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I’ve Had One Too: A Story of Abortion and Healing (Feb 16 2021)

I’VE HAD ONE TOO is an intimate portrait of one woman’s abortion, and the profound journey of reconciliation and personal healing that came in its wake. When author Anna Wood found herself accidentally pregnant, she was forced to confront the narrow confines of what had always been her stance on abortion: “I’m pro- choice, but I’d never have one myself.” Now she found herself asking: what “kinds of women” had abortions anyway? And why is the subject still so stigmatized?

It was only in the months and years following the procedure, that she discovered how many women in her life had had one too—and yet felt too ashamed to talk about it. But as long as there are unwanted pregnancies, there will be abortions. With the issue back on the political agenda, and integral to the fight for gender, racial, and economic equality, Anna decided to tell her story to help make it okay for others to own and claim our right to this part of our reproductive lives.

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