A symbolic reading of this week’s cosmic climate for your sign, direct from the third eye of Sandra Sitron—a.k.a. Strong Eye Astrology


Leo :: Leo Rising
A flag is raised, a bugle is heard. This is a new day. The bugle blares to announce the rising of the sun. Wipe sleep out of your eyes as you head to the flagpole with the other campers and get ready for the day to begin. Anything can happen today. It’s filled with promise. Something has been reset during the night. Make this week into a ceremony. Make sure that you shine forth with all of the promise of who you are. You are hitting the reset button on how you see yourself. Who are you? Everything can be new. You can start over entirely. And here’s the wrinkle: In Astrology, the identity house is linked to the partnership house, and both of those are getting a make-over this week. So, this week is about how you communicate who you are. Maybe you need to get clear about what you say No to and what you say Yes to. Maybe you need to set some boundaries in order to have enough energy to really share your Leo Light with the world. Empathize with yourself, so that you can empathize with others. Show up for yourself, so that you can show up for others. Let this practice be uplifting and filled with the promise of you living in your light.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Walking alongside a river. One foot placed in front of the other. A slow and contemplative walking meditation. Walking on the Earth next to the Water. In Astrology the Earth element is about making sh#t happen in the material world. The Water element is about Intuition and Emotions. This week you have Earth and Water houses getting highlighted. You need to hone your productivity, systems, workflows, health and habits. Yet, you also need to follow the stream of your intuition. (*cough*MEDITATE*cough*) If you feel anxious, get quiet. If you feel overworked, get quiet. If you feel scattered, get quiet. Listen. And then listen more. And then ask. And then listen again. This week offers you an epiphany that comes from the deepest depths. Busy your hands and body with work or movement, then open yourself to the sound of your heart.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Bouquets of fresh-cut flowers. A gift. Either given or received. This week, the Full Moon lights up your giving/receiving axis. Be filled up with light and love. Give your love. And open up to receive. Meditate on giving and receiving. Think about which one you do more. Then try to balance out. If you are giving too much or having trouble receiving, it may show up as taking on too much responsibility. Are you saying yes to everything and trying to fill in all the voids with your generosity? Do you have trouble accepting gifts or compliments? If you are receiving too much or having trouble giving, it may show up as laziness or narcissism for sure. But it also can show up as withholding your approval. Are you being critical or judgmental of others? Don’t separate yourself from others because of scarcity fears. Open up and lean in. Relax. There is enough light for everyone. The world needs what you have to offer. And you need what everyone else has to offer too. Give generously and receive fully. If you need help finding balance, just ask the Moon to help you.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A fish slipping out of reach. Into the emotion-ocean you go. Get as comfortable with your emotions as a fish is in water. This week the moon lights up all the needs and feelings of your Inner Child. How do you feel? What do you need? Bring into your conscious awareness your most basic feelings and needs. Give your inner child whatever it is you feel you are lacking. In Astrology, the area of the chart that rules emotional security is linked to the area that rules career and vocation. How can you shine in the public eye if you aren’t basically secure? This is your moment to recharge your sense of emotional safety and shine brighter than ever out in the world.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Pigeons flocking around breadcrumbs. Hanging out with the group. Breaking bread. Chatting. This week, you are in the thick of it all. Pay attention to what you learn. Gather all the facts. Investigate and stay open-minded. Interview those around you. Get curious. If you open up your mind enough, you will have a breakthrough. This breakthrough may help you revise your philosophies which will lead to high-level expansion. Learn from your friends and acquaintances. Communicate with others to see something important in a new way.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A million butterflies flying toward the sun. This week you have a chance to get secure in your body and change your basic beliefs about abundance. This could be a moment of transcendence. Find out. See if you can feel so enlivened and enriched in your body and mind that you actually evolve to the next level. Don’t worry about the small frustrations. Push past them. This is no time to get stuck. Just keep climbing toward the sun.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Peering through a telescope. You are looking closely at something far away. Are you looking at yourself? What do you project away from yourself? What bothers you about someone else that is actually about you? Maybe you are around a lot of “angry” people. If so, ask yourself what unexpressed anger you are holding. Maybe someone else’s confusion is frustrating to you. If so, where are you lacking clarity? Is someone else going too fast or too slow? Then maybe you need to regulate your own pace. Look through the telescope at yourself to gain more understanding about how you relate to other people. This week offers you a chance to make a breakthrough in a relationship. Investigate your relationship with yourself to find out how.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Eating ice cream. Surround yourself with sweetness. This week, the Full Moon lights up your imagination sector. You can refresh your relationship with your dreams, spirituality, and symbolism. Where are you lacking the sweetness of magic and ritual? When can you allow yourself dream time? Dream time was so valuable to you when you were a child. We get caught up in the particulars of daily life and we are systematically trained out of day-dreaming. Create space for magic and enchanted fantasies. Build a fort in your living room, stare out the window, journal, write poetry, paint, listen to music. Make it all oh-so-sweet. Do it just for yourself. And somewhere along the way you may drift behind the veil and into another dimension. Enjoy it.

Aries :: Aries Rising
A frog’s long tongue. How far can you reach? Reach outside of yourself. Find the highest perspective. Receive nourishment from the ideas and philosophies that are elevated. You don’t have time for anything that doesn’t reflect your highest octave of energy. No pettiness. No ego. Reach to your future. Hit the reset button on your dreams and aspirations. It’s time to review those. What’s your vision? Don’t focus on what you think is possible. Think about what you want. You get to have the exact life that you want. Start dreaming about it. Then raise your level of gratitude so that you vibrationally match whatever it is that you want. Reach lil’ froggy, reach.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
The darkest night sky, sliding through the darkness into nothingness. It’s interesting that this symbol came through, because the bright Full Moon is lighting up the part of your chart that rules the public stage. This should be about brightness and a crystal clear realization of who you are in society. But this Full Moon is an eclipse, so instead it’s about letting all of that go and dissolving into the void. What can that mean? Does it mean that you have been holding on too tightly to an image of yourself that no longer fits? Do you need to let go of something so that you can achieve the status you are seeking? You are a builder and it can be hard for you to backtrack, or start over. You would rather just keep accumulating. This is a moment to reassess. Take a step back and see what needs to dissolve into nothingness. It’s a new beginning.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Lunchtime at the school cafeteria. You are receiving nourishment, education and sociability. Three of your favorite things. Now that you are fed, it’s time to move out of the cafeteria and into the world. Explore. Graduate. This is a chance for you to define your opinions and raise your level of enthusiasm. You have been in a long period of reassessment. Things have not been so easy lately. What have you learned? Take that knowledge and reach out of your comfort zone. It’s time to elevate your thinking and answer some of your big questions about life. You need to be able to see the big picture and to do that you going to have to get yourself in motion. Get out of the cafeteria and cover more ground. Find a new perspective.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A baby wrapped up in a canoe floating down the river. Swaddle yourself up in blankets. Find a cove, a nook, some kind of sturdy container for yourself. You are on a journey. You are making a transition. It’s time to evolve to the next level. Part of your work is always to nurture your Inner Child. This is super important now. Give yourself the love you need. On a basic level, this just means be really nice to yourself. Thinking about the child version of yourself can help you remember who you are, what you need, and what you needed that you feel like you didn’t get. When you know all of that, you can give it to yourself. Start by creating an image of yourself as a kid in your mind. Sit her down next to you and have a conversation. If you needed emotional security when you were young but you didn’t get it, tell that kid version of you “you are safe.” If you needed companionship, tell her “you are connected to all beings at all times.” If you needed to be understood, tell her “you are seen and you are perfect just the way you are.” This week you need to evolve and you simply can’t do it if parts of you are dragging behind. Get all the parts of you into the canoe and prepare to move on.

Sandy Sitron

MY MANTRA: I am window to the world of spirit. // MY MISSION: To help modern explorers find their North Star. // MY STYLE: Cosmic Casual. // MY SIGN: Libra Sun, Libra Moon, Sagittarius Rising. // MY HEALING: Learning how to accept and not resist challenging feelings in times of crisis. That acceptance and trust is what has allowed me to feel safe on a healing path.