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You Are Intuitive

How would it feel to trust that you are on the right path, no matter what? To feel fully empowered to make the choices you know are right for you? The truth is, we all possess the intuitive abilities to live like this—but in world where we’re told the answers lie outside of us, we have forgotten how to use them. Or have they been taken from us? This is the question posed by professional intuitive Natalie Miles in her debut book—which contains a message that has never felt so timely.

As society undergoes a seismic shift and existing power structures topple and fall, it is time to reclaim our agency as active participants in our lives, and in the world. As such, You Are Intuitive is also a rallying cry to stand in your truth, take back your power, and be a force for change. Intuition has been labeled “woowoo” or weird, when connecting with this part of ourselves is actually as natural as breathing. Packed with easy-to-follow exercises for receiving and decoding messages about your life and your path, You Are Intuitive is a practical guide to help you remember how.

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