My best Mercury retrograde advice, and the surprising morning practice and workout that are a direct connection to spirit…

Ruby Warrington founder of The Numinous shot by Francis Catania in Brooklyn

:: MONDAY ::
Like everybody else in the Western hemisphere, I started the week with that “back to school” vibe – and actually feeling pretty psyched about 2016 in general. Including (thanks to?) my favorite new morning practice, which basically involves not looking at my phone, at all, until 11am. “But a practice is supposed to involve meditation or gratitude or something spiritual!” I hear you cry. Uh, no. A practice is anything that takes “practice,” and I dare you to try not logging into your email / Instagram account within 30 minutes of opening your eyes. And it totally IS a spiritual practice too – since my spirit speaks most loudly to me before the day crowds in, and this is really about creating some more space to listen.

Mercury Retrograde. I’m really not into the scaremongering that happens about this astro transit, and I feel like most informed cosmic seekers are of the same thinking – whatever comes up, comes back, or comes to bite you on the ass during Mercury retro is all to be embraced as part of our journey. But even I got spooked by this report about the current cosmic climate. (Read at your own risk.) At first I was angry with the dude who wrote it (kind of proving his point that tempers are gonna be fraught all retro – ha). Then I was like, okay – how are we gonna handle handle this? The advice I’ve been giving anybody who asks is this: Head down, mouth shut, and remember we’re all just doing our best. Advice I’ve been taking myself all week…

mercury retrograde quote on The Numinous

Okay you guys, I’m really, really trying to like tempeh. The “bacon” stuff I can definitely do, but beyond that I’m having issues. And I really, really want to add more plant-based protein to my diet. Any favorite recipes, post them in the comments below, yo! In the meantime, I’m totally addicted to hemp milk Matcha lattes.

Vegan fry-up inc. tempeh bacon
Vegan fry-up w/tempeh bacon

A couple of years ago I did some work with a shaman called Manex Ibar, and it was one of those situations where after I was like: did that really do anything? But mother-of-Jesus, I listened back to the recording of our first session (of three, which took place over 12 months) today and his immediate diagnosis – root + heart chakra, closed for business – relates directly to the two areas in my life that have come most completely into wholeness in the period since: abundance / security, and connection. Yay Manex! (And p.s. Mercury retrograde = perfect time to listen back to all the recordings of your healing + psychic + tarot sessions, and feel how far you’ve come).

:: FRIDAY ::
So my favorite new workout is to basically go for a really long walk (like an hour at least). It feels good for my body, it fits my life (today I’m gonna walk to Wholefoods to stock up on vegan protein powder), it breaks a sweat…and I believe it creates a direct channel to my intuition. As in, I get some of my best downloads 20 minutes in to a really juicy walk! In fact, I even found this article on how going for a walk can activate your intuition and magic powers. New year, new workout, yes please.

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