The 2017 Aries Waning Quarter Moon asks us to step up our game, and prepare for some serious cosmic upleveling. Get invigorated. Get motivated. And be ready to get your world rocked, says Jennifer RacioppiArtwork: Bethany Harper-Walsh

waning aries quarter moon bethany haroer walsh collage The Numinous

:: Waning Quarter Moon :: July 16 2017 :: 3:25pm EST :: 24 degrees Aries

While the Waning Quarter Moon usually signals a time to take an inward glance, in the fiery sign of Aries, we’re asked to kick into high gear. This energy bestows vitality and motivation. Holler!

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is ruled by Mars (the planet of action), and is famously known for its ability to initiate. Add Mars squaring Uranus to the mix, and we need to ready ourselves for change- perhaps even shocking and sudden change …

As we wrap up this current lunar cycle, and prep ourselves for a month with TWO Leo new moons ahead—including the August 21 legendary Great American Total Eclipse—we have a moment to unravel all that unfolds before our eyes, and simultaneously get ready for what’s to come.

Harkening back to the New Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015, we may see intentions set then coming to a full culmination now. Beautiful! Results that culminate now have been a long time coming. Stay grateful and on-point and you won’t be disappointed.


:: The Sun ::
With the Sun traveling through the third decant of security driven Cancer, connecting us to our home life, our family, and our deep emotions, it’s time to dig deep into our inner wellbeing and ultimate security.

Given that the Sun recently opposed Pluto, we just survived massive intensity. The Sun represents all that is light, our identity, and our vital force energy; Pluto is the dwarf King of darkness, holding close to him all things related to death and rebirth, transformation, and destruction. This transit likely brought about a crisis of self-esteem or self-identity, and may have felt entirely out of your control. But this energy also contained the essence of resilience, and the potential for positive growth and change, initiating you into a new way of being.

With this aspect no longer at play, we’re a bit more free. Yet the Sun and Mars now squares Uranus, the planet of revolution and change. Hold onto your hats, Numi babes—this abrupt roller coaster ride is a cosmic upleveling that may land you exactly where you need to be. But, not without a bit of wind in your hair …

:: The Moon ::
The Moon in Aries feels inspiring—especially given the hit from Uranus. And who doesn’t crave action and locomotion in their lives? With Saturn in a super supportive angle, we can move in the direction of reconciliation, despite the challenges at hand.

:: The Square ::
With the Sun at the tail end of Cancer having just opposed Pluto and on its way to square Uranus, the word “ouch” comes to mind. Cancer, a sign that represents family orientation and sensitivity, doesn’t particularly like this challenge much.

However, like it or not, the cosmic menu has served up a plate of emotions with a side dish of surprise. With the Moon in a cardinal sign squaring both the Sun and Mars, we’ll find ourselves needing to reconcile precisely where we are at as we prepare for the first of two new moons in Leo!

:: The Message ::
With the recent hits from Pluto, and next week’s Uranus square, life’s #noteasy. Yet with the Sun in Cancer, these transits help us understand and unearth our confidence and security. We can handle this!

With the moon in action-oriented Aries, I highly suggest making moves during this phase. Move things to completion. Effort appropriately on behalf of your goals. Get your ducks in a row. When the Moon squares Uranus the following day, you’ll want to be on your A game.

Get ready to handle anything, and you’ll be grateful you did (cause “anything” might just be coming!)

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