In your weekly tarotscope for October 19 2015, the Page of Swords grants you permission to flip the story, says Louise Androlia

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The Seven of Wands brings an opportunity to step into your own voice. Less proving yourself, more BEING yourself…says Louise Androlia.

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This week’s card is the Ten of Cups. Enter an abundance of unconditional love…but it has to begin with you, says Louise Androlia.

You can watch last week’s weekly tarotscope at the link – did Louise’s message resonate with you? Share in the comments below, and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Libra / Libra Rising – The Sun

Ok Librans, it’s time to unleash the GOOD VIBES. So it turns out that all it takes to be courageous is keep opening your heart, again and again, even when you feel desperate to shut the doors and lock everyone and everything out. Painful? Hell yeah, but that is what being a human is all about. Life is messy but there is joy hidden among every heartache. This is the month to start filtering and pocketing the gold.

Your birthday month is like your own personal new year, so forget waiting for January and gift yourself a brand new year ritual over the coming weeks. You don’t have to be a seasoned witch to get this going! Just carve out some sacred space for yourself as soon as you can, a good hour (or five) and dedicate this time to you and only you. First up, connect to your feelings, especially the ones you’d like to run from; never forget that your feelings are your superpower and the direct channel to self-empowerment and connection. Your feelings are your friends, they are not there to attack you. Write them down, should them out, say hello to all the dirt!

Next, connect to your gratitude. Thank your challenges, thank your enemies, and thank your destiny. Thank all of those people who have helped you this past year. Write these down too, should them out to the Universe, and feel yourself expanding. Now, surrender. What do you want to release, now and forever? Visualize your whole body covered in the muck that you want to blast away, and then bathe, scrub, body brush, shower, shake; get connected to the grime and wash and drain away all that you no longer need.
Then it’s time to call in this Sun energy, which is pure and vulnerable. Make a promise to yourself that you will move forward with an intention to be wide open to receiving all that you need in the coming year.

Commit to knowing that vulnerability isn’t a weakness, commit to knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Know that it’s okay to feel scared of the unknown, but remember that just because something is new, doesn’t mean that it’s bad – in the same way, when letting go, remember that just because something is familiar, it doesn’t mean it’s good! Gather all this super powered energy in your body; remember what it feels like to be energized by your own wisdom, by your own spirit. Finally, why not dance it out?

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Scorpio / Scorpio – The Ten of Cups

Let the love back in. You’ve been holding on so tight the last few months, anxiously awaiting that ‘shift,’ the big lightning bolt from the sky that drops down to Earth on a silky soft banner and softly whispers ‘it’s okay’. This month is about that softening. You are tough, brave and powerful, but that’s not all you are. It’s time to unravel and reveal on a deeper level. You know you’ve felt it coming, and the time is now. You know how you always see everyone? It’s time to be seen, and hell yeah, that’s scary! But it’s supposed to be, and being raw is being real will propel you to the next best place you need to be.

It feels like you may have experienced some lapses in your own faith recently, and you are now in a wonderful position to recalibrate, in a ‘new you’ sort of way. Remember that you are designed to evolve, so everything about your own self-care practice also is supposed to shift too. Trust that whatever you feel pulled towards is for you, because you are being looked after. Even if the only invisible force you can resonate with is the air that you breathe, then know that THIS is the Universal connnection you need, that it’s right there and it’s not going anywhere.

For those of you who are interested in diving deeper, then you may also find a special connection to your passed family members and your ancestral lineage over the coming weeks. Ask for their assistance with a deeper level of clearing, and request they guide you to stay expansive enough to recognize the symbols and signs along your path that always remind you of what you already know.

You see, this month is about a higher love, and you’ll be either feeling it or really NOT. But if you stop and think, ‘wait, I’m not feeling any love right now,’ then perhaps this is your opportunity to create it yourself. How can YOU spread more compassion? Perhaps you are the person being called to be of service; maybe it’s time to step up. Maybe it’s time to be kinder to yourself. In the raw material world, and in love, again, be open to being open. Allow yourself to be seen, even if it’s just starting with that one close friend. People want to be there for you. Let the love back in.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – The Queen of Cups

After last months smack down and shake up, you are being gently teased back to feeling your feelings again. Yeah that old trick; it’s like September was the filling in a feelings sandwich, so look back to August – where were you then? And what has changed? What has the opportunity to change? I feel this month brings a great exercise in perspective, and the gift will be in looking at your life through a new lens. This is always the choice we have, in any given situation, and it’s a superpower.

Yes, YOU get to choose how you see things. Your fears may show you a more low vibe picture, the more restricted option, the route with no potential. But that is never all there is. This month, you can either rise up or stay in your shadows. Which is it going to be? Now, when I bring this topic of conversation in, it’s important to know that s*** happens, and your pain is valid and valuable too. Nothing can take that away. This is where the compassion element to moving forward comes in, you allow yourself the pain and still choose to believe there is a new place, a blank space of possibility for you to move into.

Your choice over the coming weeks will be how you decide to view the stories you tell yourself. What are you blaming? Who are you angry at? Allow yourself to rage and tantrum, shake it out, scream it out, this fire needs attention. Then, consider how might you WANT to move onwards. Recognize those parts of you that feel victimized, and take it back to your intuition. How can you reformat your internal dialogue to empower those beliefs that feel heavy or weak? How can you add in or change up the wording that makes your situation seem a little more stretchy?

On the home front, your wisdom may be in demand – wisdom that you do have. Bring the same compassion and a willingness to see the other point of view to the table, but protect your energy as you do it – otherwise you’ll be no use to anyone, and that’s just not the point. The message is that you can be a great comfort to yourself and others over the coming weeks. And the result? A stronger connection to your inner soul system, more self-love, and a greater sense of empathy for those around you. Wade right in.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – The Emperor

I feel as though this month has a ‘coming home’ element to it, a period of time where you are able to truly embody the YOU that is you. I think the most interesting thing way to work with this theme, is to really acknowledge what you’ve been practicing or carrying around with you that isn’t honoring your most authentic or compassionate self. So there will be some clearing involved. An easy way to locate anything that isn’t on your best wavelength, is to check in with what in your life just isn’t working anymore.

Like all of us, you’ve been evolving recently and picking away at the edges of tired pages in your story. It’s time to peel away some of your lower level habits once and for all. Resistance may come in the form of ‘oh that’s just how I am’ – this statement is always a good indicator of our capacity to change, because nothing is forever on our journey, and usually the things we hang onto are being used as a self-punishing comfort blanket – or a ‘s*** blanket’ as I often call it! This month, you are invited to step OUT of control in order to feel IN control. This is true surrender, giving everything up and over in order to discover that letting go is what actually feels the most comfortable. That the power lies in the unknown.

Yes, I know that this idea sounds frankly hideous to you. Drop everything, WTF? Right? But trust that this is an act of self-love, this surrender practice. It’s calling in your ability to say; ‘you know what, I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know what to do, and that’s okay.’ The idea is to open up and learn new tools and rules for your life as it is unfolding now, because THAT’S actually what you need. We can’t keep reaching for old tricks when faced with new experiences, we have to change our mind, body and spirit to meet us where we are at.

I love this energy for you, a new empowered you that is also softer and less pressurized, raw but not weak. Standing in this beautiful state of surrender you are able to see more clearly exactly what you need; company or solitude, education or empathy. Finally, if you come face-to-face with a person or situation that feels restrictive, avoid fighting fire with fire. Be the higher mirror and allow others to meet you in that space.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – The Eight of Wands

The perfect follow on from the mojo reactivation of last month, you’re ripe and ready for some fast paced action and communication! Now, for those of you who panic about Mercury Retrograde, don’t sweat it, just use the last week of this Cosmic transit as a chance to be more compassionate and feel MORE empowered. This is your life after all and you can’t put things on hold if they are in the present moment waiting to be embraced.

Also, perhaps use this opportunity to get clear on whom you actually want to communicate with. You may notice some worn out connections in your ‘friends’ list that are entirely ego based. You know, anyone you want to be in contact with just because you want them to want to contact you? Any sense of urgency and panic around a friendship suggests the relationship isn’t usually based in love. You have to trust that the people that just keep showing up are the ones to be heard and seen, and nothing needs to be forced. Step back from any communication that feels like you are scrabbling to be heard.

Your self worth is not based on someone approving of you – you are worthy of love and attention all the time. It’s just something that you have to claim, daily, on repeat, over and over again. Meanwhile on the work front, this is a great month to prep time and a perfect opportunity for widening your network of high vibe collaborators, too. Release any sense of urgency around this by surrendering after you have spread the net out; for instance, if you are sharing you work on social media, then proudly release it and get on with what needs your attention in the present moment. You don’t need to refresh, refresh, and refresh again. Allow your projects to BREATHE and be alive, don’t squash them into a space of ‘needing’ approval.

You’ve been really working to dive into your most authentic self and passions, so don’t dampen your efforts with fears of being judged. You may find that YOU are active nearer the beginning of the month and the world around you is more active nearer the end, so if you get that ‘stuck’ feeling then commit to trusting the process and accept that life can be a humbling experience. Time passes as it should, which may not always be to your schedule. Use any gaps as an opportunity to check in with where you’re at. When things start to speed up it will serve you to have your self-care regime top notch and intact.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Ace of Pentacles

You are in a period of many new beginnings, and I’d love for you to trust in this new and possibly slightly overwhelming space. Whilst the new is truly an opportunity to be at our most expansive, it also brings in our deepest fears of the unknown. That sense of diving off the cliff may feel very real to you right now, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s also, beautiful, magical and full of exciting potential. So how many toes have you dipped into life recently? Or are you still meandering around the edge, making excuses for not allowing change?

This month brings a really great sense of Earth energy for you, and you need this influxes of solid grounding to balance out your frequent waves of emotional intensity. This is real world stuff and feels so good! So, how might this manifest? Well, in simple terms it’s a great opportunity to really scan your landscape and see what you want to plant. What do you WANT your world to look like? And also, what kind of wider world do you want to live in? In reassessing what you need know that you also get to to have an impact on a grander scale.

When we rise up to dive into the things that feel good to us, we give others the opportunity to reflect this too. When we make a point of becoming more self aware, we are in a better position to be an example to others. So, what do you want your world to look like and what steps can you take today, tomorrow, and the next? The energy this month is all positive for you, and that’s why it’s fun to explore and experiment with. It’s a great few weeks to practice some big positive ‘what ifs’ – ‘cos we’re sure familiar with the negative version of this, right?

Every time your spirit shouts out an idea and your fears knock it right back down again – come back with a new spin on it. You know…but WHAT IF! Call out that devil on your shoulder with another possibility. Remember that thinking positively doesn’t make you more likely to fall. This is the perfect time to get serious about your life and really start to take some empowered action. This is no time to be focused on blaming external circumstances, be compassionate to yourself and head within.

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Aries / Aries Rising – The World

Ready for your global takeover? Well this is the month is where you may feel like things are actually moving in that direction! Remember, this doesn’t always mean lightning bolts from the sky. Some shifts are so subtle, but it IS happening, and I’m feeling a link back to mid 2014 in regards to the projects, ideas and even intentions that you were working with back then. This is a power place for you, so it’s important that you rise up and own it. Last month was in place to get you all dirtied up with your anxieties and favorite methods of self-sabotage, but now, it’s time to shake it off and remember the vibe of the Phoenix.

Never forget that change is supposed to feel uncomfortable. Ignore this simple fact, and we end up in a perpetual state of confusion, or even considering that we might be going mad! Change comes in waves, and it’s totally fine to feel seasick. However, with this energy in place, allow yourself to be inspired by those around you who embrace the storms, because they have access to a few secrets in regards to the cycles of life. One being that when you skip confidently into the unknown you get gifted an expansive new vision, a sense of being able to see the past so clearly, the future as a gift, and the present as something that’s been supercharged with positive outcomes just for you.

So, these coming weeks are about endings AND beginnings, kind of like being in a constant state of surrender and opening. So just join the party, and don’t grip too tightly onto ANYTHING. Step into some sort of magical casual yet empowered attitude – there is no room for panic, it won’t get you anywhere! In fact, laughing a LOT will be helpful, especially at yourself, so allow the Universe humble you often.

If things around you seem to suddenly go off radar, trust that you don’t need them, and be ready to say YES to the new as the month draws to a close. Meanwhile, you are obviously still the fire starter, so action is inevitable and welcomed. Invite all brainstorming opportunities, and run any new ideas past your intuition first. Any ‘yes’ that comes straight from your head needs to check in with the body. How does this FEEL? Move forward here and you’ll step into a good flow, one that might just temper the tides of change and have you feeling more grounded than ever.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – Temperance

October brings an opportunity for personal healing on a deeper level, and you are invited to be ultra kind to yourself. Not because anything uncomfortable is about to happen – there is always a need for kindness, for all of us. But I feel that your self-care practice can become an absolute, non-negotiable daily practice now, if you are willing to let it. It seems as though many of you have had to take on the role of carer and healer for others over the course of this year. Whether it’s the nature of your job or because circumstances called for it, you’ve been giving a lot.

When we have to expel a lot of energy it’s essential that we give back to ourselves, or at some point we get a swift and sharp warning that we are running on empty. If that red light is flashing right now, then this is your double sign to slow down and check back in with YOU. What do you really need this month? I will never stop promoting the idea that empowerment comes from self-awareness of your mind-body-spirit connection. Power does not come from the external resources, it’s always cultivated within us, whether we like it our not. And this means listening.

This is where the softening comes in. Allowing the gentle nudges from your intuitive voice to be stronger than the front that you’d like to put up, or the fear that you’d rather lean on. If you’re struggling, then you have to be willing to crack open and accept something totally new. It is in this place of receiving that the most empowering shifts happen, as you get more in tune you will absolutely feel better.

This is month four in a row of quite intense energy for you, but these weeks are full of love, so wrap yourself up in it. Who is on your team? Gather them and be with them, don’t give yourself to anyone you don’t need right now. Make space to laugh, cry and learn; take trust and comfort in the simplest things, and recognize that as you choose not to participate it ceases to exist. Step gently back from your self-imposed restrictions, and experiment with the unknown. You may also like to ask for help. Ha, YOU may also not like to ask for help, but try it out! Fall apart a little, even just as an experiment. The world won’t end I promise, but yours might begin.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Four of Pentacles

If last month saw you high on your own ideas, then these next few weeks are a chance to keep tuned in to this energy – particularly when your fears chime in. You see, when we are excited and positive, part of us will always wade in with the; ‘wait, NO you aren’t allowed to feel like that, it’s too expansive, it’s too open – SOMETHING BAD MIGHT HAPPEN.’ And then we start to grip onto things, we start to strangle our creative urges. If we let that fear take over, we lose confidence and we are halted on our path.

So just allow everything to breathe this month, especially your creativity. All of those plans, all that wonder and joy you’ve been tuning into, you get to keep it. Your creativity is a the purest expression of your spirit, it’s your life force – and this energy really needs to flow. Surrender happens when we trust that loosening our grip doesn’t indicate that things are going to slip away, but instead that things are going to grow and blossom at their own speed. Yeah, granted this process isn’t always timed how we would like – sometimes things fall into place on schedule, sometimes they don’t.

Choose to enjoy the randomness and perfection of the unknown placements in your life. Practice the idea of letting go daily, read about surrender, experiment with surrender – you can make it work for you. I’d also like you to check in with your suspicions and skepticisms. If you are being drawn way too much to what others are doing or might be thinking, then this is the biggest neon sign ever for you to head back home, back to just being you. Collaborate don’t compete. Jealousy comes from our fears of loss, but if you see others living your dream it’s because it’s right there, accessible and available to you too.

And, um, yeah it’s also not YOUR dream, it’s their path, and it’s perfect. So get back on your track focus on thinking about what you truly want to invest in, leading with those things you are most passionate about. Where do your intentions and your excitement about life meet in the middle? That is where your personal pot of gold lies. Trust that it’s okay to invest in the things that feel good; this is where you’ll reconnect to your magic. It’s not a luxury to feel fantastic about your own life. It’s a necessity.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – Seven of Wands

Put down your weapons my watery friend. Why are you feeling the need to fight and to prove yourself? A lot of this may be directed at yourself – have you been over challenging yourself recently to know all the answers? Reprimanding yourself for not having got it all figured out yet? Wondering when you’ll finally feel like one of those people who totally knows what they are doing? No one has a clue. Seriously, everyone is swimming in this big mess together, no one is exempt from these ‘what ifs’ or daily concerns. The gift that you have is that you are activated; you actually CARE about your thoughts, your path, your purpose. That’s pretty amazing, you are awake and this is where your focus can shift.

Instead of letting your eyes wander to what everyone else is doing, how elevated their plans are, how ‘good’ they have it – come back to the I AM and the I FEEL. Check in with your body right now; rub the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet together. Are you all here? Reel yourself back to the present moment, remembering there is no fight right when you are here right now.

On that subject of the ‘fight’ though, and that idea of proving yourself or standing up for yourself, think of it as an energetic thing, and a fear thing. They say we should ‘fight the good fight,’ so what does that mean to you? Think how about you lead by example, how you can keep throwing out love, and speaking from a place of compassion. You don’t have to belittle another to get your point across. You can be the light here. And as much as your feelings and thoughts are of value, how much to you need to prove them? That fight, is it worth your energy?

Whether it’s external or internal, check in with whether you really need a certain result, or whether it’s your ego that’s insisting on it. Allow your soul to guide you to the best place for you to direct your energy this month. I feel like it’s a time for checking out of social media, for getting grounded, and for less scattering yourself in all directions. Be uplifted by the simple things; food, kids, animals, the outside. Laughing, crying, feeling. Keep moving until you get to that place where you know that all you need is you. You are unique, but you aren’t alone. There is a bigger picture and you do have a voice. Use it for good.

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Leo / Leo Rising – Three of Pentacles

All the star energy that’s been building over the last few months for you is about to come into it’s own – and this I’m talking about you OWNING it. It’s time to really claim your place in the world as someone who has something to offer. You see, this month is all about mastery, education, wisdom and collaboration. You need to recognize that you have something special to share, but at the same time not to perceive yourself as better than anyone else. It’s an ego check of sorts, because sometimes when we get super excited we can drop into ‘know it all’ vibe.

I think the easiest way to frame it is; teach not preach. You can share your ideas and inspirations without stamping on anyone else in the process. You aren’t here to prove yourself, simply to get out there and live in your best self. Be the example that others can follow. You don’t need to correct them, just do you, and let everyone else be exactly where they are supposed to be.

So with your ego checked, let’s get excited about what you have going on! What are you really hyped up about right now? Whether it’s a work thing, a personal endeavor, your relationship, or just your breakfast, it’s all relevant. The wheels are truly turning for you and so it’s kind of worth showing up and soaking it all in. In addition, when you are in this loud and open space of expression, there’s always a little room to be made for receiving, a space to be guided and room to grow! So what do you need to receive right now?

It may be a straight up confidence kick for those of you who aren’t loving the limelight. It might be some TLC from your nearest and dearest, or perhaps you aren’t sure what it is yet! Well that’s often the case, so just set your intention to giving AND receiving and see what shows up. Finally, be careful not to try juggling too much. You are allowed to stop and take a break – everything won’t dissolve if you sit down for a minute. Your energy feels a bit like a race to the finishing line, so it’s another reminder to just trust that time is stretchy. Use the mantra ‘I have all the time that I need’ whenever you feel that panic set in.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Six of Pentacles

How are you feeling? Did you manage to shake yourself out of your head and back into your body? Even just a little bit? This month you are back to the energy that you know and love the best, the good Earth element, and the themes surrounding you are primarily to do with the topics of giving and receiving.

Now, the first thing I want you to tune into is anywhere in your life where you’re focusing a lot on what you are lacking in. What are you always saying that you don’t have enough of? Do you plant more energy on worrying about this than celebrating what you do have? If you’ve tuned into what that might be, then simply honor it. Say out loud, ‘I feel lacking in ***, and it’s okay.’ We must be present with our fears in order to work with them. Now tune into an area where you feel really full up, what is overflowing for you? Sometimes this is harder to grasp, but there is always something. So where are you feeling rich and thankful?

Then it’s all about the balance, the harmony of the give and take. Things are always shifting and flowing in this respect, and that’s how it should be; what’s important is that we remember to check in with where we might be giving too much, giving too little, receiving too much or receiving too little. It’s easy for us to dive into the task of getting rid of what no longer serves us, but how about what you need right now? Also, what can you give today?

Thinking about what you need, are you actually asking for it? Often we focus on lamenting the gaps in our world, but have forgotten to request help, and also love! Remember that vulnerability is one of your superpowers. Not to mention tuning in to check if YOU are the missing piece in your life. If so, then do everything you can to reintroduce yourself to, ummm yourself. Meanwhile this is a cracking time to feel very unapologetic about accepting complements about your skills and your work. After all, you’ve been working hard, right? Note how far you’ve come; especially if you feel like things just aren’t going fast enough right now! Earth energy you see – BE HERE NOW.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck

Leo / Leo Rising – Ten of Cups

Happy Birthday! I would love for you to bring that Star energy you’ve working with into this next month, because being fuelled by light really suits you. Have you noticed this? That when you are able to step into a more expansive state of mind you just get more done? To stay in that high-energy frame of mind sounds so simple, but of course requires work – as with most things related to our well being. However, this month, I think you are up to the job.

I feel that the direct source to feeling your very best self over the coming weeks it through honoring your spirit. This, in short, means allowing yourself to do anything and everything that ignites your creative spark, makes you feel alive, and inspires you to step into your superpower. It may seem that right now you have SO much to do, and surely you should prioritize that? Yes, of course you have to get shit done! But the choice you have here is the ability to not prioritize stress. See the difference? We can still get through a to-do list, but without a punishing or restrictive edge.

Stop for a moment today and check in with anywhere in your life that doesn’t feel very expansive right now. Where do you feel stuck, blocked, or overwhelmed with negativity? This or these parts of your experience require as much love and nurture as you can muster, and your birthday month really is a fine time to be kind to yourself. I’d like you to make self-gratitude a daily practice, honing in especially on areas you feel wobbly. It might be that you wake up every day and say “I am grateful for my body” or “My talents are of value” – this could feel super uncomfortable at first, but you’re merely guiding yourself back to what you know is true underneath the layers of fear.

This is also a wonderful month for socializing and replenishing your stash of human FUN. Call your old friends, get out of your comfort zone, be in love with love, call in your spirit guides, and just try to flow with your awesome self. Note when you tune into self-doubt and judgmental thoughts, and don’t be afraid to question them! They are your thoughts which means you’re allowed to decode them a little, shake them up, and reform them – in other words, it’s in your power to make your life work for you!

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Virgo / Virgo Rising – Five of Pentacles

Last month saw you experience a few blasts from the past, whether it was old shadows rearing their heads, or a meeting with a previous version of yourself. I know for some of you this was a much darker experience, where as others of you had a kind of rose tinted reunion with your own superpowers. Whether you are feeling ruled by the shadows or the light right now, the theme for this month is going to be the same: material and spiritual reconnection. The energy that feels significant for you is around faith in yourself and your journey. It may be that the last few weeks unearthed a wobble, and now you are seeking some grounding, within and without.

I want you to really know that you are supposed to be constantly evolving, and that this means you’ll need different support at different times in your life. Don’t feel concerned if your tried and tested feel good method isn’t really doing it for you right now – perhaps it’s just time to try something else? So, to tap into what this might be, allow yourself to take a scan across your current internal and external environment. What’s going on with your career, relationships, and family? How is your health and how are your thought processes? Are you going through a time of change? What is new? What feels scary? Are you having fun?

As you ponder these questions, take stock of where your general level of life energy is right now, and then, finally, ask ‘What do I NEED right now?’ It’s your job to simply listen. Your inner workings may surprise you here, and it’s important to allow your most nurturing self to speak to you, the one that may suggest rest over making another to-do list, the one that says try a massage over a spin class. Trust that your inner and outer experience is providing all the clues you need, and whatever feels right for you this month will be exactly what you need.

In matters of faith, however intuitive you are and however organized you are, you STILL aren’t supposed to know the outcome of everything that you’re juggling. Choose to trust that your life lessons emerge at the exact time you need to receive them. Until then it’s time to practice that leap of faith, and know that you aren’t alone. You are needed, help IS available, and time is on your side.

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Libra / Libra Rising – Two of Swords

Anxiety and difficulty in regards to making choices is one of the most frequent things my clients come to me about. What should you do? Which direction should you take? What will the outcome be? How do you trust yourself? These thoughts are the norm, so don’t be afraid if you feel at a crossroads right now. How about considering that you aren’t supposed to know the exact right answer, because maybe this isn’t a case of correct or incorrect, of pass or fail. If you are in an active time, whether in your mind or outer experience, then things are truly supposed to feel a little less than chill!

So, instead of panicking about what you ‘should’ do, I want you to work on where you might be blocked from your intuition right now. Of course your decision-making doesn’t have to be a stressful thing, it’s likely many of you are just overwhelmed by having so many avenues to go down! Never a bad thing, but often in times of busyness, whether this manifests as chaos or excitement, our racing mind can get us feeling a little ‘out of body’. When we jump outside of ourselves like this, we begin to lose the connection to where life realy begins – yep, you know it, with OUR FEELINGS.

Remember that whatever feels the best to you will be the ‘right’ choice, because there truly is no right or wrong, just another opportunity to have faith in yourself and your journey. You may also use these next few weeks to get some down time. It’s often that when we find our selves at a crossroads, we’re being led towards a period of action, so it’s a great time to accept the stillness and simply recharge. Your way of resetting will be unique to you; it might mean retreating to nature or, equally, stepping back into the social scene and reconnecting with friends.

Try to release any pressures you’ve put on yourself to ‘have it all together’ or ‘get over it’ and allow yourself to just be. Time isn’t working against you, all is as it is supposed to be. Do some of what makes you feel more YOU – in fact, a lot of it, so much that you almost burst. Inch your way back to your mind, body and spirit. This human experience is your home, and by returning to yourself you will be in the optimal decision making space, when the time comes.

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Scorpio / Scorpio – Eight of Swords

You’re going through an important transition right now my friends – it’s transformative, can you feel it? If you look to the planets, we’ve entered the final phase of Saturn’s journey through Scorpio, bringing some final tests and a chance to really clean up and surrender. The last two months have been leading up to the work you have to do in August, and we are all at a different stage of this journey. These next few weeks are the perfect time to really tune in with where you are restricting yourself. Is there anything from your past, be it physical pain or a forgotten dream, that seem to be haunting you right now?

Think – how can you address these things? You don’t have to dive in like a bull in a china shop, opening every of worms in sight, BUT it’s going to help to get really real with yourself. Try stating your fears out loud and owning them. Tell the world: “I am afraid of ***, and it’s okay”, and notice what body feelings accompany these thoughts, what starts running through you. You are safe to really show up for this clearing process, but it’s also an ideal time to ask for help. If you don’t know what you want, ask yourself what you need. Follow your intuitive guidance, whether it is requesting you find guidance online, or by emailing that person that keeps popping into your mind.

Be open to receiving and have no expectations. You more than anyone know that the things you need can come in forms you’d never expect. It also feels like perhaps there are some ghosts from the past that could be released. Remember that letting go and forgiveness are both acts of self-love, acts that do nothing other than clear space and free you up to move forwards.

By shaking off what you no longer need from times gone by, it will be so much easier to accept what is being offered up ahead. Finally, try to trust in simplicity this month. All the good stuff is going to be right there, laid bare, you won’t find sanctuary in drama or contradictions. Trust in what feels grounded and nourishing to you, whether that is in the people you meet or the work you commit to. Magic and intuition are alive and well in the present moment – and your direct link is through your feelings, so feel away babe!

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising – Princess of Cups

I feel like you’re on a bit of a roll of awesome, or at least that this high vibe energy is available to you now if you want to access it. If there’s one thing the last year has taught you, it’s that feelings are okay and even important! In fact, tuning in to your more watery, emotional side has the ability to rocket fuel your dreams. Right? Well no change this month, because what I see as a great focus point for you in the next few weeks is… MAGIC. Oh yes, and before you stop reading because you aren’t into ‘woo woo’ – stay with me!

Can we redefine magic? It’s not just about witchcraft you know – although that’s totally cool with me too, I like to think of magic as an accessible energy that you can tune into, but one that is also within you. You ARE magic, it’s running through your veins and is available as a form of empowerment whenever you need it. So, how do you get in touch? It’s all through a willingness to expand your vision out of your comfort zone, to expand your thoughts beyond your restricted and limiting beliefs, and it’s found very much in the present moment.

The other way you can access magic is through a childlike sense of wonder, and this is precisely what August is gifting you. Wonder. We get a little distracted from wonder as we grow up, the ‘wow’ of learning new things for the first time diminishes as we keep moving through life. For any of you who have kids, you’ll know it’s easily returned to you when you get to show that little one new things all of the time – and that choosing to see things through their eyes, the vision returns to you. I want you to realize this sense of awe is here ALL OF THE TIME, no magic tricks needed, the world is kind of an amazing place, full of kind of incredible people, if you hadn’t noticed.

Yes, there are the shadows and a dark side to life, but it is our job to turn on the torch. Over the coming weeks, start to notice in what areas of your life magic reappears. It may be within your meditation practice, or in time spent in nature, but it also may also appear in spreadsheets and accounts, over dinner and discussion. There are no limits to finding the good stuff; you just have to believe it’s there.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising – Ace of Pentacles

You truly are in the energy of new beginnings. Last month the focus was on feelings and personal connections, and for August there is a shift presenting itself in your more grounded material world. I’m just seeing large door that is totally wide open, with any perceived blocks dissolving away. I feel that you’ve entered a part of the year that’s been lined up for you to get very serious and unapologetic about how you want, how you NEED, your material world to support you.

Yes, this is a card that’s brilliant for career matters, suggesting that if you’re on the edge of sharing something new, at the point of quitting something that no longer works, or holding off on speaking up – it’s time. Get everything OUT. However, I’d like to focus more on the bright sparks of ideas and growth that I feel coming in for you. It’s as though you are pivoting on the edge of a very different life stage, one that is bringing more stability and light. This doesn’t mean life is a breeze of course, especially not for my mountain climbing Caps. Challenges though, are only in place to lead you to higher ground. Everything is taking you somewhere, and your main job is to not fight the change or battle the unknown.

Allow your days to take on a natural flow, one that is guided by your hero nature, but a flow that has no barriers. You are the only one who can truly stand in your own way at the moment. So, what do you need? If it’s more rest, then that is ALL that’s required. If it’s more time, you have it! This open doorway is created by your intentions to be kinder to yourself, to pursue more of your ideas, to really listen to your inner soul system.

What do you want to feed into the earth around you? What imprints are you about to make, what are you producing? Be enlightened by all that is new and appreciate the embarrassment and oddities of it all. Allow yourself to be humbled by the Universe on a daily basis, laugh, get messy, get involved, and be happy to get out of your comfort zone. Everything is ok, even the wobbles and the worries, they all have purpose. Pour nurture on your anxieties and feed your ideas with golden light.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising – Three of Pentacles

August is a pretty active month for you, as you have the space to put into play what you have been working on for the past three months. I feel that there has been so much brainstorming, so much creativity and fun, and also, perhaps, a LOT of questioning your own abilities. You can find it so easy to put yourself down sometimes, often more so than the time you spend raising yourself up. So, this has to be your first priority this month – self-celebration.

It is not stupid or egotistical to stop and admire yourself. I mean, come on, you are a perfect specimen of a human being – just LOOK AT YOU! But, yeah, on a more serious note, it’s kind of time that you accepted that you might have some skills, some unique skills, and something to share with the world. Yes it’s easy to say, “oh but so many people do the same job as me”; and yes, there will always be another artist, another actor, another lawyer and so on, but there isn’t another YOU, remember? This means that whatever you bring to the table IS unique, because it comes from you.

So as you being this month of self-appreciation, you will be required to flow into giving time to cementing your authentic voice. This means that you definitely don’t need to worry about comparing yourself to others or trying to imitate anyone, you just need to show up for YOU. It can be easier said than done of course, but it’s time to practice. With all that in hand, out in the real world this is a perfect month for collaborating and sharing the weight of your work, and your ideas. It might be that you’ve been keeping a lot inside recently and so know that just getting things OUT is going to step you forward into the next stage of, yes, your career, – but more so, of simply feeling good.

A good old-fashioned life brainstorm is in order, so gather your troops and get vocal. If you are someone who usually likes to hide in the shadows, experiment with raising your voice a little louder. You can also reflect this confidence with regards to your inner dialogue, by no longer allowing yourself to be intimidated by your fears. After all they are YOURS to do what you like with. So shift the conversation, own those anxieties, and then use them to march you onwards.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising – The Emperor

Over the last few weeks you may have experienced a few ‘ah-ha’ moments, times of clarity, and a rush of new ideas. Within this headspace, some fears may also have been rising up very strongly, perhaps some that seemed to stab you in the gut and try to convince you that they were more powerful than you? Which is not true of course, but it is okay for it to feel that way – after all, you are a human being, just out in the world feeling those feelings.
As the days progress the shift that’s in place for you now is one of empowerment and order. This month is about taking all those “ums” and “ahs” from July, and putting them in place, with a little planning. It’s actually a much more structured way of thinking than you might be used to, but totally in place to put some order into your chaos. Now, where this sense of process comes from is going to be dictated by what you need. If you currently feel like you are loose and swimming in a sea of uncertainty, then perhaps it’s time to ask for help? You do know that someone out there can listen and help you with the jigsaw puzzle of yourself, don’t you?

This doesn’t have to be your typical therapist; maybe you just need to dedicate some time to sharing with your best friends, getting stuff out, and reinterpreting ideas for each other. We all have some blocks to rules and regulations somewhere along the line, so note if any of yours are coming up right now. It could be that you are finding it a struggle to work amongst other people, and if so have a feel and think about how you could shift your perception. AND how you can protect your energy – this is always an important job for a Pisces.

The more you can be connected to your most authentic and positive self, the easier it will be to see through the mist. It’s easy to get distracted but this isn’t the month for wading through fog. Remember where you pull your light from and use that source, every day. Finally, If there is a certain someone in your life who seems to be over-stepping the mark, overpowering or even scaring you, then it’s time to reclaim your self worth and personal power; again by sharing, questioning, and speaking up. Don’t hide from your own voice, this month more than ever it’s valid and important.

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Aries / Aries Rising – Ten of Pentacles

I kind of feel like you’re on fire right now Aries – as you should be of course, but wow your energy seems to have been on a constant high level recently. Are you feeling tired out yet? I want that to be your first check in right now, because burn out is SO easy for you because you are able to run on empty quite easily. So just tune in to what you might need as you fully embrace this second half of the year.

Now I put that at the forefront, because what I feel for you is that there is a strong energy focus on your material world right now. For some of you it really may be a dramatic shift in your career – perhaps you are taking on a higher position, or launching some of your most valued work into the public domain? It’s also going to be that many of you are at that point of leaving behind what no longer works for you, in business and in pleasure. It’s a super power feeling, and this is why your wellbeing has to be at the peak of your life priorities pyramid. Whilst you may think of self-care as a ‘luxury’, just know that you can’t do all the amazing stuff you want to if you feel crap. Simple, right?

So now that you’ve checked in, where are you headed? Things can start to manifest at an alarming rate now, so make sure your intentions for yourself are also on good from. I want you to think about the idea of your imprint on the world. If you had to make a manifesto for yourself and your personal brand right now, what would be on there? How would you sell yourself to yourself?

Take that as a writing task and it will help you hone in on what might be the most enjoyable thing to put your focus on right now. After all, I know you are spinning a lot plates, as per usual! On the more spiritual side of things, look out for those messages from the Universe. They come in so many forms, yes it might be that you’re seeing feathers and rainbows, but life also speaks to you via the more practical too. Coincidences don’t exist – that voice you hear that says ‘go there’ or ‘call them’ is worth listening to. In fact if you chose to listen and learn, the guidance is really right in front of you.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising – The Chariot

THINGS ARE FINALLY MOVING! What things? Have a glance back to April and you might get some hints as to what needs the kick in the ass right now. Of course movement is only going to be present if you participate, so if you’re one of the one wishing away on the sidelines that something wild and exciting would happen for you, then you gotta at the very least dip your toe in. Why? Well the thing about life and time and all that, is that it really is always moving, and if you aren’t there moving with it, you’ll only ever feel like you are losing or wasting time. And time is of value, so, where are you going to place your drive this month?

Now that’s off my chest, we can get into the details; balance, freedom and intent. Freedom comes from stepping into that expansive state of mind I always talk about. You are the only one standing in your way right now and if you take a trip over to the Scorpio reading to see what your opposite sign is up to, you can apply the same advice. When you get out of your own way, a free flowing energy can come upon you. Feels good to think of that wide, open road right? That road can exist in all areas of your life; even the ones with challenges – yes, there can still be a flow when you have to get shit done, it just gets done easier!

‘Easier’ – that sounds nice too, doesn’t it? So what would you need right now to truly feel free? Explore that idea. So, balance; not your strong suit sometimes, but as always still a priority and I won’t ever let up about it. Accept that whatever isn’t working, whether it’s a health, love or work situation, needs a new perspective. That new perspective may not be one you’d chose first, after all, self-help is always hard work – but if something doesn’t feel good, isn’t it time you considered an alternative?

Finally – intent. This is the fun bit for you, and it’s about grabbling life by the reins and knowing that you have the map. Remove any fear of failure or you will never do anything. Know that you’ve got this, and equally that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes aren’t an end point; they are a learning experience. Everything is building momentum, so dive in fully.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising – Eight of Cups

The next few weeks are all about the residue of the past couple of months. So what’s come to the surface as you’ve gone on your merry way? The last few weeks have been a really strong cleansing period for many of us, and it may not have been comfortable. The first thing to do is to be nurturing with yourself. When some of our old shadows and ghosts reappear, it’s easy to perceive that we are going backwards. This is not the case; When things come to the surface it’s because now is the time to address them, as perhaps right now you are in the right space to be able to deal with them.

The brain chucks out information for us on a platter when the time is on and the pressure is off. So, this residue, how are you feeling it? Is it via your thoughts, from strange messages from the Universe, or is it in your physical body? Take time to listen and see what’s regurgitating, and within this know that now is a safe time to let those things go. You know that I refer to the letting go process as ‘surrendering’, and so we will work with that. I feel that you could be holding on to some guilt and it may manifest as you subconsciously not allowing yourself to move forwards.

You don’t need to hold onto pain as a punishment, it does not serve you and certainly doesn’t make anything better. If you need to forgive – be it yourself, others or a situation – know that it will set you free. In regards the moving forward process, this month is in place for you to work with your courage. The capacity for bravery is within all of us, it’s a natural part of us, to be courageous, to show up, to get involved. It’s time to accept your inner hero, to claim it and use it.

After all, why would you be scared to move forward in your life? Your life is perfectly designed for you, don’t ever hesitate to believe in that, not for a second. Nothing that you leave behind will be truly lost if it’s in any way relevant to your future. Safety lies within self trust, self-care and rest right now. Allow yourself to move at your own pace, just be wise enough to recognize where you’re treading on your own toes.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising – The Empress

A happy and nourishing month ahead, as you step from the clutches of that Devil on your shoulder into the nurturing arms of the divine feminine! “Thank you” is a good word to utter today. Thank you for this new and fresh energy. This is a month that is truly ALL woman, full of babes in fact! You can take that really literally if you’d like, to start. Female company and energy is going to get you feeling good, so allow yourself to be embraced by the wise women around you, whether it’s in physical hug form or a good heart filling Skype chat.

On a deeper note, this is a perfect few weeks to check in with mother Earth, the natural element and your own wisdom. Over the last few months you’ve had a lot of going within, but not all of it has felt safe and wishing yourself out of body has felt like the easy option. It’s time to really trust that you have gained knowledge in all that’s been processed, and that your tool belt is now pretty well-equipped. You have what you need and will realize this when you allow things to simplify a little. Drama probably won’t cut it for you this month as you start to lift into your higher state of mind and discover that the small nurturing steps you are making really are filling you up.

The great thing is, you don’t need the mess and the complications anymore. It’s fully time to live in that clean and clear space. Your clutter, be it physical or mental, can be released. It’s safe to head to the recycling bin – I’m pretty sure we all have one of those within – so think, what do you no longer need to have playing on repeat in your brain?

Know that the wisdom you have gained recently is also in place for you to share and help others. Whether it’s some words that a friend really needs or via a service you provide, since we are never truly alone it means that your experience is also going to give solace to someone else. Therefore, it’s also a time to not hide your feelings. All expulsions of your water element are safe and okay. You may find that by avoiding that standard “I’m fine”, response you open up a new conversation with an unexpected person – I feel that the element of surprise is awaiting you. So open your eyes, wide.

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