Use the energy and the tension of the 2018 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse to walk the tightrope towards a whole new paradigm, says Sandy Sitron

2018 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse Sandy Sitron The Numinous
Photo: Karen Kayser

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse // July 27 2018 // 4:22 pm ET // 4 degrees Aquarius

Walking on a tightrope.

The voices of the audience echo from far below and the air is still. Every muscle quivers in anticipation of your next step. Will you fall? Will your training pay off? What is your goal? How can you remain level-headed in the midst of all this pressure?

Just like a tightrope, the current energy is highly strung. You might find yourself on edge, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. But if you practice logical detachment and stay focused on your goal, you could actually enjoy the view from above.

On Friday, July 27 there is a Full Moon Eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius. The Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius align for a total eclipse of the Moon, visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

A Full Moon is always a point of tension, as the Sun and the Moon settle in opposite signs. An eclipse raises the bar even higher. As the light of the moon is extinguished, we experience an emotional reset. Change is in the air. What are you ready to transform? What new vision would you like to make space for? This is an opportunity to envision a new future. 

And yet there’s also a strong pull to the past. With Mars retrograde conjunct the Full Moon and South Node, plus Mercury retrograde, you may find yourself reenacting old behaviors. As you try to find your balance on the tightrope, you may need to step back and forth. Minor adjustments are necessary, but if you move too far backward, you’ll have to start again.

You may rediscover old talents, resolve past issues or remember why you started. On the other hand, you might notice yourself or others regressing in surprising ways. Be gentle with yourself. And remember that Aquarius energy is about hope for the future. The past is important, but what do you have your sights set on now? If you can dream of it, it is possible.

Aquarius rules envisioning and manifesting. Use the high energy portal of this full moon to dream up a new vision for the future. Harness the playful and celebratory energy of Leo season to raise your vibration so that you can manifest more quickly.

As you walk nervously across the tightrope of this Lunar phase, gather your most objective friends around you. The support of your community can help you keep moving forward. Discussion and reframing will help you navigate gracefully. Aquarius is a social and communicative air sign that networks with many people to understand the whole situation. The breathtaking joy of being on the tightrope of this eclipse is that you have a new vantage point—the aerial view.

This Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse offers you the potential to light up your vision and move toward the future. You’ll have to confront the past in the process. Take good care of yourself so that you can navigate any tension gracefully. This is a highly emotional time and change is in the air. Embrace the exhilaration of making it to the other side of the tightrope with a sense of accomplishment and a fresh perspective. 


Full Moon conjunct Mars
Reaching the top of the roller coaster.
The rollercoaster tears through highs and lows. It’s exciting. Energizing. Your momentum has pushed you up to a zenith. This energy is fanning the fire of your feelings. Emotions are high and it would be hard not to act on those feelings. Action and emotion are linked at this Full Moon. Enjoy the ride taking care to buckle up and not do anything destructive.

Mars, Moon and Sun in a T-square with Uranus
A red eject button.
Something needs to change. This T-square offers the opportunity of an eject button. Your hand hovers over it, waiting … waiting. When you finally push the button it might feel impulsive. Proceed with caution: is this a great idea or an erratic impulse to escape? Innovative new ideas could emerge right now, as well as a whole new direction. Eject yourself into a brilliant future.


The Full Moon is a time to gather with your community and share where you are at with your internal process. Use the below conversation-starters for each sign, and look up which house holds 4 degrees of Aquarius in your birth chart for the most accurate way in. Don’t know your chart? You can enter your birth details and do it for free HERE.

Aries // Aries Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 11th House
“The feedback I’m getting from my community is that …”

Taurus // Taurus Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 10th House
“I am ready to take more responsibility for …”

Gemini // Gemini Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 9th House
“What I am learning about the world is …”

Cancer // Cancer Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 8th House
“I am leaning into the discomfort of …”

Leo // Leo Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 7th House
“I am focussing on close relationships that …”

Virgo // Virgo Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 6th House
“I am devoting my daily work to …”

Libra // Libra Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 5th House
“What feels the most fun to me right now is …”

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 4th House
“I am honoring my roots as I move forward by …”

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 3rd House
“The conversation I am ready to start having is …”

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 2nd House
“I value myself most when I …”

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 1st House
“My highest vision for my future self is …”

Pisces // Pisces Rising // Full Moon Eclipse in the 12th House
“What I am learning on my own healing journey is …”

Sandy Sitron

MY MANTRA: I am window to the world of spirit. // MY MISSION: To help modern explorers find their North Star. // MY STYLE: Cosmic Casual. // MY SIGN: Libra Sun, Libra Moon, Sagittarius Rising. // MY HEALING: Learning how to accept and not resist challenging feelings in times of crisis. That acceptance and trust is what has allowed me to feel safe on a healing path.