Book a 1-2-1 Astro Coaching session with Numinous Founder Ruby Warrington and unlock the secrets of your birth chart.

Part regular reading, part personalized astro coaching session, bring your burning questions and let’s do a deep dive into the unique answers that your chart reveals.

You can think about your birth chart as a mirror, that shows your past, present, and future, all at once! Learning how to decipher the complex language of symbols it displays can be a life’s work—but getting started is surprisingly simple.

During a 90-minute Astro Coaching session with Ruby, you will:

-Decode the different elements that make up your birth chart.

-Look at each of your planets and how their influence is expressed in your life.

-Learn the basics of the language of astrology.

-Understand the unique strengths and challenges you have been gifted with.

-Discover how the current planetary transits are impacting you—today and in the months to come.

Walk away feeling validated and inspired, and with permission to be 1000% YOU! You’ll also have the skills you need to begin to make your own astro divinations going forward, and to take your personal astrology practice to the next level.

Astro Coaching with Ruby costs $175 for 90 mins and takes place over Zoom video call. You will also receive an audio and video recording of the session to listen back to any time—click HERE to book your session.