Aquarius Season Astrocast with Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron.

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We’re three weeks into 2019, which means it’s time for our Aquarius season Astrocast with Numinous resident astrologers Bess Matassa and Sandy Sitron. The themes of the season are: finding ease in self-expression; cultivating creative visualization and clear “seeing;” refreshing our perspectives to pave the way for new possibilities. Bess and Sandy also discuss how this is the time of year to for us to hone in on the soul work we are doing in the world, and the impact our actions can have on the collective. Read more about this episode HERE.

MY MANTRA: Believing is Healing. MY MISSION: To help create a world where everybody gets to feel whole. // MY STYLE: Rock 'n' roll yogi fashionista. 99% recycled and vintage. // MY SIGN: Aries Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Cancer Moon. // MY HEALING: Time with friends, time alone, time offline, getting Sober Curious, and being f*cking real with myself!