How are you feeling about 2015? I notice that around this time my Facebook feeds starts filling up with people saying how awful their year has been and that next year BETTER be good. I never really resonated with the idea of threatening the year ahead? It doesn’t seem like the most proactive or positive way to introduce yourself to something. Imagine if when we met a new person we shook their hand and shouted at them: YOU BETTER BE A GOOD FRIEND OR ELSE!

Everything is of value, so how about we offer some compassion to ourselves instead? Maybe a bit of a pat on the back to say YOU DID IT, 2014 was tough but you kept walking. The learning from most challenging times does not usually present itself to us in an instant, we have to trust it will appear at some point. For now, just urge to be kind to yourself, rest, and when you are ready, be curious about what positive developments might just be ahead.

Now, onto your scopes! This month’s Tarotscopes are a sneak peek from your 2015 Tarotscopes that are now available for instant download in my shop. Each scope is over 4500 words and reads like a coaching session that you get to keep on hand throughout 2015! I’ve also created an Astro Goddess illustration for each sign, to act as your spirit guide for the year ahead.

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Happy New Year. I love you and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

I feel this is a very important year to grow up and get real! Over 2014 you saw perhaps some of your most intense and challenging moments and the same themes kept coming up over and over again. You questioned your abilities, your confidence and your identity. You fought against yourself many times, because it felt like the only thing you knew how to do. However, near the end of the year, maybe even in the last few weeks, something has shifted, an awakening of sorts. You are in place to receive the truth from your highest self and guess what, it doesn’t want you to keep working against yourself!

So over the course of the year I feel you will be constantly releasing this pressure and practicing it hard, knowing that you can change the course of your whole experience. You also get to discover that Monday mornings don’t have to be a dread when you love what you do. You are invited to pursue and explore what an enjoyable and lucrative career would be for you. You are allowed to give yourself permission to move away from what sucks your energy dry and what just doesn’t seem to cut it for you anymore.

You will also (as usual) be called upon by others for advice and guidance this year. Know that since people act as mirrors for each other, as you dish out the sage advice, you must take it for yourself too. Some people will stand in front of you with anxieties that match yours word for word. This is to remind you that you are never alone.

Every time you take some pressure off yourself you will receive a wink from the Universe, as every time you are willing to do this you will open a new space to receive something that feels good to you. Experiment with valuing all of your feelings and know that it is safe to honour them. I’m excited to say that I feel your confidence and self worth is set to get a great boost if you choose to participate with a fresh perspective towards your journey. Your best self is waiting patiently for you to show up fully, honestly and with vulnerability. You are loved.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

I feel so energized, excited and so proud of you for just ‘shaking it all off’ recently. I feel like the year ahead is like fresh soil, waiting for you to plant, so don’t be afraid of shifting up anything and everything. Your motto for 2015? Surrender forever! Your ruling element this year is the fire energy and so it’s a huge year for embracing your own independence, freeing your spirit and exploring your passions. This is completely available to you if you also complement it by being kind to yourself!

I’d like you to start this year with a commitment to your own wellbeing. I want you to know that you can still be loving and supportive of others while caring for yourself. You don’t have to exchange your health to boost someone else’s! I also want you to not feel guilty about your life being well and good when others around you struggle. You are so loved and everyone is dying for you to really pursue what makes you happy.

You’ve learned a lot of lessons over the past year and now it’s time to embody them and really allow yourself to receive the good stuff. It’s time to release self-sabotaging habits and forgive the past. The surrender practice is pivotal to this year, because the more that you believe your life has a perfect and natural flow to it, the more you will be surprised by it’s unusual and exciting offerings.

Imagine what it would feel like if the dark forest were truly behind you? Imagine if that rollercoaster really had come to a stop? What if if you really have evolved into a fresh space? Embrace life and the world around you as if it still has something to offer. You are at the start of a new cycle in your life, trust that the unknown holds more gifts for you; don’t you want to see what they are? Magic is real don’t you know. Be the calm within the storm.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Pisces / Pisces Rising

I feel that in comparison to last year there is a distinct shift in your journey now, as it becomes much more active and appealing to you. You did a lot of ‘going through the motions’ last year, processing experiences, recovering from heartbreak and just doing a lot of life admin. Now that we move into a fresh space you are invited to believe in your life again. You are also going to have to take a chance on trusting it too.

This is a super divine year for your sense of confidence and ability to get your best self and/or message out to the world. You are naturally a creative thinker and doer and it feels to me like this year has been designed for you to be able to really learn to sit comfortably within your passions.

You also have a wonderful opportunity this year to really embrace and admire the human experience, rather than blame it for its pitfalls. You are able to shift away any thoughts you have about your story not being valuable and are free to dive back into exploring what the world has to offer you. You will find that your old worn out negative self-beliefs start to become tiring to you as you prepare to commit to positive change for your mind, body and spirit.

What is going to be really eye opening for you this year is accepting a new mentor or teacher into your life. This guidance is something that you feel really ready for, although that currently might be a subconscious knowing as your conscious self fights against it! In regards to your anxieties, there is still a part of you that perceives yourself as broken and therefore unfixable. Some of the most negative stories you tell yourself are so familiar that you either totally believe in them or think that this is ‘just how it is’. It’s time to now accept that as a human you are a master of change and can shift your thoughts when and as you choose.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Aries / Aries Rising

My wonderful warriors; 2015 is a year for embracing the self and not being afraid to explore your own truths. You have an important mission and it’s to release your own self-sabotaging stories. You can be hard on yourself and it’s time to instead start to see what those around you see. You are embraced and adored by your journey itself, and life is waiting for you to dive in. There will be many opportunities this year to test your trust in your intuition and to believe that you are a success story.

You are really needed this year, not only by yourself but also by others. You are often seen as a mentor to many, did you know that? Your fire energy is appreciated, people see you as far more capable than you sometimes see yourself, and I want you to see this energy within yourself too and be able to bathe in it. You aren’t lacking in empowerment at all, but you aren’t always quite as attached to it as you could be. Sometimes you shed your skin and forget to put a new one on and it leaves you feeling a little lifeless or uninspired. Failure is only an illusion. Your highest power lies in every moment you feel a spark of interest, a buzz of hope and a flicker of the great and wild unknown.

As I speak on behalf of your highest self, I feel uplifted about the open space you have to explore. You are definitely going to feel that sense of having to get out of your own this way, as demands for your talents and time arise, you will really have to claim your true confidence!

Coming out of 2014, I feel you are more apt at managing your feelings and this will give you a bonus super power of being able to connect to your intuition at the drop of a hat. You only need to trust that, when faced with internal drama or chaos, there is always a simpler solution if you are open to receiving it.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Taurus / Taurus Rising

Fear of failure is the same as fear of success – they are both an unknown space. This year I’d like you to get comfortable with the idea that maybe things will turn out in a perfect way that works for you, but you must be willing to throw yourself off into the unknown to receive the benefits. It won’t come as a surprise to you that I’m going to bring up my favorite practice of SURRENDER as a gift for you to work with throughout the year, as it is truly going to be your super power and a chance to take on a whole new more relaxed way of thinking.

I feel that the coming months are going to bring through the changes you have been building up to over the past year, and as the year moves ahead it will be essential to keep checking in on how within your flow you are. Do you even know what the natural flow of life feels like? It’s when you notice synchronicities all around you, and you don’t feel like you are fighting against yourself!

This is a year for absolutely and completely tearing down the foundations of how you approach your own will and successes. Lets call it a classic case of breakdown to breakthrough. Don’t panic though, I’m not anticipating that you’re about to hit the floor and dissolve! But I do want your attitude to be shaken up and changed so that you can think about your material world with a whole new attitude this year.

Don’t be afraid to rise up and try again. Pick yourself up this year from whatever you feel has got your knees a knocking. Make your will bigger than your won’t. You will certainly not be short of ideas, the only thing you need is a clear channel to bring them through. Work on getting familiar and comfortable with your anxieties and fears; then you can give your deserved energy where it belongs – to your passions. It’s time to get up, stand up, open up and ultimately accept yourself as the golden soul you are.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Gemini / Gemini Rising

I feel that this year you are embodying and mastering all the lessons that the past year brought to you. You felt the push and pull so strongly in 2014 and now you get to truly take back your power and put it into play.
You can be a perfect combination of organized and scattered, lost and found. This year you are being urged to realize that there aren’t all these different versions of you, but that you are just one person who is constantly evolving. You no longer need to try to fit yourself into a mold; you are the mold.

Your being is as stretchy and expansive as the Universe itself. Your only job is to learn how to be fully embodied within your self without being controlling and restrictive. As you will be working on upping your inner and outer confidence all through the year, self-care is the absolute key to your personal and financial successes. You may have to work hard to release some old negative stories that you have written for yourself, but you totally have the strong super powers within you to do so!

Get excited about the shifts you are making for yourself and the potential of feeling truly good. Don’t be afraid to drop that to do list and let life flow in a natural way; know that you have got this. It’s also an amazing year to allow yourself to receive help, as well as new friendships and relationships, and it’s certainly your turn to embrace love and guidance as an alternative to being the constant facilitator. You will be mastering a new way of communication so that you can feel more connected to those around you.

You are never short on thoughts and ideas – they are there, very frequently whizzing in all directions, but managing them into a place of authentic expression can sometimes be challenging for you. You often have a fear of being misunderstood so sometimes try and put across what you think needs to be heard, rather than what you actually want and need to say. You can really trust your self, now, just believe that you can.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Cancer / Cancer Rising

You will no doubt be aware that you are standing in a significantly different place to this time last year. Even those of you who feel that nothing has shifted are likely to have had an arc of experiences in 2014 that at the very least has awarded you with a beneficial shift in perspective. I feel really excited and vibrant tuning in to your year ahead, and have the urgency to sit tall in my seat. Your confidence has heightened and you no longer have any desire or need to play small. The energy that surrounds you is in grand support of you really ‘going for it’ within your adventure.

This year is all about firing yourself back up and showing up for your life. The fire energy is so powerful for you, although it’s not your natural state being a sign powered by water. So although your go-to is usually to work with your feelings and intuition, as you move through the year you’ll realize that your sense of personal power explodes when you stand firmly and walk tall. Your ability to start really asking for what you want, without guilt, will put you in a very special and enchanting place.

What is essential for you over the coming months is to really be open to releasing self-judgment, guilt and shame. To loosen up all those expectations that you have piled on yourself and to seriously stop obsessing about what others might think of you. Get obsessed with Y O U. I call it a positive selfishness. You’ll discover that the more you pursue what you have the urge to bring forth into your life, the more confident and capable you’ll feel.

Finally, you have to allow the magic to happen in perfect alignment. You have to accept that perhaps divine timing is better than your timing. It’s a tough one to crack but boy does it help you when you just stop, surrender and get on with the minute in hand.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Leo / Leo Rising

I see you starting this year with some serious plans and ideas in place, and in fact much more of a practical approach to last year. Over the past 12 months there was a lot of coasting along, not laziness, but less of a structure. There were times when you felt like you were just saying yes, yes, yes to everything, which sometimes went in your favour and sometimes, not so much.

What you have learned in recent months is to really connect to your own inner workings and desires in your day-to-day life – and you are building up your confidence to complement this. It’s time to restructure your views on manifesting so you aren’t just going through the motions while wishing some things would change. Instead you are in full on magical action mode!

This will also be a year of stripping back the layers and strengthening your support systems underneath. You are so easily sociable but often see yourself as a loner within the world or having to always put on a brave face. It’s even easy sometimes to feel aggressive towards the outside world and accusatory of those around you. Keep going within. Then ask for help from the people you get super excited and inspired by.

There is also a real need for self-love and nurture throughout your whole year, as it will be what brings that sense of personal harmony to you. You want to be the mother to yourself and continuously ask yourself ‘what do I need right now?’ – which is actually a very valuable and effective morning meditation to get right to the core of what your soul needs. There is always information available to you from your highest self; you must only make space to listen.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Virgo / Virgo Rising

To begin 2015 in the most productive and positive manner I want you to cast a respectful eye across the year gone by. Can you believe how things have changed? Did you know things were going to shift so much? Aren’t you kind of impressed with how you navigated those highs and lows and are still standing? Yes. The past does not need to be re-written or re-organized and time is never wasted.

Trust, faith and education are your revolving doors for 2015 – kicking off with a need to really claim your confidence and KNOW that you really do have things within your power. Recognition that fighting against yourself is no longer an enjoyable act, and that accepting yourself as an ever-evolving person really does make sense!

Your voice is yours to claim and get to know. You are going to be called countlessly to have to speak your truth and learn what your truth is. Many of you will have to cut the ties from past anxieties to not feel afraid of standing powerfully in your own mind, body and spirit. Surrender is your most valuable tool here, and learning to take pressure off yourself will also be a repeating cycle.

Learn to recognize the instant that you start piling on restrictions to your ambitions and potential. Every time you become aware of this is a chance to step back and realize that you don’t want to be hard on yourself. I’m excited for you to realize how far you’ve come. Getting yourself into confident phoenix mode will be forever helpful – so recognize that you are supposed to be continuously rising from your own ashes. There is no such thing as being broken or weak, you have this in hand. Choose to get connected and feel empowered.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Libra / Libra Rising

Last year felt like a struggle for many of you, as all your anxieties surrounding friendships and romantic partnerships seemed to be charging at you with sharp teeth. What is happening as you emerge into 2015 is a clearing of this tension and a push to realize that maybe the hard slog is now over.

You have reached a major tipping point of change. You are shedding your skin as the year begins and allowed to take a breather and really acknowledge how far you’ve come. You’re are possibly or probably going to experience a lot of the new this year and although that can feel quite terrifying it is also an indication of a lot of fresh starts in your internal and external world. The sense of catapulting yourself into the unknown and knowing that you will be okay is a strong message for you.

I want you to practice a lot of self-gratitude, as I feel you’ve been down on yourself recently and it’s time to recognize that maybe you are as wonderful as those around you believe. We constantly get urged to believe in ourselves, and it’s only because it kind of, well, works! You don’t have to show off about how awesome you are, but you can congratulate yourself for showing up and trying. You have certainly been doing that.

Now it’s time to stop the fight and start allowing things to open back up. Times are changing for you from a personal perspective, and it’s important that you show up ready and willing to acknowledge and connect to your own divine sprit. You are way out of the woods and that magical space you always hoped to see is right in front of you. You’ll see it when you believe it. You can trust that it is safe for you to step into the natural flow of your journey again.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Scorpio / Scorpio

2015 feels SO positive and exciting for you Scorpio and I feel so light when tuning into your year! This year marks the beginning of a wild adventurous new time for you, and you will come to see the efforts of the last few years bloom. The past two and a half years have held a lot of hardcore lesson learning for you, with Saturn sitting in your sign and acting as the intense taskmaster! This is not to say you haven’t been up to it, many of you have felt strongly called to get completely connected with what your purpose in this world is today and beyond. Now that Saturn has moved on you are poised to be able to loosen the stress grip just a little!

I feel that overall you are going to be feeling much more balanced this year and aware of the elements within you and how they twist and turn. You have the ability to create harmony between the material and spiritual as you recognize they were made to be a team. Think of your intuition as a light that you can pull down and spread onto the world around you. You have gained a lot of wisdom recently and there will be moments where you notice yourself processing knowledge and feeling the empowerment that you can receive from truly owning and respecting your experience.

I feel I could write all day about the great potential the year has in store for you, the energy feels so abundant and exciting, but I really feel you already know that…In fact some of you are shaking a little, because you really feel that you do have the power of co-creation with your life. As a Scorpio you are designed to constantly reinvent yourself and embrace change. Recognize that the Phoenix (rising from the ashes) is your natural state and you may never need fear ‘what might happen’ again.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse


Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

This year is wide open for you to fully embrace and explore its offerings. There will be many opportunities for you to up your game and get into full on Phoenix mode and I encourage you to try it. Change is still very present for you, and tied strongly into magic making! The more open you are to perceiving the world around you with new eyes – the more of the weird and the wonderful you will see.

You are the only one who can hold yourself back this year. Some self-doubt has been rattling at your door here and there in the past year. Unlike some others, you really do know that you are capable and talented, and love setting your sights high. Why then, do the confidence anxieties still walk in? Or those worries about what others might think? Well, I have to say it – these feelings are NORMAL.

You may find that trust issues come up around work situations, but be aware that no one is ‘out to get you’, instead you can combat those fears by really reminding yourself how tuned in you are. It’s time to trust that it’s impossible to make bad decisions if you listen to what feels right. The more you get apt in saying NO to things that aren’t working for you the quicker your confidence will elevate – and in order to experience the big wows of 2015 you are required to practice upping your trust quota regards your inner voice.

Finally, the glow of joy is hovering over this whole year and you are encouraged to really discover what your sources of happiness are. This is something it’s easy to lose touch with as we get older, but remember that smiles are not exclusive to a destination named Happiness – they are accessible in every moment you choose. Put yourself into receiving mode to make up for any energy lost over the past year, and allow others the chance of getting to know you on a deeper level.

This is an extract from your 2015 Tarotscope. Read more here. Questions? Come and chat with me about how your month is going @louniverse