Pisces Season 2019 invites us to let go of judgement, as we radicalize our relationships and begin to trust that we will receive exactly what we desire, says Bess Matassa … 

Pisces Season 2019 The Numinous Bess Matassa Astrocast aura photography
Photo: Pawel Szvmanski

Pisces Season 2019 invites us to sit back and truly let it all just be. This astro season is a plunge into our past lives, and a call to make peace with even the moments and memories we feel will never be “right.” A tender time for softening, melting, and allowing, Pisces Season 2019 asks us to remember the magic of simply being alive, without having to assess or pass judgement on any part of our lived experience.

The Sun enters Pisces on 2/18, with a Virgo Full Moon the following day illuminating minor planet Chiron’s move into Aries. These energies combined call for a balance between our urge to make an individual mark, and a recognition that ours is a tiny but vital role in the whole sea of stars. It’s a moment to press pause on hot-blooded agendas, and feel into the legacy we leave by simply being.

When Venus moves into the out-there wilds of Aquarius on 3/1 we’re asked to liberate our love affairs from stiflingly preconceived notions. And as electrically-charged changemaker Uranus shifts into Taurus for a 7-year long haul on 3/6, accompanied by the Pisces New Moon, it’s the start of a profound cycle for filling our cup, and trusting that new sources of nourishment and abundance will arise from precious seeds planted long ago.

With the influence of Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, reigning supreme, it’s a season to let gravity do its work, allowing what needs to recede from your life to simply slip away in the rearview mirror. An invitation to turn our perceived losses into emotional finds, Pisces Season 2019 wants us to remember that sitting with stillness is never a sign of lack, and that what’s coming down the line is wilder and wider than we could possibly have imagined …

Listen to the full Pisces Season 2019 report from Numi resident astrologers Bess + Sandy HERE and read on for more on the 4 key astro events of the coming weeks …


Sun in Pisces (2.18-3.20) // Missing by Everything But The Girl

Pisces energy is a call to remember that time is never linear, and that we aren’t meant to “get over” anything. Instead, can you walk alongside, underneath, through, and with whatever your perceived pain might be? This 90s hit is filled with loss and longing—but not lack. Where in your life can you hold more feeling than you thought? How can you expand to contain all the stories that live beneath your skin? The Sun in Pisces asks us to wander past pathways without shame, trusting that they will integrate and assimilate in their own sweet time.


Mercury Rx in Pisces (3.5-3.28) // Aura Photographs

A deep call to listen with every surface of our bodies, Mercury’s retrograde journey through Pisces asks us to see ourselves and the world in a brand new way. This is a time to soften the hard-edge between “good” and “bad,” pleasure and pain. Use this transit to let your gaze go fuzzy, to soothe your self-talk, and to allow multiple layers of experience to simply rise and fall on the surface of your consciousness, no matter how strange. Loosen limited POVs, and practice reading the auras of people and experiences, instead of seeing rigid lines.


Venus in Aquarius (3.1-3.26) // Blind Dates

Venus rules over love and relating, and is deeply connected to our sense of self-worth. In wonky, exploratory Aquarius, this transit asks us to delight in our weirdness. Whether partnered or solo, it’s a moment to let your freak flag fly to give others permission to do the same. Whatever your relationship status, channel the energy of a blind date in both your professional and personal meetups. Be open to being to surprised, and let this take your interpersonal dynamics even higher.


Uranus in Taurus (3.6.19-2026) // Planet Earth

The passage of radical Uranus through Taurus sounds the call to revolutionize our modes of receiving. Animals and plants don’t guilt themselves for their appetites, and this transit wants us to make like the beasts who birthed us. This 7-year cycle is about breaking free from any shame surrounding our desires, and trusting in the endlessly generative ground on which we stand. Harness this sense of naturalistic hedonism with earth films that chronicle the dizzying diversity of evolution, reminding yourself that no body shape, size, or carnal urge ever deserves to be shamed.


Aquarius Season 2019 asks us to take a risk on being utterly and uniquely ourselves, and to move slowly and deliberately into our boldest incarnation yet, says Bess Matassa

Aquarius Season 2019 Bess Matassa vintage sunglasses The Numinous
Photo: Iona Casapu

Aquarius Season 2019 snap, crackle, and pops us into a whirlwind of perpetual possibility. As well as asking us to come clean about what we’re really here to contribute, it’s an astro season for emotional rewiring, panned-out thinking, and braving some out-there exile to finally get to the land where we truly belong.

The Sun moves into Aquarius on Jan 20, followed just a day later by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. And with Chiron returning to Aries, it’s a season for stripping down to the core of our self-expression, regardless of how we’re received. We each have every right to be here; our only rent is to “do” who we are, and to do it damn well!

With pleasure planets Venus and Mars entering Capricorn and Taurus respectively, getting radical can also come from taking slow, languid steps in a different direction, and carefully selecting what we want to make manifest next.

Where are you ready to synch up your internal, eternal flame, with what you do in the world? What sun-kissed spot of solid ground can only you inhabit? The answer will come from both feeling fiercely into your precious selfhood, and turning your sand-written signature over to the wind.

This Aquarius Season, the stakes may feel high. But the biggest risk of all is not showing up in our shiniest strangeness. The world is parched and panting, awaiting the waters that only we can bring …

Listen to the full Aquarius Season 2019 report from Numi resident astrologers Bess + Sandy HERE and read on for more on the 4 key astro events of the coming weeks …


Aquarius Season 2019 Bess Matassa LED lights The Numinous
Photo: Nareeta Martin

Sun in Aquarius (1.20-2.18) // Skydiving.

We lined it up and built it beautiful in Capricorn season, stretching our muscles and luxuriating in our majestic mojo. Now, Aquarius Season asks us to give it over to a higher law, as we make boundless leaps into the great beyond. It’s a cosmic moment for going off-piste, embracing the uncomfy, and parachuting past limitations with faith in an effervescent landing. Radicalize your viewpoint with Italian daredevil Roberta Mancino’s winged leaps through the crystal clear sky while the world keeps on spinning far below.


Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo (1.21) // Soul Train.

This final Eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius cycle that began in Feb 2017 wants us to fully fête our personal flair, without worrying how we’re perceived. Where has a massive clearing led you back to your original core? Let this Moon reveal where you’ve got nothing left to lose and everything to give and to gain. It’s a moment to step into your solo dance-floor moment with everything you’ve got, knowing that your unique moves are a vital contribution to the pulse of the party.


Venus Enters Capricorn (2.3-3.1) ; Mars Enters Taurus (2.14-3.31) // Terroir.

Venus and Mars making a trine in the body-conscious Earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus is a ripe moment for making moves in the material world. A term used to describe the complex climatological and geographical conditions for cultivating vineyards, treat this transit like an opportunity to embrace your personal emotional “terroir.” How have the soil, sunlight, and storms of your own life history flavored what you’re here to bring to the world? Celebrate the stories that have shaped your very skin, and bring your personal flavor to the world like a fine vintage.


Chiron Enters Aries (2.18 until April of 2027) // Nameplate Necklaces.

Chiron is the touchy-feely gateway to our humanness, reminding us that woven into our deepest longings, hurts, and fears are the unexpected gifts that we’re also here to bring forward. As this minor planet begins an epic 7.5 year journey through Aries, tenderness around self-expression and claiming our place at the table are activated, as we grapple with the force of our “I” and the courage to stand up for it. Embrace the worthiness of ego and your personal power, with gold-plated monograms that both boldly declare your identity—while resting close to your beating heart.