Why we’re partnering with Moody Month—the period app by women for women that believes the future is emotionally intelligent …

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Period apps are big business—but did you know that many of them are mining your data for profit? Hormonal fluctuations mean there are times during the month when you’re more likely to spend money … priceless information for advertisers. But Moody Month is different. Created by women for women, the mission at Moody Month HQ is to help users cultivate emotional intelligence, and to start using our feeling states to empower ourselves instead.

For this reason, we are super-stoked to announce that from next month we’ll be creating exclusive in-app content for Moody Month all about the lunar cycles, and how the motions of the cosmos impact our moods throughout the month. It’s a match, literally, made in the heavens! Check out our Q&A with co-founder Amy Thomson on how she uses her moods to her advantage, in business and in life, and why she thinks emotional intelligence is the future …


Moody Month period app The Numinous Lola Ross Amy Thomson, Karla Vitrone,
Moody Month co-founders Lola Ross, Amy Thomson, and Karla Vitrone

The Numinous: When did you realize that our moods are our hidden superpowers?
Amy Thomson: As with many women, it was only when something went wrong. This is often connected to adverse effects from the contraceptive pill or illness, but my personal experience was that my periods stopped totally due to stress. The fact that something I had taken for granted was suddenly gone, was a massive sign that I hadn’t been listening to my body. The shock of this meant I experienced a new found love and respect for my moods and cycle.

TN: Which of our moods do you think is most misunderstood?
AT: Fear—which is an important barometer of people and environments to avoid. And fear can also be a huge asset in our decision-making about life, love and work. If nothing you’re doing makes you feel a little afraid, you’re not taking any risks in life, and therefore not pushing yourself to grow. Often, we are most fearful of the decisions that will be the most transformative.

TN: As a female founder, how has harnessing your hormones helped you?
AT: Knowing my highs and lows makes me a much better leader and decision maker. It allows me to know when I’m going to be able to make hard choices, or even when to raise money. Self doubt is a huge challenge for any person leading a business, and imposter syndrome is even more prominent in female founders and leaders. Knowing when in the month my body is going to be most vulnerable, and my moods most reflective, allows me to prepare for this flaring up, so I plan my month to manage the momentum of the business. Knowing my hormones makes me feel less guilty for moods and emotions that are all equally valid parts of who I am.

Outtake from the U.S. launch last month

TN: Other period apps harvest women’s data for profit. What’s that all about?!
AT: Women’s health, and reproductive health in particular, has been either stigmatized or monetized for centuries, and other period apps using data to target users with advertising at certain times of the month (when hormonal fluctuations make them more likely to spend money, for example), is simply more of the same. We started Moody, which is created by women for women, to change the system and write new rules for women’s health. Our technology is emotionally intelligent in its output and its ethics.

TN: We’re all about “manifesting the matriarchy”—how will more feminine models of leadership do you think will most impact the world going forward?
AT: Patriarchy is obsessed with ego and logic, and since AI and robots do logic better than humans now, the time has come for us to tap back into our human superpowers—our emotions. I see this happening in real time, and women’s—and men’s—emotional language and biological cycles are poised to give us prominent leverage in this pivoting world. The era of EQ over IQ is NOW, and it’s time for women to claim back our moods and emotions as the currency of the future!


Check out Moody Month on Instagram and download the app to start boosting your emotional superpowers today.