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This week’s guest is Minerva Siegel, who is on IG as @spookyfatbabe. Minerva is a plus size and fat positive model, poet, and soon to be author (since we recorded this episode she’s signed a book deal. Yay!) Not only is Minerva fat and proud, she is also autistic and lives with multiple, chronic health issues, which she shares more about in our interview.

All of this has led to be her being a vocal spokesperson for inclusivity – particularly in spiritual and #wellness communities, where she believes fat phobia, ableism, and trans-phobia are rife, and where she had often felt marginalized despite having found her own spiritual practice to be deeply healing on many different levels.

In this episode, we discuss:

-Minverva’s mission to create intersectionality among spiritual communities

-Her journey to claiming the word “witch” for herself, despite major pushback from her family

-The danger of correlating health or basic biology with divinity and “high vibes”

-Her practice for overcoming her own fat phobia and accepting herself and her body

-How to call out non-inclusive behavior in a helping and loving way

-The concept of shadow work as self-care – and how we can approach this

You can discover more about Minerva and her work HERE and follow her on Instagram @spookyfatbabe.

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