The Scorpio / Taurus axis invites us to embody our wholeness—which is only ever possible when we quit faking it …

Taurus Full Moon ritual quit faking Ruby Warrington The Numinous
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Nobody wants to be a faker—but we do it all the time. The fake smiles, the fake “I’m fine’s,” the faking we’re holding it all together, when inside it feels like part of us is dying. This Taurus Full Moon, can we please make a pact to quit with the faking already, and embody those parts back to life? (If you’re just here for the ritual, it’s at the end of the post. Clue: you’ll need one of these).

Scorpio season is a time for getting REAL. For confronting the raw truths of existence, and the shadow parts we usually work so hard to conceal. When the moon becomes full in the opposite sign of Taurus, it’s shining a torch under the dusty sofa of our psyche. A chance to clean out some of the cobwebs and to prove there are no monsters hiding out there after all, what we find are just the damaged, and therefore “unlovable” parts, we have shamefully been clamoring not to reveal.

Ugh, it’s exhausting, isn’t it? The faking?

I dusted out some of my cobweb/monsters last week, when I wrote about the truth of running a (spiritual) online business (a.k.a. all the ways I’ve tried to monetize The Numinous and failed). It felt risky and whiney and ugly to put it out there, but it had gotten so very heavy I had to get it out of my body. The response, OF COURSE, was a massive out-breath from my readers who are done pretending too (which I’m also guessing is you).


I’m writing this from Women’s Week at Kriplau. My first time attending a retreat here, having been a presenter many times, I opted into a workshop titled The Alchemy of Writing. Sat on my backjack in this morning’s session, knees hugged tight to my chest, I had been longing for this this moment. A much-needed refilling of an inner cup that, in the past 12 months especially, has given so, so much.

Why was it then, that the expectant camaraderie encircling the other women in the room did not feel like it extended to me? How could it be that I felt this insecure as part of the group, opposed to the times I was leading it. Why, having spent the past two years confronting my fear of public speaking head-on, did my heart begin to pummel the interior of my ribcage at the mere idea of raising my hand to speak?

How fitting that our first writing prompt in today’s session was: “A time when I felt one way and acted another.” Holy mama. Also fitting for Scorpio season, here are the first few lines that stumbled out of me in response:

“I knew I was supposed to say ‘yes,’ and so that’s what I told him. ‘Did you come?’ He needed to know for his pride. We were in his parents’ house, chintzy covers on the bed, the reek of skunk weed clinging to the curtains and the shag-pile carpet. There was no doubt in my mind that he’d been picturing this moment—my deflowering—from the moment that we met.”

And so began a six-year stint (the first six years of my sexually active life) when lying on behalf of my body became my basic MO. Looking back, how could this NOT have led to issues with me “using my voice” in other areas of my life (given the fact that our vocal chords and our vaginas are also intimately connected)? Or me feeling like faking it (including the smiles, the ‘I’m fines’, the pretending I’m not hurting inside) was the proper thing to do?

As with my struggles to ask for what my work is worth, I suspect I am not alone in this one. When I recently interviewed sober sexpert Tawny Lara for my Sober Curious podcast about why she quit faking orgasms in sobriety, she explained that quitting drinking had led her down a path of radical, Scorpionic, honesty. Feeling your emotions in the raw, day-in-day-out, will do that to a girl. In a post on the same subject on The Temper, she wrote: “This honesty eventually crept into the bedroom. I was done adding a performative element to sex. The thought of tightening my pelvic floor while gyrating my hips and moaning in pseudo-pleasure just seemed like too much work.”


Because the truth is, faking it is the fastest way to drain us of our precious life force energy. In fact, the effort it takes to maintain even the smallest “white lie” could be used to power whole movements; write books; launch and fuel game-changing enterprises; and radically transform lives. Which means, whatever you’ve got squished under your soul-sofa, know that it is sapping you of your very aliveness. But will you have the courage to shine a torch under there and chase it out for good?

You can practice with the small stuff. No more fake smiles. No more ‘I’m fines.’ Notice, as you shun the fake comfort of “fitting in” in favor of a vulnerable just being, how much more deeply you belong to your body temple, like it was waiting for you to inhabit it fully all along.

More, much more, on the energetic invitations of the Scorpio-Taurus axis, with advice and insights from myself, Betsy LeFae, and Bess Matassa, in this month’s subscribers’ only edition of the Now Age podcast.

And as for your Taurus Full Moon ritual? Simple. Put on some smooth tunes, pull out your crystal dildo, and invite your whole, perfectly imperfect self, to COME HARD back into your body. As you commit to never, ever, faking it again.


With Venus and Mercury shifting gears, and Halloween adding a heavy dose of magic, the 2018 Leo Waning Moon invites us to surrender to the mystery, and conjure connection with the invisible, says Jennifer Racioppi

jennifer racioppi ruby warrington the numinous material girl mystical world 2018 leo waning moon
Photo: Pierrick Van Troost

Waning Quarter Moon // October 31 2018 // 12.40pm ET // 8 degrees Leo

With the 2018 Leo Waning Moon happening on the day the veil between worlds is the thinnest, we can expect things to feel fun, with a heavy dose of spooky.

How apropos for the Scorpio Sun squaring playful Leo? Meanwhile, with Venus Retrograde still in full effect and simultaneously in direct opposition with Uranus, unleash your desire to change your identity (dress up anyone?) Enjoy the mysteriousness of the day … 


// The Cycle //
The 2018 Leo Waning Moon serves as the midpoint between the hunter Taurus Full Moon, and the upcoming Scorpio New Moon on November 7th. This critical turning point of the lunar cycle asks us to let go of what’s no longer working while simultaneously bringing outcomes to seeds planted with the August 2, 2016, Leo New Moon.

Check-in; what’s coming to fruition now that connects to dreams set in motion and actions taken then?


// The Transits //
With Venus retrograde moving into Libra, and Mercury moving into Sagittarius, our spiritual world may feel impacted. Especially with Venus opposing Uranus, an astrological configuration that often suggests a change in a relationship (perhaps even an ending).

Today’s transits ask you to go with the flow and roll with any abrupt switches in direction. Additionally, given that it’s Halloween, there’s real opportunity to connect with the other side via ceremony and prayer (and your inner witch).


// The Square //
With the Sun in sultry Scorpio squaring the Moon in light Leo, we have a classic case of water (Scorpio) vs. fire (Leo). While we all know that water can extinguish fire, let’s not forget that when the two combine we get steam, too.

My suggestion? Aim for steam. Lean into Leo’s natural optimism and ability to magnetize joy. Even with abrupt changes afoot, allow yourself to feel lighter through the release of what’s no longer relevant.


// The Opportunity //
Today offers the strong potential to conjure, create, and align, while paying homage to those who have passed away. Even with Venus opposing Uranus, a transit that connotes the need to release what’s no longer working, you can sincerely connect with your spiritual self.

If something, or someone, exits your life today, let it go! And allow the depth of who you are to shine through. Then enjoy the night of play!

Discover more about astrologer and success coach Jennifer Racioppi and her work HERE and follow her on Instagram.


A symbolic week-ahead reading from your sign from Sandra Sitron, a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology

prickly pear cactus strong eye astrology the numinous

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Eating prickly pears. This is about nurturing yourself and self-protection. You must find a perspective that keeps you feeling secure. The Full Moon on Monday is in your house of philosophical seeking. Use this idea as a reminder that you need to keep yourself inspired. You must eat the fruit of revelation. Keep yourself sustained and mentally protected by seeking a higher philosophy that can be your light in the dark. Toward the end of the week, you can easily break open your subconscious beliefs about partnership. Seek illumination about whether you’ve been projecting unwanted feelings onto someone else, care-taking, or just generally in a relationship fog. Ask to see what you’ve been ignoring.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Rabbit rooting under the fence. Digging deeper. You need to turn over some stones. You are about to break into new emotional and psychological territory. Maybe you’ve been blocking yourself from accessing this realm. Maybe you weren’t yet ready to take the journey. The Full Moon on Monday is in your house of union and evolution. You have built up some understanding of your self-worth and now you feel secure enough to advance to the next level. Before you can advance you must burn. You must examine the nooks and crannies of your psyche and burn out unnecessary attachments. You must cleanse yourself of stagnant emotions. Be brave in the knowledge of yourself and your strength. Bravely let go of your baggage. Forgive. Move on. It’s time. This is the deep dive. The feeling that you need to get your habits in order increases towards the week’s end. There’s been general murkiness in the structure of your daily life. How you take care of yourself has not been a high priority. This week you gain some clarity around what you need to do to get your life in practical order. Listen to your body. Clean your house. Make your habits work for you.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Explosions in the sky. Does this all feel like a test? You have a desire to share. Maybe it’s triggering some old fears of inadequacy, or lack of support. Challenge yourself to open up. Challenge yourself to trust. You get to be supported in the exact right way! You get to lean, to hold, to cherish. “Stronger together” is a real thing. So much of the time, you are a solo warrior. Sometimes, going all the way with someone emotionally, spiritually, and physically, can just feel like a vulnerable thing. But this Full Moon is happening in your partnership house, and it is ready to explode some part of that old mindset. Ready yourself for some shift around partnership and meet it with welcoming arms. As the week progresses, you might find yourself yearning to make. Follow this urge. Your creativity will be high. You may find that you into new levels of vision. Do what feels good. Allow space and time for creativity and joy.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Taking a horse over jumps, riding crop whipping the air. If you’ve been pushing yourself hard, your body may be sending you a reminder. You need to take good care of yourself. Adrenaline doesn’t last forever. The Full Moon on Monday takes place in your house of self-improvement. This is illuminating your habits, efficiency, productivity, cleanliness, work and health. Sounds like a lot? It is. You are being propelled to notice what has been working for you and what hasn’t. Get grounded. Chip away at the projects that will make you feel better in your body, and improve your daily life. The Moon will illuminate this area of your life, but the energy won’t stay here forever. You have to take initiative to get the wheels in motion. REFINE. At the end of the week your subconscious stories about home and family are ready to get blasted open. Nurture your inner child. Hold her close and dear. You are ready for movement, clarity, and healing around how you love yourself.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
An insect methodically nibbling a leaf. You are ready to grow larger. One thing that makes sense right now is consistency. You have to keep building up your strength. Monday’s Full Moon in your sector of joy and creativity suggests that you are primed, fed, and ready to break free. You are ready to share the joy that you have been storing up within you. The world is ripe to receive your particular brand of leadership. Don’t hide your light from the world. One thing that symbol can reassure you of is that you are prepared. Share your voice, your vision, and your fire. Inspire your audience and surprise yourself. Make it fun. Around the end of the week your language may become quiet inspired. Do some journaling to explore your beliefs. If you are usually concrete in your thinking, an opening will allow you to be more dreamy and intuitive. Let your imagination guide you to new territory.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A game show contestant. There are certain areas of your life where you need to take chances. You may be feeling uncertain about your future. The Full Moon on Monday takes place in your house of home, childhood, and family. Go back into your memory bank. When did you first feel so unsure? Examine moments of your childhood when you may have felt uncertain. It’s important that you heal any fear that is still stagnant from this time. You may be getting triggered right now. Be very kind to yourself. Use gentle language when you speak to yourself. Give your inner child a hug. Take her to yoga class with you. Tell her that everything is going to be okay. Doing all of this will help you make choices that are based in love instead of fear. At the end of the week follow instincts that you have about making money. Use you intuition to tap into your ability to earn and your self-worth. (Big surprise- in astrology, these two things are connected.) You can get spiritual right now about your self-worth if you so choose. You are inherently valuable.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A zebra in a herd. Things are not always as they seem. You need to look more closely to parse out the facts. With the Full Moon on Monday in your house of conscious thought, you are being primed to get clear in your thinking. Separate out the true from the false. Have lots of conversations with friends and neighbors about the orientation of your thoughts. Find solace in community. Share ideas. Believe in the changeable nature of society and remind yourself of the measurable trend for consistent progress. The end of the week opens your intuition. Identify yourself as intuitive. Take action to use these skills to help yourself and others. Trust that you are learning more about yourself all the time and that you can always continue to define your personality. You are a work in progress.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
A sit-in. You are feeling the urge to bear down and resist. Find your spiritual center. Find the stability within you that always exists. Use that knowledge of self-worth as a stabilizing force. You can always hold your ground, if you believe that you deserve to take up space. Monday’s Full Moon takes place in your security house. Now is the time to convince yourself that you are grounded, safe, and secure. After that, you can lead. The end of the week opens up space for your imagination and vision to flow into. If you are a creator, create. If you are a producer, produce. If you are a parent, guide. Whatever you do, do it from a place of inspiration and not from a place of fear. Fill your cup with intuitive wisdom and let it overflow with confidence that can be shared.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A small sailboat. Navigating in rocky seas. Just by being yourself, you are compact, directed, and powerful. This Full Moon happens in your identity house. You are meant to know yourself. Having the Full Moon in your identity house can cause you to question and redefine yourself. Follow this journey all the way through. And stay the course. Keep your hand on the rudder. Guide yourself on a powerful path of self-exploration. Let it open you up to new growth and insight that helps you be a better leader. Don’t take anything for granted. Everything is a clue. Anything could be the fuel for your next epiphany. At the end of the week you will gain new awareness about the political structure that you exist in. Draw back the veils by looking very closely at what is true and what is a lie. Opacity is no longer an option. You are ready to get very clear on what kind of group and system you would like to align with.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Gum drops. Yearning for innocence. Desiring of escape. Monday’s Full Moon takes place in your house of the subconscious, the spiritual, and the hidden. These gummy candies are a strong symbol that you need to nurture the little kid in you. Maybe you are wishing for an easier time. Use this lunation to connect with your deepest needs and desires. Take care of yourself emotionally. Be a good parent to yourself. Look more closely at your reactions. Notice where you are getting triggered. Be careful of slipping into denial or fog and instead pay attention to your dreams and feelings. The weekend brings a new perspective about your career. Tap into your intuition to discover what moves you should make next. You may have really creative ideas about a project you are working on. Keep track.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A bear and her cub. The bear and her cub is a symbol of strength and protection. Monday’s Full Moon takes place in your house of society. This house also rules the future and hopes and dreams. The message coming through is that you are ready to take a stand. You have something to protect and you are strong enough to fight for it. How will you fight? What values will you be championing? What is your vision for the future. The presence of the cub in this symbol shows that this lunation is firing up your protective instincts. It is making what is often abstract and periphery feel very close to home. Keep coming at this one from a place of hope. Keep tuning into your dreams. They’ve always been there. How do they need to be refined at this time? What’s your stance? This lunation reminds you that you connected with world around you. You are a part of the group. Your horoscope asks not whether you will get involved, but rather, how. At the end of the week you check in with your philosophies for perspective. Let your intuition lead you to point of view that is perfect for you at this moment. Stay very open minded.

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Leo :: Leo Rising
Two horses nuzzling faces. You have the power to change anything and everything in your life. The Full Moon on Monday takes place in your house of career. For a moment, focus your mind on freedom. On a scale of 1-10, how free do you feel? Do you know why you chose this number? Is there another way to think about this that would make you feel more free? Freedom is important for you this week because you are needing to elevate yourself in your career. If you feel trapped by something in the outside world, you may not take the initiative necessary to progress. Fight against complacency! Fight against what you think is available for you. Break the boundary of what you think your allotted share is and exceed your expectations. This is your time to climb. As the week comes to an end, you gain intuitive insight around the cycle you are completing. Make sure you have enough quiet time alone to feel all your feelings. Process. Let go if you are ready.

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The Taurus Full Moon is here to bring stamina and keep us focussed on the long game, says Sandra Sitron

Taurus Full Moon Ritual The Numinous
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TAURUS FULL MOON :: Monday 11/14/16 :: 8.51am EST :: 22 Degrees Taurus

After an election in America that feels to many like a massive step backwards, we seek direction. Amid the chaos, there are many reactions. When considering the election result, many People of Color who have experienced the lifelong effects of racism are not surprised. Many Liberal white people who don’t have to walk this walk on the daily are in shock.

Women, People of Color, the LGBT community, immigrants, Muslims, and the disabled are in need of safe spaces, and are more aware than ever of their vulnerability. The media is back-pedaling and finger-pointing. Pollsters are re-evaluating. Trumpers are thrilled. Republicans who don’t like Trump but voted for him anyway are hopeful and silent.

As a reader of astrology and out-there, old soul, witchy sh*t, I am assuming that you are among the forlorn and aching choir. That, like me, you are seeking understanding, collective and personal healing, and a plan of action. Let’s see if Astrology can help with at least some of these points.

The Taurus Full Moon in Taurus is the first lunation in the wake of the election. As such it is shedding its light on a path forward. During a Full Moon the energies of two opposites meet to bring us awareness of the whole. The meeting of two opposites can feel like a head-on collision, or it can feel like an epiphany. This Taurus Full Moon is illuminated by the full light of the Sun in the opposite sign of Scorpio.


The Taurus Full Moon and it’s Message
Peeling an orange.
We are working to get to the sweet fruit that is inside. There is a bitter rind. We must keep peeling. Keep working. Keep taking off the layers to get closer to the truth. Keep sustaining ourselves with sweetness. Keep nurturing. Keep taking care of our bodies, and keep diving deep into our emotions.

TAURUS is your strength; your body, your resources, your self-worth. SCORPIO is union; your strength melded with another person’s strength. Emotional, spiritual and physical. Both signs are Fixed. They show us the value of persistence. They remind that we must keep digging in to achieve progress.

The Taurus Full Moon is helping us know our strength, to unite, and to keep our eyes on the long game.

A deeper look at the signs at play.

TAURUS is the sign that rules our material world. It is our body, house and resources. It is our natural talents. Taurus teaches us how to stay alive AND that we deserve to be alive (because our talents are of value). This sign yearns to impart the wisdom of abundance. When Taurus is afflicted, it can cause us to fear scarcity until we remember our inherent worth. Taurus done right is as steady and stable as bedrock. The strength of Taurus comes from it’s championing of value; value of body and value of self.

SCOPRIO is yours and mine together. Scorpio is merging. Union. Scorpio reaches out to understand the emotions of the other person. Because of this inter-personal sharing of emotions. Scorpio rules both control and letting go. It can be hard to surrender control for the purpose of emotional, physical, and spiritual union. But the wisdom of Scorpio teaches that we must. You must let go so that you are light enough to move into the next stage of your evolution. One of Scorpio’s symbols is the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Scorpio reminds us that there must be destruction before we can break open to progress.

When the Taurus understanding of self-worth and abundance is intact, Scorpio is secure enough to easily let go of competitive control and merge. This is the gestalt of the two signs.

The Taurus Full Moon reminds us that if we want to evolve, we must do both Taurus and Scorpio well.

We can do the Taurus things. We can believe in our own personal strength. We can own our part in this, by taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. We must use our resources to create positive change. We must use our bodies to resist. We must build safe-houses for people who need physical, emotional or psychological shelter. We must defend everyone’s right to material security and abundance.

And we can do the Scorpio things…We can reach out to understand another person’s emotional and psychological perspective. We can look into the eyes of the murderer and see the humanity within. We can gaze boldly into our shadow. We can let go of control and feel our feelings. We can notice if fear is encouraging us to be controlling. We can forgive when we are ready.

We can be the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.


Taurus Full Moon Semi-Sextile Uranus
Stepping stones leading across a flooding river.
There is quick movement, changes are happening within all of us on microscopic levels. We must be very aware of change. We must remember that there is a flow of progress. Sometimes this flow comes so erratically that it feels as if we are drowning. It can be hard to see further down the river. The Moon in Taurus wants us to stay the course and Uranus in Aries asks us to jump ship in search of a better way. Find your leadership within yourself. Find your true course. It is the course of your heart. Follow that river loyally, even if the destination is unknown and the waters are choppy.

Taurus Full Moon Sextile Chiron
Pulling up buckets of well water.
A healing is welling up from deep within. As the puss of our wounded nation pools around us, so does the healing salve become available. We could never move forward without seeing clearly the ills of our society. The wounds of our history have festered. We must now make a thorough examination, and through this practice, heal ourselves. The only folly comes from refusing to look. In a safe and quiet space, ask yourself what you are refusing to see. Make this query into a prayer.


Below are suggested areas of self-inquiry for each sign. If you know what house in your birth chart 22 degrees Taurus is in, also read for that house.

Aries or 2nd House
What is the one thing on which you know you want to take a stand? How can you use your natural talents to do so?

Taurus or 1st House
What have you struggled with that you’ve learned how to master? This is something that makes you unique. Can you see yourself guiding others to master this same struggle?

Gemini or 12th House
What have you been refusing to see when it comes to your relationships? Your wellbeing at soul level? The world around you?

Cancer or 11th House
What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Can you add more detail to the picture? Who can you reach out to?

Leo or 10th House
Do you feel empowered to have the career of your dreams? If not, what belief stands in your way? How is this belief keeping you playing small?

Virgo or 9th House
Research a philosophical perspective that can guide you and soothe you. Write down what speaks to you and keep this piece of paper in a place where you’ll see it often.

Libra or 8th House
Are there any feelings that you have been stubbornly holding onto? Is there room for movement now around this issue?

Scorpio or 7th House
Finish the sentence “A relationship is…” fifteen times. Write it down in list form.
A relationship is _______________
A relationship is _______________
A relationship is _______________ (etc.)
Notice what different words and ideas come to mind when you contemplate what relationship means to you.

Sagittarius or 6th House
Can you pinpoint the potential cause of overwhelm in your life? Write a list of simple things you can do to address this, and commit to tackling one per day.

Capricorn or 5th House
Experiment with different mediums for self-expression. Write a blog post or record an Instagram story about what’s in your heart.

Aquarius or 4th House
What would you say to your inner child? Write some ideas down. If any feel like positive affirmations, read them out loud to yourself before you go to sleep.

Pisces or 3rd House
Collect facts that can help you ease your mind. As you consume media and news, ask if what you are taking in is improving your mindset.

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