A weekly horoscope for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology


Libra :: Libra Rising
A jigsaw puzzle. Interlocking. Interconnected. Intertwined. Your mission this week is to feel supported. Can you lean in, but maintain the integrity of your own stance? Can you speak your truth to another person? Can you say the thing that you have avoided? Do you know what you need? Can you ask for what you need? This week, the Universe offers you a cosmic trust fall. Take it. Feel the fall, the unknowing, the surrender. Feel yourself being caught and held. You may have to imagine it before you can do it. You may have to make room for it. You may have to know yourself well, by knowing all of your feelings, your desires, and your needs. Know yourself so that when you allow yourself to fall, you have no fear of losing your direction.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Drifting on a raft. Held afloat, moving in the ebb and flow. Allowing. This week you are creating space in your mind. Quiet your mind. Can you allow your subconscious thoughts to rise into your conscious mind? You can’t do this if you are running. Have you been slowing down enough lately? Can you take the time out that you need to process your feelings? To process what is not obvious? By making space in your life for contemplation and meditation, you can expand your consciousness. By making subconscious thoughts conscious, you can finally let them go. You must allow this process to happen. It won’t happen by force. It won’t happen by control. It must happen through spaciousness. Let yourself float and drift.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Peering through a telescope. Look! Push yourself into a new perspective. The old one is not working. Have you been dreaming big enough? This is your time to dream up your future. Don’t miss this opportunity to set into motion your future life. Set it into motion by intending it to be true and by believing that it is possible. Faith. Follow what you love to arrive at this vision. Can you imagine a life in which you are doing what you love? In which you are creative, joyful, and in love? A rich life? Look closely for your blocks. Peer through the telescope to see which part of your personality is afraid of being fulfilled. Is there a part of you that is holding onto the idea that “life is hard?” Investigate this part of you. Ask for her name. Talk to her. Find out if she is ready to be loved. Find out if she is ready to be taken care of. Convince her that she has better work to do. Let go of the burdens you don’t need to carry. Live the life of your dreams. Start by planning for them now. Plan for your joy.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Out of fertile soil a tall tree grows. Reaching your greatest heights. This week you find career expansion. You get to investigate your drive. What do you love? What are your greatest ambitions? What have you been putting off? Do you know what projects you are working on right now? Do you have a simple plan to see them through? At the same time that you grow your career, you can create awareness about your soil. Your “soil” is your emotional stability. In order to succeed in your career, you need to feel emotionally stable. You need to be nurtured, supported, loved and loving. Shine a light of awareness on your fertile soil. Is it nourishing enough to sustain you? It is your right to be loved. It is your right to be loving. Remind yourself over and over again that you are safe and supported all the way to your core.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Sunlight on water. The sunlight is representative of your intellect and your awareness of what is going on with you. This week you get clear about yourself and your own ideas. How do you think? What environmental and internal factors have contributed to your beliefs about life? How curious are you in your daily life? What part of your life are you refusing to question—your health? Your sexuality? Your emotions? Your relationship with money? Your relationships? Your fire this week falls in the realm of your philosophies. Shine a light here. This will help you formulate your path. A philosophy can be changed and adapted. What’s up for review? What is up for expansion? Most of all, where are you uncomfortable now? What framework are you holding on to that is keeping you stuck? So many questions, but this week is a chance for you to question. Do it boldly. You deserve to risk your comfort for the sake of your growth.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A shout through the darkness. Forgiveness. Holding on to old hurts can create an energy drain. It can stump you. Bind you. Keep you in one place longer than you want to be. But forgiveness is a long process. You can make a decision to set it in motion. Shout out through the darkness of the unexplored pains of your psyche. Take an inventory of your hurts. Bring them forward to be weighed objectively. Decide what you are ready to start forgiving– in yourself or in someone else. It won’t happen all at once. It might take decades. But right now you can decide if you are ready to begin. It’s time for you to flourish. It’s time for you to expand. It’s time for you move on to a greater purpose. Let go. Later in the week expect to build awareness around your self-worth. This is an opportunity to develop strength and confidence. The security that comes from this will help you find yourself in the darkness.

Aries :: Aries Rising
A game of poker. The focus is on relationship. The wisdom that is unfolding for you is that through partnership, you have a real opportunity to expand yourself. Can you bet on partnership? Can you put your chips all in for love? Can you trust the idea of togetherness so much that you lean in, even when it hurts? The message of the week is, if you know yourself, you won’t lose yourself. You are safe enough to merge.
During childhood, we all develop an idea of what the dance of partnership looks like. It’s usually based on what we see around us. This week offers a chance to decide what love looks like to you. And to ask yourself if that idea needs to be updated. If your relationship story doesn’t feel grand enough for you right now, this week offers you a chance to expand your beliefs. If the relationship area of your life is going good, it’s time to expand and refine. Come at this from a place of vision. What is your best vision of partnership? It’s time to speak this vision into life. Communicate. Ask. Show your cards. Don’t hold back. Share your desires with another person.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A beetle in a garden. The beetle represents hard work and clear planning, both of which are accented for you early in the week. The garden represents expression of your true feelings. Emotional flowering is what you are headed toward at week’s end. Hard work and emotions can feel disconnected from each other. Your task this week is to find out where they connect. Are you working hard in ways that don’t bring you emotional reward? Step back and asses how you’re spending your time during the day. Are you scurrying around and not feeling a sense of accomplishment, or are you building toward your dreams? Your tasks must be tied to an emotional necessity, or else you are living an empty life. Link every project you are working on to a deep and emotional desire that you have. Understand the value of what you are doing with your time. You may need to reprioritize. This week is your chance to zoom out of the daily grind and gain awareness of the bigger picture. Be the beetle, but know the garden.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A frog that wears pants and dances. Playfulness, joy and camaraderie. True playfulness is unburdened by self-consciousness. It is pure pleasure and lightness. It helps us adapt and learn. Playfulness communicates to others that we are safe to be around. It is unique to humans. This week, your focus is on lightness and love, for yourself and for your world. Think about your approach? Are you playful? Have you been making enough time for play? Do negative emotions about play keep you from letting go? Does your playtime feel truly playful? Don’t let these questions feel like more work! Let them open you up to unabashed, open-hearted, expansive, joy. Share your playful spirit. Let play help you adapt. Let play help you connect. Let play heal you. This is your birthright and you are meant to step into it now. But you must do it fully and by design.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Heart shapes falling from the sky. An imaginary symbol that speaks to your emotional wealth and abundance. You are unlocking your heart. You are opening. This week you flow deep down into your emotional truth. Honor your of feelings. They are your truth. You can always mother yourself more and this week is the time to give yourself the gift of high-level nurturance. You are really, really good at it this week. You are the most tender, the most thoughtful, the most kind. Empathize with yourself. Cradle and cosset yourself. Be the embodiment of warmth. And then, from this place of self-understanding, fly into the sky of your dreams like a heart-shaped rocket. Build up awareness of your ambitions. As you empathize with yourself, you gain emotional understanding of your priorities in life. And you can better define and structure them. This is alignment. This is what crafting a legacy looks like. First finding your emotional truth, then deciding how to build your desires into reality. This week you nurture and build.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Horses galloping across a field. You are expanding your mindset. Are you flexible enough to embrace a growth mindset? It’s a philosophy that holds that your abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. This week, your focus is on learning. Developing. Engaging. Your mind is clear and your outlook is expanding. Gallop forth. You are here to adapt and improve. You are here to move. Make sure that your most basic attitude– your mindset– allows for that kind of growth. What kind of energy are you showing up with? Are you dampening your surroundings with your mood? Or are you engaged? At the end of the week, you may feel an emotional need for heightened freedom. The awareness you will want to develop then is, where are you creating your own cage? Is it a cage of ideas? Can you set yourself free by letting go of attachment to an outcome? Adaptation and being free in the present moment are the places to focus your attention. Maintain a light touch. This approach is energizing and will provide you with plenty of horse-power.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A game of chess. The next move. How far into the future can you strategize? Your symbol and your astrology this week speak to strategy. Logistical and emotional strategy. First on your awareness will be expansion of logistical strategy. What are you building? Are you building a strong financial house? Any thoughts that come to mind that have to do with your “worth” (both financial and inherent, aka self-worth) need to be grabbed onto and examined. What do you really think about your worth? Whatever it is, it’s time to expand it. The Universe is whispering in your ear, “You deserve to have financial control over your life. You are worthy. You are safe.” At the weekend, your emotional strategies come under the microscope. Awareness is being called for around how you control and let go of your emotions. At every turn, you are asked to surrender. Your strategy is surrender.

Sandy Sitron

MY MANTRA: I am window to the world of spirit. // MY MISSION: To help modern explorers find their North Star. // MY STYLE: Cosmic Casual. // MY SIGN: Libra Sun, Libra Moon, Sagittarius Rising. // MY HEALING: Learning how to accept and not resist challenging feelings in times of crisis. That acceptance and trust is what has allowed me to feel safe on a healing path.