If you’re interested in these tarotscopes, chances are you’ve probably already clocked that astrologers have been speaking about the coming month for a long time. The Cardinal Grand Cross peaks around April 23rd, and the weeks leading up promise to be a pretty intense period to say the least. Imagine four people in a room, all with wildly different ideas and all trying to shape the world in their image.

When the Grand Cross forms the four planets involved will also all be at 13 degrees, and in the Tarot this is the number of the Death card, representing the sign of Scorpio. So think – change, transformation and reinvention. This energy has been building since December, and I for one have certainly been feeling it, have you?

You should know by now that I’m not one to embrace fear. I like the idea that if we try always to live in our highest and best energy, then we will always be exactly where we should be no matter what’s going on around us. I believe our struggles are in place to lead us to higher ground, and all we need to do is just keep walking. Life isn’t always going to be sparkles and unicorns, and if you are feeling less than 100% remember that we’re all in this together.

Through my coaching practice, I’ve come to discover that we all have the same fears packaged up in unique ways and yet we all feel totally alone some of the time. So share, love and support each other, or as I like to do when I’m feeling the winds of change – open up your arms wide and shout I’M READY!

P.S. If you know your full birth chart, this month read your sun and your rising sign tarotscopes for a double dose of guidance.

Cast by Louise Androlia using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Happy Birthday babe! It doesn’t surprise me to see an action card in place for you this month, because it’s not exactly news that you rarely stand still and just soak up the view. However this is definitely a time to really embrace some of the natural cycles of life, rather than try forcing the forward motion yourself. Get in tune with the flow and synchronicities of your life right now, make notes of how one thing leads to another, and you might just weave a web of action that gets you to the same desired outcome but with a few less puffs and pants.

Emotionally, you are perhaps going to be a bit more in touch with your watery side over the next few weeks, so if the tears start flowing, embrace them and think of yourself as having a birthday soul cleanse. It’s easy to get annoyed when your deepest feelings decide they want to make an appearance, but this is so a chance to dive in and swim around until you reach a deeper sense of personal embodiment. Think of yourself as having arrived at a blank page about to write the intro to your next awesome story, it needs some sentiment.

Externally I get a sense of commitment issues with this card and so I feel that if plans you are keen to see come to fruition get slowed right down it could be purely because you’re finding it hard to pin a certain someone down to the job. It’s amazing how frustrating it can be to feel like your fire-starting ideas are on hold because you’re having to simply wait it out. However every period of waiting can often just mean the space is being energetically held for you. Whenever that contract finally gets signed, then the time will be exactly right. It’s a more peaceful way to look at a limbo situation, right?

So try and embrace a sense of flow within action, after all if we know one thing for sure it’s that worry and anxiety only serve to thieve us of our peace, so don’t even invite those guys to your party!

In partnerships and romantically this is your chance to loosen your grip on any “all talk and no action” kind of connections. If you feel like you are constantly being emotionally let down, or sucked in by that knight in shining armor then it’s time to draw a line. You don’t need to suffer, even if you are locked in that familiar negative comfort zone. What would your biggest hero do right now? Well guess what, YOU are the hero, so bring in the change yourself and sweep out anything that isn’t working for you. Shake it off and treat yourself to a soul system spring clean – out with the old and in with the new. Keep walking, head high, heart open.

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Take a trip back to this time last year. What was going on in your life? How were you feeling? I pulled this card for you last April, and I feel like you could be immersed in something that was just an idea all those months ago and that you can see how the cycle has passed through all its twists and turns to bring you to this stage. I spoke last month about embracing change and shaking up your foundations to work better for you, and this card follows on SO well from that, bringing in a totally butterfly energy for you. Transformation is such an awesome and empowering thing, it’s a wonder we can be so terrified of the unknown right?

This month I encourage you to celebrate and value your talents, your mind, your body and your spirit. How often do you just stop and pat yourself on the back? Or even look back and notice how things are clicking together. I know you can sometimes feel that you’re tumbling down a dark tube towards a goal, and so I want you to keep expanding your vision in order not to miss any opportunities that are headed your way. I have a sense that you need pushing into your own light and so I want to give you just a little nudge and say go and stand in that spotlight – or at least empower you enough to send an email to get the ball rolling. It’s time to embrace life in a way that works for you, yes you and only you.

Your conversation with the Universe, God, your inner self, Love or whatever energy you might feel connected to also needs a little revamp, and acting on behalf of the Universe, I’m telling you to remember to check back in with your mantras, prayers or gratitude practices. Why? Because those moments of nurture that you give yourself will reflect back on you and the world will feel like a brighter place. You will be able to see clearer and feel more solid, and that light of yours will be just that little bit more luminous.

Also, give yourself a break. Seriously. If there has been a lot of change in your sphere recently then you aren’t supposed to be feeling super stable and strong right now, and this is why it’s even more important to take a break and just be present in your own skin. This will recharge you and give you the energy boost you need in order to be able to withstand any shakeups to your foundations.

Anyway, this month is about Star powered energy, so wrap your arms around everything and everyone that you love. Fly, launch, shine, dream. Share your ideas, gifts, thoughts, talents, words, energy – get it out there in whichever form you feel like you thrive in. We need you!

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A nice change of pace from last month, which felt a little riddled with “what ifs”, “buts” and moments of worry. I hope you have been recharging and getting more on board with some self-love? Well keep it up as a permanent practice, okay?

This month I am giving you a rather large dose of passion and movement, and a big old jab out of your comfort zone. It’s so easy to get locked into a habit, like watching TV for instance, at the expense of other creative hobbies, and granted all those shows are pretty awesome and sofa time is fully supported. But at the same time, know that there is a higher energy for you to be tapping in to. I love thinking elementally, and what you want to bring in over the next few weeks is a lick of Fire. To immerse yourself in something that pumps up your life force, and reminds you that inspiration is always around you, if you just reach out and grab it.

I have a feeling that a few shifts are coming in your direction that might shove you towards a more action oriented place, and so be ready to embrace them. If you’ve been putting energy into the manifestation process recently then some results may start to roll in (hurrah!) Remember that you don’t have to say “yes” to everything, so step back and think about what might be right for you. Not sure? Ask what FEELS right. Avoid making decisions based on what you “think” you should do and allow passion to rule the show. I dare you to give it a shot! Also remember to allow everything in your life it’s own sense of flow. Know that whatever blooms has it’s rightful place, as you don’t want to even think about wasting your energy crying over spilt milk or stamping your feet if you feel like you haven’t got “your way”.

You may also be experiencing a major case of itchy feet, a desire to travel or meet some new faces. No need to race off to the airport right this second, but planning an adventure for later in the year could certainly bring you in the right kind of expansive energy. Same goes for the people you hang out with, are you clinking glasses and locking lips with those who lift you up and support your A-game? If not then your ability to make a shift in your social circle is something to be aware of. While you don’t need to go ditching pals left right and center, it’s very important to make sure that you feel part of a community that supports you.

A final nugget to ponder – always take a moment to check in which direction you are walking. Are you charging towards your dreams and in the direction of Love, or tiptoeing backwards into old habits and denying yourself the blooming and bright experience that you deserve?

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You’re on such a journey this year Cancer, as if you’re on a sailboat through the seas of change and the weather is a bit unpredictable. Sometimes it rains for days but then it’s bright and blooming! You have faith that there is a point to all this, right? Hold onto this truth, as it’s always what can comfort you when the winds rattle your bones.

So last month I was chatting to you about drama and theatrics and I’m sure you saw some of that in play. Was it around you externally or going on in your own mind? The next few weeks are a chance to really retreat from your own fears (and everyone else’s) and with a battery pack in tow just give yourself a break. It sounds simple and it kind of is, but I know it’s not always enough stop you panicking about when things are going to move forward or when the next job will come in.

Your goal now is to get embodied and empowered, and this means that you have to get clear on what you want the rest of the year and maybe even your life to look like. It’s so easy to just role with it, to feel a bit like life has got you in it’s clutches and you’re just waiting on other people to make decisions so that you can move forward. Granted, plenty of things do involve other people and their decisions but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of it. Take some time this month to really go deep and connect to what might be right for you, not just as another a notch on your ladder or because it’s what you think you should do.

I just feel like laying low will suit you right now – ideally in a hammock, swaying your way through the day as you hone back into your zen zone. But um yeah, the real world…the real world requires subtle action and constant surrender. So keep moving but just in your own space. Be a little selfish, in the positive way, which means taking some time outs to work through annoyances. Sort through your internal life luggage and prepare a few old habits and ideas for the recycling bin, to exchange for a fresh approach.

You won’t get very far unless you start getting unapologetic about putting your own wellness and joy right at the very top of the list, shining bright. Dive into the little things that lift you up – the smile on your child’s face, the in-jokes with your BFF, the words on a page that always make you smile, the quirks of your pet. Mini moments of joy are what will propel you forwards so that instead of feeling lost at sea, you become the captain of the ship.

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This month is all about getting embodied and embracing the truth. The truth? It’s easy to be afraid of that word and want to run from it, scared of what it might mean – but it’s nothing to be afraid of. I want you to honor what feels right for you in every area of your life, and look at what might need shifting. It’s clear this is a month of spring-cleaning for everyone and as Leo is the sign that matches up to the Strength card, I feel that this is about you returning to your own source and getting really real.

So then, how are you going to dive in? I feel that for a start it’s worth checking in with your ego mind and its “ifs” and “buts” – have you accidentally on purpose been listening a little too much to those “I cant’s” recently? It’s easy to slip into the comforts of some of our favorite fears. I feel that the drama queen in your internal and external environment is a little on high alert right now. Have you noticed a lot of people in your sphere all caught up in idle gossip or low vibe conversation? If so then it’s imperative that you don’t join them, but at the same time it isn’t your job to call people out on their stuff, and definitely don’t lower your vibe to passive aggressive tweeting – such a waste of your time. Be the bright light and allow everyone to move on their own journey at their own speed.

Internally, don’t give the attention to the theatrics of the ego mind either. While the stage of your subconscious might look very exciting and inviting, is it all smoke and mirrors? How about giving peace a chance instead?

The thing is, inner work like this doesn’t have to be catastrophically boring, and it’s not like you have to wave your arms around and claim that you’re going to overhaul your known Universe either. It’s the small shifts we make that often bring about the biggest and brightest changes. Just say a few extra “yes’s” or maybe even a few more “no’s”, and take a moment to consider the direction you’re walking in, as you stop often to pause and breathe.

Remember that joy I asked you to look out for last month? Keep up this practice and know that gratitude will constantly expand your vision if you let it.

Above all, be gentle this month, and compassionate. You won’t overcome your challenges by shouting and screaming at them and punishing yourself when you feel like you’ve slipped up. Instead, operate in a constant state of surrender and forgiveness. The simplest advice for when you feel a little wobbly is to just operate at your highest level – which means your wellness and spiritual practice come first, compassion is a must, and there is no time to indulge drama. Got it?

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Set your intentions for the next few weeks with a lit candle and a positive prayer. The intention itself? Simple, make moves from a place of love for your sweet soul and avoid making your daily planner lists when in a fearful mindset. You’re never too far off your A-game, and if you are feeling swayed right now know that you’re part of a bigger picture and not alone. Call a friend and share some of your stress. Yes I know you’d prefer to always be the “strong” one, but seriously – time to give that game up. You’re awesome and awesome people sometimes feel crap too. It’s fine and it’s valid. Instead of everything to everyone, try just being your own savior – feels good, right?

In the romance zone you might be pondering the concept of soul mates and what that really means. If you have been locked in an unfulfilling (for you) love affair recently then maybe it’s time to sweep the sleep from your eyes, stand up and draw the line. It’s easy to glam up a sad story into something that’s “sooo romantic and dramatic” but actually, maybe it’s just not good for you? Imagine if you could up your game to where the real voodoo lives? Just a couple of energy levels higher into the arena of radical self-love and boundless joy. For those of you already in the swoon zone, then indulge in each other’s needs over the next few weeks, re-tune yourselves to a balanced place and remember not everything is about you – you’re a team, so work it.

I feel like there’s a huge amount of power in your perception this month, and in every given moment consider that you might be able to expand the situation to see it in a way that lifts you up to your highest vibe. It seems that you could be in a period of change – not so much the unexpected, more so that you’ll have to make a bunch of decisions. It’s amazing how complicated we humans make our own process sometimes, with so many fears tied up with the “what if’s”. And yet if we can grasp that we really are just on a journey, then bad choices cease to exist.

Allow yourself to move with confidence, even if it is slowly. Tiptoeing is certainly okay this month, you’ll still get there. Think of it as a gift that you can see the light and dark in each situation, it actually gives you a head start, okay? Just make sure you’re headed in the right direction, yes you know the one. I have no doubt that you will be fine, just try and not question yourself so much. Think about how inspiring and amazing you find all your heroes and mentors, and then remember that they are reflections of you. Bask in your superpowers.

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No, you’re not travelling back in time, but perhaps you’ve been feeling like you’ve had to do a lot of back and forth recently, and are a little tired of it? It’s been an odd couple of months – not bad, but there has been a lot of “thinking”, like ideally you’d be on a Caribbean vacation with a coconut cocktail now right. I pulled this card for you last July, so make a note of any familiarities between now and then, as feelings or situations now may be reflective or working together with what was going on then. For instance, you may be experiencing the revival of an old project, or treading familiar territory in a relationship.

You’ve been working on your balance in the last few months, something that comes naturally to you, but this month you’re ready to get head first into something new. I feel you’ve become a bit restless somewhere, that some of you are feeling bored while others are clamoring for change. A need to “expand” is the common ground, so it’s time to immerse yourself in developing or honing a new talent, or to discover something that’s perhaps a little bit out of your comfort zone. It’s amazing how quickly we can shift out of that place of stagnation by inviting something fresh into our lives. So take a scan across every area of your life, love, health, career, spirituality – where is in need of a revamp?

This is where you can do your best work this month. Make it exciting, change doesn’t have to be a hard slog; your aim is to feel enthusiastic about your life again, and to feel like you are working on something that you’re invested in. Can you get behind creating a life that you want to wake up and participate in?

Yes you might be having to comb over current details but while that’s going on, is there something you’ve been shoving to the back of your mind, worrying about whether you’re “good” enough or if it’s a fruitless idea? Give compassion to your desires and dreams, they don’t present themselves for no reason, so how can you honor them?

You are on this adventure right now – don’t ever forget that, even when it seems like a pain in the backside. It’s sometimes hard to accept that we are on a journey when we can’t see the final destination. This is why working with the idea that the present moment is the only thing that’s solid can really help us out. Work with each moment as it comes, and you will avoid a sense of overwhelm or a need to control. Consider yourself as building your pathway and allow yourself time and compassion. You don’t have to race ahead, this month is about nurturing your adventure and starting to carve out new experiences.

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Faith. Where does yours lie, and in what form? Do you believe in an energy that’s bigger than you? Do you pray to a God or higher power? Are you connected to your own intuition? Do you believe you are the co-creator of your experience, or are you a victim of the Universe? I have no doubt that you can feel things shifting around you and within you right now, which is when it’s easy to be afraid and when old fears come up. But I want you to feel as though you are part of a bigger picture, but also something that resonates with you, that is unique and it’s personal. I can make much more sense of my own challenges when I realign with my belief that I’m on a journey, because I know that everything is a valid part of the puzzle that’s shuffling around to create my story.

This month you will be able to find your peace in the little signs and the tiny shifts, and your only job is to be open to seeing them. Use the word “expand” as a permanent mantra, and when ever you feel stuck or locked in a mindset or a situation make a request to your self or the Universe to open up and create space around you to be able to see your way through. You need every moment of calm that you can create, and I use “create” because it is your own job to support yourself over the next few weeks.

Miracles are circling you all of the time and the synchronicities are there, dancing around waiting for you to tune in. But that tune in will only get locked into place when you just stop and be still. Stillness is always our savior and don’t be overwhelmed by that idea. I‘m not suggesting you lock yourself away to be ‘”alone with your thoughts” for hours on end, how about just one minute breathing steadily with your eyes shut while you’re on the bus? Or a pause on your walk to look up to the sky and down to the earth. Connect.

You’re also still planting seeds that you’ve been scattering for the last few months, and now they are starting to bloom, totally in their own time though and in so many different ways than you expected, right? Choose to remain positive in the face any perceived blockages; perhaps they are in place to make you consider a more relevant and even better direction?

Finally, this week I bumped into an elderly gentleman in the park and we were chatting about his dogs. As I went to leave, he looked at me with a wide smile and said; “Do something exciting this weekend”. The idea of being in the present moment grabbed me. So keep your energy playful, childlike and bright and maybe you can just sail right into the dreams that you desire.

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I feel that all the inner work you’re doing at moment is about how you shape your environment. Over the next few weeks you may notice some restructuring going on in your social circle, and with the ways you react to other people. Are you typical of your Fire sign? Are you quick to spark an argument or rush to prove yourself “right”? There is a wonderful delight in learning to pick your battles, or perhaps not even battling at all.

All of our relationships serve as mirrors, and diving into this concept can be an awesome self-help tool. The person that you find so irritating or really struggle with? They’re probably pulling out some of your own fears, or perhaps even reminding you of an aspect of yourself that you don’t like so much. But when you are so quick to form a negative opinion about someone else, this is just the energy you’ve tuned in to, and in turn you may only then see that part of that person.

The easy option for us is to just snap at someone or talk about them behind their back, but does that ever make you feel great? Does it solve the problem or bring help in any way? Not usually. So take a moment and pose those kinds of questions to yourself; Will complaining about this situation help me? Could I extend peace towards these conflicts? This doesn’t mean “backing down” or you being “better than” someone else, it just means honoring that your precious energy is better spent elsewhere.

So, where exactly? In regaining your own personal power of course! When you’re caught up in what others might be thinking then you’ve distracted yourself from honoring your own feelings and journey. Spend as much time as possible in the coming weeks putting attention on the positive feelings you’d like to experience going forward. Remember to envelope yourself with those who uplift you, and also that friendships do shift and change over time. It’s been a busy few months for everyone, so offer your very nearest and dearest a little extra compassion right now. I bet there is one person around you that perhaps wouldn’t ask for help but really needs it – so tune in.

Finally, if you have been feeling a little scattered or worn down then try this visualization. Close your eyes and visualize your solar plexus (the energy center just above the navel and under the ribs) as a large magnet. As you breathe in imagine all of your lost energy being magnetized back to your centre and filling you with warmth. As you breathe out ask to release any energy that is not yours and see dust particles scatter away from you. Do this for as many breath cycles as you like and end with a visualization of a bright white bubble surrounding you. Energy reboot, affirmative!

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Let’s talk about the direction in which you’re headed. Your journey is so significant right now, and of course the balance of it. If every aspect of your life right now were the first brick in the foundation of a building, what kind of city would you be creating? Are the foundations solid or shaky? And most of all, would you want to live there?

You don’t always consider putting your own needs first, but I have a feeling that with a bit of practice you might rather like it. When the astro energy is a bit choppy like it is out there this month, you really will ride it out like a pro if you focus on this, even if feels a bit forced to start with. You’re looking at a few weeks that might seem to go quite fast, and it’s essential to grab the reins and steer in the direction that you would like. I feel that you are also aware from the last six months that when things aren’t right they kind of fizzle out pretty fast anyway, and what you are aiming to hone right now is the ability to beat this before it even happens.

If it feels like things are going too fast for you, check that you are feeling fully embodied in your life. I’ve noticed that when we’re experiencing blocks it’s because we have hopped out of our body a little, perhaps into the future or the past. So just stop and just be present with your surroundings. Try using walking as a meditation, put that phone back in your bag and just focus on what’s around you, each person, each object, what the air feels like, what the colors look like. This is such a quick and easy way to pull yourself back into your body and also a very strong exercise to remind yourself that you are part of a bigger picture. You are not alone in your challenges.

You’re maybe thinking a little more long term than usual too, and certainly exploring new territory. It’s easy to be afraid of the unknown, even if it’s feeling good, because we can never see exactly how things are going to end up, we only have our plans. But I encourage you to enjoy every step, because if it feels good and right then you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and the rest will form as you go.

Finally, shake your own foundations and chuck out what isn’t working for you, because I know you have plenty of rather nice things to fill that space, right? Make room for the LOVE and the FUN and the JOY. Seriously, these are the things that matter, so move in their direction.

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If last month was about shaking up your foundations, then April is about choosing how you’re going to rebuild them. The chance to settle into new ways and habits can feel a bit odd at first, as it entails getting used to an exciting something/someone, or coping with something that is no longer present. But it’s okay, you’re doing the best job you can. So your whole attitude for this month has to be about staying on your highest energy plane and looking after yourself in an epically wonderful way. Are you ready for that? Of course you are.

First up, rediscover or create what your own miracle saving tactic can be when you feel stuck or stressed out. When I feel blocked when trying to work, I grab my keys and just charge out the door for a walk, even if it’s just around the block – yes this is total a perk of being freelance, but you will find your own way. Breath work, a moving meditation, a song on repeat, a moment of solitude or a mantra. It’s kind of awesome to have a go-to way to calm down, and to know that your “safe place” can be inside you and accessed any time, anywhere.

So now, how about your external environment? This is the place that we really can’t control, as we aren’t at liberty to know what others are going to do around us. But we can hone and help ourselves as much as possible. First up, your home – time to bring in a little feng shui, or just some fresh flowers? Make your bedroom somewhere that you are excited to fall to sleep and wake up! It sounds insanely simple, but there are plenty of us who push nurturing our space to the bottom of the list. The ideal comfort zone is having a precious place in your home where you can practice the above and get a double dose of grounding and reenergizing, all created by you!

I feel like the people around you, at work or in your family or social circle, might be a bit wobbly over the next few weeks, so remember how your energy can often create the scene you’re in. With this in mind, it’s time to bring the light and the encouraging talk to the room. I don’t feel that you need to be very adventurous this month, as it’s a time for really indulging in what you know feels right for you. For instance socially, make time to only hang out with the friends who give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside and head to the places where you can glide into your favourite seat.

It’s likely that within your happy places, inside and out, you will find exciting guidance, whether your inner voice shouts out quite the epiphany or you spy a career breakthrough right under your nose. Just keep your eyes open.

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As above, so below. As within, so without. This is a month of plugging yourself in to your personal energy charger and sitting quietly and prepping for action. So take that pressure OFF, right now, seriously, you don’t have to do anything or have to be anywhere. Reshuffle your space so there is plenty of time to be still, even if it’s just a few seemingly tiny moments in what you see as a sea of chaos. Find them.

Your outer environment will mirror what’s inside, so of course you have to start rebuilding your inner soul system in order to rebalance what you see around you. If you are surrounded by drama and theatrics, maybe it’s your own inner push and pull that needs attending to. Does the space feel not quite safe around you? Then keep finding that safe place inside. Whatever you see around you, see if you can find the parallel within, and then commit to doing the work.

Remember your ability to flow and work it, you aren’t a fish for no reason! Dive, search, float – but don’t swim away. This is why the power of recharging is so epic, and you can think of the next few weeks as a period of evolution. Usually when these moments are required it’s because there’s a shift up ahead that will need you to be very present. I feel that any projects that you want to launch, people you want to woo or celebrations you are waiting for will be in your vision towards the end of the month, so you are just quietly prepping.

When faced with this card, it’s always useful to edge away from what you think “Hermit” means – you aren’t about to go and sit in a cave and have no friends for the next ten years (which is what people always think when they see this card!) In fact, you’re just making way for the new and improved you and you need to be silent now in order to shine forth in the months to come.

I always like to remind you of avoiding your own dramatics, especially with a card of retreat like this, so go swim in an expansive, adventurous space, not in your own tears. Got it? If you really tune into what’s around you right now you should be able to pick what can go and what should stay. Remember you are not the victim of the story, more so the master of it, and any situations that feel out of your control can be twisted around so that your personal power comes back into the picture. Sometimes we need to just go in and edit our story and make ourselves the hero, right? Time to remember that you ARE the hero, the good guys come out on top and that, yes, LOVE rules.

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck