Happy Birthday sweet swimmer! As the two bookends of the Zodiac, you and Aries both have the same cards come up as last month. To say February will merge it’s energy with March is obvious, but whatever you were working on last month will follow through too and I feel that much of the mood is a continuing search for stability.

It can be easy for you to swim against your own tide or, dare I even say it, flee from the idea of being ‘tied down’.

Yet you are always searching for something that feels like home. What does the steady flow that you desire look and feel like to you? It’s good to work with this to remind yourself that your journey isn’t a prescription laid out with no fluidity – instead it’s quite the opposite. If you desire a partnership but don’t want to feel like your wings have been clipped, then know that it’s completely possible to find someone who rides the same wave as you and gives you the space you want. Instead of running from people who express interest in you, allow everyone else the option to be unique and different – don’t try and label or pin people down to what you think they are. This will limit your opportunities to bring in the right kinds of friends, lovers, partners and work mates to expand your experience.

Along with this search for solid ground, know that there is a balance between the material and spiritual and that it’s ok to be in both worlds. I feel that this month you may be working with that balance and occasionally questioning which is the ‘right’ way to be. Remove this pressure and again, allow yourself to expand in all directions. There is no need in this day and age to separate the two. You can be practical with your intuition and be spiritual in your day to day.

This month allows you to stop and re-shuffle priorities, feelings and plans. The joy lies in your ability to create an environment that works for you. I feel that you may also be considering the ground you walk on; some of you feeling like putting down roots and committing to new homes, classes and jobs, while others are experiencing the opposite – purely because these foundation may not feel right. In this case, you will maybe even relocate.

The main thing I’d like you to work on though is a steadiness. The fact that this very earthy card has come up twice makes me want to let you know it’s okay to slow down. You don’t need to make hasty decisions and a little going over of matters and thoughts will not do you any harm. Maybe during last month’s Mercury retrograde it already felt like your brakes were being pulled (or plans thwarted) – so allow this and take time to go over plans. It’s so easy to be impatient, but what if the only thing you are really supposed to do this month is stop, look and learn?

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Like Pisces you have the same card come up as last month. I know you are always ready to race from the starting blocks and again this month there is still a cause for stillness. In February I mentioned decision-making, and how hard it can be when you feel impatient. You might notice that theme continuing over the next few weeks. Although Mercury is no longer retrograde, Mars (your ruler, planet of motivation) has taken over the retrograde throne so it’s perhaps still a point of slow down. Again, no need to fear this, but use it to your advantage.

When I look at the card this time around I feel quite a strong sense of peace. I feel that you know there is a lot of potential change around you and upcoming and that you are ok with it. It’s always more important to put your energy on being excited about the future and what it might bring, rather than the fear of what might happen. I love the idea of making your ‘will’ bigger in your mind than your ‘won’t’. So let this month ease you into the changes you have planned.

I feel a certain amount of the next few weeks might also be about succumbing to working with other people, something you love doing but which can easily stress you out when all decisions aren’t ‘yours’ to make. Any time you feel that your sense of personal control is tested this is a chance to grown and expand within your journey. Make the surrender practice your mantra this March – and know that maybe letting someone else lead you a little is like actually giving you space somewhere inside that melting pot of ideas to rest. The main thing though is just to allow flow, in as many ways as possible. That way, if things do become frustrating you will just laugh it off – knowing that you are ahead of the game and you love all the twists and turns your adventure brings.

I also feel that dreams might be significant for you this month (who knows, maybe you might give lucid dreaming a shot?) and possibly time to start up a journal to write out what your subconscious throws out – you may find some of the answers you seek are packaged up in unusual ways, so be on the look out for hidden messages and sly synchronicities.

What I feel you might discover is that right towards the end of the month you notice opportunities blooming and answers arriving in new forms. I feel that by April there also could be someone new arriving into your career space. It could be collaboration, business coach or even an awesome new accountant – either way, someone that might take your work life up a notch in your desired direction.

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaanggeees. You know change is all around you, right? I feel quite confident that none of you reading this is unaware that plans are a-foot, things are a-coming and horizons are expanding. Right. The main question though is how are you approaching this? Are you full of fear or standing with arms wide open ready to embrace the new like a long lost BFF?

Last month I spoke about new work opportunities so this card may be bringing in your desire to get prepped for the launch of a new project. Don’t worry too much if the change you had already anticipated doesn’t swoop in as soon as you hoped, this month still has a sense of slowness to it. But remember slow and stead wins the race. This is the chance to elegantly move in the direction you desire, and not panic or obsess about when the outcome is coming. It IS coming, so just let yourself breathe. For instance if you are waiting for a few technical details to come through, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be out and about sharing your plans with others. Talking about the new is also an on the down low manifestation exercise. Talk as if it what you want is already happening and you bring in that energy. Before you know it BOOM – it has.

This month I also want you to keep working with the possibilities that life can bring when you move positively with a sense of flow. Admittedly you aren’t the first one to shake up your foundations, yet you’re often surprisingly (to yourself) good at coping when the ground shakes. I don’t feel this is a time of unexpected change, It feels too upbeat for that, I would rather you think of how you can invite change in to make your life better and brighter for you.

How to do this? Well an easy way is to give a scan of your environment and take note of anything that you feel needs a shake up. Perhaps you’re desperate to get out of a job that’s no longer working or even just revamp your schedule to make it work better for you. Maybe you have a relationship that needs to finally be kicked to the curb. OR, on the contrary, one that needs more love and nurture. Do you need a major mind-body-spirit reconnect?  Is it time to change your schedule so you have more time for yourself?

This month might not bring all the action, but it should bring in the ideas and certainly the intentions. So settle and make plans and baby steps. There are a million possibilities and you are the one with all the answers. I’m not going to tell you what you need to shift – you know exactly what it is babe. Arms open wide.

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What have you got to worry about? I feel a major sense of anxiety, but it doesn’t feel so present – did last month dredge up a bunch of old fears and niggling irritations? If you are feeling sleepless at night and restless in the day because of worries and too much chatter in your own mind – it’s okay. We all have times like these, and really it’s always a swift shout out for nurture and self-care. It is really easy to feel bound up by your own thoughts, especially as an Air sign, but it’s equally important to learn to sift through them and consider what is real and what is a fear based illusion.

I have a real sense that there is less to be stressed about than you think, and actually if you open your eyes and look around you it’s likely you will find that all those around you have been feeling the hard push recently too. While it’s not good to indulge in a ‘misery loves company’ vibe, it’s super important and essential that you know that you are not alone. Talk it out with your nearest and dearest, ask for help if you need it, check in with your therapist or coach for a boost of advice, and print out some of your favorite quotes. There are a myriad of resources around you that might just give you the pick me up that you need.

Also remember that your challenges are only ever in place to lead you to higher ground. Even that slightly annoying work colleague is an assignment for you to take on. Everything always makes a little more sense in retrospect so just keep moving.

Meanwhile make time to be kind to yourself this month. Even if you don’t feel you are held up with fears you could, like many of us, have just been really overworked recently and need to tap in to the slower moving astro energy that is around due to energizing Mars taking over the retrograde motion (thought Mercury is now direct woo-hoo!)

With this in mind, approach your own wellness with the kiss of kindness – this is not the time to set yourself a punishing regime, no way! Instead just think about raising your energy by nourishing your body with whole foods and gentle exercise. Get outside; there is something to be said for simply brushing off the cobwebs. If you feel stuck or frustrated, stop and take even just five minutes to march round the block – it’s amazing what that burst of movement and fresh air can do.

Of course you can also go the full on self-love route and book yourself in for spa treatments, blowouts and private meditation classes – do what you feel and feel what you do. Anything you do this month that is for your own sense of well-being will propel you out of any fear funks.

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Drama only exists if you participate in it. I live by these words as often as possible, even when tempted out of them by the bells and whistles of my ego or the world around me. Now I know that you aren’t the gossip of the group, so you are on a right footing, but what do you do when commotion is all around you? I’m diving right in here, but it may be that you know exactly what I’m on about. Family dramas, friends in blabbermouth mode or some major nitpicking happening in the workspace? Of course all you want to do is batten down the hatches and go underground, but of course it’s not always that easy.

The best thing you can do is not indulge any of these things that are rattling your inner being. Sure you might not be able to stop others waving their egos around the room, but you don’t have to join in or encourage it. It’s really okay to just stand back. I always press the idea of being the fly on the wall in your own life. There is an amazing clarity you can get when you stop to view your own situation as an outsider. Of course this is exactly why a life coach or therapist can be so helpful as they start out with a third person point of access. However it’s a great personal practice so get buzzing and fly to the corner of the room. What exactly is happening here? Is there a real drama or is it self-made? Is everyone actually fighting for the same cause? Maybe you might just need to leave everyone to it and stay in safe mode – you know that behaving in a way that isn’t true to yourself never gets you anywhere anyway.

Meanwhile as always make a point of being kind to yourself this month, especially if anything in your sphere feels chaotic – just enjoy your own time. There is a juice of fun creativity to be squeezed from this month if you manage to choose you time over theatrics. In fact, isn’t creativity your best therapeutic tool? Why not paint it all out, draw, dance, explore? Plan your adventures for the rest of the year, encourage and support your best self to bring in a boost of confidence.

Don’t pin yourself down to having to ‘achieve’ things this month, just set your intentions and tackle each day as it comes. You may also find that friends come running to you with their issues, after all you are one of the best empathetic advice givers they know! This is all and well, but just be sure not to let your energy take a dive in consequence. Recharge your inner soul system with taking a moment to check in with your inner guide – especially if you have been a little out of touch recently.

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A little nod back to October for you my lion, as again this card pops up. And as the Sun is your ruling planet too, of course it’s never a bad one to reacquaint yourself with. So what has been happening the last few months? It’s been a hard slog for many people recently, you too? Feels like you’ve been over working and under appreciating yourself. If that rings true then you know the answer already and with this card it’s pretty simple. Make some time for joy.

Why is this so hard sometimes? It is such a human mindset to believe in a ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality, to trudge up the hill and believe that there will be no let up until you are total beaten down. It really doesn’t have to be like that.

What does happiness mean to you? It’s a question that can stump us. Where is it? But happiness and joy are not destinations, which means you have to open up to seeing something good in any given moment. It can be a challenge but it’s actually a fun game to play. What is outside your front door tomorrow morning will be different depending on the way you perceive it. I really believe that positive energy is something that you can tune into and that you can tweak your sight to see things in a more expansive way.

So this month practice that tune in. Recognize that relief from stress might be found in five quiet minutes alone if you stop to be in the moment. If you find that your mind is running in all sorts of directions apart from the present then try a writing practice. Make a list of all the fears, thoughts, what if’s and plans that are on your mind. Then give them recognition and choose to focus on one thing that is in your present moment – it might be drinking from your glass, taking a bite of food, connecting with nature or reading from a book. Every time you feel a scatter of mind, try this and just go back to whatever is with you in the minute. Your energy will benefit from this and reboot your system to connect mind and body to a more conscious state.

Combine the above with a gratitude practice to up your state of positive awareness. You can write what you are grateful for down as an evening journaling practice or try a site like happyrambles.com that will email you at the time of your choosing asking ‘What are you grateful for?’ You have a free pass to take a break and enjoy life this month, and if you really must look to the future, make it be about the vacation you are planning!

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Raring to share? With this card in play you are no doubt feeling ready to get something out into the open and whether that is a personal announcement or a business launch the time feels right. I turned over a lot of strugglesome cards this month, as energetic Mars takes the retrograde flag from Mercury, but I have a feeling you are going to breeze through with a little fire on your side and in your heart.

This is a month of prepping for a new start, and you have the passion. This doesn’t feel like a boring, got to get things done kind of a vibe, more so that you can’t keep your new in. I feel one of our big missions in life is to share, in fact I’m sure it’s why we have all of our experiences – in order to help others with what we have learned. This is something to always keep in mind when you are having a challenge, to recognize that you are being lead to higher ground and that the moment has purpose, even if the reason is clouded in mist right now. So if now does happen to have a foggy overtone you will get to the clear skies by honing in on what you are passionate about and participating in it unapologetically!

Yes I did say that, you have a green light to go for your own gold. I know you are working hard and deserve some loving payback. So start by giving that love directly to the source, aka YOU.

Anyway, back to those ideas, I feel you have a cauldron bubbling up, in fact it’s likely you even feel overwhelmed with the potential you can see for the next few months or year and are wondering where to start. Back to the moment and just start by taking one step or making one move – by putting your faith in and taking the starting action you bring in trust that the direction will become clearer ahead. If you always send out your projects with solid integrity and love then it’s hard to go wrong and allow things to be different to what you perhaps expect. It could be that the big success this month is something you hadn’t put in the forefront – but surprises are awesome right?

I feel that you are also going to want to spend some time with fellow trail blazers, in fact you’ll probably feel high in the company of those who inspire you. It’s likely that some pals may need your advice over the next few weeks too and teamwork will be an all ‘round win. Anyway, I know you have it in the bag, just know that you are allowed to be confident in your ability to be out living your life and doing your do. There is no other you, remember?

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This is a month of getting things done and dusted and I feel participating in something system oriented will probably bring in some calm. The last few months may have flown by in a whirlwind of emotions and feelings and so stopping to check in and do some material world prep might rather suit you.

So what do you want to start with? Prepping early for your taxes? Some spring cleaning? I feel that it’s likely you are quite aware of where the balance has tipped and will know what to do. This isn’t about turning into a control freak and setting totally unmanageable targets though, quite the opposite. I want you to feel happy about just being present and getting through some tasks, there is no deadline here. I laugh saying that, because it’s easy to be unharmonious on purpose right? Always seeking grace yet ever so slyly tipping the barrel?

This is a slow moving energy and so don’t panic if you feel like you are waiting on results for something – this is why I say just focus on the clean up at your end. It’s easy to get really attached to the outcome of a project, an idea or a dream – we all do it. However you need to allow fluidity to what it is you are hoping for and the best way you can do that is just do one action based thing today. Some of you may even be dealing with legal matters, whether it’s committing to new work contracts or even just having to research into the system of something, and it could feel a little boring. Remind yourself that logistics and stuff that just ‘needs to be done’ is only in place to lead you to an easier road ahead and I know you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from a clean filing cabinet or a rearranged closet.

Meanwhile this energy can also be used for you to reshuffle and check in with your own list of do’s and don’ts. Feeling moralistic? Avoid going on a judgmental rampage and giving yourself permission to decide what you think about everyone else’s lives – this is just a form of procrastination. Instead hone in on how you are feeling right now in regards to your attitude and approach to life, maybe you need a little tune back in to the positive? It’s not as simple as an on/off switch but stepping up and deciding you would like to participate in your experience is a good start. Life is never happening at you, but it is happening with you.

Meanwhile for any of you having control issues, If you want to get focused about anything then get set on your own health and wellness, especially if you’ve neglected it recently. Turn over a new leaf and bring in some passion for a new system – whether it’s splashing out on the juicer you’ve been dying to get or signing up to a different type of yoga class – make it fun.

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It’s funny, because I feel that you have been under as much stress as everyone else recently, but you have your eyes on a prize and it’s keeping you afloat. Last month I spoke about making time to allow yourself some joy and I want you to keep honoring that as we move into the next few weeks. I feel that you are really looking ahead right now, and it’s not a bad thing – that carrot dangling in front of you is certainly appealing.

It’s important that you don’t step into fears of not knowing the outcome over the next few months. You might be launching a new project, at the start of a relationship or waiting on some important news and would kind of appreciate a look into the crystal ball right now. You know I’m not going to do that, but I feel that the answer is going to be in enjoying the anticipation – really? Yep. Make it fun. A forced surrender can actually be a pretty healing time. You are in place where your powers of manifestation are heightened – so throw your ideas out and trust that the return is going to be great. Maybe it will be different to your prediction, but it will be exactly as it should be.

I feel inspiration is also running high, while you have many new plans for your life waiting to get started you also have a million new light bulbs going off each moment. This is a good thing, but can also feel just as confusing as it can productive, so no need to get overwhelmed. Of course the answer is always going to be to try and stay in the moment. Treat each day as a possibility for something new to bloom that will be added to shape the experience ahead, who knows what might come into play in the next day let alone month.

I also feel travel is ahoy, or that you’re are planning it, because you do seem to have itchy feet. Satisfying the need to get out of town doesn’t have to mean booking an expensive around the world trip. Even just leaving the town you are in can give you a change of pace and attitude. There’s a lot to be said for exploring your own surroundings and your country. That said, if you are planning a move or big adventure then this month supports that and it might be fun getting creative with travel plans – vision board anyone?

Finally you are in a collaborative mood and following on from last month you still need to be connecting with those who support your cause and boost your soul system. So keep in touch – whether it be chatting via facetime or making some time for real face time. Oh and p.s. Learning a new skill could be a surprise success over the next few months so check out your local collages and get out of your comfort zone.

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A nod back to November this month as this card comes back in to play, so you may see a link to how you felt at the end of last year. Even better, look for any lessons you learned then and pull them out to be your super power over the next few weeks. Last month I spoke about getting a little more in tune with your life and participating in shaping your destiny. With Mercury now direct I feel you may have dredged up some old fears, habits and maybe even faces recently and are wondering what to do in the face of the new and the old combined.

Well the hot news is that our guidance is always a lot more simple than we expect it to be, and as this is a slow and steady month and your main task is just to carry on sitting at that wheel and allow things to play out. Of course the action is to put your eyes on the positive and not those spilt cups of milk. I feel that you’ve been whipped into a frenzy of busy busy busy recently and it’s all been good, but oh boy are you wiped out. It feels like you might have a combination of social and career tiredness. It’s not that you are having a bad time but you wouldn’t mind a time warp that allowed you to climb into a still space for a month and then return to your overloaded diary.

You can manage it all though, by making sure to put space in your diary for nothing. Yes, schedule in a big gap here and there and forbid yourself to fill it up with activity. If you get in the moment then even five minutes sat down and acknowledged can be enough to boost your system.

So what do you do about the dance of nostalgia that flared up? You like to analyze, but beware of its paralyzing effect on you, or your ego’s desire to come out on top. Maybe that person that you need to let go of can just be freed, there is no benefit to ‘having the last word’ – in fact it often remains as an energetic hook to keep you connected to the situation. Forgive and forget is kind of an annoying phrase, but it’s sentiment is strong. Sending love in the direction of your annoyances is surprisingly freeing and creates a nice space for new opportunities and connections to swoop in.

Finally I feel that you might notice any career craziness calm down into a schedule that actually makes sense. Any contacts and contracts that suddenly slip away are doing so in order to give space to what is really going to work for you, so don’t even bother entertaining any sense of perceived failure. If you give everything in your life room to breathe this month it will definitely work in your favor.

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Last month I encouraged you to reconnect with some of your passions and remind yourself that you get to shape your own experience. As March arrives you probably feel a little more connected to what you do and don’t want to have in your life. Of course this reshuffle can be frustrating when you are dying to get that dream life on the go – just rest assured that your intentions are enough of a good start.

Anyway, back to business. You do have a green light to make some moves – in fact you are one of the signs this month that is feeling less static. The key is in moving in the direction that you want and not rushing ahead like a wild fire. We all know that you can be a workaholic but spreading yourself too thin on projects that aren’t even your life and soul – what is the point? You have time to pick and choose what is going to work for you, but you also have to trust that it’s ok to be the boss of your own life. This is a great few weeks to stop and breakdown projects that you are working on and piece them together in a way that works for you.

You also have a good communicative energy this month and so let your talk give you your walk. You may in fact be bursting with pioneering ideas and so it’s good to share – even if it’s just in your journal for now.

Energetically, for an earthbound sign you could be feeling quite scattered over the next few weeks, possibly due to with your mind buzzing with so much information and ideas. When we’re ungrounded it can express via our health with feelings of anxiety or even dizziness. You know that feeling when you don’t feel quite connected, because you are thinking in too many places at once? To bring back in some of your earth energy try a perma visualization of strong roots growing out of your feet and into the earth – connecting you back to the present moment. Other great ways to get your earth on are stocking up on whole foods – eat items that you could grow yourself and stay away from too much sugar (a classic spacey brain inducing product).

You may notice that there is a touch of chaos in your external environment, maybe some age old dramas in your friendship group or people you know going through their own challenges. It’s likely that they will call on you for advice and opinions and while you love to be the support rod (and are a guardian angel to many) it can be a big energy sapper for you. Being of service doesn’t mean draining your own supply, so be on guard to make sure you are on the receiving end in equal measure. You know the drill… BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

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And lightning strikes! People often want to run a mile when they see this card but it carries a wealth of useful guidance and also, adventure. It’s likely that things have really shaken up recently, and in all sorts of weird and wild ways. I feel that this month may just be cementing that ‘out of the blue’ mood and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Have you been surprised by things that have happened recently? It could be in your external environment or even that you had a strange change of mind or opinion. There are shifts at play and I feel you might only be aware of the effects. I also think this could be a fun opportunity to embrace and new and unusual – and be less scared of it than you used to.

I kind of want you to embrace every possible positive approach to this card, are you up for it? Okay let’s go.

Accept people into your life that you perhaps would never have given a chance before – who knows what you might learn! Feel brave enough to say a final N.O. to something you’ve been dying to let go of for a long time. Feel brave enough to try everything and anything new. Shake up your own foundations in order to get ahead of the Universe – bring in any change you need, and welcome it with open arms. Be the support system for someone who has helped you in the past – they might not be asking for help but you may feel a silent call. Switch up your attitude to everything that fears you.

Is it money? Shock yourself by getting super passionate about your finances, because you deserve the abundant life you want you know. Is it relationship issues? Shock yourself into a new cycle by giving commitment a shot, sure you don’t know the outcome – we never do, but if it feels right then recognize it’s part of your journey. Give your body a boost too, by experimenting with eating for your symptoms and your unique self and enjoy a whole new mind-body connection. Take down your own ego by choosing to become BFFs with your intuition instead, it’s time to check back in and say ‘hello me’! Leave the job that you hate so much. Apply for the dream job that scares you.

Then write a letter to yourself aged 15 and tell them everything is going to be ok. Be the change you want to see in the world, right? Forget about obsessing over dramas, just shine as bright as you can and let others absorb that vibe. And don’t indulge chaos – if you don’t participate in theatrics then they rarely explode. Be the lover. Start that book, write that proposal, forgive yourself and be willing to forgive your challenges. Step up to the adventure that is your life and check yourself in.

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Cast by Louise using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck