Cast by Louise Androlia using the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

Taurus / Taurus Rising – Eight of Swords

Perhaps you’ve noticed…after new beginnings or points of change, the fears come rushing in. The doorbell goes and there’s anxiety number one fear – and what’s more, he’s brought all his friends with him! The good news is that this is NORMAL. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to devalue your feelings? Tell yourself you ‘should’ feel fine, or that other people have things worse? To the other extreme, maybe when you don’t feel good you reach straight for the punishment card and tell yourself you’re not good enough or that you’re broken.

The month of May is here to let you know that whatever is coming up for you right now, it’s supposed to be there. You may feel like you’re moving backwards because an old habit has reared its head. NOPE, still moving forwards. However, whatever has come up has its place in your journey and needs to be valued. This is your time to be empowered, to get to know those fears and to work with them. You realize that when your fears are familiar then they can no longer be scary right? So go on, open that door and get to work.

So what’s the higher purpose of all this? It represents a clear-out for you. You’ve committed to change, you’ve taken a leap of faith, and now the decks need to be cleared because you NEED the space. Don’t be afraid to breathe and let go. As in surrender, and give up to the flow of things; you don’t need to strangle the space around you. Your spring clean is for the purpose of transformation and no process of metamorphosis has ever felt comfortable. It takes effort and courage to crack through that eggshell, or to step out of the cocoon.

Moments of stillness are also part of the process, so if you feel stuck, disconnected, or off beat – embrace it. It’s easy to only associate action with forward motion, but this period of stop, start, anxiety, overwhelm, nonsense, sense – it’s all part of the big picture, fueled by a higher love. Your only job is to accept this, and not to devalue what is coming up and out. You are never the victim, you are the super star in this scenario. Find yourself a symbol of transformation, be it a butterfly or a phoenix. Hold tight and breathe strong. All is coming up golden.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Eight of Pentacles

Are you feeling bored? Uninspired? Got itchy feet, and want to know what’s next? I feel that you’ve stepped into a space where you’re ready for some new skills and new knowledge, and that this has inspired a renewed faith in your journey. It’s a great space to be, and it’s intricately laid with opportunities. Your best path ahead is to just allow yourself to feel clear about what YOU need. Need, not want – when you focus on what you need, you clear a path directly to your intuitive self, a soul connection. It’s quicker, easier and more comfortable. So, what do you need right now?

Don’t judge the answer when it appears – it’s often more simple than we expect. Sometimes what you need is just to lie on the floor, to have a cup of tea, to scream at the top of your lungs, to stretch out, or to look up. The deeper need is created from what you are being called to learn and explore right now – and the month of May is all about learning. For some of you this will appear in the most obvious sense, actual education. So what classes do you fancy signing up for? What skills would benefit you right now? It’s a good time for soaking up information, be it a lecture, book, or even a practice that helps you just tune in to your inner soul system.

On a deeper level this month is about recommitting to your journey and trusting the web that you are weaving. Time is never wasted, but if it were it would be any time spent worrying about what others think of you, or devaluing your time. Your life is about the exploration of you, and upping your own self-awareness so you can be of a greater good. Your month will likely highlight what parts of your past you need to forgive and to accept as a meaningful piece of this puzzle. Remember that forgiveness is an act of freedom for you, it’s actually all about self love.

Finally – under the theme of education comes teaching. Life is about cycles, so it’s also time for you to consider what you want to give back, what you feel enthused to share, on a personal and professional level. Some knowledge you’ve gained recently is going be helpful to someone you know; this is another reminder to you that everything is aligned exactly as it should be – so speak up.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Lovers

The first key theme for your month is a return to self-love and grace, a return to a level of high personal trust. Why? Because you’ll need this when faced with some important decision-making. I want you to know that you’re always capable of making a choice that will be right for you. You don’t need anyone else to tell you what you ‘should’ do. You’ve got this – well, your inner soul system has, you just may not have caught up with it yet.

I want you to work with the word FREEDOM this month, and what makes you soar. What parts of your life feel like they’re flying up, up, up, and where do you feel deflated? There needs to be enough of the soaring to keep you balanced when faced with any anxiety, so keep reconnecting to your spirit (what lights you up) as often and as much as possible. This isn’t a frivolous activity, it’s an essential part of essential feeling good and empowered in the face of your challenges.

On the subject of new connections, whether in love or business this is a month where you may find that you are attracted to far and distant lands, travel and adventure. It’s not as simple as ‘you’ll meet someone on a beautiful white beach’ – we’re talking a much more interesting level of self-discovery. The travel theme (whilst this may relate to actual physical travel for some of you) is that you’re being called to uncover what and whom you need to fly beside you as you continue your great adventure. Just check to be sure you aren’t hauling someone on your back who should have been left behind a while ago. Spend time with those who lift you up and encourage you to feel more alive, more empowered and full of inspired strength. This is the best flight path and the one that will support you.

With these ideas in mind, know that as you leave behind the paths that just don’t feel right behind, you’re migrating to fresh and open spaces. Choose to view the space ahead of you as holding something that you need – it may just be that you don’t what it is yet. As you leap into the unknown, either your wings will form or you will be caught; trust that this is real, no matter what your fears are chiming in with.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Strength

A common theme in your life that only you will know is coming back into play this month, and you may well recognize it from this time last year. It feels to me that it’s common for you to experience your biggest shifts at this point in the year, just before the season changes and you head towards your solar return. It’s ad if you can feel warrior and the fighter building up within you, and so it’s time to check in with where you’re channeling your fire energy and the efforts of your highest self.

I feel that many of you are going to be called to step up your game as a teacher and a healer this month – it’s time to really be of service, babe. Remember that you can be of service in all walks of life; this doesn’t literally mean you have to become a coach or an energy worker. Being of service is about how you choose to view the world around you and your position in it. Are you angry? Are you feeling like a victim? Are you feeling restricted, or expansive of mindset?

I feel that in order for you to settle into the path that you’ve chosen, or want to choose for yourself, there needs to be an underlying theme of self-healing. In what ways have you been hard on yourself recently? Can you perform a self-forgiveness ceremony? YES you can. First, locate where you have been restricting yourself or your abilities, and write this down on a piece of white paper. Sit with the paper and take one deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth. As you exhale, say; “I forgive myself for the pressure and restrictions I have placed upon myself. I know that within forgiveness lies freedom. I am ready to feel free.” Take another deep breath, scrunch up that paper and either burn it (SAFELY!) or throw it in the nearest trashcan.

Now, smile. If you need to perform this exercise every day then go ahead, this is a safe surrender exercise and will help to release anxiety and criticism. And what are you going to do with this newfound sense of self, this big, wide expansive space inside? Start filling it with all the good stuff, the work you’re impassioned about, the activities you adore, and the people you can’t bear to be without. Oh and be sure to always leave a little room just for you.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Three of Swords

I feel that emotions are going to be running high throughout May my earthy friends, so it will be important to remember that feelings are normal, and good! Feeling feelings is even greater, and whatever is swimming around you right now needs to be felt. It seems as though there is something, however great or small, that you’ve been putting off addressing. It might be a really old fear that’s hanging about like a lost dog, or something brand new and so overwhelming that you just don’t even want to say hello to it. For many of you though, I feel it will be a bunch of little niggling doubts that are really only present because you’re moving forwards at full force. As we march on, we need to be constantly letting go and spring-cleaning. It’s normal and it feels good if we let it.

Your fears of disappointment or loss are wayyy less intense than the highs you will experience when you give in to what feels good. It’s the little things that are going to help, the safety nets you know you have in place, and the sense of trust that you’ve always had things in the bag. No, but seriously, you really know how to own your own story! Right now is no different.

I also want to ask whether you’re also allowing yourself to really feel all the GOOD THINGS happening in your world right now! Hell yeah the good stuff, the cascades of high fives and ‘ah-ha’ moments. Of course, there’s also the worry about whether things will still be okay and people will still like you if you evolve and change. YES is the simple answer. It’s easy to fear really embracing everything that’s going right, because you know, ‘what if’ it gets taken away again! It’s a common concern, but it has no root in reality – thinking positively or embracing the good doesn’t up the chances of experiencing a down.

In fact, I’m pretty convinced from my own experiences that when you get all starry eyed and proud of your greatness you stretch out the space around you to hold more and feel even better. It’s at least worth a try, right? So your job is to bathe in your own glory AND feel all your anxieties and overwhelm. Oh and surrender, surrender forever. Make like me, and wake up and shout ‘I SURRENDER’ in your bed. It may not look cool (or does it?) but it sure feels good to start the day by tuning in to your most expansive self.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Ten of Swords

As May begins I feel you are SO ready to release some pressure, and for that brain fog to clear a bit. I sense you’ve been head-in-the-sand for a little while, at least in one area of your life. Overwhelm can be a frequent occurrence for you when you’re trying to find your balance, and you know the up-up and the down-down quite well. It’s time for the cycle to shift into a brighter space, and that’s what this month’s energy is bringing you, a glimpse of clarity. Whatever you feel defeated by, know that this is the point where everything changes. Well, where everything can change.

So what can you do to feel less stressed out and more clear? First up, the classic – up your self-care practices. I’ve realized when we feel the most stuck or annoyed we get so locked in our fears that we start to believe there’s no such things as a simple solution. This is also why we’re so quick to mistrust our intuition, because surely it can’t be that simple? Can it? Yeah, well, it can, and this is why looking after yourself and valuing your time and abilities is the first point of call – whatever you are feeling (yes even if it’s AWESOME). So, renew your morning practice. Meditation is for everyone, including you; and it’s really just about valuing your time. So how can you do that? Can you start each day with even five minutes of sitting by yourself, before you jump on your phone?

Meanwhile, lets talk about how GREAT clarity is. It’s not something you can necessarily search for, or hope to achieve as a result of somebody else’s actions. Clarity is attained when you simply say ‘yes’ to trusting your feelings – which in turn means honoring your journey and slamming yourself into the present moment. Clarity is received when you commit to getting aligned with yourself, so yeah the whole self care thing brings actual results via an increases in your sense of personal power and self-confidence.

You see, although you may be waiting on external things, it doesn’t mean you can’t be confident about the way things feel on the inside, and in doing so renew your trust in your path. Oh and P.S. This is also a month for a serious truth exercise. In what ways aren’t you being authentic, and how can you change that up? It isn’t called a leap of faith for nothing.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Son of Wands

This month echoes a lot of what April was about for you because things still feel very action based. However, whereas April was trying to push you into where you wanted to place your will, May is about you giving yourself permission to really dive in and kick off the experience yourself. This is a fire-driven, passion-fuelled month and likely to be pretty jam-packed – and while you may feel overwhelmed at times but it’s all going to be good. I feel lit up just writing this, so I know you’re being called to a more self-confident place. Also that the veils of spirit connection are going to be finer for you this month, so expect a greater tune in with your highest self. YEAH!

In order for things to really feel good, I want you to access the parts of your own fire element you feel uncomfortable with. You may be struggling with anger and irritability, scared of failure if you follow your dreams, or terrified of moving forward within dating or a relationship. Fire is balanced with water so you’ll find that compassion is usually helpful in almost all fire-related overwhelm – even if it’s not what we always reach for naturally.

But being compassionate to your anxieties you discover how you can self-soothe. For anger and irritation, acknowledge the anger sensation in the body, so it can be forgiven and then expressed in a creative or energetic way (hello running, sex, artwork). As for following those dreams – all I can say is DIVE IN, you won’t be disappointed. As a Scorpio you are designed to be successful at change! And for those dating dilemmas, measure up how annoyed you’ll be if you stay in your comfort zone versus the really great things that might lie ahead once you remember how amazing you are.

Reach for inspiration from those who seem to embody energy that you seek. Tell them how great they are, and as you lift them up, remember that they are your mirror and that you are shining equally bright. In fact, this is your natural state. Growing pains are normal but diamonds need to be polished. Rise up and show up for all of your anxieties, but don’t forget to show up for the good stuff too. It’s time to own everything you’ve been working on over the past six months and choose to move with confidence.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Three of Wands

In true Sag style, your eyes are truly off in the distance right now, with daydreams and future visions on your mind big time. And why not? You have to dream BIG right? Yes, and this month you are fully supported in looking ahead with a great expansive vision. So where are the limits? They can only be created if you put restrictions on the possible outcomes of what you want. The power of manifesting lies in surveying the scene, getting clear on what you want and need, and then setting about taking action in the present moment. The rest is without roots for now, and you’ll feel most empowered in acknowledging those future wants yet embracing all that is NOW. It feels fun, I’m excited for all the magic making you’re doing now and beyond!

I feel that with this sense of expansion in the air there are going to be a number of opportunities to get you out of your comfort zone. For some of you this may come in the form of ideas and contracts being offered to you that are somewhat different to what you’re used to. The great thing is that it’s all up to you. Think about what you will enjoy most, and what will you learn from? What will help you to grow the most in your desired direction?

For those of you who feel stuck, know that it’s only because you are blinkered in someway. This blinkering may be coming from within – do you have a case of the tunnel visions? Or does the block seem to be in the form of a situation or another person? Do you feel stuck because you’re waiting for somebody else to make their move? Recognize that the stuck feelings are actually a valuable part of the process. Just because things aren’t full speed ahead, it doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. Ponder on that for a while and trust it.

Meanwhile I hope that nearer the end of the month you’ll start getting a few more answers, but you must keep asking questions too. Don’t mess around wondering ‘what if’ – start acting and educating yourself today. Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is personal power. Oh and I don’t want to forget to add that this month is pretty great for having fun, especially for those of you with more of a controlling edge. I hate to say loosen up a little…BUT how about just shaking it all out a little more? Laughter is one of our human superpowers.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Hierophant

Oh my great Capricorn! I love seeing this energy for you this month, because it’s one that you often resist the most – but it’s exactly what you need right now. It’s a month to ask for help.Yes, help – guidance, therapy, love, support, care; whatever you want to call it, it’s time to seek what you need. This is also about external help, as it feels like the pressure might need to be lifted off your friends and family. You will benefit from a third party to call a safe place. Now, this isn’t because those around you can’t or don’t want to help, it’s just that you’ll need them on the flip side really to laugh and feel the joy with too. When you can get some external support, then you get a sense of freedom and fun returning to your closest relationships.

There are different levels to this ask for support. Some of you may end up screeching it from the rooftops and others of you dropping hints all over, hoping someone might notice. To empower your own voice, sit and ask yourself what you NEED right now. Do you need a good listening to, or some bodywork, or nutritional nourishment? Maybe you need some help tuning back into your creative spirit or coaching for your business or work situation. Remember also that guidance can come in many forms, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Read, write, walk, and open up.

What I’m feeling is that someone outside your usual circle may offer you the sweetest gem of wisdom, maybe even totally unexpectedly, so you just need to slot yourself into a place of receiving – which I know isn’t always easy for you.

In the meantime, on the flipside there are plenty of you who are in the role of the helper, and perhaps have been overextending yourself, putting everyone else’s needs first. This only leads to feelings of lack, so fill yourself up as much as possible before returning to your work. If you’re happy and feeling energized though, perhaps you’re one of the ones being called to step up and share more. Are you ready to be of service and be the catalyst for change? If you feel that call, then know people are waiting for you and they need you and your work, whatever it is. Time to take that step.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Son of Pentacles

May brings through a steady grounding energy that you’re really in need of right now. Did April bring in the rattles of change? I want you to start the month by committing to a pressure-free mindset. It’s so easy to pile on the goals and restrictions, in some kind of ‘I must move forward’ panic. But actually just stopping and centering yourself is essential in a time of change – whether it’s exciting or challenging.

Yes, there are a million and one things you ‘could’ and ‘should’ be doing, but nothing will feel smooth unless you ground the process. Step one is the acknowledgement of what has been happening over the last few weeks. For some of you it might be really processing big moves and for others it’s just taking a compassionate check in with your feelings and acknowledging where you’re at in terms of a balanced mind, body, spirit connection.

The next thing is to get yourself back into a positive manifesting mind set with the understanding that time is stretchy. If you feel ‘put upon’ it’s because you’ve forgotten to value your own time. Again, even with all the stuff you need and want to do, taking time for yourself is the golden ticket, you’ll get more done I swear. Just try it even if you aren’t really convinced. You can also use the mantra ‘I have all the time that I need’ when you feel overwhelmed by any to-do lists.

What I feel coming through for you strongly as well this month is a sense of confidence and trust in your own choices. This is a nod and a wink to say, it’s okay, you’re safe to keep moving on based upon the choices you’ve made for yourself. Did you shift things up for a greater quality of life? Did you decide to commit more to your own sense of self worth? YES, so there are no bad choices you see! Trust in this steady process and if your fears try and whisk you away, know it’s okay to ground down again. Slowly and steadily choose to not let your fears take the lead, you are on a new path and it’s forming solid ground. In fact, you may just start to feel like you’re growing some roots for the first time in forever.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Six of Swords

Things are continuing to uplift and simplify for you Pisces, and no that doesn’t mean that things are super relaxed and stress free. BUT you certainly aren’t down in the deep waters you’ve experienced before. You are more empowered than you have been in recent years, and perhaps consider the fact that having all these things to attend to and all these feelings to feel might just be a sign that you are fully experiencing your life!

May is a month for really recognizing what it is you need to feel good, and then standing within your inner strength and owning it. You have things ahead that you will have to show up for, events that will require your full present moment attention, and aren’t you excited to just be there? So this energy is also about gratitude and self-assurance. I want you to stop and be proud of yourself and how you’ve navigated certain things, which maybe you didn’t know you could. Just because life doesn’t seem ‘perfect’, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t exactly where you’re supposed to be and can’t see great things ahead.

There is also a strong sense of mind, body, spirit recalibration as you move forward towards a more positive place for you. The strength you receive will come as you realize that you just aren’t that interested in drama and complications anymore. You might also have to come face-to-face with what situations YOU pull the drama card in – but this can only be great self-development for you. Alongside this though you can realize that the pull towards a more loving, creative, and simple life is stronger than the choice of stress. Now then, you really are getting somewhere.

With this new way of thinking in place it’s time to check in your baggage and check in with your baggage to venture into the great space ahead of you. I’ll use the word ‘simplify’ again, especially with your internal dialogue. Do you have room in your case for those old fears? I didn’t think so. I feel you will notice your energy shift this month every time you have one of those unexpected deep sighs, a breath that really pulls you into the present moment and makes you feel alive and awake. This is a full-functioning way of living, and doesn’t it feel good? Work with the moment and let it pull you over the rainbow.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Ace of Wands

The energy from this card was literally designed for you! Which leads me to feel that May is going to be a month where you really have access to your best and highest self; so, are you interested? I also imagine in true fire-starting style you may be feeling a little itchy of feet and perhaps even a tad frustrated as you burst with more and more ideas. It’s important for you to be able to ground each of your big wild dreams so that they are actually applicable – and I feel you can do this over the coming weeks.

Think of your ideas and creativity as the strike of the match, and how something needs to actually be lit to keep that flame burning. You need to actively direct the energy onto something that can keep it alive – this is the action. Now, many of you may have someone to help you here, which is where a co-worker, partner, or PR person comes in handy. Someone that’s able to grab those sparks and start forming the magic. If it’s just you, then just allow yourself to experiment with the ways in which you are least likely to procrastinate. We all know our own tricks, so where right now are you holding yourself back?

Can you pin-point your one most prominent fear? I feel that some of you may be wavering on the edge of launching a new endeavor or committing to your work because you can actually feel how good it’s going to be. So fear of success sweeps in, which is masquerading as fear of failure – but of course both are really just that old fear of the unknown! You’ve got this, just trust that you’re the expert of your own life. It’s kind of wild when you really embody that as a choice. Of course, you have to stop and listen to what you need, and always check in again and again. But it’s still you, and you do you better than anyone.

Finally, this is definitely a month for igniting or reigniting the spark with your lover or a jumping into bed with a new one. This is pure passion so you’re encouraged to leave your inhabitations at home and feel that fuel; with the right person of course. Don’t waste this awesome energy on anyone less than someone you feel a fully swoon-inducing magnetic pull towards.

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