The 2019 Aries New Moon is turning the ignition on our most inspired intentions. Use it to spark up a whole new phase, says Sandy Sitron

2019 Aries New Moon Sandy Sitron The Numinous
Photo: Anderson Rian

New Moon // April 05 2019 // 4:52 am EDT // 15 degrees Aries

You can’t see this New Moon, but it will be your vehicle. It is as if you are turning the key in the ignition for the first time.

Now you get to hear the engine turn over.

You get a spark.

What do you want to spark in your life?

What are you ready to turn over?

What part of you is coming to life?

On Friday April 5th at 4:52 am EDT, we have a New Moon in Aries. At any New Moon, the Moon has retreated into the shadows. It doesn’t reflect light outwardly. This is a quiet time to retreat within and reflect on your internal process.

The Sun and Moon are lined up in the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the sign of action and being. Aries energy is not aligned with thinking, reflecting, and analyzing. Aries wants to drive, to spark, to act, to express. Creativity and spontaneity are what feel good and work best during Aries season. 

So, at this is a quiet and inwardly reflective New Moon, how can you take all this promise of inspired action, and plant it like a seed within yourself?

This is the time to set intentions for how you want to be, act, and do. It is truly a fresh start. Begin this process in your imagination. Write down your new goals, commitments, and dreams and then give them to the Moon. How do you want to live? 

With the 2019 Aries New Moon making a square to Saturn, notice how you might tend to limit these dreams. Limiting your goals to what is “practical” is not going to help you ignite! A fire doesn’t analyze and plan as it burns. It simply consumes the material it has access to and dances as wildly as it can.

The energy of this New Moon feels a little irresponsible. But the square to Saturn says tells us that restraint is necessary. Integrate this contradiction is a way that works for you.

One way could be to set intentions that are based in the concepts of Love and Action. Let these tenets guide you, and you will be doing the best you can for yourself and others.

Because this is a fiery and action-oriented New Moon, it’s important to remember that the seeds of our intentions cannot only be planted in the mind. The mind is too dry to germinate to new life. Your intentions must take root in your heart. You have to feel your intentions, and hold them, and imagine yourself living them.

Warm them up and incubate them in the fires of this 2019 Aries New Moon.

Set intentions for how you want to live. 

Over the past weeks, you’ve had so much time to drift and dream. At times, with the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces, you may even have felt as if you were trapped in a murky, muddy puddle, unable to truly move forward.

It could still feel like you are suspended in an extended sleep, but look more closely. Something is stirring. Like a baby waking up, this awakening may happen slowly. A shift of body weight. A stretch and a sneeze. Finally, once consciousness has fully arrived, a scream!

There you are, stretching, slowly awakening to this new beginning. Allow your own wild yell be a way to you remind yourself you are alive.

And now that you are awake, out all the energy you’ve cultivated during your slumber into getting this new phase going. Power up your being with intentions rooted in Love and Action. Turn the key in the ignition, then put your foot on the gas.


New Moon square Saturn

Dry crunchy cereal. The kind that cuts the roof of your mouth, just enough to be uncomfortable. But you keep eating anyway. You need to do something healthy for yourself. You need to figure out what is really going to work for your body, for your community and for your world.

You may be a little uncomfortable in the process. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid the task at hand. Find sweetness where you can, and keep chewing. Keep doing the work you need to do. Eventually you’ll see the positive changes take shape. And it will all be worth it.