Your Numinous Tarotscopes February 2018 are here, cast by Melinda Lee Holm using the Starchild Tarot … 

Numinous tarotscopes February 2018 Melinda Lee Holm


Six of Swords
Happy solar return, Aquarius! Following the great cosmic integration of January, the cards have a wonderful gift in store for you this month – the power of acute discernment. The sixes always indicate a shift, usually subtle or even invisible as seen from the outside, but profound and world-changing as experienced from the inside. You will not only be able to see clearly what your options are this month, but also to make decisions based on this information. Sixes correspond to sephiroth of Beauty on the Tree of Life, leading me to always consider – what is the true beauty of this suit? And the beauty of Swords, of Air, is that it allows us to consciously choose our path.

Take a moment to survey your surroundings this month in every situation. Get a good lay of the land. Draw on the wisdom you received in January. Were there any nuggets that were especially surprising? Challenging? Freeing? Did you discover something new about who you are and what your place is in this world? The Universe leaves us a trail of breadcrumbs as we feel our way along our life’s path. This month is one of those wonderful times when you come up over a crest and can trace the trail forks all the way down the hill. Which path will you take? Will you be alone or in a group? Will you be the leader or is there an elder guiding the way? What will you take with you and what will you leave behind? Most importantly, how can you make the most of this journey?

Your stone for February: Fluorite


Eight of Wands 
Well, Pisces, you have definitely come out of the energetic cave you resided in for January and are ready to create some structure! Now, being in the suit of Wands, this will be an evolving structure, a structure that moves and adapts with you and your environment. Wands represent Fire and Fire is a living, breathing entity after all. Think process docs and working methodolgies – structures that guide creation and allow it to unfold more effortlessly as oppossed to containing or limiting it. I know, I know, structure is not really your cup of tea. You prefer to go with the flow. But what if you had the ability to expand and strengthen your flow by using your instincts to guide and shape the canal? This month, you do!

Take time over the next 4 weeks to look at ways you can use restrictions and limitations to allow your beautiful creative spirit to flourish. Test out different methods, ask friends and colleagues what works for them, and keep track of the results of your experiments. Do you feel open? Are you more productive? Do you come up against feelings of rebelliousness or constriction? You are intuitive and compassionate by nature, Pisces, and these qualities will help you in this quest to find a structure that works well for your style. Be patient with yourself, be ready to stumble and even fall. This is incredibly important work that will help to kick your manifestation and productivity into high gear.

Your stone for February: Citrine


Page of Wands
February has you playing with Fire in the best of ways, dear Aries, as the Page of Wands steps in to twirl you around the cosmic dance floor this month. When the Pages arrive in our lives, they come to reconnect us to our inner child to rediscover the power of their element as if for the first time. We forget what we know (or thought we knew) and feel our way through, discovering how the elemental power connects to who we are now at this moment in time. With the Page of Wands, this is a major reawakening and reinvigoration of the creative and intuitive power of Fire. The Pages may be the novices of the Court, but they supply us with immense opportunities for growth and refinement.

And with this novice energy coming in your native Fire element, this could very well be a chance to grow in ways that alter the very core of identity. How you create, what you create, for what purpose and based on what innate knowing are all up for reassessment this month. You could find yourself tapping into new esoteric practices for opening intuition or getting familiar with a new artistic medium. Identify strongly as a musician but always dreamed of painting? Always made a living working for someone else but had a hunch you’d be better off on your own? Ready to get serious about that weird thing you’ve always had where you know what your friends are about to say and see how far you can develop the gift? Now’s the time, Aries!

Your stone for February: Labradorite


Ten of Crystals
Lucky you, Taurus! It looks like whatever collaboration you got into last month has really paid off in one way or another. The Ten of Crystals indicates you are about to have a February full of abundance, one of those months when things just seem to line up. When we speak of abundance in the metaphysical realm, of course, we are talking about the full spectrum – emotional, physical, and spiritual abundance. This is a profound feeling of “fullness” and, being in the realm of Earth, it should feel very comfortable to you indeed. Tens are the pinnacle of the numbered cards. In the tens, we reach the greatest development of the suit. But with that development comes a little nagging sensation in the back of our consciousness that it is time to look ahead to starting the journey again. The ten demands a return to the Ace.

So drink this in, dear Taurus. Your love of comfort will be indulged this month and you can feel free to lay back into it with no guilt – just make sure that you keep one eye focused on how you will use this newly unlocked level of your life as the new ground floor of the next phase of your mastery of Crystals. This is the suit most closely associated with the stuff of our daily lives, the currency we need to engage with to live in this material world. Stay cozy, but stay open to the approaching new lessons of the Ace of Crystals that the appearance of the Ten promises.

Your stone for February: Aventurine


Eight of Swords 
There are three eights in the mix this month, Gemini, but only one that lands in the sign’s native element. Congratulations, my Mutable Air babes, that’s you! The Eight of Swords is here to allow you to ruminate your way into a new mental framework of life. After the work you did last month to even out any imbalances in your day to day, this month is shaping up to be a welcome rest in the realm you are most comfortable in. It is time for some restructuring in your handling of Air. Structure in Air is a tricky concept. It can be difficult to even notice that it exists, but we all have subtle (and not so subtle) armatures built up that dictate the reaches of our thinking. February will illuminate these armatures and present an opportunity to re-shape them.

The most effective way to enact change in the structure of Air is to simply notice its workings. Let your mind wander, let the thoughts roll through, say what’s on your mind, and be sure to take note! Mental note is fine (this is a Swords month after all). The simple act of noticing your current thought and communicaton patterns is a huge step in making changes that can help to make the element of Air work for you instead of getting swept around by it. You don’t have to make any judgment calls on the patterns you see. Seeing patterns that have been invisible until now will provide all the clarification you need on how to best move forward. Sit back, watch your words and thoughts float by, and see the new structure taking form.

Your stone for February: Aquamarine


Four of Cups
Sweet Cancer, your super power becomes your solace this month as you enter a period of stability in the emotional realm. As the cardinal Water sign, your innate comfort in the watery places is high, but sometimes it can seem as though you are being swept away by emotions instead of floating peacefully on their waves. February brings a welcome visit from the Four, the first chance at a solid three-dimensional shape in the numerological world, the comfy place to rest where you can kick up your feet without fear of falling over. This Four of Cups moment is especially sweet for you, Cancer, because it is reassuringly familiar. These moments of emotional comfort have visited you throughout your life and been your guiding light when the seas have been rough.

These periods of stability are a great time to take stock of what is going on in your emotional world to see if there is anything that requires adjusting, toning down, or amping up. We see more clearly when we’re on solid ground. We can make more grounded observations and decisions. You will be able to be less, well, emotional about your emotions, which is a particularly great gift given the pressure of romance this month brings. Romance gets the lion’s share of attention among emotional states, but you know better than most that the full spectrum is really where it’s at. Stick to your guns and avoid the hype. You can trust your heart’s ability to find True North.

Your stone for February: Rhodochrosite


Queen of Crystals
Oooo, Leo! This is some exciting stuff right here. Queen of Crystals to follow Transformation last month? I envy you. And I hope you really dug deep to clear out all the dusty nooks and crannies and shook out all the rugs, because the more clearing you did last month, the more space you’ll have to grow your personal vision this month. That’s what the Queen of Crystals is here to help with – building your creation, the thing you’ve been nurturing and molding and privately willing to come to life. It might be that screenplay you’ve been working on for years, the home renovations you never quite get around to completing, the business you’ve been dreaming of starting. Whatever you see as your “baby” is The Thing.

This month, it is imperative that you carve out time to devote to The Thing. The Queen works alone, so you won’t have to deal with anyone else’s whims or schedules. Steal 10 minutes when you get up in the morning, take lunch alone, forego happy hour and use that time and energy to build something that is truly and uniquely yours. If this sounds exhausting, then you need to take a closer look at what The Thing is. When you find what is in true perfect alignment, what lights your heart on fire and will be a part of the better tomorrow you envision for yourself, the prospect of devoting so much time to it will not be daunting, it will be exhilerating.

Your stone for February: Carnelian


Well, Virgo, there is no sense in sugar-coating it – February will likely prove to be a challenging month for you. This is one of the “scariest” cards in the deck and it does earn its reputation in some respects. Oppression is no picnic. It indicates that we are being held down and back by forces that seek to limit our progress and our evolution, to dim our light and steal our hope. However, when this card appears it is actually a spark of promise. So often we move through life completely unaware of what is holding us back. This month, my dear Virgo, you will have the opportunity to stare it square in the face and take back your power from its grasp.

What is it that is oppressing you? Where is it coming from? What ideas about who you are and what you can be have you internalized that are limiting your development? It’s easy to spot things outside ourselves that seem to be standing in our way, it’s more difficult and much more effective to seek out the internal drains on our confidence and drive. What stories do you tell yourself about what you are and are not capable of? deserving of? entitled to? You have the power to release yourself from these boxes you’ve been living in. You have the power to clear your temple of all that would seek to destroy it. This is your story. All words are magic and you’re writing the narrative.

Your stone for February: Nuumite


Seven of Crystals
There is a restlessness about the Sevens, a somewhat impatient asking of “what next?” after the accomplishment of the Six. You’ve done the work, Libra, so don’t stress. This month, the Seven of Crystals is here to soothe your worries and reassure you that what you are building is in fact growing and taking form. If you are having trouble identifying just what it is that you have begun building, take a look back at what insights you received with the Two of Swords last month. Did any decisions come to light? We create things every day in our lives, sometimes without even knowing what we’re up to. Your dedication to being a good partner can sometimes obscure your view of how powerful you are on your own.

So, what IS next, Libra? Where will you go from here? What new seeds do you want to plant? If you’re feeling impatient waiting for the last round to grow and bear fruit, why not plant another garden while you wait? Or, if you are eyeing what will soon come to fruition with trepidation, afraid you lack the talent, skill, or determination to follow through on what you’ve started, then take this month to rest, study up, and refine. Everything comes and goes in phases, Libra. The Moon shows us her phases clearly in the sky, waxing and waning as she calls to us to be patient with ourselves and our animal bodies. It’s happening. Let go and live your life.

Your stone for February: Green Calcite


Knight of Crystals
It’s time to step up your work game, Scorpio! The Knight of Crystals, teen dream of the element of Earth, is here to give you the will and the drive to do just that. The suit of Crystals rules over the material world, the stuff that we live off of and on and from. Whether it be finance, home, career, or simply our day to day routines, this suit grounds us and makes it possible for us to live in these human bodies on this planet. It can seem like mundane, not-at-all-magical stuff, but our relationship with Earth has everything to do with the magic and mystery you hold so dear. Conjuring is the art of making the immaterial appear and exist in this three-dimensional world. The Knight of Crystals has the energy to help you push the boundaries of what you believe you can conjure.

The Knights are the Fire of their element. How can you embody the Fire of Earth, the imperative for form and function that these elements hold? What project or process in your material world requires your protection? This is not simply about getting more done, it is about improving the quality of the work, refining the method to make it more productive, seeing where that work energy can be best spent for the greatest rewards. Knights are prepared to put themselves at risk for what they serve. What will you risk yourself for? What great work will earn your youthful and heroic devotion?

Your stone for February: Black Onyx


Eight of Crystals
How does that song go? Work work work work work? That’s you this month, Sagittarius! But don’t despair, you’ll love every minute of it. Or most, anyway. You had a wonderful dose of emotional cleansing last month, so you should be good and ready to put your nose to the grindstone. Be on the lookout for major insights into how to make your workflow more efficient and productive that leave you wondering how you could have possibly not seen it before. This newly streamlined methodology will allow you to reconnect to what you love about the work you do, why you began doing it in the first place. When I say “work” I am not necessarily talking about your job or work you do for money. Some people’s purpose is connected to how they make money, but these things may or may not be aligned for you. The Tarot is concerned with what is considered your Life’s Work.

February is all about getting your hands in the dirt. Release any tendency to procrastinate and any resentment about what type or how much work you have on your plate. Once you get started, the work will flow easily. When we are presented with energy of the suit of Crystals, we have great opportunities to make adjustments to the structure of our every day lives. This suit connects us deeply to the power of the Earth and our true nature as its animals. You’ll be surprised by what forms emerge when you dig in and start actively forming the clay of your life.

Your stone for February: Ruby


High Priestess
Wow, Capricorn, you are on a roll with the deep, mystical vibes! Last month The Moon got you in touch with the deepest corners of your psyche. This month, the High Priestess arrives to empower you to step into your ancient Divine power and clean house in your temple. This energy should appeal greatly to your Earthy, independent nature. The High Priestess marches to the beat of her own drum. Or rather, she meditates, floats, downloads, and intuits. Her acute intuition allows her to be incredibly self-sufficient, relying only on her deep connection to her own inner knowing and to the Divine for guidance. One of the secrets to this connection is her impeccably maintained temple. The High Priestess teaches us that we must maintain our temple if we want to achieve higher states of consciusness.

How is your temple doing these days, Capricorn? When I ask that question what comes to mind? Is it a structure, a place in nature, your physical body? The first step to perfecting your temple is to identify it. No matter what your living situation, you can define a temple. It can be as big as a church or as small as a satchel in your pocket. What defines a temple is that it is an entity maintained by you that you feel safe within and use for devotional purposes. Incredible insights and rapid expansion of intuitive powers are available to you now. What will you discover? Could it be that the oracle you sought on your journey was inside of you all along?

Your stone for February: Moonstone


Melinda Lee Holm

MY MANTRA: All words are magick words// MY MISSION: To inspire and empower personal evolution through the medium of Tarot// MY STYLE: Executive realness by way of art school in the nineties// MY SIGN: Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Ascendant// MY HEALING: Quiet time, dolsot bibimbap at the Korean spa, reiki, Tarot, crystals, creating, the Moon, walks in nature