As we head into a new season, what’s the back-to-school mood for your sign? Resident tarotscopes lady Louise Androlia dips into her deck…

Virgo – Five of Pentacles
Happy birthday, my sweet friend Virgo. September is probably your favourite month and I want you to enjoy it! This is the first time we have had a repeating card in these ‘scopes. The Five of Pentacles made a visit to you just a couple of months ago in July. When a card repeats itself, sometimes it’s just hopping up and down trying to be heard, so please revisit the advice I gave you in July, but also think back to that month and see what might be echoing now. Last month things were probably speeding ahead, and sometimes when things suddenly start moving fear steps in and wants to hold you back, so this is a timely reminder about your validity and the importance of you being out there, shining as bright as can be. The Pentacles show us how the spiritual manifests in the material, and that is where I want you to look this month. Apply your intuitive nature to some of the more practical difficulties and worries you have, especially if you feel a little tired and dusty. This card can come up if you’re feeling insecure financially, and I recently discovered Kate Northrup – I love her teachings about how to approach financial concerns differently as she reminds us to beware of approaching things from a lack mentality, which is so important in all areas of our lives. Look at any areas where you feel like a lack of self-worth might be holding you back. Perhaps try some EFT to release anxieties from the past. Above all, know that you are allowed to be successful and abundant and remember to congratulate fellow peers and friends on their achievements. Continue your regular gratitude practice and remind yourself how it becomes a magnet for more luck in your life.

Libra – Ace of Pentacles
Oh we love the Aces! These cards are the gift from the Universe, and this is the ultimate back to school September energy card. A perfectly wrapped gift box containing new opportunities to work, learn and earn! What you have to offer in the material world has been on your mind for months now Libra, and I feel it may have been leading you to this point where you finally see the arrow clearly showing the direction ahead. Last month you were forging on with your ideas and hopefully becoming more confident about going out there and getting what you want. I’ve always believed in working out what you love doing and finding ways to make this your day job, and I feel this is the gift that the Universe has for you this month. Divine inspiration abounds for you Libra, so it’s important that your eyes are wide open and you are in ‘say yes’ mode, ready to grab the opportunities revealing themselves to you. The Ace also shines a light on solo ventures, and the Universe will be extra supportive of entrepreneurial projects now. Don’t forget to make the earth energy of the Pentacles work for you by continuing to be practical and crafting a solid plan from the gold dust you’ve got your hands on. I also feel this is the month to finally set sail to an idea you might have been plotting for years, that something that was on the back burner could be about to have it’s moment, so perhaps look back to a few of those ‘what if I did this’ ideas you’ve had, knowing that that ‘what if’ can transform into a YES, yes you can. Go for it.

Scorpio – Eight of Wands
Hey Scorpio-oh-oh. The Eight of Wands repeats for you this month, and I feel this card is indicative of your year Scorpio. If you aren’t feeling it, this is because you need to actively participate with this card. Look back to what happened in April because September will link you there in some way. There is so much positivity with the Eight of Wands, so let’s look at how you make the most of this. This month the emphasis is on all forms of communication, and you really need to be out there selling yourself. In August, I reminded you to celebrate your achievements and not be afraid of standing up and shouting it, and this September is going to be really great for putting this into practice. You need to be up on that stage Scorpio, whether that is figuratively or literally, there is a bright glow around anything to do with you spreading your knowledge and shining your light. I always think of September as the ‘back to school’ month, a fresh start offering us the chance to be who we want, to speak our truths and show off our talents. You are likely to be very in demand this month, and this may come from all directions, be it friends wanting your help and attention, new lovers swooping in to be wooed, and absolutely a very sincere calling for your skills. There is a sense of speed with this card so things are likely to charge ahead and it’s important that you be present with your life, hold on tight, and look in the opposite direction of your fears. Did I mention how awesome you are? Approach this month with a big loud YES of agreement!

Sagittarius – Ten of Cups
Oh Sagittarius, joy is all around! When we work with the Tens we must remind ourselves of beginnings and endings and the amazing a cycle of life, and if something is moving on then something else is arriving in it’s place. The Ten of Cups is a card of pure Love. You are surrounded by support and even if you don’t feel it, remember to look in unlikely places. You are the darling of the Universe in September, you are precious, and it’s certainly a good month to be very direct with your intentions. Know that if you make decisions from a place that is directed from what will be best for your holistic health – mind, body and spirit – then you will never go wrong. If this is the card of total joy then it is time to look at and acknowledge the joy in your life, even the tiniest things, and to turn your focus on the positive, including your thought processes. We always have a choice about where to place our energy and I want you to make sure you aren’t coming from a lack mentality. If the Ten is the turning point in the cycle, then it also holds some energy of the Ace of Cups which is about new emotional beginnings, the blossoming of a new relationship or the rediscovery of appreciation for an existing one. There is also a sense of deepening your relationship with your self and your intuition. Consider this – If the Universe is inside you waiting for you to ask the questions, then it means you also have access to all the answers you need. Spend time connecting or reconnecting to a meditation practice this September, login to Yogaglo, they have some incredible mind shifting meditations that can easily fit in with your busy day. Most importantly, you must allow yourself to receive love this month, so work on bringing down those walls of Fire, and take some advice from your watery pals. Flow.

Capricorn – Justice
Oh Capricorn, here comes Justice again! Like Virgo, you are feeling an echo from the month of July so it’s likely that you are dipping in and out of work contracts, continuing some serious life re-organisation or maybe even planning a move! I feel a push and pull energy for you this month Capricorn. It does feel work focused and I feel you are probably in the midst of projects that have a fluidity to them, and as work comes and goes you might feel ungrounded and even uprooted. Looking back to last month and what’s approaching in your life right now, you must keep your eye on your holistic balance. When your external environment changes regularly, then you must know that help lies in establishing an internal routine. If you are travelling a lot, this is even more important because your energy will be split. You can keep grounded by repeating the same yoga or meditation routine, a familiar practice that can pull you back to your centre. The idea of balance represented by this card covers everything from health to your own personal truths. It can also be indicative of a push and pull in friendships and relationships. Are you receiving as much as you are giving out? It is always important to check the scales to look at where the power is directed within your life – are there any areas where you feel taken advantage of? Make sure you are standing up for yourself and know that you and your feelings are valid. On the flip side, not everything is about you! Make sure you don’t listen to your ego mind and some of it’s crazy, stubborn ideas. Be sure you aren’t the one not giving back the love to those who look out for you. This September, know that in order to undertake all the work and exciting plans you have for the next six months YOU need to be well. Opportunities feel abundant, just remember to show up for them.

Aquarius – Two of Pentacles
So many great opportunities have been circling you for the last couple of months Aquarius, and I’d like to make sure that you notice and congratulate yourself on your recent successes. I feel that your work life has been on the up, and is probably the most positive area in your life right now. If you have been putting your attention on feeling bummed out about lost loves, then don’t forget the areas in your life that are shining bright! This September you have one of my favourite cards, the Two of Pentacles, and the emphasis with this card is balance and managing all of the things you have on your plate. I always feel this card comes up to give you permission to be as busy as you are, and to show you that you can totally handle it. It always comes up to say that it’s ok to have ‘all your fingers in the pies’ – but at the same time, you have to be flexible and watch your balance if you are going to take on extra work. So this month think about your holistic balance being a real priority, with the knowledge that if you don’t look after yourself then you actually won’t be able to take on the work load you have. You can be prone to getting in over your head and stressing out, so consider getting some extra help in the next few weeks. This could mean getting an intern to help you out with extra tasks, or booking in an extra therapy session or dipping into your favourite inspirational text. The Twos always bring in company too, so continuing from last month keep being open to collaboration and joining forces with others, which could be in the workplace or might just be about uniting with your favourite friends on an art or music project. Have fun!

Pisces – Six of Swords
Pisces, as the third sign to have the same card you had for July, you must have a peek back to earlier in the Summer to see what’s echoing for you this month. The Six of Swords is again reminding you to readdress the balance in your life and check in for some healing. I feel after the Sun energy from last month, this is not about reverting back to old habits, but more so a strengthening of your healing journey. August was hopefully filled with some bright light and fun, as you tried to dim down the fears and noticed shifts happening. I want you to bring that energy from the Sun forth into September. This card can be about assistance and asking for help with your cleansing, so if there is anything from earlier in the summer that you still want to shift, ask the Universe to clear some obstacles for you. I feel that you already have a few things that are still highlighted to ‘let go’ of, and the time is now. Look at September as being a month of new beginnings, and to this card to help you sail into new waters having really actively chosen what you want to take with you. Remember you always have this option. Even thought this is an Air card, there is a strong water element here suggesting you will overcome your mental anxieties with an emotional and holistic approach. This card as part of a trio, with itself repeated in July and the Sun last month, feels like it could also be showing the ups and downs of a romantic connection, one very much filled with periods of joy conflicted with major anxiety. It might be that September is the time you finally say farewell to an emotional connection that really is no longer serving you. Remember, fortune favours the brave.

Aries – The Fool
Welcome to the dawning of a new day! The Fool is the first card in the deck and teaches us the tale of the cycle of life, in celebrating endless possibilities. The card represents the moment that we were dropped into our ‘human suit’ and shows that you are totally ready to take on the world. And I know you are Aries, I can feel it. It is important to remember the rules of perception this month, that you have the choice to view things in whatever way you choose. The Fool shifts you into a new cycle and this might mean you are actively aware of the ending of the previous one – but either way there is a wink of change this September, so you must be open and excited by the idea. The unknown is awesome, don’t ever let anyone tell you different, especially your fearful ego mind! This card teaches us to step out and jump off the cliff into the unknown, and you can do so with absolute certainty knowing that the Universe has your back. So we can look at issues of trust this month. If you want to believe in a greater force working along side you, then you also have to trust that and know that it’s okay to take a leap of faith. Faith, what a powerful word! I’m excited for you Aries, I feel this year has been pretty huge for self-development and living out your dreams, and this month will be no exception. Go for absolutely everything, launch your new project, start your new job, break free from those things you know don’t serve you. It is the perfect start to a new season, so use your fire energy to push you forwards. Yay!

Taurus – Six of Cups
Oh Taurus finally some water! You’ve been on the treadmill this year and are maybe a bit tired of being so ‘practical’. The Six of Cups is a very different energy to your King of Pentacles from last month. So I hope you found some grounding as this card brings in a little time travel, so hold on tight! September will take you on a little nostalgia trip, back to the past via the medium of feelings. Oh HEY feelings, welcome! So when we have these moments it is really important to harness the energy correctly so we don’t spend an entire month in ‘Dreamsville: Population 1’. The Six of Cups is about looking backwards and I feel this may be to do with romantic affairs, so this is where you must be wary of those rose tinted specs. When used to it’s best the past is our greatest teacher, but we mustn’t try and go back and live there. This September let everything you have learned up until now propel you forwards to your next romantic adventure. Put some work into letting go of anger and disappointment from the past knowing that when you surrender you fling the doors of opportunity wide open. In other areas you can use this card to channel some of your finest moments from years gone by, and maybe revisit a piece of wonderful advice someone once told you. This card will also represent your inner child, so let it remind you of a fear free place, and try and bring that energy to this present day.

Gemini – Three of cups
You kind of had the ‘back to school’ card last month with the Eight of Pentacles, and so I like this idea that you’re ahead of your game Gemini. You are another sign where we have a repeating card, the Three of Cups was your card back in June so it may be that you are ending Summer with the same vibe as you started…SPRING BREAKKKKK! You were working hard over July and August and really going deep into pondering about your next career move, how to get out there and get into your potential, and I hope you feel like you made some leaps, even if it was just one step. So back to the Three of Cups, which is a card of unions and celebrations – that means yes, go party, and enjoy everything this material world has to offer. What I’d like you do to on a deeper level is dip into this watery energy and look at where the balance is. How about you use this celebratory energy to start a gratitude journal? After a lot of planning for your year ahead the quickest way you can start to see your plans come to fruition is by being thankful. Gratitude is a form of celebration, and so I’d like you to be in awe of everything that is wonderful in your life with a particular focus on noticing those around you and their successes. The energy you put out will reflect back on you so the way to make your projects happen is not to be jealous of all those other people who you perceive as having it it ‘so easy’ – but to actually stand up and say ‘I love what you’re doing’ or ‘I’m so proud of you’. Watch how things suddenly shift in your favour, as if by Magic!

Cancer –  Seven of Pentacles
Hello September! The Seven of Pentacles has a very similar energy to what I was describing for you last month Cancer, the idea of letting your ideas and dreams set sail. So if you felt like last month was super productive then take the energy of this card and allow things to slow down for a minute. And if you feel the total opposite, then go back and read August’s forecast again. Last month you were blooming with ideas, and this new card will bring reassurance that these ships do come in. But you still have to be patient, this card being what I like to call the ‘watch and wait’ card. It carries a little bit of SURRENDER energy, and it’s really important not to get frustrated. Acknowledge the work you’ve put in, and that the seeds you have planted have started to grow, but that it’s not quite the time to cash in, not just yet! Don’t mistake this ‘nothingness’ for a period of bad luck. You can apply this to all areas, not just work. As they say, patience is a virtue. You may feel like you have made investments in your life, and trust the rewards will come. What you can do is keep going with this theme, thinking about where you are investing your time, energy, money, skills and love. Are you putting energy into something negative or something that isn’t healthy for you? If this card represents a fruition of our hard work then make sure you are working hard at the right things! Let this time be a moment for calm, in fact I’d like you to consider taking up meditation. If you are a Cancer and don’t already meditate then you are missing out on a major resource, as a water sign you have a real connection to your inner voice and it would be a shame if you didn’t go and introduce yourself.

Leo – The Hanged Man
Let me just get this out of the way and give you your mantra for September Leo – SURRENDER. Breathe, and now breathe again. During August I encouraged you to find your balance again and remember the importance of being present and taking care of the self. This all still applies for September and I like the position of this card here at the start of a new season. It’s time to let the things that you learned last month sit with you, sit within you. The Hanged man is about letting go, about surrendering and trusting that the Universe has your back. There is an element of feeling suspended with this card, so this may arise this month if you feel like you are waiting – waiting for people, for jobs, for answers. This is why the practice of surrender is so important because it can teach you a method of living that goes beyond patience. Hanging over your worries means that you allow your flow to return. You can be a bit of a control freak at times, and so this is all the more important. Nothing exists beyond the present moment, everything is open to change, and we like change, we LOVE change. Embrace everything that you don’t know this month. Do not be afraid if you feel confused or without direction, it’s ok, I promise. Again, go inwards, meditate. When you can find a stillness within yourself then direction suddenly appears. There is a sacrifice this month, and it’s about you saying farewell to anything you feel overly attached to or obsessed about. When you feel your mind stirring with ‘what if’s, anxieties or stress, say out loud or to yourself ‘I surrender’. It works. I have tried and tested this mantra, and it is the quickest way to snap back to the present and start to change unhealthy thinking patterns. All is well. I have a feeling that during the last part of the year things will speed up rapidly, and so this period of continuing rest and rebalancing is going to make perfect sense. See it as charging yourself up. Get ready!

Cast using the Cosmic Tarot Deck.