A symbolic reading of this week’s cosmic climate for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a.Strong Eye Astrology

strong eye astrology leo symbolism sunflower on The Numinous

Leo :: Leo Rising
Noticing all the tiny seeds inside a sunflower. Can you count the grains of sand in the world? Can you count the stars in the sky? This week has you vacillating between feeling so in love with the bigness of the universe and feeling frozen in the details. Hold true to the knowing of your infinite self. Ride the wave even if it feels as if it isn’t going anywhere. The more that you pay attention to that flame of intuition deep inside of you, the better you will be able to decide what to do. Travel and exploration are about to become less erratic, giving you time to catch your breath and make necessary internal changes. In the coming months, you may be more focused on your finances. These shifts are beginning this week and it may feel dizzying momentarily, the way it feels when you’ve been spinning in circles and then suddenly stop. Give yourself a moment to catch up with your new tempo. Be wary of self-criticism. Simply allow. Find a cozy seat in the sun and count the seeds, pondering the perfection of life.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A bird taking flight. Like the bird, you may feel as if you can shift into another plane of experience. From the land to the air. From the mind to the heart. From frenzy to stillness. From upheaval to understanding. Over past weeks, your deepest waters have been churned. Meaning, some major emotions have been coming to the surface. Now you have a moment to process. You are shifting into fluency with some of the issues that have been rising up. You are moving to a plane of deeper understanding. In the coming weeks, your greatest gift and challenge will be your mindset. Whenever your brain tells you that you are separate, remind yourself that you are connected. Be analytical and refine your world, yet do it from a place of acceptance. Allow the new understanding that you are acquiring to fly from your heart to your mind and back again.

Libra :: Libra Rising
A river, current moving quickly. You are zipping into motion. It’s lovely when the lists get made, the ideas get shared, and the people come together. Rally your team. Find the power of your master-mind group. Share those ideas. Flow fast like the river and pick up leaves and sticks and feathers along the way. Carry and be carried. Co-operate with the weather and the topography. And then, at mid-week the massive changes that have been rocking your relationship realm slow down and start to be processed more internally. The top of the river stills and underground springs bring in new cold, fresh, pure water. At the end of the week your river pools into a lake and you float. You drift as the understanding of the past month sinks into your bloodstream and your cells. The pain is processed and understood and transferred into the symbolic realm of your subconscious mind. The symbols of the subconscious mind rise up for review, are pondered and dissolve back into the primordial lake of your being.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Seeing the depth of an ocean in the eyes of another. You. Them. As you share a gaze, your reflections repeat infinitely in each other’s eyes. The understanding of humanity that you have been working for over the last two+ years has come to a point of crescendo. Through the realest of real experiences, you have been digging to learn all about human motivation, human pain, human merging. It’s been real. It’s sometimes been down-on-the-ground-big-tears-and-pillow-punches real. A lot of it has been centered around your #1 way to learn— relationships.
Now all of those intense emotions find themselves outlet in your career and in your health. What can you do with what you’ve learned? What do you do with your greatest gift— being able to hold space while others shy away? And how do you take care of yourself? Get a grip on your body. Hold your own space as you hold space for others. You’ll have a little time here to reflect and soon the intensity will ease off. So take the cue to position your watery body in the physical world. Make manifest.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Hay drying in the sun. Make hay while the sun shines. Take action early in the week. Get out there and maximize the resource that you have available—the Sun is shining and the grass is abundant. Action and expansion are what will make you feel in alignment. What is the “hay?” Seeking new philosophies, physical or mental explorations, break-throughs, actions, travel, relishing in the abundance of nature, following the path of truth, forming opinions, taking risks. In other words, shooting your arrow and following to see where it lands. At the end of the week, don’t discount your creative urges. Follow them like a beacon of light. They will lead you to internal break-throughs.There is also some friction around this time that causes you to examine your subconscious stories. If you feel paralyzed by a decision, it’s a clue to go deep into your beliefs around that topic. What is really holding you back? By the weekend, thoughts move to your career, so it makes sense that you’ll be doing your explorations first. You will be entering a phase of more responsible and analytical thinking about work. This “small-picture” way of thinking isn’t always comfortable for you. Prepare yourself by fostering an optimistic mindset and go make that hay.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Eating flowers. Nourish yourself with kindness, compassion, and gentleness. You are so often on the go, working, building and climbing. This is your time to learn about gentleness, and let that flow into loving-kindness for yourself and others. Early this week focus on nourishing and supporting yourself in your grounded way. This kind of self-care prepares you for merging in union with another person, which is another part of the current theme. Around the end of the week you may experience some frustration around being unable to take action in your greater community. Or it could be that intense feelings are overflowing. Is there something that you are finally able to grieve? Keep eating those flowers, feeding yourself beauty and grace. By the weekend, thoughts move to the bigger picture and things become more clear.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Skipping stones. A lot of things in your life are catching air. Air is connective- bringing together people and ideas. This week you are actively learning about a relationship. There is some easy energy here— just as long as you stay open-minded. The moment you shut down or try to maintain the status quo is the moment you lose out. Keep skipping. Stay in movement. At the end of the week, there may be some friction in your career. Try to aim for “assertive” and “boundaries.” At the same time, the door opens for you to shift your earliest beliefs about learning, thinking and communicating. You could be attracting powerful, genius-level downloads, (aka inspired ideas.) The question is— will you notice? It will be super subtle. Pay attention to your dreams. The Inventor archetype is strong within you, but she will be going incognito for a few months to do some very important inner work around how you think and communicate. Don’t lose her trail!

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Swimming laps in a pool. Back and forth. Back and forth. This is your moment to add structure and repetition to your repertoire. Urge yourself to form healthy habits. You are supported in making changes. If they are the right changes, you can get them to stick. You need to be gentle with yourself as you form the new habits that you need. Put in place special buffers and transitions. You aren’t always great with “hard and fast” habits, so focus on moderation and flexibility. Create habits that are firm but fluid. You are so good at adapting that it almost makes sense for you to focus on the structure around how you create the habit then the habit itself. Utilize the power of your incredible subconscious mind. The tool of hypnosis is wonderful for this. At end of week a desire to explore or do something rash, may lure you away from your methodical habit building project. Keep swimming back and forth and as you nourish your physical body you will naturally build health that allows you to explore and make mental leaps into new territory.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Walking on a long hike. You are making progress and taking action. This is a time for your creativity to flourish. Try to receive recognition for your self-expression. Take just a little solo time to center yourself in your spirit—what do you want to create? Early in the week, you have energy, so use it to do things that are simultaneously joyful and expressive. Mental stimulation abounds, so keep a journal of great ideas as they flow in. At end of week the tone becomes more inward, you will be working with your emotions. There may be relationship friction as you reconcile your own needs with those of another person. This is a good time to remind yourself of the concept of ego. Around Friday, start asking yourself where you can let go of ego in your decisions and reactions. By doing this, you open up a lot of mental space for yourself. You are entering a chapter of internal personality shifts. This will be a slightly less erratic time and the changes will be more subtle then they have been. So listen to your inner self with a trained and sensitive ear. Walk on your path in a contemplative state, checking in periodically to see where you ready to grow.

Taurus or Taurus Rising
Snow angels. Get down on the ground and make magic. This week your home and family take on great importance. Your foundation takes on great importance. Early in the week focus on centering yourself and nourishing your inner child. As you do, you may find that you make a subconscious break-through. Something about how you take care of yourself and how you feel safe cracks open and you gain new understanding. This is the magical part. This is the part where you transcend and shift from a space that was in the fog to one that is out in the open. This is when you make an angel appear out of the snow. It’s especially important that you nurture your innermost self, because you may find that a relationship needs your attention by the end of the week. And relationships are best attended to when you are secure and self-love is abundant. So fill up your cup. Remember the concepts “patience” and “flexibility.”

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A bullfrog’s call. Shout it out. Communicate. The group needs your knowledge. We need to know where you are. You may find yourself inspired by your larger community, so connect. Push your thoughts toward the future, your own or the collective’s. This is where the fertile swamp of ideas awaits, dear froggy. Then just pluck inspiration out of the air like flies. What evolution is coming next? You’ve tackled land and water, what plane of existence awaits? This is a mentally active time for you. Learn fast, contemplate and communicate. Just make sure that you don’t hop around too much. At end of week there is friction that inspires you to improve the practical aspects of your life. Take care of your body and bring your daily habits into alignment.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Holding a beating heart. You are meant to take action that comes from a heart-centered place. You are the one holding the heart, so you hold the responsibility to make a change. This change has to do with work and security. If you are unclear about what this change is, connect with your intuitive heart-center to find out. Name your feelings. Understand where they come from. Focus on nurturing yourself, so that you are strong enough to work and build. You have a strong urge to build, but when you try to create a structure, especially at work, the result may be erratic right now. This may feel frustrating. By the end of the week, the shifts you want to make become less erratic but more mysterious. You’ll have to dig a little deeper to see what needs to change in your career. Keep coming back to groundedness. Keep coming back to security. Hold your heart firmly and remind yourself that you are safe. Bear witness to your innermost workings. Build from a place of internal alignment. Open to your own inner wisdom.

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