How To Be A Good Feminist with Lisa Luxx

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This week’s episode is timed for International Women’s Day 2019, and features a conversation with British Syrian queer poet, essayist, and performer, Lisa Luxx. The video for Lisa’s new single, Girl Gang, features footage collected from sisterhoods from the UK, Nambia, California, Beirut, across Canada, mainland Europe, Australia and beyond.

An ode to intersectional feminism and the emotional bonds which unite womxn everywhere, this conversation contains beautiful truths about the power of collaboration, empathy, and listening, when it comes to creating a world where everybody—regardless of gender expression—feels safer to be themselves. Ruby and Lisa also discuss:

-Why the ancient art of poetry is the perfect medium for the Instagram age

-The relevance of International Women’s Day in 2019

-Intersectional feminism vs. a fractured feminism

-Cultivating sisterhood on an emotional and spiritual level

-Why overcoming our insecurities is how we become, and create, safe space in the world

-Why taking time to listen to others is the ultimate act against the patriarchy

When the Girl Gang single premieres on Friday March 8 at 3pm GMT Lisa will be holding a sisterhood salon on the YouTube chat. Where women are welcome to come and share their art, poems, songs, stories and discuss who they are and what they need from each other. Click HERE and set the reminder to join the forum. All womxn and non binary people welcome.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram @luxxy_luxx and learn more about her work and upcoming tour dates HERE.

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