There is a sense of subtle triumph around you this month, with some little victories due after notable points of stress. My message is to make sure to tune into them – you are quite capable of being a drama queen and focusing your energy on what’s twitching your nerves instead of the sun shining above. I feel that you are in a space of achievement and working your way towards or past a milestone, seeing some calm after the storm. You should be aware by now that you are the one who has created the success you see, and that participating in your life (rather than throwing your hands up and shouting at the Universe) is actually something that creates the change you desire. The mantra that I wrote for your year ahead Tarotscope is ‘Magic surrounds me’ and I feel this is really fitting for now – a call for you to delicately remain in the present moment. Wake up every morning and say this out loud to remind yourself that you are part of a bigger energy that is yours to work with. You love movement to be swift and it’s easy for you to get frustrated when things seem out of your control or, equally, when things feels static. You will always benefit from a ‘surrender’ mindset – purely so you can acknowledge the present moment. It being your birthday month also makes this the perfect time to express gratitude, and I know that you have much to be thankful for. However gratitude isn’t a practice that we should only bring up when we feel abundant, in fact the opposite is most relevant – take on a practice of being thankful when you are within a challenge. This might sound totally crazy, but by always being respectful of your journey you allow the flow to keep on flowing. You are smart enough to know that you will receive the knowledge you desire one day when you look back in retrospect – so do the same thing right now, knowing that any stress you feel is meaningful as part of your bigger journey. There are so many ways that RIGHT NOW can be your teacher. You might be facing a difficult relationship or friendship and thinking ‘who oh why? – and sometimes a person can be in your life just to show you what you won’t be seeking again. Or perhaps their actions has highlighted one of your own fears? Take it all in and continue your own healing from within rather than focusing on passing judgment on the other person. If you feel that your environment is testing you at work, shift your perception by lifting yourself upwards to view the situation as an outsider might. Mercury is soon to go retrograde for most of the month, so don’t sweat the little annoyances in communication breakdowns. Be proud of what you have achieved, and remember that sometimes you have to pat your own self on the back. You’re doing an awesome job, keep on keeping on. Happy Birthday babe.

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How are all the mind expanding experiences going? In January I wanted you to open up to the idea of the world being your own personal playground, but to fulfill our dreams we need to bring them back down to earth. This month, how can your merge the spiritual with the material? While it’s nice to live the among the unicorns and fairies, you are still in a human suit – so how about making the most of this adventure? This is a nurturing journey and I feel excited for you to begin to work in a different way. It might be as simple as taking on a new attitude around your finances – like one that doesn’t involve being afraid of money. We aren’t supposed to be marvelous at everything, so where you feel tested, ask for help. Surprisingly it’s more simple than struggling alone, and whether the advice comes in book or person form, make a shout out and be ready to receive. The beautiful energy surrounding you this month is actually all intuitive and warm, so use this to infuse compassion into every part of life. You have a finely tuned compass in your gut Pisces, so keep listening in and working from that place. A sense of service is always important to you as you like to feel loved and of use, but make sure you don’t over do it and drain that ‘mothering energy’ to the bone. Practice some grounding exercises and overdose a little on sleep. It’s not being lazy, you are recharging – you’ll need the extra energy for your exciting birthday month next month. Organization and a sense of diplomacy are also your best friends this February, and I don’t mean a ‘no pain no gain’ situation, you are purely making your life more awesome by dealing with the details. This isn’t a bore fest either, you are putting some serious L O V E into your life’s work, and you have to love every aspect of your plan for it to be fulfilled. Think SLOW AND STEADY, no need to race off into the wilderness. Even if you get one piece of paperwork filed this month that will be good enough. But do it before Mercury dives into a retrograde next week for most of the rest of this month. Once this happens, I like the idea that you going within. No need to dive into suspicions around others, you know that this kind of thought pattern just sends you to Luna town. How about maintaining that all is as it should be and simply allowing your life to flow. It is possible to take things with a pinch of salt whilst still being active in creating the life you want. Something to think about.

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With a super powered charge into the year you are possibly still caught up in the chaos of a mind that’s been working overtime, and now there’s a need for you to wind down a little in the coming weeks. I will always remind you about not feeling afraid of stillness Aries – you are so used to getting things done your way (i.e. the fast way) that whenever you have to wait for other people to catch up, you feel fire burning the soles of your feet. This month you may encounter a few crossroads, and so allowing yourself to release into the moment is going to really help you out. You may have recently been calling on help from many other people, doing a lot of networking or even starting a new relationship. It’s got to the point where you might be getting confused about which direction to go, or even just trying to work out what you ‘should’ prioritize in that bulging diary. Know that you never need to fear your own decision making process – if you respect that you are always moving forward on a journey, then there are no ‘wrong’ choices. Your only intention has to be to make your foundations as solid as possible so you know that you have a safe place to direct your life from. With Mercury the communicator going retrograde in a few days make sure that you don’t turn minor bumps in the road into a source of drama. If you don’t get a reply to your email instantly – chill! It doesn’t mean that your friend has suddenly ‘gone off’ you or someone hates your idea. Allow everyone – and mainly yourself – some space over the next few weeks and know that that’s okay. If you are feeling impatient with yourself then you must go within and find your unique calm place. You know how to get there, and yes it may be in a yoga class but it equally may be allowing yourself time for dinner with your best girlfriends. You can also look forward to enjoying some relaxation of the sleepy sort. I just have a feeling that all these decisions that seem SO stressful right now will untangle if you allow them to breathe. Step aside from your usual controlling attitude, and have some faith – things are always going to pan out differently than you think in the end. So instead of worrying about the what, why, who and where, get excited about what opportunities there might be outside the ecosystem that you have created. Someone may pleasantly surprise you, so be ready!

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All hands back on deck my love; you have big career moves to make this month! You may see some reflection back to October 2013, when you last had this card crop up. I feel the link might bring some action from an idea or intention you planted back then or some return on your investment. January may have been fairly un-eventful, with you shifting priorities and working out what your most pressing needs and desires actually are. Now you have your eyes on the prize you are eager to zoom off to the land of dreams (and money trees). Now, you are going to need to be a bit more flexible with your attitude, but don’t worry this is totally a good thing. If you picked up your 2014 Tarotscope I taught you a lesson on intention, action and surrender. The main point being that you must hand over all your ideas so the Universe can help you shape them. It’s brilliant to make a plan, but if we don’t allow it to expand we can actually be worse off. You have your own sense of flow, but so does everything else, including other people, places and projects. Mercury takes a few weeks of retrograde this month which essentially means that your finely tuned plan could suddenly be all upside down and inside out anyway. Your goal if this happens is to not freak out and instead be psyched about your potential. You have emerged into an energy where you actually know what is needed for you to feel more fulfilled, so trust that this is the truth and keep on moving. This retrograde may also bring you some second chances, which could be another shot at working with that one person you so wanted to, or even just finding an open space to share your ideas, and give them a second chance to take off. Timing is often everything and if there was something that got sidelined at the end of 2013, don’t be afraid of pulling it back out of the bag now. Meanwhile think of this month as a fresh start. You might have got on board with celebrating the Chinese New Year and making NOW the time to bring in change. This card always has a little of the Midas touch and I feel you are supported in more ways than you might realize. Stay at the drawing board, merge magic with the material and always leave space on that canvas for a surprise!

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A sharp contrast to last month where you may have been dealt a few harsh lessons from your ego or faced a few of your biggest fears – some in actual physical form. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief, as this month sees a very refreshing energy of expansion and celebration swooping in. Of course you have to go and participate in it though, fun doesn’t always come knocking on our front door (if only it was that easy!) You are feeling creative and will benefit from expressing all of your flitting energy via an artistic outlet, whether it’s actually putting paint to paper or doing some party planning, you’ll enjoy expressing your free spirit. It’s a great month for connecting with people and with Mercury retrograding for most of the month you may find that some of your socializing brings in faces from the past. When peeking behind you just be careful that you aren’t inviting the unhealthy aspects of the past onto your dance card – in contrast be uplifted by faces that you wish you saw a little more often. Same goes for lovers, it’s not time to delve back into a sad, trodden upon affair. Be smart. The energy of this card is carries a high and fresh vibe, and so your health will also benefit from a little shake up of your routine. But don’t try and put some strict, limiting schedule in place, be flexible. Looking after yourself shouldn’t be a source of self-punishment, it should be fun, and tailor made to suit your style. How about experimenting with some different types of exercise? No big deal if you don’t love all of them but it will at least pull you out of any static and restless energy. Same with your diet. Start loosening your grip on that winter carb fest and pull in some high vibe foods – if you’ve had your eye on a juicer for your kitchen at home, then now is the time to invest! The main advice is to just get out of that front door, as staying hidden away at home isn’t going to bring you the opportunities that you desire. This card is social so keep a sense of collaboration in mind – what idea have you got brewing that requires a team, or at least another opinion? Call in the troops and brainstorm it up – but then have a fun dinner together after, always maintaining a sense of balance. If you go into workaholic mode, you’ll burn out very quickly. A final thought – what isn’t working right now? And how can you get in there and bring back some order and balance? It is possible, promise.

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In January I asked you to click the reset button and get up and tackle your world with new eyes, and as we merge into a new month you are back to redressing the balance in your life. This could find you going back inwards for a little while, but with intention. I’m not championing that you hide away. Instead, use this time to regain a sense of order. The Justice card can be pretty stern and pull out all sorts of uncomfortable feelings from within, but don’t be afraid of your emotions – what comes up will be for you to release or heal from, and as a water sign you must learn to be at home with the element. Feelings and intuition are actually yours to use as your superpowers, if you wish. There is a little karmic vibe going on this month too – bearing in mind I like to use the word karma loosely. I feel it’s too often used as a way of being passive aggressive, as in ‘they’ll get what’s coming to them’ – instead think of it as a subtle balancing of the scales, a process you can actively participate in. Don’t be a victim – choose to address areas that feel lacking by remembering your own personal power and getting back in the driving seat. Occasionally the Universe can be a tough teacher, so never forget that your ride is taking you somewhere. You can also think of this energy as the time to plant positive seeds and I feel you have some master plans about ready to take off, so getting the paperwork in order is encouraged. Mercury goes retro on February 6th until the 28th so perhaps avoid any major moves in that time, but there’s no reason you can’t fluff up your feathers and get the show ready for the road right? How about making some plans that you can put into action come March? I feel that this is a positive month for you and that there’s plenty of strength is behind you, so don’t be afraid of perhaps a slightly unusual ‘ball busting’ energy coming in – it’s good for you to find your centre. It’s no time to go scuba diving into the depths of worry and anxiety, just take a subtle retreat into your shell any time that you need to tune back in. Of course when discussing balance it’s always worth checking in with your health and routines, and as much as you must make time to look after yourself it’s also worth checking that you have an equal amount of what I like to call ‘human fun’ – get out and be light, laugh, smile, love.

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Hold off on charging into the unknown just yet. Though you feel happy to have a little confidence back after a quiver at the start of the year, you will benefit from taking advice from your earth bound friends this month – step by step. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not questioning your action plan, it’s great! And this card is active, but there is a difference between being moving forward and being reckless. You might be so excited about sharing something that you just want to blurt it all out or press send like, right NOW. Take a breather and think about how much better it will be if you pause for a moment and actually do some constructive planning. Your ideas will also be so much more appreciated delivered with some extra depth. Mercury the communicator is retrograde starting on the 6th for a few weeks, so again it’s a time where signing contracts isn’t advised, mainly due to the chance for mistakes and changes needing to be made. Instead, use the finer aspects of this card to your advantage – it is gifting you the ability to reflect and gain insights. This may come up regarding our love life where you are trying to make sense of recent affairs or situations – what do they mean? You’re actually the one with the answers – never forget that – even if you do have to shove your ego into the background and face your loving intuition along with some home truths, in the best way of course. Take an honest look at yourself and see what works and doesn’t work for you, as well as how you want to better the tools you have. You have a healing energy at your fingertips this month so use it for some self development. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad time to have a coaching session or check in for a heart-to-heart with a trusted friend. It’s a thoughtful month ahead, and possibly quite intense, but I know you aren’t afraid of that. Feeling bored? Get that energy out in a positive way, rather than with a sense of chaos. Moving – running, boxing, dancing – always helps calm your nerves in a health boosting way, and even journaling might appeal to you this month. Try letting the contents of your mind flow out onto paper and see what comes up. It’s entirely possible that you might surprise yourself with a stream of unexpected insights – even more fuel to put into your passions. Finally, and only once you feel honed and tuned, you’ll know when it’s time to move ahead.

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Hey love bug, you can go all out on the gratitude this month as you are basically a walking Valentine to the Universe! I suggested you start off the year by easing your way in as I know it’s going to be a big one and you can still be chill this month – far from static though. Don’t worry, you can still focus, organize and do all that Virgo stuff you love to do. The aim of the game is to make LOVE be your biggest mentor, and the thing you call upon in any sticky situations. Mercury goes retrograde this week for most of the month and that’s an even bigger reason to be in the love zone rather than reverting to outdated dramatic thought processes. We really can’t complain with this card though, you might feel like you’re bursting with joy at times, so it’s always the right time to overflow on gratitude. You might feel that you only have one person in your life that makes the days less dull, but that’s enough – thank and celebrate them. Send sweet love notes to all your favourite friends – or even your dog or you cat! Sorry I’m on soppy love overdrive, you can be sweet in your own cool way of course 😉 It’s also a great month for dating, of course, and you may even find an old flame comes back and that this time it actually works out. Go with your gut though, a red flag is a red flag ok – you know what I mean! Even better get out and about and socialize, meet new people – but think high vibe interactions only! Also, while the Universe has got your back like this, dig out that huge list of wishes you crafted out for 2014. Now is the time to set sail to them, and then just get on with your day. With this backing from spirit you can also fall a little deeper into your spiritual practice. You might want to seek a coach or healer to help you break through an old habit that is so out of date that it’s become boring – just one more shift could be all it takes to excavate it forever. Or else let your friends be your healers, as you gather together for a release and strengthen ritual and think Power Posse. Finally thread all this advice into your health and wellness zone too, boost up on your super foods and vitamin regime, especially if you have any travelling coming up. It’s as simple as thinking ahead, and then feeling smug whilst riding high on a revamped energy buzz.

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I’m happy to let you lap up some water energy this month and hopefully enjoy the fruits of your recent labors. Widely known as the ‘wish card’ the Nine of Cups shows you in a prime spot for manifesting all you desire – so let’s get to it! The biggest tip I can give you is to not be controlling about your goals, you do not have to think up everything you want and then pop a jar over it and stand there staring. That’s like clipping the wings of a butterfly. You must allow fluidity into all that you wish for and accept that it will very likely arrive in a different form to what you expected. With this energy though, watch your thoughts and be careful what you wish for. Don’t fixate on wanting what someone else wants, which is a redundant way of thinking. Keep your eyes on your prize and avoid them turning green. What do you really want and what are your ultimate dreams? It’s okay to be thinking big this month (actually I always support big thinking) but think unique, celebrate all that is you and you alone. Your purpose will always be illuminated by celebrating your passion, so go ahead and dive in. With Mercury going retrograde for a few weeks this month you may see changes and what you perceive to be ‘blockages’ cropping up. However if you go with the fluidity I mentioned, this energy should totally work in your favour! Embrace the twists and turns and get excited about the unknown. In other words, dive deep. You also have a sweet support from loved ones this month, so if you don’t feel it then get out there and say hello to your tribe. No one will know that you need them if you don’t pop up and utter a little ‘help’ now and then. Grab some friends and work on your vision boards, then say a little prayer to give up your wishes to a bigger energy, handing it up to the stars above. Meanwhile, embrace this watery and intuitive vibe by going with the good times, think expansion and fun – get out into the world and enjoy it, especially anything that feels a little unusual for you. Don’t worry about creating a new routine, your destiny is yours to carve after all. Design your own energy in order to see the world through a filter that works to support your dreams. Run free, baby!

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Oh hey there roadrunner! You may actually be feeling run ragged from having all eyes on those stars, and it certainly wasn’t a bad start to the year – quite the opposite in fact – but oh boy, are you ready for a break. I loved turning over this card (and whispering a silent ‘yes’ to myself as if it was giving me the green light to a month long break in the Caribbean) because it’s such a swift kick in the ass from the Universe to say – “it’s okay to have some fun babe”. Seriously, this is the joy card, representing the mega burning bright shining inner child of love and sweetness. So give yourself a pat on the back for the fact you’ve done about three months work in three weeks…and pause. Remember that joy can be found within a single moment and, like happiness, is not a destination. So find your surrender in every moment, and remember  you don’t have to take an actual vacation to just breathe. You probably do have your eyes on the sun though, and all that is warm – especially if you are locked up in a freeze zone right now. For now though focus on the warmth that you can create yourself (and stock up on vitamin D as an added bonus). Gather with your nearest and dearest and celebrate your connection to those who always lift your spirits. If you are feeling a little burned out then it might just be one person that you need to call for a boost, even a simple ‘It’s ok, I love you’ will do the trick, and never forget that beyond the walls of chez Scorpio there is an army of support for you. Mercury is retrograde most of this month, and as much as I know you are above falling for it’s bells and whistles, as a tip, just remember not to be freaked out if plans insist on changing. Instead, embrace their flow and enjoy the surprising winks from the Universe. Since it’s not the greatest time for contract signing, just keep on with your planning and scheduling. How about taking meetings out of your office to your favourite restaurants or to a park you love? If you open up the physical space around your ideas, then your projects will have more energy to grow and expand. Finally, keep at it with your current health plan, or get tuned back into what your body needs if you aren’t feeling great. You know better than anyone what works for your mind-body-spirit, so keep honoring it and know that it is a unique journey. I love you.

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When I wrote the 2014 mantra for Sagittarius it was absolutely about everything that this card brings. “Destiny is your partner in crime” – in other words, your life is yours to work with, so don’t fall by the wayside. It’s always good for you to remember a surrender practice, especially this month with Mercury going retrograde and threatening to chop and change all of your precious plans. Oh what the heck, who cares, you love the ride! Dive in. The wheel is turning, and so you may as well join the party. Life may well go on without you, but yours may be a little gloomy if you don’t sidle up to the roulette table. So, what IS the plan? Well I feel that you really just need get involved and be curious with all that you have. To start with, a little bit of shuffling and rejigging of your own inner guidance system can’t serve you wrong. We all need a little retune now and again in order to be able to make that list of ‘what do I really want’. You may have found that the last couple of weeks felt quite speedy, and so it makes sense that there are things to pick apart. I don’t want to be all ‘mysterious’ with you, I just want you to be the one who decides which patterns you are going to break. If today – and every day – was the start of a new cycle, then what’s going and what’s staying? I want you to give yourself a boost of courage and self-confidence to realize that you can use your inner drama queen to craft you out a no-fail plan for success. You have the keys to the prize, where are they? Health wise it’s a great time for a cleanse and clean up, whether that’s a night in a swanky spa, a one day juice cleanse or even just being more mindful about what goes in your shopping basket. Be kind to your body. I spoke last month about how the Sag energy is still pretty watery, to be aware that a few added ‘feelings’ are probably always going to be in the background, and that it’s going to be a work in progress to dealing with them. With the Mercury retro in action just make sure to calm the fire-spitting – no need to throw out fireballs when you have a moment of sensitivity. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Oh yes, it February and I haven’t mentioned anything about love. Okay, one piece of advice – don’t turn that wheel of fortune backwards, old, overdone affairs are so last year. Onwards and upwards.

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I said you had some healing to do in January, but I bet you went and over worked didn’t you? At least this month’s energy is a little more mellow, so that hard taskmaster you’ve been dealing with can give you a break to stabilize a little. This month shouldn’t feel quite so much like climbing a hill with no grips on your soles. I don’t exactly want to tear you away from your desk, because you’re still on top form with all sorts to achieve, but I do want you to expand your thoughts and loosen your grip a little. It’s a prime time for collaborating and merging your ideas with another, so it could be a fun time to get creative and share some brainstorming or dream casting with a friend or trusted colleague. Remind yourself of your ‘ideal day’ and allow yourself to get back into manifestation mode. The energy is all about honing your passions, and with this month’s Mercury retrograde period perhaps you could use it to help you out, by setting sail to a project you abandoned during the chaos at the end of last year? I’d rather talk about the fun aspect of this month though, as this is a lovely energy for romance and friendship. You will benefit from going back to basics and enjoying your loved ones for the intelligent conversation you share and those things you have in common. Date nights should all be about expanding together, learning and sharing ideas, even getting out of your comfort zone – after all, isn’t this what the best relationships are about? This goes for friendships too – you want your energy to be uplifted by others not cramped, so make sure you do a shuffle and only hang out with those on your wavelength. It’s a waste to give your time to situations that turn you moody and make you feel static. Finally, this is a wonderfully energizing energy so get back to your favorite spin class or take regular hikes, you will definitely feel alive when in the outdoors or working up a sweat. Equally, it could be a great month for cleansing – think cayenne pepper and lemon juice to kick start your day. I want you to keep your attitude positive, even if you’re so tired from the last few months. It’s just a question of diligently tapping away to hone your life to how you want it to be. Contemplate, plan and surrender. Your positive mantra to work with this month – ‘My World is what I make it.’

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Cast by Louise Androlia using the Cosmic Tarot Deck.