Transformational Speaking with Gail Larsen

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Ruby in conversation with Gail Larsen, world-renowned public speaking coach and the creator of Transformational Speaking, on finding your authentic voice and the healing power of storytelling. Public speaking is the often cited as the number one most common fear, which is very telling about what we fear might happen to us if we speak up. But Gail’s work reminds us that when we’re speaking the truth that lives in our soul, it’s impossible to say the “wrong thing.” She calls it RADICAL SELF-TRUST. You can learn more about Gail Larsen and her work HERE.

MY MANTRA: Believing is Healing. MY MISSION: To help create a world where everybody gets to feel whole. // MY STYLE: Rock 'n' roll yogi fashionista. 99% recycled and vintage. // MY SIGN: Aries Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Cancer Moon. // MY HEALING: Time with friends, time alone, time offline, getting Sober Curious, and being f*cking real with myself!