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For this week’s episode, I invited our resident Tarotscopes reader Brandon Alter to interview Cassandra Snow, author of new book, Queering The Tarot. When Cassandra’s reps first reached out, I knew this was a subject I wanted to cover on The Numinous. The Judeo-Christian underpinnings of the tarot have lent the practice a hetero- and cis-normativity bias that’s alienating for queer readers—something that’s being addressed in more modern, evolved decks.

Besides, as Cassandra writes in the intro to her book: “tarot, with its infinite capacity for reframing, reinterpretation, and retelling, is a perfect medium for sharing and exploring queer stories and experiences,” and Brandon, gets deep into this subject with her in his interview.

In this episode, Brandon and Cassandra also discuss …

-What it means to “queer” the tarot

-Rewriting the heroes journey of the major arcana for queer and other marginalized communities

-Looking at the suit of pentacles beyond the capitalist model of “wealth”

-Meeting your chosen family in the tarot

-Specific cards that can be powerfully interpreted through a queer lens

-Using the tarot for self-love and sex- and body-positivity

To discover more about Cassandra Snow and her work, visit cassandra-snow.com, get your copy of Queering The Tarot, and follow her on Instagram. You can also hear more from Brandon on his podcast, The Spiritual Gayz.

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