The Queen of Wands brings pure positive fire energy to the week ahead, says Louise Androlia. In our weekly tarotscope video, she share’s how to work this magic in your world…

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This week’s weekly Tarotscope brings a sense of childlike wonder and the opportunity to kickstart new beginnings, says Louise Androlia

You can also check out last week’s video here – did Louise’s reading resonate for you? Share with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Leo / Leo Rising – Ten of Cups

Happy Birthday! I would love for you to bring that Star energy you’ve working with into this next month, because being fuelled by light really suits you. Have you noticed this? That when you are able to step into a more expansive state of mind you just get more done? To stay in that high-energy frame of mind sounds so simple, but of course requires work – as with most things related to our well being. However, this month, I think you are up to the job.

I feel that the direct source to feeling your very best self over the coming weeks it through honoring your spirit. This, in short, means allowing yourself to do anything and everything that ignites your creative spark, makes you feel alive, and inspires you to step into your superpower. It may seem that right now you have SO much to do, and surely you should prioritize that? Yes, of course you have to get shit done! But the choice you have here is the ability to not prioritize stress. See the difference? We can still get through a to-do list, but without a punishing or restrictive edge.

Stop for a moment today and check in with anywhere in your life that doesn’t feel very expansive right now. Where do you feel stuck, blocked, or overwhelmed with negativity? This or these parts of your experience require as much love and nurture as you can muster, and your birthday month really is a fine time to be kind to yourself. I’d like you to make self-gratitude a daily practice, honing in especially on areas you feel wobbly. It might be that you wake up every day and say “I am grateful for my body” or “My talents are of value” – this could feel super uncomfortable at first, but you’re merely guiding yourself back to what you know is true underneath the layers of fear.

This is also a wonderful month for socializing and replenishing your stash of human FUN. Call your old friends, get out of your comfort zone, be in love with love, call in your spirit guides, and just try to flow with your awesome self. Note when you tune into self-doubt and judgmental thoughts, and don’t be afraid to question them! They are your thoughts which means you’re allowed to decode them a little, shake them up, and reform them – in other words, it’s in your power to make your life work for you!

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Five of Pentacles

Last month saw you experience a few blasts from the past, whether it was old shadows rearing their heads, or a meeting with a previous version of yourself. I know for some of you this was a much darker experience, where as others of you had a kind of rose tinted reunion with your own superpowers. Whether you are feeling ruled by the shadows or the light right now, the theme for this month is going to be the same: material and spiritual reconnection. The energy that feels significant for you is around faith in yourself and your journey. It may be that the last few weeks unearthed a wobble, and now you are seeking some grounding, within and without.

I want you to really know that you are supposed to be constantly evolving, and that this means you’ll need different support at different times in your life. Don’t feel concerned if your tried and tested feel good method isn’t really doing it for you right now – perhaps it’s just time to try something else? So, to tap into what this might be, allow yourself to take a scan across your current internal and external environment. What’s going on with your career, relationships, and family? How is your health and how are your thought processes? Are you going through a time of change? What is new? What feels scary? Are you having fun?

As you ponder these questions, take stock of where your general level of life energy is right now, and then, finally, ask ‘What do I NEED right now?’ It’s your job to simply listen. Your inner workings may surprise you here, and it’s important to allow your most nurturing self to speak to you, the one that may suggest rest over making another to-do list, the one that says try a massage over a spin class. Trust that your inner and outer experience is providing all the clues you need, and whatever feels right for you this month will be exactly what you need.

In matters of faith, however intuitive you are and however organized you are, you STILL aren’t supposed to know the outcome of everything that you’re juggling. Choose to trust that your life lessons emerge at the exact time you need to receive them. Until then it’s time to practice that leap of faith, and know that you aren’t alone. You are needed, help IS available, and time is on your side.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Two of Swords

Anxiety and difficulty in regards to making choices is one of the most frequent things my clients come to me about. What should you do? Which direction should you take? What will the outcome be? How do you trust yourself? These thoughts are the norm, so don’t be afraid if you feel at a crossroads right now. How about considering that you aren’t supposed to know the exact right answer, because maybe this isn’t a case of correct or incorrect, of pass or fail. If you are in an active time, whether in your mind or outer experience, then things are truly supposed to feel a little less than chill!

So, instead of panicking about what you ‘should’ do, I want you to work on where you might be blocked from your intuition right now. Of course your decision-making doesn’t have to be a stressful thing, it’s likely many of you are just overwhelmed by having so many avenues to go down! Never a bad thing, but often in times of busyness, whether this manifests as chaos or excitement, our racing mind can get us feeling a little ‘out of body’. When we jump outside of ourselves like this, we begin to lose the connection to where life realy begins – yep, you know it, with OUR FEELINGS.

Remember that whatever feels the best to you will be the ‘right’ choice, because there truly is no right or wrong, just another opportunity to have faith in yourself and your journey. You may also use these next few weeks to get some down time. It’s often that when we find our selves at a crossroads, we’re being led towards a period of action, so it’s a great time to accept the stillness and simply recharge. Your way of resetting will be unique to you; it might mean retreating to nature or, equally, stepping back into the social scene and reconnecting with friends.

Try to release any pressures you’ve put on yourself to ‘have it all together’ or ‘get over it’ and allow yourself to just be. Time isn’t working against you, all is as it is supposed to be. Do some of what makes you feel more YOU – in fact, a lot of it, so much that you almost burst. Inch your way back to your mind, body and spirit. This human experience is your home, and by returning to yourself you will be in the optimal decision making space, when the time comes.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Eight of Swords

You’re going through an important transition right now my friends – it’s transformative, can you feel it? If you look to the planets, we’ve entered the final phase of Saturn’s journey through Scorpio, bringing some final tests and a chance to really clean up and surrender. The last two months have been leading up to the work you have to do in August, and we are all at a different stage of this journey. These next few weeks are the perfect time to really tune in with where you are restricting yourself. Is there anything from your past, be it physical pain or a forgotten dream, that seem to be haunting you right now?

Think – how can you address these things? You don’t have to dive in like a bull in a china shop, opening every of worms in sight, BUT it’s going to help to get really real with yourself. Try stating your fears out loud and owning them. Tell the world: “I am afraid of ***, and it’s okay”, and notice what body feelings accompany these thoughts, what starts running through you. You are safe to really show up for this clearing process, but it’s also an ideal time to ask for help. If you don’t know what you want, ask yourself what you need. Follow your intuitive guidance, whether it is requesting you find guidance online, or by emailing that person that keeps popping into your mind.

Be open to receiving and have no expectations. You more than anyone know that the things you need can come in forms you’d never expect. It also feels like perhaps there are some ghosts from the past that could be released. Remember that letting go and forgiveness are both acts of self-love, acts that do nothing other than clear space and free you up to move forwards.

By shaking off what you no longer need from times gone by, it will be so much easier to accept what is being offered up ahead. Finally, try to trust in simplicity this month. All the good stuff is going to be right there, laid bare, you won’t find sanctuary in drama or contradictions. Trust in what feels grounded and nourishing to you, whether that is in the people you meet or the work you commit to. Magic and intuition are alive and well in the present moment – and your direct link is through your feelings, so feel away babe!

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Princess of Cups

I feel like you’re on a bit of a roll of awesome, or at least that this high vibe energy is available to you now if you want to access it. If there’s one thing the last year has taught you, it’s that feelings are okay and even important! In fact, tuning in to your more watery, emotional side has the ability to rocket fuel your dreams. Right? Well no change this month, because what I see as a great focus point for you in the next few weeks is… MAGIC. Oh yes, and before you stop reading because you aren’t into ‘woo woo’ – stay with me!

Can we redefine magic? It’s not just about witchcraft you know – although that’s totally cool with me too, I like to think of magic as an accessible energy that you can tune into, but one that is also within you. You ARE magic, it’s running through your veins and is available as a form of empowerment whenever you need it. So, how do you get in touch? It’s all through a willingness to expand your vision out of your comfort zone, to expand your thoughts beyond your restricted and limiting beliefs, and it’s found very much in the present moment.

The other way you can access magic is through a childlike sense of wonder, and this is precisely what August is gifting you. Wonder. We get a little distracted from wonder as we grow up, the ‘wow’ of learning new things for the first time diminishes as we keep moving through life. For any of you who have kids, you’ll know it’s easily returned to you when you get to show that little one new things all of the time – and that choosing to see things through their eyes, the vision returns to you. I want you to realize this sense of awe is here ALL OF THE TIME, no magic tricks needed, the world is kind of an amazing place, full of kind of incredible people, if you hadn’t noticed.

Yes, there are the shadows and a dark side to life, but it is our job to turn on the torch. Over the coming weeks, start to notice in what areas of your life magic reappears. It may be within your meditation practice, or in time spent in nature, but it also may also appear in spreadsheets and accounts, over dinner and discussion. There are no limits to finding the good stuff; you just have to believe it’s there.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Pentacles

You truly are in the energy of new beginnings. Last month the focus was on feelings and personal connections, and for August there is a shift presenting itself in your more grounded material world. I’m just seeing large door that is totally wide open, with any perceived blocks dissolving away. I feel that you’ve entered a part of the year that’s been lined up for you to get very serious and unapologetic about how you want, how you NEED, your material world to support you.

Yes, this is a card that’s brilliant for career matters, suggesting that if you’re on the edge of sharing something new, at the point of quitting something that no longer works, or holding off on speaking up – it’s time. Get everything OUT. However, I’d like to focus more on the bright sparks of ideas and growth that I feel coming in for you. It’s as though you are pivoting on the edge of a very different life stage, one that is bringing more stability and light. This doesn’t mean life is a breeze of course, especially not for my mountain climbing Caps. Challenges though, are only in place to lead you to higher ground. Everything is taking you somewhere, and your main job is to not fight the change or battle the unknown.

Allow your days to take on a natural flow, one that is guided by your hero nature, but a flow that has no barriers. You are the only one who can truly stand in your own way at the moment. So, what do you need? If it’s more rest, then that is ALL that’s required. If it’s more time, you have it! This open doorway is created by your intentions to be kinder to yourself, to pursue more of your ideas, to really listen to your inner soul system.

What do you want to feed into the earth around you? What imprints are you about to make, what are you producing? Be enlightened by all that is new and appreciate the embarrassment and oddities of it all. Allow yourself to be humbled by the Universe on a daily basis, laugh, get messy, get involved, and be happy to get out of your comfort zone. Everything is ok, even the wobbles and the worries, they all have purpose. Pour nurture on your anxieties and feed your ideas with golden light.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Three of Pentacles

August is a pretty active month for you, as you have the space to put into play what you have been working on for the past three months. I feel that there has been so much brainstorming, so much creativity and fun, and also, perhaps, a LOT of questioning your own abilities. You can find it so easy to put yourself down sometimes, often more so than the time you spend raising yourself up. So, this has to be your first priority this month – self-celebration.

It is not stupid or egotistical to stop and admire yourself. I mean, come on, you are a perfect specimen of a human being – just LOOK AT YOU! But, yeah, on a more serious note, it’s kind of time that you accepted that you might have some skills, some unique skills, and something to share with the world. Yes it’s easy to say, “oh but so many people do the same job as me”; and yes, there will always be another artist, another actor, another lawyer and so on, but there isn’t another YOU, remember? This means that whatever you bring to the table IS unique, because it comes from you.

So as you being this month of self-appreciation, you will be required to flow into giving time to cementing your authentic voice. This means that you definitely don’t need to worry about comparing yourself to others or trying to imitate anyone, you just need to show up for YOU. It can be easier said than done of course, but it’s time to practice. With all that in hand, out in the real world this is a perfect month for collaborating and sharing the weight of your work, and your ideas. It might be that you’ve been keeping a lot inside recently and so know that just getting things OUT is going to step you forward into the next stage of, yes, your career, – but more so, of simply feeling good.

A good old-fashioned life brainstorm is in order, so gather your troops and get vocal. If you are someone who usually likes to hide in the shadows, experiment with raising your voice a little louder. You can also reflect this confidence with regards to your inner dialogue, by no longer allowing yourself to be intimidated by your fears. After all they are YOURS to do what you like with. So shift the conversation, own those anxieties, and then use them to march you onwards.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Emperor

Over the last few weeks you may have experienced a few ‘ah-ha’ moments, times of clarity, and a rush of new ideas. Within this headspace, some fears may also have been rising up very strongly, perhaps some that seemed to stab you in the gut and try to convince you that they were more powerful than you? Which is not true of course, but it is okay for it to feel that way – after all, you are a human being, just out in the world feeling those feelings.
As the days progress the shift that’s in place for you now is one of empowerment and order. This month is about taking all those “ums” and “ahs” from July, and putting them in place, with a little planning. It’s actually a much more structured way of thinking than you might be used to, but totally in place to put some order into your chaos. Now, where this sense of process comes from is going to be dictated by what you need. If you currently feel like you are loose and swimming in a sea of uncertainty, then perhaps it’s time to ask for help? You do know that someone out there can listen and help you with the jigsaw puzzle of yourself, don’t you?

This doesn’t have to be your typical therapist; maybe you just need to dedicate some time to sharing with your best friends, getting stuff out, and reinterpreting ideas for each other. We all have some blocks to rules and regulations somewhere along the line, so note if any of yours are coming up right now. It could be that you are finding it a struggle to work amongst other people, and if so have a feel and think about how you could shift your perception. AND how you can protect your energy – this is always an important job for a Pisces.

The more you can be connected to your most authentic and positive self, the easier it will be to see through the mist. It’s easy to get distracted but this isn’t the month for wading through fog. Remember where you pull your light from and use that source, every day. Finally, If there is a certain someone in your life who seems to be over-stepping the mark, overpowering or even scaring you, then it’s time to reclaim your self worth and personal power; again by sharing, questioning, and speaking up. Don’t hide from your own voice, this month more than ever it’s valid and important.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Ten of Pentacles

I kind of feel like you’re on fire right now Aries – as you should be of course, but wow your energy seems to have been on a constant high level recently. Are you feeling tired out yet? I want that to be your first check in right now, because burn out is SO easy for you because you are able to run on empty quite easily. So just tune in to what you might need as you fully embrace this second half of the year.

Now I put that at the forefront, because what I feel for you is that there is a strong energy focus on your material world right now. For some of you it really may be a dramatic shift in your career – perhaps you are taking on a higher position, or launching some of your most valued work into the public domain? It’s also going to be that many of you are at that point of leaving behind what no longer works for you, in business and in pleasure. It’s a super power feeling, and this is why your wellbeing has to be at the peak of your life priorities pyramid. Whilst you may think of self-care as a ‘luxury’, just know that you can’t do all the amazing stuff you want to if you feel crap. Simple, right?

So now that you’ve checked in, where are you headed? Things can start to manifest at an alarming rate now, so make sure your intentions for yourself are also on good from. I want you to think about the idea of your imprint on the world. If you had to make a manifesto for yourself and your personal brand right now, what would be on there? How would you sell yourself to yourself?

Take that as a writing task and it will help you hone in on what might be the most enjoyable thing to put your focus on right now. After all, I know you are spinning a lot plates, as per usual! On the more spiritual side of things, look out for those messages from the Universe. They come in so many forms, yes it might be that you’re seeing feathers and rainbows, but life also speaks to you via the more practical too. Coincidences don’t exist – that voice you hear that says ‘go there’ or ‘call them’ is worth listening to. In fact if you chose to listen and learn, the guidance is really right in front of you.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Chariot

THINGS ARE FINALLY MOVING! What things? Have a glance back to April and you might get some hints as to what needs the kick in the ass right now. Of course movement is only going to be present if you participate, so if you’re one of the one wishing away on the sidelines that something wild and exciting would happen for you, then you gotta at the very least dip your toe in. Why? Well the thing about life and time and all that, is that it really is always moving, and if you aren’t there moving with it, you’ll only ever feel like you are losing or wasting time. And time is of value, so, where are you going to place your drive this month?

Now that’s off my chest, we can get into the details; balance, freedom and intent. Freedom comes from stepping into that expansive state of mind I always talk about. You are the only one standing in your way right now and if you take a trip over to the Scorpio reading to see what your opposite sign is up to, you can apply the same advice. When you get out of your own way, a free flowing energy can come upon you. Feels good to think of that wide, open road right? That road can exist in all areas of your life; even the ones with challenges – yes, there can still be a flow when you have to get shit done, it just gets done easier!

‘Easier’ – that sounds nice too, doesn’t it? So what would you need right now to truly feel free? Explore that idea. So, balance; not your strong suit sometimes, but as always still a priority and I won’t ever let up about it. Accept that whatever isn’t working, whether it’s a health, love or work situation, needs a new perspective. That new perspective may not be one you’d chose first, after all, self-help is always hard work – but if something doesn’t feel good, isn’t it time you considered an alternative?

Finally – intent. This is the fun bit for you, and it’s about grabbling life by the reins and knowing that you have the map. Remove any fear of failure or you will never do anything. Know that you’ve got this, and equally that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes aren’t an end point; they are a learning experience. Everything is building momentum, so dive in fully.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Eight of Cups

The next few weeks are all about the residue of the past couple of months. So what’s come to the surface as you’ve gone on your merry way? The last few weeks have been a really strong cleansing period for many of us, and it may not have been comfortable. The first thing to do is to be nurturing with yourself. When some of our old shadows and ghosts reappear, it’s easy to perceive that we are going backwards. This is not the case; When things come to the surface it’s because now is the time to address them, as perhaps right now you are in the right space to be able to deal with them.

The brain chucks out information for us on a platter when the time is on and the pressure is off. So, this residue, how are you feeling it? Is it via your thoughts, from strange messages from the Universe, or is it in your physical body? Take time to listen and see what’s regurgitating, and within this know that now is a safe time to let those things go. You know that I refer to the letting go process as ‘surrendering’, and so we will work with that. I feel that you could be holding on to some guilt and it may manifest as you subconsciously not allowing yourself to move forwards.

You don’t need to hold onto pain as a punishment, it does not serve you and certainly doesn’t make anything better. If you need to forgive – be it yourself, others or a situation – know that it will set you free. In regards the moving forward process, this month is in place for you to work with your courage. The capacity for bravery is within all of us, it’s a natural part of us, to be courageous, to show up, to get involved. It’s time to accept your inner hero, to claim it and use it.

After all, why would you be scared to move forward in your life? Your life is perfectly designed for you, don’t ever hesitate to believe in that, not for a second. Nothing that you leave behind will be truly lost if it’s in any way relevant to your future. Safety lies within self trust, self-care and rest right now. Allow yourself to move at your own pace, just be wise enough to recognize where you’re treading on your own toes.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Empress

A happy and nourishing month ahead, as you step from the clutches of that Devil on your shoulder into the nurturing arms of the divine feminine! “Thank you” is a good word to utter today. Thank you for this new and fresh energy. This is a month that is truly ALL woman, full of babes in fact! You can take that really literally if you’d like, to start. Female company and energy is going to get you feeling good, so allow yourself to be embraced by the wise women around you, whether it’s in physical hug form or a good heart filling Skype chat.

On a deeper note, this is a perfect few weeks to check in with mother Earth, the natural element and your own wisdom. Over the last few months you’ve had a lot of going within, but not all of it has felt safe and wishing yourself out of body has felt like the easy option. It’s time to really trust that you have gained knowledge in all that’s been processed, and that your tool belt is now pretty well-equipped. You have what you need and will realize this when you allow things to simplify a little. Drama probably won’t cut it for you this month as you start to lift into your higher state of mind and discover that the small nurturing steps you are making really are filling you up.

The great thing is, you don’t need the mess and the complications anymore. It’s fully time to live in that clean and clear space. Your clutter, be it physical or mental, can be released. It’s safe to head to the recycling bin – I’m pretty sure we all have one of those within – so think, what do you no longer need to have playing on repeat in your brain?

Know that the wisdom you have gained recently is also in place for you to share and help others. Whether it’s some words that a friend really needs or via a service you provide, since we are never truly alone it means that your experience is also going to give solace to someone else. Therefore, it’s also a time to not hide your feelings. All expulsions of your water element are safe and okay. You may find that by avoiding that standard “I’m fine”, response you open up a new conversation with an unexpected person – I feel that the element of surprise is awaiting you. So open your eyes, wide.

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Our days this week will be colored by the energies of the Two of Wands, says Louise Androlia. What sort of adventures will this mean for you?

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Tarotscopes July 2015 cast by Louise Androlia using The Cosmic Tarot deck

Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Devil

Let the ego battle commence and may the command over your darkness forever win out. That old devil on your shoulder needs to be spoken to this month, and also respected. It’s not possible to cram any more fears or excuses into the cupboard, it’s bulging and the time really is now. Time for what? Deep, intense self-awareness, love and power healing. When everything comes to the surface it’s only because you are perfectly aligned to be able to work with it. “Working with it” – this is the most productive and empowering way to consider your internal dialogue right now. You aren’t broken, you aren’t ‘going mad’, you aren’t being attacked by your mind. It’s YOUR mind remember, and it needs to be connected with and cherished.

The first step is to address your dominant fears or addictive behaviors, as well as the ‘go to’ you have in place for them. For instance, maybe you have fears surrounding your finances but every time you notice this you panic buy things in order to try and feel more in control. Or perhaps your fears are about finding love, and come accompanied by self-deprecating thoughts. You may find that your natural reaction when approaching your anxiety isn’t to reach for some loving kindness.

To shift this, as you tap into the things you are anxious about, bring them into the present moment by inserting an ‘I feel’ in front – e.g. I feel anxious, I feel concerned about X, I feel overwhelmed. In this moment you are allowing yourself to be present with the fear, processing it with the mind and body and most importantly acknowledging it. Now, follow this statement with ‘and it’s okay’ – THIS is the loving action. You may find that you resist this phrase, not wanting to allow your negative thoughts and feelings to be ‘okay’…and that too is okay!

A final thought to work with alongside this; are you comparing yourself to others, and deeming them all ‘fine’ while you are not? Everyone is experiencing a challenge and everyone’s experience is valid and valuable. To focus on owning your challenges, ask for help, be open to guidance and absolutely keep loosening your grip on the comparison trap.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Star

Star power alert! I feel that this month is all about how you choose to channel your highest self. If you were a superhero (btw you are) would you be using your powers for the positive or negative? I feel as though recently you might have been really tuning into the shadows of others, and being a little judgmental with your thoughts or expressions. Now, it’s okay for that judgmental self to rear its head, it happens for everyone, but there’s no need to spend your precious time pointing out the flaws you observe around you.

Why? It sends you into a lower energy space and it dims your light – the part of you that is fueled by your self-love, passion for life, and appreciation of your own shadows. I want July to be all about you getting your glow back! The fast track way to this is to reconnect to yourself, especially if the above passage resonated with you – it might have been that you just hopped out of your journey and spent too much time staring through other people’s windows.

So reconnection to the self, it’s a simple trick that requires one major thing; a commitment to being kind to yourself, unconditionally. This means valuing your time, celebrating your talents and taking into consideration your mind, body and spirit. A connection to the self is merely an awareness of all parts of you. If you already have a neglected meditation practice then just pull yourself back there by reminding yourself that you deserve it. If it’s new for you to practice self-care then just commit to five minutes each day doing something that lifts your spirits and feels safe inside.

The reason I want to lure you back to the big Y O U is that the energy of this month is so bright and positive; you need to be present to receive and appreciate. This period of time is perfectly aligned for sharing your talents, launching new projects, asking for help, and deepening your life experience. To feel as though the world is appreciating you, you need to first pat yourself on the back and recognize yourself as worthy. Which isn’t about being better than anyone else, it’s simply about owning something that you always have access to. What if self-confidence was your absolute birthright, have you claimed yours yet?

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Six of Cups

July is a month where you can continue the work you’ve been doing on empowering the past. Nostalgia is a funny thing, and I want you to check in with the lens you’ve been using to look upon times gone by. Are you rose tinting experiences from before as an excuse to not participate in the present? Are you perhaps holding anger towards people and events from once-upon-a-time because you are feeling afraid to dive into your own self-healing?

Spend some time checking whether you feel as though there are any negative ties binding you down. It’s so easy to remain static when we are spending time dancing in days gone by. Too much regard for the past can also dim your view of the present and future, especially if you have fears of ‘cycles repeating’, conscious or not. Recognize that everything new is always different, even if it appears similar. Your job is to not bring old fears and place them on current events. Just because something happened once before, it doesn’t make it more likely to repeat. Know this to be true.

If you are seeking guidance from the cycles of life, then it’s important to go within and not obsess about the external. For instance, what have been your consistent fears or behaviors, and how can you change them?
It’s safe to move onwards, it’s safe to let go and it is definitely safe to be putting yourself first. You don’t need to know why something is the way it is, you just need to trust that the explanation will be revealed at the exact moment you need it. All you are required to do is show up for the present and take one step. Your empowerment comes from TRUSTING in the past and using the tools you’ve been developing as the days weave together.

On a fun note, when practicing the good time kind of nostalgia you can reach back into those shadows and pull forward all of the good stuff. Be inspired by visions of you with a smile on your face, allow memoris of magic moments to lift you up to greet your highest self and connect to your joy via as you tune in to your inner child. This month will no doubt end with a sense of clearing and lightness; enjoy shaking off what you no longer need.

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Emperor

I feel that July holds an element of stability you’ve been seeking for a while now. After ups and downs and feelings galore, there is a sense of order within the chaos. Also be aware that order and stability are not the same as rigidity and control. I want you to know that you can have order, whilst still existing in a full state of surrender. Really? Yes! You see, order doesn’t have to mean restriction. Your desk can be clear whilst your mind is expansive, and doesn’t that sound good?

So, over the coming weeks I’d like you to tune into where it is that life feels unstable. It may be your career or relationship or home, but it may also be your state of mind or connection to your body. Now, allow your thoughts around these challenges to be stretchy and opportunistic. Instead of just assuming no one can help you, consider what help it is you need, and shout it out! Instead of deeming yourself hopeless, be hopeful that you just haven’t discovered what the solution is yet. Instead of setting punishments at the end of uncompleted tasks, celebrate every small thing you do, including your ability to just keep going.

If you are having problems with an external source of power then it’s time to claim your self worth back. Any situations that just don’t feel good to you probably aren’t good for you. It’s okay to own your voice, to speak up, to share. You are not alone, especially in those times it feels most like you are. I really want you to have your own back this month! I see opportunities for reclaiming self-empowerment coming through for all signs, and you really need to re-appreciate yourself.

Can you practice this by celebrating something unique about yourself each day over the coming weeks? This may be harder for those of you who have been self-sabotaging of late, but that’s even more of a reason to do it. Self care is always the solution, especially when you think it can’t possibly be. The equation works that as you up your self-worth then balance will be more accessible to you, and there will even be potential in times of chaos. This is a positive kind of control, and you’ve got this.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Five of Pentacles

With Saturn dipping back into Scorpio for the next few months it’s no wonder us Scorpions are suddenly feeling dips and dives within and without. Is this the final test? Well, kind of, but think of it more as a clean up, than a challenge. Whatever is prominent in your stress zone right now is there for a reason, and it’s because you have an opportunity now to view the challenge in a different light.

I don’t want to just shout THINK POSITIVELY at you, because what does that even mean? It’s a throwaway inspirational quote and I’d rather you thought more deeply than that. It feels as though your trust barriers have been up and down recently, particularly between you and the world and the YOUniverse. Do you feel a little unsupported or ‘shut out’ in some areas of your life? Have you been feeling anger towards some aspect or yourself or the world around you? It’s okay to have these feelings, but it’s important to know they are workable too. This card often comes up when it feels like we have been left out in the cold, and only you will know where it is that this feeling belongs.

The answers all lie in fresh perspectives and new approaches. You may feel tired because a method you’d previously used to help yourself no longer seems to be working. How so? Time is always shifting and you are evolving, trust that you need different things at different times. Instead of feeling exasperated, as though there are no options, choose to feel inspired to seek alternative pathways. Your ideas may need stretching to help you get to that settled place; your meditation may need shifting to help you receive more clarity, your body may need a different method of self care to match your environment.

See how when you extend your thoughts to a wider space there suddenly seems to be MORE potential? I’m pushing you to up your self-care practice to maximum voltage, to not even consider feeling guilty for cancelling plans and being kind to yourself. You need to be connected to YOU right now in order to benefit from those Scorpio powers you know and love. There are wide and bright skies surrounding you, just be present for the clouds to pass.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Ten of Wands

Something has to give, starting now! All signs are seeing major opportunity for breakthrough this month and yours comes in the form of ending a period of feeling completely overwhelmed. Overwhelm comes in many forms, but there is always the need to surrender in order to receive a fresh perspective. In what areas of your life do you feel as though you just don’t seem to be able to make a breakthrough? And are you noticing your need to try and control things more and more, even when nothing seems to be working?

I’m going to ask you to drop all the stress to the floor. This is very hard to do in a state of overwhelm because it feels like you’re being pushed to just GET IT TOGETHER – but that just doesn’t work. Remember how I spoke about compassion last month? Now it’s time to shine that torch on yourself, release the battle and look after yourself. ‘But I’m doing everything I can!’ I hear you say, which is one more reason to surrender, give up a little, and consider that you may just need a new approach. This new way of looking at things also might require you to pull down a few walls and listen to some advice. I know you have ‘your ways’ of doing things, but this is a month to seek help from your friends, and guidance from those you are drawn too. Think expansively in your search for harmony and you will find it.

Meanwhile, this is Fire energy, which is your master and your superpower, so it’s also a strong message to be reconnecting to your spirit. This means really making some space to do the things you love, the everyday things that generate inspiration and excitement. Your frustration really needs diffusing, and that will come by pulling strongly from the other angle. What can you get excited about right now? Go there and bask in that energy a little.

It also helps to remember that after a period of overwhelm there has to be some release, and yours will come in the form of your mojo returning bit by bit, and your positivity creeping back in. Make sure to not close your mind, and to keep your opinions malleable. Acknowledge all your feelings, ask for help, receive help, be kind to yourself – and repeat FOREVER.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Cups

Still on the Water theme for you Capricorn, and I love this card! You are holding the brightest energy of all the signs this month, and also the most fluid – a far cry from the restrictive energy you’re more familiar with. Feelings this month connect back to November – can you see a link to that time? It may be that you are seeing the results of something you brought into play then, or a certain situation suddenly becoming prominent again, in person or maybe just in your mind.

This is an overflow of Water element and so it’s certainly not the month to stuff your feelings in any cupboards or try and swallow them whole. You have a wide-open space to just get it all out, especially the good stuff. You sometimes (okay often) feel guilty for taking time for yourself, but there can be no more of this. You know the cycle – too much giving and struggle = exhaustion and restriction. Only you can rewrite this story though, and so I ask you; when are you going to realize that YOU are the priority in your life? When you place your wellbeing at the center, you will notice life transform from inside out. Now is the time to really own this.

The month is full of freshness, so some new people may spring into view, people that are in place to complement the better frame of mind you are choosing for yourself. Know that as your story evolves you need different types of support networks. You will always have the deep layers, the ones you’ll keep by your side forever and a day, but on the surface there may be space to be uplifted by some new faces. You will be interested in those who are having similar experiences to you, as the conversation can be equal and supportive, with sharing and teaching from both sides.

Remember that this is what you need right now, to allow yourself to receive as much as you give out. I hope you’ll be surprised by some sweet spirits soon. Finally, in what new ways can you deepen your connection to your own inner pilot light? I feel that there is opportunity to pay deeper attention to the messages your body is giving you. Your senses are heightened and it’s truly time to listen.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Sun

July is all about seeking the light and playing within it. You are used to your shadows and you absolutely love playing in those, so how about balancing things out? Even though your to-do list may be a mile and a half long, you will notice how much more is achieved when you insist on taking positive spirit-enlightening breaks!

There is a strong theme of freedom coming through, so I’d love for you to really tune into that word and consider what it brings up for you. What does ‘personal freedom’ look like to you, and do you feel it’s accessible right now? If the answer is ‘no’, then in what small ways could you start to bring those feelings into your everyday life? It might be related to the way you plan your day, to what you do in your spare time (do you give yourself adequate time?), and to the people in your social circle. As you consider freedom you will probably become aware of its shadow, the restrictions and the limits. So, where do you feel restricted or limited? And how can you shift those restrictions or your perspective on them? This is just as important as actual physical change, in fact maybe even more so.

You are able to even choose not to take on stress if you like. Really? Yep, and it’s a practice I love – consider that you being stressed has to be a crisis only option. There are always going to be stressful scenarios – for instance moving house, or during massive change. But there are also points where we don’t have to take it on. Think about the pressure you put upon yourself, and the times you get involved in other people’s dramas, or common frustrations like traffic and waiting in line – all of which offer a choice about whether you want to raise your stress levels.

So have a feel around, both within and without, and note where you could release the pressure a little. Again, it’s as the small things start to weave together that you’ll notice a difference. This card also brings in the ‘adventure’ energy, and a free pass to take a holiday. This doesn’t have to mean a big flashy extravaganza, even camping out in your back yard can shift you into an explorative space. The Sun is your guide – so where is your source of light? Travels there unapologetically.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – Ace of Swords

July brings in a significant opportunity for you to shift your perspective and reclaim your personal power. Last month may have brought out your deepest shadows, and now you have a choice whether to be victimized by them or be willing to genuinely change your perspective for good. It doesn’t matter whether one thought pattern has reined high and mighty for you FOREVER, it can still be shifted with your willingness. This requires you getting out of your own way, taking off your masks, putting your ego to the side and truly surrendering to the fact that there might just be some good in the world.

A clear request for help within and without will help you gain some expansion on your challenges, and up your confidence to boot. The themes you will see coming through are of bright openings and sudden flashes of wisdom, intuition and clarity. Your ideas are sharp, but the clouds need to be cleared first – and the mist moves when you show up and take responsibility for your own experience, the ins and the outs. No, this doesn’t mean blaming yourself for anything; it means you get to decide not to blame anything or anyone externally.

The brightness you see is what you don’t want to miss, as your intelligence merges with your passion and creativity, which in turn blooms into fresh ideas and beneficial perspectives. Even those of you who really think there is no other way to see things, know deep down that there is. Your creativity and intuition is always your super power, so I also want you to check in with where those two aspects of the self are fuelled. If you believe your work can only be fuelled by your darkness, know that your light can match that. And if you are afraid to meet your fears, know that they have no roots.

Meanwhile, for those of you itching to spread the word then July is aligned well for you to own your voice and your talents – the path is being cleared for you to step into. Personal power comes from owning the moment, and allowing yourself to step into your ultimate authenticity. This energy links back to January and ideas that were forming then. Now is the time to own your talents, while not downplaying the work involved. So dive in fully – and absolutely do not put yourself or anyone else on a pedestal this month.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Four of Wands

And here we are again. With the same card coming out from last month, I feel like you are one of the lucky ones as you get to continue to marinate in the positive and active energy that you’ve been conjuring up for yourself. Nevertheless there is always room to expand and extend our experience and this month, for you, the theme is really about finding your perfect balancing point. You know that you have the ideas and the inspiration, and you also know how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed – so I want to ask you about what other things you need to make consistent, alongside your non stop spinning of the work wheel.

Last month, you may have tapped back into some of your passion and spirit energy, noting moments where smiles were abundant and times you felt most in your body. How can aspects of these moments be brought into your daily life? Recognize that the more you center your self, the more easy it will be to ground and focus on what’s buzzing in your career. Again, it’s that journey of self-care, of discovering and rediscovering what does and doesn’t work for you – from the people you spend time with, to the way you manage your own thoughts.

I feel a strong healing focus coming though, and would like to encourage you to try out a different or unusual type of meditation or wellness practice – it seems that there is something undiscovered that will suit you over the next few months. It doesn’t have to be anything totally wacky (although some if you will like that) – it could be a really simple shift in your diet or movement practice, or spending more time with someone you find interesting.

Keep your mindset expansive to have an expansive experience. Remember your internal always reflects onto what is going on around you, so don’t worry too much about micromanaging other people – just trust in the decisions you make. And on the subject of ‘what to do first’ – really know that if you always pursue the thing that makes you the MOST excited, then it’s definitely the ‘right’ thing to do. You’ll find it easier to stick with your projects when passion is riding high – and as for everything that seems to be floating without direction, just know that it’s not going anywhere. Believe in the bigger picture and divine timing.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Moon

After two months really considering your own restrictions, July sends you even deeper into the soul and what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m seeing this as definitely a good thing, as the back and forth of constantly fighting with yourself or your surroundings probably wasn’t getting you anywhere. It will pay over the next few weeks to go beneath the surface and sideline some of your Earth energy for the more fluid Water elements.

In more practical terms, I invite you to engage in a more soulful self-care practice. Instead of sitting and making a hundred lists, stop, sit quietly and listen to the workings of your inner dialogue. Then, reclaim your power over it. The Moon only comes up when we will benefit from a trip into our subconscious, but I don’t encourage you to go down there and wallow – instead, use your meditation practice to impact on the material world. The aim here is to heighten your own levels of self trust, which in turn will help you trust the world around you.

You may have been feeling flighty recently and less able to make decisions than usual, which may have led to suspicions about certain personalities around you, and cumulated in an all-round ‘meh’ feeling. While it’s easy to get locked in a stubborn pattern of restrictive thoughts (see May and June) – you know very well that you prefer how you feel when you are enlivened by your own ideas and creativity. Exploring one’s own subconscious also heightens your dreams and elevates your imagination – which can only help you with all those things you have to get off the ground.

You may also enjoy the company of your more watery friends this month, so reach to your pals allow themselves to be ruled by feelings, and see how they manage their time. As you sit and value your mind a little more, you can ask yourself questions in regards to your current challenges. The aim is to allow your mind to stretch, so that you are able to receive help from new angles. What isn’t working in your personal segment of the world right now? Are you at least willing to look at this from a different perspective? Know that your ego will encourage you to stay static, but that your soul knows help is at hand. Be open to getting out your comfort zone.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Nine of Pentacles

July brings some great strides in your career and material world, with more solid developments showing in the areas you’ve been placing your energy since the start of this year. You have really been assessing and reassessing your material world, so, how do you feel about your day-to-day life right now? How is your environment suiting you? Does you friendship circle feel stable? How are your anxieties about finances? Ultimately; are you feeling ‘at home’ or displaced? I want you to question all these things over the coming weeks, but with compassion. All roads on enquiry have to come from a source self-care.

With career in mind, the emphasis is on WHETHER YOU ARE HAVING FUN! So are you? Did you know you can love your work and feel fulfilled by it? Are you engaging with your days or wishing them away? If not, what subtle shifts could make a big difference to this? Don’t be afraid to want more, it’s okay to want nice things and to feel at home. You don’t need to feel guilty about wanting to feel comfortable.

Environment is actually everything. Everything. So how is your home life looking? And the people around you? How could there be more harmony? Spend time with those who lift you up and make sure you are lifting others too; communication should be elevating, so step aside from any pride, ego and dramatic thoughts, and return to loving kindness. Don’t feel guilty about giving less energy to situations that don’t feel good. Make your time the most valuable thing. Do you have a morning practice? If not, then the time to begin one is now.

Finally, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, so stick with it. I hope you are starting to see the fruits of some of your labor, and in turn can keep checking in with how things feel to you. Always be guided by the ‘feels good’. This is also a month to be proud of yourself for the adjustments you have been making, it’s important to pat yourself on the back! Especially those of you who don’t feel you have a cheerleader in life. Remember that safety comes from within; you are your own superhero.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

Taurus / Taurus Rising – Eight of Swords

Perhaps you’ve noticed…after new beginnings or points of change, the fears come rushing in. The doorbell goes and there’s anxiety number one fear – and what’s more, he’s brought all his friends with him! The good news is that this is NORMAL. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to devalue your feelings? Tell yourself you ‘should’ feel fine, or that other people have things worse? To the other extreme, maybe when you don’t feel good you reach straight for the punishment card and tell yourself you’re not good enough or that you’re broken.

The month of May is here to let you know that whatever is coming up for you right now, it’s supposed to be there. You may feel like you’re moving backwards because an old habit has reared its head. NOPE, still moving forwards. However, whatever has come up has its place in your journey and needs to be valued. This is your time to be empowered, to get to know those fears and to work with them. You realize that when your fears are familiar then they can no longer be scary right? So go on, open that door and get to work.

So what’s the higher purpose of all this? It represents a clear-out for you. You’ve committed to change, you’ve taken a leap of faith, and now the decks need to be cleared because you NEED the space. Don’t be afraid to breathe and let go. As in surrender, and give up to the flow of things; you don’t need to strangle the space around you. Your spring clean is for the purpose of transformation and no process of metamorphosis has ever felt comfortable. It takes effort and courage to crack through that eggshell, or to step out of the cocoon.

Moments of stillness are also part of the process, so if you feel stuck, disconnected, or off beat – embrace it. It’s easy to only associate action with forward motion, but this period of stop, start, anxiety, overwhelm, nonsense, sense – it’s all part of the big picture, fueled by a higher love. Your only job is to accept this, and not to devalue what is coming up and out. You are never the victim, you are the super star in this scenario. Find yourself a symbol of transformation, be it a butterfly or a phoenix. Hold tight and breathe strong. All is coming up golden.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Eight of Pentacles

Are you feeling bored? Uninspired? Got itchy feet, and want to know what’s next? I feel that you’ve stepped into a space where you’re ready for some new skills and new knowledge, and that this has inspired a renewed faith in your journey. It’s a great space to be, and it’s intricately laid with opportunities. Your best path ahead is to just allow yourself to feel clear about what YOU need. Need, not want – when you focus on what you need, you clear a path directly to your intuitive self, a soul connection. It’s quicker, easier and more comfortable. So, what do you need right now?

Don’t judge the answer when it appears – it’s often more simple than we expect. Sometimes what you need is just to lie on the floor, to have a cup of tea, to scream at the top of your lungs, to stretch out, or to look up. The deeper need is created from what you are being called to learn and explore right now – and the month of May is all about learning. For some of you this will appear in the most obvious sense, actual education. So what classes do you fancy signing up for? What skills would benefit you right now? It’s a good time for soaking up information, be it a lecture, book, or even a practice that helps you just tune in to your inner soul system.

On a deeper level this month is about recommitting to your journey and trusting the web that you are weaving. Time is never wasted, but if it were it would be any time spent worrying about what others think of you, or devaluing your time. Your life is about the exploration of you, and upping your own self-awareness so you can be of a greater good. Your month will likely highlight what parts of your past you need to forgive and to accept as a meaningful piece of this puzzle. Remember that forgiveness is an act of freedom for you, it’s actually all about self love.

Finally – under the theme of education comes teaching. Life is about cycles, so it’s also time for you to consider what you want to give back, what you feel enthused to share, on a personal and professional level. Some knowledge you’ve gained recently is going be helpful to someone you know; this is another reminder to you that everything is aligned exactly as it should be – so speak up.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Lovers

The first key theme for your month is a return to self-love and grace, a return to a level of high personal trust. Why? Because you’ll need this when faced with some important decision-making. I want you to know that you’re always capable of making a choice that will be right for you. You don’t need anyone else to tell you what you ‘should’ do. You’ve got this – well, your inner soul system has, you just may not have caught up with it yet.

I want you to work with the word FREEDOM this month, and what makes you soar. What parts of your life feel like they’re flying up, up, up, and where do you feel deflated? There needs to be enough of the soaring to keep you balanced when faced with any anxiety, so keep reconnecting to your spirit (what lights you up) as often and as much as possible. This isn’t a frivolous activity, it’s an essential part of essential feeling good and empowered in the face of your challenges.

On the subject of new connections, whether in love or business this is a month where you may find that you are attracted to far and distant lands, travel and adventure. It’s not as simple as ‘you’ll meet someone on a beautiful white beach’ – we’re talking a much more interesting level of self-discovery. The travel theme (whilst this may relate to actual physical travel for some of you) is that you’re being called to uncover what and whom you need to fly beside you as you continue your great adventure. Just check to be sure you aren’t hauling someone on your back who should have been left behind a while ago. Spend time with those who lift you up and encourage you to feel more alive, more empowered and full of inspired strength. This is the best flight path and the one that will support you.

With these ideas in mind, know that as you leave behind the paths that just don’t feel right behind, you’re migrating to fresh and open spaces. Choose to view the space ahead of you as holding something that you need – it may just be that you don’t what it is yet. As you leap into the unknown, either your wings will form or you will be caught; trust that this is real, no matter what your fears are chiming in with.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Strength

A common theme in your life that only you will know is coming back into play this month, and you may well recognize it from this time last year. It feels to me that it’s common for you to experience your biggest shifts at this point in the year, just before the season changes and you head towards your solar return. It’s ad if you can feel warrior and the fighter building up within you, and so it’s time to check in with where you’re channeling your fire energy and the efforts of your highest self.

I feel that many of you are going to be called to step up your game as a teacher and a healer this month – it’s time to really be of service, babe. Remember that you can be of service in all walks of life; this doesn’t literally mean you have to become a coach or an energy worker. Being of service is about how you choose to view the world around you and your position in it. Are you angry? Are you feeling like a victim? Are you feeling restricted, or expansive of mindset?

I feel that in order for you to settle into the path that you’ve chosen, or want to choose for yourself, there needs to be an underlying theme of self-healing. In what ways have you been hard on yourself recently? Can you perform a self-forgiveness ceremony? YES you can. First, locate where you have been restricting yourself or your abilities, and write this down on a piece of white paper. Sit with the paper and take one deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth. As you exhale, say; “I forgive myself for the pressure and restrictions I have placed upon myself. I know that within forgiveness lies freedom. I am ready to feel free.” Take another deep breath, scrunch up that paper and either burn it (SAFELY!) or throw it in the nearest trashcan.

Now, smile. If you need to perform this exercise every day then go ahead, this is a safe surrender exercise and will help to release anxiety and criticism. And what are you going to do with this newfound sense of self, this big, wide expansive space inside? Start filling it with all the good stuff, the work you’re impassioned about, the activities you adore, and the people you can’t bear to be without. Oh and be sure to always leave a little room just for you.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Three of Swords

I feel that emotions are going to be running high throughout May my earthy friends, so it will be important to remember that feelings are normal, and good! Feeling feelings is even greater, and whatever is swimming around you right now needs to be felt. It seems as though there is something, however great or small, that you’ve been putting off addressing. It might be a really old fear that’s hanging about like a lost dog, or something brand new and so overwhelming that you just don’t even want to say hello to it. For many of you though, I feel it will be a bunch of little niggling doubts that are really only present because you’re moving forwards at full force. As we march on, we need to be constantly letting go and spring-cleaning. It’s normal and it feels good if we let it.

Your fears of disappointment or loss are wayyy less intense than the highs you will experience when you give in to what feels good. It’s the little things that are going to help, the safety nets you know you have in place, and the sense of trust that you’ve always had things in the bag. No, but seriously, you really know how to own your own story! Right now is no different.

I also want to ask whether you’re also allowing yourself to really feel all the GOOD THINGS happening in your world right now! Hell yeah the good stuff, the cascades of high fives and ‘ah-ha’ moments. Of course, there’s also the worry about whether things will still be okay and people will still like you if you evolve and change. YES is the simple answer. It’s easy to fear really embracing everything that’s going right, because you know, ‘what if’ it gets taken away again! It’s a common concern, but it has no root in reality – thinking positively or embracing the good doesn’t up the chances of experiencing a down.

In fact, I’m pretty convinced from my own experiences that when you get all starry eyed and proud of your greatness you stretch out the space around you to hold more and feel even better. It’s at least worth a try, right? So your job is to bathe in your own glory AND feel all your anxieties and overwhelm. Oh and surrender, surrender forever. Make like me, and wake up and shout ‘I SURRENDER’ in your bed. It may not look cool (or does it?) but it sure feels good to start the day by tuning in to your most expansive self.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Ten of Swords

As May begins I feel you are SO ready to release some pressure, and for that brain fog to clear a bit. I sense you’ve been head-in-the-sand for a little while, at least in one area of your life. Overwhelm can be a frequent occurrence for you when you’re trying to find your balance, and you know the up-up and the down-down quite well. It’s time for the cycle to shift into a brighter space, and that’s what this month’s energy is bringing you, a glimpse of clarity. Whatever you feel defeated by, know that this is the point where everything changes. Well, where everything can change.

So what can you do to feel less stressed out and more clear? First up, the classic – up your self-care practices. I’ve realized when we feel the most stuck or annoyed we get so locked in our fears that we start to believe there’s no such things as a simple solution. This is also why we’re so quick to mistrust our intuition, because surely it can’t be that simple? Can it? Yeah, well, it can, and this is why looking after yourself and valuing your time and abilities is the first point of call – whatever you are feeling (yes even if it’s AWESOME). So, renew your morning practice. Meditation is for everyone, including you; and it’s really just about valuing your time. So how can you do that? Can you start each day with even five minutes of sitting by yourself, before you jump on your phone?

Meanwhile, lets talk about how GREAT clarity is. It’s not something you can necessarily search for, or hope to achieve as a result of somebody else’s actions. Clarity is attained when you simply say ‘yes’ to trusting your feelings – which in turn means honoring your journey and slamming yourself into the present moment. Clarity is received when you commit to getting aligned with yourself, so yeah the whole self care thing brings actual results via an increases in your sense of personal power and self-confidence.

You see, although you may be waiting on external things, it doesn’t mean you can’t be confident about the way things feel on the inside, and in doing so renew your trust in your path. Oh and P.S. This is also a month for a serious truth exercise. In what ways aren’t you being authentic, and how can you change that up? It isn’t called a leap of faith for nothing.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Son of Wands

This month echoes a lot of what April was about for you because things still feel very action based. However, whereas April was trying to push you into where you wanted to place your will, May is about you giving yourself permission to really dive in and kick off the experience yourself. This is a fire-driven, passion-fuelled month and likely to be pretty jam-packed – and while you may feel overwhelmed at times but it’s all going to be good. I feel lit up just writing this, so I know you’re being called to a more self-confident place. Also that the veils of spirit connection are going to be finer for you this month, so expect a greater tune in with your highest self. YEAH!

In order for things to really feel good, I want you to access the parts of your own fire element you feel uncomfortable with. You may be struggling with anger and irritability, scared of failure if you follow your dreams, or terrified of moving forward within dating or a relationship. Fire is balanced with water so you’ll find that compassion is usually helpful in almost all fire-related overwhelm – even if it’s not what we always reach for naturally.

But being compassionate to your anxieties you discover how you can self-soothe. For anger and irritation, acknowledge the anger sensation in the body, so it can be forgiven and then expressed in a creative or energetic way (hello running, sex, artwork). As for following those dreams – all I can say is DIVE IN, you won’t be disappointed. As a Scorpio you are designed to be successful at change! And for those dating dilemmas, measure up how annoyed you’ll be if you stay in your comfort zone versus the really great things that might lie ahead once you remember how amazing you are.

Reach for inspiration from those who seem to embody energy that you seek. Tell them how great they are, and as you lift them up, remember that they are your mirror and that you are shining equally bright. In fact, this is your natural state. Growing pains are normal but diamonds need to be polished. Rise up and show up for all of your anxieties, but don’t forget to show up for the good stuff too. It’s time to own everything you’ve been working on over the past six months and choose to move with confidence.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Three of Wands

In true Sag style, your eyes are truly off in the distance right now, with daydreams and future visions on your mind big time. And why not? You have to dream BIG right? Yes, and this month you are fully supported in looking ahead with a great expansive vision. So where are the limits? They can only be created if you put restrictions on the possible outcomes of what you want. The power of manifesting lies in surveying the scene, getting clear on what you want and need, and then setting about taking action in the present moment. The rest is without roots for now, and you’ll feel most empowered in acknowledging those future wants yet embracing all that is NOW. It feels fun, I’m excited for all the magic making you’re doing now and beyond!

I feel that with this sense of expansion in the air there are going to be a number of opportunities to get you out of your comfort zone. For some of you this may come in the form of ideas and contracts being offered to you that are somewhat different to what you’re used to. The great thing is that it’s all up to you. Think about what you will enjoy most, and what will you learn from? What will help you to grow the most in your desired direction?

For those of you who feel stuck, know that it’s only because you are blinkered in someway. This blinkering may be coming from within – do you have a case of the tunnel visions? Or does the block seem to be in the form of a situation or another person? Do you feel stuck because you’re waiting for somebody else to make their move? Recognize that the stuck feelings are actually a valuable part of the process. Just because things aren’t full speed ahead, it doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. Ponder on that for a while and trust it.

Meanwhile I hope that nearer the end of the month you’ll start getting a few more answers, but you must keep asking questions too. Don’t mess around wondering ‘what if’ – start acting and educating yourself today. Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is personal power. Oh and I don’t want to forget to add that this month is pretty great for having fun, especially for those of you with more of a controlling edge. I hate to say loosen up a little…BUT how about just shaking it all out a little more? Laughter is one of our human superpowers.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Hierophant

Oh my great Capricorn! I love seeing this energy for you this month, because it’s one that you often resist the most – but it’s exactly what you need right now. It’s a month to ask for help.Yes, help – guidance, therapy, love, support, care; whatever you want to call it, it’s time to seek what you need. This is also about external help, as it feels like the pressure might need to be lifted off your friends and family. You will benefit from a third party to call a safe place. Now, this isn’t because those around you can’t or don’t want to help, it’s just that you’ll need them on the flip side really to laugh and feel the joy with too. When you can get some external support, then you get a sense of freedom and fun returning to your closest relationships.

There are different levels to this ask for support. Some of you may end up screeching it from the rooftops and others of you dropping hints all over, hoping someone might notice. To empower your own voice, sit and ask yourself what you NEED right now. Do you need a good listening to, or some bodywork, or nutritional nourishment? Maybe you need some help tuning back into your creative spirit or coaching for your business or work situation. Remember also that guidance can come in many forms, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Read, write, walk, and open up.

What I’m feeling is that someone outside your usual circle may offer you the sweetest gem of wisdom, maybe even totally unexpectedly, so you just need to slot yourself into a place of receiving – which I know isn’t always easy for you.

In the meantime, on the flipside there are plenty of you who are in the role of the helper, and perhaps have been overextending yourself, putting everyone else’s needs first. This only leads to feelings of lack, so fill yourself up as much as possible before returning to your work. If you’re happy and feeling energized though, perhaps you’re one of the ones being called to step up and share more. Are you ready to be of service and be the catalyst for change? If you feel that call, then know people are waiting for you and they need you and your work, whatever it is. Time to take that step.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Son of Pentacles

May brings through a steady grounding energy that you’re really in need of right now. Did April bring in the rattles of change? I want you to start the month by committing to a pressure-free mindset. It’s so easy to pile on the goals and restrictions, in some kind of ‘I must move forward’ panic. But actually just stopping and centering yourself is essential in a time of change – whether it’s exciting or challenging.

Yes, there are a million and one things you ‘could’ and ‘should’ be doing, but nothing will feel smooth unless you ground the process. Step one is the acknowledgement of what has been happening over the last few weeks. For some of you it might be really processing big moves and for others it’s just taking a compassionate check in with your feelings and acknowledging where you’re at in terms of a balanced mind, body, spirit connection.

The next thing is to get yourself back into a positive manifesting mind set with the understanding that time is stretchy. If you feel ‘put upon’ it’s because you’ve forgotten to value your own time. Again, even with all the stuff you need and want to do, taking time for yourself is the golden ticket, you’ll get more done I swear. Just try it even if you aren’t really convinced. You can also use the mantra ‘I have all the time that I need’ when you feel overwhelmed by any to-do lists.

What I feel coming through for you strongly as well this month is a sense of confidence and trust in your own choices. This is a nod and a wink to say, it’s okay, you’re safe to keep moving on based upon the choices you’ve made for yourself. Did you shift things up for a greater quality of life? Did you decide to commit more to your own sense of self worth? YES, so there are no bad choices you see! Trust in this steady process and if your fears try and whisk you away, know it’s okay to ground down again. Slowly and steadily choose to not let your fears take the lead, you are on a new path and it’s forming solid ground. In fact, you may just start to feel like you’re growing some roots for the first time in forever.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Six of Swords

Things are continuing to uplift and simplify for you Pisces, and no that doesn’t mean that things are super relaxed and stress free. BUT you certainly aren’t down in the deep waters you’ve experienced before. You are more empowered than you have been in recent years, and perhaps consider the fact that having all these things to attend to and all these feelings to feel might just be a sign that you are fully experiencing your life!

May is a month for really recognizing what it is you need to feel good, and then standing within your inner strength and owning it. You have things ahead that you will have to show up for, events that will require your full present moment attention, and aren’t you excited to just be there? So this energy is also about gratitude and self-assurance. I want you to stop and be proud of yourself and how you’ve navigated certain things, which maybe you didn’t know you could. Just because life doesn’t seem ‘perfect’, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t exactly where you’re supposed to be and can’t see great things ahead.

There is also a strong sense of mind, body, spirit recalibration as you move forward towards a more positive place for you. The strength you receive will come as you realize that you just aren’t that interested in drama and complications anymore. You might also have to come face-to-face with what situations YOU pull the drama card in – but this can only be great self-development for you. Alongside this though you can realize that the pull towards a more loving, creative, and simple life is stronger than the choice of stress. Now then, you really are getting somewhere.

With this new way of thinking in place it’s time to check in your baggage and check in with your baggage to venture into the great space ahead of you. I’ll use the word ‘simplify’ again, especially with your internal dialogue. Do you have room in your case for those old fears? I didn’t think so. I feel you will notice your energy shift this month every time you have one of those unexpected deep sighs, a breath that really pulls you into the present moment and makes you feel alive and awake. This is a full-functioning way of living, and doesn’t it feel good? Work with the moment and let it pull you over the rainbow.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Ace of Wands

The energy from this card was literally designed for you! Which leads me to feel that May is going to be a month where you really have access to your best and highest self; so, are you interested? I also imagine in true fire-starting style you may be feeling a little itchy of feet and perhaps even a tad frustrated as you burst with more and more ideas. It’s important for you to be able to ground each of your big wild dreams so that they are actually applicable – and I feel you can do this over the coming weeks.

Think of your ideas and creativity as the strike of the match, and how something needs to actually be lit to keep that flame burning. You need to actively direct the energy onto something that can keep it alive – this is the action. Now, many of you may have someone to help you here, which is where a co-worker, partner, or PR person comes in handy. Someone that’s able to grab those sparks and start forming the magic. If it’s just you, then just allow yourself to experiment with the ways in which you are least likely to procrastinate. We all know our own tricks, so where right now are you holding yourself back?

Can you pin-point your one most prominent fear? I feel that some of you may be wavering on the edge of launching a new endeavor or committing to your work because you can actually feel how good it’s going to be. So fear of success sweeps in, which is masquerading as fear of failure – but of course both are really just that old fear of the unknown! You’ve got this, just trust that you’re the expert of your own life. It’s kind of wild when you really embody that as a choice. Of course, you have to stop and listen to what you need, and always check in again and again. But it’s still you, and you do you better than anyone.

Finally, this is definitely a month for igniting or reigniting the spark with your lover or a jumping into bed with a new one. This is pure passion so you’re encouraged to leave your inhabitations at home and feel that fuel; with the right person of course. Don’t waste this awesome energy on anyone less than someone you feel a fully swoon-inducing magnetic pull towards.

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Tarotscopes April 2015 cast by Louise Androlia using the Tarot Of The Holy Light deck

Aries / Aries Rising – The Lovers

Aries, you always feel more active when your solar year actually begins. The power that comes with being the first sign in the zodiac resonates with you, and I feel that in April there will be a sense from within that says ‘I’m ready’ – the tiptoeing since January is over.

So, what are you ready for? The energy I feel coming upon you is intense, ambitious, active, and absolutely needs to be channeled in a way that is totally of the ‘positive selfish’ way of thinking I always encourage. Everything needs to be directed from your highest self and for your best footing. All the action plans you create won’t go in your desired direction if you aren’t prepared to log in to your deepest truth, which you can tap into by simply asking; ‘What do I want?’

But I’m actually going to re-frame that as; ‘What do I need?’ What do you need in your life to feel good over the coming months? What new emotions and feelings are you searching for to accompany the material changes you are seeking? Relationship-wise, if you’re in a couple this is a great month to reconnect as team mates and soul suitors. Recognize that you are in this to learn, so step back and listen to what your partner has to teach you right now. I feel your other half has some untapped (by you) wisdom that is going to be helpful, especially in a business sense.

If you’re single, then this month will help you reassess what you need and want from a partnership, as well as supporting you to let old, repetitive stories go. You need someone to look at the world with the same creative perspective as you, to support you in your wildest ideas and not clip your wings.

Decision-making is certainly a theme this month – and why is that filling you with anxiety? Of course you’ll make the right choices for you, there’s no such thing as a ‘wrong’ choice when you’re on the road you’ve created. However, it will help you to get out of your own way – which means realizing that nothing is about you, yet everything is about you (as in around you). The next stage of your journey isn’t about giving others what you think they want, it’s about pursuing what you know you need. Think of all decisions as potential lovers; would you want to go to bed with that idea? Is this a one-night stand or an all in love connection?

I also want you not to peddle backwards, trying to fix things from the past. Shake it off and know that you’ve created space for the new. Pursue with wide eyes and a will to be surprised.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Fool

Back here again, time for another new beginning! It’s almost like you’ve been confronted with one fresh start after another for maybe even the last year. Things are constantly changing around you, and your desire to control or have everything ‘just so’ often throws you off balance. But everything is perfectly lined up for right NOW, the big leap.

Harnessing this fresh energy is all about perspective this month, your ability to look at everything and choose to see it with fresh eyes. This means looking at your work, all your relationships, and all your options as if you’re seeing them for the first time. This also means looking past your anxieties, so that you actually see reality – those layers of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ are made from a mist of fear. Return yourself to the original sense of possibility and wonder that lead you to where you are in the first place.

There is no avoiding the winds of change this month, but the feeling is all brand new and awake. You may also experience shifts in your spiritual outlook, as you step into more of a teacher than a follower roll. Your calling to share information in order to change the world is more than just a flash in the pan. As I said before, you are ready – and you feel it too, don’t you? Even if you’re fighting it a little, it seems as though some recent anxieties might lift a little this month. Surrender always helps, so try to think of this a way of living – simply allowing everything to breathe and flow, allowing yourself to breathe and flow. Think; what can you do right now to help you feel more comfortable about the space in front of you? Do it.

Finally, remember that the start of a new cycle is supposed to feel bonkers. Weird, wild, and downright odd. For those of you falling into new love, it can be a panic-ridden time, with the butterflies and all that jazz. But I encourage you to ride the waves, trust your feelings, and even appreciate the anxiety. It’s new, therefore it’s teaching you something. However D0 stay aligned with your gut instincts though – this is definitely not the moment to be sharing your awesome self with those who cannot show up for you.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Page of Discs
Oh thank goodness – your power is returning! You, Gemini, have been seriously shaken and stirred in the last six months, within and without. Now it’s time to turn your energy around. No more feeling like the victim, or even, for some of you, purposefully choosing the victim mentality over relying on your own inner strength. It can hurt to pick yourself back up again, but it’s natural and you were born to do it.

This month is all about material world manifestation. Grabbing life by the balls and reminding yourself what you want to throw in the fire pit. What sparks do you want to light up? What do you need to do to feel alive again today? It’s never too late to pursue a new idea, whatever your age or your history, and the fact that you feel a bubbling under the surface right now is a sure fire sign that it’s time.

So manifest, then take action, and then surrender – this is about honoring the whole process. I also have a feeling that you need to put your foot down. Somewhere you have sidelined your own authority, maybe to please someone else, maybe just to fit in – but your voice has been lost somewhere, and it’s time to claim it back. Be reassured that the space just ahead of you is safe to work with, and also a place to stretch your creativity. I feel that some of your work-related projects need to be stepped-up a level. You are ready for more responsibility and more recognition. You have valid and valuable skills to share – don’t undersell yourself!

So, step back into your superpowers and check in again with what you had planned for this year before a few obstacles were thrown in your path. Many of them romantic by the way, right? And that’s good! But check in with your power there too.

You have the urge to feel more in control again – the positive kind of control, of course. I hope that a few of you with monetary concerns might also see a return on investments over the next few weeks. Keep throwing out the net and expect to haul some good back in. Be active, yet patient, and the month will flow to a tee.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – Page of Swords

The more serious vibe from last month isn’t exactly going anywhere, but it is more independently directed by you now – opposed to last month, when it may have felt like you were at the beck and call of a more stubborn external force. Instead, this month is about reclaiming your sense of self, with links back to any personal challenges that popped up around six months ago.

Back then, I feel you may have been having some concerns around trust, as in whom to put your faith in, but also some lack of self confidence that stopped you from really standing up and asking for what you want. In the workplace, yes, but also in relationships where you felt rather powerless or without voice.

So now it’s time to re-access your highest self and most authentic voice. Speaking your truth doesn’t mean going off on one or being aggressive, it’ merely about being as close to your inner soul system as possible, and speaking from the heart – asking for what you know you need, and also know that you are allowed to have. For those of you who’ve felt as though you just couldn’t express yourself, then this is the month where things will start to shift. Your job is just to be ready, and also to claim the power that comes from your own personal losses. Feelings such as shame and embarrassment are entirely human-created, and our job is to fight them and come out on top – proud of all our experiences, warts and all.

Meanwhile this is a great energy for anything communication related, whether it’s checking in with your therapist, booking into a workshop or just pulling out your journal. You will feel the most clear when expressing and sharing ideas, pure brain fuel! If you’re in the dating pool, you will likely find yourself turned on by uber-intelligence right now – you can’t be bothered with anything less than being served up a thought based challenge. With the Air element riding high, keep watching for moments of genius, rather than allow yourself to be dragged under by any old fears tapping on your shoulder. You know them so well now, and it’s a lot easier to shake them off that you might think. So keep shaking, keep moving.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Three of Swords

A powerful month for your surrender practice, my wild ones! I will say this to you until my voice runs out, but this practice really is your superpower – to be able to tame your fears in order to allow your most free range creative spirit out. I suspect that over the coming weeks you may find yourself poked and prodded by needing to ‘let go’ of something, most likely a situation involving another person.

I know how easy it is for you to hold onto a grudge, and don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Right now though, it feels as though you are forcing blame or punishment on someone, and in fact this is only weighing you down. So let’s talk about forgiveness – forgiveness as a radical act of self-love and freedom. When you set someone loose, you free yourself to move forward. Forgiveness is absolutely nothing to do with letting someone ‘get away with it’ or suggesting that a painful experience was okay – it’s all about self-love, and I want you to seek personal freedom, wings wide open. Know that it’s also okay to feel pain also, to sit with it, to trust in it, and believe that it is malleable and can and will shift.

I feel that for many of you there’s also a need for release around an aspect of yourself. What punishing stories have you been replaying to yourself on repeat? Are you hauling up an old anxiety like a sword from under your bed and stabbing yourself with it? What are you blaming yourself for? What do you feel disappointed about? Where is your heart hurting? Know that it’s okay to set yourself free now, that restricting yourself won’t move you forwards, and you are allowed to keep on trucking.

It also can be hard to allow yourself to pursue the future when you see those around you as less fortunate. Trust in your journey and it’s timing, it’s not supposed to look exactly like everyone else’s. Nearer the end of the month, I feel you will receive a nice energetic boost – off the back of all this release – positioning you in a more empowered state to go forth and pursue a project you’ve been sidelining because of the aforementioned fears. Go back to your Fire element – that part of you that propels you towards your dreams – and work with it. The blame game is over, it’s time to shine.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Ace of Wands

You’ve been knee-deep in or hovering around a lot of intense feelings and thoughts of change recently. For someone so ‘on it’ with their word, you may have also been feeling unusually scattered and less confident than you like to portray. When I turned this card for you I felt a strong surge of dynamics shifting for you, and want to give you a green light along with a loud IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY when it comes to the action you are planning to take over the next few weeks and months.

This month is focused on reclaiming your Fire energy, in a new way. This is a highly creative force but I want to focus on the passion, the drive, the sex! A.k.a. the good old life force that can so easily ebb away to be eaten up by our anxieties. Your mojo is ready to be switched back on, and it’s time to strike the match one more time. How are you feeling when I talk about this energy? Like you have none of it? Or like it’s consuming you? The Fire element is so powerful and needs to be directed and channeled in the way that suits you the most.

So, prepare to launch yourself head first, heart first, and soul first into life this month. This is a wonderful chance to release new projects into the world, to share ideas and shout about your skills from the rooftops. You will be supported whether you take giant strides, small leaps, and insane cliff jumps. It’s also time to plant the seeds for the next year. I picked this card for you just about this time last year, so you may notice some serendipitous links to back then, but it also means you might get the chance to finish up or gain clarity on an old idea you let fall by the wayside. Be open to reviewing and renewing.

Relationships need a firecracker under them right now, and whether that means reigniting the spark itself or rocket fueling into a new space for a new you – again it’s a good time to be active and involved. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, or of honoring the support and inspiration you seek. Finally, get making. Only you know the precise frustration you feel when you aren’t creating, or learning, so get your brain reconnected to your soul and see what comes out. Get absorbed by yourself, and marinate in what feels magnetic right now.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Knight of Swords

To your delight a much more active month is upon you, and I feel will be able to gain a little more clarity after some misty weeks recently. For a lot of people there has been this tug-of-war going on, from feeling so uninspired to wanting change right NOW. You are ready to be on the receiving end of the shift, and so it’s important that you get connected to the exact direction that you’d like to be headed in.

DON’T PANIC – but I feel that as your mind clears you are going to really want to do everything all at once! We all know this is a recipe for anxiety, so just remind yourself that it’s totally okay to do things step-by-step – in fact this is the way things actually get done. This is also a great month for brainstorming though, so it’s okay to be doing lots of thinking. Just keep yourself in the top level of the mind, where your expansive ideas and most malleable thought patterns live. Also remember that intuition is sparked by clear thoughts – they are a wonderful duo the brain and the soul, so allow them to work together.

So then, where are you headed? I feel like a bunch of you are ready to just ‘sack something off’ and say ‘SEE YA!’ to anything that’s not working – but HOW? First you need to build a bridge. This is how change happens, start making the connective links from where you’re at to where you want to be, and have faith in the fact that you are allowed to feel fulfilled in your job, excited by your relationship, and aware of a sense of perfect health. Commit to the desire and you will get there.

Trust is another important subject for you over the coming weeks, especially as I mentioned last month with regards decision-making. When taking action, try not to take the detour into fear – which we all know can be pretty easy; just keep connected to your enthusiasm and you will be right on track. Also, don’t be afraid of asking for what you want, and don’t be scared if you feel intimidated! Sure, some moments are awkward or uncomfortable, but then they’re DONE, and you are free. You’ll never be let down if you commit to walking on through challenges, even when you can’t see the other side – it is there. Commit to everything that is alive in the present moment, embrace your wild heart and stride on.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – The Chariot

I for one am excited about the surge of forward motion that’s come upon you. You’ve probably felt it over the last ten days – synchronicities rife, those webs weaving together, movement on old projects or even just a touch more clarity of the mind. You’ve been really trying to get authentically connected to YOU recently – and last month you kept trying to tune more into your natural life force. Did you discover what truly fuels you? It’s THAT energy that will propel you forward now. In fact, I feel almost overpowered by what is ahead of you; big ideas, strong, rooting forces, and a lot of unapologetic self-expression.

You may be tested on your will over the next few weeks, and it might feel like everyone is asking you; ‘what is it you do?’ If you hear this over and over, realize that the Universe is testing your ability to stand in your authentic voice and say out loud ‘this is me!’ Think of it as a game of Highest Truth or Dare, and enjoy it. Practice standing in the self that you know is real – even if it’s new to you. See how things flow better when you release expectations and drop what you ‘think’ you should be?

So now you have permission to move forward, think of your soul’s calling as the destination. But you aren’t chasing it – your soul is always there with you, and it’s light is your beacon, to pull you from the shadows in every moment that you need it. Of course this is also a good time to travel, within and without. This fairly masculine energy gives you stride and force – you want to go places and be seen – so show your face! You’ve had moments recently of wanting to hide away, so I love to think you might be forced into the spotlight. It’s definitely time to get out of your comfort zone, and you will know in which area of your life that sits. Which corner of your life needs to be given a kick in the backside?

Finally, if you’re one of the Scorps who’s been shaking your fist at the heavens and reprimanding the Universe then…have you even been claiming ownership of your life? Are you present with everything you’re feeling TODAY? No? Well, it’s time to take back the controls. Time is never wasted and movement is always supported.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Two of Cups

The coming weeks bring forth an important shift in your thinking, and there’s a sense of positive reconnection to your journey. It may not be an earth shattering epiphany, but I feel many of you will just become raw and real about the ways in which you’ve been working against yourself. Or, the ways in which you’ve backed yourself into a dark corner. Raw and real, got it? The great gift we have as humans is that we can shift our perspective any time we choose. You can also simply acknowledge the different phases in your life – for instance the Saturn Return, a time renowned for shaking you to your core, in order to align you with your highest self.

This month, the cycles are well and truly turning, and you are being pulled up and out of a cloud now as you are gifted with a new sense of clarity. The thing about moments of clarity is that we often assume they’re going to be prophetic lightning bolts from the sky, but usually they are revealed in quiet moments of simplicity. You may suddenly just ‘get it’ in a few new areas – and in regards to your own self, suddenly release some pressure that has been weighing on you for years, a lessening of anxiety brought forth by simple measures.

There is a great sense of allowing yourself to be free, and you will most likely know which old habit needs to truly kick the bucket. I also see a new pathway for you, and feel that you are ready to embark on a new exploration of your creative self, one that’s paved in rainbows. This will see you feeling alive and excited, and is something you’ll pursue over the rest of the year. It doesn’t have to break the bank or even change the world (though can if you’d like it to). This is you purely about pursuing new feelings, and where on Earth they might take you.

I imagine you are going to be bursting with ideas, over the next few weeks especially. Don’t get overwhelmed by what your own mind is capable of, appreciate how weird it is, and share your out-there ideas with fiends. Strike the match on new adventures with those people you feel drawn to, those whose eyes pop at the same stuff – this is where the magic lies. Anyway, to experience all of this you need to get up off the floor, so come on!

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Four of Wands

This is such a lighthearted month for you my brave warrior. Dare I say it’s time to swoon about all the good things? Because…there are some good things, right?! Something, or more than one thing, to celebrate? This is a month of luck and gratitude, for of all that you’ve been working so hard on. Think of it as simply a bit of a stop and smell the roses scenario.

The good vibes that are flying around you are all about RESULTS, and so I feel you will be pulling in the rewards and compliments from what you’ve been cooking up over the past few months – or even longer. I’m hoping that this might be an energy you like so much you decide it can be permanent. Consider it as an experiment in lifting yourself up out of the struggle zone, to be that fly on the wall in your own life and to gaze upon situations from a simplified viewpoint. Can you see how there could be a more peaceful solution to anything that feels a little chaotic?

Gratitude is important for creating expansion, and I’d like you to practice self-gratitude this month, a.k.a. an admiration of your own talents and quirks. Write down all that you admire about yourself as an invitation to the Universe to deliver more of the same back to you. This is also a good exercise if you’re trying to meet new people. Write down the aspects of yourself that you wish to be seen, so that you’ll see them in others. It can be difficult, as you often bump into your own self-confidence anxieties, finding it hard to bring forth what talents and admirable qualities you have. Let me confirm to you now – you have many!

By becoming aware of what we have opposed to what we lack, we stretch time and space a little in order to hold more good things. That’s gratitude in a nutshell. BUT don’t ever undervalue your negative feelings by thinking you ‘should’ be thankful. It’s important to feel all your feelings equally.

I’d also love to encourage you to embrace a few leaps into the unknown this month – to hold someone’s hand,  shout YES, and dive bomb your life. Don’t hide in the shadows, experiment with what makes you feel the most alive. Also, tell your nearest and dearest how great they are, and make some time to get to know them. Don’t assume anything.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Tower

You’re sitting in quite a similar space to this time last year in regards to an idea, way of thinking, or career prospect. Look back to last April – where were you? I feel that for many of you, a final phase of healing come up now, taking you to a better place. But there may still be a challenge in this – as all roads out of the woods conceal a few twists and turns. Be kind to yourself and release time pressure. If you are feeling that ticking clock, know that it’s a timeframe built only from fear and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be – always.

It’s a month for shaking things up and bringing forth the change that you want to see – as opposed to sitting and waiting for things to shift themselves. What’s the thing that you feel is missing in your life right now? And how are you speaking about that thing? Are you using a tone of lack – for instance; ‘I never meet anyone I like’ or ‘I can’t do that’? Check your internal and external dialogue and see how you can shift it to something more expansive – a thought process that has stretch.

You see, when this card comes into play there is always change around you, and my job is to make sure you are the master of it. I feel a great entrepreneurial energy high for the next few weeks, where you have the power to throw out your greatest ideas to an audience who really want to listen. It may be that you’ve recently met someone who will be pivotal to that great leap – a business partner or even just a new friend that you feel finally gets you and your weirdo ways.

Romantically, expect and be willing to be surprised. Everything that’s not right for you will move quickly, so avoid falling into a sense of loss – remember that space is being cleared for the correct jigsaw piece. But with that lightning bolt effect, those great experiences are usually in the space to the sides, not in our blinkered tunnel-vision. Perhaps you just say YES a few more times this month, to the things that scare you the most. Or you decide to show up for the people that have shown up for you – and don’t worry about the rest. Finally, be ready for divine inspiration and don’t ignore the directions from your soul – the signs are there.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Six of Discs

A month for recalibrating your thoughts about what an equal partnership means to you. I feel that in recent times you have experienced higher than usual feelings of disappointment to do with others – whether it’s those closest to you, or even just feeling aghast about the human race in general. In those moments it’s difficult to not feel judgmental or, more likely for you, overwhelmed and hopeless. The great news is that help is en route via your greatest comrade – YOU.

You may want to start the month with a flash of forgiveness. Give it all up, surrender your ego, part ways with your anxieties, and trust the path that got you here to be able to work with the moment that you are in. Forgiveness sets you free, remember. And now, it’s time to just check in with the scales of balance. It’s easy to complain that you’re giving more than you’re getting, but if you shift your goals and desires to a higher level then the harmony might well return. Try to avoid statements like; ‘Why does this always happen to me’ – or a belief that you are locked in any patterns. The great thing about noticing repetitive cycles is that once you’re aware of them you’re able to see what you can do differently. So how can you change your attitude?

We also can’t ignore the gratitude factor. Good things are coming your way and good things surround you, so try and put yourself in a space of receiving. Be ready to see the unexpected opportunities that might crop up nearer the end the month. I feel you may also tune into bird and flower symbolism. Perhaps you already have a lucky winged friend (angels included of course!) who you see every time you need some reassurance. You can also make the magic game more fun by requesting specific signs – it helps keep you in a more expansive and open space.

In your romantic endeavors the same themes apply – don’t give out to people who can’t seem to show up for you. This isn’t all about you, but you are the only one who can raise your mood by choosing to partner up with someone who at least is willing to try. For those of you already in the L.O.V.E. zone, I feel the coming weeks are a gorgeous time to just be in your love. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the The Rider Tarot Deck

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Two of Wands

You are more ready and prepared than you think you are. I feel as though you’ve recently turned a corner, whether it was a new commitment to your self-care, a home move, a new job, or even an internal shift. Something big has happened for you and so those wobbles you’re having? All normal. But yes, you really do have everything you need. In fact “I have everything I need” is a great mantra for you over the coming weeks, to repeat any time you feel a little “OMG! WTF!” about life and your situation. You may need to surrender over and over and over again. Got it?

So the situation you are now in is one of budding excitement, and you have a window that’s ripe for manifesting. With Mercury retrograde for the first 11 days of the month, it’s a fine time to just sit on taking any more massive action and just feel what you want to bring into your days. Look upon the next few months as a time to realign with your new dreams, as I feel like the things you really want for yourself right now are a little different to this time last year – which is a wonderful thing, especially where your own self worth is concerned.

In fact, it’s time you put your own disires at the forefront of your experience, seriously, stop getting so overrun with what everyone else might think. You are where it’s at. Your key themes this month are expansion and awe. What feels wonderful right now? This is an exercise in becoming more present, which is actually easier during times of change, because you are rather forced to be in the here and now as everything finds its place around you. But yes, take time to notice when the corners of your mouth turn up, take time to notice when your soul system feels a little flutter.

Allow yourself to be pulled in the direction of what feels exciting, and ask the Universe to provide signs for you. You will know when you see the little synchronicities; the only block is when you start questioning your faith in your intuition. Practice makes perfect, they say, so keep listening and test it out. Finally, this is a perfect month to dive into something you’ve been keeping on the sidelines. You know what it is – now, prepare to launch.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – Ace of Pentacles

I feel that as you approach your next birthday you’ve got very itchy feet, and it’s exciting! There is a spring in your step that can overpower even the biggest rush of anxiety. What are you setting about to do? There is something brewing, whether you’re aware of it or not, because this is a month that supports new beginnings, big ideas and everything that is to do with nurturing your material experience of the world.

This is pure Earth energy at it’s best, so the question is; what aspects of your life need fresh fuel right now? This is bound to relate to a career venture for many of you, as you move away from jobs and clients that aren’t filling you with much enthusiasm in order to make space for the new and more fulfilling. You know that you need to create the space, right? If you are in a place of transition, try this really simple energetic exercise. Write your resignation letter for your current job, put it in an envelope and then keep it somewhere safe. This is a commitment to moving forwards and energetically creates the space that is physically not quite there yet.

You may find that with Mercury Retrograde (until Feb 11th) you want to explore old projects or maybe even say YES to something that a was a no a while back. The Universe is really supporting second chances and so it’s time to pick up the phone, paintbrush or notepad and get creative with old ideas – rework and renew them. Meanwhile you are in a good manifesting spot, so although this month is very much about what you can physically see, it’s still prime time for meditating on what your soul really needs, step out of the head and keep all your ideas and action aligned with the heart.

I feel that you will get some great advice from your highest self if you actually stop to listen, and don’t try and talk yourself out of things. And don’t let your ego provoke you, okay? Finally, in the moments where you can see the prize but the path to it seems fuzzy, just pull yourself back into the now and breathe. The reason that we all bang on about the present moment so much, is that it’s the only place you can receive guidance and take action. So say hello to right NOW.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Seven of Swords

I have no doubt you’re too busy to even read this, but take a moment and stop to realign yourself with your plan and your purpose. I feel like you could be a little worried about time pressure and pressure from others right now, so I want to ease you back into your body. I feel like any moment (or month) now, you are going to be dealing with a LOT of communication, new contacts, and new contracts, back and forth on the phone and a little waiting and hoping.

It’s easy to start to worry about who might come through for you, or what might work and what might not, and all those feelings are totally normal. However, it’s much more beneficial for you to simply trust yourself rather than worry about whom on the outside to trust. You’ve got enough experience to now know that your intuition is pretty spot on, if you aren’t lead by your ego mind too much. So just know that everything is aligned with the intuitive action you take, there are no wrong decisions here. In fact, worrying about whom to trust may just be a way of procrastinating to take you away from your light. So, back to your brightest self and just be you.

With this in mind, it might be a good few weeks to make sure you are well and truly connected with those who support your highest good. Often when we feel suspicious of life, it could be because we’re hanging out on the wrong energy level. It’s not often that you worry what your closest soul sisters are thinking, is it? You know they have your back.

Another thing you might be aware of this month is having too many ideas. I know, it’s hardly a bad thing is it, but it can be overwhelming! The best thing to do is keep the present moment as your running buddy. No need for your mind to dash off into the distance, because you aren’t there yet. You can’t possibly predict what you might think about a situation in three months time, so just keep feeling into things step by step. You are responsible for the web you weave, and I feel that everything is all set for personal clarity, inner strength and abundant support – just trust that it is.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Strength

You may be feeling wilted and weak as the month kicks off, and I encourage you to nurture this feeling by only doing what you need to feel more balance within yourself. It may be that external changes have got you feeling quite out of harmony – change will do that to you, you see. You may be feeling afraid, confused and even angry. Change will do that to you too! It’s not the time to place any pressure on yourself to feel anything other than what you are feeling – this is the ultimate act of “feeling feelings.” Just sit and be, whatever and however that be may be.

I urge you to just care for yourself and let yourself be nurtured. For some of you the power needs to be reinstated from within. That personal power that I always speak of, it’s energy that you always have access to, but frequently forget exists. I feel that your internal negative chatter could be quite strong right now, a few too many “what ifs” and doom and gloom. As always I remind you that that fearful voice is also totally normal, but just not to be ruled by. Listen and know that it doesn’t speak the truth, but is simply voicing a fear that is present and that is okay.

This is the art of taming the ego mind, saying: “I hear you, I know you are there, but I have my heart set on a bigger and more loving thought right now.” As Mercury stays in retrograde until mid month, it really is the perfect time to stay focused on you, rather than get involved with others’ drama or gossip. You really don’t have time for it. Instead of dancing that dance, think of how you can have fun with your self-care. What would get you to smile right now? Who do you need to be around? What transformation do you feel like having right now?

I want you to work with the idea of transformation over the next few weeks, what version of you do you want to see emerge from out of your cocoon? If you’ve been making personal changes then you certainly didn’t make them for nothing, did you? I feel that you are paving the way for great personal successes and joy ahead. So keep moving forwards from the positive intention that fueled you in the first place. You are set to bloom.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Ten of Pentacles

You are aware that there has been a lot of change in recent months and over the next few weeks you are going to start to get hints about what the bigger picture is all about. Finally, right? I feel the cycles are actually moving now, rather than feeling stuck in the mud like they have been on and off for months. Now, this movement of course has to be fuelled by some work from you too. Remember you are not being directed in your own life story; you are the director of this movie. So, what’s next?

I feel as though you’re shedding skin and leaving an old version of yourself behind, where you are guided to take more responsibility for yourself and your life, instead of falling back on the excuse of having to please other people. Of course, there will always be people who need you, and that isn’t a bad thing, but if it’s at the expense of your own wellbeing, then it doesn’t usually swing in your favor does it? For those of you in full people-pleasing mode then this is a wake up call to just…stop. You won’t see the wonderful things unfolding in your own life if you don’t give them the attention they deserve.

Anyway, moving forwards this really is a positive push for career and abundance. You are definitely required to up your game too. Have you ever though that you might be playing too small? Playing down or being self-deprecating about your talents for fear of rejection, or lesser success? You might find that when you up your prices, shout about your skills and really put yourself out there confidently (even if it’s a “fake it until you make it” vibe) that the returns come in. It’s worth a shot, even as a self-confidence exercise, that you well and truly deserve. Value your time and your talent and others will reflect that.

Finally, the next few weeks are also a wonderful time for reconnecting with your family, whether that’s relatives, soul sisters, or your oldest friends. I feel that you will really gain energy from a group setting, so try not to hide yourself away too much. Call on people for help and hugs, they are itching in the wings to come and swoop you up in support. Revel in it for a change.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – Queen of Wands

This month you are set to reclaim your own experience and your year ahead. I feel a little sass coming in from you and it’s well and truly needed and appreciated. It’s time for you to stand up and be counted, tell your truth and tune back in to what you well and truly want, need and deserve. I feel very proud of you in advance by the way. Somewhere along the last few weeks you’ve become a little detached from your soul self, why is that? Perhaps lost in the gossip and chaos of the crowd? It’s almost like you’ve been trying other people’s lives on for style and are suddenly realizing the coat just doesn’t fit. Which is quite a relief, isn’t it? But wait, what is it that you actually want?

I know that you know, so try not to panic too much. In fact the answers are much closer to the surface than you think, you just probably didn’t expect them to be so simple. It might be the small act of reconnecting to the people that really inspire you to be YOU, rather than hiding in your shell or surrounding yourself with those who don’t feel you. I want you to shake this ALL off, and wipe the slate clean and rebuild from a place that works better for you.

You’re looking for an adventure you see. Some of you will feel a huge urge to travel the world right now, anywhere but here right? Your broomstick is twitching and it feels like you just can’t get away fast enough. Do the groundwork here though okay; remember that adventures are better fueled when you leave with a positive intention, rather than running away from your problems. Face things head on and then see whether you still want to physically be elsewhere.

Finally, you may notice that some of your flashier fears are shouting up at you right now, and some of the deepest and darkest ones from your past may also pay a visit. You can employ the same badassery to them as your external experience, and make it your intention to just not go there. You’re too awesome; it’s time to tame that beast. Seek help, talk it out. Surrender.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Tower

I’ve talked to you a lot over the past year about releasing your inner critic and avoiding the chaos that you sometimes crave, so I’m not going to mention it again. I trust that you know well enough now that the comparing, the judging and the drama don’t help fulfill your highest hopes and desires. Right?

So yes, with that in mind, moving on into February I feel that you are poised to receive some new and exciting flashes of inspiration, which without giving in to all the above you actually create space for. It’s exciting and new and may come with an army of anxiety waves, but that fluttering in your stomach, it also feels like excitement…if you choose to perceive it that way. You’re ready to creatively restructure. For some of you this could be a literal tear down of ideas and ideals, with maybe a shove from the Universe at your side. If this happens, do make sure to be looking after yourself as you gallop into the abyss of change, keep your healers to speed-dial and practice a lot of grounding.

Those of you who prefer the more subtle approach can think of this as an early spring clean. It’s time to reshuffle and reorganize, perfect for these first 11 days of the month when Mercury is still in retrograde and really supporting a restructure of old ideas. I’d also like you to practice getting to what I’m going to call the pinpoint of clarity. We receive clarity when we experience a perfect merging of our intuition and intellect. When the mind is sharp and the soul is heard. You can sit and practice with single questions and a quiet moment. Close your eyes and pose yourself a question, take a deep breath in and as you breathe out pay attention to the first thoughts that come in (you might even feel a tingle in your ear when you are aligned with your highest self).

Simultaneously you may notice the fears fly in too, but don’t worry about that, just focus on the simpler and more loving guidance. You may find that your points of clarity are just the words YES or IT’S OKAY. The more you grasp that these are as valuable as the constant chatter of your fears then you can confidently use this simple exercise for quick guidance any time you choose. I said it was an exciting time and I meant it!

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Knight of Swords

Woah, slow down my friend, you are not running out of time and it’s okay to breathe you know. You do know that right? February kicks off with you feeling overrun with ideas, plans, and action, action, ACTION! It’s all good, your head is in fifth gear, and everything that has been building over the last few months is poised to spring to life. However, you can turn down the gas a little, just to ease out of panic mode, even if you are sooooo excited. Get used to the concept that timing is always perfectly aligned, so time is not your enemy or working against you. It is always on your side if you believe it is.

I’d also like you to bring some compassion to the table this month, as you may find your tongue a little sharper than usual. It could be that everyone seems SO annoying (oh hey Mercury retrograde) but getting yourself tied up in knots over it won’t help you one inch. Instead, just allow things to be as they are, especially the situations that are sending you into freak out mode. This is certainly a time to sit on an email for 24 hours (or maybe three days), not to text back immediately. You will feel so much better for it I promise.

For those of you who’ve been feeling that life has not quite been on your side recently then I feel that nearer the end of the month you will feel a sense of calm confidence setting back in. You may also become aware of a few more reasons “why” things have been a little chaotic. I advise you to watch out for synchronicities becoming abundant, in order to remind you that you are exactly where you should be.

Make sure that you are well and truly aligned with your highest truths and morals. There may be a little push and pull as you sort out what you really want right now, as opposed to what your ego is trying to trick you into. The golden rule is to be kind to yourself and others, always, and especially when you don’t feel like it. Although your most sarcastic self might not like it, positive thinking will really help things move in your favor right now. And finally, if needed, try to give off an air of confidence even if you don’t feel it.

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Libra / Libra Rising – King of Pentacles

The first half of the month is poised for you to receive: guidance, intuition, gifts, abundance. How open is your mentality right now to accept them? It’s very common, and so easy, to live with a lack mentality, especially where money is concerned. It’s so easy to keep saying “I can’t” and “I don’t have enough.” But these phrases become negative habits that lock us so easily into really believing that we won’t ever have “enough.” Now of course, releasing these beliefs doesn’t suddenly mean a cash prize, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to become more open to the possibility that things could be on their way.

If this sounds a lot like you, then practice taking the power back as far as your finance and success are concerned. Try the mantra “I have everything I need” to open up to seeing more opportunities around you.
On the guidance front, it’s time to forget about doing everything yourself. If you’re really adamant about not taking tips from friends and family then consider a business mentor or a life coach. You could really benefit from a third person perspective to help you get your ideas and creativity in order. You will also find that when you share your passions with another person, they grow and become more exciting to work with.

For those of you seeking new jobs or a return on a career project then it’s a great month for it, as it feels as though someone is going to recognize and appreciate your skills as they need see you as part of their bigger picture. If you’re feeling quite the abundant one right now, then slow down on the spending for the first half of the month – you could end up with a houseful of items you kind of just didn’t really want. Save up for that “dream” purchase in a few months time instead.

Finally, on the romance front, an older person could hit the scene and take your eye; they may just have an old soul, but this is a wonderful grounding attraction that could bring you the stability you’re hoping for. You have realized now that friendships and relationships are all about learning as well as passion, so take time to listen and soak up new personalities that interest you. You will feel enlightened and energized.

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Scorpio / Scorpio Rising – Six of Swords

The first couple of weeks of February, in line with the tail end of Mercury retrograde, are set up to help you shake off a final few self doubts and old negative patterns. It’s safe to say that you are very aware of the huge Phoenix like transformation that has been occurring over the past couple of years, and so this really is just clean up time. You will know exactly what is still hanging around and the work isn’t necessarily hard, it’s more about whether you are willing to allow the past to really be the past. Are you?

Sometime it doesn’t get better than using a surrender mantra, all day, every day – just let everything go, over and over again, and be sure to make a note when you get a positive confirmation from the Universe that you are doing the right thing. The signs are there, just be ready to see them. You have a lot more peace than chaos around you, so focus on the calm rather than stirring the drama cauldron.

As the weeks pass it’s time for you to start planting some seeds and nurturing a few of your more abundant ideas. This can also be aligned with a new approach to older and most successful projects; what new branch could be grown from something you already know? It’s your perception and approach to your creativity and life in general that will shift you into a happier and more abundant space. You are safe to turn your back on things that just don’t feel right anymore, especially those things you really think you “should” just stick at. Make space to feel excited!

This is also very prominent for relationships and friendships – is someone that isn’t right for you taking up space in your heart? Remember that when you surrender and let go, you don’t actually lose anything, although it may feel like it. You actually gain freedom and empowerment. Trust that it is safe to move forwards. Finally, don’t feel guilty about your new plans and opportunities, even if friends around you are having a difficult time. You can’t stay stuck to try and please someone else; misery may love company but you don’t want to be miserable! Run wild, sail free, and know that you are fully equipped for all the excitement ahead of you.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Ten of Wands

It’s time to laugh at your own inner drama queen this month Sagittarius! That head stuck in the sand feeling may have been with you for a couple of weeks, but you somehow forgot that you are able and allowed to dig yourself out and look up. Stop pushing against yourself and start supporting your own cause. Yes, nice thought isn’t it? So, at the start of this month I feel that you are poised to just let sh*t go, because you need your precious time and brain cells to be getting creative over the next month or two.

I also want you to be wide awake to noticing the crazy weird moments and lucky breaks that may be popping up around you – sorry will be. Now, although I know I started this a little on the harsh side, I do want you to know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and that’s you’re not going insane or having a life crisis. You are having feelings and being a human and it’s not always a free and easy ride. So, of course the best method is to look after yourself, wildly and passionately. The next step is to be patient and gentle with yourself and your journey. Yes it can be frustrating when you are so eager to see your dreams come to fruition, but you need to let everything breathe.

After the mid-month point I feel you will notice that the stress releases and all of your super Sag fire energy comes rushing back to you, mojo included. When you feel that bright eyed, wide-awake clarity, make sure to use it for the best. What would you like to create right now? What, or whom, do you feel passionate about?

Be aware of your own fire element so that you can use it wisely, as when displaced it’s easy to feel anger and frustration in place of what could be excitement and enthusiasm. Take up a new exercise, go on a road trip, paint, dance, and socialize. If you feel no passion for anything in life, then it’s easier for fear to orun rampant in the mind. Your life has to be created from a spark of desire or some wild urge to explore or learn or experience. Don’t panic about what those passions might be; the seed of adventure is sown from the pure simplicity of saying YES to your day.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Four of Cups

Stubbornness is often referred to as a negative personality trait. I disagree, as I see it as one of the most powerful tools to channel into positive self-care. Somewhere in your sphere you are feeling reluctant to surrender, to hope, or to rest, and this isn’t unusual for you. The thing that is different however is that the tides have turned recently and your outlook has shifted, so you are much more prepared than you think.

I feel you have some emotional concerns at the moment, too many feelings and an abundance of worries. These feelings are really okay, as they are washing you somewhere and if you choose to not pass judgement on yourself then you will discover that it’s also okay to just feel “meh” sometimes, it doesn’t mean you are weak or useless. However, this is an important time to note every silver lining. However many worries you have right now, there are at least three fold more bright opportunities surrounding you. Remember back to a time when things turned out quite fine despite your reservations, one of those times when the whole “divine alignment of time” was proven to you. Trust that now is the same, and that movement, although seemingly sluggish, is happening.

So back to that stubbornness; take any urges not to care for yourself right now and flip it to a wild and passionate superpower to do absolutely everything you can to honor the idea of feeling good. Even if you try it as a bizarre experiment, just do it. Imagine what life would be like without the layer of pressure you place on yourself and try and act that out.

Finally this is THE month to return to your meditation practice, or start if you don’t have one already. Meditation is the value of your time and you cannot do it wrong. You may be drawn to a certain mode or pulled in the direction of a new teacher. Other than that, just sit, stop and listen, it’s that simple. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and challenging, but all and any stillness is beneficial for you. It is within these moments that you automatically connect back to your mind, body and spirit super powers – meaning you will be able to do more work and have more ideas, when it’s time to take action.

Have you downloaded your full 2015 Tarotscope? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


How are you feeling about 2015? I notice that around this time my Facebook feeds starts filling up with people saying how awful their year has been and that next year BETTER be good. I never really resonated with the idea of threatening the year ahead? It doesn’t seem like the most proactive or positive way to introduce yourself to something. Imagine if when we met a new person we shook their hand and shouted at them: YOU BETTER BE A GOOD FRIEND OR ELSE!

Everything is of value, so how about we offer some compassion to ourselves instead? Maybe a bit of a pat on the back to say YOU DID IT, 2014 was tough but you kept walking. The learning from most challenging times does not usually present itself to us in an instant, we have to trust it will appear at some point. For now, just urge to be kind to yourself, rest, and when you are ready, be curious about what positive developments might just be ahead.

Now, onto your scopes! This month’s Tarotscopes are a sneak peek from your 2015 Tarotscopes that are now available for instant download in my shop. Each scope is over 4500 words and reads like a coaching session that you get to keep on hand throughout 2015! I’ve also created an Astro Goddess illustration for each sign, to act as your spirit guide for the year ahead.

As a treasured reader of my writing for The Numinous I’d like to offer you 10% off your 2015 Tarotscope using the code NUMILOVE2015.

Happy New Year. I love you and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

I feel this is a very important year to grow up and get real! Over 2014 you saw perhaps some of your most intense and challenging moments and the same themes kept coming up over and over again. You questioned your abilities, your confidence and your identity. You fought against yourself many times, because it felt like the only thing you knew how to do. However, near the end of the year, maybe even in the last few weeks, something has shifted, an awakening of sorts. You are in place to receive the truth from your highest self and guess what, it doesn’t want you to keep working against yourself!

So over the course of the year I feel you will be constantly releasing this pressure and practicing it hard, knowing that you can change the course of your whole experience. You also get to discover that Monday mornings don’t have to be a dread when you love what you do. You are invited to pursue and explore what an enjoyable and lucrative career would be for you. You are allowed to give yourself permission to move away from what sucks your energy dry and what just doesn’t seem to cut it for you anymore.

You will also (as usual) be called upon by others for advice and guidance this year. Know that since people act as mirrors for each other, as you dish out the sage advice, you must take it for yourself too. Some people will stand in front of you with anxieties that match yours word for word. This is to remind you that you are never alone.

Every time you take some pressure off yourself you will receive a wink from the Universe, as every time you are willing to do this you will open a new space to receive something that feels good to you. Experiment with valuing all of your feelings and know that it is safe to honour them. I’m excited to say that I feel your confidence and self worth is set to get a great boost if you choose to participate with a fresh perspective towards your journey. Your best self is waiting patiently for you to show up fully, honestly and with vulnerability. You are loved.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

I feel so energized, excited and so proud of you for just ‘shaking it all off’ recently. I feel like the year ahead is like fresh soil, waiting for you to plant, so don’t be afraid of shifting up anything and everything. Your motto for 2015? Surrender forever! Your ruling element this year is the fire energy and so it’s a huge year for embracing your own independence, freeing your spirit and exploring your passions. This is completely available to you if you also complement it by being kind to yourself!

I’d like you to start this year with a commitment to your own wellbeing. I want you to know that you can still be loving and supportive of others while caring for yourself. You don’t have to exchange your health to boost someone else’s! I also want you to not feel guilty about your life being well and good when others around you struggle. You are so loved and everyone is dying for you to really pursue what makes you happy.

You’ve learned a lot of lessons over the past year and now it’s time to embody them and really allow yourself to receive the good stuff. It’s time to release self-sabotaging habits and forgive the past. The surrender practice is pivotal to this year, because the more that you believe your life has a perfect and natural flow to it, the more you will be surprised by it’s unusual and exciting offerings.

Imagine what it would feel like if the dark forest were truly behind you? Imagine if that rollercoaster really had come to a stop? What if if you really have evolved into a fresh space? Embrace life and the world around you as if it still has something to offer. You are at the start of a new cycle in your life, trust that the unknown holds more gifts for you; don’t you want to see what they are? Magic is real don’t you know. Be the calm within the storm.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Pisces / Pisces Rising

I feel that in comparison to last year there is a distinct shift in your journey now, as it becomes much more active and appealing to you. You did a lot of ‘going through the motions’ last year, processing experiences, recovering from heartbreak and just doing a lot of life admin. Now that we move into a fresh space you are invited to believe in your life again. You are also going to have to take a chance on trusting it too.

This is a super divine year for your sense of confidence and ability to get your best self and/or message out to the world. You are naturally a creative thinker and doer and it feels to me like this year has been designed for you to be able to really learn to sit comfortably within your passions.

You also have a wonderful opportunity this year to really embrace and admire the human experience, rather than blame it for its pitfalls. You are able to shift away any thoughts you have about your story not being valuable and are free to dive back into exploring what the world has to offer you. You will find that your old worn out negative self-beliefs start to become tiring to you as you prepare to commit to positive change for your mind, body and spirit.

What is going to be really eye opening for you this year is accepting a new mentor or teacher into your life. This guidance is something that you feel really ready for, although that currently might be a subconscious knowing as your conscious self fights against it! In regards to your anxieties, there is still a part of you that perceives yourself as broken and therefore unfixable. Some of the most negative stories you tell yourself are so familiar that you either totally believe in them or think that this is ‘just how it is’. It’s time to now accept that as a human you are a master of change and can shift your thoughts when and as you choose.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aries / Aries Rising

My wonderful warriors; 2015 is a year for embracing the self and not being afraid to explore your own truths. You have an important mission and it’s to release your own self-sabotaging stories. You can be hard on yourself and it’s time to instead start to see what those around you see. You are embraced and adored by your journey itself, and life is waiting for you to dive in. There will be many opportunities this year to test your trust in your intuition and to believe that you are a success story.

You are really needed this year, not only by yourself but also by others. You are often seen as a mentor to many, did you know that? Your fire energy is appreciated, people see you as far more capable than you sometimes see yourself, and I want you to see this energy within yourself too and be able to bathe in it. You aren’t lacking in empowerment at all, but you aren’t always quite as attached to it as you could be. Sometimes you shed your skin and forget to put a new one on and it leaves you feeling a little lifeless or uninspired. Failure is only an illusion. Your highest power lies in every moment you feel a spark of interest, a buzz of hope and a flicker of the great and wild unknown.

As I speak on behalf of your highest self, I feel uplifted about the open space you have to explore. You are definitely going to feel that sense of having to get out of your own this way, as demands for your talents and time arise, you will really have to claim your true confidence!

Coming out of 2014, I feel you are more apt at managing your feelings and this will give you a bonus super power of being able to connect to your intuition at the drop of a hat. You only need to trust that, when faced with internal drama or chaos, there is always a simpler solution if you are open to receiving it.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Taurus / Taurus Rising

Fear of failure is the same as fear of success – they are both an unknown space. This year I’d like you to get comfortable with the idea that maybe things will turn out in a perfect way that works for you, but you must be willing to throw yourself off into the unknown to receive the benefits. It won’t come as a surprise to you that I’m going to bring up my favorite practice of SURRENDER as a gift for you to work with throughout the year, as it is truly going to be your super power and a chance to take on a whole new more relaxed way of thinking.

I feel that the coming months are going to bring through the changes you have been building up to over the past year, and as the year moves ahead it will be essential to keep checking in on how within your flow you are. Do you even know what the natural flow of life feels like? It’s when you notice synchronicities all around you, and you don’t feel like you are fighting against yourself!

This is a year for absolutely and completely tearing down the foundations of how you approach your own will and successes. Lets call it a classic case of breakdown to breakthrough. Don’t panic though, I’m not anticipating that you’re about to hit the floor and dissolve! But I do want your attitude to be shaken up and changed so that you can think about your material world with a whole new attitude this year.

Don’t be afraid to rise up and try again. Pick yourself up this year from whatever you feel has got your knees a knocking. Make your will bigger than your won’t. You will certainly not be short of ideas, the only thing you need is a clear channel to bring them through. Work on getting familiar and comfortable with your anxieties and fears; then you can give your deserved energy where it belongs – to your passions. It’s time to get up, stand up, open up and ultimately accept yourself as the golden soul you are.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Gemini / Gemini Rising

I feel that this year you are embodying and mastering all the lessons that the past year brought to you. You felt the push and pull so strongly in 2014 and now you get to truly take back your power and put it into play.
You can be a perfect combination of organized and scattered, lost and found. This year you are being urged to realize that there aren’t all these different versions of you, but that you are just one person who is constantly evolving. You no longer need to try to fit yourself into a mold; you are the mold.

Your being is as stretchy and expansive as the Universe itself. Your only job is to learn how to be fully embodied within your self without being controlling and restrictive. As you will be working on upping your inner and outer confidence all through the year, self-care is the absolute key to your personal and financial successes. You may have to work hard to release some old negative stories that you have written for yourself, but you totally have the strong super powers within you to do so!

Get excited about the shifts you are making for yourself and the potential of feeling truly good. Don’t be afraid to drop that to do list and let life flow in a natural way; know that you have got this. It’s also an amazing year to allow yourself to receive help, as well as new friendships and relationships, and it’s certainly your turn to embrace love and guidance as an alternative to being the constant facilitator. You will be mastering a new way of communication so that you can feel more connected to those around you.

You are never short on thoughts and ideas – they are there, very frequently whizzing in all directions, but managing them into a place of authentic expression can sometimes be challenging for you. You often have a fear of being misunderstood so sometimes try and put across what you think needs to be heard, rather than what you actually want and need to say. You can really trust your self, now, just believe that you can.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Cancer / Cancer Rising

You will no doubt be aware that you are standing in a significantly different place to this time last year. Even those of you who feel that nothing has shifted are likely to have had an arc of experiences in 2014 that at the very least has awarded you with a beneficial shift in perspective. I feel really excited and vibrant tuning in to your year ahead, and have the urgency to sit tall in my seat. Your confidence has heightened and you no longer have any desire or need to play small. The energy that surrounds you is in grand support of you really ‘going for it’ within your adventure.

This year is all about firing yourself back up and showing up for your life. The fire energy is so powerful for you, although it’s not your natural state being a sign powered by water. So although your go-to is usually to work with your feelings and intuition, as you move through the year you’ll realize that your sense of personal power explodes when you stand firmly and walk tall. Your ability to start really asking for what you want, without guilt, will put you in a very special and enchanting place.

What is essential for you over the coming months is to really be open to releasing self-judgment, guilt and shame. To loosen up all those expectations that you have piled on yourself and to seriously stop obsessing about what others might think of you. Get obsessed with Y O U. I call it a positive selfishness. You’ll discover that the more you pursue what you have the urge to bring forth into your life, the more confident and capable you’ll feel.

Finally, you have to allow the magic to happen in perfect alignment. You have to accept that perhaps divine timing is better than your timing. It’s a tough one to crack but boy does it help you when you just stop, surrender and get on with the minute in hand.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Leo / Leo Rising

I see you starting this year with some serious plans and ideas in place, and in fact much more of a practical approach to last year. Over the past 12 months there was a lot of coasting along, not laziness, but less of a structure. There were times when you felt like you were just saying yes, yes, yes to everything, which sometimes went in your favour and sometimes, not so much.

What you have learned in recent months is to really connect to your own inner workings and desires in your day-to-day life – and you are building up your confidence to complement this. It’s time to restructure your views on manifesting so you aren’t just going through the motions while wishing some things would change. Instead you are in full on magical action mode!

This will also be a year of stripping back the layers and strengthening your support systems underneath. You are so easily sociable but often see yourself as a loner within the world or having to always put on a brave face. It’s even easy sometimes to feel aggressive towards the outside world and accusatory of those around you. Keep going within. Then ask for help from the people you get super excited and inspired by.

There is also a real need for self-love and nurture throughout your whole year, as it will be what brings that sense of personal harmony to you. You want to be the mother to yourself and continuously ask yourself ‘what do I need right now?’ – which is actually a very valuable and effective morning meditation to get right to the core of what your soul needs. There is always information available to you from your highest self; you must only make space to listen.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Virgo / Virgo Rising

To begin 2015 in the most productive and positive manner I want you to cast a respectful eye across the year gone by. Can you believe how things have changed? Did you know things were going to shift so much? Aren’t you kind of impressed with how you navigated those highs and lows and are still standing? Yes. The past does not need to be re-written or re-organized and time is never wasted.

Trust, faith and education are your revolving doors for 2015 – kicking off with a need to really claim your confidence and KNOW that you really do have things within your power. Recognition that fighting against yourself is no longer an enjoyable act, and that accepting yourself as an ever-evolving person really does make sense!

Your voice is yours to claim and get to know. You are going to be called countlessly to have to speak your truth and learn what your truth is. Many of you will have to cut the ties from past anxieties to not feel afraid of standing powerfully in your own mind, body and spirit. Surrender is your most valuable tool here, and learning to take pressure off yourself will also be a repeating cycle.

Learn to recognize the instant that you start piling on restrictions to your ambitions and potential. Every time you become aware of this is a chance to step back and realize that you don’t want to be hard on yourself. I’m excited for you to realize how far you’ve come. Getting yourself into confident phoenix mode will be forever helpful – so recognize that you are supposed to be continuously rising from your own ashes. There is no such thing as being broken or weak, you have this in hand. Choose to get connected and feel empowered.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Libra / Libra Rising

Last year felt like a struggle for many of you, as all your anxieties surrounding friendships and romantic partnerships seemed to be charging at you with sharp teeth. What is happening as you emerge into 2015 is a clearing of this tension and a push to realize that maybe the hard slog is now over.

You have reached a major tipping point of change. You are shedding your skin as the year begins and allowed to take a breather and really acknowledge how far you’ve come. You’re are possibly or probably going to experience a lot of the new this year and although that can feel quite terrifying it is also an indication of a lot of fresh starts in your internal and external world. The sense of catapulting yourself into the unknown and knowing that you will be okay is a strong message for you.

I want you to practice a lot of self-gratitude, as I feel you’ve been down on yourself recently and it’s time to recognize that maybe you are as wonderful as those around you believe. We constantly get urged to believe in ourselves, and it’s only because it kind of, well, works! You don’t have to show off about how awesome you are, but you can congratulate yourself for showing up and trying. You have certainly been doing that.

Now it’s time to stop the fight and start allowing things to open back up. Times are changing for you from a personal perspective, and it’s important that you show up ready and willing to acknowledge and connect to your own divine sprit. You are way out of the woods and that magical space you always hoped to see is right in front of you. You’ll see it when you believe it. You can trust that it is safe for you to step into the natural flow of your journey again.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Scorpio / Scorpio

2015 feels SO positive and exciting for you Scorpio and I feel so light when tuning into your year! This year marks the beginning of a wild adventurous new time for you, and you will come to see the efforts of the last few years bloom. The past two and a half years have held a lot of hardcore lesson learning for you, with Saturn sitting in your sign and acting as the intense taskmaster! This is not to say you haven’t been up to it, many of you have felt strongly called to get completely connected with what your purpose in this world is today and beyond. Now that Saturn has moved on you are poised to be able to loosen the stress grip just a little!

I feel that overall you are going to be feeling much more balanced this year and aware of the elements within you and how they twist and turn. You have the ability to create harmony between the material and spiritual as you recognize they were made to be a team. Think of your intuition as a light that you can pull down and spread onto the world around you. You have gained a lot of wisdom recently and there will be moments where you notice yourself processing knowledge and feeling the empowerment that you can receive from truly owning and respecting your experience.

I feel I could write all day about the great potential the year has in store for you, the energy feels so abundant and exciting, but I really feel you already know that…In fact some of you are shaking a little, because you really feel that you do have the power of co-creation with your life. As a Scorpio you are designed to constantly reinvent yourself and embrace change. Recognize that the Phoenix (rising from the ashes) is your natural state and you may never need fear ‘what might happen’ again.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

This year is wide open for you to fully embrace and explore its offerings. There will be many opportunities for you to up your game and get into full on Phoenix mode and I encourage you to try it. Change is still very present for you, and tied strongly into magic making! The more open you are to perceiving the world around you with new eyes – the more of the weird and the wonderful you will see.

You are the only one who can hold yourself back this year. Some self-doubt has been rattling at your door here and there in the past year. Unlike some others, you really do know that you are capable and talented, and love setting your sights high. Why then, do the confidence anxieties still walk in? Or those worries about what others might think? Well, I have to say it – these feelings are NORMAL.

You may find that trust issues come up around work situations, but be aware that no one is ‘out to get you’, instead you can combat those fears by really reminding yourself how tuned in you are. It’s time to trust that it’s impossible to make bad decisions if you listen to what feels right. The more you get apt in saying NO to things that aren’t working for you the quicker your confidence will elevate – and in order to experience the big wows of 2015 you are required to practice upping your trust quota regards your inner voice.

Finally, the glow of joy is hovering over this whole year and you are encouraged to really discover what your sources of happiness are. This is something it’s easy to lose touch with as we get older, but remember that smiles are not exclusive to a destination named Happiness – they are accessible in every moment you choose. Put yourself into receiving mode to make up for any energy lost over the past year, and allow others the chance of getting to know you on a deeper level.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Cast by Louise Androlia using the Golden Universal Rider Waite Deck.

Scorpio / Scorpio – The Fool

As a fellow Scorpio soul, I felt a little spark of excitement when I turned this card over, especially as I’m personally doing my absolute best to embody ‘leap of faith’ energy right now. So here we are, at the start of the new cycle that I felt riding in last month. I always think of this card as if we are about to drop into human form, with full knowledge of everything ahead of us, and yet the second we slam into the body – zap – the knowledge gets hidden from view.

It is our job over the course of our days to remember what we came here for. And with this in mind I believe we must take life on as an adventure, to be explored and cherished, because to me that seems like I want to get involved in. I can show up for my adventure, can you? You’re at the start of your new solar year, which is basically your own personal New Year’s Eve (cue *fireworks*) and so I ask you to ponder now where you are being asked to take a leap into the unknown. Perhaps like me you are relocating, pulled by an itchy feeling from the soul that says ‘hey you, why not go and see some new stuff, meet some new people, go go go!’ Or you might be climbing out of a relationship and feeling fragile right now, and that’s okay you’re supposed to – let those wobbly legs carry you onwards.

Are you one of the many I see around me right now who is smack bang in the middle of emerging out into a ‘new you’, and feeling a little unsure of how to stand in your own truth and light? Creeping out ever so slowly? Know that you will never regret moving in the direction of your passions and dreams. That quest for something more, it’s real. And for those of you who are praying for change? Take whatever action that you can in the present moment and then surrender up the rest, this may just be the calm before the storm.

And since it’s your birthday month I’d like to remind you to have fun over the next few weeks. You are the only one who knows what can make you smile until your cheeks hurt. Make space for this because times of change can be a little brutal on the old bones, and the light seeps in when joy gets given a shot. Be grateful to yourself for standing here right now, you did it! Look how much has happened in the past year. The ups and the downs, they somehow wove themselves together to form a path didn’t they? Now take that knowledge and trust that the unknown is not to be feared, but embraced. Look at the month ahead with a sense of potential and enchantment. What do you now see?

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Emperor

Last month I mentioned a little bit of a crossroads, and as we move into a new month I feel you’ll be much more equipped to take action and get things in the order that you want to proceed. I feel quite confident that within you there is a really strong burst of self confidence brewing – whether or not you are aware of it is a different matter entirely! But I see you poised ready to burst onto your scene with a fresh outlook, a new idea and a hell of a lot of intention.

The next few weeks serve as a space for you to really work out where you want to place your will, as well as take the necessary steps to begin the process. Now, it doesn’t mean that all of you will find yourselves neck deep in a massive career project (though some of you definitely will) because if the area you want to focus on is taking some well earned rest, then that’s the way things will go! Your action might be getting up from your laptop and making a cup of tea. It’s all alright in my book.

For those of you who are still feeling a little on the chaotic side, you are reminded that the Earth element is your best friend right now. One step at a time, rather than embracing an overwhelming panic and you’ll get there. You may also be aware of prominent and maybe slightly aggravating external energy in your life at the moment. I want to remind you that you are the captain of your ship and whilst we can sometimes feel that others are making us feel a certain way, we still get to decide how we take on that information. If you are feeling intimidated, make the choice to stand upright in your own two shoes and place your energy in a more useful direction – and by that I mean taking an equal stance in a relationship, or just getting on with your work.

There’s no place this month for Fire breathing (unless you are super into Kundalini yoga of course) because your energy has to be directed in ways to benefit you, not punish others. I feel like I want you to imagine you are wearing a golden cloak for the whole month, to remind you to bathe in your highest energy and ignite that confidence spark I mentioned. It’s there; don’t doubt yourself this month, not for one moment.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse
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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Magician

Was the message not strong enough last month? Maybe I was being a bit airy-fairy with the ‘follow your intuition’ talk. But I’m not going back on that, because, yep – you still need to feel those feelings, trust them and keep on listening. However, I feel like you’ll appreciate the high impact energy of this month even more. How about you wake up and say hello to your life force? Yeah your whole reason for being, the shot of super powers you got injected with the second you arrived on the planet. It’s time to reintroduce yourself to this concept, because this is what will help you take action this month.

So, what do you really want? Hard question right? It gets a little easier when you take out the ‘what you think you should do’ and the bit where you try and please others. Oh, and the bit where you put too much pressure on yourself. Beyond all this, what message is your soul trying to shout at you? Because your journey isn’t about anyone else but you. This is your adventure and it’s time to lay down the law and grab it with both hands.

The month is frothing with creativity. It’s the perfect time to brainstorm ideas, get crafting, learn new skills, road trip, rest, you can have it all. And most of all, remember that YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES YOU NEED! How many times do you try and ‘fix’ yourself? You are not broken! I know, a total revelation. You have all the knowledge, and now it’s time to extract it. I don’t mean in a surgical way, Halloween is over, how about something more meditative?

That all-seeing-eye of yours is awake and ready to go. You are often quick to try and explain a synchronicity away or talk yourself out of your inner knowing. So over the next few months, instead of trying to make ‘sense’ of why you have a pull this way or that, just trust that it’s there for a purpose and a reason. Don’t second guess yourself, and just see where it takes you. I feel like you have this great energy at your disposal and I just want to make sure you direct it in a way that is towards something you feel super excited about. Life is yours for the taking. Be your own magician.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Two of Swords

Change has been hugely prominent for you recently, whether it’s been very obvious or just a quivering under the surface. Something had to change and it has. And as you continue walking into the wild unknown this month, I imagine you are going to stumble upon a crossroads. Yep, it’s decision-making time ahead. It’s one of the things that humans fear the most, the sense of ‘what if I make the wrong choice?’ Yeah, that old ‘what if’ such a hanger on-er.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a wrong choice, because everything is going to get you somewhere. However, often there is a more peaceful route than the one where you get a little sidetracked and feel a bit more challenged. So how about making your decisions from a soulful place, honoring your intuition and simply what feels right. Avoid making choices that are designed to impress others, or based on a ‘should’ format. Those kinds of thoughts take you too far out of a perfectly embodied state. Trust that you know what is going to be good for you, even if it does involve walking away from a familiar drama or two.

It’s also a perfect month for embracing all that is expansive. When we get locked into controlling habits and try to obsessively predict the space in front of us, we blindfold ourselves from our intuition in one fell swoop. Be open to the possibility that there may just be some more options than the black and white you see in front of you. As soon as you allow yourself that then opportunities have a chance to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Now, the good thing is that while decisions are afoot this isn’t a frantic space or a sudden death, even if it seems as such. You are allowed to give yourself time to consider where to place your feet, and your will. This is also a reminder to you that you aren’t supposed to know what’s ‘going to happen’ or to ‘have it all figured out’ yet. With this release of pressure you can allow yourself to enjoy the experiences that the present moment brings in, continue to respect the changing tides and maintain faith in your ability to ride the waves ahead. The straightforward facts are that you are headed onwards and upward, just trust the process and be kind to yourself.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The King of Wands

A surge of energy so late in the year? Sure! Why not take what we can get, because this month you have a bright old dose of inspiration headed your way. First up I feel you have a chance to activate some major brainwaves that you sidelined in the more stressful times of the past year. Is there an idea that you didn’t quite give a proper shot? It may be something career related but I feel it’s more likely something that could quite simply be a bit of fun for you. No hidden agenda, straight up personal pleasure. So it’s time to get passionate about something. You will know what I mean; this is the fire energy after all…

Everything about this month holds potential action and your job is only to place that heightened energy somewhere. You see, when we misplace fire energy it gets trapped and manifests as frustration, anger or boredom. It’s important therefore over the coming weeks to really tune up and tune in to how your body and mind are feeling. The second you notice any niggles within, know that it’s a call from your soul to expand. It might be as simple as stepping up your exercise practice or finally signing up to that art class you always said you would. This month I want you to think big, and bigger, way beyond your usual hopes and dreams, right up to a place where fear of failure and judgment don’t exist.

This spot is where you get to design the months ahead, because this is also a prime few weeks for manifesting. It’s not always easy to know what we want though, and so don’t panic if you don’t feel like you have it ‘figured’ out yet. That isn’t the point. Instead you are reminded to get excited about the experience you are having right now, and to be grateful for the journey itself.

Finally, travel had been on your mind over the last month and so allow yourself to see if a little bit more exploration can fit into your current schedule. In fact, stretch some space to allow yourself out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be a jet set trip; even just a different route to work has the same effect. I feel that the most magical moments over this next month are to be found within the stumble upons, the second chances and the unpredicted. The weird and the wonderful await.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Strength

After the cascade of surrender that you’ve needed to perform over the last few weeks, think of this month as a chance for a major clean up. You are prepping for a rebirth of sorts and so before that it’s always good to do a bit of positive damage control. I feel that it’s really okay for you to take a big breath, perhaps for some of you it’s a sigh of relief at how, and yes, things did sort of weave together and make sense, didn’t they?

For those of you still feeling a sense of struggle, check in with how much of it is from a forced pressure on the self. Yeah, caught you out there didn’t I? Imagine if you could just turn a switch on the side of the mind and let some steam out, I feel more relaxed just visualizing that. So your clean-up can cover all bases. First it’s the mind and body that needs attention, and here comes a time period to shift up the things you need to get by. Life is an ever-evolving process, and our wellness practice should be the same. Maybe one therapist or stress release method was right for you for the past few years, but do you feel pulled in another direction? Allow yourself to spend some time in positive selfish mode. What do you need right now?

Within your career zone I feel like you have a surge of that familiar Arian power confidence coming back into play, because it wavered a bit recently didn’t it? Confidence comes from an inner knowing that you are okay, that you can trust yourself and that you are allowed to be guided by your feelings. I also feel like recently there were other people that you weren’t sure if you could trust in your space? As we move into this month, the dust settles a little and you return to a sense of clarity, as well as stepping into a bit of a ‘don’t **** with me attitude’ – which we all need once in a while.

As the month draws to a close I feel that you’ll have a much more solidified action plan for the New Year, because yes I know you are already looking ahead. As you move forward remember to replace your old worn out fears with a sense of excitement and adventure – it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Eight of Pentacles

As I suspected, there is a nice twist of energy for you now, almost like the flipside to the coin that you were viewing last month with all that anxiety and those ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. This month you get to put great use to all the most productive parts of your psyche, without the overhanging fear that sometimes accompanies it. You see, sometimes all it takes is stepping out and viewing yourself and your situation with fresh eyes, as if you were casting a view upon your most precious friend.

Acting as that other party now I look upon your month with excited eyes as I see so much potential and so many ideas! I know it’s really easy to get overwhelmed, so easy, but it’s also not that hard to choose a different route. How about you kick off the month with a wave of gratitude for how far you’ve come, and another wave for where you are going.
You may also be considering what you need to learn as you round up the rest of the year. Make sure to think of learning in the same light as everything else – another thrilling part of your journey, rather than feeling like you are lacking something and must fix it.

It’s also a good month for allowing others to offer you advice, even just to have the benefit of a different perspective. Someone from the past six months might hold the ‘ah-ha’ moment you’ve been waiting for. I repeat this often, and will continue to do so. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Don’t panic that you’re wasting time, but do make steps forwards in the present moment. If you try to tackle of everything at once, it will always seem like you’re getting nothing done. Break it apart and fuel some of your super powered ‘I can do it’ energy into your actions.

There is something that is being highlighted on the ‘to do’ list right now, and you know what it is – in fact it’s probably the one task you’re the most fearful of. Make that the one to get done today. Launch that product, make that phone call, forgive that moment, send out those emails, sign up to that class, do that paperwork, take that trip. Good fortunes await, so empower your actions and don’t attach anxiety to the future.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Nine of Swords

Panic stations! Do you feel like life has been a bit of a whirlwind of late? The to-do list has been constantly growing and you’ve really had to be on your ‘A’ game for a few months now. That’s not to say it’s been a dark time, because you’ve actually achieved some great things and also stepped into a more confident place. It’s more that the weight of the world has felt very much alive and present.

This is the month to shake it off and readjust how you perceive times of stress. I like to think of stress as an energy reserves thing – there are times that always need that extra burst, moving house for instance, and also for when things unexpectedly shift. Other than that, is it really worth worrying about anything and everything? No way! I want you to save that energy for a time when it’s really needed (which could be right now for some of you). There is no benefit to you to get caught up in petty dramas or to stamping your foot in line at the post office. Seriously, it’s a no brainer here. Sometimes it’s very useful to simply say to yourself, ‘nope I’m not getting caught up in that,’ and really follow that thought through.

You see, I feel that you have a lot of exciting things on the horizon and that some of those ‘shoulds’ on your to do list could actually be replaced with ‘would rather do’s’. How about blocking off some time in your diary for just you? How would you fill that space? It may mean just laying flat out on the floor or getting sore cheeks from laughing so much with your friends. You are allowed to occupy those spaces too you know. I can hear the ‘but I need to get this done’ come whispering already, and yes things need to get done, but there is time for it all.

Think of time as stretchy and as though you already have enough. Make that a mantra, in fact: ‘I have all the time that I need’. Rather than speaking from a place of lack, invite a sense of expansion into your life. Finally, make time to really listen this month. Meditation primarily is all about listening. Value your time enough to scan over your thoughts with a loving and non-judgmental eye.

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Cancer – The World

Last month I spoke about how you were at a significant point of change and this month, yes you are still there but I do feel a closing of the cycles. There are of course no endings and no beginnings, just a merging of chapters in your journey all joined up like a multi colored slinky, and this is a month to cast your eye back and employ a really powerful sense of gratitude. You did it!

You survived that challenge, you quit that job, you got that new one, you stepped into your power, you walked away from what wasn’t serving you, and you fought that fight. Well done, I’m proud of you and you must do the same for yourself. This act of personal gratitude helps us to appreciate the past and be less afraid of the future. As you acknowledge the point you are at and how you got there, you build up a pot of trust in the unknown. No, you will never know what’s in store, but at the very least open your eyes to receive it.

I sense a cascade of ‘aha’ moments awaiting you, and they might not all be easy. Sometimes, in fact often, those moments of clarity come after a rainstorm, when the water trickles away and suddenly you just ‘get it’. Trust that this inner awareness is always available to you if you make space for it. Look out for for the simpler and more gentle signposts, sometimes your highest self will simply send you an ‘it’s okay’ or a ‘yes’. Learn to trust that voice as real.

Anyway, now that you are stepping into a brand new space, what plans have you got hold of? I really want to push you to think bigger and brighter than you are perhaps allowing yourself. I’m thinking world travel and publishing deals, how about you? What if the world really is your oyster? What do you want to cast into that big open space? I feel really excited for you right now and also want to give you a burst of divine feminine energy.

You might like to see which goddesses you resonate with and take one on board to be your spirit guide for the month, as your connection to the divine is closer than you may even know. Finally, think as expansively as possible because the best solutions will be found in the space that lives way outside the parameters of your tunnel vision. 360 degrees, it’s all yours babe.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Queen of Swords

A rightful transition from last month as I encouraged you to get more practiced at standing within your own truths and raising your personal confidence. Stepping into the new month I feel that you might be doing a little bit of a yearly round up, and yes I know it’s not even December yet, but you’re a bit ahead of the game, right? What fantastic changes are you ready to bring in for the next rebirth of you?

As you ponder your journey so far, do remember that everything in the past is to be forgiven and nurtured. It got you here to the now and since the present is the only thing that is real, allow everything to be perfect in this moment. I also feel a bit more of a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude present for you, as you feel armed with a little more instinct about the directions that feel right to walk in. Now with that inner superpower, make sure that you don’t swing too far into no mans sass land and cut yourself off from the half of the world that doesn’t live up to your standards.

The great thing about having a clearer understanding of what and whom you want in your life is that it can give you a greater compassion for others. Know that as you allow yourself to have an experience of which you co-create, you also free up everyone else to do the same. Simply let them roam and do as they do, because their actions and experiences are of value for their journey. Stick to your own path and you will feel lighter and brighter as you walk on forwards.

Combining all that I’ve said above, you could find yourself being tempted to get a little obsessed about some old relationships or try and do a bit of a rewrite of the past in some way or another. I’m saying loud and clear – self-sabotage is a major waste of your time. You have far too many more interesting things to be working on right now – am I right? Yes. The world is waiting for what you are prepping in your shadows. It might just be time to strike up the match and get your fire lit. Your inner knowing is ready to come forth into the outside worth. We need you, so get to it.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – The Hierophant

The perfect card to follow on from the educating aspect of last month, as you now start to ponder your role as a teacher, and as a student. I feel that for many of you there has been a certain ‘upping of your game’ recently, and while you’re tempted to run and hide back in the closet, the part of you that is raring to go is just a little bit more alive. The conversation of how others might see you is strong, and with that comes a natural fear of being judged, or being hated.

This is a very common worry for pretty much everyone, but the way to work with it is quite simple. If you stay authentic to your own beliefs and personal nature then you will always feel okay. No, it doesn’t mean that everyone will like you – but it certainly means that you’ll have less of those ‘am I a fraud?’ moments. If you’re ready to stand up and share, whether it’s writing a book, talking your talk, speaking to that one special person or applying for a dream job, then the spark of excitement and willingness is all you need. Trust in yourself, that’s your main job – so work with your mind, body and spirit, and it will feel like your life is working with you.

As the teacher and the student are the mirror to each other, it’s also the month to consider where you are getting your sources of help. As evolving humans, our mentors and healers should also be subject to change as we move forwards. So adapt your support network to the moment in question. What do you need this month to help you feel the most authentic and embodied version of you? I feel many of you just need to reconnect with your nearest and dearest friends – even if they’re people you just met recently. Think soul family. Go to them with your questions and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions and advice. You are not a burden.

See this adventure into personal growth as a fun experiment in trying out some new therapies – sit in meditation and ask yourself who you need right now. Oh and by the way, I have to alert you that It may well be that you just need to spin that sage advice you’re so apt at dishing out back around to yourself, and suck it up loud and clear!

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Libra / Libra Rising – The Seven of Pentacles

A familiar slowness of pace that has come upon you, reminiscent of the beginning of this year. Nothing to be worried about though, and I feel that it is probably more a big sign of a cycle in your life wrapping itself up. You are entering cocoon mode. I also feel that some of you may be fighting against change and the unknown right now, and bringing up some old controlling habits? Of course I’m not going to encourage that so I’d better reintroduce you to the powers of SURRENDER. That old trick.

The most useful state of mind to entertain when you feel uncertain is to let everything go and encourage life to flow, as it should. In fact, know that it is flowing, exactly as it should, just maybe not on your time frame I’m sorry to say. This month is all about focusing on what you have and not what you lack. Yes it’s okay to have wallowing moments; we all need to feel our feelings, that is SO important. But avoid throwing yourself into a state of perma panic or burrowing down in the ‘what ifs’.

In those moments where you feel like there’s no way out, take a deep breath and request to see your situation more expansively, and then get on with the moment in hand. Repeat this as and when you just need to remind yourself that there may be a way around, above, below or through that maybe you just haven’t seen yet, or just maybe hasn’t appeared yet. Use the sense of stillness to your advantage and get in as much rest as possible. Our personal time is unique to us, so allow yourself moments to discover what relaxation means to you this month.

I feel that writing is certainly your friend over the coming weeks, so try my favorite ‘brain vomit’ method and just get it all out – no judgments and no thinking, just flow. Sometimes you just want to shut that book and walk away, but then you discover that your highest self has stepped in and written you a love note. Trust that maybe you do have the answers, and maybe you don’t need to wait around for someone to approve you. I believe life is an adventure that’s about remembering what we already know. It’s certainly something to ponder, right? Get ready to emerge into the light.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Rider Waite Deck.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – The Eight of Pentacles

Happy Birthday! This is such a dream card for you as you’re probably in ‘back to school’ mode already, right? I also love the flow from last month’s Two of Wands, as I feel it’s a call for you to take action based on the dreams and ideas you’ve been cultivating.

I expect many of you are itching to get a personal project off the ground, get started with a new job – or perhaps leave an old one! It’s a great time to get into action mode, but don’t panic if things play out differently from your original plan. The way that things transpire will be exactly as they should. I know that’s not alway an easy concept for a perfectionist like you, but it really works quite beautifully. All it requires is a little releasing of pressure from yourself to allow things to flow more easily. It is an exercise in freedom.

The start of your solar year is like our own personal new year, so why not take time over the first few days of the month to check in with your own internal radar. What is coming and what is cycling out of your life as you transition into this new life phase?

If your friendships and romantic relationships need a little work then now is a great time to be willing to see them in a different way. Getting along with another person can be like learning a new language; instead of shouting over and over hoping they’ll understand, how about putting some compassion into really listening to them? Their viewpoint is also valuable, and sometimes it’s an amazing discovery to find that you disagree and that it is totally okay too. Allow your relationships to evolve, and surrender to what feels good for you – meaning what feels good for your soul, not your ego.

Be open to welcoming in and respecting the unknown this month. A good way to do this is to look back and practice gratitude for the past year and especially for your childhood. And if, like so many of us, are feeling the bumps of change right now, then please be easy on yourself. A time of change is not supposed to feel relaxed – in fact, it feels the total opposite! It is imperative that whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re at right now you make the intention to be kind to yourself. Judging yourself or your journey is what builds blocks in front of you. Allow your moods to guide you, one feeling to the next. Remember every feeling is of value and you are unique but not alone.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Libra / Libra Rising – The Five of Swords

This is a perfect card to guide you on from the last few weeks into a new and more empowered space. As things shift and change in your own environment you now have a chance to reconnect your mind, body and spirit. It is possible that you are feeling a little off balance, perhaps even physically unwell. It can be scary to feel so ungrounded, but know that this is normal when your life is moving into a new cycle.

I feel this month is all about you, you and more YOU! So if you’re used to hiding in the sidelines or just being everything for everyone else, then it’s time to come back home. You’re not here to just give out, you need to be able to receive too, and it starts with you realigning yourself with your feelings and intentions.

This is especially significant if you are emerging from a relationship and have that ‘just stepped off a battleground’ energy around you. Try not to split yourself into pieces by seeing different versions of yourself scattered in the past. You are all you and everything is of significance to take you forward. Instead think of this as a great time for detoxing the mind and body, and ,alongside that, simply having some fun.

So how can you care for yourself more effectively? To start with try and avoid fitting yourself into a box or following someone else’s life plan, especially where health and diet are concerned. Think about your body and what it needs, consider what feels right for you. This can be a trial and error process and that’s okay, just work with yourself and experiment with everything that resonates with you.

If you’re feeling anxious about the past and worrying about hard times repeating themselves, again, this is very normal, but know that you are always evolving and that it’s within your powers of perception that you can really trust in that. Allow time to just be you, be in you, be with you. It’s the safest place you can be. When you have reclaimed your personal power you may find that blocks dissolve and you feel a little more like putting an action plan in place.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Scorpio / Scorpio – The Four of Cups

I hope you’ve been working with the word ‘expansion’ this year, because it’s such a helpful tool for you. In any given experience or moment we can look at things through a small, restricted tube, or from a 360-degree viewpoint. So what’s your vision like today?

If you feel in ‘stuck’ mode, then begin to think of everything as being stretchy – life as lycra – remembering there is always a possibility that you perhaps haven’t seen yet. Not only is this a more positive place to start from, but it’s actually something we can work with. I often look at the closed sentences we create for ourselves and think to myself; ‘I don’t want to live in that kind of space, I want something to explore.’ So make this your mantra for the next month – ‘I am willing to explore.’

I want you to adventure within your own time frame, moving around your own puzzle pieces and creating and recreating all the time. Any moment you feel bored, it’s only a call for expansion. Any time you feel afraid, it’s just a call for freedom. You are in a time of wild and exciting opportunity, especially on a personal note, and there are many people who need you and appreciate you. There are also new romantic prospects perhaps closer than you realize – I’ll leave that one to you to investigate. So over the next month, allow yourself to open up to new contacts and to being a light for those who are in murky waters.

However, it’s also imperative that you up your energy protection skills. I just read that snails have a special type of slime that’s reserved for protection, how cool is that? Snails are totally my new spirit creatures! So how about visualizing your own version of this. Close your eyes and see a bight light within your heart centre, representing your highest and brightest inner light. Now see it expanding from your body, covering your whole being with an iridescent, protective second skin. This is your new power source, both for protection and to enhance your ability to feel comfortable in your own light. Let me know how it goes!

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Death

I feel that it’s these later months of the year where you’ll be navigating and noticing the most shifts in your life. It seems like you’ve been building up to something, and the next few weeks are where you can finally start taking action. If you are poised ready to or launch a new something or other (wait! have you been keeping something on the secretive down low?!), then this is the perfect time to embrace it fully and without obsession over perfection. Trust that if you are moving forward from an honest and passionate place, then everything is as it should be. Keep walking forwards instead of trying to rewrite the past, and avoid delaying yourself because of a fear of failure, which of course is just a fear of that unknown space ahead of us.

Remember that none of us are exempt from fears, so try and avoid judging your feelings as you’ll be the most supported when you stay present with any worries that come up and wrap your arms fully around your challenges. Know that during a time of change you’re not supposed to feel grounded or relaxed, so be easy on yourself and up your self care practice.

For some of you there may be some moments of clarity or personal epiphanies over the next few weeks as you fully connect with how your own personal stories have been weaving together. There may be moments where you need to stop and forgive yourself and other people – maybe linked to a few situations from the recent past. Remember that forgiveness is nothing to do with letting someone ‘off the hook,’ but rather it’s the act of freeing oneself from restrictions. As you practice this idea of freeing yourself you will find that it opens up a new space for opportunity and personal growth.

Finally, keep yourself aware of how you channel your fire energy. If you feel bored, frustrated or self-sabotaging, this is misplaced fire and a call for you to expand. It might be that you need to shift your outlook by being willing to see more options, or it might represent a need to pay attention to a passion that you’ve hidden away. Think of this month as an option to explore and take an adventure through your own psyche. Who knows what you may find!

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Two of Wands

This month you’re invited to step back into a more creative and adventurous place. It’s a month to retire to your manifestation station and get quite serious about redesigning your life. You’ve been quite hard on yourself recently, as well as managing a lot of external stress, so it’s time to reshuffle and realize that you do have some power in this process.

It’s so easy for us to feel like a victim, and imagine that things are happening to us. It’s equally easy to start restricting ourselves without even realizing it. How often recently have you been using closed statements like; ‘I can’t’? And external statements that start with the dreaded; ‘I should’? It is within your own ability to expand yourself so that more options are available. There will always appear to be a block in front of you if you are wearing blinkers. But what about the expanse around you? This is the space I want you to be willing to explore.

It just doesn’t cut it anymore to be unkind to yourself or pile the pressure up and up, so it’s time to get creative. Start from the bottom. How do you feel today, and how do you want to feel? Where is the block that is separating the two? Is it a fear centered around a ‘what if’, an ‘I should’ or an ‘I can’t?’ I believe that we must rewrite our own inner dictionaries so that we are no longer using words that aren’t stretchy or empowered. Replace all the above with an ‘I feel’ in order to see how you really resonate with what is going on around you. It is time to fall in love with yourself again.

You will benefit from working with your own inner spark this month and honouring your back burner ideas. What projects or plans have you sidelined and replaced with things you thought you ‘should’ do instead? It’s time to bring them to the forefront, with no pressure. Remember how as children we always just had hobbies? Where as when we are adults we often feel that everything has to have a point or an action plan attached, so that we forget about just being expressive or having fun. It’s time to go back to doing what simply makes you feel good. Okay?

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Emperor

The month ahead calls for some good old-fashioned order and planning, and this is probably just what you need if you’ve been feeling quite out of control recently. This isn’t however a call for control freak mode, instead showing you that well placed balance and order have the ability to set you free. This card brings in Mars energy, all about your drives and passions, posing the question of how you want to move forward and helping you be aware of what might be holding you back.

The themes of protection and preservation are present for you too, and I’d like you to reframe these phrases so that they sit in a positive light for you. Protect yourself not by cutting yourself off from the world or other people but by choosing company that uplifts your spirits rather than pulls on your fears. Preserve your energy by not placing it in any space that feels restricted. This might mean that you remember to pick and choose career choices to suit you rather than to please others, and that you work on getting more comfortable with the presence of your own fears.

With such a strong archetype in place I can’t avoid the possibility that there is a strong masculine energy in your life right now. This doesn’t have be a male, but the energy has a very powerful presence over you. I want you to address whether you feel consumed by someone, or even overpowered by a situation? If so, then here is your chance to take this energy for yourself and channel it back into your own life force – as opposed to feeling like you’ve been depleted.

This is where a sense of structure will help. Think about where you feel weakened and what you could do to support yourself more in this situation. It might be that you return to a wellness practice that has helped you before, take yourself on a holiday or put yourself fully into a work project or idea that has been on the sidelines. Either way this is a reminder that whilst the feelings of external pressure can be huge, there is always a part that you can play to shift your perspective and be kinder to yourself. Make falling in love with yourself a non-negotiable, and practice forgiveness for every block that you become aware of.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Three of Swords

An interesting reflection of last months card, here is another three which calls you to expand in a slightly different way. The last few weeks you may have been planning new career adventures or just checking in with that inner call to share or teach. I feel that this month is about releasing old pain and disappointments in order to be really present with what your soul desires.

Disappointment is one of the strangest human emotions and links very closely to a victim mentality. For someone as intuitive as you, it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed because you can often soak up everyone else’s emotions without even realizing it! This might recently have come in the forms of a fear that others behavior is to do with you, that you have done something wrong, and also feelings of self blame. It’s important to note these types of feelings quickly and shift them within the moment. Remember that you have personal power and your journey is yours to explore and co-create. Acknowledge where you feel let down but don’t judge yourself.

I feel that some of you might be stuck in repetitive romantic patterns, and again the key to unlock these is in reclaiming a sense of empowerment. Check in with how often you are externalizing your life to be about someone else and know that this is your experience, and that is actually quite exciting. By freeing yourself up from any expectations you have placed upon yourself, then liberation will appear in the form of a wide-open space to really get to know parts of yourself that you perhaps didn’t even know existed.

Try and work constantly with the term ‘I feel,’ so that you are always connecting mind and body and reforming a stronger internal confidence structure. This month is all about transcending pain in a new way, and I do believe that we can feel empowered within a challenge by claiming it for our own. Somewhere in your life right now there is a situation that is acting as a catalyst, ready to rocket you off to a fresh and more evolved space. Remember growing pains are normal, and you are writing your own life story; now imagine yourself as the hero, and ask how might you save yourself today.

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Aries / Aries Rising – The Six of Cups

A nostalgic card for you this month Aries, and a call to check in with how you are currently viewing the past. The past is there to be appreciated but not re-written. You are someone that likes a task and likes to be productive, and I feel that these next few weeks aren’t about combing through the history books, but instead just being present with where the past might be having a negative effect on your plans.

What mean is, I feel you might be trying to delve through your archives to find out why something turned out as it did or perhaps even just trying to predict a possible outcome for the future. Slow down. I repeat, slow down and let the past be your mentor, a gentle energy that comes with solid advice and assurance. The best way for you to be nostalgic right now is to forgive and be compassionate to anything that has been difficult for you recently. I definitely feel that there is some emotional energy with you right now that is very strong, and may have caused you to feel much more out of balance than usual – even with your health. Keep being patient and kind to yourself. Your mind has to be a judgement free zone because then you can move forwards, knowing that your story is perfectly crafted just as it is.

Meanwhile, the benefits to the next few weeks are that you may have a push forward with a career project, something that needed space and is now ready to align with your time zone! There is also the possibility of using this energy to connect with old friends – and no, this does not mean texting ex lovers, rather reconnecting with those who you miss in your circle. I feel there could be a friend who needs some comforting words from you right now, so remember the art of helping if you feel a little helpless yourself.

I also love the idea that you can use this time to reconnect yourself to old hobbies and passions, perhaps picking up that paint brush or doing something that your inner child would approve of. Let the light and positive energy of your past guide you forward and be ready to hear the answers that old times bring forth in the present moment.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Three of Cups

This is such a shift from the energy of last month, where I was encouraging you to get really present with all of your fears. We now have a space for celebration and lighter joy. I feel it’s a pull to get you out of your comfort zone – have you been a bit of a home hermit recently? I think that there are people that would appreciate your company, and not to chat about work, just to relax and try and see the lighter side of life. If you’ve been in a very challenging space recently then this is a reminder that it’s okay to still laugh and smile, even if you feel dragged down by difficulties and sadness. Don’t however put any pressure on yourself to ‘have fun.’ It’s more about allowing yourself to tip-toe on over to something that feels good and might just plant a smile on your face.

Meanwhile, this is a card of congratulations so it could be that you finally release a project you have been working so hard on, and get to experience the elation that comes with giving birth to a new idea. It’s a good few weeks to take a mini break or holiday, and if you haven’t been out of town for a while relaxation is fully encouraged. I also feel that this marks a shift in perspective for you, as if perhaps last month helped you face up to some things that seemed so scary and you saw a way to cope with them or to change your thoughts to support you rather than attack you.

It is certainly the month to make the most of life – the phrase ‘life is short’ is important to contemplate because it can release us from silly judgments and worries and free us up to appreciate everything that is present, especially the people we love. Get in touch with some of your most supportive friends, feel free to share if you need to but make sure to honour the art of giving and receiving and check in that they are okay too. I feel that everyone needs a bit of a boost right now, and we can all play our part.

On a final note, take some time to sit and soak up how amazing you are. Sometimes you forget to do this, and now is a great time for personal gratitude. You are AWESOME, so deal with it!

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse

Gemini / Gemini Rising – The Chariot

Yep, you are still in a time of change! So release any pressure from yourself to be feeling super grounded and relaxed. It’s okay! Life is going ahead, it’s likely that this month brings together the results of things that you have been building up to or working on this year so far – and this is good news. It is only difficult if you lay back and forget to participate, so hold on and remember to fully engage. The lessons are all in the balance. If you can work out how to care for yourself and be respectful of your adventure then you will be just fine.

Last month things may have felt a little more out of control, so you’ll be pleased to know that this month some of the movement is based on your own will and power! At the forefront is a call for you to slow yourself down to a step-by-step process, so that the mists clear and things make more sense. I feel that there have been a lot of external opinions recently, advice from here, there and everywhere, and with that it’s easy to feel lost.

In order to emerge from this wind tunnel you have to be working with your ‘will’ and not your ‘won’t.’ This means it’s time to let go of the stubborn part of yourself that says you ‘can’t’ change or ‘things will always be like this.’ It is a call to be more expansive and allow yourself to evolve into a better stage of your life. Don’t be afraid because life is supposed to move forward, you are supposed to constantly shift, and now it’s time to go for it!

Think of all the ways you can be proactive this month. How can you take charge of your health and well being in new way? What bigger part can you play in wanting to feel good? What can you change about your inner dialogue to make your mind more manageable? What would you like to leave behind as you move onwards? It’s important to post yourself these kinds of questions often, but also to give them to yourself pressure free. This isn’t about restrictive disciplines, but about wanting to honour the life you have been given.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Page of Swords

You are navigating through the same waters as last month, which is all about your own personal power and inner truths. I feel some of you have probably seen things change already and are enjoying how much more empowered it feels to be making choices from a place that feels good. As you move through September, there is a call to really stay aligned to your own clarity and wisdom, especially with a lot of opinions from others forming around you. Stay true to yourself and try to not detour into fear or be swayed by trying to do things from an external ‘I should’ kind of space.

There may be lots of gossip in your midst, and so follow this simple rule: Drama doesn’t exist unless you participate in it. This is simple but it can be easy to be swayed, and again it is a call to stand in your own shoes. The reason it is so important to be embodied is that when you are fully connected to yourself you have the opportunity to see the lessons that the past is shouting out to you. I feel that you might have a few ‘ah-ha’ moments come riding in over the next few weeks, as you see how things link to each other and how you ended up standing right here.

I want you to also be proud of yourself this month as you move forwards, it feels like you are really stepping into a new cycle after a lot of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over the year so far. You are aware that you had lessons that needed to be learned and now you are ready to really play your own cards and continue to discover what is hidden within you. It can be difficult to stand fully in our own power – in fact it’s one of life’s lessons to really go for it and not be afraid of what others might say or what might happen if you really shine.

If you stay connected to your mind, body and spirit then you can always bring forth the highest part of yourself, and with that are then able to see the lightest and brightest path ahead. You are still evolving, so don’t expect yourself to ‘know everything’ – we are always supposed to be learning, teaching and sharing. So pat yourself on the back and keep on walking.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Ace of Pentacles

What a perfectly smooth transition from last month – that question of how you were going to further your own experience is perfectly complemented by this month’s card, which signals new beginnings and bright opportunities.

So I’d like to talk to you about how you decide which options to pick and how to make the decision that’s best for you. This is all about respecting a desire to feel good and experience joy – it’s not about beating others or being directed by your ego’s fears. Lucky you if you have a huge selection of options or ideas in front of you, but it can still be overwhelming. So scale yourself back to a pressure free zone and begin from considering what you desire right now. We are dealing with what you want to experience on this earthly plane, so yes we can cover career, but really this is more about your experience on earth itself and what you would like to learn and discover.

I feel over the next few weeks you are going to have the opportunity for many fresh starts, some of which may already have been creeping in like new relationships and friendships. This is an empowering energy and so I want you to be very active in directing yourself and exploring your own internal and external landscape. Think of every day as a clear canvas to start creating from. This is not a time to ignore your own ideas or sideline passion projects, in fact it’s actually a great time to bring back to the table an old idea that got left behind. Expect the unexpected and be open to taking what feel like unusual opportunities. Just know that if something feels right, then it could be just the opportunity you needed.

Finally, there is no need to be afraid of a fresh start. The unknown is merely something that you aren’t familiar with…yet. It is not a place to fear, and your perspective can be shifted by thinking of everything as potentially exciting, rather than fearful. Consider how the sun sets and rises every day but the light and patterns from the clouds in the sky are always slightly different: the scene is always the same, but different.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the The Rider Tarot Deck

And just like that Mercury is on the move again – so for any of you who’ve been waving your fists in the air, expect normal service to resume. I hope you don’t have too much cleaning up to do! In contrast, I feel that July will bring action, movement, force and vigor. The waiting and surrendering seems to be dissolving, the picture sharpening, as life gets just a little clearer. And so we prepare to gallop on ahead. I’m all in, are you?

I love to chat with you about your scopes and how your month is going so find me on Twitter and Instagram @louniverse


Cancer / Cancer Rising – King of Wands

Happy Birthday month, sweet Cancerian friends. July is waiting for you to take it by the hand and go off and adventure. You’ve been clearing space and there is now an almost overwhelming pull from within you to tap back into your own creative self. In recent months there may have been more material world ins and outs and ups and downs than your intuitive spirit could handle. Of course you could handle it, but you may have been feeling exhausted and off balance. It’s now time to reclaim your heartiest of hearts. Are you ready?

So, you’ve been letting go, surrendering and giving up what no longer works for you. Keep at it – we must remember that we are constantly in a cycle, preparing for the new and the better. In order to move forward you must have faith in your own ability to regenerate and step into you’re a-game. You know the place? The one where you have the wildest of ideas and the will to follow them through? That is where you’re moving your bags to, that room of wonder and weird and joy. It’s time to place some intentions and interest in doing what makes you feel good, what makes you feel inspired and alive. In fact, focus on that this month – FEELING ALIVE. What turns you on? Who lights you up? How do you tune into your own inner light? These aren’t always the easiest questions to answer but it’s fun trying.

Your ability to ‘have it all’ is boosted right now. So what does that mean to you? I like to think this means bathing in what we have while striving for what we feel is for our highest good. It’s not about piling everything back into this space you’ve created and then mirroring stress from times past – no, no, no. How about stepping into a newer and more confident you? Confidence is gained from feeling empowered. Empowerment is gained from being embodied. To get embodied you need to pay the upmost respect to your journey and your soul’s desire. Go in the direction of your biggest ideas, know that you can fulfill them, but don’t forget to balance the working hard with the feeling good. Self care can’t be put in the back seat any more, it must be prioritised in this day and age.

For inspiration, look to the dreamers and the entrepreneurs around you. Who do you know who is always stubborn about blazing their own path? These people are your guides this month and ultimately your mirrors too. When you see the stories that you want, know that they are also yours to claim. Finally, you will find love via lighting your own spark.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Five of Swords

As you approach your birthday, which is of course your own unique New Years day, it’s a good time to pull yourself together. I mean that in the kindest of ways – that it’s the right few weeks to revamp, re-camp and reset. I feel that you may have been a little energetically and emotionally scattered recently, perhaps from the push and pull of others’ opinions – words from all directions. It’s easy to kind of collapse into a less whole version of ourselves sometimes. However, your goal is to feel grounded and present within yourself, so it’s time to clean up!

When and where do you feel like a victim? Are you holding on to a circumstance and blaming someone or the Universe for ‘doing’ something to you? We all have these low points, where we feel so out of control that we kind of fall into the lap of our inner demons and let them start ruling the show. Your experience is yours to love and to embrace, to claim. This month, try to not be self-destructive just because it feels like an easy option. While a positive approach to a challenging situation can seem like impossibility, know that it’s a starting point for a miraculous change in perception.

If you’ve been suffering with low self esteem, again don’t be the victim or the bad guy in your own story – let this be your moment to foster a kinder approach to yourself. Speak to yourself with only your highest voice. You know that bashing yourself never leads to a great feeling of enlightenment so how about a gentle ‘It’s okay’, ‘you’re fine’ once in a while – fake it until you make it, as they say.

Remember that life isn’t a game of winning or losing; you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone or to yourself. Playing the game is about you feeling good, standing in your own shoes and embracing your own oddities and unique traits. Over the next few weeks sideline comparing yourself to others, or fighting to ‘be the best’ and focus on celebrating what makes you YOU. With this practice in place it will be easier to notice a sense of grounding and confidence coming back in, served with a smile, of course.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Virgo / Virgo Rising – The Five of Pentacles

Sometimes the Wheel of Fortune brings in shifts and changes, which is why I spoke with you last month about honoring the cycles of life and participating in your experience. Did you notice any shakeups? Often during a period of change it can be easy to get really locked into material world stressors in our day to day and veer away from nurturing our own downtime – which of course is exactly when we need it! Balance is no laughing matter. We need to place positive energy in all avenues of our adventure so that we feel the most empowered – and so that we can also laugh, because we are having so much fun!

With a fair amount of attention being placed on your career recently you may have dredged up a need for some serious spiritual downtime. There’s a fine line which often reveals itself during hectic busy times, when it’s easy to sometimes neglect your inner soul system because you’re feeling an external need to be ‘on top of everything’. Know that the finest practical moves come from having pure and clear clarity of thought – which is only achieved from being fully aligned with your highest self.

So this month honor your inner pilot light! It’s flickering and needing your attention – reconnect to your own divine self. How do you do that? This is a question only you can answer but I can tell you that it requires you to allow yourself some time to be still, reflect and just be. Even in the most hectic of days you can give yourself some moments. For a meditative journaling exercise, ask yourself; ‘In what areas do I feel like the alien or feel isolated? Are there are any parts of my highest good that I feel like I have abandoned?’

It may even be that you felt too emotional about a situation, and so cut yourself off from it. In these cases again, it’s about addressing the balance with some Earth energy, and celebrating your material world experience so that you can reconnect to your self-soothing spirit. As you respond to these inner calls you may notice that they reflect back some clarity into some of the challenges you see in the world around you. Repair within, thrive without.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Judgement

I feel that you’ll notice the strongest shifts this month than you have for quite a while, and you’re ready. The energy that arrives for you is all about standing in your strongest self and highest source of light. I want to face the rest of the year in complete embodied empowerment. Wouldn’t you like to feel that too?

So where you do you see yourself? What are you walking towards? Where are you going? What are you feeling? Are you standing in your own shadow and playing small, or are you wide-eyed and open and ready? If parts of yourself feel uninspired or you notice in some situations that you aren’t quite ‘in it’, use these questions to help feel your way through anything else you need to let go of. When we move on from things that aren’t workable we just create new space for manifesting something better – and we all like the sound of that! I want to give you a nudge, because you may be wavering on the sidelines of a big decision or veering away from making a huge change because it seems scary. This is the time to stand up and be counted, and why not? You are good enough and you deserve to follow through with your biggest goals and dreams.

Instead of judging yourself with a negative perspective, try it from a positive viewpoint. This can be done by simply shifting your dialogue – for instance, if you hate your job, instead of getting down on your own abilities and losing self confidence the message may just be that it’s time to up your game and move to something that works for you. There is always a way to make an empowered move.

If your spirit feels like it’s flagging, then love it and love it and love it some more. Light yourself up in all the silliest ways that you know how. Write a letter to your life and ask for what you want, remembering that you are the co-creator of this amazing existence! Everything is aligning and you are always exactly where you are supposed to be. Choose to wear a pair of new lenses this month. Be willing to see everything in a new way and see what you can unearth.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – The Nine of Cups

How do you feel about the term; ‘Be careful what you wish for?’ I don’t believe in bringing warnings into our daily practices but I do believe that we have strong energies within the words that we choose to use! And I use the word ‘choose’ here because being mindful of your voice is one of the fastest and most effective things you can use to change the experience that you’re having. This is a month for nurturing your words and your thoughts to not only to call in your dreams and desires, but also to honor and respect the decisions that you’ve been making. In a year of highs and lows and multiple surrenders, your highest self is now ready to celebrate YOU.

It’s also time to relax into this regenerated version of yourself in order for things to settle. To keep your energy clear, notice where you may be closing yourself in with your words, it’s easy to restrict our own flow sometimes purely by crowding ourselves out with a ‘can’t, won’t and what if’ mentality. Clean up your language inside and out to allow in limitless expansion.

Emotions and feelings are on the forefront over the next few weeks. You may be hovering between feeling overwhelmed and elated, so try to recognize that they are one and the same – a new rush of energy for you to direct as you like. Channel that downpour into your creative activities, whether they be exercise, art or a crazy wild passionate love affair. It feels to me like you’ve been restless and relentless waiting for something to move forwards, and it may just be that you’re pushing yourself out of habit. Know that a turn is coming and try not be mad that things aren’t always happening on your time frame – everything is actually exactly as it should be.

The word ‘glory’ is coming through for you right now, and so sit for a moment and have a ponder what that word means to you. I’d like you to be rejoicing in your own talents and achievements in equal measure, as well as being grateful for the opportunities you’ve been given and are about to receive. And so back to the phrase we began with. You are in a powerful month to see your biggest hopes play out in reality, so why not…make a wish?

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Magician

Following on from last month where I encouraged you to set your adventurous sights high, you now are moving to a place where you must stand strong and claim this story that you’re writing. Consider the word ‘fate’ and what it means to you – personally, I feel we must empower the word by acknowledging and acting as though we have a hand in everything we see. I wrote in your 2014 Tarotscope a mantra for you; ‘Destiny is my partner in crime’. Take this on board as your ruling truth this month as you step into a new sense of inner power.

Now, at this point I want you to keep your ego in check! Remember that by succeeding in your career or making breakthroughs from your challenges you have made a personal victory. By all means be grateful and remember that these experiences are given to you to share and help you on your journey, not to place yourself on a pedestal. You may indeed find that others are looking to you for advice this month on how you got where you are – so here’s a little reminder to be the teacher not the preacher.

If you are looking for ways to expand your skillset, then consider how you might be able to share a little further and wider – Is there a book waiting to be written or a workshop you want to create? Explore your potential, with respect and kindness. If you’ve been feeling scattered, then here come a few weeks to call back in your core passions, a time to remind yourself who you really are. Let loose any comparisons or jealousies towards others and embrace what makes you tick. Your life force is powerful beyond what you may realize, and it’s waiting for you to come out and dance. It’s not the time to play in your shadows.

Last month I wanted you to manifest and plan, and now it’s action time. It’s the time to “just do it’ – and you know exactly what ‘it’ is! As one of the Five Sutras for the Aquarian Age, Yogi Bajan taught us; “When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.” This is your calling for July – it’s time to take that first step, knowing that you have all the resources that you need within you. Allow it and the path will form.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Four of Swords

I wasn’t surprised to see this card turn for you, as it sums up the past few months and cements all the lessons your journey has bestowed upon you. Last month we talked about balance and priorities, and over the next few weeks I feel that you’ll be settling into some new ways of thinking and I’m excited about this. The emphasis is still upon rest and regroup though – it’s like you’re in a masterclass for the art of getting comfortable with space and stillness!

So more of it, but this is also the card that always shouts out to me ‘the calm before the storm’. In other words, by no means freak out if things aren’t going to your time frame (aka full speed ahead!) and enjoy the mellow road because swift moves are soon to be upon you. You are essentially perfectly placed to be gathering your strength for new projects, swift communications and heart bursting adventures.
Are you taking a vacation this summer? Even if you feel that you have ‘no time’ to, then remember that even one night away from home or out of your hectic comfort zone could be just the down time that you need. A lone retreat with your social media and computer switched firmly off can calm down the buzz and allow you to get some real sleep. Speaking of which, how is your sleep right now? That is the area I want you to nurture, so experiment with your pre-slumber routine and find out what suits you. I say this because I feel that any anxieties you have may be popping up at bedtime, or even in your dreams. Keep a notebook by your bed to jot down lingering thoughts and midnight epiphanies – those can be dealt with in the morning.

Now that we’re at the mid-year point you can also think of this month as time to look at your foundations. The ground you stand on, live on and walk on is your place for growth, comfort and grounding. How do you feel about where you stand? Always remind yourself of your journey and don’t waste your energy on anything less than the essentials. In areas where you just feel like giving up, consider, is ‘giving up’ actually just the surrender you need?

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Hermit

This is a fitting card for you to take on as a mentor, my Aquarian friends. How often do you choose to bash your self-confidence rather than acknowledge your own inner power? A few times recently, it feels. You’re a person of so much wisdom, and yet can hide from it or go easily against your own grain. Over the next few weeks it’s likely that you’ll be called upon to honor your highest self – a great lesson to learn and embody.

Independent confidence is benefitted from moments or periods of isolation, although it’s not about hiding away. Your right now is about appreciating the re-charge moments, and learning to love your own downtime because it can reconnect you to your inner guide and source energy. When you feel tired, you feel like you’ve been drained of life right? Your life source needs a recharge right now – but remember, the art of meditating, for instance, isn’t learning to block your thoughts it’s just opening up a space to stop and listen.

How can you alchemize the challenges that you are experiencing into wisdom to move forwards with? Try to not perceive everything as a block in front of you, even when, oh yes, it looks and feels like one. Is it simply a redirection towards a healing or a better experience? Often it is, but we have to have faith in that. So realign your belief in your journey, and how you want your story to play out. Then start with your inner dialogue – how are you speaking to and about yourself? Pep it up to the more empowered version – even if you feel like it’s a cheese fest write down some of the qualities that you love about yourself or what employers of partners may find attractive, then accept them as the truth. You are worth every moment of the experience you want to have.

Socially it might be that the next few weeks can teach you the power of the one-on-one and small group activities – you don’t always need to please and entertain everyone. A lesson in independence is to enjoy and thrive by yourself and with just that one person – for it is here that you can get comfortable with basking in your own light.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Devil

Oh boy, times of change just bring all the bubbles to the surface don’t they? The last four months have been a string of big events, full on wow experiences, ah ha moments and for some of you a feeling of crushing defeat. It’s like all the big guns have come to your party and this month it’s time to say hello to those that you didn’t invite!

The art of managing anxiety and fear is learning to get comfortable with your uncomfortable. I always say that fear should be treated like an acquaintance you see in the street – you must always say hello but not stop to chat. However it’s that saying hello part that’s the hardest, for it’s so much easier to run from the devil on your shoulder than allow him to sit beside you. Over the next few weeks start to practice welcoming your negative thoughts into your space and choose to learn to not be afraid of them. Think of fear as something that’s completely dissolvable and has no tangible roots. This is why, when you’re in a time of change (new job, new relationship, break up, house move, health issue and so on), fear rears up – because change also has no roots, you’re in the limbo zone. But hey guess what? It’s okay to not feel okay.

This is a time for action though – less of the hanging around and more of the full power ahead and I CAN DO IT attitude. If you feel stuck, then this is only highlighting where you feel restricted. These ties are like distractions, trying to lure you away from following your highest self and brightest path – so don’t fall for your own tricks. You know what they are.

You’ll feel so liberated the moment that you say ‘no more’, whether it’s to your limited mindset, a tendency to indulge in too much of what you don’t need, a decrepit old fear or an experience that isn’t serving you. It’s time to free yourself to do and be everything you’re afraid you can’t do or be. What if you can have everything you wish, and it’s just a matter of claiming and allowing it? Instead of overindulging in the old negative habits, use the positive aspect of your ego and stand in your own strength. Light up.

Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aries / Aries Rising – The Wheel of Fortune

The perfect card for the mid-year point and the perfect card for you, the Astro leader. July throws you into a whole new cycle, are you ready? Um yeah of course you are, but I mean are you really on it? I say this with the nudge to honor the word new here – so how about this time you do things differently? Are you with me?

So, as you launch yourself into the next six months’ activitym then you at least want to start by feeling confident – so absolutely no playing the victim in your own adventure, okay? I feel you could find that you are very much becoming present with areas in your life where you like to play the saboteur – and let’s face it, we all do it. What are you not starting because you have placed a few too many ‘what ifs’ in the way? What limiting stories have you told yourself recently? Where do the ‘I cant’s’ lie for you? Do you feel like a part of you has been diluted somewhere and needs revving up? All of these questions are yours to sit with and choose to fuel your inner Fire. It’s you element after all.

I call on you to ask these questions because I feel that right now is the best time for you to be changing patterns; there is a sharp energy about you that brings with it the intent to shift! It’s sometimes easy you see to spin in our own circles and feel like that’s ‘just the way things are’, but who’s idea was that? Hell, who says you can’t just go out there and bring a new method to your very own personal brand of madness!

I love the idea that it’s your own life force and drive and desire that can spin your wheel to the next stage, bring in the change that you are ready for and help you shape the days ahead. I can never help but be cryptic with this card because I always see it kind of hovering above, just throwing questions at you and trying to force you to play your own game – a total tease in fact. So answer the questions you receive honestly, and just be ready, and above all, interested in the possibility of great fortunes ahead of you.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Queen of Cups

How was last month? Did you dive in and reclaim your life force? I hope so as July softens and brings forth more intuitive and emotional energy, and it’s time for you to get comfortable with that. The questions I want you to pose yourself for the next few weeks are; What needs to be nurtured? And where do I always put the most pressure on myself?

One of the quickest ways to check in with how you are speaking to and treating yourself is by checking whether you’d look after your nearest and dearest in the same way. I want you to nurture yourself the way that you would your most loved friend, your child or your partner. This is a self-soothing therapeutic practice for your soul – so go all in.

With all the connecting to your superpowers that’s been going on recently your intuition will be heightened, so take advantage of this by testing out your ‘going with your gut’ response – this is the quickest way to affirm that your actions are indeed on the money. I do have a feeling that you may be called up as a bit of a life coach for friends and family over the next few weeks, and perhaps this is why you want to be really in tune with your mind, body and spirit. If you’re not feeling up to scratch personally, then it will be easy to want to avoid others’ demands or get irritable when people ask for your time. You want to be able to be the sage advice giver and have equal time to yourself. If you feel at any point like you want everyone to just ‘go away’, it’s a swift kick in the backside from the Universe, to remind you to take some quiet time and support yourself first.

Career wise know that it’s okay to soften too, and let people know how you are feeling. Just because you know you’re good at what you do it doesn’t mean you have to manage it all by yourself. Being in touch with your emotions means getting comfortable with being vulnerable once in a while – and with that, there is wisdom to be gained. Show the real you, anxieties and all and you may suddenly receive exactly what you need.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Page of Cups

Synchronicities and miracles, are you seeing them? This month I’d like you to continue on your journey of higher path exploration by merging your spiritual self with your material surroundings. It’s easy to believe they’re completely separate, but actually they’re one and the same. You are on a gentle adventure right about now, so try to avoid putting pressure on yourself to be anything but you and be anywhere but here. It’s a lovely few weeks to embrace all this is you and really practice following your own inner wisdom.

It can be quite a fun exercise to just see how easy it is to shape your own experience, especially when shifting your inner dialogue. Try and locate the areas where you are feeling stressed or anxious and decide now in this moment that you are going to be willing to perceive things in a new way. If you are truly ready to bring another option, idea or direction you will instantly open up to being able to really see it. I like to think of it as the spectacles that you choose to wear – so practice choosing to see through lenses crafted to reflect back your highest good. Do you see how with your own embodied choices in place, you can manage to feel full of personal power even when faced by a challenge?

Meanwhile, the energy around you is light and childlike. Remind yourself of what you loved to do when you were younger and carried less fear, and bring that into the now. You may want to retreat and spend time alone, working on sparking your own light, and that is great – any work that’s about nurturing your spirit and your wildest passions is time well spent.

And when you notice any weird moments or strange coincidences, then choose see them as a sign of you connecting to your highest self – then celebrate, and say thank you to your journey. Now choose to believe that it shouldn’t be unusual to connect to this place, in fact it should be the norm. Trusting your gut must be your first choice from now on. Allow your own feelings to be valid and important. Go within and listen, then take compassion-filled action – swoon on.

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Happy Birthday sweet swimmer! As the two bookends of the Zodiac, you and Aries both have the same cards come up as last month. To say February will merge it’s energy with March is obvious, but whatever you were working on last month will follow through too and I feel that much of the mood is a continuing search for stability.

It can be easy for you to swim against your own tide or, dare I even say it, flee from the idea of being ‘tied down’.

Yet you are always searching for something that feels like home. What does the steady flow that you desire look and feel like to you? It’s good to work with this to remind yourself that your journey isn’t a prescription laid out with no fluidity – instead it’s quite the opposite. If you desire a partnership but don’t want to feel like your wings have been clipped, then know that it’s completely possible to find someone who rides the same wave as you and gives you the space you want. Instead of running from people who express interest in you, allow everyone else the option to be unique and different – don’t try and label or pin people down to what you think they are. This will limit your opportunities to bring in the right kinds of friends, lovers, partners and work mates to expand your experience.

Along with this search for solid ground, know that there is a balance between the material and spiritual and that it’s ok to be in both worlds. I feel that this month you may be working with that balance and occasionally questioning which is the ‘right’ way to be. Remove this pressure and again, allow yourself to expand in all directions. There is no need in this day and age to separate the two. You can be practical with your intuition and be spiritual in your day to day.

This month allows you to stop and re-shuffle priorities, feelings and plans. The joy lies in your ability to create an environment that works for you. I feel that you may also be considering the ground you walk on; some of you feeling like putting down roots and committing to new homes, classes and jobs, while others are experiencing the opposite – purely because these foundation may not feel right. In this case, you will maybe even relocate.

The main thing I’d like you to work on though is a steadiness. The fact that this very earthy card has come up twice makes me want to let you know it’s okay to slow down. You don’t need to make hasty decisions and a little going over of matters and thoughts will not do you any harm. Maybe during last month’s Mercury retrograde it already felt like your brakes were being pulled (or plans thwarted) – so allow this and take time to go over plans. It’s so easy to be impatient, but what if the only thing you are really supposed to do this month is stop, look and learn?

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Like Pisces you have the same card come up as last month. I know you are always ready to race from the starting blocks and again this month there is still a cause for stillness. In February I mentioned decision-making, and how hard it can be when you feel impatient. You might notice that theme continuing over the next few weeks. Although Mercury is no longer retrograde, Mars (your ruler, planet of motivation) has taken over the retrograde throne so it’s perhaps still a point of slow down. Again, no need to fear this, but use it to your advantage.

When I look at the card this time around I feel quite a strong sense of peace. I feel that you know there is a lot of potential change around you and upcoming and that you are ok with it. It’s always more important to put your energy on being excited about the future and what it might bring, rather than the fear of what might happen. I love the idea of making your ‘will’ bigger in your mind than your ‘won’t’. So let this month ease you into the changes you have planned.

I feel a certain amount of the next few weeks might also be about succumbing to working with other people, something you love doing but which can easily stress you out when all decisions aren’t ‘yours’ to make. Any time you feel that your sense of personal control is tested this is a chance to grown and expand within your journey. Make the surrender practice your mantra this March – and know that maybe letting someone else lead you a little is like actually giving you space somewhere inside that melting pot of ideas to rest. The main thing though is just to allow flow, in as many ways as possible. That way, if things do become frustrating you will just laugh it off – knowing that you are ahead of the game and you love all the twists and turns your adventure brings.

I also feel that dreams might be significant for you this month (who knows, maybe you might give lucid dreaming a shot?) and possibly time to start up a journal to write out what your subconscious throws out – you may find some of the answers you seek are packaged up in unusual ways, so be on the look out for hidden messages and sly synchronicities.

What I feel you might discover is that right towards the end of the month you notice opportunities blooming and answers arriving in new forms. I feel that by April there also could be someone new arriving into your career space. It could be collaboration, business coach or even an awesome new accountant – either way, someone that might take your work life up a notch in your desired direction.

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaanggeees. You know change is all around you, right? I feel quite confident that none of you reading this is unaware that plans are a-foot, things are a-coming and horizons are expanding. Right. The main question though is how are you approaching this? Are you full of fear or standing with arms wide open ready to embrace the new like a long lost BFF?

Last month I spoke about new work opportunities so this card may be bringing in your desire to get prepped for the launch of a new project. Don’t worry too much if the change you had already anticipated doesn’t swoop in as soon as you hoped, this month still has a sense of slowness to it. But remember slow and stead wins the race. This is the chance to elegantly move in the direction you desire, and not panic or obsess about when the outcome is coming. It IS coming, so just let yourself breathe. For instance if you are waiting for a few technical details to come through, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be out and about sharing your plans with others. Talking about the new is also an on the down low manifestation exercise. Talk as if it what you want is already happening and you bring in that energy. Before you know it BOOM – it has.

This month I also want you to keep working with the possibilities that life can bring when you move positively with a sense of flow. Admittedly you aren’t the first one to shake up your foundations, yet you’re often surprisingly (to yourself) good at coping when the ground shakes. I don’t feel this is a time of unexpected change, It feels too upbeat for that, I would rather you think of how you can invite change in to make your life better and brighter for you.

How to do this? Well an easy way is to give a scan of your environment and take note of anything that you feel needs a shake up. Perhaps you’re desperate to get out of a job that’s no longer working or even just revamp your schedule to make it work better for you. Maybe you have a relationship that needs to finally be kicked to the curb. OR, on the contrary, one that needs more love and nurture. Do you need a major mind-body-spirit reconnect?  Is it time to change your schedule so you have more time for yourself?

This month might not bring all the action, but it should bring in the ideas and certainly the intentions. So settle and make plans and baby steps. There are a million possibilities and you are the one with all the answers. I’m not going to tell you what you need to shift – you know exactly what it is babe. Arms open wide.

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What have you got to worry about? I feel a major sense of anxiety, but it doesn’t feel so present – did last month dredge up a bunch of old fears and niggling irritations? If you are feeling sleepless at night and restless in the day because of worries and too much chatter in your own mind – it’s okay. We all have times like these, and really it’s always a swift shout out for nurture and self-care. It is really easy to feel bound up by your own thoughts, especially as an Air sign, but it’s equally important to learn to sift through them and consider what is real and what is a fear based illusion.

I have a real sense that there is less to be stressed about than you think, and actually if you open your eyes and look around you it’s likely you will find that all those around you have been feeling the hard push recently too. While it’s not good to indulge in a ‘misery loves company’ vibe, it’s super important and essential that you know that you are not alone. Talk it out with your nearest and dearest, ask for help if you need it, check in with your therapist or coach for a boost of advice, and print out some of your favorite quotes. There are a myriad of resources around you that might just give you the pick me up that you need.

Also remember that your challenges are only ever in place to lead you to higher ground. Even that slightly annoying work colleague is an assignment for you to take on. Everything always makes a little more sense in retrospect so just keep moving.

Meanwhile make time to be kind to yourself this month. Even if you don’t feel you are held up with fears you could, like many of us, have just been really overworked recently and need to tap in to the slower moving astro energy that is around due to energizing Mars taking over the retrograde motion (thought Mercury is now direct woo-hoo!)

With this in mind, approach your own wellness with the kiss of kindness – this is not the time to set yourself a punishing regime, no way! Instead just think about raising your energy by nourishing your body with whole foods and gentle exercise. Get outside; there is something to be said for simply brushing off the cobwebs. If you feel stuck or frustrated, stop and take even just five minutes to march round the block – it’s amazing what that burst of movement and fresh air can do.

Of course you can also go the full on self-love route and book yourself in for spa treatments, blowouts and private meditation classes – do what you feel and feel what you do. Anything you do this month that is for your own sense of well-being will propel you out of any fear funks.

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Drama only exists if you participate in it. I live by these words as often as possible, even when tempted out of them by the bells and whistles of my ego or the world around me. Now I know that you aren’t the gossip of the group, so you are on a right footing, but what do you do when commotion is all around you? I’m diving right in here, but it may be that you know exactly what I’m on about. Family dramas, friends in blabbermouth mode or some major nitpicking happening in the workspace? Of course all you want to do is batten down the hatches and go underground, but of course it’s not always that easy.

The best thing you can do is not indulge any of these things that are rattling your inner being. Sure you might not be able to stop others waving their egos around the room, but you don’t have to join in or encourage it. It’s really okay to just stand back. I always press the idea of being the fly on the wall in your own life. There is an amazing clarity you can get when you stop to view your own situation as an outsider. Of course this is exactly why a life coach or therapist can be so helpful as they start out with a third person point of access. However it’s a great personal practice so get buzzing and fly to the corner of the room. What exactly is happening here? Is there a real drama or is it self-made? Is everyone actually fighting for the same cause? Maybe you might just need to leave everyone to it and stay in safe mode – you know that behaving in a way that isn’t true to yourself never gets you anywhere anyway.

Meanwhile as always make a point of being kind to yourself this month, especially if anything in your sphere feels chaotic – just enjoy your own time. There is a juice of fun creativity to be squeezed from this month if you manage to choose you time over theatrics. In fact, isn’t creativity your best therapeutic tool? Why not paint it all out, draw, dance, explore? Plan your adventures for the rest of the year, encourage and support your best self to bring in a boost of confidence.

Don’t pin yourself down to having to ‘achieve’ things this month, just set your intentions and tackle each day as it comes. You may also find that friends come running to you with their issues, after all you are one of the best empathetic advice givers they know! This is all and well, but just be sure not to let your energy take a dive in consequence. Recharge your inner soul system with taking a moment to check in with your inner guide – especially if you have been a little out of touch recently.

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A little nod back to October for you my lion, as again this card pops up. And as the Sun is your ruling planet too, of course it’s never a bad one to reacquaint yourself with. So what has been happening the last few months? It’s been a hard slog for many people recently, you too? Feels like you’ve been over working and under appreciating yourself. If that rings true then you know the answer already and with this card it’s pretty simple. Make some time for joy.

Why is this so hard sometimes? It is such a human mindset to believe in a ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality, to trudge up the hill and believe that there will be no let up until you are total beaten down. It really doesn’t have to be like that.

What does happiness mean to you? It’s a question that can stump us. Where is it? But happiness and joy are not destinations, which means you have to open up to seeing something good in any given moment. It can be a challenge but it’s actually a fun game to play. What is outside your front door tomorrow morning will be different depending on the way you perceive it. I really believe that positive energy is something that you can tune into and that you can tweak your sight to see things in a more expansive way.

So this month practice that tune in. Recognize that relief from stress might be found in five quiet minutes alone if you stop to be in the moment. If you find that your mind is running in all sorts of directions apart from the present then try a writing practice. Make a list of all the fears, thoughts, what if’s and plans that are on your mind. Then give them recognition and choose to focus on one thing that is in your present moment – it might be drinking from your glass, taking a bite of food, connecting with nature or reading from a book. Every time you feel a scatter of mind, try this and just go back to whatever is with you in the minute. Your energy will benefit from this and reboot your system to connect mind and body to a more conscious state.

Combine the above with a gratitude practice to up your state of positive awareness. You can write what you are grateful for down as an evening journaling practice or try a site like happyrambles.com that will email you at the time of your choosing asking ‘What are you grateful for?’ You have a free pass to take a break and enjoy life this month, and if you really must look to the future, make it be about the vacation you are planning!

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Raring to share? With this card in play you are no doubt feeling ready to get something out into the open and whether that is a personal announcement or a business launch the time feels right. I turned over a lot of strugglesome cards this month, as energetic Mars takes the retrograde flag from Mercury, but I have a feeling you are going to breeze through with a little fire on your side and in your heart.

This is a month of prepping for a new start, and you have the passion. This doesn’t feel like a boring, got to get things done kind of a vibe, more so that you can’t keep your new in. I feel one of our big missions in life is to share, in fact I’m sure it’s why we have all of our experiences – in order to help others with what we have learned. This is something to always keep in mind when you are having a challenge, to recognize that you are being lead to higher ground and that the moment has purpose, even if the reason is clouded in mist right now. So if now does happen to have a foggy overtone you will get to the clear skies by honing in on what you are passionate about and participating in it unapologetically!

Yes I did say that, you have a green light to go for your own gold. I know you are working hard and deserve some loving payback. So start by giving that love directly to the source, aka YOU.

Anyway, back to those ideas, I feel you have a cauldron bubbling up, in fact it’s likely you even feel overwhelmed with the potential you can see for the next few months or year and are wondering where to start. Back to the moment and just start by taking one step or making one move – by putting your faith in and taking the starting action you bring in trust that the direction will become clearer ahead. If you always send out your projects with solid integrity and love then it’s hard to go wrong and allow things to be different to what you perhaps expect. It could be that the big success this month is something you hadn’t put in the forefront – but surprises are awesome right?

I feel that you are also going to want to spend some time with fellow trail blazers, in fact you’ll probably feel high in the company of those who inspire you. It’s likely that some pals may need your advice over the next few weeks too and teamwork will be an all ‘round win. Anyway, I know you have it in the bag, just know that you are allowed to be confident in your ability to be out living your life and doing your do. There is no other you, remember?

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This is a month of getting things done and dusted and I feel participating in something system oriented will probably bring in some calm. The last few months may have flown by in a whirlwind of emotions and feelings and so stopping to check in and do some material world prep might rather suit you.

So what do you want to start with? Prepping early for your taxes? Some spring cleaning? I feel that it’s likely you are quite aware of where the balance has tipped and will know what to do. This isn’t about turning into a control freak and setting totally unmanageable targets though, quite the opposite. I want you to feel happy about just being present and getting through some tasks, there is no deadline here. I laugh saying that, because it’s easy to be unharmonious on purpose right? Always seeking grace yet ever so slyly tipping the barrel?

This is a slow moving energy and so don’t panic if you feel like you are waiting on results for something – this is why I say just focus on the clean up at your end. It’s easy to get really attached to the outcome of a project, an idea or a dream – we all do it. However you need to allow fluidity to what it is you are hoping for and the best way you can do that is just do one action based thing today. Some of you may even be dealing with legal matters, whether it’s committing to new work contracts or even just having to research into the system of something, and it could feel a little boring. Remind yourself that logistics and stuff that just ‘needs to be done’ is only in place to lead you to an easier road ahead and I know you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from a clean filing cabinet or a rearranged closet.

Meanwhile this energy can also be used for you to reshuffle and check in with your own list of do’s and don’ts. Feeling moralistic? Avoid going on a judgmental rampage and giving yourself permission to decide what you think about everyone else’s lives – this is just a form of procrastination. Instead hone in on how you are feeling right now in regards to your attitude and approach to life, maybe you need a little tune back in to the positive? It’s not as simple as an on/off switch but stepping up and deciding you would like to participate in your experience is a good start. Life is never happening at you, but it is happening with you.

Meanwhile for any of you having control issues, If you want to get focused about anything then get set on your own health and wellness, especially if you’ve neglected it recently. Turn over a new leaf and bring in some passion for a new system – whether it’s splashing out on the juicer you’ve been dying to get or signing up to a different type of yoga class – make it fun.

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It’s funny, because I feel that you have been under as much stress as everyone else recently, but you have your eyes on a prize and it’s keeping you afloat. Last month I spoke about making time to allow yourself some joy and I want you to keep honoring that as we move into the next few weeks. I feel that you are really looking ahead right now, and it’s not a bad thing – that carrot dangling in front of you is certainly appealing.

It’s important that you don’t step into fears of not knowing the outcome over the next few months. You might be launching a new project, at the start of a relationship or waiting on some important news and would kind of appreciate a look into the crystal ball right now. You know I’m not going to do that, but I feel that the answer is going to be in enjoying the anticipation – really? Yep. Make it fun. A forced surrender can actually be a pretty healing time. You are in place where your powers of manifestation are heightened – so throw your ideas out and trust that the return is going to be great. Maybe it will be different to your prediction, but it will be exactly as it should be.

I feel inspiration is also running high, while you have many new plans for your life waiting to get started you also have a million new light bulbs going off each moment. This is a good thing, but can also feel just as confusing as it can productive, so no need to get overwhelmed. Of course the answer is always going to be to try and stay in the moment. Treat each day as a possibility for something new to bloom that will be added to shape the experience ahead, who knows what might come into play in the next day let alone month.

I also feel travel is ahoy, or that you’re are planning it, because you do seem to have itchy feet. Satisfying the need to get out of town doesn’t have to mean booking an expensive around the world trip. Even just leaving the town you are in can give you a change of pace and attitude. There’s a lot to be said for exploring your own surroundings and your country. That said, if you are planning a move or big adventure then this month supports that and it might be fun getting creative with travel plans – vision board anyone?

Finally you are in a collaborative mood and following on from last month you still need to be connecting with those who support your cause and boost your soul system. So keep in touch – whether it be chatting via facetime or making some time for real face time. Oh and p.s. Learning a new skill could be a surprise success over the next few months so check out your local collages and get out of your comfort zone.

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A nod back to November this month as this card comes back in to play, so you may see a link to how you felt at the end of last year. Even better, look for any lessons you learned then and pull them out to be your super power over the next few weeks. Last month I spoke about getting a little more in tune with your life and participating in shaping your destiny. With Mercury now direct I feel you may have dredged up some old fears, habits and maybe even faces recently and are wondering what to do in the face of the new and the old combined.

Well the hot news is that our guidance is always a lot more simple than we expect it to be, and as this is a slow and steady month and your main task is just to carry on sitting at that wheel and allow things to play out. Of course the action is to put your eyes on the positive and not those spilt cups of milk. I feel that you’ve been whipped into a frenzy of busy busy busy recently and it’s all been good, but oh boy are you wiped out. It feels like you might have a combination of social and career tiredness. It’s not that you are having a bad time but you wouldn’t mind a time warp that allowed you to climb into a still space for a month and then return to your overloaded diary.

You can manage it all though, by making sure to put space in your diary for nothing. Yes, schedule in a big gap here and there and forbid yourself to fill it up with activity. If you get in the moment then even five minutes sat down and acknowledged can be enough to boost your system.

So what do you do about the dance of nostalgia that flared up? You like to analyze, but beware of its paralyzing effect on you, or your ego’s desire to come out on top. Maybe that person that you need to let go of can just be freed, there is no benefit to ‘having the last word’ – in fact it often remains as an energetic hook to keep you connected to the situation. Forgive and forget is kind of an annoying phrase, but it’s sentiment is strong. Sending love in the direction of your annoyances is surprisingly freeing and creates a nice space for new opportunities and connections to swoop in.

Finally I feel that you might notice any career craziness calm down into a schedule that actually makes sense. Any contacts and contracts that suddenly slip away are doing so in order to give space to what is really going to work for you, so don’t even bother entertaining any sense of perceived failure. If you give everything in your life room to breathe this month it will definitely work in your favor.

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Last month I encouraged you to reconnect with some of your passions and remind yourself that you get to shape your own experience. As March arrives you probably feel a little more connected to what you do and don’t want to have in your life. Of course this reshuffle can be frustrating when you are dying to get that dream life on the go – just rest assured that your intentions are enough of a good start.

Anyway, back to business. You do have a green light to make some moves – in fact you are one of the signs this month that is feeling less static. The key is in moving in the direction that you want and not rushing ahead like a wild fire. We all know that you can be a workaholic but spreading yourself too thin on projects that aren’t even your life and soul – what is the point? You have time to pick and choose what is going to work for you, but you also have to trust that it’s ok to be the boss of your own life. This is a great few weeks to stop and breakdown projects that you are working on and piece them together in a way that works for you.

You also have a good communicative energy this month and so let your talk give you your walk. You may in fact be bursting with pioneering ideas and so it’s good to share – even if it’s just in your journal for now.

Energetically, for an earthbound sign you could be feeling quite scattered over the next few weeks, possibly due to with your mind buzzing with so much information and ideas. When we’re ungrounded it can express via our health with feelings of anxiety or even dizziness. You know that feeling when you don’t feel quite connected, because you are thinking in too many places at once? To bring back in some of your earth energy try a perma visualization of strong roots growing out of your feet and into the earth – connecting you back to the present moment. Other great ways to get your earth on are stocking up on whole foods – eat items that you could grow yourself and stay away from too much sugar (a classic spacey brain inducing product).

You may notice that there is a touch of chaos in your external environment, maybe some age old dramas in your friendship group or people you know going through their own challenges. It’s likely that they will call on you for advice and opinions and while you love to be the support rod (and are a guardian angel to many) it can be a big energy sapper for you. Being of service doesn’t mean draining your own supply, so be on guard to make sure you are on the receiving end in equal measure. You know the drill… BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

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And lightning strikes! People often want to run a mile when they see this card but it carries a wealth of useful guidance and also, adventure. It’s likely that things have really shaken up recently, and in all sorts of weird and wild ways. I feel that this month may just be cementing that ‘out of the blue’ mood and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Have you been surprised by things that have happened recently? It could be in your external environment or even that you had a strange change of mind or opinion. There are shifts at play and I feel you might only be aware of the effects. I also think this could be a fun opportunity to embrace and new and unusual – and be less scared of it than you used to.

I kind of want you to embrace every possible positive approach to this card, are you up for it? Okay let’s go.

Accept people into your life that you perhaps would never have given a chance before – who knows what you might learn! Feel brave enough to say a final N.O. to something you’ve been dying to let go of for a long time. Feel brave enough to try everything and anything new. Shake up your own foundations in order to get ahead of the Universe – bring in any change you need, and welcome it with open arms. Be the support system for someone who has helped you in the past – they might not be asking for help but you may feel a silent call. Switch up your attitude to everything that fears you.

Is it money? Shock yourself by getting super passionate about your finances, because you deserve the abundant life you want you know. Is it relationship issues? Shock yourself into a new cycle by giving commitment a shot, sure you don’t know the outcome – we never do, but if it feels right then recognize it’s part of your journey. Give your body a boost too, by experimenting with eating for your symptoms and your unique self and enjoy a whole new mind-body connection. Take down your own ego by choosing to become BFFs with your intuition instead, it’s time to check back in and say ‘hello me’! Leave the job that you hate so much. Apply for the dream job that scares you.

Then write a letter to yourself aged 15 and tell them everything is going to be ok. Be the change you want to see in the world, right? Forget about obsessing over dramas, just shine as bright as you can and let others absorb that vibe. And don’t indulge chaos – if you don’t participate in theatrics then they rarely explode. Be the lover. Start that book, write that proposal, forgive yourself and be willing to forgive your challenges. Step up to the adventure that is your life and check yourself in.

Chat with Louise Androlia about how your month is going @louniverse

Cast by Louise using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck



Happy Birthday Sagittarius! For a Fire sign this sure has been an emotional year, almost as though you’ve had your feelings thrown in your face over the last few months, which has sometimes brought great relief and sometimes felt more like having an uninvited houseguest. If you are very typical of your element, it isn’t always easy to simmer down when you really just want to expel hoards of trapped energy, to stand still when you feel an urge to run away. Alongside this, an abundance of emotion sometimes feels a bit odd. You aren’t always one for tears, and recently you’ve had moments of feeling like a real crybaby. Now, at the beginning of your solar year, the King of Cups brings in a balancing energy that will enable you to feel much more at home beneath those waterfalls. The Fire and Water elements of your chart can now sit side-by-side, no longer aliens but with a modest respect for each other’s power. I’d like you to think of this card as your mentor this month. The King has learned how to equilibrate between the elements, meaning emotions no longer make him feel weak and thoughts do not feel out of control. So how can you too move towards this type of balance? Kindness and respect is the bridge here, for yourself and for those around you. If you truly feel connected to your own compassion compass then it is much harder to feel out of control with your emotions. Remind yourself of your own boundaries. Treat all situations, whether at work or home, with patience. Give yourself an extra few minutes with your thoughts, digging in to a calm and centered place, a safe place. When we act from fear, or emotions such as anger or jealousy, we will never feel okay with the results, and a few extra moments to process your emotional impulses mean a higher chance of moving forward with positivity. And don’t neglect your superb intuition – not always the first place you reach for guidance, but the right place to go. December is always very social and this card may also find you being the mentor and mediator for friends and family this month. In this case, you can apply what you’ve been learning about your own self to pass the love on to others. There is a real sense of fairness to this card and I feel it nudging you to sit and be grateful for your journey, with all its twists and turns. You’ve done pretty darn well and the sweet satisfaction of self development is here too. Combine your strength with honest compassion and feel the waters calming.

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Inspiration is abundant this December Capricorn, and you aren’t quite ready to curl up by the fire yet as your mind is buzzing with plans and ideas for adventure. It might be that your mind is already in 2014 as we arrive in the last month of the year. We are slowly shifting you out of a workaholic mindset and The Page of Wands widens your eyes and encourages you to set your spirits far and high. This card can be associated with new starts, and I would love you to take on a ‘leap of faith’ mentality. I know that’s not your usual style, but you will benefit by giving new horizons a chance this December. The Wands bring in a fearsome passion so you may be focused on one particular desire, be it a new career path, a building project or a certain someone. Your sights are definitely set, and the Universe will be supporting that vision. Now with this type of energy, it’s very easy to feel restless or completely impatient. With so many ideas raring to go, you want to act NOW. The best way to work with this is to celebrate and be grateful for these ideas, to communicate and collaborate. The Page can appear as a new friend or mentor, someone who shares your ideas and can keep you on your toes. There is a lovely youthfulness to your December, and it’s important that you shift out of your goat like routines and socialize. This childlike energy is perfect for this and totally supported by this card. If you read this and feel a bit lacking in this passion, then it’s time for you to reconnect to the simple joys of life. Take yourself on a few ‘me’ dates, remembering to check your attitude whilst out and about. If the spirit of Scrooge has possessed you, then crack yourself back into a lighter frame of mind. Be silly, where are your laughs? Time to go dig them out! You can see this card as a set of goals waiting to be made, who says you need to wait until January the 1st to make some changes? Start right now. The world is your playground, go and catch a break.

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After a month with a few notes of apathy, December sends you on a journey to rebuild some of your own personal structures, morals and boundaries. You may have been feeling an imbalance in giving and receiving recently, and to regain an equilibrium you will benefit from seeking trusted advice, both from others and your inner guide. The Hierophant appears as a mentor bringing in a new type of outlook and guidance. It’s up to you how you choose to discover an altered perception, but be sure to keep your eyes wide open for the help around you. As you look back over this past year and think about what you’ve learned, you will note a few patterns and thought processes that you know just have to change. In fact, they’re probably quite fresh in your mind having asserted themselves in the last few weeks. Now is the time to get ready to shift out what you no longer find beneficial or healthy in your mind, body and spirit. Whilst you may look for guidance with a Life Coach or healer, you can also really gain from and enjoy community and group discussion now. Some of the meanings of this card revolve around religion and spiritual groups, reminding us of the gain we can receive from gathering like minds together for support and inspiration. Giving and receiving guidance is key for you right now and remember that sharing love will up your personal energy bank to call in higher vibes for you. As a sign that can often get lost in your thoughts volunteering your time to somewhere that you feel drawn to could get you out of your head and into your heart this December. Be mindful of balance within your life and remember that we should always be learning, teaching and healing. Whilst sharing your knowledge, make time to actually hear people out so that you keep learning too. Occasionally you are so eager to share your stories that you can forget the joy of sharing a two-sided conversation. Slow down. More feeling and less thinking can return you to the present moment. I see this card as a turning point for you Aquarius, there is a definite shift going on and I feel it will come with a choice – do you want to evolve away from your past? Are you ready to let go of old fears when they rear their heads? Take a chance on grace and have some faith this December. Expect miracles.

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When I look back over the cards I have drawn for you this year Pisces, it’s impossible to not notice that you’ve been dealing with a serious amount of personal change. You may have seen relationships form or break, huge enthusiasm or total apathy for your career and a massive shove from the Universe pushing you to evolve and grow within your self. It has been a year of ups and downs, in all forms, and some of you will have been more aware of the highs and others only the lows. The thing is, none of these experiences are without meaning, and it’s your job to be aware that it’s all part of the journey. If you look at your perceived losses, you will probably find that they were essential moments of skin shedding. The Eight of Cups is the moment where you finally allow yourself to let go of everything that you don’t want to take forward with you into the years ahead. When I pick this card I sometimes feel so sad. Often it comes up to remind you that you need to cut final ties with an ex, or move on from a challenge that has been pushing and pulling at you. Over the years I’ve shifted this and grown to enjoy the message this card gives. It certainly fits well with the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ energy of December and January. Any card within the suit of Cups is very much about deep feelings. As a water sign you have probably been more affected by the skies of late as so many planets have been cruising through the water signs, creating an ‘ocean of emotion’ in 2013 as the Astro Twins’ Tali Edut wrote here. So feelings are by no means alien to you and nostalgia is certainly something you’re familiar with. Now it’s time to work on your own relationship with the past. It’s so important not to let it be a comfort blanket, to swoon around in ‘what if’s’ and ‘perfect moments’. Instead, let these experiences power you into the present, seeing the past as a useful bag of individual feelings, some that you want to replicate with new people and in different situations and others that you’d like to dissolve. The figure in this card is shown with his back turned, walking away from disappointments and on to a brighter future. The message is so simple, that if we keep moving forwards and leave what is not positive for us any more then our vision clears to see the light ahead.

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The wonderful way that you manage your Fire element is that you are very very productive; you always have a project, an idea and a strong inner force to guide you. When you notice a quiet period then the internal jitters set in, rendering you restless (and I can feel you shuddering at the mere thought of the word). It’s because the Four of Cups can bring in feelings of ennui and apathy that I’m reminded of what you can get like when you feel a bit impatient. Last month I was encouraging you to realign yourself after taking on too much earlier in the year and as you put the pieces of the puzzle back together, I feel that you have been noticing the push and pull of letting go and moving forward. When we expand into a new cycle, even if it’s by our own choice, we can still have moments of feeling a little unsteady. It’s easy to feel like you’ve done the work and now what? When is the shift you’ve prepared for going to take place? This December, feel encouraged when there are spaces in your schedule, understand that it was you that’s cleared the way, ready for new opportunities to arise. I always use these ‘scopes to try and flip you from the darker side of the card that turns, so with this potential apathy, remember that if things aren’t moving to your swift standard the answer isn’t to go into a place of ‘I give up’. Keep doing your thing and trust that the Universe will catch up with you. Of course December is a super social month, and so The Four of Cups could bring in a bit of an annoyance about making seasonal arrangements, perhaps purely because schedules haven’t been set and you actually don’t know the plans yet. This is okay! There are a million surrender opportunities each month and this can be one of them. Instead, think of those people you just know you want and need to see over the coming weeks, and tune your thoughts merely to ask the Universe to align you with inspirational and joyful moments for the end of the year. Instead of fearing what may come up just return to some tried and tested happy places. I very much feel this is a calm before the storm card for you Aries and that January is going to see you zooming ahead with excited intent, just how you like it!

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I have seen this card pop up over and over again in the last few months, for myself and in clients readings. It’s kind of become my secret best friend of the deck and I no longer look at that destructive imagery with a sense of doom. The Tower is our catalyst for change…and we love change! If you feel like you are still afraid of the unknown then I’m sorry to have to tell you again Taurus, but that big bag of ‘what if’s’ could contain a bright spark of something totally awesome ahead. This card is like a bolt of lightning bringing in energy to shift your direction, and it can really come in all forms. The Tower shakes our foundations, if we are really doing our best to go against our own flow then we suddenly find ourselves being flung in such a new direction that we have no choice BUT to move. This is a pretty good card for the end of the year, as you’ve probably already started thinking about the calendar cycle starting afresh with your diary already filling up for January. Think of it like having a fresh schedule, and consider how you would like to spend your precious time. Do you really want to fill your calling card with someone who’s an unhealthy match for you? Or how about a job you’re dying to quit? Think of the areas in your life that you know need a spring clean, and get a head start. If you really do see this Tower effect in your life, then bring in kindness and forgiveness to your self during a challenging time. Remember that old theory about things falling apart so we can rebuild them better? That is happening in our lives all the time so try and bring in a retrospective vision to your present moment. Know that whatever you are going through is taking your somewhere, and that while you cannot know where yet, you are always growing and learning. I also want you to get into a magical mindset, because The Tower card can bring its unexpected news in the shape of a life changing love interest or an exciting job offer. You may move house or even start working with a new therapist. To enable ourselves to accept the positive aspects of change we need to be able to see them. Remember to use that divine personal power and in consequence you can be your own magician.

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Last month I talked to you about your own trust issues and how you are feeling amongst others. I wanted you to reconnect back to your self, so that trust in the future would be much less of an issue. For December we follow on with that idea, and The Six of Swords suggests a very personal and solo journey. I want you to gather what you have experienced in the last few weeks into a bundle, like a pile of papers and you are going to sort and file. The energy for you at the end of the year is to prepare for the following months by really cleansing your mind from what you don’t need. This card can reflect physical travel but it is the idea of movement that is the inspiration for you. And even if you are off on a trip, remember your inner journey is also accompanying you! You must reflect in order to go forward but these needed shifts can come with a sense of sadness. There can be a fear of regret that comes with marching on, and you may feel a little waning of your spirit. If you find yourself a little confused right now then just remember how life twists and turns and how opportunities often appear suddenly with no warning. You must make the choice to keep participating in your life, not to throw your oar to the side or stop swimming. There is a sense of nurture that must accompany this message. A coziness that you can create for yourself, a safe, self-created space where you can recharge until you feel bright again. Remember that failure doesn’t exist and if you have fears about where the next year might take you, then remember your hidden powers. Combined with a push of your snappy intuition, any confusion can transform into an incredible rite of passage. I feel a sense of building strength for next year, you have a whole heap of dreams and ideas for the time ahead, and certainly the skills to achieve them. Put your energy towards reconnecting with that inner passion; remind yourself why you do what you do. If you feel like you aren’t on your right path, then be patient with yourself. Remember life is a schooling and that you must maintain focus on doing things for your highest and most loving intention. Hey presto, you are immediately back in the driving seat.

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The world is your oyster! I’ve turned one of my favorite cards in the deck for you sweet Cancer and it’s a perfectly positive inspiration for the last month of this year. The Three of Wands represents all of those ideas and passions you have bubbling up inside of you, and with this powerful preparation for a new year it feels like you certainly have your eyes on some big prizes. This month is all about thinking BIG, so big that I had to use capitals! There is a sense of adventure in your life, your eyes are wandering and travel is at the forefront of your mind. In a physical sense this card shows you as the explorer, with itchy feet making you want to go and see the world. It might be that you are wondering if you can take your talents to another place of residence, or even that you start collaborating and working with clients and friends further afield. The energy here has such a positive spin for expansion that if you are setting your eyes on an across the world jaunt then this is certainly a green light. You have the golden opportunity this month to see life through different eyes, and to really believe in your own possibility. This is not time to be spent feeling down on yourself or indulging in a pity party. You are bright and shiny and it’s time to take responsibility for it! Whilst it can be easy to fear what others are thinking of us, it is up to us to decide how we perceive those fears. I want you to approach life with a fierce confidence and not to waste your time on thoughts that are in any way restrictive. This energy is about just going for it and knowing that if you focus on your true passions you can never go wrong. Expansion will also come in the form of social events this month, as of course December is often a busy one. I’m encouraging you to choose to get together with those friends that truly uplift you, remembering that one person who brings you a sense of joy is better than a whole room full of energy vampires weighing you down. Team up and throw ideas around, as you sit and make plans for the year ahead. Armed with encouragement for each other you will find that friendships and relationships strengthen. On a final note, carry this vibe forward as your theme for 2014, I certainly am!

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This month sees you craving the comforts of home and the safety of your own throne. The Nine of Pentacles reflects the work you have done this year, encouraging you to be thankful for your gains and to allow yourself to enjoy some comforts in the material world. This is a very positive card for strengthening self-confidence and enjoying life. Your busy year may have found you in the office or at school much more than at home, and so now you’ll enjoy having a little more alone time. Your element really reflects that peaceful roaring Fire by the sofa this month, rather than a blazing push into the unknown. I love the idea that your end of year reflection comes from you learning to slow down and enjoy some quiet time. This is a very important time for your gratitude practice too; even if you have what you perceive to be only a little you still have much to be grateful for. Think about how you can serve others by being generous of spirit over the next few weeks; never underestimate how a kind word to a stranger could change the course of their day. Everything about your home is important right now and it’s essential that you create a safe space for yourself. You might want to experiment with some feng shui or redesign your room, anything that brings positivity to your environment. If you are currently moving house then this card reminds you to set your intentions on a place that will really reflect what you need from a home. Don’t get too caught up with exact dimensions and architecture, instead ask the Universe to guide you to the place that will be right for you. In December your social life is also much more likely to be around the home. Instead of flitting between bars, you will gain much more from gathering people together for a dinner party. Think about which friends of yours have never met, you might even end up being the matchmaker over the holiday season! Finally be encouraged in all that you are working on. The luxurious imagery of this card also contains a nod towards projects that you are currently involved in, suggesting that if you just keep working hard then you are likely to feel real joy from your hard work. There is much celebration to be had over the coming weeks, so use that as your guide. Choose not to weigh yourself down with fears and unnecessary anxieties, and put your focus on high vibe activities and people that strengthen your spirit!

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Hello lovely. I have so many Virgo friends I’ve been especially enjoying seeing your journey this year, quite the adventure and so much to be thankful for. Now December sees you raring to go, chomping at the bit we could say! The Knights are our action cards and it’s likely that you have a few new projects, possibly cultivated in the last few weeks, and you are so, so excited that you just want to get them out there as quickly as possible! The air element in this card shows your head buzzing with possibilities, hopes, fears, dreams and destinations. In fact, I’m quite tired just thinking about it. So your message is to slowwwwww it down. I know your natural way is to buzz about and fulfil your lists, but this December it’s time to give yourself a break, in fact I kind of want you to allow at least a couple of days to be – dare I say it – lazy. One of the reasons I suggest this is that you need to slow down to actually get these dreams off the ground. The speed at which you’re travelling won’t make for such productive actions. Your manifestation powers are pretty great I must admit, but first I want you to speak out loud about these new plans. It feels like they need to be shared for you to be able to pick them apart and get a much more Virgo-like action plan ready. I know your ambition is positive though and everything points to continued success, just make sure you don’t cut corners trying to get to the finish post too soon. Now December is of course a social month, and we also have to note the coming and going of people in the next few weeks. The energy of these encounters may be very heady, and on the plus side this will bring in lots of thought provoking conversations helping your brain feel positively expanded. On the lower vibe side, if you find yourself feeling nitpicked or encountering any aggressive, over-opinionated energy, then visualize a mirror between you and the other person to help keep your energy clear. And… breathe. Rest, rejuvenate, and just keep doing your do.

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Hurrah! Libra, finally I’ve turned over a card that isn’t all ‘work work work’ for you. In fact, this is the first card from the Cups suit that you’ve had all year. So let us usher in some EMOTION…welcome back feelings! Where have you been? What have you been up to? Let’s sit down with a nice cup of tea and celebrate the warm and incredible energy this means for you this month. The Queen of Cups sends you a powerful message of compassion, intuition and nurture for the end of the calendar year. It’s time to drop down from your head and think with your heart, get sentimental, get cozy and of course, a little bit magical. So for the following few weeks instead of a ‘practicality will get you everywhere’ attitude, your biggest gains will show up when you let your intuition be your guide. You are also now allowed to give thanks for all the hard work and settle down to enjoy a little of what you’ve achieved recently. Gut feelings are where it’s at, so the main thing is to try and fine-tune them so you know to trust what you feel. Remember that as an air sign it’s very easy to get whisked up into your head and let anxiety guide you. Working from a more intuitive place might feel a bit alien but this is a safe month to do so. You will also benefit from spending as much time as possible around those with a safe and warm positive energy. You might want to curl up under someone’s wing and this is okay too, the big theme this month is self nurture and I want you to get into the spirit of L.O.V.E. Planning social events? How about a new moon or full moon ritual? Get your favorite friends over and do some manifesting for the new year. Meanwhile, sharing your fears with others will allow them to be processed and escape. But be careful if you are already the person that everyone comes to with their problems. The only downside of this Queen’s energy is that she can forget her boundaries, so build yourself a glowing energy bubble and make sure the giving and receiving in your life is balanced. Instead of feeling that you have to fix everyone, make small acts of kindness rather giving so much that you feel weakened. A lovely way to round up the year is to give gratitude to yourself and what you have learned from the last months, so go inwards and give a silent thank you to the Universe for pushing you on with your journey. Then it’s time to get excited about the year to come!

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So last month we had The Fool for you Scorpio, who makes us very aware of beginnings, endings and the whole cycle of life. This energy can be extremely exhilarating but very tiring as change is always abundant with twists and turns. Uncertainty is uncertain and you now know that you just want to be present and participate in life, and most importantly enjoy it. I feel that December is very much a surrender and release month for you. The Strength card has a very strong healing energy and it’s really a very inspiring card to have in December as you part ways with another solar year. It’s here to remind you that you are strong, and that you are way braver and more powerful than you often give yourself credit for, and I know for sure that you can overcome any battles that come your way. You must be willing to though. I feel with any Scorpio who is feeling unable to overcome something, there is a tiny part of you inside that’s afraid to let it go. There has to be a leap of faith for healing to occur, where you choose to believe that you will be supported if you move yourself out of unhealthy habits. The Strength card sees you taming your inner beast and with that you are making peace with your ego mind, a job that you will benefit from. This is the perfect card to meditate with, envisioning your Water element washing away your fears. This is a very common card to pull for the healers amongst us and reflects the balance that we seek to achieve within our lives. If you are noticing the road to be a little rocky then check that you haven’t given too much of yourself away lately. Recalibrate by visualizing your solar plexus as a magnet that pulls in any scattered energy. Turn the love you put out into the world back on yourself and allow it to sink in. The Scorpio energy is so strong that it’s very easy to build up a wall high enough that no one can even see you need help. Don’t be fooled into thinking weakness is real – your vulnerability is actually a building block to strength and super powers. Let December bestow love upon you and be grateful for challenges you have faced this year, know they have been in place to lead you to a moment of surrender and that this time has come. This card really feels like it works hand in hand with The Fool from last month, where you realize that to make space for the incredible dreams and potential you have, you must absolutely release the fears that are sucking up your time and energy. Your goals are right there, waiting for you to grab them, so go get ‘em.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Rider Waite Deck