The Numinous cosmic year Bess Matassa

The Numinous Cosmic Year 2022

Your total guide to the astrology of 2022, The Numinous Cosmic Year is part astro planner, part cosmic almanac. Created by Numinous Astro Deck co-author, Bess Matassa, this interactive monthly planner will unlock the language of astrology and help you map your path forwards and within.

As well as a complete astrological overview of what’s in store for 2022 and detailed instructions for how to flow with the astrological transits throughout the year, discover what each month has in store for your sun sign, the key astrological dates for each month, which elements to work with, and journal prompts to ignite your inner journey. Move with the waxing and waning of the moon, get ahead of each planet’s retrograde phase, and plan your year in accordance with the movements of the stars.

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UK & Europe (September 2 2021)

US & Canada (November 23 2021)

NZ, Australia & Asia (November 30 2021)

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