Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot

Five of Swords

It will be very important not to make too many big decisions this month, Aquarius. Your whole sign is on the verge of a HUGE expansion. Before a big expansion, we contract, and the brain tries to pull us into safer territory. It does this, largely, by playing tricks on us. It can invite us into erratic behavior, poor decisions, old fears, self sabotage, all in the name of so-called intuition. There’s nothing to fear from this. In fact, it’s a great thing! Pausing and doing deep inquiry on these types of invitations is how we continue evolving on an aligned path. It’s also a very good and exciting sign. For the brain to pull up these big, potentially sabotaging behaviors, means it’s scared. It means your soul is edging on a cliff of destiny, poised to leap off into something new. Accepting the brain’s invitation will stall the jump. Declining the invitation(s) promises a soul evolution.

Your job this month will be two fold, Aquarius: to pause and inquire before you accept an invitation from the brain, and to recenter if you do/did accept such an invitation, and are left with the consequences of a decision made in that energy. Either way, it’s a teaching. No big deal. We learn a great deal from contrast in this life, so even if you made/make a big decision that you now realize wasn’t in your highest and best, that’s great. This card, and this month is all about the term above: re-centering. This is the essence of the Five of Swords. When we recenter and take responsibility for our actions, even just to ourselves, there is a transformation that is possible. When we recenter, we choose empowered action instead of self loathing. We choose the master’s path, rather than one of victimhood.

Walk gently through life this month, Aquarius. Pause before you say yes. Sit on things for a few days before you agree to them. Trust yourself. If you have an impulse, journal about it, nurture it, consider it, share it with others, and be genuinely open to the opinions of trusted allies. The mental invitations in Five of Swords can be very sly, and one of the ways to rewire it is to fold others in, so you are not an island. Again, your whole sign is on the verge of a big expansion; make fewer big decisions, inquire and pause more.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Page of Cups, Rx

Take a look around you, Pisces: is it all work and no play these days? Are you feeling disconnected from your true self? If so, it will be vitally important for you to commit to reconnecting to imagination, creativity and whimsy (yes, whimsy!) on a regular basis, beginning in February. Why? Play is the lifeblood of your sign on a whole, my loves. You dive deeper and arguably feel more than any other sign in the zodiac. It is the mastery of Pisces to find a way to feel all that you feel in a usable and creative way, and play is the glue that holds it all together. Play can direct the flow of your feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences so they don’t stay stagnant within you, creating anxiety or overwhelm.

In fact, much of your soul dharma is to take your inner experiences and share them through creative expression; it’s part of the healing your sign brings to the planet. Page of Cups reversed is really just a reminder of that truth. You will have to be diligent about this practice, Pisces, for larger reasons than you might immediately think. Service and self care will be a massive part of not only your month, but of the years to come. You will not be able to do either of these things effectively without a healthy relationship with play, creativity and imagination. It is not silly, useless or unimportant. Truly, nothing could be more important. It is an essential part of the frequency you are bringing to the planet—it is very important that you cultivate a consistent practice of diving back into your inner world this month.

Page of Cups is the magical, imaginative, intuitive feeler of the deck; the purest essence of a child. A child plays without looking up at the clock. A child drops into a place of creativity that is pure channeling. A child can communicate with the world around them, with trees, flowers, animals, and the unseen. This card is an invitation to come back to these sources of energetic restoration, to connect back to these parts of ourselves. We can forget how vital it is to play, how crucial it is to refill our well with uninterrupted creative or meditative time so we can be truly available as present, supportive allies. It is essential that you come back home to this invitation, Pisces, not just for you, but for the world around you.

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The Sun, Rx

The Sun reversed is bringing a truly beautiful invitation for you this month, Aries, one that will ask you to strengthen and deepen your trust in the flow of life. This kind of inner work cannot be overemphasized in it’s value to your inner growth and evolution. The Sun card is a potent medicine that helps us to get very clear; when we are in the energy of this card, illumination, insight, rebirth and joy are available to us. The Sun rx can help us to remember that, even though the skies might be momentarily dark, the sun is still shining just beyond the clouds. The light, the truth, the clarity and the medicine are all still there, even if we cannot immediately feel or see them. Eventually, the skies do part, and the sun beams it’s rays on us once more. The opportunity for you this month will be to develop and strengthen your faith in this idea, to trust in the ever flowing spiral of life. This is a very deep teaching for you this month, Aries. The ultimate goal, so to speak, of work like this, is to develop an unshakable trust and oneness with ourselves, Nature, the Universe, and life itself. It is a deep remembering of the soul.

We are microcosms of nature, and to live in true peace is to remember this. The ego forgets, and as a result, we can experience suffering. We forget that, layers above any inner storm of anxiety, depression, jealousy or insecurity, the skies are eternally clear. We can access this clarity at any time by remembering that we are inextricably linked to something larger. The ego may forget, but the soul always knows the way home. The trees, the weather, the changing seasons, the phases of the moon—all quiet, constant reminders to remember our true nature.

Forgetting this link with nature is synonymous with a separation, which can lead to us believe, when skies are dark and stormy, that the sun will might never shine again. In fact, the sun IS shining; just because we cannot see or feel it doesn’t mean it’s not true. No thing is permanent. The light is always there, the skies always part, the flowers always bloom open. This is true for you, too, Aries. Now you get to work on knowing it, believing it, trusting it from your very soul. If you ever forget, just look up.

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Queen of Crystals

February brings with it some deep medicine for your growth and evolution, Taurus. It will be very important for you to connect to the feminine this month, (think Yin, rather than a gendered sense of feminine). You can do this effortlessly by living seasonally — emphasizing self care, grounding and deepening your alignment with nature, eating foods that nourish you. It doesn’t need to be complex, so keep it as simple as you wish. Queen of Pentacles is the caretaker of the body, so emphasizing tangible things for your physical vessel are important. Above all, this is a time of restoration and reconnection for you.

Your sign on a whole is going to be called to tread gently this month. Hibernate more than you go out, and focus on small, intimate ways to be of service. Commit to caring for your body, heart and soul before you lend a hand to others. If you are deep in active service, there is a greater importance on adding in a higher level of self care. A lot of this is important because your inner energetic flow will shift: in weeks and months upcoming, you’ll have a spark of energy, a burst of fire, and you’ll be called to come out of your cave a lot more. Now is the time to embrace the internal view, to call upon Bear medicine for the month ahead.

Queen of Pentacles is a walking blend of water and earth. She is who we call upon when we want to flow, cleanse and ground down. She is a deeply feminine, earthy presence, and likes to connect with nature at the very root. This is the frequency you will be invited into this month, Taurus, and it will be vital that you say yes and honor that. If you resist it, you risk the chance of getting sick or run down. The key will be for you to nurture simple practices that help keep you tied to an energy like Queen of Pentacles. The totem of Bear is intimately connected to Queen of Pentacles, and lives in the West gate of the Medicine Wheel. Bear helps us to be introspective, to hibernate, to live in alignment with Mother Earth. This is an intuitive power all on its own. To live seasonally is to live in alignment, with what is in highest and best for all. Keep it very simple this month, Taurus. Connect back to the world around you, and nurture a practice of restorative love that starts with the temple you live in.

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The Empress

Here you are in The Empress once again, Gemini—two months in a row. It’s exciting to get a repeat card! No card ever shows up more than once (no matter how thoroughly we shuffle the deck) unless it still has lessons to offer us. Repeat cards are a sign from the Universe, gently giving you a heads up to pay closer attention to the medicine that it is offering. Your invitation in The Empress is to practice receiving more than giving, to listen more than you speak, and to nourish an inner practice of self care, beauty and sensuality above all else. This advice might seem impossible—maybe even selfish and irresponsible—in these present times.

It is the opposite, in fact. You are not good to anyone unless you are taking care of yourself, Gemini. None of us are. Each one of us has a role to play in life, one that is shifting constantly. Right now, it is a time to emphasize art, creativity, beauty, and receiving. In time, it might be to focus on a deep activism, or to serve others. You have to be aware of scattering your energy to the point of overwhelm. If you don’t bring the incredible amount of mental energy down into your body, you (like Scorpio) won’t have enough to use it when you are actually called to. Be willing to start a revolution of self care—begin with your own mental and emotional state.

The Empress is almost universally considered to be an amazing and beautiful card, which makes sense—she is ruled by Venus, after all. She also comes with a challenge to practice receiving, something that can be excruciating in moments. Have you ever tried to receive a compliment? Money? Someone wanting to help you out of the goodness of their heart without anything in return? Maybe someone helped you when you were sick, or has seen you in a deeply vulnerable state with eyes of love. Was it easy to receive it? Many of us desire some measure of these things, yet when we are confronted with the moment, receiving can feel impossible and deeply uncomfortable. This sweet spot of discomfort is what you are working on this month, Gemini. Let this whole month be an offering to stepping out of your comfort zone; when someone offers you love, help, assistance, say a grateful yes.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

The Lovers

Balance is the key word for you this month, Cancer. You will be invited to do DEEP inner work over the course of February to unify any dualities within your body, heart, mind and soul. A duality is an indication of contrasting aspects of the self. Your job this month will be to isolate where these contrasts exist within you, and embrace them fully. The Lovers asks us to become our own lover, in many ways. It asks us to become yin and yang, rather than wait for another person to complete that other half. If we are solid and unified within, it will be much easier to attract and receive what we desire, whether it be a relationship, a baby, a new living space, or an amazing job.

The Lovers helps to pave the way there. This month will be a beautiful opportunity to practice loving yourselves and inviting more love into your lives, not to mention the gifts of solidifying your internal landscape from within. Remember: intuition is synonymous with self love. If you are honoring your intuition, you are healing dualities within and living in a way that promotes radical self love. This month, commit to making choices from a soul place, a place of truth. The more you practice this kind of radical decision making, Cancer, the more balanced you will be internally. The other people in your life might not get it, but if it is a yes for you, it’s all that matters.

Speaking of other people: The Lovers card in your spread for the month is largely focused on you, rather than being a harbinger of romance to come. However, if you currently have a partner in your life, the inner work of this card will strengthen that relationship, making it even more whole and supportive. If you are meant to spark up a new love with someone during this next cycle, the deep work you’re doing will influence it greatly, bringing nothing but goodness to it. No matter what shakes out, this is about you, allowing the deep work of self love and inner unity to unfurl within you. No one can receive love from another without receiving it from themselves first. You must see yourself, know yourself, trust yourself; travel more deeply into your own heart than ever before. The treasure you will find there will be beautiful.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Seven of Cups

It will be important for you to take a chill pill this month, Leo. I say this with love! It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t honor a true call to action in February, or that you resist creating something when inspiration strikes. If you have a vision, and if things are flowing in alignment, then by all means, make magic in your life. What I am saying is that February might be a month with a lot of emotional smoke and mirrors, a time when there might be a million seemingly perfect options in front of you, and not one of them truly aligned. Seven of Cups often shows up this way. It’s typically a time when we can tell ourselves a story about getting disillusioned with our present situation — we won’t like our living situation, our partner, our friends, and we can feel stuck with our career.

We will see other people traveling, having babies, moving to Costa Rica, and we will think, “maybe if I do that, I’ll be happier; I’ll have what they have.” The first impulse might be to take your momentary dissatisfaction with life to an external, actionable place. This is where the chill pill comes in, Leo. Whatever you are seeking externally in this energy can only be resolved internally. It is greatly advised to do nothing when you have the impulse to cut and run—to hang out, let the funkiness pass, and to stay the current course. Seven of Cups can be so tricky. It can really make you feel like if you just moved, broke up with your partner/met someone special, changed careers, shaved your head, everything would be okay. Normally, I would say go for all of those things 1000 percent, but not in this card, or in this energy.

Seven of Cups is an indicator that we need to come back home to our inner world, and perhaps, face something head on within ourselves that is painful. Byron Katie says, “reality is always kinder than the story we tell about it”—a perfect medicine for the true work of this card. Whatever you might be seeking to avoid within yourselves, even totally subconsciously, is just a part of you that is longing for your attention. If you can redirect the brain’s strong invitation to make a big external shift this month, you can heal the root of your wound.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands will be moving through your life this month, Virgo, lighting a flame and re-igniting a spark of creativity, sexuality, and excitement in your soul. This card is amazing, feels amazing, and I encourage you to embrace it completely. Feel yourself, drop into your sexuality, come out of your shell, let yourself be seen — have fun! Ace of Wands is just as much a personal expansion as it is a creative one. The key will be to ground the energy and use it in a meaningful way. It is understandably tempting to either divert Ace energy into overwhelm, or into less important tasks, so it will be vitally important for you to keep your gaze focused on what you desire to manifest this month.

There is most definitely something that wants to be birthed from you through this frequency, Virgo — something tangible and creative that you can share with others. Whatever this thing is feels like a deep healing, both for you and for the people receiving it. The presence of Ace of Wands is an indication that all of the potent, challenging work you did in 2016 is coming to a head—it was all for this moment, and the energy shifting is evidence of that. You moved through the contractions presented to you so you could share them with others through a lens of service. Whenever there is an experience of suffering in our lives, we have a choice: we can either stay frozen, trapped in victimhood and rage, or we can heal, and by doing so, extend a hand to help others up out of that darkness. You gained a lot of wisdom through your experiences, and now you get to be of service through inclusive, creative sharing.

Aces are a gift from Divine. They come from nothing, seemingly, and invite us to receive their magic with an open hand and an open heart. The main teaching of any Ace is receiving the gift that they are offering—which might sound deceptively easy at first glance. We all know someone who has been given a precious seed of advice or abundance time and time again, who cannot quite make the connection that they must plant the seed themselves. Pay attention this month, Virgo. Be present and proactive. Plant these seeds of fire, of creation, of birth. Wonderful, beautiful, expansive and exciting things will grow from your efforts.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.


Everything happening in your life is supposed to be happening, Libra. Really take that in. Whatever is happening is meant to be happening—even the difficult stuff. Inhale this idea, pause with it, consider it deeply. You are already free, life is already balanced; justice has already been served, whether you are aware of it or not. Any current imbalances in your life are already being energetically corrected. The right medication, doctor, teacher, mentor, book, healer, auto mechanic, contractor is already on it’s way to you. Whatever you need is on it’s way. The ONLY thing that blocks what you need is if you believe that there is a problem in your life that only you can solve. Be willing to drop that notion, and open your arms to divine support.

If you’re bemoaning the hard work that this mental shift requires, remember that this is your mastery as Libras. Who better than you to move through this AP level course in trusting that Divine’s got your back? Justice will offer you a chance to see life from this holographic perspective—the benefits that come from meditating on this card’s energy cannot be overemphasized. The aforementioned benefits to honoring the universal wisdom of the Justice card, Libra, are that you will be able to release the existential dread, sadness, fear, and pressure to balance yourself/figure out your life. You will be able to be at peace with whatever comes and goes in this life, even if it is uncomfortable. If things are going spectacularly well for you, there might still be the terror that it’ll all go away.

If things are tough right now, or if you’re unhappy in some way, there IS a reason for it—there is a medicine in the midst of it. It might even be simple. Perhaps you are being called to see how you might be in resistance, or that there is inner work that needs to be done. Whatever it is, trust where you are at. Justice is not the call to action and the call to arms that we might believe it to be at first glance. It’s actually a sign that action is unnecessary, that an important part of our karma is unfolding in some way. Whatever is here for you is what’s supposed to be here, Libra. If you can embrace that idea, trust, support, abundance and evolution can flow in and take root.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

The Emperor, Rx

February is bringing a potent and complex medicine to you in the form of The Emperor reversed, Scorpio. It will be vital for you to pay a lot of attention to your Solar Plexus chakra this month. This chakra is the “sun” of the body, and our seat of power, confidence, leadership and authority. The following words could be used to describe The Emperor, too, and when this energy is reversed, it almost always is a sign that we must look at our third chakra. The solar plexus can be out of balance when we feel lost, hopeless and powerless. It can also be out of balance when we feel tyrannical; everything is a mirror. Bring no judgement to this inquiry. Really dive deep and focus on this part of the body, and of your emotional experience. The more you rebalance when the scales get tipped, the more peaceful and powerful you will feel.

It goes without saying, but these collective times are deep, and as a result, they are arousing major emotions in your sign as a whole. We could argue that this is a great thing that you are experiencing a lot. Old emotion is coming up to be dealt with, fresh anger is coming up to be released. Whatever  emotional experience you happen to be in, it can be a healthy and vital part of speaking your truth in a way that is important. The key for you in February will be to deeply commit to clarifying your feelings, and channeling your anger and activism in an empowered way, so it doesn’t implode inside you. That is the red flag of the month for you, Scorpio.

It’s not a problem for you to feel deeply, but it is a problem if it calcified and withers inside of you. It will be CRUCIAL for you to develop a practice of pausing and inquiring before you look at social media or the news. An Emperor in alignment is clear on his relative service at any given moment — sometimes it will be important to offer that attention to yourself. Make art, stay present with people you love, keep a practice of joy and creativity, and, when you feel anything hugely explosive, channel it in an appropriate, useful way. If you don’t, you’ll leak energy in a misaligned way, and won’t have enough for anyone around you, not to mention yourself.

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The Chariot, Rx

The medicine for you this month is pure and simple, Sagittarius: to enjoy the ride to your next destination. Your whole sign is most certainly on a journey, and you are so close to the start of something new, collectively and personally. It might be tempting to get impatient this month, to tantrum, to let this last leg get almost torturous. Indeed, you have worked very hard—it is totally normal to feel anxious and excited to receive what you’ve been wishing for. But, if you can remember to enjoy the feel of the grass on your bare feet, the air in your lungs, the beauty of a sunset, the time will fly. Practicing presence is the key to moving through this final part of your karmic journey. Will you receive what you desire? 100 percent. Is enjoying the journey to what you desire part of the lesson? 1000 percent.

Allow whatever arises this month in the way of resistance, anger, fear, impatience and grief to be the great teaching that helps you through the last lap. It is helping you to release whatever you are not going to take with you in this new cycle. Welcome it, and trust in whatever arises this month. Indeed, whatever comes up is not an obstacle to the path—it IS the path. The Chariot is truly an omen of greatness, victory and success. It’s imbued with the totem medicine of the Horse—the balance, power, grace and speed of this sacred animal are synonymous with The Chariot. When we are in this card, it aligns us with these qualities, priming us for a kind of graduation of achievement. We work our asses off in The Chariot, and it pays off.

We get what we’ve been working for, and everything in life lines up to ensure that we receive it. When this card shows up reversed, all of the above aspects are still accounted for. It is still an omen of victory, and still a sign that wonderful, hard earned things are to come. The reversal is really a medicine that teaches us to trust in the divine timing of things, helps us to rest in the shade of a proverbial tree when we need to restore. Connect with the medicine of horse this month; rest when you need to, run when you need to, play when you need to. Before you know it, your wish will be a reality.

Cast by Lindsay Mack using the Starchild Tarot. Want more wisdom? Book a reading with Lindsay here and follow her on Instagram.

Two of Cups

February will be a kind of mini soul retrieval of the heart for you, Capricorn. A Soul Retrieval is a shamanic ceremony that returns any fragmented parts of the soul back to the body, helping to heal trauma, release wounding, and embrace the parts of us that have been separated from the whole. It is a true homecoming for the spirit. Two of Cups will be offering you a gentle opportunity to heal those forgotten, discarded aspects of yourself, to bring them into the light and love them up. It is time to open your arms and embrace even the darkest aspects of your shadow, Capricorn. Once you commit to this process, there will be a powerful awakening within you, and a deep liberation of those suppressed aspects. The shadow contains valuable information, and often holds vital medicine for our journey with intimacy and vulnerability. If you can’t embrace these parts of yourself, Capricorn, it will be very difficult to allow anyone else to do so. Trust this process.

Any duality that exists within you is going to come up to be healed this month, and you are encouraged to embrace it. The more you lean into the energetic invitation of Two of Cups, the more clear and aligned you will be. This will open the heart, helping you to be available both to give and receive more in all ways. This is essential for the arc of your year, and all the lessons and medicine 2017 will bestow upon you. It will allow you to be seen more, to let love in, to go deeper. It might be intense, but it is bringing huge gifts.

Two of Cups is often associated with romantic love, and coming together with another. This month, the card has more to do with a unity and love of the self. However, bowing to and embracing all of your shadow aspects will enable you to be more available than ever before to romantic love and intimacy. February will be a month of deep inner work, inviting you to open the whole heart and become one with yourself — all so you can be more available to others and to the abundance of the Universe. There is much to forgive, embrace, love, accept and receive from your sweet being. It will be vitally important to focus on this practice, and doing so will help clear up old patterns that you are ready to release.

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MY MANTRA: Everything, everything, everything in this life brings medicine — even if it’s bitter and unpleasant. // MY MISSION: To be a soul doula and unconditional space holder for people on their healing journeys // MY STYLE: Brooklyn Witch (aka, black on black on black) // MY SIGN: 8th House Aries Sun // MY HEALING: Tarot for the Wild Soul