Book Basics Coaching Package

Book Basics Coaching Package Ruby Warrington Numinous Books

You have a book in you, and it’s ready to be birthed. But where do you start?! Writing and publishing a book is no small undertaking. It is one of the most rewarding creative endeavors, can provide immense catharsis and healing, and will likely be something you are working on over several years from start to finish.

Getting the support you need at the beginning of the process can make a huge difference when it comes to finding your flow and writing the best book possible – which is where our Book Basics Coaching Package comes in.


When it comes to getting started with the writing process, most people get it wrong. They spend days, weeks, and months making notes and writing bits and pieces, hoping that somehow it will all magically come together to form a manuscript.

But what’s needed, is a solid foundation and a clear structure for your writing from the get-go. Getting these basics down before you dive into the writing saves a huge amount of time, energy, and heartache.

Equally as important, is honing the angle of your book. Most people have a general idea of what they want to write about, and why. But they don’t know exactly what the message is, and how to capture this in a way that will make their book stand out from the crowd. Yes, we all have a book in us, but how we frame our story and what we have to teach is everything.

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