Cast by Louise Androlia using the The Rider Tarot Deck

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Two of Wands

You are more ready and prepared than you think you are. I feel as though you’ve recently turned a corner, whether it was a new commitment to your self-care, a home move, a new job, or even an internal shift. Something big has happened for you and so those wobbles you’re having? All normal. But yes, you really do have everything you need. In fact “I have everything I need” is a great mantra for you over the coming weeks, to repeat any time you feel a little “OMG! WTF!” about life and your situation. You may need to surrender over and over and over again. Got it?

So the situation you are now in is one of budding excitement, and you have a window that’s ripe for manifesting. With Mercury retrograde for the first 11 days of the month, it’s a fine time to just sit on taking any more massive action and just feel what you want to bring into your days. Look upon the next few months as a time to realign with your new dreams, as I feel like the things you really want for yourself right now are a little different to this time last year – which is a wonderful thing, especially where your own self worth is concerned.

In fact, it’s time you put your own disires at the forefront of your experience, seriously, stop getting so overrun with what everyone else might think. You are where it’s at. Your key themes this month are expansion and awe. What feels wonderful right now? This is an exercise in becoming more present, which is actually easier during times of change, because you are rather forced to be in the here and now as everything finds its place around you. But yes, take time to notice when the corners of your mouth turn up, take time to notice when your soul system feels a little flutter.

Allow yourself to be pulled in the direction of what feels exciting, and ask the Universe to provide signs for you. You will know when you see the little synchronicities; the only block is when you start questioning your faith in your intuition. Practice makes perfect, they say, so keep listening and test it out. Finally, this is a perfect month to dive into something you’ve been keeping on the sidelines. You know what it is – now, prepare to launch.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – Ace of Pentacles

I feel that as you approach your next birthday you’ve got very itchy feet, and it’s exciting! There is a spring in your step that can overpower even the biggest rush of anxiety. What are you setting about to do? There is something brewing, whether you’re aware of it or not, because this is a month that supports new beginnings, big ideas and everything that is to do with nurturing your material experience of the world.

This is pure Earth energy at it’s best, so the question is; what aspects of your life need fresh fuel right now? This is bound to relate to a career venture for many of you, as you move away from jobs and clients that aren’t filling you with much enthusiasm in order to make space for the new and more fulfilling. You know that you need to create the space, right? If you are in a place of transition, try this really simple energetic exercise. Write your resignation letter for your current job, put it in an envelope and then keep it somewhere safe. This is a commitment to moving forwards and energetically creates the space that is physically not quite there yet.

You may find that with Mercury Retrograde (until Feb 11th) you want to explore old projects or maybe even say YES to something that a was a no a while back. The Universe is really supporting second chances and so it’s time to pick up the phone, paintbrush or notepad and get creative with old ideas – rework and renew them. Meanwhile you are in a good manifesting spot, so although this month is very much about what you can physically see, it’s still prime time for meditating on what your soul really needs, step out of the head and keep all your ideas and action aligned with the heart.

I feel that you will get some great advice from your highest self if you actually stop to listen, and don’t try and talk yourself out of things. And don’t let your ego provoke you, okay? Finally, in the moments where you can see the prize but the path to it seems fuzzy, just pull yourself back into the now and breathe. The reason that we all bang on about the present moment so much, is that it’s the only place you can receive guidance and take action. So say hello to right NOW.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Seven of Swords

I have no doubt you’re too busy to even read this, but take a moment and stop to realign yourself with your plan and your purpose. I feel like you could be a little worried about time pressure and pressure from others right now, so I want to ease you back into your body. I feel like any moment (or month) now, you are going to be dealing with a LOT of communication, new contacts, and new contracts, back and forth on the phone and a little waiting and hoping.

It’s easy to start to worry about who might come through for you, or what might work and what might not, and all those feelings are totally normal. However, it’s much more beneficial for you to simply trust yourself rather than worry about whom on the outside to trust. You’ve got enough experience to now know that your intuition is pretty spot on, if you aren’t lead by your ego mind too much. So just know that everything is aligned with the intuitive action you take, there are no wrong decisions here. In fact, worrying about whom to trust may just be a way of procrastinating to take you away from your light. So, back to your brightest self and just be you.

With this in mind, it might be a good few weeks to make sure you are well and truly connected with those who support your highest good. Often when we feel suspicious of life, it could be because we’re hanging out on the wrong energy level. It’s not often that you worry what your closest soul sisters are thinking, is it? You know they have your back.

Another thing you might be aware of this month is having too many ideas. I know, it’s hardly a bad thing is it, but it can be overwhelming! The best thing to do is keep the present moment as your running buddy. No need for your mind to dash off into the distance, because you aren’t there yet. You can’t possibly predict what you might think about a situation in three months time, so just keep feeling into things step by step. You are responsible for the web you weave, and I feel that everything is all set for personal clarity, inner strength and abundant support – just trust that it is.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Strength

You may be feeling wilted and weak as the month kicks off, and I encourage you to nurture this feeling by only doing what you need to feel more balance within yourself. It may be that external changes have got you feeling quite out of harmony – change will do that to you, you see. You may be feeling afraid, confused and even angry. Change will do that to you too! It’s not the time to place any pressure on yourself to feel anything other than what you are feeling – this is the ultimate act of “feeling feelings.” Just sit and be, whatever and however that be may be.

I urge you to just care for yourself and let yourself be nurtured. For some of you the power needs to be reinstated from within. That personal power that I always speak of, it’s energy that you always have access to, but frequently forget exists. I feel that your internal negative chatter could be quite strong right now, a few too many “what ifs” and doom and gloom. As always I remind you that that fearful voice is also totally normal, but just not to be ruled by. Listen and know that it doesn’t speak the truth, but is simply voicing a fear that is present and that is okay.

This is the art of taming the ego mind, saying: “I hear you, I know you are there, but I have my heart set on a bigger and more loving thought right now.” As Mercury stays in retrograde until mid month, it really is the perfect time to stay focused on you, rather than get involved with others’ drama or gossip. You really don’t have time for it. Instead of dancing that dance, think of how you can have fun with your self-care. What would get you to smile right now? Who do you need to be around? What transformation do you feel like having right now?

I want you to work with the idea of transformation over the next few weeks, what version of you do you want to see emerge from out of your cocoon? If you’ve been making personal changes then you certainly didn’t make them for nothing, did you? I feel that you are paving the way for great personal successes and joy ahead. So keep moving forwards from the positive intention that fueled you in the first place. You are set to bloom.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Ten of Pentacles

You are aware that there has been a lot of change in recent months and over the next few weeks you are going to start to get hints about what the bigger picture is all about. Finally, right? I feel the cycles are actually moving now, rather than feeling stuck in the mud like they have been on and off for months. Now, this movement of course has to be fuelled by some work from you too. Remember you are not being directed in your own life story; you are the director of this movie. So, what’s next?

I feel as though you’re shedding skin and leaving an old version of yourself behind, where you are guided to take more responsibility for yourself and your life, instead of falling back on the excuse of having to please other people. Of course, there will always be people who need you, and that isn’t a bad thing, but if it’s at the expense of your own wellbeing, then it doesn’t usually swing in your favor does it? For those of you in full people-pleasing mode then this is a wake up call to just…stop. You won’t see the wonderful things unfolding in your own life if you don’t give them the attention they deserve.

Anyway, moving forwards this really is a positive push for career and abundance. You are definitely required to up your game too. Have you ever though that you might be playing too small? Playing down or being self-deprecating about your talents for fear of rejection, or lesser success? You might find that when you up your prices, shout about your skills and really put yourself out there confidently (even if it’s a “fake it until you make it” vibe) that the returns come in. It’s worth a shot, even as a self-confidence exercise, that you well and truly deserve. Value your time and your talent and others will reflect that.

Finally, the next few weeks are also a wonderful time for reconnecting with your family, whether that’s relatives, soul sisters, or your oldest friends. I feel that you will really gain energy from a group setting, so try not to hide yourself away too much. Call on people for help and hugs, they are itching in the wings to come and swoop you up in support. Revel in it for a change.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – Queen of Wands

This month you are set to reclaim your own experience and your year ahead. I feel a little sass coming in from you and it’s well and truly needed and appreciated. It’s time for you to stand up and be counted, tell your truth and tune back in to what you well and truly want, need and deserve. I feel very proud of you in advance by the way. Somewhere along the last few weeks you’ve become a little detached from your soul self, why is that? Perhaps lost in the gossip and chaos of the crowd? It’s almost like you’ve been trying other people’s lives on for style and are suddenly realizing the coat just doesn’t fit. Which is quite a relief, isn’t it? But wait, what is it that you actually want?

I know that you know, so try not to panic too much. In fact the answers are much closer to the surface than you think, you just probably didn’t expect them to be so simple. It might be the small act of reconnecting to the people that really inspire you to be YOU, rather than hiding in your shell or surrounding yourself with those who don’t feel you. I want you to shake this ALL off, and wipe the slate clean and rebuild from a place that works better for you.

You’re looking for an adventure you see. Some of you will feel a huge urge to travel the world right now, anywhere but here right? Your broomstick is twitching and it feels like you just can’t get away fast enough. Do the groundwork here though okay; remember that adventures are better fueled when you leave with a positive intention, rather than running away from your problems. Face things head on and then see whether you still want to physically be elsewhere.

Finally, you may notice that some of your flashier fears are shouting up at you right now, and some of the deepest and darkest ones from your past may also pay a visit. You can employ the same badassery to them as your external experience, and make it your intention to just not go there. You’re too awesome; it’s time to tame that beast. Seek help, talk it out. Surrender.

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Leo / Leo Rising – The Tower

I’ve talked to you a lot over the past year about releasing your inner critic and avoiding the chaos that you sometimes crave, so I’m not going to mention it again. I trust that you know well enough now that the comparing, the judging and the drama don’t help fulfill your highest hopes and desires. Right?

So yes, with that in mind, moving on into February I feel that you are poised to receive some new and exciting flashes of inspiration, which without giving in to all the above you actually create space for. It’s exciting and new and may come with an army of anxiety waves, but that fluttering in your stomach, it also feels like excitement…if you choose to perceive it that way. You’re ready to creatively restructure. For some of you this could be a literal tear down of ideas and ideals, with maybe a shove from the Universe at your side. If this happens, do make sure to be looking after yourself as you gallop into the abyss of change, keep your healers to speed-dial and practice a lot of grounding.

Those of you who prefer the more subtle approach can think of this as an early spring clean. It’s time to reshuffle and reorganize, perfect for these first 11 days of the month when Mercury is still in retrograde and really supporting a restructure of old ideas. I’d also like you to practice getting to what I’m going to call the pinpoint of clarity. We receive clarity when we experience a perfect merging of our intuition and intellect. When the mind is sharp and the soul is heard. You can sit and practice with single questions and a quiet moment. Close your eyes and pose yourself a question, take a deep breath in and as you breathe out pay attention to the first thoughts that come in (you might even feel a tingle in your ear when you are aligned with your highest self).

Simultaneously you may notice the fears fly in too, but don’t worry about that, just focus on the simpler and more loving guidance. You may find that your points of clarity are just the words YES or IT’S OKAY. The more you grasp that these are as valuable as the constant chatter of your fears then you can confidently use this simple exercise for quick guidance any time you choose. I said it was an exciting time and I meant it!

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Knight of Swords

Woah, slow down my friend, you are not running out of time and it’s okay to breathe you know. You do know that right? February kicks off with you feeling overrun with ideas, plans, and action, action, ACTION! It’s all good, your head is in fifth gear, and everything that has been building over the last few months is poised to spring to life. However, you can turn down the gas a little, just to ease out of panic mode, even if you are sooooo excited. Get used to the concept that timing is always perfectly aligned, so time is not your enemy or working against you. It is always on your side if you believe it is.

I’d also like you to bring some compassion to the table this month, as you may find your tongue a little sharper than usual. It could be that everyone seems SO annoying (oh hey Mercury retrograde) but getting yourself tied up in knots over it won’t help you one inch. Instead, just allow things to be as they are, especially the situations that are sending you into freak out mode. This is certainly a time to sit on an email for 24 hours (or maybe three days), not to text back immediately. You will feel so much better for it I promise.

For those of you who’ve been feeling that life has not quite been on your side recently then I feel that nearer the end of the month you will feel a sense of calm confidence setting back in. You may also become aware of a few more reasons “why” things have been a little chaotic. I advise you to watch out for synchronicities becoming abundant, in order to remind you that you are exactly where you should be.

Make sure that you are well and truly aligned with your highest truths and morals. There may be a little push and pull as you sort out what you really want right now, as opposed to what your ego is trying to trick you into. The golden rule is to be kind to yourself and others, always, and especially when you don’t feel like it. Although your most sarcastic self might not like it, positive thinking will really help things move in your favor right now. And finally, if needed, try to give off an air of confidence even if you don’t feel it.

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Libra / Libra Rising – King of Pentacles

The first half of the month is poised for you to receive: guidance, intuition, gifts, abundance. How open is your mentality right now to accept them? It’s very common, and so easy, to live with a lack mentality, especially where money is concerned. It’s so easy to keep saying “I can’t” and “I don’t have enough.” But these phrases become negative habits that lock us so easily into really believing that we won’t ever have “enough.” Now of course, releasing these beliefs doesn’t suddenly mean a cash prize, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to become more open to the possibility that things could be on their way.

If this sounds a lot like you, then practice taking the power back as far as your finance and success are concerned. Try the mantra “I have everything I need” to open up to seeing more opportunities around you.
On the guidance front, it’s time to forget about doing everything yourself. If you’re really adamant about not taking tips from friends and family then consider a business mentor or a life coach. You could really benefit from a third person perspective to help you get your ideas and creativity in order. You will also find that when you share your passions with another person, they grow and become more exciting to work with.

For those of you seeking new jobs or a return on a career project then it’s a great month for it, as it feels as though someone is going to recognize and appreciate your skills as they need see you as part of their bigger picture. If you’re feeling quite the abundant one right now, then slow down on the spending for the first half of the month – you could end up with a houseful of items you kind of just didn’t really want. Save up for that “dream” purchase in a few months time instead.

Finally, on the romance front, an older person could hit the scene and take your eye; they may just have an old soul, but this is a wonderful grounding attraction that could bring you the stability you’re hoping for. You have realized now that friendships and relationships are all about learning as well as passion, so take time to listen and soak up new personalities that interest you. You will feel enlightened and energized.

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Scorpio / Scorpio Rising – Six of Swords

The first couple of weeks of February, in line with the tail end of Mercury retrograde, are set up to help you shake off a final few self doubts and old negative patterns. It’s safe to say that you are very aware of the huge Phoenix like transformation that has been occurring over the past couple of years, and so this really is just clean up time. You will know exactly what is still hanging around and the work isn’t necessarily hard, it’s more about whether you are willing to allow the past to really be the past. Are you?

Sometime it doesn’t get better than using a surrender mantra, all day, every day – just let everything go, over and over again, and be sure to make a note when you get a positive confirmation from the Universe that you are doing the right thing. The signs are there, just be ready to see them. You have a lot more peace than chaos around you, so focus on the calm rather than stirring the drama cauldron.

As the weeks pass it’s time for you to start planting some seeds and nurturing a few of your more abundant ideas. This can also be aligned with a new approach to older and most successful projects; what new branch could be grown from something you already know? It’s your perception and approach to your creativity and life in general that will shift you into a happier and more abundant space. You are safe to turn your back on things that just don’t feel right anymore, especially those things you really think you “should” just stick at. Make space to feel excited!

This is also very prominent for relationships and friendships – is someone that isn’t right for you taking up space in your heart? Remember that when you surrender and let go, you don’t actually lose anything, although it may feel like it. You actually gain freedom and empowerment. Trust that it is safe to move forwards. Finally, don’t feel guilty about your new plans and opportunities, even if friends around you are having a difficult time. You can’t stay stuck to try and please someone else; misery may love company but you don’t want to be miserable! Run wild, sail free, and know that you are fully equipped for all the excitement ahead of you.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Ten of Wands

It’s time to laugh at your own inner drama queen this month Sagittarius! That head stuck in the sand feeling may have been with you for a couple of weeks, but you somehow forgot that you are able and allowed to dig yourself out and look up. Stop pushing against yourself and start supporting your own cause. Yes, nice thought isn’t it? So, at the start of this month I feel that you are poised to just let sh*t go, because you need your precious time and brain cells to be getting creative over the next month or two.

I also want you to be wide awake to noticing the crazy weird moments and lucky breaks that may be popping up around you – sorry will be. Now, although I know I started this a little on the harsh side, I do want you to know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and that’s you’re not going insane or having a life crisis. You are having feelings and being a human and it’s not always a free and easy ride. So, of course the best method is to look after yourself, wildly and passionately. The next step is to be patient and gentle with yourself and your journey. Yes it can be frustrating when you are so eager to see your dreams come to fruition, but you need to let everything breathe.

After the mid-month point I feel you will notice that the stress releases and all of your super Sag fire energy comes rushing back to you, mojo included. When you feel that bright eyed, wide-awake clarity, make sure to use it for the best. What would you like to create right now? What, or whom, do you feel passionate about?

Be aware of your own fire element so that you can use it wisely, as when displaced it’s easy to feel anger and frustration in place of what could be excitement and enthusiasm. Take up a new exercise, go on a road trip, paint, dance, and socialize. If you feel no passion for anything in life, then it’s easier for fear to orun rampant in the mind. Your life has to be created from a spark of desire or some wild urge to explore or learn or experience. Don’t panic about what those passions might be; the seed of adventure is sown from the pure simplicity of saying YES to your day.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Four of Cups

Stubbornness is often referred to as a negative personality trait. I disagree, as I see it as one of the most powerful tools to channel into positive self-care. Somewhere in your sphere you are feeling reluctant to surrender, to hope, or to rest, and this isn’t unusual for you. The thing that is different however is that the tides have turned recently and your outlook has shifted, so you are much more prepared than you think.

I feel you have some emotional concerns at the moment, too many feelings and an abundance of worries. These feelings are really okay, as they are washing you somewhere and if you choose to not pass judgement on yourself then you will discover that it’s also okay to just feel “meh” sometimes, it doesn’t mean you are weak or useless. However, this is an important time to note every silver lining. However many worries you have right now, there are at least three fold more bright opportunities surrounding you. Remember back to a time when things turned out quite fine despite your reservations, one of those times when the whole “divine alignment of time” was proven to you. Trust that now is the same, and that movement, although seemingly sluggish, is happening.

So back to that stubbornness; take any urges not to care for yourself right now and flip it to a wild and passionate superpower to do absolutely everything you can to honor the idea of feeling good. Even if you try it as a bizarre experiment, just do it. Imagine what life would be like without the layer of pressure you place on yourself and try and act that out.

Finally this is THE month to return to your meditation practice, or start if you don’t have one already. Meditation is the value of your time and you cannot do it wrong. You may be drawn to a certain mode or pulled in the direction of a new teacher. Other than that, just sit, stop and listen, it’s that simple. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and challenging, but all and any stillness is beneficial for you. It is within these moments that you automatically connect back to your mind, body and spirit super powers – meaning you will be able to do more work and have more ideas, when it’s time to take action.

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