SATURN calling! For her aw13 Lulu & Co collection, fashion fairy godmother Lulu Kennedy has collaborated with menswear designer Bobby Abley (one of her Fashion East babies, specialism: teddy bears in outerspace) to create a cosmic trip back to the future. There are planets, there are unicorns, there is even a fabric called “Saturn brocade.”

Comprised mainly of cute dresses and separates, a trendsome nod to the 1990s grunge aesthetic (plaidsbeanies) stops it all looking too cutesy. Some standout Lulu & Co faves: the PJ pantsuit printed with baby spaceships; a printed silk “planetscape”shift; the “Earthling” t-shirts and sweaters.

Beyond beyond, Numi x

All images from the Lulu & Co. aw13 look book.


Ruby Warrington

MY MANTRA: Believing is Healing. MY MISSION: To help create a world where everybody gets to feel whole. // MY STYLE: Rock 'n' roll yogi fashionista. 99% recycled and vintage. // MY SIGN: Aries Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Cancer Moon. // MY HEALING: Time with friends, time alone, time offline, getting Sober Curious, and being f*cking real with myself!