YOU’VE got Ibiza, Glastonbury, and…Hollywood? Certain global locations just seem to rob people of their inhibitions and inspire the kind of semi-naked, joyous hands-in-the-air dancing photographer Brad Elterman captured at this 1977 pool party at a mansion behind the Beverly Hills Hotel. Maybe it was just the 1970s (“back then it wasn’t too much of a big deal going to a Mega Mansion party in Beverly Hills with nude girls, because I attended three or four a week!” he says) – or maybe you could put it down to the ley lines.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Hotelchatter.com, Hollywood psychic Aiden Chase said; “There’s an energy field in the land here that supports wishes and dreams. LA’s natural ‘good vibe’ energy, from the Hollywood Hills to the ocean has supported people’s dreams from actor to entrepreneur for over 100 years…” Guess the naked dancing could be read as just a part and parcel of that (not to mention the casting couch?) And, interestingly, Chase pinpoints the Beverly Hills Hotel as “a huge power center” of this energy. In fact, “if I’m having a bad day, I will go there, meditate in the gardens and feel much better. I always have my meetings at this hotel, and they always turn out successful.” He goes on to dish on more hotels with the highest concentrations of that loopy LA energy here.

Tra-la-LaLa-land, Numi x



Ruby Warrington

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