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Leo :: Leo Rising
Putting puzzle pieces together. Looking for ways to interlock. How do you fit yourself into a partnership without losing part of yourself? How do you compromise? Truly honor yourself and what you need. Yet simultaneously open up your mind to what the people around you may be needing and feeling too. There is an art and science to diplomacy. Become curious about compromise and remember to open your heart.

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Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A flying squirrel glides. All four limbs outstretched, jump and glide. Balance your way down along air currents, expertly continuing along your path. This week offers an opportunity to improve health and wellness. You may be able to feel closer to mastery when it comes to organization and daily practices. And don’t worry about little unexpected hiccups along the journey. The squirrel isn’t always sure of how the leap will go, but that doesn’t stop him from flying.

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Libra :: Libra Rising
Handfuls of diamonds. Allowing yourself to glitter. Look for the excitement, joy, curiosity, and delight in every moment. Be open to the sparkle of life. It’s all around you. This week you can remind yourself to access it as you engage the playfulness of your soul.

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Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Parting blades of grass to see tiny holes that insects make in the soil. You’re investigating this week. What is hidden? What’s underneath? What are the pathways that your mind travels unconsciously? These are the thought patterns that trigger certain reactions and emotions. Simply notice these pathways so that you’re not as easily triggered. How? By raising your awareness. Accept and name your feelings. Give yourself empathy. Then become gently curious about what is at the root.

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Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
White seed puffs float by on the breeze. Are you ready to travel? Jump on the next air current and take a trip with your mind or your body. Look for new ideas and new ways of thinking that can help you expand. Do lots of journalling. Actively collect the new ideas that float by on the breeze. Pay attention.

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Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A horse stepping carefully along a mountain trail. You may feel as though you need to step carefully. Security may be your main focus. Meditate on the meaning of security. How much power will you give it? Will it be the agent that determines your decisions? Notice if you can shift your relationship with security. Create the wellspring of security within you so that you don’t have to chase it.

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Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A snake shedding it’s skin. This is highly transformational moment for you. Moments of transformation can feel like a step into the unknown. As the snake sheds it’s skin, does it feel excitement about it’s new identity? Fear that the transformation might not work out? A sense of relief? Maybe all of these things at once? Let yourself move along at the pace that is already established. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Prisms catching the light. Everyday occurrences can suddenly reveal themselves to be magical. Look for a fresh beginning in your relationship to your spirituality. Attend to yourself by slowing down and giving yourself space. When you do so you’ll be able to see the tiny rainbows of light streaming from your heart.

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Aries :: Aries Rising
Lava flows. Let your fire help you expand out into the world. It’s time to take action in some way that makes a difference in your community. Use your energy and make change happen. Move into a leadership role. Believing in yourself will help you activate your massive power and energy.

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Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Pigeons flying home. The focus is on your career. How high do you want to fly? You may be seeking new ways to navigate some decisions when it comes to your vocation. Taking time to restore in your private space at home can help you expand in the public sphere.

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Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Frogs leaping among the lily pads. Investigate your surroundings. It’s time to look around for a better philosophy. There is space for you to utterly transform your opinions. Switch to a different lily pad and see things from a fresh perspective. This requires flexibility of body and mind. If you can become open to change, the payoff will be great.

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Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A whirlpool. The water swirls. Your emotions swirl. Move down the path of your emotions without any fear. If you watch your emotions without judging yourself, the flow can teach you so much about how to navigate. Become a researcher. Investigate where your emotions are coming from and why.

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The 2017 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse is asking us to transcend the ego mind, rise above, and seek a new perspective, says Sandra Sitron

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Full Moon :: August 7, 2017 :: 2:12pm EDT :: 15 degrees Aquarius

Perch on the tallest tree and and hold on tightly. You are the crow and you have the bird’s-eye view. Survey your kingdom. The crow sees everything. The crow is wise and alert to danger. Leo the lion blusters and roars, while the Crow simply caws and then moves to the next branch. Piercingly observant and intently vocal.

On Monday, August 7th, the Sun moves Opposite the Moon. The two luminaries and the Earth form a line-up (the Earth in the middle) and the Moon’s light is blocked out by the Earth’s shadow—creating an experience of emotional reset. Potentially helping you shift into a new emotional pattern.

If you want to understand the opposition of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, meditate on the energies of the Lion (Leo) and the Crow (Aquarius).

See yourself first as the magnificent Lion. This symbol represents the power of your courageous and passionate heart. An obvious monarch, the Lion’s size, strength and and kingly presence has a ripple effect on the entire animal kingdom. This is steady, vibrant, self-contained energy. Remind yourself during this Full Moon phase to sit on your throne and nestle into your power.

But. And. With every Full Moon there is a challenge. Your mission at this time is to fill your heart with strong, confident Lion Love, yet at the same time release your ego.

That’s where the Crow comes in. The Crow is not a traditional symbol of Aquarius, but it flew swiftly into my mind. The Crow encourages you to fly outside of yourself. To soar away from ego and closer to the magic of the collective wisdom. When the Crow is around, a change in consciousness is possible.

Land on the tallest tree in your imagination and first observe yourself. Release your typical mindset and look for innovative answers. The 2017 Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is reminding you to think about things in a new way. To become the detached researcher. Take notes. Watch yourself, notice how you’re reacting. Determine which patterns are ready for a reset.

Your connection to ego is being challenged. Any pain experienced in this phase probably has to do with your attachment to ego. Keep stepping back. Keep observing. Continue to help your mind catch the jet stream of a different perspective.


Full Moon trine Jupiter
Practicing yoga on a cloud.

Moving and meditating on a cloud, high up in the sky. “Up in the clouds” is about being in an imaginative state. Away from the “reality” of Earth. Can you meditate on a higher vibration? Lift yourself to a higher state of mind? You are abundantly supported in this. All you have to do is coax your mind into that state.

Jupiter lends an easy aspect with this Full Moon, helping us relax into the shifts that are occurring with grace and harmony. Jupiter is traditionally “good luck.” I like to think of luck as a vibration that you must take a step toward. It won’t happen if you are pushing it away. Get up on that cloud, raise your vibration and let the luck flow in.

Full Moon opposite Mars
Chomping crackers.

You may want to be (or need to be) very busy at this Full Moon phase. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Taking a bite out of life. Be aware of your activity and keep yourself nourished throughout the push. Let yourself breathe and rest. It’s fine to be very active at this time. The Full Moon is a time to harvest everything that we’ve created since the New Moon two weeks ago. So celebrate! Flourish!

Meanwhile create plenty of space for the nurturance of your emotions. Mars brings fire to this Full Moon. Notice your anger. Respect your anger and let it flow. Tend to it so that it is safely released. You don’t need to “act out” to express your anger. You just need to give it a space to go. It needs to be acknowledged.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2017 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse means for you. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 15 degrees Aquarius in you chart and use the question for that house. 

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Aries or 11th House
Which friendships feel most supportive and why? Which ones need to be “reset”?

Taurus or 10th House
What new emotional pattern could help you thrive in your work?

Gemini or 9th House
What new mission statement will help expand your opportunities?

Cancer or 8th House
What are you willing to forgive, and what does it feel like to do so?

Leo or 7th House
When it comes to relationships how can you make decisions from a place of love and not fear?

Virgo or 6th House
How can your needs be better served by your daily routine?

Libra or 5th House
What creative realignment is necessary now?

Scorpio or 4th House
How can you feel even more emotionally secure?

Sagittarius or 3rd House
What area of your life needs to be infused with more curiosity?

Capricorn or 2nd House
What pattern around abundance is ready to shift?

Aquarius or 1st House
What new perspective are you ready to land upon?

Pisces or 12th House
What fear keeps you “separate” versus moving towards unity and oneness?

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The 11/11 New Moon in Scorpio brings an opportunity for regeneration at soul level, says Hannah Ariel

Reading for the new moon in scorpio by Hannah Ariel for The Numinous

Premonitions abound this time of year, as the Sun moves through the enigmatic waters of Scorpio. Perception is heightened. What we experience is essential. On 11/11 we’re in psychic New Moon territory where you can be sure to be guided by the far reaching depth of your desires.

Scorpio has a very sophisticated understanding of what it wants and why. There is an undeniable power to the way this sign manifests, through a mystical blend of intuition and intention – so imagine what a beautifully supernatural omen it is when we have a New Moon here!

With Scorpio, each new beginning speaks to the regeneration of an entire aspect of your life. An intention has the potential to be more than a goal for the foreseeable future, but a deeper commitment, an internal alliance with a truth you know in your gut to be the highest path for yourself.

New Moon seedlings planted in Scorpio will be transformative – and the deeper you go inside yourself to plant, the deeper the root can take hold. And the fiercer the intention will be, able to penetrate right through anything non-essential during the coming weeks. This is the power of Scorpionic manifestation.

Just before la Luna will fully renew herself though, she will make a connection with Mercury, also in Scorpio at 15 degrees. While all 29 degrees of each constellation have significance, the 15th degree is influential in that it represents the halfway point – a reflection point – a moment to go deep before going forward.

From when Mercury entered the first degree of Scorpio, we have been asked to consider the way our inner and outer worlds acknowledge one another through the medium of thought, for better or worse. Just before this New Moon, we have an opportunity to check in and observe if our Mercurial nature has been empowering or dysfunctional, in terms of helping us get what we really and truly want.

Mercury rules the way we perceive connections, and the winged messenger has been moving through Scorpio since November 2nd, directing our thoughts to the shadow side of things and exposing deep underlying truths like nobody’s business. Do not underestimate the power of privacy right now, and use it to pay close attention to what lies in your thoughts.

Look inward. Get as close as you can to the way your thoughts bring you to certain conclusions: what revelations can you gather about the way you maneuver when going after what you want? How have you encouraged or discouraged your intuition this past week? Something is looking to be validated, and there is a vital clue to be unearthed with this New Moon in Scorpio.

Look for the inklings that authenticate what is real for you. Seek out thoughts that focus you on moving in a positive direction, towards what is possible, what you know can hold true for you. The 15th degree is a place to transcend the valleys your thoughts have traversed. Find yourself a new starting point. You will be stronger for it, and the self-knowing behind your intention strengthened.

Chiron in Pisces will also trine Mercury and the New Moon – so whatever you uncover will be part of a healing process. Journal. Sing. Converse. Get the words out! To heal we have to hear ourselves. Verbalize our feelings. Chiron will make it easy for us to cut through negative threads of thought, and enable us to untangle whatever shadow fears and doubts we’ve got tangled up in.

Chiron in Pisces wants the waters to clear. Engaging with healing revelations can make the ritual of setting an intention a deep purification process. Again, what we experience at this time is essential. The more we can know and heal within ourselves, the more metamorphic this lunar cycle will prove itself to be.

Other astrological aspects include a sextile (creative energy that enhances and intensifies) with Jupiter in Virgo, and an in-conjunct (a call to reconciliation) with Uranus in Aries. Here is where this New Moon in Scorpio has the potential to be downright shamanic. Jupiter in Virgo is giving us room for something healing to take place in our physical reality; the landscape expands.

Uranus in Aries is simultaneously asking for us to innovate the context. Just as the shaman must experience multiple dimensions of time and space before seeing and understanding what is present, we have to look to the area where Aries is in our chart to see where else we are being asked to transform our perceptions with this New Moon in Scorpio.

Beyond looking to the house ruled by Scorpio in your natal chart, operate from where Aries is. Think back to the Full Moon Eclipse of September. The area of your life that was awakened then is calling you now, asking to be incorporated into your Scorpio New Moon intentions; adjust accordingly.

This New Moon wants you to manifest from the deepest well of understanding you can muster. It wants you to see results come from a place you don’t normally think to ask. It wants the whispers of your psyche to become evident every which way. The energies of Scorpio want to work with the parts you may often shy away from, for fear of their power.

To connect further with this energy, try simply lying down on the Earth and taking some deep breaths that come from the core. Also, Scorpio rules the colon; the way we eliminate what has been digested. Working with exercises to help unblock this process in the physical body will in turn help unlock your ability to connect more intimately with your power, to feel what’s intuitively going to work for you.

A simple but effective Kundalini yoga exercise: Sit in easy pose with your hands on your knees. Begin rotating the abdominal area in deep, slow, circular motions toward the right, and continue for three minutes. With so much being processed internally with Mercury in Scorpio, it is a time for letting go of all that is non-essential.