few weeks – hopefully with a few welcome surprises in store. The more you let go of what you ‘think’ you want, the more likely you will find what you need.

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Gemini / Gemini rising – Ten of Cups

Maybe you’re having a good run – or maybe you’ve just started to feel a little more at home with your own ability to shift your mindset. This is a shiny and bright card of hope and happiness. However, it’s not always that we pull out this card and feel like this light image we see – so I can’t sit here and assume that every one of you is beaming with joy. But I do have a feeling that there has been some renewed faith in your ability to actively participate in your life. You have at your fingertips a constant and bountiful gift – your journey. You’re always exactly where you should be and everything is aligned as it should be to further you in your storybook.

I feel that you will be able to make a shift up in your spiritual development over the next few weeks – and there is support for you that you might not even be aware of, especially I feel a connection to loved ones that have passed. Think of them like your own team cheering you on. There is great comfort from even just imagining that there’s an invisible force field surrounding you with support. On a material level, think of this time as offering you up a spark of light and a different outlook towards any challenge you have going on right now. You might feel ready to seek help and advice from books and friends that you’d normally dismiss from a fear of being vulnerable, and your deepening of senses will be achieved merely by giving more value to your present moments.

If you’ve been very distracted by a lot of work and material world dramas recently then it’s time to get back in check with right now – it is your birthday month after all – how about a pause in the programming? Embrace the side of you that can’t be bothered to indulge in stress and have some fun! One of the meanings for this card is the idea of heaven on earth – so where are the places that connect you most to a peaceful sense of joy?

This of course is a super charged card for L O V E and a wink to embrace whoever you have hold of, or open up to stepping out of your comfort zone. In other words, not a time to be operating on your lowest level – if things at the bottom of your gut feel wrong then trust in that, you are not here to be locked in a punishing roundabout. Value yourself and the world will appear to value you more. Work wise – you may find that people are seeking your advice and skills in a continuous loop – you are here to be of service so enjoy it, and make sure that you aren’t playing small. Be the rainbow.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Bathe in gratitude. All the small things that p*** you off are nothing in comparison to the positive energy you can absorb from everything that you are thankful for. Simple, right?

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Cancer / Cancer rising – Six of Cups

I feel that you might be emerging out of what has felt like a foggy cloud recently, and now it’s time to reclaim your place in the world. Family and home matters may have been a bit unstable recently and you didn’t really like feeling so out of control. I know it’s easy for you to just block things out or go and hide, but you may have noticed that this familiar way of dealing with stress just doesn’t really cut it any more. You no longer feel so comfortable hiding in the shadows from your own sweat and tears. Rather, there’s a nice sparkly clean space that seems much more appealing now, and it’s been created from a renewed interest in your future.

Nostalgia is a gift and a curse – it’s easy to go and dance in those ‘what if’s,’ right? I feel that you might be casting your eyes back over the last few years, maybe even further, to seek answers for how you’re feeling right now. And it is important to empower the present moment by realizing that it wouldn’t exist without the challenges that came before. In order to make the path ahead a little brighter it helps to shout ‘thank you’ back in to those nooks and crannies – cobwebs and all. After all you have a vision for what’s ahead, and wouldn’t it be nice to start the preparations?

So, polish your lenses for tomorrow. You have some big plans up ahead and it’s safe to get excited about them. As you usher in a new cycle of life remember that even if you have instigated it yourself, then change can still cause you to feel like you’re on shaky ground. During this time you can create your own roots, formed from self care and love for your journey. You always have time for a few moments of stillness – just turn off the technology and be quiet, like the days back when there wasn’t always an iPhone to steal your gaze. It is only your intention to expand that will enable you to notice a place of limitless possibilities at your fingertips. Try to avoid placing fears on your plans before you even start – looking through a small tube isn’t the vision you want – so just use the word ‘expand’ as a permanent mantra over this month. There is a sight to behold.

Mercury Retrograde tip: If you notice the next few weeks dredging up moments from the past, acknowledge them but don’t carry them into the present. If you want to bring something forward from the past, make it every piece of wonderful advice you’ve ever had, from friends, teachers and relatives, and feel charged up from happy memories instead of wrapping yourself up in the sad ones.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Page of Pentacles

It feels like the last few months you have been swimming deep in your ‘behind the scenes’ life, and now it’s time to emerge back out into the material world and get present and active. Sometimes it’s a distraction to focus on what other people are doing, whether they are ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than you, and get lost in that which you cannot control. Understand that everyone else also has their journey and it’s not your job to change people but to participate in your own adventure and leave them to theirs, and with compassion not judgment.

This month you may be launching a new project or getting involved with some fresh ideas. I feel you have some sparks at your fingertips and you are ready for a new phase – just try to not get ahead of yourself with feelings of wanting to know the outcome too soon. To stay in the present moment is a gift, because it’s there that you can take productive action. Be confident that things will happen, but release your hold on what you ‘think’ you need and just work with your intention and deeds. You have been gathering wisdom recently, whether it’s because you are gearing up to share more with others or just putting new thought patterns into play – and this is a ripe playground for positive growth in the material world.

I want you to have fun with whatever you’re working on – rather than get locked into the drama of stress. Keep stepping back and viewing your day-to-day as if you’re a fly on the wall, it’s always illuminating to step outside of what’s bugging you and gift yourself a new and better perspective.

So anyway, this is a planning period for a new cycle and being grounded will help. All of the things that you feel are sometimes a little dull, like the orderliness and process of things, are what you should think to embrace now – but make it fun of course! This would be a good time to get creative with a vision board, and then at the same time write down practical ways to move forward. If you’ve been considering studying something new or are ready for a job placement then now is also a great time to send out emails and applications, and with that, to trust and know that whatever comes to pass is exactly as it should be.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Try and stay shy of gossip and dramatics, you have more interesting things to do with your time. If people are creating chaos around you just let them be and go back to your own drawing board. Peace begins by you claiming your right to it, and choosing it.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Virgo / Virgo rising – Wheel of Fortune

And so the wheel beings to turn again. Are you feeling aware of a new cycle? After all, life is just a series of phases, with some last a few weeks and others years, but we are always moving and changing, and ultimately (and hopefully) evolving. I feel that you are probably pretty present with the wobble and shake of change right now, and it’s not a bad thing – when you’re shifting your life around a bit then it’s a good time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Anyway, I’m feeling kind of excited for you right now – well not kind of, I actually am! – as if there’s a fizz of energy coming your way, or maybe it’s already arrived and you realize even more than ever that you’re the star of your own show. It’s all about what works for you and not about squeezing yourself into a constricted and fear filled space.

The only rule I want to give you for the next few weeks is to hold on to those reins! When I see this card and think of how it brings in our response to the word ‘fate,’ I just want to shout “hold on!” as a reminder that you are the co-creator of your experience, and never the victim. Even though, granted, it can often feel like it. So let’s say you’re the ‘artistic director’ of your story – what are you going to put on the mood board for the month ahead? These next few weeks are unique to you, and for you to choose where you want to put your focus. For some of you it might be taking a renewed interest in your wellbeing – knowing that if you keep your wellbeing as a priority, you’ll always be empowered and able to find your balance.

If you’re prepping to launch a new career or work project then embrace this moment of newness and nurture it, but don’t hold on too tightly – allow yourself to move with your ideas and let them expand too. If something just doesn’t stick it’s not because you’ve failed, it’s just a chance to throw one of the other options (the right option) into the mix. You feel ready for a challenge that you are interested in, so I won’t be surprised if a few of you are chopping and changing what happens in your day-to-day in order to feel less stressed and more inspired.

Mercury Retrograde tip: On the romance front this is a good few weeks to not over analyze (paralysis of the analysis, remember) every word you hear from someone. Instead go inwards and just be aware of what you feel and be compassionate to that – no fireball throwing, okay?

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Libra / Libra rising – Nine of Wands

I feel that June might bring in a spot of relief for you, a stroke of luck or a peek of a new and better route forward. As a seeker of balance you can occasionally swing really far in either direction – feeling the highs and the lows – and the last few months may have come with some serious knocks and blows. You have hope though; at least you should do, because you can now emerge from the battleground feeling like you’re ready to absorb the knowledge that you’ve discovered from recent challenges.

When things are shifting and changing in a way that seems out of our control it can be hard to reflect on life, or even be bothered to consider what you might have learned. So don’t overload yourself with searching for a meaning from everything, but instead just feel your inner power stabilize and know that you have a stronger type of inner armor now in place.

When I think about strength I don’t associate it with weakness – I think that perceived personal weakness, like failure, is a redundant way of thinking, and instead we can think of strength only in terms of personal empowerment. You can feel empowered by your own daily dose of highs and lows, because they are yours and embedded within you to give you the tools to keep moving forward. This month, think about how you are going to put your new sense of personal empowerment into play. Where are you going to place your will?

Choose to move forward with excitement, desire and love – leave cynicism at the door and embrace each single moment. You may have been feeling overwhelmed with work recently – like there’s a bit too much on your plate – but that should calm down over the next few weeks, as you begin to feel a bit more connected with your creativity again. Be the spark of light rather than the forest fire and connect to what feels fun. Fun? Yes that old trick, please dive into some light hearted enjoyment in all the ways that you know –take a holiday or even just go and get a massage.

Now is your time to nurture your mind-body-spirit and it’s a personal thing. Pose yourself the questions of what feels good and give yourself permission to make that choice, go to that place or be around that person. Work with your highest energy rather than being sucked into what you know, well, just sucks.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Be the Phoenix. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, don’t even consider entertaining drama and put all your focus into your own evolution.

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Scorpio / Scorpio rising – The Hermit

This year is a process of dipping in and out, throwing your energy full force into the world and then retreating to plug yourself into the socket of your inner soul system. And in fact, this works for you. It may have been a long time arriving but you really do ‘get it’ now – that you don’t have to be on high alert and full force all the time.

Over the next few weeks you are continuing this cycle – there is a lot to do – but an easy way to cancel out stress is just by being present with it, Oh all those meetings and events to plan, yep it’s kind of a headlock sometimes, but it’s supposed to be! It’s amazing how you can make your own worries redundant when you stop to just allow things to be as they are. You’re aware that the months ahead are full of new surprises, and also it feels like there’ll be a host of new faces to meet and greet – the energy Is buzzing, a little like you are in an endless wait for Christmas morning. It’s coming so just enjoy the process.

On a deeper note I feel that this month might bring up anything you’ve been trying to hide from, yes you know what or who it is. It’s easy sometimes to just try and sideline a bothersome task or thought process or avoid healing something from the past. An unprocessed memory is like an unfiled piece of paper, it’s going to flap around and bat it’s edges against your subconscious until you grab it, take a look and put it in its rightful cabinet. If you have unanswered questions about fears that you’re avoiding try guiding yourself in a meditation to come face to face with what’s bothering you – we don’t always know what it is. Sit quietly and visualize yourself in a safe space – somewhere cozy and comfortable – it might be your own living room or a magical garden. As you sit there you notice a piece of paper being placed in your lap. As you look down you see words emerge from the paper – it might be one word or even a list of things.

These are what your subconscious wants you to attend to and file away. As you look at the words, feel at peace with your ability to embrace your challenges and transform them into seeds of empowerment. As you begin your day, know that instead of being bound by old habits or thoughts, instead, you are in charge of them simply like items on your shopping list. You are the master of the moment.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Even though the material world might be calling out for you to sign on the dotted line, take plans with a pinch of surrender. Know that even when things change back and forth it’s a waste of your highest energy to panic.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius rising – Three of Wands

Are you feeling like taking over the world? Or at least your world? Well, get to it because the Universe is your playground! It’s a nice way of looking at life right? As an adventure rather than a boring straight line from A-B. If you’ve been in the ‘no confidence’ zone recently, then this is your wake up call to get up and at em.

Sometimes a lack of confidence manifests itself in the form of procrastination. Why are you avoiding working on something you love so much? It’s so damn easy to stand in your own way isn’t it? Right there like a big block of lead – I know this feeling so well. I’ve found that the easiest way to get out of your own way is to realize that this isn’t about you – easy right? Wait, what? Okay, if you’re working on a project or an idea or a dream, it means that you’re sharing your talents with others, which means you are aligned in place to be of service. This is about realizing that you must operate at your highest level so that you light up those around you. It’s time to move in the direction of your desires because that’s what will feel best and bring the most success.

So the next few weeks is a great time to take action towards what you have planned for the rest of the year – you’re moving out of the contemplating and the visualization stage, and on to putting miracles into place, with intent. Begin with an expanded viewpoint – don’t limit yourself on the first step. Set about with the possibility that your plans can work – this way you have a clear mind and heart. Also – instead of thinking about how much you want to be successful, respected and admired, think about the knowledge that you want to gain. You’re always in a position of learning, even when you’re at ‘the top,’ and if you stay in that educating mindset then you align with a kind energy, but a kind energy that’s also a frickin’ powerhouse.

Travel plans? Start prepping for a holiday or an internal adventure, whether you’re hopping on the plane or launching that new website, everything is in place for movement. All the more reason to clean up any anxieties – to be ready to reap the results in the months ahead. Rejoice!

Mercury Retrograde tip: There is no time for you to step on your soapbox this month. If you’re feeling judgmental or jealous than sit back and search for a fear of your own that’s being drawn out. Why are you so annoyed? Sit with where you feel a lack and know that it’s okay. This is much more productive than getting cross communication by firing out an angry text.

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Capricorn / Capricorn rising – Two of Pentacles

Balance? That old trick. You know how much I like to check in and remind you to look after yourself right? No exception here! But let us deepen the idea. You might like to try and get comfortable with the fact that you’re always in demand, whether it’s with constant work opportunities or being the solid rock for those around you. You are someone that’s always going to be able to be busy. So why not just get present with that, because now you can actually see the reasons why your own stillness and wellness are the priority.

You like to be needed you see, and that is a good thing, we need you too. So when talk of being of service comes in, remember that the need to help others can come at a price if you neglect the need to help yourself too. I operate with the simple idea that if I don’t make myself the top priority, then I’m useless when it comes to being a friend, therapist, daughter, lover, and, at the most base level, feeling sane. You need to nestle into some of your own space and embrace it with the same sense of love and vigor you do for a work project.

I’m pushing you to go there again and again because things aren’t going to let up – you will always have so many ideas and so many things you want to do. Don’t be afraid of that urgency. It’s weird you see, sometimes the more you slow down the more you see things taking shape. Sounds odd doesn’t it, but it seems to be because of the ability to allow yourself to expand that you see how your world opens up to greet you. You can juggle for as long as you like, but even the finest magician needs a lunch break.

Over the next few weeks I’d like you to embrace the idea of treading water and get comfortable with some slow back and forth, instead of the usual panic about it. When it’s time to get going again, you’ll know – so perhaps it’s just listening more to when your body says ‘action’ and when it says ‘cut.’ You might have some challenges of your own to deal with so it’s very much okay to shut the external and internal doors and take a retreat. If the possibility is there, head to the hills, the desert, the sea, and the stars. Embrace your internal adventure.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Learn to say ‘no,’ the kind of no that creates a yes. You don’t have to say yes to everything if you trust that all the things you do choose are exactly right for you. So if you turn something or someone down in order to give yourself more space, then perfect – you are always making the right choice. Feels good doesn’t it.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Aquarius / Aquarius rising – The Five of Cups

You’re familiar with the ups and the downs – perhaps being very able to divide days, weeks, months and life into the good bits and the bad. They can feel the same to you, no action or too much, and you’re not sure that you like either. Now is your chance to perceive things in the brightest way and for the highest version of yourself. If you feel that you’ve come face to face with a loss or massive sudden change, how are you going to look upon it? I think about change a lot, because we get it in so many forms, and the base way to cope has to be nurture for you and your journey. An understanding of personal expansion will help you.

When we’re blocked it’s often because we’re staring at life through a tube, unable to see anything but the wall in front of us, so of course it seems impossible to escape. With a 360-degree vision there’s always a way to help your situation and to get that view, you just need to look. What is freaking you out or saddening you right now? Listen to your body and inner soul system; is there a tiny whisper in the back saying ‘It’s okay’? There is.

When panic takes over we can’t hear the more peaceful option, or the reassurance that we can walk through our fears. Give yourself some practical perspective – there probably is more balance in your life than you think. Although one thing may be feeling out of alignment, perhaps there’s some stability elsewhere? Fear tends to hold hands with itself in the past, and like a little chain each worry we have gathers power from all the times we have felt it before. Just as when the heart feels broken it hooks on to the sadness it remembers from before and feels hopeless. Anxieties seek comfort from anxieties that have been felt before. Stress makes a nice pile up with chaos from times gone.

This is why the present moment is your superpower. You can release yourself from the strings in the past by checking in with yourself as to whether the problem you have right now is being worsened by a memory of something similar before. Is it? If so, then self-soothe – remind yourself that now is a different time. It doesn’t mean it’s not stressful but it may not be as hopeless as before. There is always a chance to feel empowered in the present moment, grab it!

Mercury Retrograde tip: Gratitude is your secret weapon this month. Instead of giving energy to what is lost, give strength to what is stable and being gained. Marcus Aurelius said, “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Pisces / Pisces rising – Death

If last month was for surrender, this month is for change – the perfect follow-on in my opinion. We wait, we let go and then we move forwards. I have to confess Pisces, I think about you a lot. My moon is in Pisces and I embody and relate more to this sign than my own most of the time. I feel that having a dominant Pisces in your chart is a lesson on how to be okay with feeling like a weirdo. Right?

Anyway, I digress, and this is a big card and my favorite of course. Lucky number 13 brings the chance to evolve, step, or whimper towards your highest self. It’s your job to choose not to feel like the victim in your life, which is where the empowering of the weirdo comes in! To be okay with feeling overwhelmed by yourself and the world sometimes. The art of becoming comfortable within the uncomfortable is one of the finest tool in the box. Embodying the Death card is an exciting adventure – walking through the haze of fear and out the other side, over and over again until it’s a well-worn road.

So, it’s likely that you are prepped for a hectic few months, whether it’s a crammed work schedule or embracing some new ways of thinking. Keep your eyes wide open so that your perspective is always expansive – you can break through your own familiar blocks by taking off your favorite pair of blinkers. Whether you feel locked into familiar comfort habits or in the throws of a familiar procrastination, try not to hide from new experiences, especially with people. You never know, you see, and sometimes it takes a far-flung trip into the terrors of the unknown to be willing to let go of ‘what you think you know.’ You sometimes like to swim in the opposite direction to new possibilities – is it a fear of getting trapped or caught? The chances are you’re attracted to those who are like you, so know that you aren’t as alone as you think you are, and if the waters run deep they are filled with life and surprises.

Action is imperative this month, and in your highest energy you have the ability to shift yourself to another place entirely, a better place – even if it just means ditching one thought process that isn’t serving. Be willing to run wild with the unknown and the uncomfortable, and to be vulnerable. Get messy in all the good ways, growth is upon you. You can do it.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Remember the art of Surrender that you practiced last month? Bring it back into play every time you feel out of control, anxious, in a creative block or a romantic freak out. Breathe. It’s okay.

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Aries / Aries rising – King of Cups

Are you losing your hard edges, Aries? Just kidding, but you have certainly made a shift into a little more of a squishy soft place – and it’s going to surprise you. Are you feeling the wild throws of a rekindled love affair or just finally feeling content sitting and embracing your own stillness? I hope something feels different and more full of flow, because it feels to me like the water element no longer feels to you like such an enemy.

When you are the action taker and maker there is often a fear that you’re going to be stamped out or trodden on. Is it a redundant or useless fear? Not really. But there is certainly a way to empower it rather than give in to an internal panic. This is your few weeks to own yourself like nobody’s business, and this is fuelled by a confidence about your own abilities. You see, this softening of the hard edges is what’s given you the edge, because you’re more embodied with all of your elements, mind-body and spirit, and so therefore sitting in your complete power. Don’t feel there just yet? No big deal – the simplest exercise is to honor every feeling equally as you start to blend into a whole, rather than rejecting parts of yourself. Inch your way there.

So as you move through your tasks this month don’t feel worried about ‘getting emotional’ because it’s perfectly possible to use your bang-on intuition and your charming business savvies to get what you want. Let your fire, drive and passion fuel you with the crazy and quirky ideas they bring, then check in with how they feels to you and only make your moves when it feels right. If you take on board my favorite trick in the book, the notion that failure doesn’t exist, then I pose the question; what have you got to lose?

Meanwhile, enjoy meeting new people this month. You may find yourself lining up with a new power posse as well as some soothing soul mates, like your support network is getting a little larger and more stable. This is possible because of your willing to be a bit more vulnerable and know that it’s okay, others will get it more than you think. The more you keep putting out the personality and work that you believe in, then the more others will swim in. You may find yourself feeling like celebrating by the end of the month. Remember there’s also no such thing as a small victory. Every moment has its place, so just allow it to be so.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Don’t feel tripped up if others don’t seem to be on your wave of super communication this month. Just make the effort to make your side of things as clear, kind and concise as possible then let others follow your lead.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Magician

Boom. It’s time. Don’t argue with me! I have serious business to talk to you about and it’s about getting swift with that project you’ve been working on. I know the one, so do you – we’ve talked about it before. That idea, that ‘in process’, that habit you’ve been trying to work your way out of. This is the start of what I’m going to call your Power Summer and so it’s time to align. The clock is ticking and you’re ready.

One hand to the heavens and one in the earth – my favorite way to work with this card is to again encourage you to keep hold of your balance. But this time, it’s not just for nurture, it’s for serious fire blazing empowerment. Connecting to your most primal force will give you healing and strength that you perhaps didn’t know were available. To do this, just be unapologetic about working towards your biggest passions, with no fear about what others might think. As soon as you let go of that detaching thought the more you have energy to be embodied and feel successful. To explore your potential is something that can be fun and productive.

If you’re hiding from or sitting on your own skills, what’s stopping you? Is it fear of failure or feelings that you don’t deserve to be big and bright? There’s no room for these worries any more, because after all they’re just thoughts causing you to feel unwell – and what’s the point? You’re not here to play a small game, but to share and teach and learn – on a loop. This is a time to embrace your ego in its finest form, by connecting to the life force and duality within you and using it to shine. It’s not about peacocking around and believing in your own hype – it’s being your own hype, in the best form. Shooting for the stars and landing on the moon, as they say.

Over the next few weeks if you feel stuck or switched off, work with the idea that you already have everything you need. I do believe we come installed with the perfect toolbox and we just need reminding as we go along our way. Half the battle of finding what we need is believing that we have it. Do you need to ask for help or advice? Do it. Do you need to take a break and let loose a little? Do it. Do you need to get out of your own way? Do it. You’re ready.

Mercury Retrograde tip: You may notice a lot of egos in battle all around you. Just step back and observe, rather than feeling the need to dive in and compete. Let others dance around you – you’re too busy to get involved in chaos.

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