A weekly horoscope for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology


Libra :: Libra Rising
A rabbit hopping toward a rabbit hole. Who will you find yourself to be when you are put to the test like Alice in Wonderland? Dear Libra, you are coming to new clarity. You are understanding more about yourself now. This information will be conscious and you will be able to make changes in your life. The fog lifts this week. The subconscious processing you’ve been doing comes to an end. And now it’s game time. You will be able to make the plans that are in alignment with who you are. You will be able to identify what you want and make key decisions. You may have to make choices that are abrupt. Some things must die away. There must be some sacrifice. But you can move forward unencumbered. You can play by your own rules. You can step into your birthright. Stand by your word. Don’t waver. Don’t let the creatures in Wonderland trick you with their swirly-whirly mind games. Know yourself, be clear, and be strong. You’ve gotten this far and you know something now. Trust in that and love yourself for it.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Crossing the river in a boat. You are going into netherworlds. All is not as it seems. Trust all of your senses. Trust your intuition. This week your focus is on your dreams, your emotions and your intuition. You may have to heighten your use of your right brain and ignore your left brain for awhile here. Depending on your personality, this may be more or less uncomfortable for you. Focus on how you feel. And don’t judge yourself for how you feel. All of your feelings are valid. Learning new things might seem difficult for you now, so just go easy on yourself. You might even have to unlearn something. You might have to admit you are wrong. Surrender your ego so that you can do this easily. Let boundaries dissolve. Ignore your own rules. Use this week as a time to reflect. Journal, pay attention to your dreams, and notice how you feel about things. Don’t try to make big decisions or get into any major conflicts. Let yourself be. You may even decide to retreat from the world a bit so that you can process. Allow yourself lots of time to do nothing. See what comes up.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Blowing dandelion seeds and making a wish. How many wishes have you been making lately? Maybe not enough. You get no limit on wishes. You get no limit on dreams. You can’t over-aspire. This week, get down to some serious planning and praying. You can even get your friends involved and make this a group activity if you like. Think of all of things that you want out of your life. Start with the big thing. Craft a statement that defines your purpose in the world. What kind of impact do you want to make? Who do you want to impact? This statement is powerful and there are no wrong answers.  You can change it later, sure. But not knowing your purpose is not good reason to ignore this advice. You know something. And if you aren’t sure exactly, then focus in on how you want tofeel. Craft the feeling into your purpose. After you have crafted your purpose, make more wishes about your daily life. Where do you want to live, what do you want to eat, who do you want in your support system, who do you want to influence, who do you want to partner, how do you want to feel? You don’t have to limit your wishes. The Universe wants you to dream as big as you can.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Eating cotton candy. You are experiencing joy, but you aren’t sure what is solid. This week you might be worried about standing on shaky ground. This symbol asks you to enjoy things, even if you aren’t totally sure. You need to remember that there is joy in the journey. If you don’t enjoy the journey, you won’t know how to celebrate when you reach your destination. The whole endeavor will feel empty. So, slow down. Have fun. You are entering a time when success comes naturally to you, but you may also have to let go of something critical too. Don’t hold on too tightly. Allow. Your biggest gift this week is that people will easily see your career potential. You may make some advancements. Remember that one of your greatest career strengths is your ability to compromise. Use your diplomacy skills. If everyone wins, you win. Have fun this week and take the time to help someone else out if the opportunity arises. This is how you will make great strides in your career.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A cobbler making leather shoes. A shoe-maker can symbolize travel or exploration. It’s time for you to make sturdy shoes for yourself, figuratively speaking, so that you can reach greater heights and take on new adventures. Are you prepared to explore? You may need to get outside of your usual surroundings, or you may need to explore new ideas and philosophies. Heed this call so that you can get serious about what you desire for your life. You need to know more about the world. You need to know more about how you fit in. You need to know so that you can fulfill your purpose. Go exploring and come back refreshed with higher understanding.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Swimming underwater. To be submerged in water shows that you may have emotions you wish to discover. This week, validate your feelings. Be open to the changes that may come when you recognize how you feel. If you’re in denial about your feelings, you won’t change anything. If you’re clear about your feelings, you’re empowered. Are you someone who is really in touch with their feelings? If so, great! Sit in the emotional waters and notice how the tides ebb and flow. If you could use some help in this area, start by noticing what you’re reaching for. Compulsions like disordered eating, sex addiction, drugs, alcohol, over-work, or over-exercise are great clues that can show when you’re ignoring your feelings. The trick to understanding what feelings you are covering up is to slooooow down. Reflect. You can’t see what is really going on if you are going at top speed.  Make an effort this week to comfort yourself. Allow yourself to know that you belong. You belong to the world. You are allowed. You are loved. You are stable. Tell yourself this every night before you go to sleep. You don’t have to be anyone else. You are enough.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Two matching butterfly wings. Duplicates. Two of a kind. A pair. Your symbol and your current astrology speak to partnership. You’re a partnership expert. Sometimes you find yourself off-center as you figure out how to navigate the Giving and the Taking of relationship. You give too much or you take too much. Here’s a clue that can really help you this week, notice where you are holding onto control. And let it go. Chances are high that whatever you are trying to control is not going to matter in the end. Just breathe out and let it go. This practice is going to give you so much space to play! Let go of the squabbles and the outcomes and the little ideas that you have about who’s safe, what’s right, and how to get ahead. Then watch as your energy sky-rockets. This week you are going to want to start some fresh new relationship dynamics. Start new patterns with a partner. Or see who enters your life now. You thrive when you are initiating. And lately you may have been feeling bogged down with old patterns. So be brave enough to let go of what is no longer serving you. This doesn’t mean that you have to let go of the people in your life. You might. But it does mean that you have to let go of unhealthy dynamics. Be a loving warrior. Machete chop your ego. Look at your relationships from a higher perspective and see how you’re interacting with other people. Take 100% responsibility for your part.  Transition out of the old and into the new. Let what you don’t need to control fall away. And move like a butterfly out of the cocoon.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Going down a slide on a playground. Your current focus in on hard work. You are climbing the ladder. This week you need to go over all of the details in your life. What are you skimming over or “sliding past?” Use this time to it’s best advantage by taking it step by step. Look at your calendar. Are you working on the projects that are important to you? Have you blocked off time for them in your calendar? Are you taking care of your body? Do you have a morning ritual? Are you in a rhythm that feels good? There is obviously some fun in this symbol too, “going down a slide” is about the joy that follows the hard climb. This week, you’re balancing both the climb to the top and the exhilarating ride to the bottom. Get into a rhythm of work and play, exertion and rest. Focus your energy and master your levels of productivity. To be a high performer you have to fine-tune your physicality so that you have enough energy to succeed, you have to mentally focus yourself on your goals, you must create a good support system, and you need healthy habits. Get to work climbing that ladder so that you can fully enjoy the ride.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Taking flight. You are achieving creative lift-off. Harness all of your intelligence and mental energy into self-expression. No more hiding in the shadows. This week, step out into the light and be seen. Don’t deprive the world of your light. We need your special brand of genius. Take flight. Make it fun. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. Remind yourself that you are worthy, you are special, you are bright. Notice flying creatures around you— birds and insects. Meditate on how free they seem to be. How light and unencumbered. Bring that energy inward and let go of any beliefs that are holding you back from creative expression. Just fly. You don’t have to think about it from every angle, because guess what? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are sharing your light with the world.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Head bowed in sacred prayer. You need to let go of your worries and trust that things will work out best in the end. Seek help with your responsibilities. You are not alone! You’ve spent a lifetime creating a support system. Call on them. Ask for help. This practice will help you feel nurtured and nourished and loved. It’s so reassuring to have help. You may come to a point this week where a relationship causes you to question something. If a situation like this arises, the answer will have to do with trust and letting go of attachment. You are such a lover and you give so much. This week, find little ways to remind yourself that you’re supported too. You are loved and held. You are safe. The energy of prayer is the energy of trust, gratitude and connection. Hold this sacred space.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Steam engine. You are finding your speed and revving your engines. This week, raise your level of mental focus. Pique your interest. Learn about something new. Stay energized, alert, and present. Keep a fast pace and don’t get caught up in mental quicksand, aka worry. It’s time for you to be in love with life. It’s time for you to go. And not look back. And not get stuck. Follow your fascination. Follow what is interesting, exciting and alluring. Follow it with all your heart. When you’re interested, you’re shining bright. And we need you to be bright. We need you to be alive. We need you to be present. Stay in love with the moment. Stay curious. Be filled with the passion that drives you forward.

Virgo or Virgo Rising
A bull fight. It may be time for you to take a stand. Especially around either your finances or your self-worth. Do you need to dig in your heels a little bit and stand your ground? Do you need to ask for a raise, or charge more for your services? Be compensated for all of your extra work. You are worthy. You are safe. You are secure. You deserve to be alive. You deserve to be a part of the abundance that is existence on Mother Earth. Feel the strength of belonging. Feel the power of saying Yes to your worth. Fight for it if you must. But fight with grace and love. Do good and get paid.