The 2017 Pisces Full Moon wants you to tap into the creative power of your dreams, and wake up to the magic that already surrounds you, says Sandra Sitron.

Photo: Ryan Loughlin

Full Moon :: September 6 2017 :: 3:04am ET :: 13 degrees Pisces 

You are picking flowers. Juicy petals flutter to the ground. More and more petals. They come in all colors like a fan of paint chips arranged by category, number, and increasingly contrived moniker. The flower petals are so delicious they could offer you nutrition for days. You chew and chew and still can’t get enough of their gummy colors.

It’s a dream and you wake up. The flowers are no longer edible and the colors fade away. What is a dream? A trip to another dimension or a subconscious construction?

With the dreamboat 2017 Pisces Full Moon opposite the meticulous Sun in Virgo, we’re asked to explore the intersection between effervescent vision and corporeal reality.

This Moon’s message is that if you remain aware of the power of the Now, you can transcend your mundane problems and make contact with an otherworldly dimension. Once you get there, it’s easy to remember your soul’s true state of love and connection.

You just have to let yourself live in the dream. Look for the magic in every moment … 

Wash the dishes and feel every drip of water that runs through your fingers. Ride the subway and become acutely aware of the sounds the train makes as it pulls into the station. Transcend to an ultra-reality of higher sensory perception. Once you do, another version of this earthly reality will present itself.

The normal will morph into the magical. What you thought was an everyday occurrence, like picking a flower in a field, will easily become an enchanted encounter. This energy has the power to make your river of reality evaporate into a misty spiritual awakening.

It’s hard to stay grounded with a Moon like this one. But that is what you must do. Because this Moon opens a portal between reality and fantasy. Pump up your awareness of your everyday experiences so they become technicolor moments. These meditative moments will allow you to channel endless streams of creativity. Get yourself so neatly positioned in the moment that you bust right out of it and into infinity.

You are magic and every mundane breath you take can lead you to a fantastical awakening … 


Full Moon Conjunct Neptune
Children in costumes.
Playing make-believe. Activate your imagination. This aspect brings a big opportunity for magic, synchronicity, and intuitive connection. Slow way down to benefit from this transit. Allow yourself to be sleeping and dreamy. This is a great moment to strengthen your connection with your higher self.

With this aspect, it may be challenging to come up with concrete and logical ideas. But creativity is enhanced. Take advantage of this opportunity for more right-brained thinking, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re feeling foggy or confused.

Full Moon Inconjunct Venus
The runt of the litter.
The runt needs just as much love and nurturance as any other puppy, but luck is working against it. This Full Moon brings some frustrated energy when it comes to love and relationships. Keep focused on the lesson and the learning that can come from any challenge. Remember that maintaining a loving relationship with yourself is of utmost importance.

Full Moon Sextile Pluto
A clearly defined ritual.
Transformation is certain. The path to growth is clearly supported. The secret is to look at your shadow. Honor your full experience and don’t try to sugarcoat anything. Let yourself feel all of your feelings, while at the same time taking full responsibility for them.

The 2017 Pisces Full Moon is in a harmonious aspect with transformational Pluto, and this can help you release and let go in just the right way. Create a ritual that allows you to mark your passage into a new phase.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2017 Pisces Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 13 degrees Pisces in you chart and use the question for that house. 

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Aries or Full Moon in the 12th house 
What does your higher self have to say about an important issue in your life? Start a conversation; ask: “What do you want me to know?”

Taurus or Full Moon in the 11th house 
Are your beliefs and values reflected in your community? Why or why not?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 10th house 
What are your career goals? In what area are you ready to step up and take more responsibility?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 9th house 
When will you explore something new this week? This could be a spiritual, mental, or physical exploration.

Leo or Full Moon in the 8th house 
What are you willing to let go of? What kind of ritual can you create to allow this to happen?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 7th house 
What needs to be communicated in an important relationship?

Libra or Full Moon in the 6th house 
What new habits for health and wellness are you ready to create? What will help your being to thrive?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 5th house 
How can you surprise yourself with your own creativity? How can you open this portal with laughter?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 4th house 
What message does your Inner Child need to hear to feel more safe and nurtured in the world?

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
What outdated belief are you ready to reframe? What internal stories are ready to be re-written?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 2nd house 
What are your resources? Make a list.

Pisces or Full Moon in the 1st house 
In what area of your life are you ready to take action and put your full self forward?

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