Happy Birthday! It’s Scorpio hour. Did you know that Saturn is currently touring through Scorpio too? The planet in charge of ass-kicking, Saturn works its hardest to open our eyes to change so that we can align with our true path. The journey isn’t easy but the thing is, Saturn and Scorpio have much in common. I reminded you last month’s tarotscopes that as a Scorpio you are the Zodiac’s master of evolution and that change can be your very best friend, if you let it. Keep this duet in mind, for the next two years are your golden opportunity to grab life by the universal balls, as it were, and transform into the super you that I know you can be. Last month I talked about getting to grips with the material world a little more, and as a Scorpio myself I can say that October was pretty intense. I found myself having to cope with a lot of very ‘human stresses’ as I called them. How was it for you? The Fool is a bright guiding light for you Scorpio, an opportunity to welcome in a new cycle in your life. It is such a positive sign for the end of your year, so shiny! I know you are sometimes a little afraid of shining your brightest but this is your green light to push forward. This card assures us that there are no endings or beginnings, just a revolving door of moments in your timeline. So this of course heralds more change, in a positive way, and try and see all change as that, an opportunity to move ahead – every moment is taking you somewhere, and when you look back in retrospect it will make sense. You have so many things that you want to do, places to go, people to meet and teach. Don’t let this be an overwhelm, instead put some practical stepping stones in place as this month is all about stepping up a level, materially and spiritually. You are supported, friends and family in both realms are here to help, just remember to ask for help when you need it Scorpio. There is no such thing as failure or weakness, only opportunities to move to better things and top up your personal power. So be confident, even if you don’t feel it, work completely with your intuition this month and take the leaps of faith that your heart desperately wants you to. This month is your chance to make changes and heighten your earthbound experience. So allow fear to transform to faith and surrender. I have a feeling you have an epic twelve months ahead of you Scorps, life changing in fact, so stay awake so you don’t miss out.


How did last month go for you Sag? Manage to sweep away some of the cobwebs that were hiding your magnificence? I hope so, as a Fire sign it’s important that you direct your leading element in the right direction. We have a pretty deep card for you this month and I want to address that glow of yours and talk about perspective and perception. You always have your eye on the prize, something that’s very admirable about you, and you are very capable of getting what you want. What happens though when change swoops in and knocks your vision a little off balance? Sometimes it is easy for us to deem changes as failures or time wasted, and there may be a little foot stamping in line for you this November. I want you to be ahead of the game so that if you feel swung off track you know how to handle it. The simple message with the Five of Cups is to see your glass as half full, not empty, to not go off and have a big old pity party when something doesn’t go quite how you planned. However old we are, we’re all still capable of childlike tantrums, or a little fuming from within. The Cups hold the water element and as a Fire sign sometimes you get a little bit annoyed if you feel like your feelings are all up in your face, making you take a break in your schedule. Feelings however are your magical keycard this month, enabling you to go deeper with your questions about life, enhancing your fluidity beyond what’s written in black and white. I wonder if last month you unearthed some of things that can hold you back? When we come to a realization about why we have a certain habit or belief, it’s essential that we address that epiphany in the right way. It’s no use just saying; ‘Oh well that’s why I do this,’ and using that as your excuse to continue the habit. In November I want you to make a promise to yourself that you will not celebrate your losses. There are Five Cups in your eyes and three of them are overflowing with love, compassion and opportunities. Focus on the possibilities and not the past. Remind yourself of that Magician card from last month – you still have all the skills you need, so use them wisely, not against yourself. Keep up your gratitude practice and finally, on a health note, if this card finds you feeling a little energy zapped, especially with the seasons changing, keep up your self care and allow yourself a bit of blanket time!


After a string of months where the energy for you has been much more focused on work than “woohoo!” November holds the promise of a more fun fuelled time for you Capricorn. The Three of Cups is here to remind you about, let me whisper it…f.u.n. I feel  you’ve been pretty full on in career zone for the most of the second part of the year and I doubt there has even been much time to relax, but this month if you don’t see time then you must make time. As with last month you have the number three, which is a number of expansion and creativity. With the Pentacles I asked you to share work ideas with friends and spread your knowledge as a teacher, and this month, with the Cups, the number encourages you to expand socially and get out of your solo routine. I feel you may have been in a bit of a you bubble recently and you will benefit from opening up your inner conversation with others. On the subject of stress, it will help you to put the world to rights with your closest friends, whether that means joining forces for a night out or having a massive catch up with your nearest and dearest over Skype. Let this joyous sharing energy uplift you and bring in elements of self care too. It’s a great time to join a group yoga or meditation class to get a blast of community (mind body) spirit. Of course the cups are also about feelings and if you are coupled up then this month expand your routine to include double dates, introduce your partner to a friend of yours they’ve never met before and be open to sharing new experiences together. If you are single then “mingle” is the word for you. Ever thought that one of your best friends could be hiding the love of your life? Go out and be seen. With a theme like this the main thing is to be open to new opportunities. You know the surrender practice, so this month use it to surrender to positive social experiences. Finally let this card remind you to look on the bright side, avoid doomsday thought processes and give peace a chance.


You’re still on a personal development curve sweet Aquarius, and this November I want you to make sure you don’t shift to an apathetic frame of mind when you feel that things aren’t shifting as fast as you want them to. The point here is that you are ready for things to be different, and in a sense don’t want to be patient and surrender anymore! There is a little stubborn voice inside your head that sometimes says “well I may as well just give up just to avoid repeating a pattern again.” This card can pull you up on those moments when you head inwards, but in more of a punishing than productive way. Your message for this month is to just keep fighting the good fight, keep being open and celebrating all the great things you’ve got. As I was saying to Sagittarius, you must be viewing all ‘cups’ as half full, not half empty. It may be that you are entering a period of newness and it’s seems a little scary to you, feelings that could be a bit risky are making you want to take a step backwards to a ‘safe’ place. But sometimes that can be a negative space that has just become familiar. This is where it’s a good idea to view the unknown as something exciting, not fearful. Be careful of interpreting your own frustrations as an external negative energy. You may also have to practice patience a lot this month. This is only for your own good growth as you have plenty that you are working on and the stakes are high, with exciting times ahead. Focus on keeping your eyes on the prize and not giving up on your dreamiest dreams. Things can feel unpredictable around you with this card and again it’s about maintaining your own consistency so that others doings don’t shake you up. Focus on cultivating a steady flow within your life, and avoid other peoples drama queen moments because you are susceptible to joining in. Instead keep working on your own inner growth and you will get there. Health wise, nurture yourself and swot up on holistic thinking and how to bring about a mind, body, spirit balance. I feel you might be surprised at how quickly you take to this way of thinking. Your sign, although an Air sign has a lot of Water elements, and so healing on a deeper level will always be beneficial for you. Ground yourself by focusing on your highest intentions and a clearer mind will ensue.


This card with its feeling of overwhelm is a common one for the water signs among us, who are very capable of feeling overwhelmed in general, what with all those feelings to confront! The Ten of Wands can often appear just as you’ve realized you have maybe taken on too much, or put too much pressure on yourself, when things are a bit of a slog and you are definitely aware of trudging uphill. However, I’ve grown to kind of love this card as I turn it over so often for myself and always get its message; which is really a little hint to say, ‘hey  workaholic, remember what it’s like to just go and call up an old friend or allow yourself an evening sitting in the middle of your floor painting or singing or staring at the ceiling? You’re allowed.’ This November make some time for YOU – which means less thinking of what you ought to be doing, and more time actually doing the things that you know feel good. If you sit and watch movies all day but then berate yourself for being lazy you’ll counter the act of self love. The Tens always remind us of the cycles in life and again with this card you are at a tipping point, the top of the hill is just there and breakthroughs are abundant if you are open to them. I always like to give you the energy of the Ace along with a Ten, and the Ace of Wands is about new projects, creative enthusiasm, gifts of passion from the Universe, things that make you ‘pop.’ I feel you are much more on the abundant side of this 10/Ace balance, so now’s the time to get ahead of the game. Dilute feelings of overwhelm with self care so that you are ready to start the new cycle that’s just around the corner. You’ve been working to be more open to opportunities and different ways of thinking, so honor what you have started and keep at it. I feel like I keep reminding you to meditate, and I’m going to say it again. Mantras and meditation are the key to calming your mind when you get overwhelmed or over emotional. You need to release your stress rather than run away, no swimming backwards Pisces, only forward fishing from now on. Ask for help, share creatively with other people, so seek out art parties and winter study groups. Change should appear with a silver lining, be ready to say yes. You know the drill. I love you.


I’m seeing November as time for a little clear up after last month’s overwhelm. October was a bit of a wild one, hey? You have had a really complex year with a lot of change and a definite cycle of highs and lows. For you it’s been a series of great achievements with a spatter of healthy burnout, which you’re more aware than ever is just the cycle of life. So I see the Five of Swords as a piecing together of the self for you. November may still be a month of intensity, but instead of it feeling so jumbled, you have the opportunity to organize your chaos. Last month especially you became aware of where your thinking had become scattered, and now, with a clearer head, you want to collect yourself back together, but in a new and improved way. I’ve been waving the self care banner at you and this month we move on to you reclaiming your new and improved power pack. After a bit of a health wake up cal,l it’s likely that you might have reevaluated some aspects of your lifestyle so there is a sense of a ‘new’ you which might feel a bit strange to begin with, like reacquainting yourself with a part of you that has been swept under the carpet. Instead of feeling a bit defeated by life, use the Air energy of this card to get excited about expanding your thought processes, choosing to grab these Swords and use them to your advantage. It’s likely you might be in a position where suddenly everyone around you has an opinion about what you’re doing, some of which will be welcome and some very much the opposite. This card can give us a lesson in how we respond to tension in our environment and how to choose our battles wisely. I always will fly the flag for taking the high road, but that  doesn’t mean looking down on your ‘enemy’ and judging them, it’s more about staying aligned with your highest intention. Keep in tune with your intuition around other people and If you feel shaken by external energies in November, remember just that – focus inwards and examine your own potential reactions rather than throwing out whatever comes up first. I feel that you might surprise yourself this month by having a few ‘reactive’ breakthroughs where you suddenly realize that you’ve outgrown some of your negative habits. Now that’s what you call personal power.


More earthbound lessons in November Taurus. With the Four of Pentacles we take a look at your attitude to change within your material world, and how to overcome fears associated with your relationship with.. gasp.. money! You have been successful with work projects recently or at the very least you know you have some damn good ideas! And there is a very Taurean aspect to this card, in that it’s here to remind you of your own ability to get a little stuck, purely out of fear of taking the next step. One way to read this card can be about becoming a little too possessive over your material gains, as if you’ve worked hard to gather together some comforts and you are worried that they might be taken away from you. Without your permission! A fear of risk-taking may be present this November and so that is not too hard to work with, because again it’s just a reminder for you to at least try and open the door to change. It’s not always easy as an earth sign to be fluid, but as a Taurus you actually have secret access to flow which you may not have realized yet. You know that saying – ‘The more you give, the more you get’? I feel this is relevant for you as a mantra this month is to keep things in a giving and receiving energy. You will become less afraid of loss if you keep sharing positivity with the world, which is about making friends with the material rather than letting it worry you. Make gratitude your only attitude this month and celebrate your friends and their achievements. Be thankful for all that you have achieved and keep cracking yourself open to a new you. This would be a great time also to take some positive personal power over your finances, so get a new filing cabinet, set up an online accounting system, or organize in another way that works for you. Don’t be afraid that a recent milestone was just a ‘one off’, and think of it more as a doorway for a whole new season of success. In fact, be ready for a new attitude this month across the board. In relationships, the same applies, so consider this; if one way of communication isn’t working, all you need is a new direction


Ah November, November…the card I turned for you is full of many lessons and is so valuable for personal growth in the material world. The depth within this card is all about the energy of betrayal and what is hidden. On the surface it may be that you have recently been feeling let down by others, or discovered layers in situations that you had no idea existed leaving you faced with some unexpected changes. It’s important to remember you can use this as a time to reconnect inwards again, to hone your intuition so  you feel less unsure when you are taking on new projects or friends. If you have a feeling something just isn’t right for you then honor that. Within the realms of this hidden world you must also check in with yourself about your own motives for yourself and others. Have you been trying to take the easy road with a particular situation in your life, worrying about facing it head on? This procrastinating energy can be a way of pushing your fears to the back of the cupboard. Jut remember that covering up fears sometimes means they only end up coming back with more gusto. The concept of personal power is really the basis of the Tarot, and you must rise up and take charge of yourself again, don’t drift along with your own worries or other peoples’. We only feel a loss if somewhere we have allowed it, through a lack of self worth or a fear of moving ahead. This is an ideal time and place for you to work on your trust issues, and also ideas about how you view other people and yourself. Remember everyone is a mirror, so those people you feel free to judge or mistrust, what is it about them that is hitting a nerve with you? This can be a chance to practice forgiveness towards yourself in order to move forwards in a more loving way. Try not to refer to your skills or self with a sense of lack. Practice confidence by choosing to trust in yourself, and be your own cheerleader because this always heralds the start of new successes. Stay grounded, be practical but intuitive.


I feel a blast of good vibes coming through for you sweet Cancer! The nurturing energy from last month is still around, but this November it comes with a boost of inner strength. The Mother of Pentacles carries with her all the wonderful aspects of the Earth energy. You feel more on top of the world than you have in a while, so revel in that strength, step into your personal power and allow yourself to believe it. There is quite a celebratory energy for you this month Cancer, with a very strong hold over your Water element too. This card shows a really wonderful connection between the spiritual and material world, career strength as well as social comforts. You’ve been practicing a better handle over your feelings, so keep at it. I’m encouraging you to keep balancing out your emotions with practical steps, this will keep your feelings from overflowing and getting the better of you. In your work life, know that you now have a place  to ground your dreams and that the key is to keep balance in mind. This means that you must continue making a place for self care amongst a calendar that is filling up with social engagements and meetings. There is time and space for everything, and you have the power to build yourself quite the success schedule. There is an aspect of expansion for you also in the coming weeks, use that to shout up and out about what you are proud off. Your love and social life can also benefit from this energy and you need to make sure you are ready  to connect with others. Make way for some surprising new friends and potential lovers, a meeting of minds may be imminent. Finally always remember the elements you are working with. The Mother of Pentacles is Earthy, while you are all Water. If you feel stuck or stubborn or weighted down, let creativity be your guide, your Water feeding the Earth. Thrash your fears out with music or painting. Try some Feng Shui decorating tips to reconnect yourself to a grounding and flow filled energy. On the subject of your environment, you might also feel ready to make a move, to a home that more suits your new ways of thinking. As a Cancer your home life is so important, it will forever be your grounding tool, so make sure that your space is safe.


Now this card is really a lot less about actual ‘Lovers’ than the name suggests, and we have to go way deeper into the meaning of connection than simply predicting a new relationship. I feel this November is going to take on the bigger energy of this card for you Leo, which is about choices and decision making. What is the real meaning behind the term ‘soulmate’? if you think about it,  it’s all about depth of connection, something that makes you shift your way of thinking and opens your mind. So think of that energy and apply it to all aspects of life, and you’ll see how it’s as much about your own inner strength to make choices that will work for you in a positive way. You just don’t have time to be conducting your day to day life from a place of anything less than optimum energy. You have to make a choice right now to let go of any low level ways of thinking, as you’ll only end up spinning in circles, blinded  from participating in the fun of your own life. Love, love, love, love, is the most powerful way of thinking! When you craft every thought and action from a place of love, your energy is then pure. I also feel a sense of ‘flocking’ for you, inspired by the imagery from this deck, and you might be feeling that you actually need a physical change of environment in order to make a few shifts. Moving house might not be totally out of sight over the coming months. Find comfort in familiar friends and trusted loves, let them remind you what a meaningful connection is and try to apply that to meeting new people going forward. Most of all, this November is about digging deep and remembering who you are and what you want – which is easy to say and so much harder to do. But let your past be your teacher and your healer, enable nostalgia to accelerate your progress by showing you what definitely hasn’t worked. That is the only push you need to move forward. I feel very strongly that if you focus on your own self worth and connection to your highest light, you will be way ahead of the game and on board to tackle and welcome any changes that may arrive in the next few weeks.


Star light, shine bright. You are glowing with the energy of this card over the next few weeks Virgo and all because you survived the past few months. Well done! I see a big leap forward out from the darkness and so much possibility and opportunity around you. This is a very magical card with a real focus on self expression. Any worries or concerns this month, work them out in a creative way. Let ideas flow, have pens, paint, thread and music at the ready, get it all out and you will see how things shift. You are upping your game too, you’ve planted loads of seeds and seen them grow and now you want more of that same. You know that the art of manifestation works so keep going. You also have a voice so be social, which is not about over doing it – but you will want to find the times and the places to get out there and feel part of something, whether it’s teaching about some of your biggest passions or sitting amongst like minds with your thinking cap on. I feel it’s really important that you’re open to see the change that you’ve been trying to manifest, as in November the Universe may be sending you some heavy winks and nudges. You are allowed to be proud of the life you have built and the things you have worked so so hard for, so give yourself recognition and celebrate this magical life. If you’re reading all this thinking ‘this is SO not how I feel,’ then at least have a go at working with the energy of The Star. This card is about inspiration and beginnings. You are encouraged to have your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Know that even your biggest dreams are achievable by simply placing one foot in front of the other. I would love to you work on any struggles with your self esteem and know that you are worthy of the things you wish for. To regain your personal power you must allow yourself to have it! You know deep down that self punishment doesn’t get you anywhere, and it’s time to dust off that way of thinking and allow loving thoughts to flow through you. Keep practicing the positive and it will eventually outweigh the negative. You are the darling of the Tarot deck this month, so have faith.


Snap. Out of a whole deck I have turned the same card for you as last month, so together, let us expand on the energy you felt around October. I spoke to you before about the dominant energy of this card and how it might be reflecting the opinions of others around you. This month I would like to work on you channeling the power of this card for your own personal advantage and strength! As I said before, confidence is a key word with this card and I want you to think about what this Father represents. He holds all the power of the Earth element. This means that he has learned to make the material world work for him, which is really something to celebrate. This is your lesson for November, and it comes with a need to be willing to accept material success and celebrate it when you have it. A lot of us have issues surrounding money, and it can be so easy to take on a lack mentality; thinking, for instance, ‘I can’t afford that’, ‘I don’t have enough’ etc. You can see how this way of speaking only encourages negative energy and gives away your personal power. By doing that you also invite yourself to feel trapped and fearful of the material world. There are practical steps to help with this. Don’t be afraid of organization! If you feel totally overwhelmed by the idea of instigating order and structure in your affairs, then teach yourself a way that works for you. Procrastination can be overcome by practicality, as step by step little shifts enable you to move forward. This is especially important for those of you with a very creative mind, where order can be your biggest friend and help you gain the success you deserve. See this card as also showing a continuation of what you have been working on over the last few weeks, including a second chance with some particular struggles. Keep pushing on with the ideas you were cultivating back in the end of Summer, I know you have things that you want to see come to fruition and it’s likely by the end of the month you really notice some changes. This card can really signal new stability and the fact that it has come up twice makes me feel that you are in a truly transformational time regarding this earthly plane. Keep reminding yourself what it is that you want, have your abundant life in your mind’s eye so that you can shape it around yourself. I’m excited to see how things develop next month. Go Libra go!

Cast using The Wild Unknown deck.

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