Amidst the current Pisces planetary dream sea, the 2018 Virgo Full Moon cuts through the water and asks us to wake up to the practical supports in our lives. Build it better and you’ll be able to truly float, says Sandra Sitron

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Full Moon :: March 1 2018 :: 7:52 pm ET :: 11 degrees Virgo

Sliding gleefully down a waterslide. Full immersion when you reach the bottom. Once there, time stops. You sink and you soak. When you emerge you are exhilarated and joyful. You’ve taken the plunge. You have arrived and you are reconnected.

The watery plunge is a Pisces story of moving deep into a well of spiritual truth and self-discovery. It’s important to remember that none of it would be possible without the Virgo part of the symbol—the slide itself. 

Virgo is in charge of the mundane, every-day aspects of life that allow us to be of service to ourselves and others. Pisces is what happens when we expand beyond the earth realm and dissolve into our psychic sensitivity, intuition, emotions and imagination.

To build a slide for yourself, you have to pay attention to the details. You have to stand with both feet on the ground and decide step-by-step what you are willing to accomplish. If you are going to step up to the Virgo challenge, you create healthy habits that will propel you along with a force as strong as gravity.

If you don’t do these things, the structure will fall apart and you won’t get to ascend. You won’t get to plunge and dissolve. You won’t transcend.

Energy runs high and big on a Full Moon and it’s easy to get ahead of yourself with overreactions, big emotions and powerful expression. But this Virgo Moon urges you to go small. Go in. Go for the detailed look. Survey your craftsmanship. Have you been attending to your vessel? Are your calculations working? Are you maintaining the daily structure?

With a mashup of planets Pisces planets currently murmuring a lullaby that soothes us into a technicolor dream scene, it’s hard to get your feet on the ground. Yet this Full Moon cuts in like a quick plunge into cold water. She shakes you awake and says, attend! Attend to the mechanics in your life that support you. Do it so that you can go even deeper into your reverie, because you will emerge assured that your spiritual journey serves on an earthly level.

If you are attending to these supports, then this Moon invites you to take a ride on the Pisces exhale. Use your physical earth-world alignment to propel you into a Piscean sea of soul-truth.


Full Moon and a stellium of Pisces planets in a T-square with Mars
Sanding down a table.
You get an opportunity to mobilize yourself for some kind of improvement project. Put your effort in, but don’t expect the path to the finish line to be straight and easy. You may meander. You may make some progress and then take a step back to reassess. Keep plugging away.

Notice the moments when you’re working and your mind wanders. Hands busy, mind free to travel. There may be a special insight that comes through in these moments. Open your mind up to receiving new answers, but don’t just sit around and wait for them to float in. Keep busy and move yourself toward expansion.


Full Moon trine Saturn
Standing on a block of wood, waiting for your award.
You have worked to get where you are. Let the accolades come in. Can you receive an award if you aren’t present for the experience? You have to accept that you have done something deserving. You have to convince that voice in your head that you are worthy. The good news is that this should feel easy to do right now. Soak it all in. On some level, you have been learning lessons and applying them. Even if everything isn’t Virgo-standard perfect, applaud yourself for lessons learned and accept the rewards that are being delivered.


The study questions below are to help you get deeper into what the 2018 Virgo Full Moon means for you. Use them as journal prompts. For the most accurate reading, look to which house holds 11 degrees Virgo in your chart and use the question for that house.

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Aries or Full Moon in the 6th house 
What area of your life needs a detailed overhaul?

Taurus or Full Moon in the 5th house 
How can you revel in your senses today?

Gemini or Full Moon in the 4th house 
What lesson does your past have to teach you?

Cancer or Full Moon in the 3rd house 
What do you need to communicate more clearly?

Leo or Full Moon in the 2nd house 
Where does true security come from?

Virgo or Full Moon in the 1st house 
What can you attend to that will help you feel the most like yourself?

Libra or Full Moon in the 12th house
What would Love have you believe?

Scorpio or Full Moon in the 11th house 
What helps you feel connected to your friends?

Sagittarius or Full Moon in the 10th house 
What’s your plan to reach your goals? Write it down.

Capricorn or Full Moon in the 9th house 
How do you need to be inspired right now?

Aquarius or Full Moon in the 8th house 
What are you ready to shed?

Pisces or Full Moon in the 7th house 
Which relationships require you to maintain better boundaries?

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