Woo-hoo here comes Black Friday! Navigate the bargain-fest to bring out the best in you with these Full Moon shopping tips from Twelve Faces of Style. Images: Joie So Hryggur // Styling: Naddy Sane

Full moon shopping fashion on The Numinous

Following the darkness of the New Moon, the night sky begins to fill with light. Now, as Lady Luna reaches her fullness, expect to see important dreams and goals come to fruition around you. The Full Moon also acts as a cosmic spotlight, illuminating what areas of your life need a little TLC. As her light then begins to wane in the thirteen days that follow, you’re likely to find that your energy mirrors her own. Your reserves of strength (and, yes, patience) may ebb, encouraging you to cull, release, and complete.

In this guide, we shine a light on how each sign can make the most of the Full Moon’s potent rays and stay strong as she becomes dark once more – because even the most stylish wardrobe needs a refresh every now and then.

:: ARIES ::
If there was ever a time to “know thyself”, this is it. Honor your identity by tossing anything purchased in an attempt to fit in. Instead, shop for foundational pieces that fill basic gaps in your wardrobe. Put the urge to make impulse purchases on pause. If you’re feeling a strong attraction to pieces with a fiery vibe (i.e. red vibrant lipsticks, statement accessories, or anything with an edge), sit on it. By the New Moon you should know whether or not it’s going to light up you up for the long haul.

:: TAURUS ::
With Venus ruling your sign, focus your Full Moon shopping on restoration of the home, heart and body. Take inventory of the linens, blankets, pillows and accessories of your abode. Donate gently used items and replace with heavy comforters, cable-knit sweaters, and luxe throw pillows. Pro tip: this is the perfect time to invest in that cashmere travel set. But don’t let your desire for sensual pleasures turn you into a hermit!

full moon shopping and fashion tips on The Numinous

:: GEMINI ::
As the zodiac’s communicator, you know it’s all about how you tell your story. Under the Full Moon’s powerful glow, examine what messages your wardrobe and creative aesthetic are sending. If you want to be seen with more authority, let your Full Moon shopping include a couple of statement power pieces that shine a light on your inner BO$$. Those ten-inch glitter heels you couldn’t leave home without in your younger years? Hand them off to the little sis.

:: CANCER ::
Get the banish bin ready for your ex’s sweatshirt, and shed anything taking up space in the closet that represents who you once were but no longer identify with. Nourish your heart and spirit with pieces that showcase your true savvy, strength and sex appeal. Start your Full Moon shopping with a cashmere v-neck and accessorize with a snuggle from a newly adopted kitty cat. If you’re a new mama, invest in some comfortable yet chic active wear. Caretaking doesn’t have to mean letting your own needs slide.

:: LEO ::
You’re the host with the most, but being the life of the party has its drawbacks. We know how much you love to share your wealth with the world around you, but under the Full Moon, it’s time to do YOU. Show the world your inner lioness through bold colors, va-va voluminous outerwear, a bright Persimmon lip and accessories with flash. Take a chance on pieces that push you even further out of your comfort zone, and you’ll inspire your fans to do the same.

full moon shopping and fashion tips on The Numinous


:: VIRGO ::
Darling, Wolford is calling! Bras, panties, socks and stockings past their prime or – gasp! – forming holes need to go. Make space for an undergarment upgrade in French lace and soft silks, and invest in the proper shapewear for a smooth silhouette. Look to classic, mid-century lingerie design for inspiration. In the meantime, keep an eye on tendencies toward being overly critical of yourself and others. Sometimes, it’s enough just to simply be a witness.

:: LIBRA ::
This lunar cycle is here to help you polish your wardrobe and social life until it sparkles. Replace old and cakey make-up. Hit the dry cleaners. Restock on lint rollers. Empty your evening bags inner pockets of old tissues and bits leftover from nights on the town. Next on the list: shop for a fine set of china. What’s a good primping without a dinner party to follow? You aim to please, but for the next thirteen days, rein in any desire to be accommodating where it’s not deserved.

It’s time to strip down and get naked. After some deep soul conversation and physical intimacy of your choice, use the power of the Full Moon to reinvent yourself – or channel the energy of recycled beauty from the past. Shop for unusual, antique jewels that dazzle with both diamonds and meaning. But buyer beware: overly nostalgic items can kill your vibe, while too much darkness in your wardrobe can leave you feeling emotionally depleted and uber-sensitive.

full moon shopping and fashion tips on The Numinous

As the bohemian of the zodiac, use the Full Moon cycle to illuminate your next travel destination and gather inspiration for your upcoming adventures. Stock up on photo heavy coffee table books with full page spreads of faraway lands and magical voyages. Once the New Moon arrives, grab your passport and hit the road. Style tip: though you yearn to take off, over the next few weeks choose green for grounding. Too many brights could throw your energy into overdrive.

Your sign is famous for its stamina, but in order to keep that up, make sure you’re nurturing your body and your spirit. Take this time to strengthen your physical vessel. Check those pearly whites. Stock up on vitamins and minerals. Banish toxins in the body. Make an appointment for an oatmeal bath and mud mask at the spa. Invest in a spiritual retreat, and tap your inner well of confidence. Capricorns are realists, but don’t let your pragmatism veer too far into glass half-empty territory.

full moon shopping and fashion tips on The Numinous

The next thirteen days may see you feeling more in tune with your traditional ruler (Saturn) than your modern patron (Uranus), but don’t let that keep you stuck in a rut. Liberation (a la Uranus) is your key to unlocking the power of the Full Moon. Follow your visions and seek out the avant-garde in your garments and accessories. Opt for tops and pants that allow for brisk movement, easy travel and circulation through the legs. Try cutting out caffeine and sweets for a clearer mind and more bolt-from-the-blue epiphanies.

:: PISCES ::
Under the Full Moon’s dreamy rays, ask yourself if your current creative and wardrobe aesthetic allows you to swim in your fullest self-expression. If the answer is no, get in touch with your inner muse by weaving silver threads, headbands, or beads into your mane, and purchase a new dream journal to record messages from the subconscious. Worth noting: Pisces is naturally intuitive, and this moon phase may heighten your connection to the subtle realms. Make sure you keep both feet firmly planted on terra firma.