As well as the digital detox, this was the week I busted some actual ghosts!

:: MONDAY ::
An evening of digital detox with Biet Simkin and Levi Felix of Camp Grounded, at their Now O’Clock event. I was super excited, since Biet’s name is like literally everywhere right now (we’re actually running an interview with her next week) for being the girl who’s making meditation into a night out. There were no phones, obv, and interactive games designed to make us actually interact with other human beings in a human way, and we also had to fill out a form about our digital habits. This is when I got to feel super smug about my new practice of no emails or social before 11am and after 9pm – even though I still manage to rack up 12 HOURS of screen time (phone + laptop + TV) a day. BUT!! At least 4 of those I’m using technology / screens to create. I think the real issue with techno-overload comes down to intention – how you use it, not how long you’re on.

So I’m really into my new iPhone case from (below), and then the Pisces (a.k.a. husband) goes: “What’s your name, Miley Cyrus?” I think he meant this as an insult…but I happen to love Miley long time, so. Still, he got me questioning whether this is really the perfect case for me. After all, as I found myself talking about in my book this week (out spring ’17 you guuuuuuys!) – our phones are our modern day talismans. Shiny objects we carry on our person at all times, that hold all our hopes, dreams and desires. In which case, picking out a case that reflects THE REAL ME is actually pretty serious business, right?? So today I went ahead and ordered this one too. Which I guess means I’m having a i(Phone)dentity-crisis.

Chill Pills iPhone case from Ban.Do on The Numinous
Chill Pills iPhone case from Ban.Do

A surprise delivery from the Montauk Juice Factory! I recently reconnected with founder Madi Murphy when she showed up at our Lead Your Own Moon Ceremony workshop, and where she shared how she’d recently added some high vibe self care products and tonics to her line of smoothies and juices. So this week I’ve mainly been blitzing Madi’s ridiculous matcha latte with some ice and extra vegan protein powder for breakfast, developing a hard core addiction to her Lip Butter, and telling people how she’s the next Moon Juice.

Apothecary by Montauk Juice Factory on The Numinous
Apothecary by Montauk Juice Factory

I found out my beauty birthday – and it’s April 5, EXACTLY the day I was eying for a new haircut. Woot! Your “beauty birthday” is the day Venus returns to the same position as in your birth chart each year (a.k.a. your Venus return), and I’ve been obsessed with learning mine since we ran this post. Kimberly, who wrote it, will calculate yours for you when you order her 2016 Astrology Calendar – and it’s a need to know, since it’s starred to be THE best day of the year for shopping for a new fashion or beauty look.

2016 Astrology Calendar from Star Sign Style on The Numinous
2016 Astrology Calendar from Star Sign Style

:: FRIDAY ::
So I moved into my (dream) new apartment in October last year, and everything was GREAT – except for this odd smell in the bedroom, kind of like a gas leak. But I got the guy from Con Ed over and his meter came up with a big fat zero. So when lovely Louniverse suggested it might be a spirit trying to get our attention, tbh it seemed pretty plausible. “Spirits just want to be acknowledged, so just say hello and ask them to please remove the smell,” she said. Which I did…and it only freaking worked! Well the smell was back this week, so I repeated the exercise (“hi again spirit, we’re totaly happy sharing this space with you but we’re still not really into the smell…”) – and it only worked AGAIN!!! #Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters on The Numinous

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