Cast by Louise Androlia using The Rider Waite Tarot

Mercury Retrograde begins almost as soon as the month does – but please don’t indulge in the ‘OMG IT’S MERCURY RETRO’ panic, and instead make it work for you. Be kinder, clearer, nicer, and sweeter. Astrologers always say be wary of signing contracts and plans changing during this time, but you can’t put life on hold. If you are busy (and you are, I know) just double check everything and don’t dive into things that don’t feel fully aligned with your highest self. You’re smart – you know what to do. I’ve included a tip for this astro energy within your scope and feel that it’s going to be quite a nice few weeks – hopefully with a few welcome surprises in store. The more you let go of what you ‘think’ you want, the more likely you will find what you need.

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Gemini / Gemini rising – Ten of Cups

Maybe you’re having a good run – or maybe you’ve just started to feel a little more at home with your own ability to shift your mindset. This is a shiny and bright card of hope and happiness. However, it’s not always that we pull out this card and feel like this light image we see – so I can’t sit here and assume that every one of you is beaming with joy. But I do have a feeling that there has been some renewed faith in your ability to actively participate in your life. You have at your fingertips a constant and bountiful gift – your journey. You’re always exactly where you should be and everything is aligned as it should be to further you in your storybook.

I feel that you will be able to make a shift up in your spiritual development over the next few weeks – and there is support for you that you might not even be aware of, especially I feel a connection to loved ones that have passed. Think of them like your own team cheering you on. There is great comfort from even just imagining that there’s an invisible force field surrounding you with support. On a material level, think of this time as offering you up a spark of light and a different outlook towards any challenge you have going on right now. You might feel ready to seek help and advice from books and friends that you’d normally dismiss from a fear of being vulnerable, and your deepening of senses will be achieved merely by giving more value to your present moments.

If you’ve been very distracted by a lot of work and material world dramas recently then it’s time to get back in check with right now – it is your birthday month after all – how about a pause in the programming? Embrace the side of you that can’t be bothered to indulge in stress and have some fun! One of the meanings for this card is the idea of heaven on earth – so where are the places that connect you most to a peaceful sense of joy?

This of course is a super charged card for L O V E and a wink to embrace whoever you have hold of, or open up to stepping out of your comfort zone. In other words, not a time to be operating on your lowest level – if things at the bottom of your gut feel wrong then trust in that, you are not here to be locked in a punishing roundabout. Value yourself and the world will appear to value you more. Work wise – you may find that people are seeking your advice and skills in a continuous loop – you are here to be of service so enjoy it, and make sure that you aren’t playing small. Be the rainbow.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Bathe in gratitude. All the small things that p*** you off are nothing in comparison to the positive energy you can absorb from everything that you are thankful for. Simple, right?

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Cancer / Cancer rising – Six of Cups

I feel that you might be emerging out of what has felt like a foggy cloud recently, and now it’s time to reclaim your place in the world. Family and home matters may have been a bit unstable recently and you didn’t really like feeling so out of control. I know it’s easy for you to just block things out or go and hide, but you may have noticed that this familiar way of dealing with stress just doesn’t really cut it any more. You no longer feel so comfortable hiding in the shadows from your own sweat and tears. Rather, there’s a nice sparkly clean space that seems much more appealing now, and it’s been created from a renewed interest in your future.

Nostalgia is a gift and a curse – it’s easy to go and dance in those ‘what if’s,’ right? I feel that you might be casting your eyes back over the last few years, maybe even further, to seek answers for how you’re feeling right now. And it is important to empower the present moment by realizing that it wouldn’t exist without the challenges that came before. In order to make the path ahead a little brighter it helps to shout ‘thank you’ back in to those nooks and crannies – cobwebs and all. After all you have a vision for what’s ahead, and wouldn’t it be nice to start the preparations?

So, polish your lenses for tomorrow. You have some big plans up ahead and it’s safe to get excited about them. As you usher in a new cycle of life remember that even if you have instigated it yourself, then change can still cause you to feel like you’re on shaky ground. During this time you can create your own roots, formed from self care and love for your journey. You always have time for a few moments of stillness – just turn off the technology and be quiet, like the days back when there wasn’t always an iPhone to steal your gaze. It is only your intention to expand that will enable you to notice a place of limitless possibilities at your fingertips. Try to avoid placing fears on your plans before you even start – looking through a small tube isn’t the vision you want – so just use the word ‘expand’ as a permanent mantra over this month. There is a sight to behold.

Mercury Retrograde tip: If you notice the next few weeks dredging up moments from the past, acknowledge them but don’t carry them into the present. If you want to bring something forward from the past, make it every piece of wonderful advice you’ve ever had, from friends, teachers and relatives, and feel charged up from happy memories instead of wrapping yourself up in the sad ones.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Page of Pentacles

It feels like the last few months you have been swimming deep in your ‘behind the scenes’ life, and now it’s time to emerge back out into the material world and get present and active. Sometimes it’s a distraction to focus on what other people are doing, whether they are ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than you, and get lost in that which you cannot control. Understand that everyone else also has their journey and it’s not your job to change people but to participate in your own adventure and leave them to theirs, and with compassion not judgment.

This month you may be launching a new project or getting involved with some fresh ideas. I feel you have some sparks at your fingertips and you are ready for a new phase – just try to not get ahead of yourself with feelings of wanting to know the outcome too soon. To stay in the present moment is a gift, because it’s there that you can take productive action. Be confident that things will happen, but release your hold on what you ‘think’ you need and just work with your intention and deeds. You have been gathering wisdom recently, whether it’s because you are gearing up to share more with others or just putting new thought patterns into play – and this is a ripe playground for positive growth in the material world.

I want you to have fun with whatever you’re working on – rather than get locked into the drama of stress. Keep stepping back and viewing your day-to-day as if you’re a fly on the wall, it’s always illuminating to step outside of what’s bugging you and gift yourself a new and better perspective.

So anyway, this is a planning period for a new cycle and being grounded will help. All of the things that you feel are sometimes a little dull, like the orderliness and process of things, are what you should think to embrace now – but make it fun of course! This would be a good time to get creative with a vision board, and then at the same time write down practical ways to move forward. If you’ve been considering studying something new or are ready for a job placement then now is also a great time to send out emails and applications, and with that, to trust and know that whatever comes to pass is exactly as it should be.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Try and stay shy of gossip and dramatics, you have more interesting things to do with your time. If people are creating chaos around you just let them be and go back to your own drawing board. Peace begins by you claiming your right to it, and choosing it.

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Virgo / Virgo rising – Wheel of Fortune

And so the wheel beings to turn again. Are you feeling aware of a new cycle? After all, life is just a series of phases, with some last a few weeks and others years, but we are always moving and changing, and ultimately (and hopefully) evolving. I feel that you are probably pretty present with the wobble and shake of change right now, and it’s not a bad thing – when you’re shifting your life around a bit then it’s a good time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Anyway, I’m feeling kind of excited for you right now – well not kind of, I actually am! – as if there’s a fizz of energy coming your way, or maybe it’s already arrived and you realize even more than ever that you’re the star of your own show. It’s all about what works for you and not about squeezing yourself into a constricted and fear filled space.

The only rule I want to give you for the next few weeks is to hold on to those reins! When I see this card and think of how it brings in our response to the word ‘fate,’ I just want to shout “hold on!” as a reminder that you are the co-creator of your experience, and never the victim. Even though, granted, it can often feel like it. So let’s say you’re the ‘artistic director’ of your story – what are you going to put on the mood board for the month ahead? These next few weeks are unique to you, and for you to choose where you want to put your focus. For some of you it might be taking a renewed interest in your wellbeing – knowing that if you keep your wellbeing as a priority, you’ll always be empowered and able to find your balance.

If you’re prepping to launch a new career or work project then embrace this moment of newness and nurture it, but don’t hold on too tightly – allow yourself to move with your ideas and let them expand too. If something just doesn’t stick it’s not because you’ve failed, it’s just a chance to throw one of the other options (the right option) into the mix. You feel ready for a challenge that you are interested in, so I won’t be surprised if a few of you are chopping and changing what happens in your day-to-day in order to feel less stressed and more inspired.

Mercury Retrograde tip: On the romance front this is a good few weeks to not over analyze (paralysis of the analysis, remember) every word you hear from someone. Instead go inwards and just be aware of what you feel and be compassionate to that – no fireball throwing, okay?

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Libra / Libra rising – Nine of Wands

I feel that June might bring in a spot of relief for you, a stroke of luck or a peek of a new and better route forward. As a seeker of balance you can occasionally swing really far in either direction – feeling the highs and the lows – and the last few months may have come with some serious knocks and blows. You have hope though; at least you should do, because you can now emerge from the battleground feeling like you’re ready to absorb the knowledge that you’ve discovered from recent challenges.

When things are shifting and changing in a way that seems out of our control it can be hard to reflect on life, or even be bothered to consider what you might have learned. So don’t overload yourself with searching for a meaning from everything, but instead just feel your inner power stabilize and know that you have a stronger type of inner armor now in place.

When I think about strength I don’t associate it with weakness – I think that perceived personal weakness, like failure, is a redundant way of thinking, and instead we can think of strength only in terms of personal empowerment. You can feel empowered by your own daily dose of highs and lows, because they are yours and embedded within you to give you the tools to keep moving forward. This month, think about how you are going to put your new sense of personal empowerment into play. Where are you going to place your will?

Choose to move forward with excitement, desire and love – leave cynicism at the door and embrace each single moment. You may have been feeling overwhelmed with work recently – like there’s a bit too much on your plate – but that should calm down over the next few weeks, as you begin to feel a bit more connected with your creativity again. Be the spark of light rather than the forest fire and connect to what feels fun. Fun? Yes that old trick, please dive into some light hearted enjoyment in all the ways that you know –take a holiday or even just go and get a massage.

Now is your time to nurture your mind-body-spirit and it’s a personal thing. Pose yourself the questions of what feels good and give yourself permission to make that choice, go to that place or be around that person. Work with your highest energy rather than being sucked into what you know, well, just sucks.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Be the Phoenix. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, don’t even consider entertaining drama and put all your focus into your own evolution.

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Scorpio / Scorpio rising – The Hermit

This year is a process of dipping in and out, throwing your energy full force into the world and then retreating to plug yourself into the socket of your inner soul system. And in fact, this works for you. It may have been a long time arriving but you really do ‘get it’ now – that you don’t have to be on high alert and full force all the time.

Over the next few weeks you are continuing this cycle – there is a lot to do – but an easy way to cancel out stress is just by being present with it, Oh all those meetings and events to plan, yep it’s kind of a headlock sometimes, but it’s supposed to be! It’s amazing how you can make your own worries redundant when you stop to just allow things to be as they are. You’re aware that the months ahead are full of new surprises, and also it feels like there’ll be a host of new faces to meet and greet – the energy Is buzzing, a little like you are in an endless wait for Christmas morning. It’s coming so just enjoy the process.

On a deeper note I feel that this month might bring up anything you’ve been trying to hide from, yes you know what or who it is. It’s easy sometimes to just try and sideline a bothersome task or thought process or avoid healing something from the past. An unprocessed memory is like an unfiled piece of paper, it’s going to flap around and bat it’s edges against your subconscious until you grab it, take a look and put it in its rightful cabinet. If you have unanswered questions about fears that you’re avoiding try guiding yourself in a meditation to come face to face with what’s bothering you – we don’t always know what it is. Sit quietly and visualize yourself in a safe space – somewhere cozy and comfortable – it might be your own living room or a magical garden. As you sit there you notice a piece of paper being placed in your lap. As you look down you see words emerge from the paper – it might be one word or even a list of things.

These are what your subconscious wants you to attend to and file away. As you look at the words, feel at peace with your ability to embrace your challenges and transform them into seeds of empowerment. As you begin your day, know that instead of being bound by old habits or thoughts, instead, you are in charge of them simply like items on your shopping list. You are the master of the moment.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Even though the material world might be calling out for you to sign on the dotted line, take plans with a pinch of surrender. Know that even when things change back and forth it’s a waste of your highest energy to panic.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius rising – Three of Wands

Are you feeling like taking over the world? Or at least your world? Well, get to it because the Universe is your playground! It’s a nice way of looking at life right? As an adventure rather than a boring straight line from A-B. If you’ve been in the ‘no confidence’ zone recently, then this is your wake up call to get up and at em.

Sometimes a lack of confidence manifests itself in the form of procrastination. Why are you avoiding working on something you love so much? It’s so damn easy to stand in your own way isn’t it? Right there like a big block of lead – I know this feeling so well. I’ve found that the easiest way to get out of your own way is to realize that this isn’t about you – easy right? Wait, what? Okay, if you’re working on a project or an idea or a dream, it means that you’re sharing your talents with others, which means you are aligned in place to be of service. This is about realizing that you must operate at your highest level so that you light up those around you. It’s time to move in the direction of your desires because that’s what will feel best and bring the most success.

So the next few weeks is a great time to take action towards what you have planned for the rest of the year – you’re moving out of the contemplating and the visualization stage, and on to putting miracles into place, with intent. Begin with an expanded viewpoint – don’t limit yourself on the first step. Set about with the possibility that your plans can work – this way you have a clear mind and heart. Also – instead of thinking about how much you want to be successful, respected and admired, think about the knowledge that you want to gain. You’re always in a position of learning, even when you’re at ‘the top,’ and if you stay in that educating mindset then you align with a kind energy, but a kind energy that’s also a frickin’ powerhouse.

Travel plans? Start prepping for a holiday or an internal adventure, whether you’re hopping on the plane or launching that new website, everything is in place for movement. All the more reason to clean up any anxieties – to be ready to reap the results in the months ahead. Rejoice!

Mercury Retrograde tip: There is no time for you to step on your soapbox this month. If you’re feeling judgmental or jealous than sit back and search for a fear of your own that’s being drawn out. Why are you so annoyed? Sit with where you feel a lack and know that it’s okay. This is much more productive than getting cross communication by firing out an angry text.

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Capricorn / Capricorn rising – Two of Pentacles

Balance? That old trick. You know how much I like to check in and remind you to look after yourself right? No exception here! But let us deepen the idea. You might like to try and get comfortable with the fact that you’re always in demand, whether it’s with constant work opportunities or being the solid rock for those around you. You are someone that’s always going to be able to be busy. So why not just get present with that, because now you can actually see the reasons why your own stillness and wellness are the priority.

You like to be needed you see, and that is a good thing, we need you too. So when talk of being of service comes in, remember that the need to help others can come at a price if you neglect the need to help yourself too. I operate with the simple idea that if I don’t make myself the top priority, then I’m useless when it comes to being a friend, therapist, daughter, lover, and, at the most base level, feeling sane. You need to nestle into some of your own space and embrace it with the same sense of love and vigor you do for a work project.

I’m pushing you to go there again and again because things aren’t going to let up – you will always have so many ideas and so many things you want to do. Don’t be afraid of that urgency. It’s weird you see, sometimes the more you slow down the more you see things taking shape. Sounds odd doesn’t it, but it seems to be because of the ability to allow yourself to expand that you see how your world opens up to greet you. You can juggle for as long as you like, but even the finest magician needs a lunch break.

Over the next few weeks I’d like you to embrace the idea of treading water and get comfortable with some slow back and forth, instead of the usual panic about it. When it’s time to get going again, you’ll know – so perhaps it’s just listening more to when your body says ‘action’ and when it says ‘cut.’ You might have some challenges of your own to deal with so it’s very much okay to shut the external and internal doors and take a retreat. If the possibility is there, head to the hills, the desert, the sea, and the stars. Embrace your internal adventure.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Learn to say ‘no,’ the kind of no that creates a yes. You don’t have to say yes to everything if you trust that all the things you do choose are exactly right for you. So if you turn something or someone down in order to give yourself more space, then perfect – you are always making the right choice. Feels good doesn’t it.

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Aquarius / Aquarius rising – The Five of Cups

You’re familiar with the ups and the downs – perhaps being very able to divide days, weeks, months and life into the good bits and the bad. They can feel the same to you, no action or too much, and you’re not sure that you like either. Now is your chance to perceive things in the brightest way and for the highest version of yourself. If you feel that you’ve come face to face with a loss or massive sudden change, how are you going to look upon it? I think about change a lot, because we get it in so many forms, and the base way to cope has to be nurture for you and your journey. An understanding of personal expansion will help you.

When we’re blocked it’s often because we’re staring at life through a tube, unable to see anything but the wall in front of us, so of course it seems impossible to escape. With a 360-degree vision there’s always a way to help your situation and to get that view, you just need to look. What is freaking you out or saddening you right now? Listen to your body and inner soul system; is there a tiny whisper in the back saying ‘It’s okay’? There is.

When panic takes over we can’t hear the more peaceful option, or the reassurance that we can walk through our fears. Give yourself some practical perspective – there probably is more balance in your life than you think. Although one thing may be feeling out of alignment, perhaps there’s some stability elsewhere? Fear tends to hold hands with itself in the past, and like a little chain each worry we have gathers power from all the times we have felt it before. Just as when the heart feels broken it hooks on to the sadness it remembers from before and feels hopeless. Anxieties seek comfort from anxieties that have been felt before. Stress makes a nice pile up with chaos from times gone.

This is why the present moment is your superpower. You can release yourself from the strings in the past by checking in with yourself as to whether the problem you have right now is being worsened by a memory of something similar before. Is it? If so, then self-soothe – remind yourself that now is a different time. It doesn’t mean it’s not stressful but it may not be as hopeless as before. There is always a chance to feel empowered in the present moment, grab it!

Mercury Retrograde tip: Gratitude is your secret weapon this month. Instead of giving energy to what is lost, give strength to what is stable and being gained. Marcus Aurelius said, “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

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Pisces / Pisces rising – Death

If last month was for surrender, this month is for change – the perfect follow-on in my opinion. We wait, we let go and then we move forwards. I have to confess Pisces, I think about you a lot. My moon is in Pisces and I embody and relate more to this sign than my own most of the time. I feel that having a dominant Pisces in your chart is a lesson on how to be okay with feeling like a weirdo. Right?

Anyway, I digress, and this is a big card and my favorite of course. Lucky number 13 brings the chance to evolve, step, or whimper towards your highest self. It’s your job to choose not to feel like the victim in your life, which is where the empowering of the weirdo comes in! To be okay with feeling overwhelmed by yourself and the world sometimes. The art of becoming comfortable within the uncomfortable is one of the finest tool in the box. Embodying the Death card is an exciting adventure – walking through the haze of fear and out the other side, over and over again until it’s a well-worn road.

So, it’s likely that you are prepped for a hectic few months, whether it’s a crammed work schedule or embracing some new ways of thinking. Keep your eyes wide open so that your perspective is always expansive – you can break through your own familiar blocks by taking off your favorite pair of blinkers. Whether you feel locked into familiar comfort habits or in the throws of a familiar procrastination, try not to hide from new experiences, especially with people. You never know, you see, and sometimes it takes a far-flung trip into the terrors of the unknown to be willing to let go of ‘what you think you know.’ You sometimes like to swim in the opposite direction to new possibilities – is it a fear of getting trapped or caught? The chances are you’re attracted to those who are like you, so know that you aren’t as alone as you think you are, and if the waters run deep they are filled with life and surprises.

Action is imperative this month, and in your highest energy you have the ability to shift yourself to another place entirely, a better place – even if it just means ditching one thought process that isn’t serving. Be willing to run wild with the unknown and the uncomfortable, and to be vulnerable. Get messy in all the good ways, growth is upon you. You can do it.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Remember the art of Surrender that you practiced last month? Bring it back into play every time you feel out of control, anxious, in a creative block or a romantic freak out. Breathe. It’s okay.

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Aries / Aries rising – King of Cups

Are you losing your hard edges, Aries? Just kidding, but you have certainly made a shift into a little more of a squishy soft place – and it’s going to surprise you. Are you feeling the wild throws of a rekindled love affair or just finally feeling content sitting and embracing your own stillness? I hope something feels different and more full of flow, because it feels to me like the water element no longer feels to you like such an enemy.

When you are the action taker and maker there is often a fear that you’re going to be stamped out or trodden on. Is it a redundant or useless fear? Not really. But there is certainly a way to empower it rather than give in to an internal panic. This is your few weeks to own yourself like nobody’s business, and this is fuelled by a confidence about your own abilities. You see, this softening of the hard edges is what’s given you the edge, because you’re more embodied with all of your elements, mind-body and spirit, and so therefore sitting in your complete power. Don’t feel there just yet? No big deal – the simplest exercise is to honor every feeling equally as you start to blend into a whole, rather than rejecting parts of yourself. Inch your way there.

So as you move through your tasks this month don’t feel worried about ‘getting emotional’ because it’s perfectly possible to use your bang-on intuition and your charming business savvies to get what you want. Let your fire, drive and passion fuel you with the crazy and quirky ideas they bring, then check in with how they feels to you and only make your moves when it feels right. If you take on board my favorite trick in the book, the notion that failure doesn’t exist, then I pose the question; what have you got to lose?

Meanwhile, enjoy meeting new people this month. You may find yourself lining up with a new power posse as well as some soothing soul mates, like your support network is getting a little larger and more stable. This is possible because of your willing to be a bit more vulnerable and know that it’s okay, others will get it more than you think. The more you keep putting out the personality and work that you believe in, then the more others will swim in. You may find yourself feeling like celebrating by the end of the month. Remember there’s also no such thing as a small victory. Every moment has its place, so just allow it to be so.

Mercury Retrograde tip: Don’t feel tripped up if others don’t seem to be on your wave of super communication this month. Just make the effort to make your side of things as clear, kind and concise as possible then let others follow your lead.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Magician

Boom. It’s time. Don’t argue with me! I have serious business to talk to you about and it’s about getting swift with that project you’ve been working on. I know the one, so do you – we’ve talked about it before. That idea, that ‘in process’, that habit you’ve been trying to work your way out of. This is the start of what I’m going to call your Power Summer and so it’s time to align. The clock is ticking and you’re ready.

One hand to the heavens and one in the earth – my favorite way to work with this card is to again encourage you to keep hold of your balance. But this time, it’s not just for nurture, it’s for serious fire blazing empowerment. Connecting to your most primal force will give you healing and strength that you perhaps didn’t know were available. To do this, just be unapologetic about working towards your biggest passions, with no fear about what others might think. As soon as you let go of that detaching thought the more you have energy to be embodied and feel successful. To explore your potential is something that can be fun and productive.

If you’re hiding from or sitting on your own skills, what’s stopping you? Is it fear of failure or feelings that you don’t deserve to be big and bright? There’s no room for these worries any more, because after all they’re just thoughts causing you to feel unwell – and what’s the point? You’re not here to play a small game, but to share and teach and learn – on a loop. This is a time to embrace your ego in its finest form, by connecting to the life force and duality within you and using it to shine. It’s not about peacocking around and believing in your own hype – it’s being your own hype, in the best form. Shooting for the stars and landing on the moon, as they say.

Over the next few weeks if you feel stuck or switched off, work with the idea that you already have everything you need. I do believe we come installed with the perfect toolbox and we just need reminding as we go along our way. Half the battle of finding what we need is believing that we have it. Do you need to ask for help or advice? Do it. Do you need to take a break and let loose a little? Do it. Do you need to get out of your own way? Do it. You’re ready.

Mercury Retrograde tip: You may notice a lot of egos in battle all around you. Just step back and observe, rather than feeling the need to dive in and compete. Let others dance around you – you’re too busy to get involved in chaos.

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